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Food Fraud MUST Concern Us

The Editor You may be interested in posting the attached article on food fraud which I did in 2000. The topic is topical as Ms. Ena Harvey talked about the topic in today’s paper [8 August 2019]. The scan is from the original newspaper cuttings and gives a run down on the history of food fraud. Food fraud is widespread.

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Danger of Buying Chicken from Supermarket

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas, PH.D and CFS, Food bio-technologist Over a two-week period in July 2019, I purchased four frozen chickens (1.8 kg each) at different times from a Supermarket which had them on a special sale, at about ten-dollars lower than those held on the chill-counter. It was obvious that the birds had been held on the chill-counter

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Piping Sewage to the Sea a Clear and Present Danger

… Abrahams said that the outfall extends 815 metres (2,700 feet) offshore with two distinct high density polyethylene lines (HDPE), which was installed by Ward Drilling Inc., with sub–contractor Marenco Marine Ltd. One 8-inch and one 12-inch lines have been installed, with both of them capable of taking the entire flow from the plant individually…. Minister of Energy and Water

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