Difficult Conversations – Open Letter to the Anti-Vaxxers

Submitted by Grenville Phillips, Chartered Structural Engineer

Dear Anti-Vaxxers:

Long before COVID-19, you were against vaccinations for your own reasons. Those reasons were accepted by the Government and people of Barbados, and you lived among us in peace – for decades. You did not advocate that Barbadians be forced to adopt your lifestyle. You simply lived – and let others live.

With the advent of COVID-19, your reasons for being anti-Vaxx no longer mattered. It was decided that all unVaxxed had only two choices – either be jabbed, or be forced into bankruptcy, homelessness, and poverty.


The Government divided the unVaxxed into two groups, hesitant and anti-Vaxxers. The hesitant are supposed to be redeemable simpletons who can be bought, like how our enslaved ancestors were sold, with cheap trinkets. The Government is reportedly trying to find the right ‘incentives’.

You, the anti-Vaxxers, are supposed to be too hardened to be redeemed. You are supposed to be spreaders of dangerous misinformation, and a threat to the economy and social fabric of Barbados. You are supposed to be the real enemy of Barbados.


The Government talks about unity, while actively dividing Barbadians. Jesus stated that a house divided against itself cannot stand – so ruin is foreseen. Frustratingly, this division is unnecessary. So, what is the way forward?

With COVID-19 now out of all control in Barbados, we should design a system assuming that most Barbadians will be infected with COVID-19. To capture everyone, the system should be designed specifically for you.


We should aim for COVID-19 not affecting our productivity. The current policy of shutting down schools and businesses, just because one person got COVID-19, only achieves unproductivity.

To achieve the productivity aim, people should try to avoid getting COVID-19, and if they get it, they should prepare themselves to recover quickly. We can try to avoid getting COVID-19 by following the sanitary protocols.


We can prepare to recover quickly by giving our bodies strong immune systems to fight the virus. Therefore, we should live healthy lifestyles, including healthy eating. If we cannot obtain sufficient daily fruit, then we should take one 500 mg tablet of Vitamin C every day.

If anyone feels sick, then that person, and those who share the same home or work space, should take 1,000 mg of Vitamin C each day for the next two weeks. If someone gets COVID-19, and they recover, then they should have a natural immunity, which recent studies show is superior to the jabs.


The vulnerable groups are the weak, the sick, and those who chose to live unhealthy lives. Given the high death rate in these vulnerable groups, they should be given the first option of the jabs. Anyone else can follow.

Barbadian tax-payers support all Barbadians who fall ill. Barbadians are encouraged to reject the high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar, and highly processed unhealthy fast food. But if they fall sick, we do not discriminate between those who responsibly lived healthy lifestyles, and those who irresponsibly did not.


Taxpayers pay to medically treat both the sexually faithful and the sexually promiscuous – we do not judge the sick. That is why the movement to withhold medical treatment to the unVaxxxed is so disgusting.

Those who want to trust the jabs to fight the virus should be allowed to do so. Those who want to build their immune systems naturally, and trust their bodies to fight the virus, should also be allowed to do so.


The jabs should never be forced on anyone. Neither should living a healthy and moral lifestyle be forced on anyone. In such matters, the Government’s role should be to set national standards of the majority, and allow persons the freedom to both discuss and strive towards them.

So, what should you, the health-conscious anti-vaxxers do? Given the general unhealthy state of many Barbadians, your method of keeping to yourself was evidently a live and let die approach. Perhaps it is time that you became more vocal in advocating a healthier lifestyle, so that you may truly live and let live.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at NextParty246@gmail.com

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  1. COVID-19 denier and conspiracy theorist Mak Parhar dead at 48
    Prominent COVID-19 denier Mak Parhar, who gained profile in both the Flat Earth conspiracy community and anti-mask movement, died at his home in New Westminster [British Columbia, Canada] Thursday. The 48-year-old’s cause of death is not known. A spokesman for the B.C. Coroner Service said a coroner’s investigation, which could take months, will be conducted.
    Parhar has been in the news the past two years for spreading COVID-19 falsehoods, operating his yoga studio in contravention of public health orders and for being arrested and charged for disobeying quarantine laws. In a rambling video from Nov. 3, Parhar said he had recently taken ivermectin, a drug that is falsely touted by anti-vaxxers as an off-label treatment for COVID-19, even though he didn’t believe COVID-19 was real. “…That horse parasite remover? So I did take that and I feel like 40 to 50 per cent better. But I am a little bit down right now,” he said in the video.
    More here: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/mak-parhar-dead-at-48-1.6238751

    P.S. Mourning her profound loss is Mr. Parhar’s young daughter.

  2. We are in an age where misinformation is propagated instead of correct truth and facts and preferred over information with real value. Reading nonsense on the net posted by clowns occupies your mind with foolishness and is best to stop wasting your precious time and energy with destructive delusions and distractions.

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