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Electric Light and Power (Amendment) Bill 2022 – Citizens Fighting for an Equitable Stake in Ownership of New Sector

There is a strident debate being waged by a group of citizens led by Tricia Watson to have the Electric Light and Power (Amendment) Bill 2022 withdrawn by the government of Barbados. At the root of the challenge is the surreptitious approach government through uncouth Minister Kerri Symmonds to introduce a Bill to evade early public scrutiny AND the lack

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Barbados Needs Good Focused Leadership Says Bajan Living Overseas


The following comment was posted to blog Democracy, Apathy and the National Insurance Fund  by a commenter resident overseas – Barbados Underground @David We have to accept facts and reality. I am and always will be a PROUD Bajan. ALWAYS. –Bajanabroad But facts are facts. We have not done nearly enough to remodel the mindset of our people and our economy

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Anti-intervenors Bill

Grenville Phillips

The Electric Light and Power (Amendment) bill, just passed in the House of Assembly, and is now in the Senate. The intent of the Bill appears clear, and the responses of our Parliamentarians during its passage seem to confirm that intent. The intent appears to prevent expert intervenors (objectors) from frustrating the Government’s efforts from collecting more taxes. Government collects

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National Insurance Fund in Critical Condition

After the dust settled yesterday evening at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Sandiford Centre (LESC) Prime Minister Mia Mottley confirmed in flowery language what some in this medium and elsewhere have been alerting the public. The National Insurance Fund (NIF) on its current trajectory will be unable to honour its obligations to persons eligible for benefits from as early as 2034

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Historical Fragmentation: The 612 Year “LIE” of African Slavery

Submitted by Terence Blackett Historical Fragmentation: The 612 Year “LIE” of African Slavery – Rewriting the Backstory Airbrushed from the Conventional Socio-ReLIEgious Discourse “Negroes have no rights that the white man is bound to respect…” (Dred Scott Decision 1856 – Roger Taney US Chief Justice) The diabolical institution of African incarceration and the economic slave trade foisted on the souls

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A ‘Glocal’ Food Crisis

Submitted by Steven Kaszab Wheat prices have tumbled from its peak when Russia had invaded the Ukraine, but one of the worlds most consumed items remains in short supply and that the global hunger crisis still remains. Much like oil, steel and beef, wheat shifts its price and availability in response to many complex factors such as geopolitics and the

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Tourism Programming in Digital Era

THE NEED FOR CHANGE A shared article on a well-known social media platform on May 11/2022 respecting Barbados and the Caribbean tourism recovery progress brought back memories of a posting in the March 23 /2020 edition of Barbados Underground under the caption “We need a new game to promote Tourism”. Both articles offered opinionated suggestions on the development of various

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Angry Black Men

Submitted by Terence Blackett Angry Black Men: What Is the Categorical Imperative Given the Psychopathology of Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder and Its Perturbations on the Black Family? “You cannot heal what you do not understand…” Dr. Joy DeGruy To unpack any controversial piece of literary discourse can be a daunting task. What is even more challenging is tackling a taboo

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As Fuel Prices Rise, what are we going to do?

The economic uncertainty caused by the Russian and Ukrainian conflict, disruption to global supply chain because of the pandemic, an under performing US economy, an of recent a possible ratcheting up of tension between China and the US linked to Taiwan among other negative factors continue to be a source of concern for small developing states like Barbados. Recently the

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Prime Minister MIA Mottley Delivers An Empty Emancipation Day Message

August 2 signals another Emancipation Day, another public holiday for the masses to revel in the carnival season and engage other leisure activities – a few may reflect on what the day is intended. Emphasis on a few if one measures public participation at events arranged to celebrate the day. In her Emancipation Day message Prime Minister implores Bajans to

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From Private to Public – Cinnamon 88 to CLEARWATER BAY, a concern for taxpayers

It started as a private project in 2006 under the name Cinnamon 88 Ltd and through the years morphed to Clearwater Bay Ltd a company registered to do business in 2010. The project has straddled both administrations starting with the late David Thompson and now rest uneasily with the incumbent Mottley who was a legal advisor to the failed project

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Lord Mandelson and the Child Sex Traffickers

Submitted by Peter Mandelson (Survivors and Allies) You will no doubt have been made aware of the horrifying newspaper reports earlier this year concerning the close friendship and alliance, over decades, between Lord Peter Mandelson,and the sex traffickers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell ( We have attached to this email some additional materials for your information. Please examine the attachments in conjunction with

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