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Adrian Loveridge Column – BREXIT Looms and UK Tourists Weigh Cost of Travel

This weeks column comes from within the United Kingdom with the continued Brexit debacle hanging a massive question mark and uncertainty over the tourism industry. While the value of the Sterling against other major currencies has for decades been volatile, tour operators are left to second guess what a realistic exchange rate will be for the US$ and Euro next

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African Liberation Chapter 4

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel Today with the aid of the history microscope, it is quite easy to see that slave control is the demonic reason why the overwhelming majority of today’s x-slaves have been deliberately kept bound in the punitive and subjugating chains of landless-ness. Read full test at Ras Jahaziel’s Website – Rastafarivisions

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The Donville Inniss Sub Story

Two of the most newsworthy and jaw dropping events to have rocked the local political scene in the last 18 months were – the decimation of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in the last general election, AND, the arrest of former DLP minister Donville Inniss in the United States. BU pages must record Donville Inniss entered a plea of NOT

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STATEMENT BY US, UK and EU Rejected!

PRESS STATEMENT: CGID REJECTS STATEMENT BY US, UK & EU ON THE STATUS OF THE GUYANA GOVERNMENT, CONDEMNS INTERFERENCE IN GUYANA’S INTERNAL AFFAIRS  The Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) rejects the statement today by the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union that Guyana’s APNU+AFC coalition government is in breach of the Guyana constitution, because elections were not

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Scientists to the Rescue!

Is this something Barbados authorities should be investigating? Should out of the box thinking be prioritized? Every year we have to endure the same process of a water prohibition because aquifers dry up. How do we improve the situation? A man built a homemade machine to bring endless water to the Bahamas. You already know the science By Leah Asmelash,

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Grenville Phillips Column – No Pride, No Industry

Barbadians were an exceptionally enterprising people.  During slavery, our fore-parents were forced to work without payment.  After slavery, they were paid for their labour.  But the evidence of their labour, both during and after slavery, showed that they produced work to an exceptionally high standard. By the time of our Independence, most Barbadians had marketable skills by the age of

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