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Solutions Barbados COVID-19 Survival Plan

I did not know what to make of last night’s [1 April 2020] announcement. We continue to treat this COVID-19 as a political exercise. However, it seems to have finally dawned on someone that their political games will have fatal consequences. Last night, the Government finally admitted what was obvious to everyone. They stated: “We therefore need to formulate a

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DeLisle Worrell Speaks to COVID-19

Reproduced with permission, the text of Dr. Delisle Worrell – former Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados – April 2020 newsletter: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has counselled countries around the world to implement four measures to minimise the risk of an explosive increase in cases of Covid-19. The measures are extensive testing, of persons who are judged to

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Open Note to Doctors – COVID 19 Notes

The following was posted by Peter Lawrence Thompson to another blog. Given the many unknowns about the COVID 19 virus the blogmaster thought it useful to repost. Obviously the target is the medical community – David, Blogmaster   This has a lot of medical jargon, but if you read it carefully it gives a picture of what front line medical

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The Little Boy And The Flute

Submitted by Charles Knights When I was a little boy, about five or six years old in Barbados, to be precise in Brittons Hill. My mother took me to Bridgetown for window shopping at Christmas. In a shop window at Cave Shepherd I saw a small wooden flute priced at just a couple dollars and was much taken to it.

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Adrian Loveridge Column – COVID 19 Exposes Some Businesses

It is almost impossible to intelligently speculate on the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, as it appears to radically change by the minute, so I will attempt to avoid it until some middle to long term scenario comes into place. My apologies if circumstances have overtaken the time between writing, and this column appearing in print. As a small business person spanning

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Sweet Sunday Sermon – Jesus the Well

Submitted by Dr. GP Theme:  Jesus the well. Text:  Our text is taken from John 4:5.— “Jesus, therefore, being wearied with His journey sat thus on the well .” And “Now Jacob’s well was there” ( John 4:6). We will proceed using the TYPOLOGICAL method of Bible study The “well” of the Old Testament Scriptures definitely foreshadowed Christ and what is to be found in

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