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Closer Look at IMF’s Austerity Programme for Barbados

Submitted by Tee White On 17 May, an IMF team led by Bert van Selm, a Dutch economist and senior IMF functionary, held a press conference in Barbados’ capital, Bridgetown. At this, they announced their findings, after a 10 day review of the country’s implementation of its IMF approved austerity programme, the Barbados’ Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan. A

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Gluttons for Punishment

About ten years ago, CLICO was unable to meet its obligations to its over 20,000 policy-holders.  Fortunately, CLICO had assets which could be sold and equitably distributed to policy-holders.  They could then sue the government for any short-fall for its failure to properly regulate the company.  That was the advice given to policy-holders, but they rejected it and chose to

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Butch Stewart’s Sandals Features in the Fraud Section of the UK News

The following articles is reproduced in the public interest – David, Blogmaster Sandals Resorts ‘operated decades-long tax fraud by charging guests 12% rates but pocketed the cash in secret deal with local Caribbean governments,’ class action lawsuit claims Sandals Resorts has been hit with a class action lawsuit in Florida on Tuesday over an alleged tax fraud scheme run at

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Is the UK a Failed State?

Submitted by Tee White After nearly 400 years plundering wealth from countries in every corner of the world, in 2019, the United Kingdom government is unable to ensure that all its citizens have access to such a basic human right as adequate food. See the report below from CNN. In November last year, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme

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Kemar Stuart: A 21st Century Conversation

Submitted by Kemar Stuart, Bsc Banking and Finance (undergraduate), University of the West Indies. Prepared For Presentation at the , Democratic Labour Party, Astor B. Watts, Lunch Time Lecture, May 2019 The digitization process of Government is an initiative which the Barbadian community should embrace it may provide savings from duplication of processes within the civil service however this will

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Flying German Wings

Barbados has been hugely successful in attracting new airlift and all our major markets have largely benefited, most notably the United States. The new German Wings upcoming three flights each week from Frankfurt hopefully will dramatically increase our Continental European visitors. Not just from Germany, but from all the bordering countries that enjoy seamless rail connections to the adjacent Frankfurt

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