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Political Parties about Boosting Popularity in a Crisis

… Kevin Greenidge, explained that the “win-win” 18-month programme is designed to repurpose government’s expenditure, in an effort to push capital programmes that do not directly relate to tourism; for example, road works, the Barbados Water Authority’s vineyard project, the refurbishment of schools and the digitization of the public sector… Source: BGIS The government launched the Barbados Optional Savings Scheme

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Our Date With Destiny has Arrived

Submitted by William Skinner Since the abolition of slavery, the Caribbean region has been heading toward a date with destiny. Many of us have hailed events as defining moments. In most cases those moments lingered a while and then faded into historical reference. The abolition of slavery was a significant moment for our physical being but the scars of mental

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Is the ULP Education Revolution A Fraud?

Is the ULP Education Revolution A Fraud? Or Simply an Embroidered Lie? Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green It is ‘A’ typical for left-wing leaders, more so those with Marxist tendencies to use emotive projects to stay in power. Education, low-cost or free social housing, and exceptional medical facilities are usually what they choose to fool the electorate into thinking they

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End the Joseph Atherley Farce Already

Two years ago, we all witnessed our Constitution being violated to install a Leader of the Opposition. When Mr Atherley crossed the floor of parliament, he became an independent member. But he wanted to become the Leader of the Opposition. You do not become Leader of the Opposition by simply wishing to be one. There are mandatory constitutional requirements that

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