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Dominica General Election 2019

A General Election is scheduled to be held December 6, 2019 in Dominica. As a fellow Caricom state Barbadians should be concerned about the political instability being stoked by provocative language being reported on the political trail by BOTH political parties contesting the election manifested in daily street violence.  The Caribbean in the main has been known as a zone

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Government Complicit in the Liquidation Centre Matter

The Editor Barbados Underground Dear Sir/Madam Recently,the Attorney General, Mr. Dale Marshall made some observations about the “Liquidation Center” which has been compulsory acquired by government. According to Marshall, the Center has been deemed unfit by the Public Health officials due to the high rodent infestation among other things. Marshall also went onto claim that four illegal connections to the

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Barbados Must Stop and BREATHE

Many of us look to Singapore as the benchmark that represents the near perfect society on earth. Some key characteristics driving the behaviour of the average Singaporean  identify hard working, competitive, afraid to fail, self centred all encapsulated by the word kiasu __ a Hokkien word that captures the uniquely Singaporean trait of being afraid to lose out. What is

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Tax, Tax and VAT Refunds?

By now I would have hoped in the interest of transparency, our Government would have published a full disclosure of the ‘windfall’ funds raised by the imposition of the bevy of new tourism taxes applied in October last year. These include the Airline Travel and Tourism Development Fee (second airport departure tax), Hotel Room Levy, Direct Services Product Levy and

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Jesus’ Assignment

Jesus had an important assignment from His Father.  That was to train a set of people to train others.  Jesus described this assignment when He was speaking with His Father.  We are privileged to read the intimate conversation in John 17.  It starts with Jesus’ request to return to His former place. Jesus spoke these words, lifted up His eyes

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Warning to Caricom Leaders – Downside to Citizen By Investment (CBI) Sale

Several Caribbean islands have gone the route of CBI to shore up government revenues. However, as the video alludes, there is a downside to selling ones birthright for pieces of silver. Whether the report is true or NOT there is the negative publicity which does untold harm. The Barbados passport occupies a rung high on the global passport power ranking.

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