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QEH on Death’s Bed

The recent announcement that Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland was appointed Executive Chairman of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Board triggered the interest of the blogmaster. Many in the know immediately wondered about the correctness of the decision appointing Minister Dwight Sutherland’s wife to the onerous task of leading the Board. Time will tell if she is able to improve QEH operations. What the

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Does the DLP Have a Credible Voice?

In recent days we have have had controversial Minister of Environment making the news. He appears to have taken umbrage to the decision by the government to re-purpose the Sanitation Headquarters built under his watch. One wonders who is the person he alleged prevented the opening of the building.  It appears he has overcome health concerns. Before Lowe’s sighting last

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Adrian Loveridge Column – Investment!

Are we any closer to establishing a one-stop-shop for tourism investment? As someone who has been intimately involved with tourism on Barbados, after 30 years, we still seem far from simplifying the process of encouraging both locals and foreigners to invest in the sector. For a country that is so dependent on tourism for economic survival, it seems an incredible

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Guyana, Spawned by Racism

What has the PPP done for Guyana other than spawn racism, civil war, decadence, carnage, corruption, death squads, a narco-state and Roger Khan?  The PPP was formed in 1950. The party won the elections in 1953 during British rule but was promptly removed from office by the British  government because of its radical, communist ideology and bad governance. Elections were

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The Stephen Archer Petition: Hunt for Crooked Lawyers

The following petition was started to assist the family of the departed Stephen Archer. This matter has figured prominently in the media because it offends all sense of decency. Please add your support by signing the petition. Share this link via Whatsapp – The blogmaster takes the opportunity to remind anybody having issues with lawyers in Barbados to log

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