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The George Brathwaite Column – Anti-corruption Mix and Fix

“The worst disease in the world today is corruption. And there is a cure: transparency” – (Bono). Over the last two years, this writer has consistently made the point that sound public administration must embrace the ideals and mechanisms that facilitate good administrative and business practices. In recent years, increased allegations of corruption and maladministration were levelled against the Barbados

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PSVs on Forty Year Rampage

One of the enduring problems Barbados has experienced in the last 40 years is the inability of stakeholders to efficiently manage the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) sector. The result of which has seen the rise in a sub culture of an alarming proportion that threatens to destabilise the orderly society Barbados is known.   There is the negative ‘underground‘ music

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Minister Symmonds Press Conference Triggers Alarm

Having watched the recent interview with the new Minister of Tourism and International Transport in its entirety, where he concluded that our cruise sector is in ‘a state of deep crisis’, frankly I was quite shocked. Listen to Audio of Minister’s Press Conference Listen to Q&A of Minister’s Press Conference Like many of us who have substantially invested in land-based

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Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Oh No Mr. Alleyne! The Prime Minister has no Power to Breach the Constitution

My attention has been drawn to an article, “Power to the Prime Minister!” purportedly written by Ezra Alleyne, in the Sunday Sun of August 19, 2018. Mr. Alleyne referred to an exchange between Senator Moe and me, in the Senate, about the appointment of a person to the post of Director of Communications by the Prime Minister.  I contended that

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Enacting the Democratic Right to be Informed – Part I

“Openness is fundamental to the political health of a modern state.” “Unnecessary secrecy in government leads to arrogance in governance and defective decision-making.” –Information Commission Office, UK Periodically in this space, over the last month, I have been advancing the thesis that we might enhance our democracy by deepening and broadening the existing right to freedom of expression, principally through

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Land Dispute Between Sir Charles ‘Cow’ Williams and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite

Submitted by Neil a Holder, Political Leader, Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) – Press Release   I followed this matter in the print media of the Sunday Sun last week and have since heard of a banter on the radio program “Brasstacks” between Sir. Charles Williams and Ambassador Ryan Brathwaite regarding this issue! At this juncture I wish to state very

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