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Bloggers Warned to Connect the …

Long time BU blogger Observing submitted the following links with the plea for the BU family to connect the dots. The blogmaster has added the assist by snipping excerpts from the links submitted to start the ball rolling – BU blogmaster Still observing and connecting dots as a hobby. The essence of all of these […]

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Our West Indian Cricket Shame Only Deepens

How  shameful  it was to witness the gleeful rejoicing of the members of the West Indies cricket team in the wake of their fortuitous and totally undeserved victory over Scotland — a non- test status, associate member team of the International Cricket Council (ICC). These men — supposed heirs to the  great West Indian cricketing […]

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Government Rejects Salary Increase Proposal from Union for Public Workers

It has not come as a surprise to learn that the government of Barbados rejected the wage proposal from the union to increase public sector wages. The government promised last year if the NSRL had achieved the objective the request for a wages increase or a coping subsidy would have been considered. Can one safely […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Why Morality is Important

Barbados is a small independent island, with a vulnerable open economy, in one of the most hazard prone regions on Earth.  We need a benefactor – someone who can support us in challenging times. We were taught to accept the Queen as our benefactor, but she did not help us when we went through our […]

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CL Financial Bailout – the Eleventh Commandment

Some of us continue to follow the unraveling of the CL Financial matter in Trinidad and related transactions in the other islands concerning CLICO- the conclusion is the same, what a mess! Trinidad has freedom of information and integrity legislation yet citizen advocate Afra Raymond is being frustrated to access information. David – Barbados Underground […]

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‘Natlee’ the Prostitute Vying to Expand Her Job Description in the City

News that featured in the local media on the weekend is that adult worker- a euphemistic description for prostitute- Natalee “Natlee” Harewood has declared her interest to contest the City seat when prime minister Freundel Stuart feels to ring the bell.  We know he has to do it in the next couple of months so […]

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A Heather Cole Column – Beyond the Boundary

Cricket! Glorious cricket! CLR James wrote a book entitled ‘Beyond a Boundary in 1966.’ It was a book that describes cricket as the mirror image of what happened in West Indian Societies. So much so that it is the best medium for explaining anything that happens in our lives across the wide spectrum from politics […]

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – We Can Do Better!

From my very early days in the tourism industry I have never really thought that there was anything overly complicated about the sector which necessitated even remote levels of rocket science. But there are just some people in key decision making roles, who simply do not understand what it takes to function properly. Having just […]

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The Jeff Cumberbatch Column – Absurdity-at-Law II

Last week’s first installment of this essay dealt in part with the immediately undecipherable and hitherto undeclared mischief behind the draconian criminalization of the cultural practice locally, and in many places elsewhere, of riding a bicycle on a road or a highway, without, according to Regulation 117A (1), “wearing a bicycle helmet” [not otherwise defined, […]

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Mark Daghorn – Another Case of One Law for the Medes and Another for the Persians?

BU featured the case of Johan Bjerkham and Felisia Holder a couple days ago – with a subplot Mark Maloney – and asked the question if the law in Barbados is defined by two Barbadoses – see Mother Charged for Death of Son – Reminding the Court that Johan Bjerkham Did Same. Again we are forced […]

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Mother Charged for Death of Son – Reminding the Court that Johan Bjerkham Did Same

The 33 year old mother of the 11 year old boy who died as a result of an accident at the entrance/exit of Coverley along the Lowland to Airport stretch of the highway last year was charged this week when she appeared in the Oistins courts this week. She was released after honouring the requirements […]

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Waiting for the Bell to be Rung

Every where one turns in Barbados the discussion is about when will the prime minister ring the bell. Is is unethical for the prime minister to have extended the traditional 5 year term to the 90 days allowed by the Constitution for what many believe was meant by the framers to address an extraordinary event? […]

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Be Careful What You Wish For

Our financial professionals are warning us to prepare for the bitterest of medicine for at least the next 5 years.  They recommend that we go cap-in-hand to either China or the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We are already being indebted to China, and the details of those loans are being kept secret.  Secret dealings rarely […]

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Ronald Jones Against a Penis Free Prime Minister

Submitted by Charles Knighton Just when you think it would not be possible for Minister of Education Ronald Jones to trump some of his previous foolish utterances, his suggestion that Canada’s High Commissioner to Barbados, Marie Legault, be recalled for “meddling in the domestic political affairs of Barbados” for having the temerity to offer the […]

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Voting Checklist to Assist With Placing Your X

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Why Did Opposition Leader Block Justice Cummings Appointment as Chief Justice?

Dear Editor: Enough of the shenanigans: The Bar Association should ask the Opposition Leader why he blocked the appointment of Justice Yonnette Cummings-Edwards as substantive Chief Justice? The March 10, 2018 edition of the Kaieteur Newspaper published an article captioned “Pressure mounts for appointments of Chancellor, CJ – Bar Association endorses Cummings-Edwards in top judiciary […]

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Barbados Integrity Movement Criticizes the Barbados Labour Party for ‘LOUD’ Election Campaigning During the Christian Season of Lent

The following Voice Note was received from Neil Holder the leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement. His audio feedback about observing the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) engaged in a ‘loud’ electioneering tactic during the season of Lent in a country regarded by the many as being Christian minded (BU’s interpretation) is likely to be controversial.

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Treasury Building Environmental Report Made Public, READ

The BU household is surprised at the Sunday Sun headline TREASURY SICK. We know circulation numbers have been tanking but to highlight what the trade unions have been asking government to address for many years and treat it as an exclusive? What about the report on the Immigration Building on the Wharf Road? What about […]

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