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Barbadians Wake Up, Time to Take Back Our Country from Ourselves

The blogmaster listened to the contributions of Opposition Senators Caswell Franklyn and  Crystal Drakes yesterday and it caused the blogmaster to pause about the state of the country in 2018. No surprise that Caswell’s response was pro labour and questioned why public sector workers are being sacrificed by BERT instead of pursuing other options. Caswell also made the point that

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The Grenville Phillips Column – Prospering During Sufferation

We are the victims of an intense propaganda campaign, designed to mislead us into thinking that mass-suffering is the only economic solution for Barbados. It is not. It is like an overweight person being advised by surgeons, that the only method of losing weight is to traumatise the body by surgically removing excess fat. There is a proven non-traumatic solution

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No Time for Propaganda Mia!

A couple days after Prime Minister Mia Mottley delivered an address to the nation with the Attorney General Dale Marshall in attendance- we have been informed that Dr. Kevin Greenidge, the Barbadian IMF economic advisor on secondment will provide an update on the BERT Program at 11AM. The blogmaster has promised not to bare the knuckles with heavy critique of

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The Adrian Loveridge Column – Recycle Garbage or Die!

‘Nearly 12 million Britons watched in horror as Sir David Attenborough laid bare the stark impact plastics are having on some of the world’s most precious ecosystems and endangered species during his Blue Planet II TV series’. This was the opening introduction to an excellent article published recently in the UK tourism travel publication, Travel Trade Gazette. Like the United

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Will the “Island of Heroes” Deliver an “Heroic” vote for the CCJ on 6 th November?

Submitted by DAVID A. COMISSIONG, Attorney-at-Law and Son of the Caribbean Community A national Referendum on the issue of whether a Caribbean nation should disengage from the British Privy Council and accede to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as the nation’s highest appellate Court is more than just a vote about a court of law!  Rather, it is a

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BLP and DLP Laughing at We

“Eternal Vigilance is the price of democracy” Thomas Jefferson In recent days the blogmaster has been reflecting on the fact professionals in Barbados that have accrued questionable track records do not seem to suffer reputational and career damage. What triggered the reflection? Thousands of innocent Barbadians whose only ‘crime’ was that they trusted successive governments to properly manage the affairs

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