Preparing for the COVID 19 Mutant

Posted by Lyall Small to the Covid 19 Update blog in response to commenter Critical Anlayzer and the Blogmaster to concerns about new strains of the virus.

I think that the difficulties that Barbados has been experiencing in dealing with the new clusters over the last 3 weeks or so is going to be very important in showing the way towards developing additional home grown or regional methods for combating the virus, especially since the cost of the new vaccines might be somewhat prohibitive and indeed that new mutant strains could make some of these vaccines ineffective.

I saw a report recently that the new English mutant of the virus is not only more infective than the older variant but was also likely to result in more deaths. In addition, there was a suggestion that the existing vaccines might not be effective against one or more of the new variants. If this is true we might have to take a new tack and use a new suite of methods to exclude and control that new strain when it gets here. If the effectiveness of vaccines is compromised other methods may have to be developed and used to control the virus.

High Relative Humidity has been claimed to be a low-level environmental deterrent to high infectivity levels of the virus. High temperatures has also been claimed as being a factor that operates in a similar manner. So too have been Sunlight (high UV levels) and consequential Vitamin D levels. I have not seen the research which has fully demonstrated these effects on the virus but the claims of the efficacy of these factors could be researched and the results incorporated into protocols for control of the spread of the virus in combination with the tried and true use of masks, social distancing, washing of hands and even exclusion.

Tracking Bracelet

The work that has started with the Electronic GPS bracelets on monitoring and control of the movement of visitors suggests to me that Government might be able to significantly reduce its overall Covid-19 quarantine costs by introducing a system where non-symptomatic locals who have been in contact with positive cases could be also fitted with these bracelets and be self-quarantined at home with regular visits by the Covid-units Doctors and Nurses instead of immediately being put in an expensive Government quarantine or isolation facility once they test positive for the virus.

200 thoughts on “Preparing for the COVID 19 Mutant

  1. I have not heard any complaints from Bajans who live here about Dr. George and his open neck shirt and gold chain. We do not think he looks like a gangster. Furthermore I would bet that most of us have no objection to a surgeon with clean locks properly restrained doing surgery on us. Does not look as crazy as Boris Johnson’s bird’s nest.

    This obsession with buttoned up shirts sans jewelry is not ours. As far as we are concerned he could wear a dashiki.

    Crazy fake British foolishness!

  2. Not sure why old Harold is chatting about Dress Code and Suiting Up
    where did he get his sickness
    It is better to put an emphasis on physical fitness to build immunity
    and put on a tracksuit to exercise

    “Fit You Haffe Fit”
    Here they come…
    To get a hit you haffe fit
    You haffe fit, fit, fit
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    To hit the chart you haffe smart
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    In the morning as I rise
    Put on my tracksuit and exercise
    Me wab fe fit, wan fe fit
    Me wan fe fit, fit, fit
    Walk pon the road me no trouble no one
    Me no eat no steak me no eat no ham
    Grandma grow me as a vegetarian
    Music is may occupation
    Go inna de field to dig some yam
    Pick some corn, use it mek asham
    School pickney come and get it fe nyam
    Started to sing oh what a bam bam
    Look how me big look how me strong
    Say me must live long
    Look how me big look how me strong
    Say me a vegetarian
    Use my money buy food and place
    Nah use my money bout me a free base
    Don’t want my pants drop off a me waist
    Don’t want feel high like me outa space
    No man nah come cut my throat
    Tek my chain and go pop big sport
    Him and him woman gone sniff nuff coke
    Laugh and tek da fe big joke

  3. @ Hants

    Let me tell you what I would like of seen done with $100M of the $300M given to tourism.

    Take $50M and make it available to the licensed and Tamis registered players in the solar industry. They will be given the money based on a 5 year loan with a moratorium on interest and principle given on the first 6 months of the loan. The loan repayment will then be equal to 50% of the value of the saleable energy back to the grid from the date the grid accepts its first deposit. Now the light and power will then pay the government 50% of the value of the sum purchased with the other 50% going to the solar farm owner. This way the government is guaranteed loan repayment and the solar farm owner guaranteed a cash flow net of any liability. So in other words the government loan is secured by a lean over the power produced by the farm and paid directly from Emera.

    They are welcome to do me as they did PLT and use my idea for free too. LOL

    The same principle will then be employed for the $50M in a large scale green house project. Here say the NCC can hold the head lease on the green houses, assist with the plants etc, offer a 6 month moratorium and then implement the loan payment based on the green house size, as i propose 3 sizes of green houses. Don’t pay the NCC and green house door chain and crops confiscated and sold.

    Total time needed to implement both projects to production stage, maximum 6 months.

    Cheques for the ideas can be made payable to.


    Time to left out all the blasted talk and politics crap and act. No more excuses get up and do now! What other excuse wunna going come up with now? I just tell wunna how to do it risk free.

  4. This guy Austin at it again trying to promote Ms Bradshaw as this top communicator just like he did trying to big up Mr Thompson years ago.However when challenged could not present any evidence to back up his ludicrous claim of Thompson going on to become great.I seem to remember Ms Bradshaw dpeaking about the alphabet system and causing all kinds of confusion so much so thay Ms Mottley had to come off her sick bed to bring calm by way of properly explaining the situation.If we look at education regularly there is confusion between the Ministry of education under Ms Bradshaw and the teavhers , parents, unions etc.Therefore Austinkindly show us this leaderdhip you are speaking about.Trying to compare Ms Bradshaw with Ms Mottley is like chalk and cheese no comparison whatsoever.Therefore uou really shpuld quit your folly petty political games since the only one convinced by your nonsense is you.

    • Let us understand it is Mottley who elevated Bradshaw to leader of government business in the lower house and acting PM.

  5. @ John A

    You are passing water against a brick wall. On September 15, in her 52-page, near three-hour Queen’s Speech, the president allocated Bds$300m to bail out the hotel sector, she said later that the rescue was so urgent there was not time to audit the books of the receiving hotels.
    That tells you everything you need to know. I have said before, the Barbados economy is now defined as the same as tourism, and tourism is seen as the hotel sector. So, ipso facto, the Barbados economy is the hotel sector.
    That, in short, is our economic problem, often couched in the bogus language of foreign reserves and economic growth.
    Government has failed to come up with a post-CoVid short, medium and long-term development plan. Yet , some on BU tell us how wonderfully the plan is going. What plan?

  6. Santia was the right person to deliver a message during a national crisis, without the flamboyance and waffle of the the president, who was (is) a total disaster as a communicator. She was believable, calm, spoke with authority and seriousness and spoke to the nation as adults. CoVid is our war…..(Quote)

  7. @ John A


    @ Hal





  8. Pass The Mic
    Harold don’t like the lady that Barbados voted to lead them, so next time around Vote Hal

    In an effort to honour and uplift the heroes around the world on the frontline of health, freedom, and justice I will play some music to spread some love to all

    That’s the Way of the World
    Earth Wind and Fire

    Remind Me
    Patrice Rushen

  9. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You · Michael Jackson · Siedah Garrett

    Cause You Love Me, Baby · Deniece Williams





    .TAP operators want urgent talks on outstanding pay and other issues

    Several operators under the Transport Augmentation Programme (TAP) this morning parked their vehicles just off the Mighty Grynner Highway to press for outstanding pay and urgent talks with Government.

    The operators lamented that payment is sometimes more than three months late and this has been affecting their businesses.

    Colvin Yarde, one Public Service Vehicle (PSV) owner told reporters: “We would like to meet with the new Minister of Transport and possibly the Prime Minister so that we can trash out these problems so that we can continue to provide a good service to the travelling public. But we cannot continue to provide a service if we are not being paid and not being paid on time.”

    Rodney Bellamy, another member in the programme called on the authorities to provide a “ definite timeframe” for payment to allow operators to better plan their affairs.

    “Several persons are not here, their vehicles are broken down and are off their road, and they are victims of this cash flow [problem]. So we want to see an improvement in that [payment], it is not sustainable.”

    Another operator, Neville Reid added that there is a need to review the TAP programme and make improvements.

    “There is definitely a need for a meeting with the Transport Authority and members of the TAP programme,” he said.

  11. Barbados has community spread – it is now official.




  12. The only thing should be coming into any of the islands from Feb 1 is goods etc….slow down this monster.

    “Hamilton – British Airways (BA) has announced a further cut to service between Bermuda and the United Kingdom because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    The airline – which had offered five flights per week in December – will reduce service to one flight per week.

    As of next week, flights will arrive in Bermuda from Gatwick Airport on Thursdays and return to the UK on Fridays.

    Earlier this month the airline – the sole carrier on the route – said it was reducing flights from five a week to two.

    Asked about the second change this month, a BA spokeswoman said: “Like other airlines, due to the current coronavirus pandemic and global travel restrictions, we are operating a reduced and dynamic schedule.

    “Our focus is on keeping crucial air links open – transporting vital goods and ensuring people who are permitted to travel can continue to do so safely.”

  13. Of course they have something that’s spreading faster than normal…they can’t pretend anymore…and it’s moving at warp speed.

  14. The words ” community spread” should be the catalyst that would force barbadians to take care of self
    Follow portocols including not letting people in your house

  15. The elderly are at high risk to community spread
    Govt should have free COVID care pkgs for them deposited at the doors for them to pick up

  16. Liz is looking well.

    everyone is now in it.

    wasting time causes many problems.

    ideally the economy should’ve been diversified within the last 10 years and definitely within the last 2…better get to it chop chop….cause there’s no timeline for when Covid will go away, don’t mind the talk about beating it outside of following protocols until it leaves or not…….especially since ya can’t even see it…

  17. Govt must now place more COVID resources towards the elderly and poor families
    A stimulus pkg for these groups is a must since both groups fit into the threshold of poverty and the financIal well being should not be comprise but treated as negative against helping to fight COVID
    Govt must now do the right thing and help these two groups

  18. Yeah…well too late…they had 2 years to get the marijuana into the hands of the people who actually know what they’re doing and they screwed that up too.

  19. @ Hal Austin. Couldnt agree with you more. I sent the following email to MAM after the first communication by Ms. Thompson:

    Dear Prime Minister Motley,
    I have been watching the Covid 19 updates and appreciate your efforts to provide accurate, timely and informative information.

    However, i watched in disgust, the new communications team, led by Ms. Thompson. As a retired person with experience in health and social services and communications, it has been nauseating watching the team.

    Understandably, Ms. Thompson just arrived back in Barbados and while she wants to hit the ground running, she has added to some of the confusion and misinformation regarding the updates.

    Here are some of my personal and professional observations:

    There needs to be a united front. Updates have been very disjointed.
    Ms. Thompson should give herself to some time to brought up to speed before speaking and not be so garrulous.
    It should be decided and agreed upon what the updates should be called. Are they briefings, press conferences, status updates, or something else.
    One person should be the spokesperson, not necessarily the coordinator. That person can then ask for clarification, amplification etc. What you have now is 3 or 4 individuals providing information that is sometimes repetitive and/or conflicting. This adds to the confusion and lack of public trust of both the message and the messengers.
    Decrease actions that cause distractions. I was taught in college that presenters should do everything in their power not to distract from their messages. As such, Ms. Thompson is constantly touching her face, her glasses, etc.
    The public is feeling overwhelmed with information overload. Updates should be succinct, clear, concise and factual. Length of updates will depend on how much information is to be presented.
    Understandably she wants to be empathetic and caring to the public but updates need to be more factual and less personal, which can sometimes be seen as appeasing/placating or
    My constructive criticism/thoughts/comments are only meant to help improve the quality of information being provided to the public. Thank you for the opportunity to do so. I would be remiss if I didnt comment on my personal experience as I recently returned to Barbados and went through the quarantine protocols. I had the most pleasant experience and wish to thank everyone for their professional services provided me from the airport personnel, taxi, hotel (Golden Sands), polyclinic staff, and health team.

  20. The ZR woman appears to be keeping a low profile.

    I am not be shedding too many tears as covid-19 bulldoses our over subsidised tourist industry. Barbados will survive and prosper without its over reliance on this unsustainable industry.

    Time for the younger generation to step up. Let’s incorporate mpesa into the Barbados economy.

  21. @ Pacha
    This is perhaps our vest chance to implement changes that both you and I support. Note we are already near 60 years after Independence and the needle has scarcely moved to a more equitable society. A hundred years is a short historical period. I did not mean that everything was centered around the COVID. You have to agree that we were essentially stuck before COVID. It has just exposed what was there all along.










    Entrepreneurs get keys to Silver Hill businesses

    Five ‘blockpreneurs’ from Silver Hill were the first to sign licensing agreements and receive keys to their kiosks as part of the Government’s Building Blocks project.

    At the signing and handing over ceremony at Green Hill, Silver Hill, Christ Church on Friday morning, Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Dwight Sutherland, encouraged the five – Randy Went, Corey Kellman, Davico Went-Weekes, Kimberley Allen and Matthew King – “to go out there and to take on the world

  23. If the health crisis worsens, our government should first lock up the opposition by virtue of emergency legislation because they are spreading too many lies via social media.

  24. Tron dont forget
    We will wrestled this thing to the ground
    This too.shall pass
    Maybe instead of govt bringing Cuban doctors
    Mia should have found a couple summa wrestlers to help Bostic out

  25. David don’t get frustrated barbados has taken a path which they new of the risk involved
    As for me i am just an observer
    Not my Fault

  26. @Crusoe January 23, 2021 4:22 AM. “Although I generally do not believe in conspiracy theories, I am wondering if the virus is not a deliberate attempt at depopulation.”

    If the virus is a deliberate attempt at depopulation then it is unlikely that the scientists would have created a virus which kills mainly old people, long past reproductive age. Bad or mad scientists would most likely create something like the “Spanish” flu of 1918 where the death rate was highest among people of prime reproductive age.

    The Spanish Influenza affected particularly the 25- to 34-year-old and 15- to 24-year-old age groups.

    What was the average age of people in the United States and Canada who died during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic?

    The average age of those who died during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic in the US and Canada was 28 years old.

  27. @TLSN January 23, 2021 7:33 PM “The ZR woman appears to be keeping a low profile.”

    Goodnight TLSN. How are you?

    Here I am.

    Was busy socialising on the phone with family and friends. Then I spent 3 hours gardening. You all know how much I love gardening. Then spent some time “putting forward” Sunday dinner. Wunna dun know that I have no wife to do that for me. But this is the menu: black-eyed peas and rice. Baked pork chops. Golden yellow sweet potatoes which I grew myself. A glass of sorrel to wash it all down.

    Will read this post and all the comments comment tomorrow.

  28. I actually didn’t watch/listen to the press conference. heard bit of it on the car radio [I don’t always take ZR’s. lol!] on my way home, and then a bit more as I walked in the door. But after 3 hours of field labour in the hot sun [there is no bathroom in my field] I had more urgent tasks than a press conference.

  29. @angela cox January 23, 2021 6:34 AM “Btw did anyone listen to the Canadian economist Carlos Forte comments on govt Covid policies His remarks speaks to a great level of concern of govt insistence on not listening to other health officials advice.”

    I listened to Carlos.

    Sweet fellow. I love his voice.

    But he is an economist, not a health official.

  30. @Kammie Holder January 23, 2021 12:53 PM “I notice the Covid19 infection rate among men is nearly 1.5 times higher in #Barbados. Thus, I am calling on all women to abstain and deny all men sex immediately. This abstinence should continue until we have zero Covid19 cases.”

    Great idea.

    I’ve been doing this for 11 months now.

    I am surprised to hear that not everybody is doing the same.

  31. @Cudhear Bajan:
    “But this is the menu: black-eyed peas and rice. Baked pork chops. Golden yellow sweet potatoes which I grew myself. A glass of sorrel to wash it all down”.:

    Seems like you forgot the green stuff. How about some steamed okras or kale from your plantation? Or a cucumber and tomato salad?
    I had pasta with meat sauce, a salad as big as my head, a slice of pone and a shot of expensive Foursquare rum. I have to thank Northern Observer for the heads up on that rum. It only cost $80 Canadian and I got the last bottle that was in Ottawa. I am trying to get my friend to get me two bottles from Whitby as they had a large supply.

  32. Ok Dame Bajans. I’ll add some okras. I still have plenty in the freezer. Some kale and Chinese cabbage hanging around in there too. So maybe I’ll have 3 greens.


  33. @TLSN

    I am sorry to hear that your childhood was not filled with tuk band music.

    My mother’s stepfather was a Panama Man, a carpenter and a tuk band man.

    Good furniture, stories and music.

    Every child should be so blessed.

  34. @ Jean

    Thank you. We have an obsession with knowing better than anyone else. We are world class. The press briefings should be shorter and simple.
    The team should meet before facing the public/press and decide what are the key issues and who will speak on them. They should cut out the political propaganda and concentrate on informing a terrified public.
    Your point about distractions is key. I have made it about Dr George. Anything that causes the viewer/listener not to concentrate on the message should be remove ie neck chains, general presentation, etc.
    Stop preaching with nonsense about we are all in this together. Everybody knows CoVid does not ask which party you support.
    Bring in the best and most talented Barbados has to offer, no matter which party they support, or none, to inform the public.
    Move the briefings from Ilaro Court to the Ministry of Health and remove the prime minister. Leave her for major announcements so that the sight of her at a briefing sends the message something big is coming.
    Most of all, admit our limitations. Another key to handling the press: prepare written press kits so no matter the questions, they go away with the same information.
    Finally, we have too many doctors appearing: George, Forde, Best, Cave, et al, some of them should not really be there because they add no value to the briefings.

    • @thethrowashadecrew

      The press briefings are obviously designed to educate and not to spout numbers.

      Wear your mask.

      Sanitize and one wash your hands frequently.

      Social/physical distancing.

      Explain covid 19 jargon and terms of arts etc.

    • The following comment posted yesterday by Pacha is worth restating:

      This is not an issue for simpletons. Sometimes there are no easy options. And when there is no obvious option the thinking maybe to do nothing, or maintain status quo.

      Certainly 500 years of globalization cannot be undone overnight. Nobody, no country, has found that an easy option.

      As a results open economies like Barbados arr forced to make life or death decisions more akin to countries with a history militarism. Countries accustomed to sending parts of the populations to their death, as a matter of course, survival.

      We see no easy answers beyond those previous presented by nations.

  35. No level of PROPAGANDA is going to make this pandemic disappear, in fact the past/present Barbados government ideologies are going to make the situation significantly worse. Other world countries, first and third are also floundering with inappropriate ideas, however if one evaluates what has been tried and what works some relief and mitigation is available. However Barbados government being true to form will have to reinvent the wheel in their personal ideologic format. This wasting of time and action will result in a catastrophic situation for the populace, health wise and economically.

  36. Hal if you look out your window you will see it has just started snowing.
    My advice is don’t bother watching Government briefings as spin and waffle is what they do.
    Covid has proven UK News industry is shit and is a medium for advertising and propaganda which old dogs like you thrive on.
    Why take information from biased sources.
    Financial Times interactive data news is up to 4 days late with indicative prices that are snapshots of moving targets which are immediately out of date as they get data feeds from banks who get data feeds from funds and markets who get data feeds from offshore sources and each stage has up to a day or more delays in batch processes collating information by computer systems.
    Most external information system sources are just glorified spreadsheets. You probably didn’t even know this and was an editor at FT news.

    I get all the news I need from the weather report

  37. “As a results open economies like Barbados arr[sic] forced to make life or death decisions more akin to countries with a history militarism. Countries accustomed to sending parts of the populations to their death, as a matter of course, survival.”

    First Casualty of War is Truth

  38. Well well the dreaded day most right thinking bajans feared has arrived.As Austin proudly stated community spread is officially here.Persons like Austin , Mariposa, Baje, TSLN, and Baje should be on an open back truck celebrating.I wonder what they want now a gold medal?I wonder if they have family and friends in Barbados who can be infected by this covid ?I still maintain we can survive this once we follow yhe protocols of wearing our madks , washing our hands and social distancing.As usual a big thank you to the hard working doctors, nurses , policemen and all other frontline workers. We are behind you 100% do not mind the doom and gloomers they have even more problems in their countries than us.Lastly i maintain all those tourist who broke our protocols along with the locals on the west coast and the ones on that bus crawl whom i had the unfortunate view of their despicable behaviour should in my view face the full weight of the law once we recover.

  39. @ Lorenzo January 24, 2021 7:47 AM

    I fully support your comment. Instead of gloating and making fun of our most beautiful island, our commentators from the contaminated northern countries should rather take a look at their own noses.

    The day of reckoning will come.Then our standing courts will bring to justice the social media agitators, the British tourists and the locals who broke the Corona protocols. I suggest we draw barbed wire around Drax Hall Camp for this purpose and make the tourists do 10 years penal labor there. The local lawbreakers will have to do 10 years of community service. As compensation.

  40. Wuhlaus! Fake Observing cannot help himself! He must kiss Hal Austin’s ass! He even assumed a new moniker and came out at midnight to kiss it.

    I repeat, I have not heard one Bajan who lives here concerned with Dr. George’s open neck shirt and gold chain. Go and fix Boris Johnson’s bird nest!

    Pompous, pretend prig of a pretend Pommey!

    At least I have taught him the meaning of the word “ignore”.

    Who are these panicked people? They should simply follow the protocols instead of feting and bus crawling!

    My son is seventeen and he has not gone anywhere for weeks. He shows no interest in doing so. I do the few errands as I am less likely to slip up. Only place he went was to a neighbourhood shop where he spent less than five minutes.

    My brother passed by this morning. Every time he came close to me I moved away until I had to use my voice. We were outside without masks because the visit was unplanned. He just spotted me outside and stopped.

    This is not the first time that maskless people have followed me around when in conversation in my neighbourhood. I step away and they step towards until I have to speak out. It is ok to remove your mask to ease your breathing when outdoors and out of range. But be aware that you must keep off!

    And as for the fooping, some people pretend that they cannot live without it.

    If so, I am a long dead duppy!

    Bajans need to keep their heads on rather than panic.

  41. Going to be petty and disagree with one sentence
    ” should in my view face the full weight of the law once we recover.”
    We cannot wait until we recover, the hammer must be brought down on them as soon as they are identified and located. Treat all in the same manner.

    Noticed that lately we have been singing in the same choir. Let’s hope that we beat this thing soundly and quickly so that I can make your list again.

  42. Sigh…the stupidity that is see on social media and on this blog will more than likely kill me before COVID-19 (and it that is not even too far of an exaggeration). To think that some people here want espouse Barrow’s legacy of “education for all” are shining examples of Barrow’s legacy gone into decline. To put it in Bajan it is clear that their favorite subjects at school was break and lunch and that they went school in only in August.

    Anybody that has educated themselves to the workings of this virus would have know that community spread was coming. The uneducated and grossly ignorant would want to equate this as a death sentence for Barbados. They would want bajans to think that the world is 166 sq. miles. The reality is that this virus wasn’t going to “magically disappear”. In fact very few viruses have “disappeared”. What mankind has done is to make vaccines and drugs to make them more survivable and less debilitating. The longer this virus is about, the closer Barbados and other countries would come to community spread.

    When one looks at the world situation, the correlation between population (& population density), and COVID-19 cases is fairly weak. With a virus this contagious, that is notable. China and India, by far, are the most populous countries with 2.8 billion people combined. compared to the US and Brazil who have 0.6 billion. Yet China and India have 11 million cases and 160,000 deaths compared to USA and Brazil with 33 million cases and 650,000 deaths. In fact it has only been a “disaster” in those countries where the leadership has done very little AND|OR whose population display a lack of DISCIPLINE in fighting the virus. Using China as an example again (even though their methods were draconian, and case numbers less than reliable) their response was targeted and EDUCATED based on their EXPERIENCE with SARS. China, as the most populous county and the origin of this virus, is now not even close to the top 20 when it comes to case and death numbers. I compare this to the USA who had a patented jackass as a leader that chose to politicize the issue and failed to mount a united, targeted sensible response to the severe detriment of its people.

    The facts thus far are that, after nearly 10 months, Barbados has 9 deaths from COVID-19. Compared to other countries with thesame population size and density, Barbados has done more than a good job. In my opinion it is because we had done such a good job that caused a sense of complacency to set in and created a lapse in discipline required in maintaining the protocols. For Barbados, the acute problem is that it is in the top 20 densest populations in the world, with that density being higher along the south and west coast. Runaway spread is a reality that it has to confront but not necessarily to fear. I expect a return of the pre July 2020 measures in some form (i.e. the ABC shopping system, the daytime stay at home orders) but I expect such measures to be less stringent (i.e. i believe all businesses will stay open). The facts are that FAR more people are recovering (without medical assistance) than people dying from it. The amount of time people recover from this virus is about the same amount of time most people take sick leave from work. It is this fact that I continue to state that border closers and hard lockdowns are overkill and will do far more harm than COVID-19 will ever do to the country. However as it is a contagious virus, a RESPONSIBLE government will implement measures to reduce its spread to save (especially) the vulnerable from catching it and what reduce whatever medical and economic burden it would have on Barbados.

  43. @ David January 24, 2021 1:56 PM
    You nailed it!”

    Be care Dear Blogmaster, you might be ‘charged’ for copyright infringement.

    The able-bodied seaman miller was the ‘first’ one to pin that medal of chief armchair critic-in-the-balcony’ characterization on your’ English captain of the sailing ship SS Barbadoes ‘perfectly’ manned by your “throwing-shade” crew.

    The only thing missing from the ‘Ivy-league’ Captain Statler’s manifest is his chief mate of buffoonery Waldorf.

    “Every week, this show looks better to me.”
    “Every week, your eyesight gets worse!”
    ~ Statler and Waldorf.

    Every challenge faced by a nation will have its critics so that the doers can be motivated to live up to the esprit de corps required to overcome that challenge.

  44. Well well the dreaded day most right thinking bajans feared has arrived.As Austin proudly stated community spread is officially here.



  45. @ Cuhdear Bajan January 23, 2021 11:04 PM
    “I actually didn’t watch/listen to the press conference. heard bit of it on the car radio [I don’t always take ZR’s. lol!] on my way home, and then a bit more as I walked in the door. But after 3 hours of field labour in the hot sun [there is no bathroom in my field] I had more urgent tasks than a press conference.

    But Ms Cuh-dear, why have gone and broken your 20 year-old promise of not owning a car?

    What happened to cause you to change your mind?

    Was it the high probability of contracting Covid-19 because of your inability to stay 6 feet away from others like ‘anchovies in a sardine pan’ while aboard your favourite mode of transport?

    Or is it because the rich old boy with the ‘disabled’ foot from” white Hill” left you a bagatelle of a financial tral-la in his will after you did a black-widow-spider job on him?

    Is that why you have taken Kammie Holder’s advice to heart?

  46. Just read an article told by a COVID infected person who took all precautions but became infected from customers while plying her trade
    The story got my attention because of some BU simpletons believes that doing things which are recommend by WHO would protect people from the virus
    The problem lies with govt policies which will certainty brings infected people into contact with other individuals

  47. @ Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV January 24, 2021 2:36 PM

    Your explanations are as clear as crystal glass. Probably our Supreme Leader will soon proclaim you our new Corona Press Officer.

    Of course, the problem can be controlled on a small island with such a capable gov. As it was after the March 2020 outbreak. Everyone is now called upon to stay in their villas and gated community, to play golf and polo only with family members, and to use only their own swimming pools. Then nothing can happen to us. Also, I recommend shopping at Massa Market because the prices there are so high and therefore almost no one walks the aisles there.

  48. David please delete two of them
    After several tries and no response BU finally posted them when i complained
    Not my fault

  49. I read the article this morning. The lady was face painting, so no physical distancing. Her clients were not wearing masks and were conversing with her. She admits that she did not wear her face shield.

    I am writing this on this morning’s read so feel free to correct me if I am wrong but I have always had a very good memory.

    Of course, there will be the occasional person who catches the thing whilst taking all precautions. And certain jobs are riskier than others.

    But there are no guarantees in life.

  50. Quote from Ertol Barrow first budget speech 1962
    Relevant in todays present Covid crisis

    The first Barbados Budget

    “I think that we in the West Indies should not be afraid to speak our minds. I think that we in the West Indies should not be looking around for somebody to lead and work out our own political and economic philosophy and I do not think that it pays any West Indian politician to either look too rapidly in the direction of Europe or Asiatic countries for our basic philosophies of life.”

  51. Govt asking retired nurses to return to work at the. QEH
    Hope these retired nurses are not elderly in that age is a high factor for becoming infected while engaging in a COVID environment as was stated happening at the hospital



    Israel prepares to ban all incoming passenger flights for two weeks amid fears of mutant Covid variants
    Plans to suspend all incoming passenger flights amid fears of Covid-19 variants
    Prime Minister Netanyahu will now seek Cabinet approval for the measures
    The country has been under a third national lockdown since December 27

    Israel is preparing to suspend all incoming passenger flights for a two-week period in a bid to prevent the spread of highly-infectious Covid-19 variants.

    The suspension is subject to Cabinet approval and would see all incoming and outgoing flights halted for 14 days.

    The country, which has the world’s fastest vaccine distribution rate, has been under a third national lockdown since December 27.

  53. The video just displays firsthand the realities of this virus that we already knew.
    1) It is very, contagious and pervasive.
    2) It will find any gaps in the protocols. The lady admits that she was in an environment with sustained contact with people not wearing masks hence she was at a higher risk to catch it.
    3) It is survivable

    This is not an airborne variant of the Ebola virus (god forbid). COVID-19 is a variant of the SARS virus both of which are types of coronaviruses. It is more than likely everyone had a form of coronavirus as is one of the viruses that causes the cold. The specific issue with COVID-19 is that it is new to humans. Hence those with compromised immune systems and those with prior respiratory issues are especially vulnerable. Because of the amount of recoveries it is clear that the immune system can fight it. A vaccine would help the human body have an even greater chance of fighting it off.
    It is interesting to read that Dr. Anthony Fauci stated that a vaccine was developed for SARS, it was just that simple public health measures had contained the virus then and interest to fund worldwide vaccinations declined sharply.
    After 12 months of this pandemic, (and remembering the outcomes of the Bird\Swine flu and SARS pandemics, all of which happen less than 20 years ago!!!!) I am convinced the problem is more so how individual countries reacted to the threat in the first few months rather than the virus mortality in itself.

  54. Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TVJanuary 25, 2021 2:31 AM

    Good comment to an extent. However, there is evidence that the South African variant can avoid antibodies. If this is proven, then we are in deep doodoo. Have you ever heard of a virus that can avoid antibodies?

    One of the reasons that I think this is a biological weapon and some dastardly people released it to depopulate.

  55. Donna January 24, 2021 1:03 PM

    Good Examples to follow…Safety First..

    “UK Daily Mail”
    Last updated: January 23, 2021 12:10 IST
    Hank Aaron death: MLB legend shockingly passes away weeks after taking COVID-19 vaccine
    Hank Aaron death: The MLB legend and one-time home-run king took a coronavirus vaccine shot just weeks before his death on Friday in Atlanta.

    In a Hank Aaron death official statement, Atlanta Braves revealed that their legend had passed away in his sleep. No details on Hank Aaron health or his cause of death were disclosed. A little over two weeks before his death, the Hall of Famer had got vaccinated against COVID-19 in Georgia hoping to send a message to Black Americans that the shots are safe.
    Aaron, at the time, had told Associated Press that he had no qualms in getting vaccinated and was proud of himself for doing so. Many have alleged that his death could be triggered by the vaccine dosage, but there have been no confirmed reports of the same. Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert Manfred Jr. called his friendship with Aaron “one of the greatest honors of my life” while paying his respects to the Braves legend…

  56. Muslims miss mosque but staying away
    THE LAST YEAR has been life-changing for many in the local Muslim community who were accustomed to praying at their mosques multiple times a day.
    However, president of the Barbados Muslim Association, Dr Abdul Mohammed, said they were not prepared to risk their lives by going back to their places of worship in large numbers.
    He said that since the recent outbreak and increased restrictions, to honour the sanctity of the established mosques, they had selected about three to ten people who visit them throughout the day, while the others prayed at home.
    There are four established mosques in Barbados, some of which can house hundreds, especially on Fridays, one of the most significant days of prayer.
    “There are persons who all their lives grew accustomed to going to the mosque and praying five times a day, so it has become difficult. But what the science tells us to do, we will follow.
    “In Islam, preservation of life is paramount. So when it comes to a matter of life and death or preservation of health, from a religious perspective, we are mandated to be secure. So we’ve created those bubbles and that is how we manage to function, and that’s all we have been doing,” Mohammed said.
    He added that, like all groups, there were some people who found it hard to adjust but they did their best to ensure everyone complied with the protocols.
    “There is a precedent in our religion, where during the plague persons outside an area were told they should not enter, so that in itself tells you we support quarantining. But it has not been easy and it has taken a bit of work, communication and public relations to get the message to our members. Some will take it easier than others, but we will do what needs to be done.”

    Source: Nation

  57. @Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TVJanuary 25, 2021 2:31 AM

    Thank you for your clarification. I will propose you as COVI19 Czar to our Supreme Leader at the next opportunity.

  58. “Israel prepares to ban all incoming passenger flights for two weeks amid fears of mutant Covid variants.”

    the intelligent thing to do, it will not interfere with future herd immunity as long as it’s done in phases….

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