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  1. Goodnight to all . All religions ( Christianity ,Islam,Judaism,Black Hebrews , etc ) are man made. These religions were designed to keep the people /masses sedated. Tonight we will focus on Christianity since this is the major religion in Barbados.Jesus Christ never existed in human form no place on this earth ,he is a fictional character ( like Santa Claus ) invented by caucasians to enslave our minds & spirits . Caucasains also created other fictional chacters like Adam, Abraham ,Moses & Mohammed for the religions Judaism & Islam.All three of these religions place the beginning of life around 6000yr because this around the time when the history of the white man begins. They have totally ingoned that Black people have been documented to exist on this planet thousands of years before their were any white people on the planet. The Bible is not a sacred book ,it is composed of two(2) books which were written independently.The New Testament was written by a homosexual ,Desaderius Erasmus .He was commissioned by Pope Alexander VI in 1500AD write on the object of Chritianity. After 16yr he came out with the New Testament. The old Testament was written in 1180AD by Moses Maimonides. The Old Testament was first printed in 1475AD by Johannes Fust. Both books were put under one cover for the first time in 1527AD by a Sweedish theologian & then in 1535AD Martin Luther put both books under one cover also. In 1611AD, the Kings James Version was created, in this bible the Fourth Gospel of John appears for the first time. The Dead Sea Scrolls are 20th century fakes The Dead Sea Scrolls are 20th century fakes which we created by the Europeans to validate Christianity.
    Jesus Christ was created from the image of a European called Ptolemy I( Soter).In 332BC, an army of uncivilised Europeans lead by Alexander the Greek invaded Egypt and removed its African rulers. Alexander demanded that the African receive him as a god but his demand were rejected. After the death of Alexander in 323 BC , another European called Ptolemy I,took control of Egypyt.Ptolemy I, ordered that an image of him be made into a god; those who resisted were put to death. This European image was called Serapis.In 431AD at the Council Of Ephesus, the image of Ptolemy I (Serapis)was tranformed into the Messias /Christos/Christ (which means the annoniated). The Virgin Mary( Mother of God) was also created at this meeting in 431AD. The close Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD marks the offical beginning of Christianity. In 532AD ,the world’s first Christian Church ( The Hagia Sophia) was built in Turkey by Emperor Justinian.At the Council of Lyons in 1240AD , the image of Ptolemy was renamed Iesus the Christ. The Hagia Sophia would remain as the seat of Christianity until the 15th century.It was captured by the Ottoman Turks & converted to a mosque in 1453AD. In the 15th century the seat of Christianity moved to the Vatican in Rome .Prior to 1630AD ,the letter “i” functioned as a vowel & a consonant .However in 1630AD , Europeans took the letter “i” and created a new letter for the alphabet called ”j”which assumed the function of a consonant.iesus is the pre-renaissance spelling for jesus.

  2. [IMG]http://i49.tinypic.com/1zbqe5g.jpg[/IMG]
    Chinese moving in fast making our cigarettes now.
    i suppose a bajan wouldent have thought of it.
    more will come as the government allows these Chinese in.
    i seen like a army of Chinese the other day by chefete by Accra.
    they scoping to take over.
    how many blacks live in china?
    ponder on it?

  3. @ harry | August 20, 2012 at 7:58 AM |
    Harry, is this genuine pic or just make believe?
    I am not aware that cigarettes are manufactured in Barbados.
    The Chinese Embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Trade & Industry need to explain if this is an actual picture of real cigarettes made in Bim.

    The Ministry of Health would be most embarrassed if cigarettes are manufactured for export to cause harm to the human beings. But Barbados is known to export its “sin” products like rum to corrupt and harm foreigners but with the zeal of Pastor Roach decry and vilify and local partaking of the same devil’s brew.
    This is just another hypocritical farce the minister would have to explain away unlike the pornville moral dilemma. One notices he has become rather reticent on current moral issues involving abuse of a child on Kadooment day. But he seems to be learning how to pick his fights, unlike Jones; neither of whom have a ‘moral’ leg to stand on, personally speaking of course.

  4. david you better remove all about me immediately, or i will find you and
    kick your dtupid ass.i prommis

  5. Every Barbadian should know what is being done to their planet. I do not know how to transfer a You-tube.com video to this site and so I have merely copied the title so that you may go to You-tube.com to view it. Our planet is being deliberately murdered by the American Military in order to deplete the population of earth and take the resources of other countries. This is an outworking of Agenda 21 under the United Nations agenda. If nothing will grow and all the animals are dead which support the chain of life, then we also are as good as dead. This Video on Geo-engineering graphically explains what has and is being done. It should be shown on Channel 8 in Barbados. Unfortunately, the paid off media will not allow it; and so we will all shortly be dead. The title of the video is:

    You-tube.com/Conspiracy Documentary 2015 GeoEngineering. (This is a must watch)

    The channel which uploaded it is called: thetruthrevealed777

  6. 50 years post colonialism, but, there is so much poverty around this island.
    As parents, we have been relegated to giving our children daily breakfast on the road. On the go. From Styrofoam containers and year’s old cans.
    The YWCA breakfast program, intending to alleviate hunger and mitigate the economic burden on parents is actually engineering perpetual poverty. Its destroying the family function of Blacks – mothers feeding and teetering their young. The choice of foods and the quality is also destructive – rife with preservatives aka carcinogens – contributing heavily to the spike in cancers and Diabetes, High BP and Strokes. http://www.idf.org/BRIDGES/map/barbados
    These diseases most affect Africans. Yet, not one Indian (Asian) or White traverse those gates for breakfast.

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