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  1. Commander Hants
    Your piece on Raquel Brown was a fine piece of music. I really love the voice. Is there a relationship to Barbados?

    000 please listen and make notes.

  2. UK’s highest court rules against British Gov’t plan to deport refugee claimants to Rwanda, ever notice that some of the most ardent anti immigration politicians are people whose parents were immigrants? Prime examples are the recently fired Minister Braverman and in the US Senator Ted Cruz and the wet behind the ears Ramaswamy who is one of the Republicans trying to take on Trump.

    One wonders why a country (Rwanda) with its share of ethnic problems would agree to take in refugees deported from Britain to add to the toxic situation there.

    One wonders at the plaudits showered on the leader of Rwanda by the Barbados Gov’t considering the agreement that Britain negotiated with that country.

    But as they say politics and diplomacy makes strange bedfellows


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