Prime Minister Mottley and Team Have Covid 19 Conversation with Barbadians

Although not out of the woods Barbadians were told based on the week over week numbers “we are in a better place”, however, we need to keep our guard up. We can do this people!

Briefing by Prime Minister Mottley and Team

428 thoughts on “Prime Minister Mottley and Team Have Covid 19 Conversation with Barbadians

  1. Back to the drawing board ..would be of interest if govt would release numbers on the back.log
    Meanwhile knowing that barbados is at crisis level in dealing with testing and results govt still insist on letting people from hot spots enter the island

  2. @ Mariposa

    You missed a trick last night. When the good doctor was talking about the spread at Dodds, he mentioned a percentage, not not an actual number. What is the number?

  3. Theo…they can’t even tell anyone they’re lying, because a measly $400 was given to Caswell years ago, no one knew about it, no one cares, i give away more than that and don’t even remember, but we had to read about it in newspapers…that’s the mentality of the lowest types of politicians in existence…. a real big turnoff.

    but…we can’t hear anything about the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS missing from the economy, the stolen vat that was written off, or all the missing properties, the people’s money and estates… they are all gone and no one can say who stole them, no one is being investigated or arrested..

  4. The one thing this BLP government is brilliant at is cleaning up messes and making course corrections in short order and managing the PR fallout so well that only the yard fowls keeping score will remember what happened.

    In one week when the curfew is lifted, this will be old news and forgotten the week after.

  5. The recent hostile responses of some Cabinet members to questions from the Press, suggest frustration is setting in. We say, more tough questions will be coming and the administration must be prepared to provide answers, no matter the political price.



  6. Franklyn said that regarding the second action, the Government has until tomorrow to release the three officers who were relocated from home quarantine to a south coast hotel being used for that purpose.

    “A letter was being sent to the Government today giving them until tomorrow to release the officers because their two tests have come back negative and therefore there is no good reason to keep them locked up. Prison officers are supposed to be in the priority category for the quick return of results. Other people whose tests came back negative have been released but yet they continue to hold them there. These men have families and they did not even allow them to be quarantined together,” he pointed out.

    “So if these officers are not released by tomorrow, the lawyers will be filing an habeas corpus action asking the court to order their release,” Senator Franklyn told Barbados TODAY.





    Family doc seeks answers on COVID-19 fight

    Prominent family physician Dr Adrian Lorde has urged health authorities to stop giving Barbadians false hope and tell the truth about the fight against the virus.

    In an almost five-minute-long video posted on social media Monday, Dr Lorde said the situation seems to be getting out of order and indicated that he was looking forward to UN envoy Elizabeth Thompson assuming her position as head of the COVID-19 communications team so that she can accurately provide answers regarding the island’s COVID-19 fight for Barbadians.

    He said Ambassador Thompson’s arrival is timely, considering that Government officials who have been publicly speaking on the island’s COVID-19 fight in recent weeks, including Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Cabinet Sub-Committee Chair Senator Dr Jerome Walcott, Minister of Health Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic, and Minister of Home Affairs Wilfred Abrahams, appear to be tired while the number of COVID-19 cases has climbed to 884 in a matter of days.

    Dr Lorde said: “We need to know the truth, because the COVID hotline, there are no more lines, people can’t get through. That number for the tourism thing, that is not working either. The lab categorization sections, 1, 2 and 3, the lab don’t even know anything about that, and the Shape App [in use for COVID-19 testing] for providers may be working in polyclinics, but that is not up and running as it should either. So we are giving people a false sense of security. Information that is not entirely correct, or may be premature.”

    Dr Lorde, a sports medicine specialist with a long-standing general practice, said that in light of the country recording 884 positive COVID-19 cases, and seven deaths, with 478 patients in isolation, Barbadians need to protect themselves. He said even though cases are coming out of the Boxing Day bus crawl and clusters on the West Coast, people need to safeguard themselves because, in his opinion, “things are getting out of order”.

    He declared: “We are getting too many cases. The numbers are as, the president said, skyrocketing downwards. There is a downward trend, but that don’t seem like that to me and those are the confirmed cases, because the lab has several samples that they haven’t tested yet, for days. Scores of people gone to the airport yesterday, couldn’t get on the flights, had to cancel, we going to pay for that? I don’t know”.

    Dr Lorde also warned the head of the Harrison’s Point coronavirus hospital, Dr Corey Forde, whom Prime Minister Mottley announced last week could be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to make sure that “if you getting the first vaccine it has the second dose”.

    “And I hope it is the Pfizer BioNTech because that is the only one that is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO),” he added.

    The doctor also questioned if provisions are being made for the vaccinations to be stored at the appropriate temperature. He said to his knowledge, only the Barbados Fertility Centre has facilities “to store anything at minus 70 [degrees Celsius]”.

    He added: “But let us know Ambassador Thompson, if those refrigerators are in place and if the generators are in place in case we bring out storage of vaccines and then the electricity goes off.

    “But Ambassador Thompson, wait, you have to get your second test today. I hope you get the results before Friday because we need you to start working. Let’s get the systems working. It has been ten months since we had the virus, the pandemic is here, and still, things are not working as they should.

    “Overwhelmed? We should have predicted that when we saw what was happening overseas. So let’s get things in place. Protect yourself in the meantime here, that [884] is confirmed, we have several others out there that ain’t confirmed that have not been tested, so you can get it too.”

  8. Hope they know how critical this advice is and that things cannot be done the don’t carish careless bajan way..

    “Dr Lorde also warned the head of the Harrison’s Point coronavirus hospital, Dr Corey Forde, whom Prime Minister Mottley announced last week could be the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to make sure that “if you getting the first vaccine it has the second dose”.

    “And I hope it is the Pfizer BioNTech because that is the only one that is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO),” he added.

    He added: “But let us know Ambassador Thompson, if those refrigerators are in place and if the generators are in place in case we bring out storage of vaccines and then the electricity goes off.”

  9. Re lockdowns…it’s clear the plague is an opportunity knocks for the world’s criminals trying to assert full control over people’s lives.

  10. Pissparading and pompesetting in the Overseas Parade Ring!


    The government does have some questions to answer and must answer them respectfully. Bajans have the right to that. Liz Thompson is not my cup of tea. Mia has constantly put questionable people in the communications role. One remembers the tarnished Roy Morris. Liz has not even washed the stink off from her perceived “priveged” visit to her mother. Nobody wants to be communicated to by these two people and yet Mia shoved them in our faces. She is strangely disconnected from the emotions of the people.

    So far I have not been impressed with the breakdown of the case situation as provided. I have not been able to make sense of it. Somebody who is qualified to tell us what these stats mean for Barbados should deliver the brief.

    But… still not panicked! People need to calm down! Pandemics are not comfortable.

  11. So the hotel sector owes the Black populatioin $60 million dollars that Mia picked up and loaned to them…hope they remember who they really own and it’s not Mia, it’s not her money.

  12. Mariposa the crises in leadetship was between 2008 and 2010 when your clueless dems were in power and led by in my view the worst two PM , s in the history of Barbados in Mr Thompson and Mr Stuart.Both helped run the country into the ground.That was s crisis in leadership Mariposa.Thankfully we have a competent leader at this crucisl time of covid. I shudder to think what would have happen had Mr Thompson or evem worse Mr Stuart had been at the helmo r even the political nightwatchman Ms Depeiza we would be in deep doo doo.Thank god for Ms Mottley and her team especially the hardworking frontline worlers.May god continue to bless them.The gloomers are all hoping that there is community spread like in their country in Barbados especially Mariposa Austin, Waru and Baje. Then they will claim they love Barbados not as far as i am concerned.However i believe we will overcome this and rise once again.


  13. Our Supreme Leader is a political genius. She always singles out unpopular politicians (most recently OSA and Sinckler) to burn them out with dubious unpaid jobs. It’s the same now with our jet-setting lady from New York.

  14. Lorenza shithead…IT’S HER JOB…she BEGGED for VOTES…she got A TITLE AND A SALARY…IT’S HER JOB…she ain’t doing anyone but yardfowls any favors….DUMBASS…

  15. LorenzoJanuary 12, 2021 7:56 PM

    The Government has done an excellent job in the circumstances. There are some changes needed and more work, but they have acted and all that has happened is that the virus is now really challenging them.

    Heavens please, let us not even imagine what Stuart and his group would have done. Would have been a mess. Remember, they converted a small house to make an eight bed quarantine facility. Eight beds. Have got to be joking.

  16. Stuart not in charge
    Deal with the mess at hand
    Saying that Mia did a good job does not add up to a hill of beans when the whole countrybis caught up in this COVID mess
    Even St. Lucia and St. Vimcent have put barbados on their high list
    Those two countries numbers are very small

  17. @ Mariposa

    Have you noticed that when the going gets hot the president runs and hides? Where is the commissioner of police?

  18. @ Mariposa

    Are you in hiding with the president? I notice that Angella Merkel, the German Chancellor, is also calling out Twitter. She was the first world leader to condemn Trump’s speech. So she is not a fan. It is the principle. The Russian dissident, Navalny, has also condemned it on the same grounds.
    And, predictably, BBC Radio had a big discussion on the subject this morning. They all raised the same point: we cannot allow a controversial private company to make decisions about what we are allowed to hear. Is there an appeal process? Next week it may be Black Lives Matter. What will we do then?
    Two things: ignore the mob and challenge received wisdoms.

  19. @ Mariposa

    Here is one for you:

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    Highly contagious new variants of coronavirus will emerge more frequently and spur further infection waves such as those threatening to overwhelm hospitals in the UK and South Africa, one of the world’s leading infectious disease experts has warned.

    Salim Abdool Karim, chairman of South Africa’s Covid-19 ministerial advisory committee, also said it was too early to know the extent to which existing vaccines would provide immunity to the new variants.

    Scientists around the world have been alarmed by the rapid spread of the new 501.v2 variant first detected in South Africa and the equally infectious B.1.1.7 variant that has led to a surge in cases in the UK. Other variants have emerged recently in Brazil and Japan.

    Prof Abdool Karim, the epidemiologist who led South Africa’s fight against HIV/Aids, explained that viruses evolved as they infected people with partial immunity in order to escape recognition by their antibodies.

    “We’re going to see this occur more commonly now than in 2020, as we vaccinate and as more people are infected,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times.

    The epidemiological finding of increased transmissibility was supported by “biological evidence showing the 501.v2 variant binds more readily and more strongly to human cells”, added Prof Abdool Karim.

    The Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes Covid-19 has mutated once or twice a month on average since appearing in humans in late 2019. But the variants detected in South Africa and the UK carry about 20 mutations, where previous ones had been associated with one or two significant genetic changes.

    Greater numbers of mutations can cause the behaviour of the virus to change more extensively. The variants that originated in the UK and South Africa are both about 50 per cent more infectious than previous forms of the virus, although neither is thought to cause more severe symptoms.

    Another question is how the variants interact with the human immune system, in particular whether they reduce the effectiveness of Covid-19 vaccines. “We’ll have an answer within the next two weeks or so but we don’t know yet,” Prof Abdool Karim said of the 501.v2 variant.

    Antibodies from people who have recovered from Covid-19 were less effective against the new variant, Prof Abdool Karim said, but “the way in which T-cells and the B-cells function is quite different in vaccine immunity. I wouldn’t extrapolate from natural immunity to vaccine immunity.”

    Coronavirus treatment
    Covid vaccine tracker: The shots available and the doses administered

    Less is known about the new variant of Sars-Cov-2 detected in Brazil after scientists sequenced 180 viral genomes from the state of Rio de Janeiro.

    Researchers from Brazil’s national genomic surveillance network identified a “significant increase” in cases of the variant that “raise concerns about public health management” in a country with more than 200,000 Covid-19 deaths, the second-highest number of fatalities after the US.

    Carolina Voloch of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, lead author of a preprint paper about the variant, said that samples taken from Rio state showed it increased in frequency from zero in September to 20 per cent by November.

    “For now we can’t say it’s more contagious. What we can say is there’s an increase in the frequency of this lineage,” said Dr Voloch.

    Japanese authorities also detected a new variant in four passengers who arrived from Brazil on January 2. It is related to the B.1.1.248 variant of the virus circulating in Brazil, and shares some of the same mutations as the UK and South African variants, according to Japan’s National Institute of Infectious Diseases.

    But Emma Hodcroft, a viral geneticist at the University of Bern who monitors the evolution of Sars-Cov-2, said: “It doesn’t look as though these four cases from Japan are part of the larger Brazilian cluster.”

    News in-depthCoronavirus pandemic
    Why the Covid crisis in UK hospitals is likely to get worse

    She agreed that conditions in 2021 were likely to favour the evolution of more variants with multiple mutations, as a larger proportion of people were infected and evolutionary pressure on the virus increased.

    A modelling study by scientists at Emory and Penn State, published in Science journal on Tuesday, suggested the evolutionary path for Sars-Cov-2 would eventually lead to a less virulent “endemic” virus, joining the ranks of other mild cold-causing coronaviruses that currently circulate in humans.

    “We’re in uncharted territory but . . . immunological indicators suggest that fatality rates and the critical need for broad-scale vaccination may wane in the near term, so maximum effort should be on weathering this pandemic,” said Ottar Bjornstad, a Penn State professor.

    Prof Abdool Karim also made the point that the selective pressure for all viruses was to “become more transmissible and less pathogenic over time”…..(Quote)

  20. I dumped twitter after seeing the gang who pollute it, easy, don’t use the site, and ignored all their requests to rejoin, there are dozens of available platforms to choose from…..they’re all getting competiton, even whatsapp and FB.

  21. Hal if your worried dont take the vaccine, You may be young enough it wont really effect you .I am certainly going to take it this one ,the next, again and again just like I take a yearly flu shot now. . They will say about needles in me, like they would of Waru’s sex life. If he had as many sticking out of him as he had stuck in him he would look like a porcupine. Its not for everyone , but I believe just like the govt has entered our lives more than I have ever seen. this will become common place in the near term , you will need jab to fly you will need jab to work certain jobs you will need a jab to go to a movie or soccer game etc Interesting times ahead.

    • @Lawson

      What is the argument for people currently having a conversation with their maker refusing to take the vaccine?

  22. No as long as they are non ambulatory lol , I honestly dont think old people should be given the vaccine until front line workers ,police, soldiers any essential service person has. Most people in my area have been dying in the old age homes but it is being brought in by workers get them done first. Its not fair to cripple the futures of the next generations to protect people that have already past their expiry date.

  23. @ Lawson

    I am taking my first jab this week. I am a bit worried about the length of time for the second. I am still not a big fan of the science. It is a gamble.

  24. Hal at least you will have 50% protection and you can get the other within42 days they say. are you essential?
    David I dont know if you kidding or not, but now is not the time to be caught up in emotion. The reason they would bring in a swordsman from France to chop off Anne Boleyn’s head is can you imagine if he was an englishman blubbering and crying he might have taken off a foot instead. I know your customer base is old people and you have a dog in the fight but with limited resources you must use them to your best advantage,

    • @lawson

      Agree, we are in a war. We have to be strategic. It is a David versus Goliath situation. Where is the sling?


    dude is right, you can’t be blaming the bus crawl when i regularly see videos with tourists WHO ARE THE VECTORS FOR COVID….partying without masks, the lastest one was just last weekend with a gang of them at Oistins, not one wearing a mask, talking, screaming and laughing in each other’s faces, where is the police to arrest these infected public nuisances.

  26. The people of barbados believed their own rhetoric, with what was believed to be few cases and idiots like one of our ministers holidaying there saying it is safer than canada.gave the people the permission to let their guard down. The balancing act of the need for dollars ,the rights of the people ,and the speed of vaccines coming left voids in the defensive perimeter that the virus exploited. So what is the way forward. Quicker tests ,everyone has to buy into this is a real problem, I would use the KISS aconym …keep it simple stupid……KEEP away at least 6ft ISOLATE if you are in one of the vulnerable groups SAFETY first, dont put yourself in a position where you accept others flaunting the accepted rules SHARE…. knowledge is power if someone in the family is not well tell the rest dont hide it , could be nothing but it could let others be tested before they pass it on.

  27. @Lawson

    A typical Scotsman, hitting out at the English. I am looking forward to my second jab after 21 days as per the science; the politicians have added the extra days.

  28. “Over the last three weeks, PAHO noted that Barbados has recorded an 1138 per cent increase in COVID cases – topping regional neighbours St Vincent and the Grenadines (573 per cent), Antigua and Barbuda (325 per cent) and St Lucia (77 per cent).”

    read it again, dude did not stutter…was wondering why the other islands was shutting down Barbados travel, now we know, did not watch the conference yesterday, but i heard Liz demanded that community spread, a term i understand came from WHO, be properly explained. If you don’t even have a patient 0 and cannot explain 120 infections..don’t know what else to tell ya.

  29. Ya will overcome, in the meantime things have to be done to make sure you do. I have been hearing things about sandly lane for nearly a week now, don’t know if it’s the same hotel, maybe who is responsible for covid investigations can look into this claim below.

    Lawson, they refuse to stop comparing an island with less than 300K people with countries that are populated with 37 MILLION…67 MILLION….350 MILLION… people…and don’t care how ya tell them it’s STUPID to do that, they still do it anyway, you should know you’ve been on BU longer than i have…we now have to wear ourselves out telling them that if their community nonspread ramps up any further, they can kiss their asses goodbye in 6 months time, that’s how long it took to wipe out 350 THOUSAND PEOPLE in US…and counting.

    why do they think PAHO is warning them to get a handle on their whatever before it escalates any further..

  30. Nearly forgot who i was talking to..

    “Jan 09, 2021 · Globally, as of 7:21pm CET, 10 January 2021, there have been 89,048,345 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 1,930,265 deaths, reported to WHO.”

    these deaths i doubt include China, i won’t include them anyway until they give accurate numbers….so as of let’s say March, 2020……you have nearly 2 MILLION deaths worldwide…and it only took …less one year.

    forgot to mention that Barbados does not have 350, keep comparing yaselves with other countries that have populations that can take a hit of hundreds of thousands, tens of millions and still have millions more left over.

  31. Wuru 99 % plus are okay even after getting virus barbados will not die out its how to minimize damage to economy ,brand, elderly, etc

  32. In USA, UK and EU, 4 vaccines are already approved or the application process is completed in February 2021 (BioNTech, Moderna, Oxford, Johnson & Johnson).

    Why do we not have any vaccine doses so far? Because the DLP has left our government with a plundered treasury. Therefore, the DLP bears full responsibility for the outbreak of the disease following the so-called bus-crawl sex orgy.

  33. Now she is predicting our extinction! What is the mortality rate???? Who is doing most of the dying? What is more likely to happen is that our population would become younger.

    To pull a Lawson, less stress on the NIS and the Ministry of Health’s budget and the Treasury as a whole!

    But hopefully not! I like old people.

  34. “Wuru 99 % plus are okay even after getting virus barbados will not die out its how to minimize damage to economy ,brand, elderly, etc”

    only if they’re wearing MASKS and following protocols…THEY ARE NOT, seen it myself.

    i’ve been saying that for WEEKS..

  35. How many times does anyone have to remind everyone that it’s A FAST MOVING VIRUS…which now has a variant, don’t know how that one works, if it’s a deadly clone…but the old deadly one did not go anywhere…

    some on the island stopped going out period because of the carelessness of others who will now run for their mask only because they don’t want to do quarantine, those and the ones who wear their masks under their noses, but the tourists are still a problem, they did not come to the island to wear masks or stay cooped up in quarantine.

    if that keeps up Lawson all the strippers may die out…the elderly who may be alive will beat you with their canes.

  36. Fear not Waru strippers wont die out, in a bad economy there is a never ending supply.
    Donna this is not about liking or disliking its just facts, The only thing stopping you from that new car is being too lazy going to your parents house when your ill. I was totally amazed over the years how bajans could just drop there elderly parents at the door of the QEH. I asked my mum when she turned 80 would she like to go to a retirement residence of move in with me, she said I dont want to go to a home, I built her an apt on my house and she lived with me till she passed.

  37. I have heard that the virus attacks through the Internet line, especially people who constantly have their fingers on the keyboard. Another effect of the virus attack is hallucinations, anxiety, panic attacks, and unwarranted anger at the government.

    We must all stand together in these difficult times. It’s good that David BU has switched to the government camp. Our government must control all newspapers and Internet forums so that the virus does not spread there.

    True patriots can be recognized by the fact that they fully support the government. However, I remain neutral and act as a a fair and balanced arbitrator on BU.

  38. @Donna January 13, 2021 1:26 PM Now she is predicting our extinction! What is the mortality rate????”

    About 2%

    2% of 276,000 people is 5,520

    So that is likely the maximum number of Bajans/Bajan residents who can die if we behave foolishly.

    But we don’t have to behave foolishly.

    We can continue to:

    ONE: Wash our hands
    TWO: Wear our masks
    THREE: Keep 6 feet from other people

  39. Day 14 and still no symptoms. Have not been out since my December 31st visit to Emerald City. Kept away from people just in case I had it. My son has not been out either. He uses technology to meet his friends. Keeping interactions to a minimum and even then outdoors.

    Masks, physical distancing, hand washing and sanitising.

    Will venture out tomorrow to do some business. Will probably add a face shield to the barriers that I bought months ago and never used.

    Still not panicked. Will follow protocols as always.

    Sensible actions would see us through this. It worked for many months and then some people got cocky.

    I hope they live to regret all the trouble they have caused.

  40. @WURA-War-on-U January 13, 2021 9:50 AM “I dumped twitter after seeing the gang who pollute it, easy, don’t use the site”

    I’ve NEVER used Twitter, because I’ve ALWAYS felt that Twitter was for twits.

    And it appears that I was not wrong.

  41. Cuhdear, Donna,

    I recommend to stay in your villas and gated communites. We must keep the common people at a distance of at least half a kilometer. I have heard that poverty is contagious.

  42. We must all stand together in these difficult times. It’s good that David BU has switched to the government camp. Our government must control all newspapers and Internet forums so that the virus does not spread there.










  44. @Lawson January 13, 2021 2:17 PM “I was totally amazed over the years how bajans could just drop there elderly parents at the door of the QEH. I asked my mum when she turned 80 would she like to go to a retirement residence of move in with me, she said I dont want to go to a home, I built her an apt on my house and she lived with me till she passed.”

    Most Bajans do not drop their elderly parents at the door of the QEH. In fact very few do. But of course bad news always always gets the attention.

    Most elderly Bajans in fact live in their own homes or at home with some family members,often a daughter, granddaughter or niece.

    But bear in mind that Barbados has a much higher rate of out migration than Canada has, so some of our elders, those 80 and older may actually have sons and daughters who migrated to the UK, the USA and Canada in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s etc. Some of those sons and daughters return home and can help with the care of their elderly parents, some have their elderly parents join them in the UK/USA/Canada. Some sons and daughters who have migrated and who cannot/do not help out physically for various reasons [employment abroad, financial constrains, matrimonial commitments, child raising responsibilities] some of them do help out financially and by paying regular visits to their elderly parents who live here.

    In my own case I was able to migrate and re-migrate, but even so my dad still spent his last 8 months in a nursing home because in spite of all the love in the world his care was too difficult to manage at home, especially as the middled-aged care giving “children” must at the same time hold down their own full time jobs and raise their own children. Most of us are in no position to opt-out of the work force for 10 years or even for 10 months. Our mortgages still have to be paid. Our own children still have to be fed and educated.

    Most of us are not to use Hal’s term’s term; most of us are not savages. We actually love our mummies and daddies.

    But elder care is not cheap, easy nor simple.

  45. “Air Canada is slashing its seat capacity by 25 per cent and laying off 1,700 employees, blaming new COVID-19 testing requirements for a recent plunge in demand for travel.
    The Montreal-based airline said on Wednesday the system-wide cuts will affect another 200 jobs at the airlines that operate its Air Canada Express regional brand.” [Jan 13 Globe & Mail]

  46. @Tron January 13, 2021 3:07 PM “Cuhdear, Donna, I recommend to stay in your villas and gated communites. We must keep the common people at a distance of at least half a kilometer. I have heard that poverty is contagious.”

    What villa?


    If poverty is indeed contagious I guess I have already been immunized against it, as in spite of a lifetime of hard work I still have no villa, no Meile taps, no Rolls Royce, no top drawer whisky, no ski-ing holidays in Europe, no invitations to your mansion to sip cocktails [I don’t drink alcohol thougI

    I haven’t gone out since January 6th though. On that day I went to a somewhat crowded outdoor venue, but wore my mask and sanitized my hands multiple times, and kept 6 feet from others. I am not a big hugger and kisser so it doesn’t disturb me to keep my distance from others. I plan my errands carefully and I haven’t needed to go out. I am good until at least January 20. In any event because of the lack of a Rolls Royce I have so positioned myself that I can walk to most errands.

    Staying within my curtilage and getting my gardens into Sandy Lane shape.

  47. “And it appears that I was not wrong.”

    “twit” is being kind

    one day i was on there and Samuel L. said something that everyone could relate to and out of nowhere jumped some halfassed racist attacking the dude….a few nuisance racists on BU are easy to dispense with, but not millions upon millions of the cockroaches on TWIT-TER…so that decision was easy.

  48. Cudear There is enough elderly dropped off at the QEH to fill a ward the boss said at the sandiford center in 2016 checked the nation newspaper. I know everyone does not have the where were all or time to do what I did , I just found it odd…. just like you call your small bananas figs or what I think are limes you call them lemons. not casting any aspersions.

  49. Mariposa and CCC trying to do damage control to their sinking party.Heard on the news that Mr Simon Alleyne their 2nd vice president has quit the party to join the Bees.He stated he believes he can make a better contribution to bajans that way.I wondered what a bright young man like him would be doing in a party lead by a political loser.Instead of playing petty politics around 5his serious covid issue the politicsl nightwatchman and her followers like Mariposa, CCC , Austin and Baje could look to offer sensible solutioms to stop the departures or else come 2023 she would look back and see no one behind her except Mariposa and CCC. As Bush Tea would say oh ma shirt.

  50. Alyuh made the international press, gotta break up the article its so long….this is doing even more harm, visitors who care about their lives will not want to come into an island where the government cannot control the tourists, no one will want to risk their lives…

    “Sheila Fox
    Wed, January 13, 2021, 5:02 AM AST·4 min read
    'A British couple were recently fined £2,200 each for breaking quarantine: recently arrived, they had invited a Jamaican woman into their hotel room for sex'
    ‘A British couple were recently fined £2,200 each for breaking quarantine: recently arrived, they had invited a Jamaican woman into their hotel room for sex’
    British holidaymakers may be grounded temporarily in lockdown, but in Barbados, the behaviour of some of them over the Christmas holidays has left a lasting impression indeed.

    Love Island’s Zara Holland received a fine of Bds$12,000 (£4,300) when she appeared in court in Barbados last week. She was charged with breaching the Covid laws and was arrested, with her boyfriend Elliott Love, at Barbados International airport. Mr Love had tested positive for Covid-19 and the couple were apparently attempting to flee the country, rather than be placed in an isolation facility.

    Meanwhile, as cases on the island continue to rise, a reported 33 cases have been linked to the airport from which the couple tried to leave. Many airport employees have had to quarantine, and some were instructed to spend the festive season alone. This angered many people here on the island – and Holland’s claims that the incident was simply “a massive mix up” only added fuel to the fire.

    This was not a one-off. There have been other highly publicised breaches, by tourists, of the island’s strict quarantine protocols. Last Thursday, the same court fined another British couple Bds$6,000 (£2,200) each for breaking restrictions. Recently arrived, they had invited a Jamaican woman into their room in an up-market hotel for sex.

    Barbados requires all visitors to the island to be kept in quarantine until they have had the all-clear on a second Covid test – taken five days after the first negative test result (which must be obtained before travelling). This requirement, up until very recently, had kept the island largely Covid-free during the pandemic.

    But there has often seemed to be a vast disparity in the attitude to Covid protocols between tourists and islanders. There are reports of holidaymakers cutting off their quarantine-identifying wristbands in order to abscond (as Zara Holland and her boyfriend allegedly did) – going on public transport, or to a party, before being found to be Covid positive. By UK standards, that may not seem like a big deal – but on a very small island which has made a very great effort to keep its people safe, it is considered to be completely unacceptable.”

  51. Then there are the nuisance locals who come up with elaborate plans to get away from quarantine…….🤣

    “There is no doubt that the vast majority of visitors have been respectful, responsible and aware that they were in a different country and culture. But it only takes a few high-profile cases to wreck the island’s inherent good-will towards them.

    As one Bajan angrily put it on social media, “Stop letting these tourists come into the country and do as they feel like, with no respect for its ppl or the country. They destroy their country, so that’s on them but leave the disrespectful attitudes and behaviour with the sense of entitlement with them in their country once they step foot on the island.”

    Now Barbados is again under a nightly curfew – with warnings of further restrictions to come – and experiencing a surge in cases.

    However, not all Bajans are above reproach. Some, too, have attempted to break quarantine rules – sometimes in a rather farcical way. Take Tarique Thornhill, who jumped, Tom Cruise-style, from a second floor balcony to escape an imaginary intruder. It was an extreme fear for his life, apparently, that spurred him to leap – and then he “fled for safety” in a taxi to an upmarket restaurant on the coast, where he was captured. He was fined Bds$6,000 (£2,200).

    Social media shared the magistrate’s scepticism about Thornhill’s ‘escape’ from nobody in particular. “He could of said that he was a secret agent, that explanation would have been better and may have gotten him off too,” one islander commented.”

  52. Let loose all ya diseased riffraff into other people’s countries and when infection surges, then drop them from the travel list…

    “Not quite so amusing was the case of Dean George Scott, a Jamaican, who left his quarantine facility to buy a lemonade and was promptly arrested. He couldn’t pay the fine so received a six-month prison sentence. “This will be a lesson for all the others,” the magistrate said.

    With many countries now back in lockdown, there will be fewer tourists coming to Barbados in the near future – and there is speculation that it will soon be dropped again from England’s travel corridor list. This will undoubtedly hurt the economy and people’s livelihoods. However, the health of the nation remains the main focus on the island – and the irresponsible actions of some visitors will not easily be forgotten.

    All the more reason, when tourists eventually return, that they make their footprint light and respectful. As they say around here, “God don’t like ugly”.

  53. Instead of playing petty politics around 5his serious covid issue the politicsl nightwatchman and her followers like Mariposa, CCC , Austin and Baje could look to offer sensible solutioms to stop the departures or else come 2023 she would look back and see no one behind her except Mariposa and CCC. As Bush Tea would say oh ma shirt.


    @ Lorenzo aka Butthead



  54. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy is urging Barbadians to exercise caution at the beach after sharks were spotted in neighbouring Caribbean islands.

    In a release, the Ministry said: “While there have been no reports of sharks in Barbadian waters, all sea bathers, watercraft operators, fishermen and all others using the sea have been asked to exercise great caution when doing so.”

    Sea bathers should also avoid swimming alone or in “deep waters”.

  55. Baje and mariposa seems to be very closely related



  56. Bring in diseased tourists by the plane loads and when the plague is good and spreading, clip flights from the island, although the airline is having difficulties, want to know what will happen when people refuse the vaccine and also refuse to fly, all the airlines will sink immediately and never recover..

    “Just over a month after resuming flights to the island, an airline partner from one of Barbados’ main source markets has announced that it will stop flying to Bridgetown at the end of this month.

    The Canadian-based Westjet airline says its last flight to Barbados for the season will be on Sunday, January 31.

    This comes on the heels of the airline announcing layoffs and cuts to its services. Recently, WestJet indicated that it will be removing about 30 per cent of its capacity for February and March and reducing domestic frequencies by some 160 departures.

    In the case of Barbados, the Calgary-based airline said although it was ending service to Bridgetown this month, it will only be for about four-and-a-half months.”

  57. People need to know what’s going on around them, the article is way to long but at least ya know that ya don’t know. Focus less on each other’s business and maybe ya will survive all of this.

    “Private jet arrives in Barbados 12 hours after sonic boom

    a airplane that is parked on the side of the road: MailOnline logo© Provided by Daily Mail MailOnline logo
    A private jet has arrived in Barbados 12 hours after a sonic boom was heard by millions of people in England when two RAF fighters were scrambled to intercept it.

    Witnesses described a noise like a bomb or doors slamming as the Typhoons raced to the plane, which took off in Germany before losing contact with air traffic control.

    People in London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Kent said houses shook and windows rattled, with one saying a window smashed from the shock wave.

    Two RAF Typhoon Quick Reaction Alert jets were scrambled from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire and broke the sound barrier at around 700mph over Peterborough.

    The Bombardier Global Express was escorted to Stansted Airport shortly after 1pm yesterday – then took off again at 3pm and landed at Birmingham half an hour later.

    It then left Birmingham at 4.36pm for an eight-hour flight to Bridgetown Grantley Adams Airport in Barbados where it landed at 8.58pm local time, or 0.58am UK time.

    The jet is owned by FAI Aviation Rent-A-Jet, a Nuremberg-based division of a German charter airline, which has the country’s largest Bombardier fleet among its 28 jets.

    The interior of the plane was refurbished in a multi-million-pound project which took 10,000 man hours, involved top designer Tim Callies and was completed last June.

    The group’s founder and chairman is entrepreneur Siegfried Axtmann and his firm is also known for providing business jets for McLaren drivers and management.”

  58. @Angela Cox,

    Free speech is very important if not you get some self-obsessed bully telling you what you can or cannot say. One day it is Twitter, next it may be BU. The principle of free speech is very important.
    There is one demented person who continues to manufacture stories about me, even outright lies, but s/he has never been warned. Different strokes for different folks.

  59. Hal…shut ya lying ass, i still have all the evidence, keep pushing me and yall see just how creative i can get…stand up like a man and ADMIT WHAT YA DID..ya are a fraud, there are bigger frauds than you…ya are a small fraud…..

  60. What you need to do is stop giving your ya email address on BU…..claiming ya can do this and that and name dropping all over the place and can’t do shit because ya intellectually incapable, no one hacked your email…you gave it out and then could not live up to all ya big talk….i gave out my email too and NO ONE HACKED IT…..only certain people get hacked and ya not in that ranking and will never be, ya too coward… you continue to lie, but ya are a small fry…just shut up and everyone will forget ya exist and i won’t have to keep the evidence on standby.

  61. Baje

    According to you it would have to be you that related to the BLP

    I don’t lie. I give my HONEST opinion like MOST in here

  62. Another two dozen cases of the coronavirus have been reported on Thursday with about half stemming from an outbreak at Her Majesty’s Prison Dodds, the Minister of Health has reported.
    In all, there are 29 new positive cases out of 1,429 tests that were processed for COVID-19, with 12 of those cases originating out of HMP Dodds.
    The figures were revealed by Minister of Health Lt Col Jeffrey Bostic, during Thursday’s COVID-19 update from Ilaro Court.
    Outside of the 12 Dodds cases which include one female staff member, four males, and seven male inmates, 28 patients were released from isolation on Thursday, he said.
    The health minister said: “Out of the remaining 12 cases from this number of 29, there are eight Barbadians and four non-nationals. We also have another 49 results that are pending today, and this is a daily occurrence. You will find some of the positives from the following day would have resulted from some of the cases that would have been pending.”
    Currently, HMP Dodds has 309 confirmed cases, with 70 members of staff out of that number being among them. The Psychiatric Hospital has no new confirmed cases as of Thursday, Lt. Col. Bostic said but added that his ministry is still conducting contact tracing in order to find all the affected people who would have originated from various clusters around the island.
    The contact tracing has so found the following numbers associated with clusters: four on the South Coast, 17 from the bus crawl, seven from a catamaran Cruise; West coast,100; four at a Northern church; 35 at a West Coast bar; 34 from another West Coast bar; a Paradise Beach lime, 20; a West Coast restaurant #1, 17; West Coast restaurant #2, 5; and a West Coast hotel, 5.
    The Government’s infection prevention expert, Dr Corey Forde, who runs the coronavirus hospital at Harrison’s Point, disclosed that only three patients remained on oxygen support but revealed the battle was on for the recovery of two patients, among them a Barbadian man.
    Dr Forde said: “Last time I spoke to you we had way more than that, so we have had some improvement. We have had some discharges, but one still remains, the Barbadian male of interest I spoke about before, he remains in a moderate to severe state of the disease.
    “Additionally, to that, we added one more interesting case; a Trinidadian national who has kidney disease, she has had a transplantation of a kidney early last year and was presented to us with COVID. So we are watching her carefully.”
    Dr Forde also said that 73 inmates at HMP Dodds are likely to be released from isolation there on Friday….(Quote)

  63. Dear Yardfowls, soon to be jailbirds..

    “One side effect of following stupidass politicians, another fallout…yardfowls = jailbirds..

    i watched one make an ass of herself publicly for at least 2 years, now she’s disappeared off her soapbox, probably trying to save a career she didn’t need a politician to help her keep, but now need to fight to keep that career since all this shit she bathed herself in……if she loses her present position, she’s screwed. stop following politicians, they are toxic poison, they will COST YOU DEARLY…i won’t hire anyone who supported those who did this. Supporters of politicians have no credibility.

    “Today’s news: Trump administration staffers struggle to find next jobs, a guide to hiring an Amazon agency, and the media free agents from WarnerMedia.

    Trump administration staffers are getting snubbed while hunting for jobs. One recruiter tried to place six of them and couldn’t land any interviews.

    Departing Trump White House communications staff are getting the cold shoulder from some corners of the job market, report Claire Atkinson and Sean Czarnecki.

    One PR recruiter has been unable to place candidates, and Trump staffers are viewed as lacking credibility.
    Those who stood up to President Donald Trump might find an easier route than those who stood by him, though.”

  64. UK CoVid variant is more deadly than the original. Is Barbados now going to close the border to flights from the UK? Or are they prepared to put livelihoods before lives?

  65. Read ePaper
    Home / Local News / New UK variant ‘may be more deadly’ – PM Boris Johnson

    New UK variant ‘may be more deadly’ – PM Boris Johnson – by Sandy Deane January 22, 2021

    Early evidence suggests the variant of coronavirus that emerged in the UK may be more deadly, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

    The data has been assessed by scientists on the New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats Advisory Group, which has briefed government.

    However, all the evidence remains at a preliminary stage.

    Studies have already shown it can spread more easily than other version of the virus.

    The new variant was first detected in Kent in September. It has since become the dominant version of the virus in England and Northern Ireland and has spread to more than 50 other countries.

    Mr Johnson said: “In addition to spreading more quickly it also now appears that there is some evidence that the new variant, the variant that was first identified in London and the south east, may be associated with a higher degree of mortality.

    “It’s largely the impact of this new variant that means the NHS is under such intense pressure.”

  66. The warning signs are all over

    Read ePaper
    Home / Top Featured Article / REGIONAL – COVID-19 variant suspected in Martinique

    REGIONAL – COVID-19 variant suspected in Martinique – by Barbados Today January 22, 2021
    SOURCE: St Lucia Times – Martinique health officials suspect that a resident may have contracted a variant of the COVID-19 virus.

    As a result they are investigating the case, local reports say.

    Martinique 1 Ere quotes a press release from the Regional Health Agency on Thursday as saying that the man travelled during the holiday season.

    According to the press release, when he returned he had symptoms which suggested he had COVID-19.

    When health officials administered the RT-PCR test, it was positive.

    “The test showed a mutation of the S protein of the virus,” the Health Agency press release disclosed.

    It said sequencing is underway at the National Reference Centre for Viruses and Respiratory Infections in Lyon, France, for confirmation.

    Martinique health officials are conducting contact tracing and have so far isolated eight

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