Fighting the Good Fight Against Covid 19

The blogmaster has sympathy for small open, tourist dependent countries. Developing countries with meagre resources that were struggling to manage poorly performing economies have been struck for SIX with the onset of COVID 19 pandemic. The challenge for governments to implement policies which balance shoring up livelihoods with public health priorities is real.

The blogmaster will not enter the toxic arena of blame gaming. At this juncture it is not a constructive exercise. Unlike New Zealand, Australia and a few other countries which are commodity driven economies and can support an aggressive quarantine protocol, Barbados has been caught out by operating at the margin which conflicts with the proposal from the local medical association of doctors (BAMP). The proverbial between a rock and a hard place.

  • Have we made mistakes managing the pandemic, YES.
  • Did the country become complacent, YES
  • Do we need to find ways to earn hard currency, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure COVID 19 screening is robust to adequately protect residents, YES.
  • Do we need to ensure authorities enforce laws to signal to those who compromise public health safety are penalized, YES.
  • Do we need to make the local economy less reliant on services, YES.
  • Have successive governments been unimaginative and lazy in charting a more sustainable economic path for the country post independence, YES.

The blogmaster could have added several more bullets to the list.

The harsh reality is that the country is ‘broke’ and to close the country again if it can be avoided to “keep out the virus’ as some promote is silly. The COVID 19 virus will be with us for the foreseeable future. Even if 100% of people take the vaccine health experts are unsure how new strains/variants may compromise the process. Even if the vaccine is 100% effective it will take possibly two to three years to immunize the global population to achieve heard immunity level. Then there is the issue of countries operating outside the purview of WHO like China, Russia…

Obviously Barbadians are concerned given the recent surge in COVID 19 positive cases. It is what it is, we have to deal with what is before us and move on. Have a look at the BU Sidebar Covid 19 Tracker and COVID 19 Update Page. Barbados is not waging the COVID 19 battle alone.

The government needs to ensure that our COVID 19 protocol is relevant/fit for purpose.

Residents need to ensure we adhere to the health protocol – wear your mask properly, wash your hands and physical distance please!

We can do this Bajans!


685 thoughts on “Fighting the Good Fight Against Covid 19

  1. John2
    Only a butthead like you would believe such nonsense
    Time yuh stop drinking the koolaid
    Everyday a business closes because employee is infected
    The song and dance govt official utterances does not stand up to the evidence of person to person infection across the country

    • The government of Barbados is using WHO definition of local and community spread? The things we find to argue .

  2. The Toronto Star is reporting that “Justin Trudeau warns tougher travel restrictions are on the horizon, and Canadians could be stranded”

  3. I heard so much about the covid dashboard at I wanted to take a look at it for myself, I did not find it, but happened to run across the following link.

    Allow me to make what I consider a silly point. Usually, I would refrain from doing so, but after hearing days of yelling and screaming here, I was expecting to see that covid had gained an upper hand on those who were responsible for the safety protocols.

    My silly point: If you are looking at a cumulative graph it will either be flat (parallel to the x axis) or increasing; it will not dip downwards.

    Please, scroll down and look at the daily or weekly number of confirmed cases and you will see that after the large increase near the beginning of January, the number of daily or weekly confirmed cases is in a sharp decline. The last bar seem to indicate that the number is not yet final and so all of the statistics are not provided (I will impute them),

    WeekEnding Confirmed Increased* WeekChanged(%)*
    12/28/2020 48 8 25%
    1/4/2021 413 365 760. 42%
    1/11/2021 218 * (185) -44.79%
    1/18/2021 120 *(98)-imputed -44.59% (Imputed)
    *represents a decrease
    I suspect that if this was your weekly paycheck then going from 365 to 98, you would somehow figure out that it was not a pay increase.

    Let me make a next minor point.
    What we are seeing is the reported cases; we do not truly know what is happening in the public at large. However individuals who suspect that they have covid are running to be tested. The reported number of cases may be close to the actual number of cases.

    It looks as if the GOB is getting firm control over the spread. There is a need to ensure that citizens adhere to the strict protocols.
    If they don’t we back at 1/4/2021,

    Great job Bosstic

    Where is the dashboard?

  4. Webmd

    What is community spread?

    Sometimes a person can trace how they got the virus because they will know they have been in contact with someone who is sick. In other cases, the cause is unknown. Community spread is when someone gets the virus without any known contact with a sick person.

    • Community transmission is evidenced by the inability to relate confirmed cases through chains of transmission for a large number of cases, or by increasing positive tests through sentinel samples (routine systematic testing of respiratory samples from established laboratories).Mar 13, 2020

      Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  5. The GOB is in the unfortunate position in that no matter how good things become, it cannot take a victory lap. There are no low hanging fruits. Victory can only be declared when there are no more cases of covid-19 anywhere in the world.

    The alarmist are in a position in that they can make a thousand proposals and fine tune their attacks until covid-19 is eradicated. For them, there is plenty of low hanging fruits. Gluttony is a sin.

  6. International travellers beware: the federal government is considering a requirement that people returning to Canada quarantine in a hotel at their own expense for 14 days to limit the spread of COVID-19.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed to reporters Friday that it’s a possibility being considered along with other travel measures that could be implemented without advance notice.

    “People should not be planning non-essential travel or vacation travel outside of the country,” Trudeau said. “We could be bringing in new measures that significantly impede your ability to return to Canada at any given moment without warning.”

  7. “Great job govt
    From 329 infections to 1077 in two weeks
    Keep up the good work”.

    You have clearly demonstrated the point that I was making. You are feasting on the cumulative total.
    There is no disputing that we went through a rough patch, but a more reasoned and honest approach would be look at the daily or weekly total.

  8. Governments all over the world are pucking up. They are reacting late instead of early.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is sending two mobile health units to the GTA amid high hospitalization and ICU numbers in the region.

    Trudeau says the mobile units will provide 200 hospital beds and free up space for people who need ICU care. He did not specify where exactly in the GTA the units will be located.

  9. Happen to read where Lyall said there is a backlog in the number of samples to be tested.

    If we can assume the “backlog” has a similar distribution of cases and non-cases as those already tested over the period, then the raw numbers of cases would increase, but I would still expect to see a decline with the passage of time.

    it would be interesting to know the backlog and when did it actually occur. If it is back;log of cases for the weeks immediately more after Christmas then we would expect a major jump. If the backlog is more recent, then my mind is more at ease.

    I maintain “Great job Bosstic”

    • There was a backlog and up to the last press briefing on Tuesday this week we were told it was less than 1,000 and cleared by end of week. If the promise is kept the backlog should be gone now because of the tireless work of lab techs at the lab. After a rough two weeks it seems we are staring at the backside of the curve.

  10. Wondering how many samples are outstanding?
    Suppose we had untested samples from December 26, does it make sense testing them now?
    Does the virus “die” after some time has passed.
    Can we employ a sampling technique to the number of backlog samples to obtain a crude estimate of the number of backlog cases? I think we can

  11. theO

    The backlog should be secondary contact / people who just gotta tested because the think they had been exposed. i wouldnt expect many positives from those groups with the way they are doing contracting tracing in Bim.

  12. Oh dear! CBC again, not Barbados! Canadians complaining again!

    Remind me – what is the Bajan Condition?

    Boy, that GG went all over the place being nasty to staff. Trudeau did no research on her past work relationships. Now she has a pension for life for terrorising her staff and treating them like shit. Woman crazy as hell!

    Politicians screwing up all over the world!

    The people getting screwed all over the world.

    Heard 42 million Americans say they don’t get enough to eat these days. The so-called richest nation in the world leaves its citizens hungry while politicians live high on the hog.

    We will never get any better if we do not properly define our problems and keep them in perspective.

    Our problems are human failings not specific to Barbados.

  13. @ Donna,

    Barbados is a great place to live and a lot of CanBajans are snowbirds

    Three to six months in Barbados every year.

  14. Mari

    There can be a covid positive person on every street and every village in Barbados. IF they can all be linked then it is local spread.

    it is not called community spread just because it is in the community (as i, like you had believed at one point)

    if the case/s in st phillip can be link to the case/s in st lucy which can also be linked to the case/s in st george -> st andrew -> st james -> chch etc IS LOCAL SPREAD,

    cOMMUNITY SPREAD , is when there are multiple STAND ALONE individuals / clusters where you cannot link them to another individual/cluster/outside travel.

    In other words. (the way i understand it)

    local spread is when it is in the community but you know where it came from

    Community spread is when you have a few cases/clusters in the community and (AFTER investigation is finished) no one know where the hell they came from.

    ** AFTER INVESTIGATION** is very important to find out if there is linkage or not

  15. @ David January 22, 2021 6:53 PM

    Our beloved guests on vacation now get their results delivered again within 48h. Those who want to leave Barbados quickly can do so. Our testing machine runs like Swiss clockwork. Thanks to General Bosstic and our Supreme Leader.

    In four weeks, Corona in Barbados will be history. Then it will be just us again, i.e. the local population, the globalists and the digital nomads. LOL. All the sandy beaches empty and for us alone. Paradise on earth. That’s Barbados. Thank you Supreme Leader!

  16. @ David
    “Let us make up our minds, do we need prospective and declared candidates to canvass the constituency to establish roots? Do we prefer candidates to be parachuted in a few months or week before the bell rings?

    William what say you? ”

    William has said on this blog at least four times that it takes a solid three years for a new candidate to properly canvass a constituency. The seasoned candidates can get back in stride a year or so out although eighteen months will be better in their case. Time really is not on the DLP’s side unless they plan to run a huge number from the slaughterhouse of 2018.
    I have said elsewhere that the DLP should run anywhere from 10 to 12 candidates from 2018. All of this talk about only new candidates is political suicide. A general election platform calls for experienced hands. They have found themselves in a real political quandary.
    Let me hasten to add that there is only one winner when we go to the polls. It is the BLPDLP.

  17. TORONTO — An Ontario doctor who is facing charges for allegedly misleading health officials about how she contracted the highly contagious U.K. variant of the coronavirus has been removed from the medical team at a Whitby long-term care home.

    A spokesperson for the Region of Durham confirmed Friday that Dr. Martina Weir is no longer an attending physician at Fairview Lodge.

    “Please be assured that your medical care will continue uninterrupted,” the home’s administrator said in a memo obtained by CTV News Toronto. “We look forward to introducing you to a new attending physician once we have one on board.”

    Weir and her husband Brian were each charged with two counts of “failing to provide accurate information on all persons that the defendant may have had contact with during their period of communicability for COVID-19” and one count of obstruction “by providing false information to the Durham Region Associate Medical Officer of Health in relation to contact tracing involving the U.K. variant strain of COVID-19.”

    Brian works in a non-patient-facing role for the Toronto Paramedic Services.


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