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As far as our Comment Policy goes we have none. However in light of the several comments and emails we have received, we thought we should clarify a few things for the BU family.

1. We love comments on BU – we believe that the BU blog + BU comments = Knowledge Sharing. Keep comments coming; it does not matter if you can spell or not. In cases where we need to apply minor edits to improve coherence we will, and we will leave a note in the affected comment to make our action transparent.

2. We delete spam – Regrettably, we have both automated and manual spammers on the Internet which can be a nuisance. There is a WordPress spammer which buckets 99%; the odd ones that slip through the BU household will delete, eventually. There is the odd occasion where a valid comment maybe spammed. In the few cases this occur, members of the BU household will retrieve from the spammer. BE Patient!

3. Relevant links in comments are actively encouraged – Links in a comment can help in the information sharing process. Remember that too many links may cause your comment to be moderated. We will retrieve it eventually, BE PATIENT! Note however that third party links posted do NOT reflect the opinions of BU.

 4. We allow signatures in comments – We are aware that this is a privilege which is abused but we have decided to allow signatures. This allows other bloggers to grow. We encourage the Bajan bloggers especially to use this feature. The bigger the bajan blogosphere the more effective we can become.

 5. The volume of comments which the BU household has to read, we may sometimes miss a few. Also, we are often asked many questions by commenters. We will try our best to respond but because of the volume of comments we may at times be unable to respond promptly.

 6. If a BU family member believes that an important comment may be lost, he or she is encouraged to post it under Submissions or email the Blogmaster which can be found at the top of the page.

 7. Write what you know or have just cause to believe, is the truth; (b) avoid malice; and (c) retract and apologise when and if it is discovered that the information is wrong.

Some of you maybe saying that we have a liberal comments policy compared to other blogs. We remind the BU family et al that Barbados Underground (BU) was set-up last year (2007) when there was concern the VOICE of the PEOPLE was seriously under threat. We will allow robust debate but at the end of the day the BU household reserves the right to delete any comment. Please note comments posted do not always reflect the views of BU!

We ask a favour of some, do not judge BU by the comments of a few.

107 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Barbados are following others with no proof. There are countries with no COVID19 and its because of mandory mask not vaccines. Most of the people that work in their hotels are unvaccinated and refuse to get vaccinated. People with religious & medical reasons for not taking the vaccine shouldn’t visit Barbados. Because they prolong their quarantine. It is hard enough that they cannot take the vaccine and then they arepunished.

  2. Number 1 “People want to know the policy, not the arrogance of the chairman. One cannot obey a rule if one does not know what the rule is.”

    Number 2 “You may have the last word.”

    The absence of Number 1 commenting reminds me of the slogan

    ‘No FT no comment’ in the slogan hall of fame
    LONDON Town

  3. Rules and Laws are arbitrary and subjective
    1. based on random choice or personal whim, rather than any reason or system.
    2. (of power or a ruling body) unrestrained and autocratic in the use of authority.
    3. (of a constant or other quantity) of unspecified value.

    birds of a feather will always flock together in any weather whatever
    so one will be forced to go underground on the underground
    if you are ready to endure the underground
    as one snob can poison another one’s mind
    to make someone believe unpleasant things about another person that are not true

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