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Road Tennis is an indigenous sport to Barbados


  • OSTRAVA, CZECH REPUBLIC — Canada is golden again at the world junior hockey championship.

    Akil Thomas scored with 3:58 left in the third period to cap a furious comeback and secure a 4-3 victory over Russia on Sunday for the country’s 18th title at the annual under-20 tournament.

    Thomas’s mother is of Barbadian heritage,


  • DUBAI (Reuters) – The Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix will go ahead on March 22 without fans due to the coronavirus crisis, a blow to the Gulf Arab state’s important tourism sector.


  • NBA suspends season after member of Utah Jazz (Rudy Gobert) contracts Coronavirus, in other celebrity news Tom Hanks announced he and his wife have tested positive for the virus.


  • We really miss NBA I wonder when everything will be back to normal. This coronavirus crisis has disorganized all sports. And now the organizers of the US open say that it may go on without spectotors.


  • Rest in peace Sir Everton. Condolences to family and friends.


  • Jason Holder. Great bowling to collect 6 for 42.


  • West Indies beat England.

    Lewis Hamilton wins the Styrian GP.

    Wonderful morning for me.


  • The WI cricketers are on the ropes in the series against England, did they flatter to deceive?


  • @ Sargeant,

    They are trying to do their duty to the mother country. Reparation of the Wisden Trophy lol


  • @ David,

    Sir Everton’s funeral ? Live stream ?


  • A BROAD brush indeed
    How many times must the WI go back to the drawing board


  • Lucky seven win for Lewis Hamilton,


  • TORONTO, August 15, 2020 – Curlin’s Voyage and jockey Patrick husbands won the $500,000 Woodbine Oaks presented by Budweiser on Saturday at Woodbine Racetrack.

    Lewis on pole in Spain tomorrow.


  • Lewis wins .


  • Unfortunately, CWI’s president and vice president seem not to be mature enough to forgive and put any animosity that may have arisen as a result the gruelling presidency campaign behind them….. and endorse Cameron as the next ICC chairman.

    Instead, we’re hearing CWI is going to endorse England’s candidate.


  • CWI VP Dr. Kishore Shallow is reported as having said on a radio programme last month that, if it was up to him, he would not recommend Cameron.

    Caribbean unity????


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Artax, LOL …. Mr Cameron is likely a very nice man in the right setting but is it fair to adjudge his appointment on such stark regional (geographic) priorities?

    I have not followed THIS election but based on the history of Mr Cameron in the regional mix and how the last elections were conducted I absolutely understand why the current WICB president would give his support to an alternative candidate… Do u not perceive that Cameron could be his ‘adversary’ in the expanded role at ICC.

    Likely support to any candidate now by current WICB president was given with agreement for reciprocal support in subsequent elections.

    One heralds Mr Cameron’s ambition and ideas… but the fact is that he was in charge during a torrid period of regional cricket … the further fact is that as much as we want to get back into those positions that we would elevate him to this post considering the non-controversial status and stature of our only other West Indian Sir Clyde Walcott in that role is interesting.

    Not saying that a former cricket needs to be our candidate but making the point that Mr Cameron’s problematic antecedents as our regional leader creates great concern to his elevation to that role. We may be better placed to support another and put full force behind a less divisive regional figure for the next election four years out.


  • @ dpD

    It seems as though your assessment of Cameron is based on his perceived shortcomings rather a than a combination of his successes and failures. And, this is surprising, since you admonished Donna for the stance she has taken relative to Owen Arthur. Or should we wait until Cameron dies to take a similar analytical approach to his tenure?

    For years bad behaviour and indiscipline were rife in WI cricket, especially among the so called talented players. Read the Wes Hall 1995-96 WI tour to Australia report and you’ll see the level of bad behaviour exhibited by none other than Brian Lara, towards captain Richardson, management and the team. Also, read “Brian Lara, Cricket’s Troubled Genius,” by Brian Scovell.
    Recently we had certain WI cricket administrators, supporters, so called sports journalists and regional cricket commentators giving the impression players such as Gayle, the Bravo brothers, Sarwan, Samuels and Ramdin were ‘untouchable.’ Gayle publicly criticized team management rules, broke curfews and opposed fitness sessions, while saying the then coach was concentrating too much on fitness and training.

    But, ‘yuh know, we like the bad behave boys.’ It’s customary for us to reward indiscipline with secrecy and sacking the team management and coach when they complained about disciplinary problems among the players. Ask Mike Findlay about the indiscipline of Gayle and Franklyn Rose during the 2000 WI tour to England; Joe Hoad, Rohan Kanhai or Otis Gibson.

    But, (in Bajan vernacular) ‘we’re holding Cameron in mind’ for the stance he took against indiscipline cricketers and the equally arrogant politicians who encouraged and defended them in believing they were bigger than the game.

    However, in 2018,Cameron was inducted into the US Cricket Hall of Fame for his outstanding service as a cricket administrator, transforming West Indies cricket and introducing professional cricket to the region. Ironically, this is the SAME establishment that recommended him for the post of ICC chairman.

    Cameron is of the opinion world cricket needs the change from its current direction and intends to look at the its commercial and financial models….. as well as domestic cricket. He said we have to think about the interest of countries such as the West Indies, Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka. Part of his agenda will focus on making “cricket a truly global sport with 200 countries playing it,” not the 104 current number of members.

    He also called for the cricket boards of WI, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and South Africa to approach the ICC with revised plans requesting a more equitable distribution of ICC funds between cricketing nations.

    Recently, WI captain Jason Holder also spoke about the huge disparity in the distribution of ICC funds….. and, a few weeks ago, former England captain, Mike Atherton, wrote an article in the Sunday Times, in which he also highlighted the uneven method used by the ICC to distribute funds to its members.

    Under those circumstances, I don’t have any reason to “perceive Cameron could be (Skerrit’s) ‘adversary’ in the expanded role at ICC.” This isn’t a ‘Skerrit thing’ or a ‘Cameron thing’…… it’s all about WORLD CRICKET and the development of WI cricket therein.

    I’ll admit (similarly as you did with Arthur) Cameron is human and has made mistakes. But should we allow animosity to prevent us from honestly analyzing his ICC agenda to see how beneficial it would be to WI cricket.

    Currently, the ECB receives over $120M from the ICC. What I do perceive is the folly of Skerrit and Shallow believing former ECB chairman Colin Graves would represent our interest more so than Cameron.

    I’m forced remind you Skerrit and Shallow have been at the helm of CWI for almost 1½ years. What new innovative initiatives they have introduced to our cricket? They seem to be more caught up with harping on about Cameron.

    And we’re still struggling with WI cricket.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    Senor Artax, I offered a different view to @Donna re ‘eulogizng’ leaders … the word “admonishes” conjures in my mind a form of scolding or strong disapproval… which I certainly was not attempting…but be that as it may…. We certainly had differing views on that subject.

    Your comment re “Or should we wait until Cameron dies to take a similar analytical approach to his tenure?” is amusingly apropos nothing of reason to this similar difference of opinion… but is a ‘cute’ rhetorical line.

    My brief remarks on Mr Cameron’s tenure were very much based on his successes and failures and in that context and EVERY circumstance when we evaluate a leader we absolutely should ‘hold him in mind’ for his past poor administrative actions… are his supposed greater successes not the basis on which he aspires to this new post!!

    I perceived that he had greater failures than successes and the cancellation of that Indian tour is deeply significant to me… and so too the entire gamut of his actions with elections and man-management practices….On the flip side, I give him much credit in sailing out of legal and financial damages quagmire of that same abandoned tour…he is a very smart and savvy administrator but that does NOT mean that he is the ideal candidate for the post.

    Moreso, he had an extremely acrimonious tussle with the current regional leaders… so in my view it is tantamount to an absurd NONSENSE that he would aspire to the ICC position WITHOUT the backing of his own local group .

    Call it spite, ”holding him in mind’ or what you will but ‘politics’ of all matters such as this is a serious ‘contact personality battle’…Mr Cameron would NOT get my vote either. We will survive under under a Brit or Ganguly or whomever wins the election.

    Oh BTW we are indeed still struggling and if the current admin mess up going forward then absolutely they will be assailed accordingly… and so what if he is backed by the US group!!!


  • @ dpD

    Yuh know you’re a ‘tough opponent,’ so, I had to get in a few punches, first…. to soften yuh up…….. hahahahahaha!!!

    RE: “Moreso, he had an extremely acrimonious tussle with the current regional leaders….”

    I previously wrote those were equally arrogant politicians who encouraged and defended certain players in believing they were bigger than the game. You also had a situation under circumstances where, although many of the territorial boards that comprise WICB/CWI were created by Acts of Parliament, CWI is an autonomous incorporated organization, operating outside the realm of politics. This was one of the reasons why Cameron did not them intimidate him. Yet, the PMs of SVG and GND attempted to politicize it, using the excuse cricket is a ‘public good.’

    I’m sure you recall Gonsalves ignoring the established protocols by communicating directly with the ICC to schedule a meeting with that cricketing body. His record as chairman of LIAT’s shareholder governments speaks for itself. The same man Gaston Browne had ‘on the run.’

    RE: “I perceived that he had greater failures than successes and the cancellation of that Indian tour is deeply significant to me…”

    It would be ludicrous to suggest regional cricketing territories voted in Cameron for THREE (3) SUCCESSIVE TERMS as WICB president, if he was an under achiever.

    I read the events that led to the cancellation of the 2015 WI tour to India.

    WICB and WIPA signed a new bargaining agreement and MOU, which the players accused WIPA president Wavell Hinds of ‘hookwinking’ them into signing the MOU and threatened not to play the 1st ODI.

    WI played the ODI, but then captain Dwayne Bravo asked Hinds and other WIPA officials to tender their resignations immediately, if they had conflict of interest issues. On October 11, 2015, Bravo wrote Cameron seeking an “urgent intervention” over payment issues between the board, the players, and WIPA.

    By October 15, 2015 the impasse between the players and WIPA intensified, with the players and WIPA exchanging emails. Hinds denied all accusations made against him and said senior WI players had originally expressed “100% support” towards a resolution. But Bravo denied any such a resolution was passed.

    WICB said, to resolve the issue, it would “engage” only with the WIPA, and not the players. Then, on October 17, the 4th ODI was played, but the players decided to abandon the remainder of the tour.

    Was Cameron wrong preferring to engage with WIPA, which is WI cricketers’ bargaining agent…….and not the players?

    RE: “………and so what if he is backed by the US group.”

    My point is the US Hall of Fame recommended him based on his ACHIEVEMENTS, such as introducing the Professional Cricket League (PCL) to the region; establishing an Ethics Committee and an Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (ARCC); the coaching development program, which accounted for 207 certified coaches between 2015 and 2018….

    ……………rather than his perceived failures…. and using the abandoned India tour as a ‘benchmark’ for justification to disapproval of him. But, according to the newspaper man, it must be the ‘West Indian Condition.’

    However, I respect your opinions.


  • Jockey Patrick husbands BSS rode 4 winners at Woodbine today.


  • Lewis Hamilton wins Eifel Grand Prix. Equals Michael Schunacher’s win record of 91 wins.


  • @Hants

    So satisfying to see a black man in a white dominated sport performing at a high level. It shows what is possibly if we continue to break down the barriers.


  • Awesome!!!

    ” Six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton became the most successful Formula One driver of all time in terms of race wins on Sunday with a dominant 92nd career victory at the Portuguese Grand Prix.”


  • Good news for Black people everywhere to show what is possible with determination, dedication and support from parents.


  • Ahem! Next!


  • Lewis Hamilton wins in Turkey for record-equalling 7th F1 title

    A masterclass driving in very difficult conditions.


  • A victory for colour Ed people everywhere.


  • Diego Maradona dead at 60

    Argentine so legend Diego Maradona dead at 60 (




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