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  1. Hants
    As I was about to celebrate this bit of good news, I saw the scorecard of the second inning of Barbados vs the Leeward Islands
    29, 27, 3, 0, 0,1, 0, 2, 0 8, 1
    Let rearrange them
    0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 8, 27, 29 (sum=78)
    Mean 78/10=7.8

    Let’s look at different averages since the arithmetic average (mean) can be influenced by extreme values (29 and 37)
    Most frequent (mode) = 0
    Number in the middle (median ) = 1
    Would you want to see Barbados bat?

  2. I can be rightly accused of making negative comments about the level of WI cricket and soccer. I cannot retract those statements but let me add the following…
    It cannot be refuted that performance of the young Barbados CARIFTA team was stellar. Go youngsters. Keep on aiming high and trying to reach the stars.

  3. Life can be cruel.

    I was in the positive zone and then I read Barbados junior hockey team was “hammered 20v-v0v by Chile in their opening game”?

    Talk about mood change.

    Where was the coach? That idiot should have been fired during the game. He should have not allowed the young team to take the filed after the half-time score was 9-0.

    It is time Barbados make use of a mercy rule and abandon games before the score reaches 100-0. Somebody needs to tell these coaches/players. It’s not just a hotel and a plane ride… it’s national pride.

    Suggestion: Change ” Barbados National Team” to “Barbados B Team” and keep the “A Team” off the field.

    For consistency, the “A guy” has now been demoted to the “B guy”. πŸ™‚

  4. Why non-competitive sports can be beneficial for your kid
    Barbados should engage more in non-competitive sports like yoga
    This attitude of contentment is called Santosha. Derived from two Sanskrit words, β€œSam” which means complete, altogether, entirely and β€œTosha” which means content, satisfaction, acceptance, being comfortable. As such, Santosha means completely content with, satisfied with, accepting and comfortable with.

  5. https://barbadostoday.bb/2023/04/12/suki-holds-slender-lead/
    I consider myself an aficionado and an expert at the game of checkers. I have four or five good checkers books in my possession and a very strong game on my computer,

    I play a game against the computer every now and then. I would not mind having a game with Suki. I can promise you, the score would not be 20-0 or 11-0. Perhaps, I should start training …

    Computer trained Citizen Challenges and Chomps Checkers Champion

  6. This sports report is brief.
    Female cricketers from Barbados ended a tournament unbeaten.
    A surfer guy representing Barbados in a competition turned his back on the island though was NOT eliminated in that competition and went off to participate in a different competition
    National pride/representation: tek de money, show up, barely go through the motion of competing and leave early

    I just bought a surf board… I wanna represent

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