Barbados Underground 10 Point Plan for New Governance

BU endorses the 10-point plan for discussion

BU endorses the 10-point plan for discussion

The following 10-point plan has been championed by BU family member Bush Tea for several years and endorsed by Barbados Underground. There is rising resentment and criticism  directed at the feudal Westminster System which has become irrelevant in a modern global market which requires speed, flexibility, innovation and creativity even from small island states like Barbados.

  1. We create a FORMAL political body (let’s call it BUP)
  2. BUP enlists representatives from the top 50 social, business, religious, sports and other organizations in Barbados (BARP, BMA, Co-operatives, Churches, Hoteliers,  etc.) and these constitute its formal membership. This body compiles a basic strategic plan for Barbados.
  3. BUP then elects a NATIONAL SUPERVISORY COMMITTEE of 12 persons – Unpaid, except for reimbursement of all expenses. The NSC refines the strategic plan into specific objectives and goals to be achieved.
  4. The NSC advertises for 30 political candidates, including specific ads for Prime Minister, MOF, MOT, etc. They interview applicants and select the most suitable 30 who understand the expectations.
  5. These 30 candidates ALL are required to sign undated letters of resignation to be held by the NSC and are then adopted as candidates of the BUP
  6. All constituent members then lobby for the BUP candidates in the next elections (which are called because the 200,000 membership represented by BUP all walk up Bay Street and demand it…)
  7. As long as BUP wins the majority of seats, the specific persons selected by the NSC are appointed.
  8. The NSC exercises absolute supervisory control and has confidential access to ALL information on contracts, deals spending etc. and ensures that it remains in line with the strategic targets set.
  9. Upon any breeches of ethics OR failure to perform as agreed, letters of resignation are duly dated and accepted (perhaps upon 75% vote by the BUP membership) and new advertisements are placed to fill the vacancy.
  10. That’s IT ….a do-able, effective political system that addresses the current transparency issues AND puts the best talents in leadership AND monitors for ongoing performance.

196 thoughts on “Barbados Underground 10 Point Plan for New Governance

  1. I wonder what has caused this Kerfuffled between Jack and Bush Tea? Does it seems as though Jack still holds a pathological hatred toward Bush Tea? I just hope that this 10 point plan haven’t released this silent discontent?

  2. Bajan in NY……I refuse to, absolutely refuse to compare politicians in New York with politicians in Barbados, why?? because politicians in Barbados for decades have been committing crimes against the taxpayers and not one have gone to jail, i only know of one who was arrested for not paying National Insurance for his employees…..politicians in Bim cannot be far removed from their constituency members because most voters in Bim know all of the nasty things politicians do on the island, most encourage it, get some crumbs that trickle down and are loath to rock the boat, if you know otherwise, please feel free to share……politicians in the US go to prison, state, federal or rikers island on a daily basis.

  3. Alvin…………while i agree with much of what you said, we now need to keep an open mind when people suggest a different system, of course any new suggestions or proposals will have to be tweaked to conform with events of today, none will be perfect, we have to make it up as we go along to be absolutely sure it applies, that is what the westminister and US system is, making up shit as they go along and fooling the populace worldwide that they have all the answers, glad to hear you Alvin, I hope the approaching bad weather will not affect you…

    Baf…… are on point.

  4. @Well well;
    The cold and cough got me lick up! But I will survive (I hope)A temperature of minus ten, with the expectation of lower does not help.
    Anyhow, to the subject of the debate. One thing, actually a couple of things about me: I am a realist, and I am also an eternal optimist. I always try to tell it like it is. First of all the discussion on changes to our system of governance, which is badly in need of an overhaul, reconstruction and general implementation, is timely and needed. There is a need to bring the system into the 21st century, but in many cases there has to be an overall determination of (a) what is wrong,(b) what neeeds to be changed) (c) how to chaange what needs to be cahnged (d) what will be the effect of the changes to the individual and the society as a whole., especially since all kinds of social objectives will be at cross purposes. Christian vs athiest. Poor vs rich and perceived rich, State vs private etc. For instance, Should there be provision for referenda? Should there be an acceptance of the results of the referenda/ What would be the effect on the society and those in the rest of the world. As an example; The state of Colorado has begun to open stores trading in Marijuana. If the ruling (rulers) of a changed administration decided to submit this question to a referendum, and if it passes what about those who do not agree with the results. Would that put us back to the situation where a vocal minority can legitimately object to the decision?
    In the reformation process, should there be open discussion? What about if there is minimal input from a majority of the citizens; as happened with the Constitutional review? I had referred before to the Nation of Ninuvut (First Nations (Aboriginal people) of Canada, what about their form of representation?
    Should we add this to or incorporate this in the 10 point plan?
    For example: Nunavut elects a single member of the Canadian House of Commons. This makes Nunavut the largest parliamentary riding in the world by area, just ahead of the American state of Alaska.

    The members of the unicameral Legislative Assembly of Nunavut are elected individually; there are no parties and the legislature is consensus-based.[38] The head of government, the premier of Nunavut, is elected by, and from the members of the legislative assembly. As of November 14, 2008, the premier is Eva Aariak.[39]

    Faced by criticism of his policies, former Premier Paul Okalik set up an advisory council of eleven elders, whose function it is to help incorporate “Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit” (Inuit culture and traditional knowledge, often referred to in English as “IQ”) into the territory’s political and governmental decisions.[citation needed]

    Owing to Nunavut’s vast size, the stated goal of the territorial government has been to decentralize governance beyond the region’s capital. Three regions—Kitikmeot, Kivalliq and Qikiqtaaluk/Baffin—are the basis for more localized administration, although they lack autonomous governments of their own.[citation needed] I was intrigued by this early in December when the last set of elections were held. I was in interested in the fact that there were No ploitical parties. Each person who wants to be elected is allowed to run and e voted for . the winners are decided on the number of votes cast in his/her favour. The winners then get together, decide, among themselves, on the person to be premier, and the persons to fill cabinet positions. How would such a system fit in with the wishes of persons Reconstructing our political system? Is it worthy of consideration?
    You see David, I am not “bashing” BU or anyone. I am for constructive suggestions. I am against the “pull down” mentality existing in Bim.

  5. @ Alvin Cummings

    You proffered this from a source i am unsure of but i quote “Each person who wants to be elected is allowed to run and e voted for . the winners are decided on the number of votes cast in his/her favour. The winners then get together, decide, among themselves, on the person to be premier, and the persons to fill cabinet positions. How would such a system fit in with the wishes of persons Reconstructing our political system? Is it worthy of consideration?”

    I am not as wise as these Nanavutians but what they have done is what i humble have been suggesting recently to this august company.

    “let the froth of the pee boil over or the cream on the goats milk” whichever one appeals to you.

    The challenge is that we potential have the proverbial fox counting the chicken in any system that might be proposed so i suggest the following

    Let the various people who want to be considered for the independent positions neither BLP, nor DLP, put themselves up under the scrutiny of the Bajan populace.

    Now, at a time when there is no general election in the air let us see the ones who really have balls.

    You are an accomplished webmaster.

    Surely one can create a website where they can submit their candidacy and bonafides for examination. I can get de grandson give a few ideas pun dat even

    Get the BCCI to fund it, dem is who crying out under the burden, then let their members put them fu$king money where dere mouf is.

    Evey man Jack and woman Jane who tink dat dem fit to run let them put them testicles up for we Bajans to weigh dem.

    Den let dem congregate wid we at de sites dat de same BCCI gine fund de electric bill and de speaker systems fuh de candidates in the offing to come and present demselves.

    BCCI will fund de ads in de newspapers and the radio and facebook or twitter gurus can do de internet tings dem.

    But set up one meeting where dese alternatives gine come, after one create a list uh names and let dem come an talk.

    No one who is an existing politician can present demselves for candidacy

    We want to see and hear de people who tinking bout change and, in time, what will surface is either the froth of pee or the cream of milk.

    We have nothing to loose and everything to potentiallly gain cause this BLP and DLP shit definitively aint working.

  6. but david i see with only two dissenters of the “reply” format u hastily remove it not even a vote was taken from amongst the household,,,,,,,,,surely that flies in the face of good goverance and democratic rule,,

  7. Alvin..i am familiar with the Inuit (formerly eskimos, that description is now deemed derogatory, same as nigger would to a black) and their quest for autonomy, after all Canada is their country, they are the natives…’s interesting the way their system is shaping up, seems if they eliminate political parties, wonderful idea, they will rid themselves of useless representatives through referendum, in Switzerland you need i believe only 1,000 signatures on a petition to rid the country of blighted politicians…..I am backing them all the way, they cannot get too comfortable, one year of idiocy is enough to see the back of them if they do not perform or if they have the propensity to be corrupt and self-serving..

    Part of the problem as i see it in Barbados would be the death grip the two political parties keep on the westminster system since it’s serves their purpose and not that of the island or its people, while boldfacedly comparing themselves with the US system that bears absolutely no resemblance to the shit these two parties practice in Barbados……as soon as that mentality is annihilated from the heads of the local politicians, then a way can be intelligently charted forward….until then, they are spinning top in mud..

  8. @ BUSHMAN

    Anybody see Jack Bowman?

    The last time I hear he was in Oistin’s by Letcy Rum shop downing some ESA Field White Rum… ROTFLMBO!

  9. And the 11 th point should be the review of Pensioners for Members of Parliament. It should be amended to 14/15 years of elected service.
    Right now those buggers in charge of the government could not give a toss if Barbados sinks or swims. Their pensions are secure,unlike those of us who have to depend on the NIS. And they are all closing ranks to ensure that at the end of this present term they can all turn and sing the anthem of the Labour Party, ” The Working class can kiss my arse, I’ve got my big fat pension at last.”
    People like Todd, Sukoo-Byer and Sandiford -Garner , who were all rejected at the polls, and were subsequently found jobs in the Civll Service,more or less, should become eligible for pension under the same terms as a Civil Servant.
    Point 11 b. Candidates at a general or by-election, who were unsuccessful, and especially those who were booted out by the electorate, should be barred from holding such positions as Senators, or Ministers of Do Little in the PRIME Ministers Office, of any Ministerial Office, for a period of no less than 2 years after the election.

    • @Bushie

      Did you hear Peter Boos on the radio in his capacity as head of the Entrepreneurship Association? Verbatim Sir!

  10. David | 05/01/2014 at 7:04 pm |

    rolling on the floor laughing my botsy off
    Balls!!…………..For females the B is botsy, for males its Balls or Bollocks!

  11. ANON entertains the world on 05/01/2014 at 6:35 pm

    “@ BUSHMAN. Anybody see Jack Bowman? The last time I hear he was in Oistin’s [sic] by Letcy Rum shop downing some ESA Field White Rum… ROTFLMBO!”

    Ah, Terence. Bless! Anybody see Terence? The last time I hear he was claiming to have a doctoral degree in sociology from Essex University.

    Not rolling on the floor laughing about anything; just feeling a bit sad for Terry (NROTFLAAJFABSFT!!!!).

    It’s Oistins, Terence, for Christ’s sake. When you don’t even know where to put an apostrophe, when you don’t know that it’s the name of a place that doesn’t need an apostrophe, it might be a good idea to reconsider your vocation, Terry, as a voice of The Lord.

  12. Bush Tea explains his 10-point plan for, er, “governance” on January 3, 2014 at 9:05 PM:

    “LOL … Nominees are invited from qualified persons.”

    Who decides who is a “qualified person”? And who is doing the inviting? You?

    All due respect and so on, “Bushie”, but I doubt that I’m alone in regarding you as a laughable dick.

    Can you try to submit your 10-point plan again, and see if you even write to the end of it without once using the passive voice?

    All due respect, Dick.



  14. On point 1, first word, “we create a FORMAL political body (let’s call it BUP)”

    Who comprises the “we” doing the creating of that “FORMAL political body”? Who are the “we”, what makes it “formal”, excuse me, “FORMAL”, and what makes this body created by we “political”?

    Just as an aside, are you an idiot?

  15. Please correct me me if I’m wrong here Bushman or Bush Tea or whatever it is you prefer to be called in the third person, but I think the people of Barbados should be told who exactly will comprise the “We” in the first word of your ten-point plan.

  16. I have put forward proposals similar to the ones mentioned above on a number of occasions and it seems to me that we have to one step further to inform the Government and Opposition of the seriousness of the plight that the Barbadian middle and working class are experiencing. In view of that I have applied to the Commissioner of Police for permission to march from Independence Square to Probyn Street, to Bay Street to Government Headquarters.
    I have attached a copy of that application with the hope of informing the readers of the march.
    We expect that we will march with placards about what they see wrong with Barbados at the present time.

  17. June 16, 2014

    By hand/email:

    Commissioner of Police
    Office of the Commissioner of Police
    Roebuck Street

    Att: Mr. Seymour Cumberbatch,
    Acting Commissioner of Police.

    Dear Sir,
    Re: Request for permission to march from Independence Square to
    Government Headquarters, Bay Street, Bridgetown on Friday, June 20, 2014

    I hereby request permission to march from Independence Square to Government Headquarters, Bay Street, Bridgetown on Friday, June 20, 2014 from 10 am to 1 pm.
    a) Organised by: Robert L.M. ‘Bobby’ Clarke

    b) Purpose of march: To demonstrate the people’s concern in relation to the hardships they are experiencing
    Lack of information on the hardships that people are going through and the apparent non-concern as shown by the Democratic Labour Party Government and the BLP Opposition
    Solutions to those hardships

    c) Route – Departure: Independence Square – onto Probyn Street – onto Bay Street and returning to Independence Square via that same route

    d) Hours: 10:00 am and 1:00 pm

    e) estimate of number of persons
    to take part in march Approximately 100

    I await your most urgent response.

    Yours truly

    Robert L.M. ‘Bobby’ Clarke.

  18. Who is the “we” connoted in the first word in the first sentence in the first paragraph of the first point in the 10 point plan?

    See, Bushie, you have to get this shite right or you look like a dullard.

    Who comprises the “we”?

  19. Got to stop you on point 1 of the 10 points. Got a question. Got two, in fact.

    Who is the “we” in the first sentence? And what makes this political body “formal”? So sorry, I meant “FORMAL”.

  20. Read this 10 point plan again today.
    If we are going to get away from just talking and the BDLP, we have to explore these pathways.

    The difficulty seem to be identifying 30 courageous men/women.

  21. Skippa, dis are de bess 10-point plan we has evah seen. But you don’t mek nuff space fa de Big Boss Engineers.

    You don’t mention the engineers at all.

  22. Let’s start with first principles.

    Who is the “we” in the first word of the first clause of the first sentence in the first point of this 10-point plan?

    Who is the “we”?

    I am much blacker than you are, dildo, and I don’t want you within a million miles of government decisions about my children. How Bonny Peppa doin?

  23. Can I simply just say what a comfort to discover somebody
    that actually knows what they are discussing on the internet.
    You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it
    important. More and more people really need to look at this and understand this side of the story.
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  24. Today i nominate the Nation News Paper for the award of

    Drumb rolll please

    The Nations leading Sewer pit of unethical practices and shitty journalist standards

  25. Choose the twelve based on expertise in management related to the major economic sectors, pay them a decent salary as VP’s in the positions now held by permanent secretaries (no more permenant posts) and forget the thirty. Design a digital platform to facilitate ongoing participation of citizens in a direct participatory democracy. Transparent leadership will be held accountable through performance.

  26. The political operatives speak of maintenance as if taking a wrench and tightening a nut of the sytem would take care if all the pit toilet priblems
    If pipes are corroded due to enviromental interference how much can corrective measures be taken to resolve
    If the pipes that take the load of shite to the plant when doing gets a forecful resistence because of capacity how much can mainteance help to resolve such an issue
    Would not the enivitable occur which is a backing up of shite in the streets coming from the manholes
    My inabilty to understand lies in the fact when blp.operatives spend most of their time regurgitating political poop instead of dealing with an inheritant fact that a clueless bunch of blp politicians undertook the managing and design of a pit toilet instead of a state of the art Sewer system which could withstand natures fury and had the capacity to contain heavy volumes of sewage if in the eventuality the area in which the system was of service had grown in population size

  27. Yes prodigal de did come. Also de day goona cum when wunnd be sitting and holding wunna head and lamenting lising again and ac gonna get the last laugh

  28. In the run up to the 2013 election the blp had Clico as the ace in the hole to win the election all neatly tied to together with spite spit and vinegar presenting David Thompson as the face of evilness behind all that happen to Clico policy holders money
    Yet the blp lost now the blp yardfowls want all of barbados to belive that the thousands who voted for the dlp were bought irrelevant of the fact that counted in the votes were also thousands of Clico policyholders who would have undermined their interest for corned beef and biscuits
    Also a fact the economy was still causing major problems and yet the blp lost
    Now in 2018 the blp are harping about the Sewer issue once again not mindful of the fact that Clico a larger than large elephant could not defeat the dlp
    How much so can stench from a sewer system do the job.

  29. ac December 18, 2017 at 5:25 PM #

    “In the run up to the 2013 election the blp had Clico as the ace in the hole to win the election all neatly tied to together with spite spit and vinegar presenting David Thompson as the face of evilness behind all that happen to Clico policy holders money….”

    I mentioned to you on numerous occasions that I will “call you out” anytime you attempt to mislead this forum with your usual lies.

    The CLICO forensic report should be blamed for “presenting David Thompson and Leroy Parris as the face of evilness behind all that happened to Clico policy holder’s money….”

    And the Audit Report was dated June 21, 2013……….. almost exactly FOUR months after the February 23, 2013 general elections.

    Once again you rush to write lies to defend this inept DLP administration without first checking the facts, thereby illustrating your idiocy.

  30. ac December 18, 2017 at 5:25 PM #

    The country is fed up with this incompetent DLP government, but that does not mean that they will vote BLP. The Opposition must published a fully costed manifesto.
    The Clico case is bogus: Clico’s collapsed was mainly due to poor regulation and supervision; and the so-called judicial management review was a waste of time. Sixth formers would have done better. Believing that Clico’s problem were caused through corruption is to believe in fairy tales.

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