Younger Barbadians Advised to Protect Against the Virus

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Attached are charts for week ending 25th June.  The big news is that at the end of that week there were a few spikes that slightly blurred the successes of the past 6 months.  However, there does not appear to be cause for any panic at this time as larger spikes have been contained previously.  The watchword is now for everyone to be scrupulously compliant with the existing established protocols, especially masking up, and to take up the available vaccines asap.  The active charts for the other Islands continues the trends observed over the past few weeks – Source: Lyall Small

In an impassioned plea at yesterdays COVID 10 Press conference  (26 June 2021) Dr. Corey Forde, infection specialist with lead responsibility in the battle against COVID 19 advised unvaccinated Barbadians to come forward and be vaccinated. Of interest is that he revealed a younger Barbadian with no underlying medical condition is being diagnosed with more frequency.

The thrust of the recent update is a response to an understandable complacency being observed after weeks of recording negligible cases.

Although the vast majority of people infected with COVID 19 do recover, the stress it exerts on a fragile economy, healthcare system and quality of life for some infected with the virus makes it an urgent requirement to comply public health protocol i.e. regular washing of hands, wearing masks, physical distancing etc. Ideally all Bajans are asked to be vaccinated against COVID 19 which is the best solution science guarantees.

As the country opens up to receive more tourists, especially from the UK where the Delta variant is present, the most important form of defence against the virus is for Barbadians and residents on the island to take responsibility for what is required to effectively fight back the virus.  If we do not, we will have to live with the consequences.

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  1. I spent the day rushing around like a true bajan securing the house and getting ready for the coming storm.

    I always fail those cognitive tests as they make no sense, guess I’m too smart.

    As I said if you look at the level of detail the Arizona audit is being performed at. It will conclusively either prove or disprove every single claim made by both sides. At the end of the day, either the Democrats or Republicans are going to get the last laugh and rub the other’s nose in it.

    I mainly operated on evidence not beliefs. All beliefs except for religion must be able to stand up to scrutiny. Any one who is afraid of the scrutiny either knows their beliefs are an outright lie or are afraid to be proven wrong.

    As I said before I identify best as a libertarian. i.e. everyone must be free to make what ever decisions they chose to make as it is their life to live. Everyone should also be totally free to present their views and the people will be able to decide for themselves whether the person makes sense, is a total idiot or is proven right or wrong over time.

  2. CA

    An old guy I know claims it is all fake news!!

    Says he don’t see any weather in the sunset tonight.

    I don’t either.

    I look at its movement on the satellite image and at the moment the angry looking weather looks like it will go north of us.

    If it does, we cool.

    If it goes south and is close enough we have a problem.

    Will keep an eye, Not long to wait it is travelling fast … another good sign.

    It is also early in the season but it is a La Nina year.

    The old guy is usually right but I ain’t taking no chances.

    I going and catch some water soon in a 50 gallon barrel, will last the whole season so might as well do it now.

  3. @John
    The old people are usually right about these things.

    I don’t think we are going to get much high winds but I suspect we will get lots of rain. I see the ants moving nests tonight.

  4. CA,

    You mean like the Republicans who don’t want an inquiry into the insurrection?

    Republican officials declared the election results legitimate. Courts presided over by Trump appointed judges declared that there was no evidence presented. William Barr did investigations and called the claims “bullshit”.

    There were recounts after recounts. These things cost money.

    Trump lost. He needs to go away. The “sane” mini-Trump from Florida is overtaking him in popularity and so the destruction of America is still a possibility. At Trump’s last rally his supporters were walking out halfway through his speech.

    There is video.

  5. @Donna

    You know inquiries held by any politician the world over are political creatures meant to give their buddies money and score political points. If you have a doubt, look back at all the inquires held in Barbados.

    What you describe with the recounts, judges throwing out cases, etc. is a joke audit compared to the Arizona Audit going on. They are doing a complete forensic audit where they are 1) hand counting each and every last paper ballot, 2) physically inspecting each ballot for anomalies like ballots filled in by machine, not folded mail-in ballots, missing envelopes, 3) checking the machines for signs of hacking and fraud, 4) Taking high resolution scans of all ballots and 5) canvassing all the people that voted to verify they were legitimately registered voters with valid addresses.

    In layman terms, what you have going on in Arizona is like a cashier/bank paper money audit where instead of just recounting the money in the till/vault using the same counting machine and saying you have a million dollars to match your ledger, you are also manually counting and inspecting each and every last bill to identify any and all counterfeit bills and if your counting machine is malfunctioning.

    That type of audit will find everything right and wrong so stay tuned because somebody is going to laughing with joy or skipping the country depending on the way the results swing. Either way democracy wins and the fraud question will be conclusively answered and permanently put to bed.

  6. CA,

    An audit is only as good as the persons conducting it.

    You have a bunch of partisan Trump worshippers who decided BEFORE the fraudit what the outcome will be. They are on video saying so.

    Only liars, fools, loonies and hardcore racists believe that crap.

    I know which John is. Which are you? Even Lawson is not falling for that.


    • In addition an audit is as good as the controls being used to measure level of compliance.

  7. DonnaJuly 2, 2021 6:09 AM


    An audit is only as good as the persons conducting it.

    You have a bunch of partisan Trump worshippers who decided BEFORE the fraudit what the outcome will be. They are on video saying so.

    Only liars, fools, loonies and hardcore racists believe that crap.


    Only a liar, fool. loony or hardcore racist or blasted idiot could believe that Joe Biden was “elected” ie chosen, by 78 million Americans.

    The man is pathetic.


    the flaky retired doctor christian preacher end of worlder anti-vaccer made a brief reappearance on BU coming in from the cold with an incoherent argument against the vaccine drive by Governments as protection from the next level biowarfare tech developed by men in white coats that was first administered by men in black who are actually men and women and do not always wear black so could be called people in clothes.

    Maybe he could give a more scientific biological medical account of his beliefs breaking down the labrical research conducted by big pharm industry for biowarfare technology used on human race

    He said he had caught a covid and treated it with donald trump remedies to fight the infection

    does he think the proscribed prescribed remedies with cause more infections like A.I.D.S that were first introduced to undesirables like blacks gays prisoners drug addicts

    if he wants to speak confidentially he can do a drop off on an old thread like this

  9. Only a liar, fool. loony or hardcore racist or blasted idiot could believe that Joe Biden was “elected” ie chosen, by 78 million Americans.

    The man is pathetic.

    You will need to spell out your alt-right conspiracy theories in full rather than alluding to them
    preferably not with youtube videos but your own words and thoughts

    Do you believe there is a B6 13 Secret Government within US Government that kills off democratic elections like Olivia Pope Scandal TV Series

    • @Kiki

      Is it possible to just ignore a comment sometimes especially if it has been dealt with countless times?

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