Chasing the Virus

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Your two posts above make medical sense neither the “virus” or the “vaccines”” are behaving typically.

That is amazing when one of the most common respiratory virus behaves the same way and the vaccine(s) used to combat it has the same level of effectiveness.

The longer this pandemic progresses the more the “science” is supporting my assessment that COVID-19 will become one of the common respiratory viruses (diseases). These viruses have the common:-

1) the recovery rate eventually being high even without a vaccine.

2) They still takes lives worldwide by the hundred of thousands. This is usually from those that are immuno-compromised and were not vaccinated. This is in comparison to the hundreds of millions that recover.

3) A “one and done” vaccine does not exist. This is due to the fact that these viruses mutate rapidly (in comparison to most viruses). A (major) virus mutation does not necessarily make it significantly more debilitating \ fatal. It may make it more evasive to the immune system and in this way MAY cause more deaths INITIALLY. The immune system has to (re)recognize these mutations as a threat and mount a response. This is how the immune system functions. Through our lives it recognizes MOST pathogens and mounts a response to MOST of them. Vaccinations help reduce the length of time to re-recognise the virus\mutations and for mankind to develop a collective immunity.

My question is why is mankind “reinventing the wheel” when we have been exposed to viruses that behave the same as COVID-19 and are still commonly spread. We have not been able to eliminate these viruses and these viruses have not eliminated mankind. My observation is we have been “blinded” by non scientific fake news, the politicizing of the public health disease prevention measures and the utter nonsense from anti-vaxxers. Also, some of the mixed messaging from the scientific and medical community has only added to the uncertainty in combating this virus. What we must do is to logically assess this virus after a 20 month pandemic against the history of fighting similar viruses\diseases and let modern science help tame this pandemic in the shortest time possible.

As supported by the prevailing science and the data on COVID-19 this is my assessment on the pandemic

1) border closures, lockdowns & curfews will become useless to stop the spread in any meaningful way in the long term. The advent of the delta variant HAS and WILL make this abundantly clear. Those measures were used with the intention of being temporary and that the pandemic would have eventually ground to a halt. This is now wishful thinking. Far from coming to a halt, only more variants have arisen. What these measures may do is to provide a temporary reduction of cases. This is just too costly, unsustainable and ineffective for the purpose of ending this pandemic. More targeted measures are needed.

2) The first measure is to have a deep and rapid vaccination program. Barbados and countries the world over have gone through mass vaccination programs to viruses before (including to viruses that literally have been more crippling). We know from influenza that vaccines and boosters are devised yearly for particular influenza subtypes(variants). They have not been mandated as influenza now has a relatively high recovery rate unaided. My estimation is that countries should have the CAPACITY to immunize 60% – 70% of the population over 6 months for the next 1-2 years. This falls inline with estimates of the length of time particular vaccines are effective. Not strictly getting to this number does not mean failure as this virus has a high recovery rate to begin with . it will only determine how long we will stay in this pandemic. The current vaccines have been given “emergency use authorization” after going trough successful Phase 3 trials. Real world data is supporting the full authorization of these vaccines. This will strengthen the argument of mandating vaccines at least until the pandemic is brought under control. Vaccine mandates are far from unique. In my opinion when these vaccines are fully authorized, there must be a universal mandate of either to become vaccinated or be subjected to 7-14 day testing at least for the next 12-24 months. This mandate can occur when there is enough vaccines\boosters to vaccinate 60-70% of the population

3) Mass isolation \ quarantining will become impractical and basically unnecessary for THIS virus. In Barbados, the data is showing that the majority of cases are in tertiary isolation. Gov’t is now considering monitored home isolation. In my opinion this is essentially supervised sick leave. Doctors authorize SICK LEAVE with intention that people STAY AT HOME to recover on their own.
The danger these people with COVID pose to the rest of society is less if we continue to adopt the public health measures of sanitizing, temperature checks and mask wearing for all including the vaccinated. In my opinion this monitored isolation should only be for the unvaccinated. In theory, those vaccinated that develop Covid-19 should pose an even lesser threat when directed to be on “sick leave”

4) Data is revealing that the virus spread is occurring in enclosed areas with poor ventilation and people staying in such areas for a prolonged periods. In certain environments e.g. in bars or restaurants, improper mask wearing occurs for prolonged period without the required social distancing This is an obvious, unwanted and now unacceptable gap in the protocols. The strategy against this is straight forward. Reduce or totally ban the patronizing of such places( environments) if the public health disease prevention measures cannot be adhered to.

The CMO has stated that sanitizing the work place after the discovery of a single COVID case is not obligatory. I would support the idea that this sanitizing be mandated by the Ministry of Health if such a business has been found to be the source of a significant cluster or has been the destination of several cases. The MOH should perform a specific “COVID-19 audit” of said businesses to modify operations to make them compliant to prevent future COVID-19 spread.

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  1. Bajan scientist: Put mandatory jab ‘on the table’

    by TONY BEST

    WITH THE RISING COVID-19 positive cases and quarantines and deaths in Barbados, a prominent Barbadian scientist in the United States wants Government to put targeted mandated vaccinations “on the table” for eventual introduction. Dr Wayne Greaves, an infectious disease specialist said at the top of the list would be health care workers and Government employees who routinely interface with the public such as the police, customs, immigration and the military. He told the DAILY
    NATION the rates of COVID infections and the large number of people declining to be vaccinated had reached such a level of concern that Government must consider the eventual mandating of vaccinations for certain groups in order to slow down the growing infection rate.
    “What I am proposing is targeted mandates at least to start. I am not suggesting that there needs to be widespread mandated vaccinations at this time for everyone in society.
    But I do think that they are certain groups for whom it should be considered quite seriously. First, I would start with the health care workers. Every health care worker who is dealing with individuals, particularly in an environment surrounded by people at very high risk of getting very sick and dying have an ethical obligation to be vaccinated. Within the hospital setting, for example, it is not just the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists, but anyone who comes into contact with them. So I would say all workers in a health care setting should be mandated to take the vaccine.”
    Yesterday Barbados recorded 168 positive cases along with three additional deaths as a result of COVID-19.
    “I have been following the situation in Barbados and now I am becoming quite concerned,” said Greaves. “The increasing number of cases of infections and deaths, the ongoing community transmission (of the highly infectious and deadly disease) are really a source of worry.
    Barbados cannot afford to allow this epidemic to get out of control and I am concerned about the tremendous resources needed now and which would be needed in the future if the situation continues at the pace at which it is occurring.
    “What concerns me is that there are so many people who are not vaccinated and are unwilling to be vaccinated,” he said.
    “The attitude of so many people in Barbados rejecting the vaccines which are effective and safe leaves me very concerned. If we could encourage more people to be vaccinated it could make a difference in stemming the ongoing transmission. I think they (Government) should be prepared to take more aggressive measures.
    Up until now, they have been using an approach in which they have been trying to encourage and even cajole people to accept the vaccine. That is reasonable. But when you have exhausted all reasonable approaches, including extensive outreach, education and encouragement, the time will come when stronger measures – mandated vaccinations for certain sectors or groups in society – are needed.”
    He said a lot would depend on the availability of the vaccines in Barbados.
    Barbados’ COVID-19 death toll now stands at 62.

    Source: Nation

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