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A federal judge on Sunday denied a request to stop Indiana University from requiring students to receive Covid-19 vaccinations before returning to campus for the fall semester.

“Recognizing the students’ significant liberty to refuse unwanted medical treatment, the Fourteenth Amendment permits Indiana University to pursue a reasonable and due process of vaccination in the legitimate interest of public health for its students, faculty, and staff,” Judge Damon Leichty wrote in the 101-page ruling.

CNN Wire

The blogmaster has waited patiently until the discussion reached what is currently being debated, should vaccinations be mandatory for certain jobs, should being vaccinated be mandatory to attend certain functions AND should the wearing of a mask in public spaces be mandatory.

The business class in Barbados has started the lobby to make being vaccinated mandatory because the stop start approach after 18 months of businesses being batten down is now deemed to be unsustainable. It is now a case where the right of the collective is greater than observing the personal liberty of the few.

In is already happening in the USA and UK, why not here?

In a related matter the following was submitted by social commentator Kammie Holder:

This is so damn true as the virus size and the cloth mask unless thick and well woven will allow the virus to freely pass through. You can google independent research on virus size and cotton and polyester fibre size to come to your own conclusion. Many of the masks sold in Barbados are knockoffs.  I wear a respirator and many laugh but it filters down to particulate matter as small as 2.5 microns. 

The N95 mask filters out 95% of particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter. On the other hand, the PM2. 5 masks filter out particles measuring 2.5 micrometers (2.5 microns) or larger. Hope you can use info to help persons make informed decisions as to blindly follow the experts may lead to doom, I trust the science but not all the scientists. The WHO has a credibility issue in the way they have handled this outbreak and failure to mitigate risk

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  1. would it be right to refuse people medical treatment if they are not vaccinated, could hookers ask for a vaccination passport asking for a friend.

  2. LONDON, July 19 (Reuters) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s ‘freedom day’ ending over a year of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in England was marred on Monday by surging infections, warnings of supermarket shortages and his own forced self-isolation.

  3. @ David,

    ” Little England” will do like the mother country.

    A lot of people are fed up with the lock downs and are out shopping and partying.

  4. David
    In real terms a virus can fit on the end of a needle with nuff room to spare.

    This is equivolent in scale to a human stamding on a soccer field, in relative terms.

    More generally, and althouth this writer has long taken the Pfizer vaccine, all be it reluctantly, we remain concerned given the history of Pfizer, in particular, and all the other leanding big pharma companies as allied with the US goverment, and the CIA more specifically, in the development of biological warfare projects against Afrikan peoples as a Sangerist population control methodology supprtive of a central White supremacy strategy. Also their perceived enemies, other White countries as well with leaders refusing to take dictation from Washington.

    The literature seems to suggest that viruses can be tailored to act against people with certain genetic characteristics.

    The reluctance of wide ranges of White populations to not take the vaccines and their growing resistance to containment measures is well noted. Maybe this is best understood within a wider frame – the dominant geopolitics of our times.

    • @Pacha

      We have the usual distrust of government and Big Pharma interacting with the need to protect our health and love ones. We are in a right pickle.

    • @John2

      The blogmaster will answer the question if you prefer to make a meal of it:

      U.S. indices at large were trading lower as investors weigh comments from Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen, as well as recent lockdown measures in Europe.

      Yahoo Finance

  5. “could hookers ask for a vaccination passport asking for a friend.”

    See why I am opposed to tourism…

  6. David
    Never a truer word spoken.

    And we have hard evidence
    For example, the third or fourth cause of death in the USA is medical error.

    They blame doctors and nurses but our suspicion is Big Pharma again.

  7. If any country is serious about solving their COVID problem, look at some countries which have solved their problem (or never had one) and see what they are doing right and what advantages they have going for them.

    It is called the common sense approach.

    Dominica – Never had a problem
    Samoa – Never had a problem
    Vanuatu – Never had a problem

    New Zealand – Fixed their problem
    Singapore – Fixed their problem
    Australia – Fixed their problem

    Dominica has to be at the top because it allows travel whereas neither Samoa nor Vanuatu do.

    That’s the one you will learn the most from.

    Start by assuming people are smart enough the world over to practice masking up, social distancing, quarantining etc and then ask what separates these countries listed above from all others with a problem which seem unable to fix their problem.

    You will arrive at the same conclusions I have been discussing now for months.

  8. I am not saying there may be more to what I suggest, but the more I look at the numbers the more I like my position.

  9. Sometimes it is there in the water, sometimes it isn’t.

    When it is present, sometimes people consume the water containing it and sometimes they don’t.

    It is a matter of probabilities.

    For countries who can get the probability of its presence in the water to zero or close enough, there are no successive waves.

    Those countries which can get the net probability to zero either have good quality control in the production process for their water or have their water source separated from contact with COVID sources …. or their citizens don’t drink the water without boiling it.

    This explanation fits the observable facts dead on.

    Possibly there are other explanations but most Governments only seem capable of countenancing one, their citizens’ misbehaviour.

    When their directives fail to prevent successive waves they are incapable of accepting they may be wrong and there is/are other mechanisms of spread.

  10. Public servants warned
    ST JOHN’S – Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned public servants who fail to take a vaccine against COVID-19 that they will be subject to regular testing at their own cost.
    He said that Cabinet was close to making a decision on the matter. (CMC)

    Source: Nation

  11. Covid-19 surge could start supermarket shortages

    LONDON – Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “freedom day” ending over a year of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions in England was marred yesterday by surging infections, warnings of supermarket shortages and his own forced self-isolation.
    Johnson’s bet that he can get one of Europe’s largest economies firing again because so many people are now vaccinated marks a new chapter in the global response to the coronavirus.
    If the vaccines prove effective in reducing severe illness and deaths even while infections reach record levels, Johnson’s decision could offer a path out of the worst public health crisis in decades. If not, more lockdowns could loom.
    But Johnson’s big day was marred by “pingdemic chaos” as a National Health Service app ordered hundreds of thousands of people to self-isolate – prompting warnings supermarket shelves could soon be emptied.
    “If we don’t do it now we’ve got to ask ourselves, when will we ever do it?” Johnson said just hours after he was forced to abandon a plan to dodge the ten-day quarantine requirement for himself and finance minister Rishi Sunak.
    “This is the right moment but we’ve got to do it cautiously. We’ve got to remember that this virus is sadly still out there.”
    Britain has the seventh highest death toll in
    the world, 128 708, and is forecast to soon have more new infections each day than it did at the height of a second wave of the virus earlier this year. On Sunday there were 48 161 new cases.
    But, outstripping European peers, 87 per cent of Britain’s adult population has had one vaccination dose, and more than 68 per cent have had the two doses which provide fuller protection. Daily deaths, currently at around 40 per day, are just a fraction of a peak of above 1 800 seen in January.
    From midnight, laws in England requiring masks to be worn in shops and other indoor settings lapsed, along with capacity limits in bars and restaurants, and rules limiting the number of people who can socialise together. (Reuters)

    Source: Nation

  12. Johnny

    A man like you purporting to be an “unscholar” should known that the references to statistical methods at 03:50 are contrary to both theoretical frameworks and praxis.

  13. I have not used the words statistics or statistical methods!!

    But I would love to hear your explanation of why.

  14. @ David Bu at 8:52 Pm of July 19th.
    It appears that Singapore has learnt another fundamental lesson from “failed state Barbados” wrt to contagion control.Had we not lose focus our periodic spikes would have been minimal. But what can one do with self doubt and adherence to the democratic process.?

  15. @ David BU at 10 :58 AM

    I agree. But we have not done too badly given the volatile parameters within which we have to operate.

  16. Lawson…we will ban you from Barbados.

    Keep lying and blaming the population on the island…..the same UK tourists will soon be telling yall that they do not have to wear masks in UK anymore….and you can’t make them wear masks in Barbados….

    “The Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association (BHTA) is convinced that its members are not among the businesses responsible for breaches of COVID-19 protocols that have led to recent spikes in cases.

    As arrivals from major source markets gradually increase, Chief Executive Officer of the BHTA, Senator Rudy Grant is calling for greater enforcement within communities to keep the situation under control.”

    lawyers again, always believe they are above the law…they need to catch hold of the other high profile pedophiles and rapists who have blighted and destroyed lives with their sex lust ACROSS Caribbean islands for decades..using their positions of power…

    “In sentencing Brandt to prison, Justice Stanley John said that because the charges were so “aggravated” and that Brandt had used his position, most notably as a senior lawyer here, a wealthy person and a former chief minister, he was adding 18 months to the seven- and nine-year sentences that had been imposed on the sexual charges.

    On the five of the six counts of sexual exploitation, Brandt was given jail terms of nine years while on the sixth count he was jailed for seven years.

    On the charge of perverting the course of justice, Brandt, who is in his 70’s, was jailed for 15 years. The sentences are to run concurrently

    In passing sentence, Justice John said that while there were some mitigating factors before the Court, the aggravated nature of the charges far outweighed them”

  17. Has anyone suggested it might be in the water????
    Waru you dont even live on the island arent you running a kennel in the USA ,

  18. Casedemic.

    Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquinone are available to treat worst cases.

    Minimal deaths for a year.

  19. So Australia has fixed its problem.

    Any increase in cases has been met with lockdowns where applicable.

    Deaths remain insignificant.

    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, July 18, 2021

    Vitamin C Levels in Critically Ill Covid-19 Patients
    by Michael Passwater

    (OMNS July 18, 2021) From the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to learn about the critical importance of maintaining adequate levels of essential nutrients. When the body is under stress from an illness such as an infection, merely eating an excellent diet may not provide sufficient nutrients to support the immune system. To stave off a fast-moving infection may require higher levels of essential vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C has an essential role in empowering the immune system. Its oxidized form can be recycled by red blood cells (erythrocytes), but a fast-moving illness can overpower this system, causing vitamin C levels to precipitously drop.

    A recent study in Spain measured plasma vitamin C levels in 67 critically ill hospitalized adult COVID-19 patients meeting the Berlin criteria for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). [1] The results fell into 3 categories: undetectable (<0.1 mg/dL), low (0.1 – 0.4 mg/dL), and "normal" (0.4 – 2 mg/dL). 12 (18%) patients had undetectable plasma vitamin C, 43 (64%) patients had low levels of plasma vitamin C (mean for this group was 0.14 mg/dL with a standard deviation of 0.05), and 12 (18%) patients had vitamin C levels within the normal range (mean for this group was 0.59 mg/dL with a standard deviation of 0.18). In summary, 82% of patients had low or undetectable plasma vitamin C levels, and 18% had values within the reference range, mostly on the low side of the reference range. (Riordon Clinic Bio-Center Laboratory has an established reference range of 0.6 – 2.0 mg/dL for plasma vitamin C). A smaller study of 18 adult COVID-19 patients with ARDS found similar results: 17 (94%) patients had undetectable plasma vitamin C, and 1 (6%) patient had a plasma vitamin C level of 0.24 mg/dL. [2] The assay used in this study had a lower limit of detection of 0.15 mg/dL, above the mean of the low level group in the first study.

    Finding low levels of vitamin C in critically ill patients is not new, and has been reported in a variety of studies over the last several decades. In 2017, a study of 44 critical care patients receiving recommended amounts of enternal and parenternal vitamin C (125 +/- 88 mg/day, max 448 mg/day) showed 70% of patients had vitamin C deficiency. [3] Among septic shock patients, 90% had vitamin C deficiency. Borrelli et al published findings in 1996 showing that the lower the plasma ascorbic acid level in septic patients the greater the risk of organ failure and death. [4] Even in presumed healthy people in the USA, vitamin C deficiency is found. In 2003-2004, NHANES samples from noninstitutionalized civilians found a vitamin C deficiency prevalence of 7.1% +/- 0.9%. [5] This was a 44% reduction in vitamin C deficiency from the 1988 – 1994 national study. Smoking and low income were associated with higher rates of vitamin C deficiency. People in a deficient state can avoid acute illness for a time, but have impaired capacity to respond to infections and other stress challenges.

    Why do critically ill people require more vitamin C to maintain adequate levels of plasma vitamin C?

    More (warning it does get very technical with the medical/bio-chem jargon):

    Note that the allopathic doctors and critical care specialists who joined together to form the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance, to research and propose effective treatment options for Covid-19 (instead of just waiting around until the undertested, very expensive, new-technology, gene therapy vaccines were released before long-term testing was completed under Emergency Use Authorizations) have high dosage, intravenous vitamin C (AKA Ascorbic Acid) as an integral part of their MATH+ protocol for treating severe Covid-19 cases.

    The MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 is designed for hospitalized patients, to be initiated as soon as possible after they develop respiratory difficulty and require oxygen supplementation. The three core pathophysiologic processes that have been identified are severe hypoxemia, hyperinflammation, and hypercoagulability. This combination medication protocol is designed to counteract these processes either through the use of single agents or in synergistic actions. A unique insight into this disease made by members of our group is that the majority of patients initially present with an inflammatory reaction in the lungs called “organizing pneumonia,” which is the body’s reaction to injury and is profoundly responsive to corticosteroid therapy. If the organizing pneumonia response is left untreated or presents as a rapidly progressive sub-type, a condition called Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) follows.

    The two main therapies that can reverse and/or mitigate the extreme inflammation causing ARDS are the combination of the corticosteroid Methylprednisolone and the antioxidant Ascorbic acid, which is given intravenously and in high doses. Both of these medicines have multiple synergistic physiologic effects and have been shown in multiple randomized controlled trials to improve survival in ARDS, particularly when given early in the disease. Thiamine is given to optimize cellular oxygen utilization and energy consumption, protecting the heart, brain, and immune system. Given the numerous clinical and scientific investigations that have demonstrated consistent, reproducible, and excessive levels of hyper-coagulation, particularly in the severely ill, the anticoagulant Heparin is used to both prevent and help in dissolving blood clots that appear with a very high frequency. The “+” sign indicates several important co-interventions that have a combination of strong physiologic rationale with existing or emerging pre-clinical and clinical data to support their use in similar conditions or in COVID-19 itself, and all with a well-established safety profile. Such adjunctive therapies are continuously being evaluated and amended as the published medical evidence evolves.

    Timing is a critical factor in the efficacy of MATH+ and to achieving successful outcomes in patients ill with COVID-19. Patients must go to the hospital as soon as they experience difficulty breathing or have a low oxygen level. The MATH+ protocol should be administered soon after a patient meets criteria for oxygen supplementation (within the first hours after arrival in the hospital), in order to achieve maximal efficacy. Delayed therapy can lead to complications such as the need for mechanical ventilation. If administered early, the MATH+ formula of FDA-approved, safe, inexpensive, and readily available drugs may eliminate the need for ICU beds and mechanical ventilators and return patients to health.


  21. please kindly note that what you are saying was said by our very own home bred DR E O DOUGLIN BEFORE WE HAD ONE CASE IN BARBADOS



  22. FYI: Note that America’s Frontline Doctors and the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance both have “Frontline” in their names but are two completely separate and independent bodies of physicians in the USA.

    I think it fair to say, though, that both organizations believe that there are now safe and effective treatment options available for use on Covid-19 patients using nutritional support and/or existing, safe, affordable, repurposed drugs. Of course, if the pharma-medical-industrial-complex admitted that fact, it would destroy the case for granting Emergency Use Authorizations (EUAs) to allow for administering millions of doses of the expensive, new-technology, gene therapy vaccines prior to completion of the normal, multi-year, vaccine testing regime (not scheduled to be completed until 2023). EUAs granting a bypass of normal safety testing for new drugs or vaccines are not allowed under US law if other recognized methods of treatment are available to treat the sick.

    Federal Lawsuit Seeks Immediate Halt of COVID Vaccines, Cites Whistleblower Testimony Claiming CDC Is Under-Counting Vaccine Deaths

    By Megan Redshaw

    America’s Frontline Doctors filed a motion to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID vaccines for anyone under 18, anyone with natural immunity or anyone who hasn’t received informed consent.


    As of July 9, reported deaths in the VAERS totaled 10,991. Of those, 4,593 occurred within 72-hours of vaccination.

    The whistleblower — a computer programmer who developed more than 100 distinct healthcare fraud algorithms, and who has expertise in healthcare data analytics that allows her to access Medicare and Medicaid data obtained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Systems (CMS) — filed a sworn statement under penalty of perjury alleging the actual number of COVID vaccine-related deaths is closer to 45,000.

    The whistleblower alleged that VAERS, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least five.

    In her statement, she said:

    “On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market which only resulted in 53 deaths.”

    AFLDS said the findings were shocking, and informed consent is impossible when safety data is not accurate.

    In a press release, AFLDS said:

    “It is unlawful and unconstitutional to administer experimental agents to individuals who cannot make an informed decision as to the true benefits and risks to the vaccine on an independent basis. They must be of an age or a capacity to make informed decisions and have been provided with all of the risk/benefit information necessary to make an informed decision.”


  23. Let me say I am pro vaccine. However, I am puzzled by the indication that a third dose may be needed and even scientist are concerned about the impact this may have on.

    In addition, persons who opt to wait out taking the vaccine at this time are more at danger from those who are fully vaccinated that could infect them.

    Should isolated tribes in Africa and elsewhere be vaccinated? Pfizer, profits are over the moon and it’s one of the least charitable pharma, and it’s pricing is discriminatory and exorbitant according to country.

    Why are we not hearing about the nasal sprays that can attack the virus before it gets into the lungs?

    What about the ongoing research by world renowned researchers on mineral diets that boost ones response to the virus?


    Go and get your vaccine.

  24. @David on another, why have the mainstream media not touch on the illegal wiretapping that takes place in Barbados. There was no need to tap my phones in the past without the consent of a judge and who will hold those who break the law accountable? The illegal wiretapping of the ordinary citizen phone needs to stop. Inspector Bowen, opted never to ever use again after the widespread tapping of cellphones in Barbados was discovered.

    I was hoping the man would have taken back his equipment after it took so long to pay him.

  25. Video on You Tube
    The Honourable The Senate – Wednesday 21st July, 2021
    10 watching nowStarted streaming 15 minutes ago

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