World is put on high alert over the Omicron coronavirus variant

BIvana Kottasová, CNN

Updated 11:03 PM ET, Sat November 27, 2021

(CNN)As fears mount over the newly identified coronavirus variant Omicron, governments around the world are scrambling to protect their citizens from a potential outbreak. The new mutation, which is potentially more transmissible, was first discovered in South Africa and has since been detected in the United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hong Kong.Israel is banning all foreigners from entering the country in response to Omicron fears, authorities announced Saturday. The ban, pending government approval, is expected to last two weeks. Israelis returning from a country on the red list, which includes countries in southern Africa, will be required to isolate for seven days in a designated hotel. 

There are seven suspected cases of the variant in Israel, in addition to one confirmed case found in a person returning from Malawi, its Health Ministry said. 

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  • @David November 30, 2021 8:36 AM “Why Florida Has a Low COVID-19 Case Rate.”

    Again I am only guessing, but I would say that so many people in Florida have already had covid, and so many have died that there are not many people left to be infected anymore, and of course dead people don’t get covid. At least I don’t think they do, but I am sure that before long one of the “Barbados scholars” will put me right, and we may all get a wonderful treatise on duppy Covid, a new variant.

    Do I get a Republic prize for getting the right answer?


  • @John November 28, 2021 10:26 PM “Could actually break the 100 mark next month. Hope there aren’t any floods.”

    It is unlikely, but not impossible that there will be floods in December. A nice rain by me this foreday morning. I am thankful.


  • Newsflash!

    Michael Flynn now believes that Q Anon is a disinformation campaign organised by “THE LEFT”!

    True, nuh joke! As usual, we have audio.

    This man who fully embraced the madness!

    I wonder what convinced him. Was it JFK not showing up about five times?

    Was it Mike Lyndell not releasing his bombshell?

    These people are hilarious!

    Cartoon characters singing more loonacy than the real ones on Looney Tunes!

    Seriously, “WHAT’S UP DOC??????”


  • @David November 28, 2021 11:46 AM “Interesting comment from CMO Kenneth George a couple days ago. Barbados will not issue a directive that says travellers from South Africa and surrounding will not be permitted to enter Barbados because UK the main transit point has done so. Why not issue it for th record to send the right message? We have travellers who enter on private planes etc. Why the hesitancy?”

    I expect that Omicron will be everywhere in the world by the end of this year. I doubt that any country has the capacity to stop it. We human beings are NOMADIC, that is who WE ALL are. We have covered the earth with people from the Equator to the Arctic, and from the Equator to Terra Del Guego. That said the people at our airport are doing their jobs well, a neighbor came in Thursday 25th and had to be PCR tested and quarantined until a negative test result was returned. Little Susie came in yesterday. Susie has been double vaccinated, and had uploaded her vaccination status into the BimSafe site, had a copy on her phone and a paper copy as well, so was given a green arm band and allowed straight home. She noted that other people were given orange and red arm bands. We all enjoyed a socially distanced but up close view of the fireworks at Checker Hall.


  • @Simple Simon

    One suspects you are correct. We will know in 2 weeks why at we are dealing with read compared to the other strains.


  • DavidNovember 30, 2021 8:36 AM

    Why Florida Has a Low COVID-19 Case Rate



    Look and see if Florida or Hawaii have had any floods in the past 4 to six weeks!!!


  • Meanwhile, over in South Africa, and very much in Guateng Province, floods can done!!

    Which suggests to me that the Ohmigod strain has been around for ages and with the Delta and other variants have been spread via the floods into the drinking water.

    My educated guess is that all these variants were present at the beginning.

    If Ohmigod variant pans out to be a storm in a teacup another variant will pop up somewhere that is worser than slice bread.

    This Ohmigod moment is a last gasp of countries to hide the failure of the vaccines.

    Many countries will face civil unrest as people will not take kindly to the fraud.

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  • A young woman, aged 28, died from COVID-19 on Monday, November 29.

    She was unvaccinated and succumbed to the viral illness at the Harrison’s Point Isolation Facility, in St Lucy.

    Her passing brings the death toll from the virus to 229.



  • African+Online+Publishing+Copyright+ⓒ+2021.+All+Rights+Reserved

    I knew this was going to backfire on them..


  • I see Eswatini has finally made it on to the world stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • @cuhdear
    Checker Hall?
    My roots are there.


  • Ohmigod …. good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • South Africa – 109 cases
    Botswana – 19 cases
    Australia – Five cases
    Austria – One case
    Belgium – One case
    Canada – Two cases
    Czech Republic – One case
    Denmark – Two cases
    Germany – Three cases
    Israel – Two cases
    Italy – One case
    The Netherlands – 13 cases
    Hong Kong – Five cases
    Portugal – 13 cases
    The UK – Nine cases

    What do these countries have in common and what are their differences.


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