Opioid Wars

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

Fentanyl is a form of a highly lethal synthetic opioid that is spreading its tentacles across North America. Opioids were created as a source of pain relief for those Citizens whose illnesses were most sever. Very popular among the Medical Sector prescriptions by the thousands were issued and written by our local family doctor, dentists and hospital staff.

What happened to create this horrible health crisis?

Who is responsible and how can we stop its continual devastation?

Drug dependency is very common. Whether legal or illegal.  In Ontario our OHIP Health System approved use of many opioids, and our Medical System influenced by Big Pharma step in selling these new and old opioids as sources of pain relief. Doctors would sell these pills in large quantities, at least at the beginning of this episode in universal medical malpractice. Now doctors are limited in issuing prescriptions of 3-5 pills at a time. Back then they were sold by the hundreds, and that was the legal sales to an individual. “The Dealer for a nickel-lord will sell you lots of sweet dreams Ah, but the Pusher ruins your body-lord, He’ll leave your mind to Scream”.

I witnessed such a situation. My brother experienced a back injury. His family doctor issued prescriptions as much as 300 at a time. I witnessed this first hand, three bottles; one hundred each. The most addictive stuff too. Oh yah, our medical system failed to warn their clients that these opioids were very addictive and if misused could be deadly. Like the effective drug dealers this system had become, through Big Pharma’s Influence, these opioids sold like hot cakes. Addiction is cyclical, so taking to much creates greater demand. Need that fix. Years passed by before our medical system admitted these was a problem. Were they blind? They did  not read the newspapers, reading about the many deaths due to opioid misuse? Rich or Poor, it did not matter, as pain is universal, and so is addiction.

Our Medical System and Their Leadership are responsible for this mess. But 1st off, the Pharmaceutical Industry is 100% liable for this disaster. Why? Cause when you make a cake at home you know what the cake is made of, and what effect the cake will have on your family. God Damn the Pusher Man. They knew what they created. They still sold it.
“You know . I’ve seen a lot of people walking around with tombstones in their eyes. But the pusher don’t care if you live or die.”

Once the Medical System noticed the continual result of their opioids sales they did what all Governments and Governmental Agencies do….react, not respond. Their reaction was to put the sale of opioids on hold and control them as they should have far before this disaster started. Well now we get to meet the third group responsible for this opioid pandemic. “You know , the dealer , the dealer is a man with the love grass in his hand Oh but the pusher is a Monster. Good God, he’s Not a Natural Man”

Illegal Drug Dealing. International Drug sources, corruption and Death. We all know someone who has lost a friend, family member to this Opioid Pandemic, this surge upon humanity. Whether the sources were legal or illegal these opioids created a hunger, a need that had to be quenched. Much of the illegal opioids in North America come from different sources… prescription medication sold or stolen by individuals illegally made by Organized Crime (they creatively add further addictive stuff into their brew) CHINA and ASIA* ( large amount of illegal opioids come from this region of the world.

China is a huge source of opioid manufacturing, smuggling and sales. In China opioids can be purchased on the internet and delivery has improved. China suffers from this same pandemic with drug addiction a major health issue. The Chinese Police do what they can but they have a problem. The manufacturers of opioids in China are supported and probably partially controlled by The Chinese Government. This opioid pandemic is a international weapon that the Chinese Communists use to their advantage and profit. Normal Chinese Citizens often don’t realise they are involved in this illicit trade. Whether a UPS / courier worker, or someone packaging parcels or  working on a machine making elements of these pills, the illicit trades tentacles are everywhere.

Canada is trying to deal with the illicit process of money cleaning, the process of taking money illegally made and turning it into legal funds. Just look at the Real Estate Market  in British Columbia and Toronto. Large number of homes bought by foreign agents, and  no one lives in them. Organized Crime comes in every race, creed and political persuasion.

The Opioid Pandemic has escalating victims throughout North Amer9can Urban Centers. Multiple deaths every night. But in Rural Town America and Canada this Opioid Pandemic has brought about historic damage. While Urban Centers often have the medical officials and centers that can attempt to respond to this challenge rural communities have very limited skilled personnel and centers to deal with addiction crisis. Again, this addiction kills and manipulates US ALL.
How do we get out of this horrific mess?

“Well now if I were the President of this land you know, I’d declare total war on the pusher man. I’d cut him if he stands, and I’d shoot shoot him if he’s runs. Yes I’d kill him with my bible and my razor and my gun”
The above verse from Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher” maybe very visual, emotional and clear. It was written by those who experienced drugs, their effects and the horrid pusherman’s influence. Death for the PusherMan…NO. Every Society that exists is judged by how they treat their most lowly citizens, their Criminals and Their Victims. 

I have been trained as an addiction councillor long ago. After two years I was transferred to another challenge. Ever looked into the eyes of someone whose eyes are empty, their noses worn away, their mouths a blood mess? I have. I had opportunities to harm some of these PusherMen. A broken arm, a punch or two but I had to see the good in every person that came before me. So do you. Sure despise them, hate them, mistrust them. Get them where it hurts. Take their money 🙂

A pusher man if a gambler by their very nature. Danger is a rush form them. When you gamble you make mistakes.

  1. Make a Federal issue with those firms and persons involved in illicit opioid manufacturing, smuggling and sales. Since every Government is responsible for the things that happen under their control, why not take China to the World court and get them charged for every aspect of the illicit opioid trade they are involved in. The FBI and RCMP certainly know who is involved. 
  2. All Provincial and state Governments and their Agencies responsible for opioid prescription and distribution and sales must be held responsible for this pandemic. Medical Officials responsible for their illegal sales/distribution must be charged openly. All governmental actions must be Transparent and Accountable to the People.
  3. God Damn the PusherMen. Yes The Pharmaceutical Firms that made, marketed, distributed these Opioids to Us, the accepting and unquestioning public. The only mistake we made was believing our medical officials without self research and understanding of what we were taking. Yes we must be accountable too.
  4. The Public. This opioid pandemic would not have gotten so bad if the public did not hold themselves to some standards. Research what a medical official gives you. Question, demand and be your neighbour and your own keeper.  So long ago my brother received those opioids. No doubt a lot. He did not use them for his own pain. You can imagine what he did with them. Opioids have been like money, and still are.

The Governments of North America…Municipal, City, Provincial, State and Federal…no matter which must take this opioid pandemic seriously. With the COVID-19  Pandemic with us, the stress levels we are all experiencing maybe just enough to push someone you know and love to the brink, even to take these opioids. We must become Our Neighbors’s Keeper. Look to your families, neighbours and community as a source of life, joy and fulfilment. What you love is under attack. Open your eyes, listen and act.

“God damn the pusher. God damn,I say the pusher. I said God Damn God Damn the Pusher man”

12 thoughts on “Opioid Wars

    • @Hants

      This is an extract from the link you posted:

      “This is in part due to an increasingly unpredictable drug supply that is contaminated and highly toxic, but also the changes in access to health-care services, as well as the places where people are living, and the lack of support that people have now in the community.” Fentanyl is having a deadlier effect, according to the researchers. “The role of fentanyl as a direct contributor to opioid-related deaths continued to increase during the pandemic, rising to a prevalence of 87 per cent from 75 per cent in the pre-pandemic cohort,” the report said.”

    • The vast majority of all opioid-related deaths were accidental, the report said.
      The opioid crisis has affected marginalized people to a far greater degree, Gomes said.
      The report found about half of the opioid deaths both before and during the pandemic occurred among people who were unemployed at the time they died.

  1. Great article but how does this information applies to the problem of Opioids use or misused in Barbados?

  2. And as someone who knows a litte bit about medication therapy, and the effects of a drug on the body, you really cannot predicted with certainty the true effects of a drug, until is has been in use for an extended period of time, and knowing the addictive predisposition of Opioids, government took the appropriate steps to further regulated the drug to abated further addiction.

  3. I think the Opioid Crisis may have begun the same way in Canada, as it did in America. Nevertheless, it is important that we established the fact the Heroin is an Opioid, but prior to the Opioid Crisis in the States, doctors prescribed Opioids/ Percocet in large numbers to patients suffering with minor pain, until people started getting addicted and dying, and then government instituted moratorium on the drug and limited the number of pills a doctor could prescribed for a patient suffering with pain.
    So where did those people addicted to Percocet which an Opioid, go to get their fixed? To the Streets of course, to buy Heroin which is an Opioid, but one which has a notable record of causing overdosed / death.

  4. At the height of the Opioid Crisis, some Doctors in the States, were complicit in this Crisis, before the federal government regulated the number of pills a Doctor could prescribed for a patient,
    Doctors, would prescribed as much pills a patient requested for minor pain. and he or she would take those pills ( mostly Percocet) and sell them on the street.
    So Doctors in the States, had to have known that there were something illegal associated with the high number of pills patients were requesting for minor pain, but. chose to turned a blinded eye, until things had gotten out of controlled.

  5. Here is the true story behind the Opioid Crisis in America: the Sackler family a pharmaceutical company, started flooding doctors offices in the 1990s promoting their Opioid drugs, Percocet, and Oxycontin, while at the same time hiding the addictive properties associated with the drugs from the medical community, until the Federal Government caught hold of what was going on, and issued a moratorium on the drug distribution and prescription, but by that time Blue collar workers, were already addicted, and had no other alternative, but to go to the streets to illegally purchased Heroin to alleviate their pain,
    which has the same therapeutic effects , as the Opioid drugs Percocet and Oxycontin.

  6. Dullard

    Yes, Crack Cocaine has had an immeasurable devastation on the Black family, but guess who created Crack Cocaine? Nevertheless, we have heard the story of Whites, who used the powdered cocaine, get a slapped on the wrist from the judicial system, as apposed to the Blacks who used the rock form.

  7. The authored of the article claimed or
    expressed the fact that the doctor prescribed 300 Opioid pills for pain at a time , which would have led me to question why a doctor would prescribed 300 pills at one time for a patient? And even if this person had been addicted to pain killers, a prescription of 300 pills would have set off alarm bells in my head because to t seemed a little too excesses as far as I am concerned.

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