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Prepare the Body to Fight, Fight, Fight!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The SARs-CoV-2 virus has moved from epidemic (outbreak in Wuhan, China) to pandemic (spread across several countries) to possible endemic (in simple explanation, the virus will constantly exist like the common flu). Some on BU have been advocating priority must be given by public health officials in through reminders to the public – see Dr. Doughlin’s excellent video – Dr

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Chasing the Virus

The following was posted @10:05PM on the 13 September 2021by Disgusting Lies & Propaganda TV to blog in reply to GP and JOhn Knox on the Barbados: Following the Science on Covid 19? Your two posts above make medical sense neither the “virus” or the “vaccines”” are behaving typically. That is amazing when one of the most common respiratory virus behaves

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Barbados: in the Grip of a Pandemic

The New Yorker

Recent COVID 19 Dashboards reflect a global picture, one of rising infections caused mainly by the Delta variant. Unfortunately because Barbados does not exist in a fishbowl, our tiny island is being ravaged by the the coronavirus. Given the perilous state of the economy before the pandemic struck, Barbadians should expect a period of economic hardship for the next many

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Covid 19 and Economy Fatigue ‘Virus’ Spike

The COVID 19 virus is wrecking havoc on the Barbados landscape based on the number of infections experienced in recent days. Our worse fears are being realised with 92 reported infections listed in the recent dashboard. During a press conference yesterday authorities advised current trajectory if left unchecked could see 500 cases of Covid 19 infections daily starting as early

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Pedro Shepherd Santia Bradshaw

Submitted by Paula Sealy Are there still only two social workers and one senior psychologist working in the education ministry for all the secondary and primary schools? In 2018 the Prime Minister announced that a special scheme would be implemented which would see the introduction of school safety officers, social workers and guidance counsellors. No wonder the guidance counsellors were under pressure

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COVID 19: NO Retreat, No Surrender

The fight against COVID 19 by countries across the globe is real. Barbados given its heavy dependence on tourism (services) is exposed more than some other countries. We are here now and we have to do all that we can to survive. The blogmaster predicted months ago the conversations will shift to finding ways to enforce mandatory vaccinations. It is

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

A federal judge on Sunday denied a request to stop Indiana University from requiring students to receive Covid-19 vaccinations before returning to campus for the fall semester. “Recognizing the students’ significant liberty to refuse unwanted medical treatment, the Fourteenth Amendment permits Indiana University to pursue a reasonable and due process of vaccination in the legitimate interest of public health for its students,

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Opioid Wars

Submitted by Steven Kaszab Fentanyl is a form of a highly lethal synthetic opioid that is spreading its tentacles across North America. Opioids were created as a source of pain relief for those Citizens whose illnesses were most sever. Very popular among the Medical Sector prescriptions by the thousands were issued and written by our local family doctor, dentists and hospital

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Death + Murder = Case of DIMINISHING Return on ROE

One of the many discussion points COVID 19 pandemic has generated is the ‘Covid 19 dashboard’. The ‘dashboard’ highlights a running number of daily, cumulative infections, active cases, number of people vaccinated, DEATHS and other information public health officials deem to be pertinent. Last evening the recent ‘dashboard’ showed the number of deaths attributed to COVID 19 had surpassed 42

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COVID 19 Update – Well Done Bajans!

Encouraging signs are to be seen of late from trending reflected on the Barbados Covid 19 Situation Report. Yesterday recorded 9 reported positive cases with the positivity rate falling below 2%. Compared to Jamaica, Bermuda and The Bahamas to use three regional examples of service economies highly dependent on traffic from outside of country, Barbadians, including the government have done

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COVID 19 Versus The Caribbean

The following analysis prepared by Amit The last time I researched and wrote anything COVID-19 related was back in June, 2020. Back then, I wrote a series of weekly “Covid-19 vs. The Caribbean” articles. Every Friday night, I’d scour several data sources for reports of confirmed new cases across the Caribbean, compile the data into spreadsheets, and publish some

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Clinical Study: Ozone Therapy Works on mild to moderate Covid-19

Submitted by Green Monkey Good News! A new peer reviewed study from India adds to the accumulating evidence that Ozone Therapy is effective against mild to moderate Covid-19.   Safety and efficacy of ozone therapy in mild to moderate COVID-19 patients: A phase 1/11 randomized control trial (SEOT study)☆ Int Immunopharmacol. 2021 Feb; 91: 107301. Published online 2020 Dec 23. doi: 10.1016/j.intimp.2020.107301

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