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BU COVID 19 Dash – Numbers Rising

Attached are charts for the week ending 1st April. All  the charts indicate a distinct upswing in the epidemic reminiscent of the changes around the period when Omicron was taking over from the Delta strain.  I suspect we are now in a similar phase when the new variant Omicron BA-2 might be taking over from Omicron. Source: Lyall Small

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Sweet Drink Tizzy

Sweet drinks

In a country reported to have a high incidence rate of non communicable diseases one of the issues causing Bajan tongues to wag violently is the increase in the excise tax on ‘sweet drinks’. During last month’s budget presentation Prime Minister Mia Mottley decreed that effective 1 April 2022 (today) the excise tax on sweet drinks increases by 20%. On

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BU COVID Dash – Living with the Virus

Please see uploads for the week ending 25th February 2022. Barbados is now at a new “living with Covid” stage. The various ministries announced significant changes in their management of Covid this afternoon. As such, I am suggesting that I would submit only the enclosed graphs on a weekly basis, initially, but subject to modification if new substantive changes in

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BU Covid Dash – Back to School II

The blogmaster is pleased to hear more urgent discussions taking place about agreeing to protocols and logistics to have face to face classes resume between stakeholders. From anecdotal chatter the majority of parents seem supportive of the effort to restart. The one group offering some resistance seems to be the teacher’s unions. A word to the teachers. This is a

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BU Covid Dash – Back to School Time

If we are to judge from recent events like cricket at Kensington Oval and political campaigning – supported by utterances from the Chief Medial Officer and Minister Kerri Symmonds –  the government is about to switch to a getting ‘back to normal’ mode. We must do all that is possible to address educating our children. Crop Over will fall in

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BU Covid Dash – No Need for Panic

Attached are updated charts for the week ending 28th January.  We saw a record number of daily cases (923) on 25th January.  This was followed over the last 3 days with daily cases in the 700’s.  The reproductive R0 numbers increased slowly to just 1.18; Deaths and Daily Official isolations also remained at relatively low levels while Home isolations rose

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BU COVID Dash – General Election Watch

The just concluded 2022 General Election is feared by many to be a ‘super spreader’. The country is on watch for COVID 19 cases to spike given the frolicking witnessed on last campaign night, especially at Bay Street. Enclosed are Charts for the week ending 21st January 2022.  The daily cases are rising but with a relatively low reproductive number

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BU Covid Dash – Fighting the Numbers

Enclosed are the charts for the week ending 14th Jan 2022.  I’ve omitted the Vaccinations chart and added a reproductive number chart which gives some idea about the rate of reproduction of the virus and a daily official isolations chart to get some indication of the position re. incidence of persons sickened by the Virus.  Total isolations are increasing gradually

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BU Covid Dash – Is Omicron Here?


David;  Attached are the charts for the week ending 24th December 2021. The cases and positivity charts are showing slight upticks, perhaps presaging a possible Omicron upsurge in the coming weeks. The vaccination charts are continuing to show the slow growth in vaccine uptake.  The Worldometer charts show a declining trend in deaths.  Reports on Omicron suggest that it aggressively

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All-out Support for Striking Nurses

Nurses defend their strike action against attacks from the government, employers and BLP aligned trade union leaders Submitted by Tee White On Wednesday 16 December after a meeting of the Social Partnership which brings together the government, employers and trade unions, Prime Minister Mia Mottley hosted a press conference in which she unleashed a scathing attack on the striking nurses

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YOUR Credit Rating May Take a Hit IF…

Kevin Boyce

Submitted by Kammie Holder What will be the unintended consequences? What is the real, real, real, real reason for getting involved in a Credit bureau rather than enacting legislation to control Credit Bureaus? Asking for my late friend Douglas Trotman. Sorry, but we both never trust governments.  Extracted from Barbados Today December 15th,2021: Senator Boyce: Credit reporting bill needs ‘longer

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BU COVID Dash – Time to Make it Official!

Tricia Tannis

Attached are updated charts for week ending 10th December.  Vaccinations are slowly increasing; Daily cases are slowly decreasing and Daily test positivity is gradually declining although still some distance from the sub 5% level. There has been no movements in the charts suggestive of changes in disease incidence attributable to last weeks Republican celebrations. Lyall Small

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BU COVID Dash – Testing is Down!

David;  Attached are updated charts for this week. Positive cases remain on a downward trend.  Vaccinations are slowly increasing and test positivity remains substantially above the goal of <5%.  Indeed, the 7 day positivity trend line is showing a slight uptick.  Increased uptake of vaccinations, vigilance and compliance with protocols seems to be necessary, especially as the Omicron variant is

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