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Order Your Casket

“Change your lifestyle or order your casket, because you will be dead in one year.” That was the blunt advice of my doctor about 25 years ago, after she reviewed my cholesterol test results. I had harmed my body with unhealthy food, especially when I attended University. After I graduated, I added: no-exercise, very late working hours, and the stress

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Chief Medical Officer Given Red Light for Giving Purity Bakeries Green Light

Submitted by Robert D. Lucas, PH.D. The Editor Barbados Underground Barbados, W.I Dear Sir/Madam, In your paper of 10th December 2019, there was an article under the caption “Purity Bakeries given the green light to operate.” According to your article, the chief medical officer (CMO), Dr. Kenneth George has given the bakery the green light to operate. I have a

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China Authorities Suppress Incident of the Plague

China mobilizes people all over the world the Caribbean as part of a hegemonist geopolitical strategy. The story enclosed exposes how authorities in China attempted to coverup an occurrence of one of the most infectious diseases known to mankind. Thanks Kammie Holder for bringing to the blogmaster’s attention. The Real Reason to Panic About China’s Plague Outbreak It’s not the

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Food Fraud MUST Concern Us

The Editor You may be interested in posting the attached article on food fraud which I did in 2000. The topic is topical as Ms. Ena Harvey talked about the topic in today’s paper [8 August 2019]. The scan is from the original newspaper cuttings and gives a run down on the history of food fraud. Food fraud is widespread.

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