Covid 19 and Economy Fatigue ‘Virus’ Spike

The COVID 19 virus is wrecking havoc on the Barbados landscape based on the number of infections experienced in recent days. Our worse fears are being realised with 92 reported infections listed in the recent dashboard. During a press conference yesterday authorities advised current trajectory if left unchecked could see 500 cases of Covid 19 infections daily starting as early from next week.

Another interesting revelation from the authorities is that unvaccinated persons AND children are showing high on the infected trendline.

Source: Barbados Government Covid 19 Unit

Here is a simple bit of advice to Barbadians, unvaccinated AND vaccinated people – follow the rh Covid 19 protocols – wear your mask properly (not under your neck or with nose exposed), practice good hygiene by washing your hands and avoid rubbing eyes and nose, and keep your distance (in other words, assume the person standing next to you has the virus, especially if they do not belong to your household bubble).

A look at the Covid 19 charts compiled by BU resource Lyall Small and updated to BU Sidebar to the right of the BU Homepage – the data paints the worrying trend. Unlike all the many armchair experts the BU blogmaster cannot offer definitive advice EXCEPT to follow the guidance of the medical fraternity.

The blogmaster will resist being prolix because of all the writing posted about COVID 19. In summary, our rate of COVID 19 infections is spiking, we need to arrest it because our fragile economy does not have the capacity to withstand the sustain shock given the demands on it. Kudos to the government for building capacity in the healthcare system to manage a large numbers of Covid 19 infected people. We have the Cuban and Ghanaian nurses who will have the opportunity to earn pay.

The fear of the blogmaster is with a general election approaching political rhetoric from all sides will not help to guide the thoughts of a local population caused by COVID 19 and flailing economic fatigue.

Relevant Link: Government Information Service

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  1. The Samuel Jackman Prescod Institute of Technology (SJPI), located at Wildey, St Michael, is closed from today, Wednesday, September 1, until further notice, due to a staff member testing positive for COVID-19.

  2. @ De breadfruit/Sheep molestations!!!

    Sinopharm Barbados.

    How do China’s COVID vaccines fare against the Delta variant?

    The Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines may not be as effective as their counterparts—but they are still working.

    August 31, 2021 4:08 AM EDT

    The main Chinese vaccines appear to be working well against the Delta variant—but not as well as some of their foreign counterparts.

    Recent studies suggest that China’s main vaccines from private maker Sinovac and state-owned firm Sinopharm are highly effective in preventing severe illness and death among those fully vaccinated. The studies provide backing for the World Health Organization’s May and June approvals of the jabs from the two Chinese vaccine producers.

    Still, new studies have questioned the efficacy of the Chinese vaccines in comparison with other vaccines from makers like Germany’s BioNTech, the U.S.’s Moderna, and the U.K.’s AstraZeneca.

    The evidence has come out as more countries have begun to lessen their reliance on imports of Chinese vaccines.

    This week, Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, announced that it would require citizens fully vaccinated with Sinopharm jabs to get a third booster dose of Sinopharm or another vaccine. Brazil and Turkey have similarly opted for booster shots. Thailand is employing mix-and-match strategies with Western jabs to bolster the efficacy of Chinese vaccines. Malaysia has begun to phase out the use of Sinovac’s vaccine owing to questions about its efficacy.

    But based on recent studies, experts say that China’s main vaccines are still providing people with a level of protection against the Delta variant. The scientific consensus remains that getting a Sinopharm or Sinovac jab is far better than getting no vaccine at all.

    The studies

    In China, researchers recently found that the Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines had a combined efficacy of 70% in preventing COVID-19 infections during a Delta-driven outbreak in the southern city of Guangzhou.

    The study, which has not yet been peer-reviewed, tracked over 10,000 people infected and their close contacts in an outbreak that infected 167 people with the virus. The study also showed that the vaccines were 100% effective in preventing severe cases and deaths.

    “You have to take the results with a grain of salt because it is based on a very small sample size,” says Yanzhong Huang, a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations. “They might have overestimated the efficacy rate of the Chinese vaccines.”

    In another recent preprint study from Bahrain, government researchers in partnership with Columbia University recently examined how China’s Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine performed in comparison with Russia’s Sputnik V, Germany’s BioNTech, and the U.K.’s AstraZeneca. The study was conducted from May until August, tracking national data related to vaccine uptake, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths related to COVID-19, and coincided with the emergence of the Delta variant in Bahrain.

    The results showed that recipients of the Sinopharm vaccine, and especially older populations, faced a higher risk of breakthrough infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, compared with people vaccinated with one of the other vaccines.

    But even as Sinopharm’s vaccine may not be performing as strongly as its counterparts, the data revealed it to be effective in stopping some infections and deaths among those vaccinated.

    “The hospitalized cases are mostly the unvaccinated” in the Bahrain study and worldwide, says Ashley St. John, an associate professor of immunology at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore. “While the various vaccines have differing efficacy, all of the WHO-approved vaccines provide some degree of protection from severe disease.”

    Another recent study has suggested that China’s Sinovac vaccine may similarly provide less protection to elderly populations. Now, governments may consider changing their strategies of how to deploy the jabs.

    A Brazilian preprint study published last week tracked 61 million people in Brazil from January to June, comparing infection, hospitalization, and death rates between unvaccinated individuals and those who received Sinovac or AstraZeneca jabs.

    The study found that people fully inoculated with Sinovac reduced their risk of infection by 54% and risk of death by 74% compared with unvaccinated populations. Still, the AstraZeneca vaccine appeared to offer more protection, reducing the risk of infection by 70% and the risk of death by 90%. Sinovac’s efficacy also waned in older populations, reducing the risk of death by only 35% in populations over 80.

    St. John says the study indicates that Sinovac’s vaccine is effective, but should perhaps be concentrated among younger populations.

    “Where available, the elderly should be prioritized for vaccines that protect better in this demographic group,” says St. John. “Boosting the vaccine, potentially with another type of vaccine, could help.”

    Global reach

    But even as real-world studies indicate that China’s vaccines are not as effective as ones deployed from foreign counterparts, China’s vaccines are playing a critical role in getting the world vaccinated.

    As of July, Sinovac and Sinopharm were the No. 1 and No. 3, respectively, most used vaccines in the world, according to Airfinity. The two manufacturers have also delivered 693 million shots to foreign countries while supplying the bulk of the 2 billion doses China has delivered domestically.

    And the shots are providing some level of protection to billions worldwide in places that might not otherwise have access to vaccines.

  3. @Critical Analyzer September 1, 2021 1:55 AM “Early treatment and prophylaxis is giving exposed people a specific set of drugs and supplements known to help prevent disease progression in most persons.”

    My response: Please provide the bibliographic citation(s) for the study(s) which show the efficacy of the “specific set of drugs and supplements known to help prevent disease progression in most persons.”

    @Critical Analyzer September 1, 2021 1:55 AM “Protocols may have changed since last year so don’t quote me but people under quarantine or at Harrison’s Point are only monitored to see if symptoms get worse and their oxygen level drops before true treatment is started.”

    I haven’t been to Harrison Point, and I doubt very much that you have been there. I am not aware that the people at Harrison Point have published their treatment protocols, but if they have can you please provide the bibliographic citation, so that the rest of us can review the Harrison Point study.



    Seems to me that you nearly died man.Glad to know that you are still 6 feet above ground just like us morons

  5. Vaccines saving lives
    Public Health England estimates that around 84,600 deaths and 23 million infections have been prevented as a result of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in England so far.
    Prof Tim Spector, lead investigator on the Zoe Covid Study app behind the research, said the findings could explain recent breakthrough infections that some fully vaccinated people have been reporting.
    Covid vaccines still effective against Delta variant
    How many Covid cases are there in my area?
    Prof Spector said: “Waning protection is to be expected and is not a reason to not get vaccinated.
    “Vaccines still provide high levels of protection for the majority of the population, especially against the Delta variant, so we still need as many people as possible to get fully vaccinated.”
    He estimates that protection against infection could drop to 50% by the winter and boosters will be needed, but other experts urge caution about making predictions for the months ahead.
    The UK is expected to begin offering some people a third Covid booster jab next month, but is waiting for recommendations from an independent advisory body called the JCVI which is looking at evidence to support a decision.
    Prof Spector said: “Many people may not need them. Many people may have had a natural booster because they’ve already had a natural Covid infection, so will effectively have had three vaccines.
    “So I think the whole thing needs to be much more carefully managed than just giving it to everybody which would be a huge waste and ethically dubious given the resources we have. I think we need a more targeted approach than last time.”

  6. Vaccines Every 6 months?

    This study once again illustrates why we need to get used to Covid circulating – this is not a virus that’s going to go away.
    The vaccines do not work like they do for measles which provide life-long immunity. Immunity against Covid was always expected to wane.
    And another factor to consider is that repeated exposure to the virus is likely to increase the risk of a breakthrough infection – the increased likelihood over time of infection post-jabbing may not be all related to waning immunity.
    Whatever the cause though, experts have been clear we should expect to be repeatedly infected over our lifetimes.
    The important thing is that each re-infection should be milder as the vaccines remain highly effective at preventing serious illness.
    What the vaccines have effectively done is taken the edge off the virus – given our immune system a head-start so those early infections are milder than they would have been for most.
    What’s not clear yet is the merits of offering the most vulnerable a booster jab. It is likely to be a fine judgement call because there are so many unknowns – although the expectation is some will be offered it.
    2px presentational grey line
    Dr Simon Clarke, an expert in cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, said infection levels in the community would alter a person’s chance of encountering and catching Covid at any given time, making it hard to draw firm conclusions about waning immunity.
    Dr Alexander Edwards, also from the University of Reading, said it was important to understand when booster doses might be needed and for whom.
    “Vaccination does not, unsurprisingly, make people invulnerable, and does not prevent all infections. Variants have real and significant impact on public health, and a lot of people are still tragically dying in the UK from this nasty virus.
    “The vaccines we have are remarkably safe and effective, and still remain far better than other vaccines that give massive benefits.”
    He added: “We must pro-actively plan our public health strategy to account for imperfect protection, and for the possibility of falling protection over time.”
    ‘Watch carefully’
    A similar study was published by the Office for National Statistics and the Oxford Vaccine Group last week.
    Based on PCR test results from nearly 400,000 people who had been infected with the Delta variant in the UK, it found two doses of the Pfizer vaccine was initially more than 90% effective against symptomatic Covid infection, compared with around 70% for the AstraZeneca vaccine.
    But over the course of three months, the protection from Pfizer fell significantly whereas immunity with the AstraZeneca jab remained more stable.
    Prof Adam Finn, a government vaccine adviser, said other studies had shown that the vaccines maintained good protection against serious illness and hospitalisation.
    But he said: “We do need to watch out very carefully to see if this waning against milder disease begins to translate into occurrence of more severe cases because then boosters will be needed.”


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  8. “This study once again illustrates why we need to get used to Covid circulating – this is not a virus that’s going to go away.”


    The footprints lead us to believe that to be.

  9. A right-wing radio host from Florida who publicly criticized vaccines told his friends to get vaccinated shortly before he died of COVID-19, according to NBC affiliate WPTV. Dick Farrel, who was also an anchor on Newsmax, frequently railed against vaccines on Facebook. “Why take a vax promoted by people who lied 2u all along about masks, where the virus came from and the death toll?” Farrel wrote on Facebook on July 3. In another post, Farrel raised doubts about the effectiveness of vaccines because he claimed two people he knew who had been vaccinated were later hospitalized with the coronavirus.

    Farrel, a fan of former President Donald Trump, frequently criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci, characterizing him in a Facebook post as “a power tripping lying freak.” Some of his posts were flagged by Facebook for spreading false information. But Farrel’s friends said he changed his mind about vaccines after he was hospitalized with the coronavirus. “COVID took one of my best friends! RIP Dick Farrel. He is the reason I took the shot. He texted me and told me to ‘Get it!’ He told me this virus is no joke and he said, ‘I wish I had gotten it!’ ” Amy Leigh Hair wrote on her Facebook page.

  10. Mull over.

    Bats pop up in the fossil record around 50 million years ago and infected man with sars coronavirus in 2002.

    I guess they were very patient..

  11. Bats.

    archaic humans and bats shared the same caves. Were bats one of de entrees.

    New York Times

    When Bats and Humans Were One and the Same.

    By Carl Zimmer
    Dec. 7, 2004
    Scientists have used computer analysis to read evolution backward and reconstruct a large part of the genome of an 80-million-year-old mammal. This tiny shrewlike creature was the common ancestor of humans and other living mammals as diverse as horses, bats, tigers and whales.
    Actual DNA molecules cannot survive such lengths of time. Mammal fossils from this period are extremely rare. But by tracking the course of mammalian evolution, scientists can pinpoint when a common ancestor existed and what, in general terms, it was like.
    By comparing the differences between the genetic material of living mammals, the researchers have now produced what they say is a highly accurate reconstruction of a section of the ancient creature’s genetic sequence.

    Foot prints..


    For the last three hours or so, we were listening to Dr. …………….BIG HEAD host a conference attended by more than eight hundred persons from the Caribbean, where he presented the home-based treatment for COVID. The hospitals simply cannot cope, so somebody had to start telling people how to treat themselves at home.

    we were using the tablet at first, then the whole conference was hit by hackers. WE switched to the PC,and found out that Dr. …………….BIG HEADs’ IT skills were substituted by a lady, who shut down the chat room and did other things to delete the oral obscenities and visual porn that kept coming up on the screen. Dr. …………….BIG HEAD wanted to post the conference on youtube but we do not know IF that is possible now because of all the interruptions.
    The doctors have fallen out with the government. Twenty one persons have died so far from the shortage of medical oxygen and some persons from the States want to come to Jamaica to access ivermectin. I told you when Tufton signed the importation order for this drug.


  13. BERT a ‘marathon’

    by COLVILLE MOUNSEY colvillemounsey

    THE Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) programme is due to officially end next May, but with the setbacks caused by COVID-19 and other economic shocks, the structural reform component will continue well past that timeline.
    This is according to Government’s Senior Economic Advisor Dr Kevin Greenidge.
    The four-year plan, approved by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), got under way in 2018 to restore fiscal and debt sustainability, address falling reserves and increase economic growth. It also sought to protect vulnerable groups through strengthened social safety nets.
    However, Greenidge made it clear that though a strong case could be made for continued IMF monitoring past this period, it was simply too early to entertain any discussion about continued support from the international lending agency’s Extended Fund Facility (EFF).
    “Our BERT programme has a very heavy structural reform component in terms of transforming SOEs [state-owned enterprises] and the institutions. We had started on that programme prior to COVID, but because of the pandemic we would have halted some of the programmes that needed to continue on the reform agenda.
    “The truth is that we have to get back to the reforms, especially in the state-owned enterprises, if we want to continue to transform and get this economy growing.
    Now those programmes under the BERT programme will continue after the IMF mission is over,’’ he told the DAILY NATION.
    Greenidge said that while one could not rule out a successor IMF programme post May 2022, it would be premature to make such a call at this time.
    “The question of whether Barbados would have a successor IMF programme has to be answered in two aspects. The support that we are getting from the IMF for the BERT programme in the form of the EFF ends next year. It is too early now to make a decision on whether you would need a successor programme. The way these things are done is that somewhere around early
    next year, probably in the last review (Review 7), the IMF will engage the Government on if they want further support for the BERT programme in the form of an EFF.’’
    He noted that even if Government opted for an IMF successor programme, it might not necessarily have a financial component, as policy endorsement from the fund was also very valuable.
    He explained that much would depend on the state of the foreign reserves in 12 months, which currently were quite healthy at well over $2 billion.
    “The EFF that we have now provides financial support to the BERT programme, along with monitoring and technical assistance. A successor programme in countries may or may not have a financial component, but support in terms of endorsing your policies is always welcomed.
    “I am not saying that the Government will or will not have one, but if they do, the IMF support in terms of policy endorsement is extremely valuable. International rating agencies, international investors, the international development agencies, all take what the IMF says very seriously,’’ Greenidge said.
    “There is a strong argument for follow-up support from the IMF, but I do not know if that will materialise because it is too early to engage in that discussion. We still have two reviews to go.
    “We have a very healthy [foreign] reserve position and usually financial support comes when you have a financing gap, so at that point in time we will have to evaluate whether we have a financing gap in determining whether we are going to need more money,’’ he added.

    Source: Nation

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    • @Hants

      This should not be a surprise, many countries, many businesses, many individuals are divided on policy approaches/decisions made. It is the nature of the Covid 19 beast despite some on the blog defining it as a Barbados only challenge.

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    John Knox, of Bannatyne Plantation, Christ Church Parish, Barbados, West Indies should write a letter to inform the water authorities about his half baked water theories responsible for rises in Covid requesting a response, allowing them to write back forthwith issuing formal legal notice of a cease and desist order clearly stating that he will be held liable for libel and slander with financial claims against his inherited family estate bankrupting him for knowingly lying and spreading false rumour about the crap invented in his decrepid mind copiously in public domains with truly pathetic spam as evidence of proof in the prosecution’s case and he should seek legal advice.

    Did you mean: decrepit

  16. For Critical Analyzer from the c19 early site to which you referred me
    “Analysis of the efficacy of early treatments for COVID-19. Treatments DO NOT REPLACE VACCINES and other measures. ALL PRACTICAL, EFFECTIVE, AND SAFE MEANS SHOULD BE USED. Elimination of COVID-19 is a race against viral evolution. No treatment, vaccine, or intervention is 100% available and effective for all current and future variants. Denying the efficacy of any method increases the risk of COVID-19 becoming endemic; and increases mortality, morbidity, and collateral damage.”

  17. In my opinion, we should completely write off the winter season. As long as our population is not completely vaccinated, there will be no more regular tourism. All the bullshit with testing, masks and quarantine does not work at all. In addition, large parts of the population are backwoods and do not want to be vaccinated.

    Our government should already have enough neck irons forged – because soon it will have no other means of financing the state than to sell citizens to Saudi Arabia …

    Unless we finally implement my grand plan of a currency reform. With a fantastic exchange rate of 1:5, we will become a real magnet for investors.





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  20. “Here’s old Nige.”

    You do know Nigel Farage is a full on racist and you are not a simple minded naive cunt unaware posting his crap as you are a wicked and twisted pervert of truth.

  21. One thing I have found, Old Nige can be depended upon to excite the demons on BU and draw them into the open.

    The mere mention of Rush Limbaugh’s could also do that and even far better.

    Relax, Old Nige is just talking as far as I can determine about all the surgeries, diagnostics etc that have been put on hold due to the COVID pandemic.

    Nothing racist about this.

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