COVID 19 Update – 25.01.2021

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to be a challenge for many countries across the globe including Barbados. To shutdown or not is the question being asked by Barbadians. This evening’s briefing by the government will provide the answer.

Latest numbers presented by BU’s Lyall Small posted to COVID 19 Update page

Community spread has now been officially declared in Barbados and the testing backlog has been fixed. Attached are current charts up to 22nd Jan. We should now get a clearer picture of the dynamics of the virus in Barbados and the other 4 Caribbean countries we have been tracking. Panic now seems to be the general reaction here so far but I think that is unwarranted. I think that in about 3 weeks we should have a clearer picture of how the outbreak will likely progress here. In the meantime be very careful Lyall Small

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  1. @ Hal
    “After that, a small team, headed by the minister, along with an epidemiologist or the acting CMO, and one other, as the occasion arises, will update the nation.
    At press briefings keep the message short, use a small team, hand out press packs with all the details, and keep the website up to date.

    That’s how we started. Your critique of Bostic is harsh and without evidence. Bradshaw brought no particular clarity to the situation. And quite frankly I don’t see where this potential prime minister, you see in her comes from. Eloquence and speaking fleuently is not the be all and end all of messaging.
    The so-called two party system is what run Barbados since Independence. I don’t know waht other yardstick I can use to measure the good and the bad. And you know quite well that outside of a throne speech our governors general never get involved in explaining government policy . To suggest that the GG be given some extraordinaly role in this crisis is to throw gasoline on an already volatile situation.

    Having said that , I am still of the opinion that Barbados has managed the crisis so far better than either the USA or England.

  2. Read Liz Thompson overzealous news pertaining to vaccines
    The article states that barbados was on the list
    However articles from international news outlets states a different story

  3. February 2, 2021
    Government has been told it will get ten of thousands of doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine beginning from mid-February through the World Health Organization (WHO)’s COVAX coalition – enough that could possibly cover every elderly person on the island – Barbados TODAY has learned
    Ambassador Elizabeth Thompson, the head of Barbados’ COVID-19 communications unit, confirmed to Barbados TODAY the developments regarding the country’s vaccination pursuits, but no further details were available up to the time of publication

  4. @ William

    CoVid is not a political crisis It is a public health crisis being mismanaged by the president. My critique of Mr Bostic is not harsh. I have said that I believe he is a basically decent man, but he is out of his depth. What is harsh about that?
    You do not see the quality in Ms Bradshaw’s presentational skills on CoVid, but I beg to differ. The qualities she demonstrates: tone, emotional intelligence, empathy, etc are qualities I recognise.
    I said, on the basis of this, she could be a leader of the future. You are now arguing like @Lorenzo (I certainly do not regard you as in the same category).
    Nobody knows the future, and a young lad who may be a potentially good cricketer at age nine, may be a wastrel at age 16. It is an impression, that is all, a quality which all employers have to depend on when hiring staff.
    I was once told by a very influential administrator that I had potential, now look at me. He got it totally wrong. As to eloquence, in public education, the messenger is as important as the message. That is Communication 101, even if in Barbados they try to rewrite the scripts.
    Why does the president stand out from her contemporaries? Is it not because of her rhetorical skills on a political platform and in parliament? But those skills are not appropriate when delivering a message at a time of national crisis.
    Further, I have enormous respect for her, but she is not as intelligent as many of her fans think she is, but that is a very individual assessment. To some people she may appear brighter than Einstein.
    We have a two-party political system that we inherited, but in public discourse it does not have to be either or, black or white, a binary interpretation; there are many different nuances and theories.
    We advance by pushing the boundaries, not repeating the them and us narrative which many people mistakenly thing is serious debate.
    As to the governor general, I am not suggesting that she becomes involved in party politics; but as head of state she could lead the communication about a national public health crisis. I used the example of Princess Diana.
    This is exactly what a head of state does, it takes the message out of party politics and appeals to the entire nation, which we badly need at present. The president has confused the public and even herself. She is now the hindrance to good communication.
    Replay the briefing in which they tried to define community spread and cluster. If it was not so serious it would be humorous. I have not seen Dr George since.
    Finally, you are joining in the reactionary whataboutism that comes up on BU quite often. Nobody is comparing Barbados to the UK, I certainly have not. What is the relevance?
    And, for clarity, I think Boris Johnson has made a mess of managing CoVid; I know that because the scientific advice is often made public. Similar to Trump in the US.
    I do think that we live in a world of various experiences and we must look at best practice, but the final decision is ours and must be one fit for Barbados.
    Like all Barbadians, I am very thankful that CoVid has not taken more lives, and even the few it has taken are too many, but we could of done much better.
    In the meantime, people will suffer because of this nationalistic and irrational impulse.

  5. @
    Was there any blunder you can present as evidence that Bostic “ was out of his depth . Kindly bring it. Your fixation on Bradshaw should not cloud your harsh and unreasonable put down of Bostic.
    Bostic is perhaps the vest person at this time because of his successful military background.
    For your position to stand , you will have to prove two things:
    1. Proof that Bostic muffled the message or was not effective
    2. You will have to show that Bradshaw brought any known improvement or change to the messaging
    I hope I never see our Governor General thrown into politics especially in a crisis such as this pandemic.

  6. |@ William

    You are being impertinent. I do not have a fixation on Bradshaw or any Barbadian politician. This conversation arose out of my saying her presentational style for the crisis was better than the president’s or any of the other front people we have had so far. Is that a fixation?
    Instead it drift ed in to all kinds of nonsense about her performance as minister of education as if we have had an outstanding minister of education. Just go back over the last 26 years.
    Our educational system has been failing us for the last fifty years; just read some of the regulars on BU, many of whom went to the best schools in the country.
    Why are you asking an irrelevant question about Mr Bostic. Let me repeat: he comes over as a basically decent man who is out of his depth. What has that got to do with making mistakes or is that your interpretation of out of his depth?
    With respect, both your points are irrelevant. In public communication, the person delivering the message does not have to be the author of the message. That is why we have speechwriters. In Barbados we do things differently.
    I will say again: her tone, emotional intelligence, empathy, etc were all those the situation required, not making a political speech that was rambling. If you do not agree, then let us agree to disagree. That is an observation, not a fixation.
    And again, a national public health crisis is not a party political issue. It has been politicalise by the president. Even her nonsense of having spoken to the other political leaders came over as an excuse.
    This is our equivalent of war. The right person to RE- LAUNCH the public awareness is through a person that would command the attention of the entire nation. That person is the governor general.

  7. I have not spoken to a single Barbadian who lives here who views the GG as the person from whom they wish to hear in this COVID crisis. Most people view the position as a visitor to centenarians.

    Nobody really takes the position seriously anymore.

  8. Mr Skinner i do not usually agree with you but i agree with you on Mr Bostic.I think although he looks a bit uneasy at times he is forthright with his delivery and if he does not know he says so amd hands over to the medical experts.Therefore for Austin to be suggesting he is out of his death is pure nonsense.On the other hand he is continuously bigging up miss Bradshaw and like you i have seen little evidence on her covid appearances to come to this great communicator Austin is speaking about maybe he can present us in Barbados with some examples.As i pointed out i remember clearly the confusion she caused on at least one occasion where Ms Mottley had to get off her sick bed to clarify.However what do you expect from a man who claimed without any evidence that Mr Thompson had he lived would have been a great PM?

  9. Mr Skinner i do not usually agree with you but i agree with you on Mr Bostic.I think although he looks a bit uneasy at times………Therefore for Austin to be suggesting he is out of his death is pure nonsense……(Quote)

  10. @ Lorenzo
    This is the first crisis that a minister other than Mottley had to face , in this government. As the Minister of Health, Bostic performed admirably. I think that @ Hal is a bit hard on him. I can find nothing wrong with his ministerial
    handling of the situation. Any poll will give Bostic a high passing grade.

  11. “I think although he looks a bit uneasy at times………… he is FORTHRIGHT with his DELIVERY and if he does not know he says so and hands over to the medical experts………… Therefore, for Austin to be suggesting he is out of his death is pure nonsense.”

    @ Lorenzo

    And, ‘PURE DISHONESTY’ in this case.

    I hope you’ve noticed the difference when your comment is quoted within its intended context.

    The guy quoted your comments out of context by intentionally omitting the sentence that was essential to clarifying the point you were trying to make. In other words, he selectively excerpted words from their original linguistic context in such a way to purposely distort what you intended your comments to mean.

    It’s a ‘trick’ journalist use that is known as ‘contextomy.’ And, I’m sure you’re aware he engages in the quite often.

  12. @ Donna
    I agree with you about nobody expects the GG to be upfront in this crisis.
    However, Barbadians see the Office in a very serious light. The GG is like a quiet family member who is highly respected and from whom the entire family expects a high level of decorum.
    Furthermore the Office is seen as a high level of achievement by a citizen. Our first native born GG Sir Winston Scott came from very humble origins. Our current GG as well.
    Our previous GG made his mark by visiting our primary school students and encouraging them to reach for the highest standards.
    Quite frankly, when I look around at all these clowns in public life, it’s refreshing to know there is at least one office they have not collectively contaminated. And that will be the office of GG.
    I hope when we become a republic, the choices for our presidents will be of such fine citizens.

  13. @ Mr. Skinner

    I’m sure several rationally thinking people would agree with you that, under the circumstances, “Bostic performed admirably.” What proof is there that he has not?

    However, in MY opinion, Mottley’s interventions were unnecessary as she more or less politicized the issue and made it worse by establishing a communications team and recalling Liz Thompson to head it. I believe Mottley wants to be viewed as a PM who communicates with the public, unlike former PM Freundel Stuart. But, Stuart’s style would have been appropriate for this situation, because he would have allowed his health minister to take charge of the COVID-19 crisis.

    As I have mentioned in previous contributions, as Chairman of the Cabinet Sub-committee on COVID-19, Jerome Walcott should present the agenda and introductory remarks at the press conferences, as well as introduce the participants. Bostic should discuss policy, while the medical and public health experts discuss theoretical and practical applications.

  14. DavidFebruary 2, 2021 7:30 PM

    The office of GG is seen as purely ceremonial by the average Bajan.


    … and the average Bajan is pretty average!!

  15. @Cuhdear BajanFebruary 1, 2021 10:46 PM. “Installing insect screens on all windows and doors will help to stop the spread of chickV, dengue and zika.”
    @John February 2, 2021 7:00 AM It may help reduce but it will not stop!!!

    So we are agreed then, since I said “help to stop” I never said anything about eliminating.

    Still I screened all of my windows and doors more than 30 years ago, and nobody in my household has even caught chick-V, dengue, or zika. Keeping my screens on and my fingers crossed. We live normal lives. We go to work, school, worship and recreation like normal people do. But screens reduce the worry about mosquitoes biting while we rest or sleep.

    Screens are cheap and effective. I am fairly certain that you like cheap and effective also.

  16. @ Artax
    “However, in MY opinion, Mottley’s interventions were unnecessary as she more or less politicized the issue and made it worse by establishing a communications team and recalling Liz Thompson to head it. I believe Mottley wants to be viewed as a PM who communicates with the public, unlike former PM Freundel Stuart. But, Stuart’s style would have been appropriate for this situation, because he would have allowed his health minister to take charge of the COVID-19 crisis.“

    I agree with you 100 percent. In my opinion nobody has put it better than you on this matter. I have often said , in other places, that Stuart made his ministers face the public and they took plenty licks.
    You continue to be balanced and fair.

  17. @ William

    I am not sure if you are deliberately misunderstanding what I am saying or if I simply fail to make my view comprehensible.
    The office of governor general is ceremonial, in order of precedence, it is also the top officer of state. I said, given where we are, we need to re-launch the CoVid public education exercise and, given the mess the president has made of it, the person to do that will be the GG. This is exactly the role of GG.
    She will not be upfront and in front of TV cameras every day or two, it will be a one-off exercise; after that the campaign will be headed by the minister of health, from the ministry of health and not Ilaro Court, accompanied by no more than two others, one the CMO (we do not have any epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists or specialist scientists) and the other, on a rotating basis, will include the commissioner of police, the attorney general, Dr Forde, etc. That will depend on the agenda for that briefing. Do you get my point now?
    The briefings will be short, clear and relevant, with details included in a press pack and regular updates to the CoVid website.
    You seem to think I have been a bit ‘hard’ on Mr Bostic, but you have not said when or how I have been hard, unless you mean my saying he seems to be out of his depth.
    That is a personal observation and if you do not agree, then we must agree to disagree. He does look lost and unsure and that lack of confidence shows. Maybe we are coming from different angles and |I expect a standard that is not there..
    I repeat again, of all the people who have been fronting the public campaign since March of last year, Santia Bradshaw comes over as the most emotionally intelligent, hear tone is right and there have been no distractions.
    Talk about how she is doing as minister of education and the content of her presentation are all irrelevant and have nothing to do with her fronting the CoVid campaign. Her presentation is the result of a collective effort. It is the delivery that is important.

  18. Artax / William, ”But, Stuart’s style would have been appropriate for this situation, because he would have allowed his health minister to take charge of the COVID-19 crisis.“’

    Definitely do not agree. Stony silence and a lack of accountability to the public, because that is what transpired. Anything else is rewriting a sad history.

    On the contrary, the PM clearly recognises one thing. That the citizens generally have confidence in her, first and foremost. She is using that to keep a handle on things. Makes sense.

    Now, if you were to say that she should do so, but give the medicals teams and her ministers more exposure, sure. But she did that. She has stepped back on occasion, but has never been far off. I personally do not think, while they surely have the expertise in their roles, that the medical teams and the ministers have the public affairs savvy to manage perceptions.

    If anything, I think that the one who should have been brought in, instead of Min Thompson, is Dr. Adrian Lorde, if he was willing, who has that connection and ability to reach the public. He would have been the idea. communications links between the medical people and the public, as his own social media posts are convincing.

    But that is just my opinion.

    In a crisis, a ship’s captain is seen as the anchor. He does not relinquish that, even in appearance.

    Barrow and Adams would have done the same.

    I endorse this message. No doubt that I am in the minority here, but that is fine. We can agree to disagree.

    Let us be clear, even if, and this is a big if, not in the medical sense, once vaccines come, the situation does not get worse, it will surely be worse over a two to three year period, economically. She has to hold control now and be seen to be holding control, to prepare for what is to come.

    Making it worse is that every other country, possibly with the exception of New Zealand and Australia, are getting mauled by this virus, medically and economically. Even Canada, which has significant resources and went into this with a strong economy, is getting hammered.

    This situation will continue to reverberate to the smaller economies, for some time to come.

    In my opinion, the PM is doing exactly what needs to be done.

    To clarify though, the road is long. This is not just about the next nine months until everyone hopefully gets a vaccine. The complexities, both medical and socioeconomic are significant.

  19. Hal AustinFebruary 2, 2021 11:22 AM @ WilliamCoVid is not a political crisis

    We can agree to disagree here too. Every cataclysmic crisis is by its nature, a crisis of political ramifications.

    Today seems to be my day for disagreeing. Lol.

    JohnFebruary 2, 2021 8:13 PM … and the average Bajan is pretty average!!

    Everyone is average, but no one is average.

  20. JohnFebruary 2, 2021 10:09 AM COVID is like Dengue.We will continue to get it and survive …. or die!!Life goes on.

    Yes, a die that is cast will fall on one of six numbers.

    One thing that should not be ignored, is that a crisis usually (or maybe a better word is should) will propel developments in one area or another.

    Hopefully the positive out of this, is the propulsion of medical understanding and treatments for viruses and the human immune system.

  21. Crusoe i agree with you on Ms Mottley.The captain of a ship leads from the front not hiding in the back hoping things blow over.As you stated, Mr Adams both Tom and Sir Grantley, Mr Barrow, and Mr Arthur would have done the same.As for Mr Stuart in my view he would have hidden in the background letting his ministers take the licks examples witj the Cahill affair when he allegedly claimed he knew nothing of it until proven otherwise by a signed document or with 5he south coast fiasco when he spoke about punishing with laughter instead of confronting 5he problem in a timely fashion.Therefore looking at the two approahes i know which one i prefer.This is a critical time and Ms Mottley is 100% correct to be leading from the front with support from her team and the medical staff.Lastly .this talk about the GG leading this covid message is total nonsense as this is not her role.I will end by ssying a big thank you to the frontline workers for their hard work and implore all bajans to cooperate with the health personnel coming around doing their testing.

  22. @ Crusoe
    “ If anything, I think that the one who should have been brought in, instead of Min Thompson, is Dr. Adrian Lorde, if he was willing, who has that connection and ability to reach the public. He would have been the idea. communications links between the medical people and the public, as his own social media posts are convincing.”

    You are absolutely correct. This is not playing scrabble with your friends. This is about the lives of our citizens. This is not a by election in St.George. Why the hell we giving free education to doctors and cannot use them in a national health crisis.
    When we were combatting AIDS both administrations reached out to doctors whose words were trusted. Now we gone with a politician who is nothing more than a bull in a China shop.(Liz Thompson)
    First thing, admit that the message has been muddled and clean up the damn thing rather than try to defend ignorance.

  23. Perhaps the people William associates with are still impressed by the GG position. In my sphere nobody cares. Never even hear the name mentioned.

  24. Crusoe

    No problem if you “definitely disagree.” We all view situations differently and will form our opinions accordingly. It’s similarly to five people witnessing a vehicular accident and giving varying accounts of what occurred.

    In MY opinion, It seems as though Mottley appointed a Cabinet perhaps because it’s a constitutional requirement. If the PM believes it’s necessary to micromanage her Ministers and be ‘up front’ to speak on ALL issues, then, she should have appointed, for example, Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Health, Education and Tourism respectively.
    Micromanagement is more or less indicative of an autocratic style of leadership, which stifles productivity and creativity in the long term.

    How could “citizens generally have confidence in” a PM who attends COVID-19 press conferences and repeat the same clichés such as ‘we got this,’ when the situation indicates otherwise?
    If you believe “that the citizens generally have confidence in (Mottley), first and foremost,”………… by her actions, it appears as though she doesn’t have any confidence in her ministers.

    But, I hope you’ve realized this “stony silence and a lack of accountability to the public” is exhibited each time we hear about matters relating to the economy from Drs. Persaud and Greenidge, and NOT the PM, who is also Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment?

  25. @ Crusoe

    I am getting confused, and not for the first time. You are both saying t hat Dr Lorde should be a key part of communicating to the public.
    Are you suggesting that the messenger is as important as the message in this case, or that the existing team are getting the message wrong?
    @William says it is not a political campaign and, effectively, Liz Thompson was the wrong person to bring in. Aare we saying that the decision to call in Thompson from New York was a bad decision? And could that decision be made without the agreement of the president?
    Here is a quote from @William: “First thing, admit that the message has been muddled and clean up the damn thing rather than try to defend ignorance.”
    If this is true, who muddled the message, name names? Is there a need for a re-launch? Who should front this re-launch?
    @William also said that we have managed the crisis in Barbados much better than in the US or UK. In what way have we been better? Give examples.

  26. ”But, Stuart’s style would have been appropriate for this situation, because he would have allowed his health minister to take charge of the COVID-19 crisis.“’

    ANYONE that could make this statement NEEDS to go to the doctor and state that the drugs they prescribed are too strong and may have caused possible brain damage!!!!!!!!. It would explain some of the post here!!!!!!!!

  27. Most people I know are not impressed by titles anymore but by real accomplishments that make a difference to the people.

    But then I was raised by a mother who, many years ago, when asked about forming a choir of hospital staff to perform for the GG’s visit asked her “superior” if she thought she was some little school child. “Tell me about forming a choir to uplift the spirits of my patients and I will be up front and centre!”

    She often sang solo for them informally as she worked. Judging by her home performances, she would not have been particular about the lyrics. I guess it must have been difficult with her sinus impaired hearing. Scratchy records were not as clear as today’s technology. That must have been hilarious for the patients. It always was for me.

    But I digress.

  28. Quite frankly, since they brought back Liz Thompson I have not listened to a press conference. Nonsense! I really don’t get a lot from Mia’s old talk either. I preferred hearing from Bostic. Nuh lotta long talk and honesty! And in this crazy situation EVERYBODY is a little uncertain.

    Artax makes a good point.

  29. @ Hal
    1. Barbados does not have the proportional resources of the USA or England. We contained the virus up until recently because it was thought that we could keep the borders open and earn some tourists dollars. In the USA they’ve have ended up with hundreds of thousands of deaths and a botched vaccine delivery program. In England they have made several blunders and are still trying to get it right.
    2. I call the name I wanted to call(Liz Thompson). I am not going down the road of blaming individuals, I am blaming the administration that includes the government we elected. The messaging has been botched in recent weeks. The administration needs to correct and move on.

  30. @ William

    You suggest they have brought in Thompson and she has been like a bull in a China shop. Was it Thompson who muddled the message, or was she brought in after it was already muddled? If so, then who muddled it?
    You also claimed that Barbados has managed the crisis better than the US or UK; I do not have a dog in the race, but I asked you to explain why this is so, now you mention proportionality; how does this impact managing the crisis. Are we talking about management versus resources or is it size of population?
    One minute you say that we had contained the virus, which I find interesting; next you say the message has been muddled; and it has been politicised. Who is responsible for all this? And, if in phase one we had contained the virus, how did it get out of control? Plse explain.
    How does the administration correct and move on? Correct what? Move where? What are the several blunders made in England? Have the same blunders been made in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

  31. @ Donna
    “ Donna February 3, 2021 8:59 AM

    Perhaps the people William associates with are still impressed by the GG position. In my sphere nobody cares. Never even hear the name mentioned.”

    My position on the GG has nothing to do with the “ people I associate with”. I don’t roll like dat. As a primary school child, I stood up or was made to stand up in the boiling son to watch a white woman who was their queen pass and wave a white glove. I was made to sing Rule Britannia and wave the Union Jack. Today this day I consider it an injustice.
    We are building a nation and if we are going to throw out the baby with the bath water , we will stay exactly where we are. The office of GG and hopefully soon President must mean something to the psyche of the people. I am certain that little black girls from St. Phillip and elsewhere need women to look up to. Images are important once they are positive.
    Everybody is entitled to his/ her opinion. By the way , in my book, an agricultural worker or sanitation worker who does his job with excellence carries the same positive image. No different in my books from a doctor, teacher, horticulturalist, who demonstrate excellence.
    Sir Elliot Belgrave came from within the bowels of rural St Andrew.
    We are building a nation. Positive images are important.

  32. @David
    Is Adrian Lorde a DEM?
    Who cares? In a crisis shouldn’t be all hands on deck? Didn’t Mia say she consulted with Veral and the Bishop before making some changes? Mia is not above using people if it serves her purpose no matter their political leanings.

    To be honest I would have liked ho have heard Dr. Lorde, perhaps he was asked but he doesn’t seem to pull any punches and that could have scared people off.

  33. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Some good responses above. Each in turn:

    DavidFebruary 3, 2021 8:49 AM Is Dr.Lorde a DEM? I do not think that relevant to the post recommended. He is an accomplished doctor, who clearly knows his stuff and he will not be treating the patients, he will be in effect translating and ensuring focus on relevant points, as his social media posts have done.

    This intertwines with Hal’s query ”Are you suggesting that the messenger is as important as the message in this case, or that the existing team are getting the message wrong?”

    The first part, surely yes. A good communicator is essential at a time like this. That is what sets MIA apart. She is an excellent communicator, just as Barrow and Adams were. If you wish to delegate, get a good communicator. I am not saying that Minster Thompson is not, surely she is accomplished. But in this specific role, she does not match. Nothing against her, it just is. Dr.Lorde is superb in his delivery, on this area. That is what you need.

    Remember Giggurd and Boo? While Dr.Lorde is well accomplished medically, he has something that few have. That ability to translate and reach the average person. The Giggurd and Boo ads were very effective.

    In explaining an extensive WTO issue, Minister Thompson would surely excel, but not for this. No offense intended

    On the second question, I hesitate to use the word wrong. This is a crisis unlike any other prior. We are all learning and navigating. Not wrong, but not optimised.

    When it is not right, pick up on it, pivot and change approach.

    In cricketing terms that some of you might prefer, the batsmen have gone out and found the pitch bouncy and ball moving all over the place. The intent to dominate the bowlers by attacking early changes quickly to an approach of stick in and grind it out. Pivot and change.

    HAL ”Aare we saying that the decision to call in Thompson from New York was a bad decision? ”

    Not at all, but from what I see, her position, with worldwide contacts, should be in the background seeking resources hard and fast, banging doors relentlessly.

    This is not a one dimensional issue and needs to be addressed from multiple directions.

    ArtaxFebruary 3, 2021 9:05 AM A few bouncers in there Sir. But you are quite right on questioning, good points. You are right on different viewpoints. I split it into three. 1) Delegation, micromanagement and autocratic approach 2) Confidence and its presentation 3) Consistency with other areas, finance.

    1) Normally I agree with you, however, on this we have a major crisis. I do not think that her presence reflects her lack of willingness to delegate, but moreso her recognition of the gravity of the situation. Hence, micromanagement could be interpreted instead of a genuine intention to ensure that this does not go off the rails. I understand that. Working with rather than instead of.

    2) Again, MIA has an ability to communicate, that not many have. To reassure. Yes, sometimes the message repeated. But in the circumstances, that is what people need. Constant reassurance. It may not seem that way to you, you probably have analysed and reconciled yourself to outcomes. But many need that. That is what you may wish to consider.

    3) I understand your concern here. May I answer that the financial management is a routine process, albeit bringing the island out of instability, initially. Whereas, the Covid crisis is an existential threat that came out of nowhere? You may find that the PM takes a closer seat on future discussions in the near term, due to the impact of the pandemic.

    These are my interpretations only, yours will surely differ. I have no affiliation with any party nor government.

    • @Crusoe

      It matters given the culture on the ground. It is the same argument used against Liz being given the position.

  34. @ Hal
    White rum and cranberry juice please. However, if available, a straight Cockspur with a little ice cold water following. Have not had a rum and coke since the late 70s, Comrade.

  35. William,

    Ha! You were yards behind my mother who got licks at primary school for refusing to sing “God Save the Gracious Queen” and her fisherman father who washed the headteacher’s ass in cuss and threatened to bust it if they touched his daughter again. She was allowed to sing the last verse, “God save us ALL!”

    I think his exact words were, ” God save the gracious queen, my black ass!”

    And though I did leave my rounders game to line the road for the queen, I presented her with my backside as a protest.

    My positive role model was my mother who was the best housekeeper I have ever seen and the best nurse, whom the same Jerome Walcott often asked for help with a diagnosis.

    She was the most disciplined and organised person I know. She was a faithful wife, a great help to relatives, friends, neighbours and strangers.

    The only problem (and it was a big one) was that she was a perfectionist and expected us to be perfectly in her image. She had no patience with those in her household who could not keep up. It was hard on us and eventually, harder on her. I learnt lessons from that too, EVENTUALLY. One must strive for excellence but accept imperfection! Anything else drives one batty.

    So this little girl growing up in St. Philip did not feel the need, nor did she ever have any particular outsider to look to for her example. Cannot think of one!

  36. @ Hal
    Don’t know wuh happen. Many moons ago, I was asked to push a local brand. Nearly got arrested for selling pesticide illegally lol

  37. @ William

    All the big brand names had gin; many also had local port, falernum, t here was also tonic wine. Why are we going backward.

  38. @Hal Austin February 3, 2021 5:16 AM “(we do not have any epidemiologists, virologists, immunologists or specialist scientists)”

    How do you know this?

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