Sputnik Came Crashing back to Earth

Submitted by Nathan J Green

When the Russian built Sputnik became the first artificial satellite to enter space on Oct. 4, 1957, its alien beeping shocked America. Its signal stopped after just three weeks, and three months later, sky gazers could no longer see a little moving dot. It was the sputnik failure. Now there is another Sputnik failure.

An announcement appeared in the Russian publication ‘Tass’ and most regional press and online media sites. “Saint Vincent and the Grenadines was the first island nation of the Caribbean to register Sputnik V,” the statement said. “The vaccine was approved in Montenegro, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the emergency use authorization procedure without any additional local clinical trials.” They accepted it face value and commenced dishing it out.

Remember how the SVGs PM rushed to have his virus shots, said he was setting an example, hoping Vincentians would follow his example.

He chose to import the Russian ‘Sputnik V Vaccine’, which many, including myself, said was the worst of the batch. It was said initially at the time, it was only 50% effective. The Russians changed that, later announcing it was 80% effective.

Well, now it turns out it is hardly effective at all against the new variation of the virus, as Russia battles the surging Delta variant.

Vaccinated Russians are catching the Delta virus as Russia reported 24,353 new coronavirus cases on Monday, the third-highest number of daily infections since early January.

Moscow will start offering booster shots of the Sputnik V vaccine for individuals vaccinated more than six months ago, Moscow’s Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced last Thursday.

Germany started to close its borders to Russians starting Tuesday to prevent the importation of mutated Covid-19 strains, the German Embassy in Moscow announced.

Russia has confirmed the first Delta Plus coronavirus variant infections within its borders days after media sounded the alarm about the presence of the potentially more dangerous new strain.

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said Tuesday that 151,000 people in Russia are currently in hospital with the coronavirus.

Vincentians who have had the Sputnik Vaccine should ask him/it when they get the required booster shot. Let us hope this is not left until it is too late. Venezuela has lots; it was their leading choice because it was free, a gift from Russia.

At this very moment, it is probably more important than ever to seal SVGs borders, yes right now, follow the science, follow Germany’s lead, who closed her borders yesterday. Every Vincentian is at risk again due to a wrong choice by him/it.

Germany partially closed its borders with the Czech Republic and Austria’s Tyrol on Sunday over a troubling surge in coronavirus mutations. A thousand police officers have been mobilized to ensure strict border checks, which recall the much-criticized early days of the pandemic when EU countries hastily closed their frontiers to each other. That action has since been proven to be the correct procedure. When in doubt keep them out.

Every choice made by him/it has been the wrong choice, just as Vincentians’ wrong choice was in choosing a know all no nothing, such a fat liability. Now it is time to follow the science and make the right choice. Lock down the borders and give all those Vincentians previously vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine a booster shot.

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  1. Talk about an irrelevant blogger..

    GP cannot make a comment on BU nowadays without saying “John. this one is for you”

  2. Dr Tess Lawrie explains to a UK news presenter who the real dissemblers of misinformation are with regards to the safety questions surrounding the new-technology mRNA, Covid-19 vaccines – only allowed on the market because it is alleged by regulators and Pharma profiteers that there are no other safe, available and effective treatment options for Covid-19 patients. Dr Lawrie, explains that there are effective treatment options (other than under tested, rushed into use, new technology, vaccines)

    Dr Tess Lawrie Director, The Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd, Bath, England, United Kingdom, speaks out about Covi19 vaccines, lockdowns and more live on UK Talk Radio’s Mark Dolan Show..

    Dr. Tess is NOT afraid to say out loud the word IVERMECTIN.


  3. 555dubstreetJuly 16, 2021 7:19 PM

    GP cannot make a comment on BU nowadays without saying “John. this one is for you”


    Mrs. Robinson

    I have not taken the jab because I don’t believe there is enough data out there and I got to that realization on my own.

    Plus, I don’t respond well to fear mongering, I am too old and set in my ways.

    It has often got me in trouble.

    I have been vaccinated against several things, the most recent one being tetanus but that was 20 years ago so it has lapsed. I got it because the job I was hired for required it.

    I am not against vaccinations, just this one because I always learnt a vaccination prevented you from catching the offending illness.

    My opinions on American politics are my own and I have no hesitation in sharing them here or anywhere else, besides, they drive the BU lab rats crazy … others too!!

    I appreciate GP’s comments as I have found he is one of the very few people on here who actually knows what he is talking about and is not afraid to voice a contrary opinion.

    GP is probably having a dig at you and others …. as perhaps I am .. for you to decide!!

    Relax and take it in your stride.


    Sat, 07/17/2021 – 5:00am
    By the end of this summer, Cuba will likely have approval from the World Health Organisation (WHO) for two of the four vaccines it has produced, and that nation will be looking to export them by year-end so that regional countries can benefit.
    Cuba’s Ambassador to Barbados, Sergio Jorge Pastrana, acknowledged the above as the Cuban Barbadian Friendship Association, in association with the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration and other progressive organisations, held a press conference at the Israel Lovell Foundation recently to address the contentious situation in Cuba, and to call for an end to the decades-long embargo imposed on that country by the United States.

    Willing to share
    The Ambassador noted that once approved and ready for export, Barbados will be on the list of countries with which Cuba hopes to share its vaccines.
    “Cuba will share its vaccines with many countries in the world and, of course, you are our neighbours, you are the Caribbean. There is always the opportunity,” he remarked.
    Pointing out however that the process may take some time, the Cuban Ambassador is in the meantime encouraging Barbadians not to hesitate in getting vaccinated with what’s available here on the island.
    “Barbados has a very high rate of vaccination right now and it is important that every opportunity for vaccination is taken, as soon as possible. And we will definitely be able to contribute to Barbados and the Caribbean with our vaccines, and this offer has already started with all of the region, all of Latin America and the world, but it will take some time to finish the Cuban vaccines,” he stated.
    He added, “I must stress the importance of vaccination against COVID, because with any vaccine, you don’t have total security against getting infected with COVID. No vaccine has total, 100 per cent security against COVID, but what every vaccine that has already been approved has, is the opportunity for you to avoid a severe case that will cause [death]. So it is very important that you [take part] in a vaccination programme with any vaccine available, and eventually when all the due processes are taken, the Cuban vaccine will be exported, and I am sure the Caribbean will be amongst those who will be able to receive the offer to receive Cuban vaccines.”

  5. Two passengers aboard the Celebrity Millennium cruise ship – which carried only vaccinated crew and passengers as the industry aims to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic lockdown – tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of the cruise, the company said Thursday.

    Both were asymptomatic and were sharing the same stateroom.

    Contact tracing efforts were underway, Celebrity said in a statement, and anyone who came into contact with the duo was expected to receive expedited testing.

    “Celebrity Millennium is sailing with fully vaccinated crew and guests and following comprehensive protocols that align with our destination partners and exceed CDC guidelines to protect the health and safety of our guests,” a Celebrity spokesperson said Thursday. “All guests on Celebrity Millennium were required to show proof of vaccination as well as a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours before sailing from St. Maarten this past Saturday. This situation demonstrates that our rigorous health and safety protocols work to protect our crew, guests and the communities we visit.”



  6. There are plenty faked documents being presented and the tourist industry would be used as a testing sites for these fraudulent documents
    Not surprised that the cruise Industry is being targeted as a testing site

  7. Some people will not have themselves vaccinated but will procure or create documents indicating they were vaccinated.

    Was reading a story yesterday of such a case where a couple wanted to travel.

  8. Samoa and Vanuatu have no travel yet still have a few cases, 3 and 4 respectively.

    Their populations are 199K and 314K respectively.

    If no travel is rigorously enforced then how did the virus get there?

    … and having got there, how come it doesn’t spread?

    Dominica has to date 206 cases and zero deaths and does allow travel.

    Clearly no travel keeps rates extremely low but somehow a couple do appear.

    It may seem intuitively wrong but travel from outside does not contribute to spread in Dominica.

    So, what are they doing inside the countries that prevents the large scale spread??

    Anybody ever been to Samoa or Vanuatu in the past?

  9. This does not support the argument you have been making. It appears that these islands may have a similar, but stricter and more rigidly enforced policy than Barbados.
    In fact some have gone to the extreme
    “Micronesia has confirmed only one case of Covid-19 to date. The Polynesian island of Samoa and the South Pacific island of Vanuatu have just three cases each.

    Sounds like safe travel choices? There’s just one problem — none are allowing in tourists.”

    I did not see any mention of water and don’t pull “they are islands” explanation.

  10. For starters, elevation and water flow.

    Samoa and Vanuatu have maximum heights greater than 6,000 feet.

    Dominica has a maximum elevation of 4,700 feet.

    All have great annual rainfalls.

    Geothermal heating included in Dominica.

    Samoa and Vanuatu … Ring of Fire countries.

    Barbados is flat as a bake, is water scarce and has no source of geothermal energy.

  11. New Zealand also in the Ring of fire so is going to have significant elevations.

    Highest point 12,316 feet.

    Lots of rain, fast water flow.

    It’s the water!!

  12. There are three major stream water wells in Barbados, Bowmanston, Sweet Vale and Applewhaites.

    The water flows but slowly … and there is not a lot.

    Check this video for Bowmanston and compare what you see with what pertains on the surface in Dominica, Vanuatu and Samoa..

  13. There is water flow to the sea through the Sheet Water wells on the west Coast, Belle, Codrington and Hampton but it is extremely slow.

    It is real easy for the wells in Barbados to become contaminated.

    That’s the reason for the Zone 1 ring around every well, to keep the travel time to the well low and allow the concentrations of viruses and bacteria to fall as they die off.

  14. It is a no brainer.

    Just answer this question.

    Where would you prefer to be supplied with your water from, Dominica or Barbados?

  15. Singapore and the UK are both planning to ‘live with Covid.’ They are worlds apart on how to do that

    By Tara John and Nectar Gan, CNN

    Updated 0208 GMT (1008 HKT) July 17, 2021

    WHO official: Delta variant on track to become the dominant strain worldwide

    Singapore wants to stop counting Covid cases. Its roadmap could be a model for other countries

    Singapore wants to stop counting Covid cases. Its roadmap could be a model for other countries The UK government was widely condemned for being slow to implement pandemic control measures, such as mask mandates and lockdowns, as the virus began to spread in spring 2020. By contrast, Singapore was quick to shut its borders, implemented a comprehensive contact tracing and test ing program, and imposed quarantine requirements early on. Now the two countries are charting different paths out of the pandemic; their plans are likely to be seen as test cases for other nations as they ramp up their vaccination programs.

    The roadmaps

    In June, Singaporean lawmakers unveiled the country’s roadmap to a “new normal” in a letter published in the Straits Times, outlining a radical departure from Singapore’s previous “zero transmission” model. So-called “zero-Covid” approaches have been adopted by several countries and territories across the Asia-Pacific region. But the letter revealed that Singapore’s authorities were looking to change tack, moving away from daily monitoring of cases to a focus on medical outcomes such as “how many fall very sick, how many in the intensive care unit, how many need to be intubated for oxygen, and so on,” they wrote. Countries like Singapore are preparing to "live with Covid."Countries like Singapore are preparing to “live with Covid.”Eventually, they hope, Covid-19 will be treated as a less severe disease, like influenza or chicken pox. Weeks later, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson struck a similar note, predicting that Covid-19 would “become a virus that we learn to live with as we already do with flu.” Johnson announced plans to lift almost all coronavirus restrictions, including the mask mandate and social distancing rules, in England on July 19. He said the country’s successful vaccine rollout — under which 66% of the adult population has now received two doses of the jab — has broken the link between infections and severe illness. But Covid-19 case numbers have surpassed 50,000 a day in the UK at the same time that “normal life” resumes — nearly 52,000 new cases, and 49 deaths, were recorded on Friday.

    Scientists condemn UK's 'dangerous and unethical' reopening plans

    Scientists condemn UK’s ‘dangerous and unethical’ reopening plansEngland’s reopening is the latest pandemic measure to divide opinion in the country. While many in Johnson’s ruling Conservative Party support his approach, scientists have issued dire warnings that the health of millions of people is at stake, since herd immunity has not been reached and around 17 million people — some classed as extremely vulnerable to Covid-19 — remain unvaccinated. After modelling suggested that thousands of people may die if the UK reopened in June, Johnson kicked back the UK’s “Freedom Day.”Dr. Oliver Watson, a researcher modelling Covid-19 transmission at Imperial College London, told CNN there appeared to be little political will to delay the reopening further, despite the numbers, and the increased transmissibility of the Delta variant, which is now the dominant strain of Covid-19 in the UK. Watson contrasted the UK’s loosening of restrictions in the face of all the data, with the situation in Singapore, where — despite a determination to return to normal life — the authorities still appear keen to clamp down on cases of the virus. “The ease with which Singapore will tighten their restrictions in response to local outbreaks is just completely worlds apart to how they [the UK government] handles things,” he said.

    An “unethical experiment?”

    Singapore is currently averaging 26 new Covid-19 cases a day; no firm date has yet been set for its reopening. Singapore’s Health Minister Ong Ye Kung told Bloomberg on July 9 that Singapore’s roadmap diverged considerably from the UK’s “big bang approach” to reopening. “I think what we want is to take a more middle path,” he said, explaining that it was critical to achieve high vaccination rates and “maintain both containment and mitigation measures.” Around 40% of the Singaporean population have received their second dose of the vaccine, and the government says the country is on track to vaccinate three quarters of its entire population by August 9. Unlike the UK, adolescents over the age of 12 are included in the vaccination figures. The UK has yet to approve giving the jab to that age group. Mask mandates in England will end on July 19.Mask mandates in England will end on July 19.Ong told Bloomberg that “the balance will shift,” but mitigation and containment measures would not be abandoned. Instead, he said, Singapore’s reopening would be gradual, “package by package — nothing ‘big bang’ — and each step of the way, make sure we keep populations safe.” Back in England many are watching Boris Johnson’s reopening gamble with alarm. More than 100 doctors and scientists last week warned that not only was the move premature, but that “unmitigated transmission will disproportionately affect unvaccinated children and young people who have already suffered greatly.” The strategy will create “fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants,” endangering the UK and the wider world, they added. “We believe the government is embarking on a dangerous and unethical experiment, and we call on it to pause plans to abandon mitigations on July 19,” they wrote.

    One of the world's strictest lockdowns is lifting, but many are scared to go back to normal life

    One of the world’s strictest lockdowns is lifting, but many are scared to go back to normal lifeSpeaking at a press conference on Monday, Johnson defended the reopening plans, saying that the upcoming school holidays would act as a “natural firebreak” to help limit the spread of the virus among children. Johnson also called for people to take personal responsibility, and recommended they wear face coverings in crowded or enclosed spaces, despite his decision to lift the mask mandate. This reliance on personal responsibility has raised eyebrows. “It is very easy to [shift] that onus on personal responsibility and push the blame on the population” if deaths rise, Watson said. On top of the 17 million people without protection, an uptick of cases could also cause some partially or fully vaccinated individuals to die, he said, adding that it was “horrid” to watch the UK — one of the few countries in the world to have widescale access to vaccines — squander this vital tool against Covid-19 with an early reopening.

    Vaccines and testing

    In contrast to the UK, Singapore’s roadmap out of the Covid-19 crisis has faced little public opposition, partly thanks to high levels of trust in the government, which is credited with having helped keep a lid on the virus for the past 18 months. In its fight against coronavirus, the island state has advantages many larger countries do not: It has a small population that is accustomed to somewhat draconian, top-down rule-making. Additionally, its experience of the 2003 SARS outbreak gave it a 17-year head-start on creating quarantine facilities, building labs and a workforce for the next viral disease. That meant that, in the months after the first reported case in China, “we were right on top of this,” Dale Fisher, a professor in infectious diseases at the National University of Singapore (NUS), told CNN. A big part of Singapore’s success in containing the coronavirus lies in its extensive and aggressive contact tracing system. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, its Trace Together app tracks close encounters between people, allowing close contacts of confirmed cases to isolate swiftly. Use of the app is mandatory to enter shops and venues.

    Thailand's most popular island, Phuket reopens to vaccinated international travelers

    Thailand’s most popular island, Phuket reopens to vaccinated international travelers But it is not without its controversies. The government admitted this year that data from the Trace Together app can be handed to police for criminal investigations, sparking criticism from the public. High levels of vaccine coverage are central to the government’s reopening plan. But lawmakers are unsure if they will reach the 90 or 95% coverage needed for herd immunity, Health Minister Ong told Bloomberg. “We may get 80%, if we are lucky,” he said. Singapore’s authorities are working on the basis that Covid-19 will go from being a pandemic to being endemic among its population — it will still circulate, but at a very low rate. Singapore’s reopening will be gradual, and levers will not be lifted overnight. Despite its lower threshold of cases than the UK, Singapore’s current social distancing rules limits social mixing to five people. When 40% of the UK’s adult population was double jabbed in June — which is the current vaccination figure in Singapore — up to 30 people could legally meet in an indoor setting. And unlike the UK, entry into Singapore is largely limited to Singapore citizens and permanent residents — but they are required to quarantine for 14 days at a hotel or at home. At the end of July, fully-vaccinated people will be allowed to meet in groups of eight. Starting this week, staff in “higher-risk” settings — gyms, restaurants and beauty salons — will be required to take Covid tests every fortnight, according to a government website. Meanwhile, workplace testing is not mandatory in the UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not ruled out reimposing restrictions if a new variant emerges that evades vaccinations. Prime Minister Boris Johnson would not ruled out reimposing restrictions if a new variant emerges that evades vaccinations. As more people are vaccinated in Singapore, the number of infections will be less of a concern, said infectious diseases expert Fisher. Instead of reporting daily infections, the focus should be on how many of those infections translate into hospitalizations and deaths, he added. “It does change the game, because what a case meant a year ago when there was no vaccine, is quite different from what a case means now,” Fisher said. Still, Singapore’s reopening “won’t be the UK-style ‘take off your masks and let’s party,'” he said. The finer details of Singapore’s roadmap are still being drawn up by its health agencies, but Fisher reckons the reopening may see Singaporeans allowed to travel more freely, and to quarantine at home if they are vaccinated, rather than at dedicated facilities. People infected with Covid-19, and occasionally some of their close contacts, are isolated at dedicated Covid-19 facilities. But as Singapore gradually reopens, infected people will instead recover at home “because with vaccination the symptoms will be mostly mild. With others around the infected person also vaccinated, the risk of transmission will be low,” the Straits Times letter said. “The point is, we don’t want to keep it so tight, but we also don’t want overnight 5,000 cases,” Fisher said. “I think it’ll be about keeping a lid on it, but heading towards more lenient restrictions.”

    A balancing act

    While much has been made of the need to balance public health measures and the economy, the two are not mutually exclusive, experts say. “It may seem like it’s a good thing economically to open up the country right away, but if the end result is another wave of infections, which I think is reasonably possible in the UK, then in the long run it may have been bad economically,” David Matchar, Professor at the Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore, told CNN. Matchar said Singapore was attempting to lift restrictions slowly and steadily in order to prevent hospitals from getting overcrowded, and in turn prevent the economic shocks brought about by drastic lockdowns.

    Why Asia's 'Zero Covid' strategy could backfire

    Why Asia’s ‘Zero Covid’ strategy could backfire 03:07Events in Israel — one of the most vaccinated countries in the world — foreshadow the risks ahead. After lifting most Covid-19 regulations in June, Israeli lawmakers reinstated the indoor mask mandate weeks late on June 25 after a spike in cases caused by the Delta variant.

    Despite his earlier claims that the UK’s lockdown lifting was “irreversible,” this week Prime Minister Johnson would not rule out reimposing restrictions if a new variant emerges that evades vaccinations. “It seems a shame” that the UK can’t wait a little bit longer like Singapore, and instead is opting to gamble on the gains of its “brilliant and effective” vaccine rollout, Imperial College’s Watson said.

    Source: CNN

  16. Here is an example of a city built centuries ago and how it was supplied with water.

    Machu Picchu is 7,000 feet above sea level and it is fed by gravity, from a spring 1,000 feet higher.

    The water is always flowing because at that elevation there is plenty rain.

    Dominica is a bit like this …. go and see.

    There is an abundance of water at higher elevations where few live.

  17. Singapore has plenty experience with its water supply.

    As the article shows, Singapore had a 17 year head start on most countries through its experience with SARS.

    It is years ahead of everybody else where water treatment is concerned.

    As I’ve said before, we need to get some of their technology and work attitudes.

  18. @John July 17, 2021 8:08 PM “Texas lawmakers all vaccinated who fled Texas for Washington are testing positive for COVID!!”

    The Texas lawmakers FLEW [not fled] from Texas to D.C.

    John it is not nice to try to mislead the blog.

  19. @John July 12, 2021 4:37 PM “Keep outta de sea!!”

    Getting a sea bath tomorrow morning self.

    Sea baths always feel sooooo good.

    Had my 2 Astra Zeneca vaccines. Still I wear my mask when I am in indoor spaces, including sometimes when I am at home and people, even close relatives come to visit.

  20. John can do nothing else but mislead the blog. That is who he is. After all, he thinks Donald Trump is great. And Donald Trump lied all day, every day. He was the dumbest of all leaders and John Knox says he is a very stable genius.

    I don’t even bother to read his posts besides what I can’t help but see as I scroll past.

  21. Wait, David, you are trying to suggest that Singapore’s success had nothing to do with their management of the water supply??????

    Keeping out visitors, FOURTEEN DAY quarantines for returning citizens and residents, extreme contact tracing, mask wearing, testing, shutdowns, vaccinations??????

    We beat back covid twice using these measures. If we were not dependent on tourism, it would be GONE! The short quarantine necessary to keep tourism going is obviously the problem.

  22. Too many Looney Tunes! Cyan play all!

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    He saw black people there
    And he said “who dare let these n***ers choose who runs this nation?

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    On his way down he catches corona
    See Ghouli and Foolio down by the tool yard.🎶

    Simon and Garfunkel forever!

  23. John and GP


    Nobody gives a fuck what you think about Covid vaccines or that you were too scared to risk it

    Everyone else who took it made their decision for national interest to help relieve the situation

    Trump nuts are conspiracy theory trolls

    black ones are the worst

  24. Keep the Customer Satisfied

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  25. Bajans are soft

    Whip them jah

    If idiots like John and GP talked shit in UK or anywhere else they would be bitch slapped and put in their place

    most people don’t suffer fools gladly

    but bajans tolerate them

  26. I’ve already done Cecilia.

    I continued with Simon and Garfunkel because Johnnie Jackass started it. Enjoyed throwing his shit back in his face!

  27. Shut up John
    like the vaccine it’s a social courtesy not to talk shit and wear a mask
    some people have had both parents die in the same year from Covid

  28. From the text of a video presentation by retired UK physician Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc:

    This is the Battle that could WIN us the War

    I have, for almost 18 months now been asking Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance to debate with me. Whitty is, of course, the UK’s chief medical advisor and Vallance is the UK’s chief scientific advisor. Since they and their chums have closed down the country and since their lockdowns will result in millions of deaths, it seemed to me reasonable that they would debate their decisions in public. It is, after all, what scientists usually do.

    But they have steadfastly refused to debate with me. They know darned well that if they try to defend their decisions they will lose and the truth will destroy them and governments around the world.

    To be honest they would both start off a debate with a disadvantage.

    Whitty has worked with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – which has close links to vaccine manufacturers. And Vallance worked for years for GSK – one of the dirtiest drug companies in the world in my view. Indeed, the last time I looked, Vallance still had a lorry load of shares in that drug company.

    How could either of them defend their decisions with that sort of background?

    Their refusal to debate, and the refusal of government ministers and other advisors, to debate their decisions in public is one of the foremost reasons why we know that everything about covid-19 is fraudulent. If they had truth on their side they would be happy to debate because they’d know they’d win.

    More: https://vernoncoleman.org/videos/battle-could-win-us-war

  29. Covid cases rising in all 50 states! I thought this Democrat Hoax Disease pandemic was supposed to be over when Trump was.

    This is one time I wish John Knox (or probably Rush Limbaugh) were right.

    But alas…

    On the bright side, mostly right wing loonies remain unvaccinated. The world could do with fewer right wing loonies.

  30. DonnaJuly 20, 2021 6:09 AM

    Covid cases rising in all 50 states!


    Vaccinations don’t seem to be working!!

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