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There is one nettlesome complaint which keeps surfacing from Barbadians at home or abroad. It is always about lawyers wantonly violating standards of conduct as perceived in the court of public opinion and the ‘system’ repeatedly fail to redress.

These lawyers reallocate client’s monies, delay simple transactions to the detriment of clients financially, emotionally, illegally and otherwise. The result is that the reputation of the profession has been injured.

To heap on the issue for complainants is the inability of the Barbados Bar Association (BBA) and the Disciplinary Committee (DC) to discharge its mandate to satisfactorily treat with complaints submitted by general public.

The purpose of this update is to invite members of the public – through a simple process – to highlight matters submitted to the BBA or DC. In turn the blogmaster will track and highlight submissions in this medium and other social media platforms to ensure tension is exerted. The expectation is that parties named will see the benefit of resolving matters and be true to their moral and legal mandates.

This is a pilot project. Response from the public will determine next steps.

The blogmaster gives credit to PUDRYR for his input which led to the creation of this initiative.

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  1. Ok. I will show good manners and stop posting videos for now.

    You can find them on You Tube if yuh want.

    Jah Cure feat. Phyllisia Ross – Risk It All [Official Video 2018]


    PHYLLISIA ROSS “LIVE” in West Palm Beach @ Bella’s Banquet Hall! (OCT 26-2018)

  2. —–How one man sees it—–
    Who would have thought that they would see the recently deceased DLP arise from the dead and join hands with the BLP and third party SB. IF ever there was an unholy alliance, then that must be it.

    Do you remeber the the expression “three to one is murdah”, but on BU it is often five or 6 to one and now we have 3 parties (DLP+BLP+SB) all focusing on destroying a non-existent ‘turd’ party.

    Did you notice that the instant piece began to gain momentum, all hell broke loose. Accusations, ridicule, insinuations and hints of threats became the order of the day. D (Mariposa) and B(“Lorenzo”) et al doing frequent fly-by bombings. SB realizing it (or he) was being displaced quickly joined the attack.. Now we see other “Dems” emerging like worms from a decease corpse.

    It is clear that they have determined the only future for Barbados is leadership by the BDLP, with SB as the net that catches those who want a third party.

    Not yet failed. but on the shortest path towards failure.

    Dude, I still have your back

  3. For all of the lawyers crossing into criminality and hoping to find comfort in the Bar’s DC, and for the political operatives on BU hiding behind anonymous posts while doing mischief, this one’s for you.


  5. TheO:

    Do you agree that the B/DLP appear to control the established media? Do you agree that they will never allow a threat to the B/DLP system?

    If you agree, then what parties does the established media promote? The answer – every political party except Solutions Barbados.

    Who gets on to Brass Tacks – every political party except Solutions Barbados. We were only allowed on once since the General Election.

    Who gets on CBC TV? Every political party except Solutions Barbados.

    Who gets into the print media? Every political party except Solutions Barbados. Even Natalie and the Sherriff are given space.

    We write one article each week. We are grateful for BT and BU for giving us space. The other parties do not need to write articles, their opinions are always carried in the established media. You should be aware that like the other parties, we are also asked (by brave reporters) to provide our opinions on national issues, but they do not seem to make it past the editors. That should tell you something.

  6. You are an effing liar who has not provided any answers to the reasonable questions posed by Peter Lawrence Thompson.

    Peter Lawrence Thompson said that you had sought to hide and pretend that you had provided your Non Solutions for Barbados

    Peter Lawrence Thompson called you a liar.

    Up till today you cannot prove Peter Lawrence Thompson wrong by providing any evidence

    In the eyes of all Bajans Grenville Phillips II is a liar

    See if you can get a brave reporter to report on that story

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  8. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    Sometimes it is good to take a step back and “SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE”

    On another 2 blogs here about the prisoner held for 10 years on remand, people were remarking about how the thought a database should be used to stop issue like this.

    Jeff Cumberbatch the Luminary joined the fray with his blog and you genuflected to him as is customary.

    But among the remarks, was one blogged by the very focused blogger Mr Vincent Codrington

    And he says and I quote

    “…Vincent Codrington June 9, 2019 10:51 AM

    @ David BU at10:41 AM

    The systems of accountability are in place.

    They are not being enforced.

    It is man who has to enforce.

    Man is not doing so…”

    You are in possession of one of the most serious Databases in Barbados at this point.

    Yet, incredulously enough, on one blog here titled “The Forgotten Prisoner of Dodds” you chant nicely about how

    “…David June 9, 2019 10:41 AM


    Agree but without a system based on meritocracy to hold actors accountable how will this be achieved ?…”

    And in the “space of bytes”, you like that imagery? you show yourself to be an enemy to ghd very “holding actors accountable statement” you prettily espoused!!!


    But then I tend to forget that you are not really here to promote “Accountability” are you?


  9. SB, You can write all kinds of things all over the Place, Until you face the Naked Truth Your words mean nothing you shall be the BLP leg Number 4 ! Learn Rule of Law, Clear Title, better hope your land is Clear title if they are Part of this, Our Estate you shall be pushed off . for adding to the mess and hiding the truth that you know, and all of your trespass work done without Land Owner Permission, If you are in the Clear then good, If not Look out!

  10. @ David,

    page 8 Barbados Today online edition.

    ” Ross student admits to drug possession.”

    Are Barbadians treated the same when charged with similar offences ?

    • @Hants

      It is always about representation. A good lawyer will get the client a good result compared to a client without or a porakey lawyer.

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  14. Grenville…really…you dare to talk that nonsense..

    all i want to ask you if the Barbados electorate is fool ENUFF to allow you to pollute their parliament…HOW were you planning to stop Money Launderer’s Inc from moving tens of millions of dollars offshore….HOW?

    ah dare ya to answer that…ah take you have not spoken to Daddy yet…ya should..or ya just boldface, but boldface don’t stop the uppity from going to prison.

  15. ” Ross student admits to drug possession.”

    if it’s the same case, and not just any drug, but one of the most dangerous to the human body total destruction to the human race and ah can bet ya the police did not investigate to find the source of the METH either, they only investigate black people.

    if that destructive drug gets away on the island, they will know.

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  18. Read two stories in Barbados Today

    (1) Woman plead guilty to having 65 grams ($350.00 BDS worth) of marijuana. Placed on bond and ordered to keep the peace for six months. She was accused of having the drugs with intent to supply and traffic.

    (2) Next guy has to spend three weeks at the psychiatric hospital for assessment for entrance to Verdun house. He had a trafficable quantity of cocaine 25 grams ($65.00 BDS worth)

    The cocaine thing is a bit worrying, but I suspect a man with $65.00 is not a major player.

    Sum of wunnah are incapable of reasun and s o I am going to state that those engaged in drug trafficking should be punished. But traffickers? $350? $65?

    Do you think you can solve guns and drug problems when you just catching people with $65 worth of drugs?


    That is a headline in BarbadosToday. Every year they run out with the same speech at graduation and then do absolutely nothing to change the system. Nothing but lip service. The joke is that when a CJ passes on some joker will look at these useless speeches and say “The CJ fought hard and led the fight against crooked lawyers”

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