BU Covid Dash – Does the CMO Have Courage to Deviate from the ‘Script’?

The Covid 19 pandemic rages largely because of the highly infectious delta variant and it has raised questions about the quality of decision making by the public health establishment. 

In Barbados recommendations from the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP) continue to be at odds with public health directives. Acting Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anton Best was obliged to support government’s recent decision to amend the travel protocol to allow fully vaccinated visitors with a valid PCR test to skip a second test and to observe quarantine. Bear in mind the ease in the entry requirement comes at a time the Covid 19 infection curve has not plateaued. 

The other question being asked is the reluctance of the medical fraternity in Barbados, both, public and private to deviate from the ‘script’ by prescribing off-label drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Although the establishment has not authorized these drugs to treat Covid 19, several favourable reports have been reported by some medical practitioners. We know the several Covid 19 vaccines are certified to prevent serious illness and death BUT …

Has the time come for Barbados health officials both public and private to agree to expand therapeutic options to treat Barbadians in the prevailing environment, approved by the FDA be damned?

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  1. Programmer proverbs Listen carefully to your data

    John and AC are crowing loudest and still dwelling in their ignorance and prejudiced assumptions while not deeply exploring the meaning and value of information and will therefore stay wrong in any situation. This begs the question what is their understanding (as in misunderstanding) of free chlorine water treatment.


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