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The Grenville Phillips Column – Hero or Villain

I have been repeatedly pressed to declare how well our Prime Minister performed during tropical storm Dorian.  No matter how many times I have responded, the requests keep coming.  To avoid further requests for a comment, my full response follows. As the storm approached, our Prime Minister: explained the situation, encouraged people to prepare, closed businesses at a reasonably time,

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Mottley’s Dominant Leadership Style

There is a conversation that has emerged in Barbados concerning the ‘visible’ leadership style of Prime Minister Mia Mottley. A style that is accentuated if compared to the unobtrusive approach by her predecessor. Some feel justified levelling the criticism because Mottley presides over the largest Cabinet in the history of Barbados, probably the world if measured on a per mille

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Message to PM Mottley: Why is 747-400 Boeing Being Registered Under Barbados Colours in the Dark?

Submitted by xxxxxxxx Why is there a big white end of life Boeing 747- 400 aircraft, capable of carrying 490 passengers or troops 7,285 nautical miles non stop, sitting at Grantley Adams International Airport for the past month being de-registered from an FAA holding registration of N508BB to a Barbadian registration of 8P-ERI? Research shows that this is the very

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