Senator Franklyn Wins Case Against Top Lawyers


Senator Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

The following was posted as a comment to the blog Senator Caswell Franklyn Speaks – Mock Police Part 2 .

– David blogmaster

Ezra Alleyne, even though partially conceding that he was wrong, attempted to obfuscate the issue with nonsense about the Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs and by attempting to place blame on civil servants. He is wrong on both counts.


It is not a civil servant’s fault if the Prime Minister, who has been a member of Parliament continuously since 1994, has not as yet grasp parliamentary procedure. The mistake that she made up to prove me wrong is too basic. It would appear that she is only concerned about power not about observing the niceties involved, in other words, a dictator.

Now to the Biggs’ case of which Ezra exudes such pride. To this day, he does not realise that he was being used by the British government to ensure that Biggs was not repatriated to Britain, since he would have been an embarrassment to people in high office in Britain.

I was an immigration officer in the early 1980s and can say without fear of sensible contradiction that there was absolutely no reason for the UK to pretend that it was seeking extradition. Biggs was kidnapped and brought to Barbados by his captors. He was never legally allowed to enter this country. That being the case, any immigration officer could have refused him entry and put him on any craft to any country that was willing to accept him. Britain did not want to accept and staged a charade, with Ezra included, to ensure that Biggs did not go back to England. It amazes me that to this day Ezra is still proud of the fact that he was used or he still has not come to grips with that fact.


  • Lorenzo is always calling for me to attack someone. There was a call to attack piece for his interaction with the blogmaster. Now he states that he has never seen me attack Donna.

    Dear sir, since I am your attack dog,
    Please give me a reason and watch muh..(Gimme the vote and watch muh)

    Who else do you want me to attack??? Grrrr


  • “As you stated lucky we are not in the same space cause i would beat some sense into you.”

    Lorenza is a real sheman yo…


  • Unfolding saga? Major sensationalisation typical of BT.


  • How often has the country heard disgruntled politicians promise to tell all in the fullness of time or in the coming months? I don’t need to refresh anyone’s memory on that score.


  • Sargeant,

    I think I have three quarters of the story but I don’t spread rumours even if from a most reliable source.


    Pay no more attention to the cockadoodler. He has already had his quota for the week.


  • Gazzerts others like myself tell you all the time you rush to respond to things without understanding what you are responding to.I told you to attack anyone at anytime?It seems that the liar Waru rubbing off on you.I STATED THAT DONNA SAID SHE HAD NOT SEEN YOU ATTACK ROBERT. WHAT PART PF THAT TELLS YOU I WANT YOU TO ATTACK DONNA? You further ststed i wanted you to attach Piece again a lie.I asked you if you agreed with Piece disrespect for the blogmaster up to this day you have not answered after disappearing Where in thet question i told you to attack your leader Piece?Earlier you stated some nosence that i was loosing heart and i asked you to produce the quote which you could not because it was another lie.Why would i lose hope when i saw that the Dems squeezed back in in 2013 and being clesrly invompetent would have been rightfully thrown out in 2018. Does that make sense to you?As member of the clique and the Da.n Lying Party i vuess you cannot help telling lies.By the way your partner come with an expose recently meaning Waru and was blown out the water by Khaleel had to look for holes and change the topic poor soul . Happens when you are deceitful and a liar keep on with the lies see how far you get.


  • @lorenzo
    Let us clear up the lies
    (1) There was a time when you were asking me to say something to piece. You can call it what I like, I saw it as a call to differ/disagree with piece.

    (2) I will come upon it, but I know there was a time after the election when your spirits seem to give way. Shortly afterwards it perked up. I assume that they put you on the gravy train.

    (3) for this item you have a point. In the future, I will insert commas, capital letters and periods in what you write. I made a mess of this text “Hear you i have never seen Gazzerts attack you you sufferi ng from glucoma or thatPiece can,t change what the hell this means that like you we have to accept his behaviour hell no.”


  • I want to get awaY from the personal exchanges. So I will ignore Lorenzo from here on. Besides, I cannot translate his text accurately.

    Bringing back the three exchanges rule. Mr L our dance is over. Change partners


  • @ Khaleel Kothdiwala May 27, 2020 2:22 PM
    “How often has the country heard disgruntled politicians promise to tell all in the fullness of time or in the coming months? I don’t need to refresh anyone’s memory on that score.”

    So you are beginning to catch on to the modus operandi of politicians especially when they are in an imaginary fishing competition for votes from the naïve masses like the long-in-the-tooth king yardfowl Medici Lorenzo and the starry-eyed whippersnappers like the Koochi Koo.

    Now you can see why that red bag of tricks will remain sealed from scrutiny from inquisitive but naïve eyes like yours.

    Listen little man, when two politicians (one dressed in a blue shirt and yellow trousers and the other in all red) look into the same mirror how many faces do you think they would see?

    Why do you think Denise the lowe-down menace (a trickster in a dog collar hiding from the bailiffs before its winnings from the politician’s lottery) can walk away with a large amount of unexplained dosh stashed away in his dead mother’s bank account?

    Can the password to that account be found in that red bag?
    Lorenzo- that eye servant always bedecked in his rear-end valet colours of red should know, not so?


  • The Complete Literary Works of Lorenzo de’ Medici, “The Magnificent” (Italica Press Medieval & Renaissance Texts) Paperback – December 2, 2015
    by Lorenzo de’ Medici (Author), Guido A. Guarino (Translator, Introduction)

    Lorenzo de’ Medici (January 1, 1449–April 9, 1492), known as Lorenzo the Magnificent, was the scion of the powerful and wealthy Medici family. A diplomat, politician, patron and friend of artists and humanists, he was also ruler of the Florentine Republic from December 2, 1469 until his death. Although he died at the age of forty-three and ruled for only twenty-three years, he was well recognized for his importance to the Florentine High Renaissance, and his death coincided with the end of its Golden Age and with the onset of renewed strife among the Italian city-states. Lorenzo was also an author and particularly a poet. He wrote in a variety of forms,


    “He wrote in a variety of forms.” I don’t think he wrote in gibberish though!


  • Piece the Prophet

    @ Honourable Blogmaster

    Note to Honourable Blogmaster.

    Of late, Hee Hee and Hee Haw and Man-Chile have not bee addressing De Prophet respectfully

    Could you place all 3 of them in moderation until they become more respectful of de ole man?

    Tron ye olde Sexton give de ole man this advancement AND DESE SCAMPS JUST COME AND MISBEHAVING


  • @ Miller

    No one is deluded about the reality of politics. Some however are deluded about something else. You can live in a fantasy world or you can live in the real one.

    @ Piece
    I don’t think I addressed you by your former self-bestowed title either lol.


  • NorthernObserver

    “You can only donate actual revenue, not expenses”.
    Is this from the NIS accounting manual? We already know the MoF considers taxes owing, but which will never be paid, an asset. I suggest the BRA package these, and sell them at 15% of the original amount. I will buy them, and send my collection squad down. They are not very bright, but dress well and are very effective. We all know you cannot get blood from a stone, but those owing are not stones?


  • Piece the Prophet

    Little boy,

    You bore me!

    You have the words BUT NO SOUL!

    You can converse about the topics BUT YOU ARE NOT INVESTED IN THEM therefore you pose no intellectual attraction to me.

    The Name changes for the pseudonym is part of the persona

    A few understand what its purpose is and why the character has these “promontories”

    You are too young and too simple to understand Koochi Koo.

    And I will continue to use you as my digital beat** until you have served your purpose

    And even as I’ve told you what that purpose is YOU CANNOT STOP BEING **** since I have turned you out!


  • Oh dear!


  • @ Khaleel Kothdiwala May 27, 2020 4:18 PM

    So why do you find it so politically immature to accept the political manoeuvre of the red Bishop in order to top-up his pension and benefit from the perks of office rather than sitting on the back bench with only the trimmings of an ordinary MP to live on?

    Isn’t it financially better and socially more recognizable to be the single boss of one fish in a small pond than just be another insignificant sprat in an ocean full of political backstabbing sharks?

    That’s the man 30 pieces of silver; to couch the analogy in ‘raw’ political imagery!

    The pawn has done his political duty.

    Are you now ready to grant the red bishop his politically-legitimate ‘Green’ jacket to be worn even at his funeral in the electoral graveyard?

    If there any little consolation we might offer you in your travails to find a “real” Opposition, we present the real right honourable gentleman Senator Caswell the No Nonsense Franklyn for the taking and NO Bribing.


  • Gazzerts more diatribe i asked you a auestion requiring a yes or no answer and you tell me of differing with Piece.Who the hell is Piece that you cannot differ from him.Are you a msn or a child absoulute rubbish as you still cannot answer.Secondly LOOSING HEART AFTER THE ELECTIONS YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING I WAS ONE OF THE HAPPIEST MEN IN BARBSDOS TO SEE THE BACK OF IN MY VIEW THE WORST GOVERNMENT IN THE HISTORY OF BARBADOS. Lastly you should understand what you read before responding bottom line. I done with you two Dem hyprocrites.Imagine Donna and you calling someone yardfowls when you two are barring Mariposa two of the biggest Dem yardfowls.Donna constantly talk about voting for Ms Mottley and watch ma.She like she wants Ms Mottley to repair in 2 years what her Dems mash up in 10.How unreasonable can anyone get?Nobody ever claimed this government was perfect , heaven knows the last one was a disaster.Tell you what Donna and the naysayers next time vote gor the political nightwatchman or the mock party and see how far wunna get in 2023 god spare life.Meanwhile look for real issues to discuss like life after covid instead of this non issue.


  • @ Miller

    You really have no conception of what political legitimacy is. Here’s a hint: financial aggrandisement has nothing to do with it. He began as politically illegitimate and so he shall end in 22/23. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another what he does or why. It doesn’t take away from the fact that you can nary find a single person who regards him or his PdP as legitimate, besides their spouses and perhaps close friends and maybe one or two other wacky individuals. It is because of his political manoeuvre that he is illegitimate politically. The English would consider you rather dense.

    Btw your Senator Franklyn is led by your “red bishop”.


  • @ Khaleel Kothdiwala May 27, 2020 5:14 PM

    An accurate observation. The red bishop is just a construct of our leader Mia Mottley, the greatest political genius of all time in the Caribbean. In that respect, the senator is a red branch of the red tree.

    If that is so, we have to accuse the senator of deceiving the electorate because he is constructing an antithesis where there is no antithesis at all.


  • If the D party died, some of you would die or have to resurrect it.


  • @ Khaleel Kothdiwala May 27, 2020 5:14 PM

    Koochi Koo, the legitimate baby of Shaitan, why do you have to speak with such a forked tongue of contradiction?

    You are really too young to be burden with the curse of lying.

    The duly elected MP is “legitimate enough” to distribute largesse from the Sandy Lane Charity Fund but not legitimate enough to be the duly elected representative to the same needy people of SMW, for now or post 22/23.

    If you are a real political animal of a man why not call for his resignation from the position of the LoO since he holds no political legitimacy as an MP?

    If the red Bishop wasn’t stricken with the curse of money he should act out of ‘pure-in-heart’ principles and resign from the position of LoO and let the G G, upon the counsel of the AG, fill the role.

    Now that would silence the loquaciously obstreperous Senator and put him out of the sole ‘Opposition’ business, right Tron!

    But as the Christian folks would say: ‘God moves in the most mysterious ways, His wonders to perform’.

    Just ask the ‘witnessing’ apostles like Durant who believed David T could have been resurrected like Jesus.

    Arrogance is the glove to the hand of hubris which fits you perfectly.

    Don’t let it be your political downfall.


  • Millie

    Why should I call for the Bishop to resign? His position is legally sound. He is duly elected as you point out and stands on solid constitutional ground as LoO.

    I am very perplexed however that someone who professes such intelligence as you do, cannot grasp that “political legitimacy” which has to do with the de facto political reality exists separate and distinct the de jure legal position. Please explain to me what is so difficult to understand about that Millsy.

    I don’t need to call for Atherley to resign because firstly he’s on firm legal footing and secondly his occupation of the position holds little de facto political significance. Why should a person bother themself about whether he occupies the constitutional seat of LoO when the next election will act just like the capitalistic market forces and boot him from Parliament and if the people of the country decide restore the usual order of things with a small DLP Opposition. So why would anyone waste their time bothering with people who have only been created by law but have no political significance.

    To reiterate for you Millie, de book and reality ent in sync at de moment but at de next election evuh ting gine get fix. In de meantime de Bishop enjoys de office until he time up. As Robert would say, “Capiche” lol.

    I do not see how you could possibly still not see the difference between de jure and de facto. You’re a barrel of laughs Millsy

    Btw I had no idea that charity to the less fortunate was “largesse”


  • “Happens when you are deceitful and a liar keep on with the lies see how far you get..”

    yall keep forgetting that none of us on here have to go begging for votes in 2023….don’t have to walk with a red bag of evidence either…

    Donna…mental retardation, irreverisible..


  • “Miller,

    “He wrote in a variety of forms.” I don’t think he wrote in gibberish though!.”



  • Poor Waru you thought had a big expose about Ms Mottley only to be blown out the water by Khaleel.You might be able to get awsy with lies on facebook but not on BU .Fortunately i do not hsve to beg for any votes as i am not a politician or family of any.Therefore i can call you and your clique out for fun for your hyprocracy and lies.


  • So now we have big hardback men and women, AND IN-BETWEENERS, and two Rented Jackasses, a Rapist and the BLP reporting lies hiding behind the soiled pampers of this Man Chile Koochie Koo who is also playing up in Mugabe Mottley’s doo doo

    So much scatology


  • Russian roulette or crisis management at its best.

    ” The 1 188-foot-long Harmony Of The Seas, the world’s longest cruise ship and the second largest, arrived in Barbados today on a humanitarian mission.

    Harmony Of The Seas is carrying over 4 000 crew members and will be facilitating the repatriation of crew, who have been stranded at sea for weeks, to their homes in Indonesia, the Philippines, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Romania, on chartered aircraft over the next few days. The ship will be here until early June.”


  • @ Senator Caswell Franklyn

    De ole man has sent emissaries to you but wonders if you have received the information.

    A question about the articles that the Dishonest Ones in the Barbados UnderGround Borg has tried to kill

    You said and de ole man quotes

    “…Ms Mottley maintains that she was entitled to create that post by virtue of the power she has, as Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, in accordance with section 13.(1) of the Public Service Act…”

    Every week yo have to be correcting this dictator who is changing the laws as she feels like

    Every week you out there representing bajans

    For $1,000 a month which the Mugabe clown saying that you are not worth this money.

    But bajans are seeing what you are doing Caswell



  • “You might be able to get awsy with lies on facebook but not on BU ”

    got clean away…just like the big red bag of evidence to lock up DLP ministers for corrruption and lock up Maloney for the death of the Holder child ….ya should be asking why it so rattled the “many hands made light work” LIAR….that is a mystery for fowls to solve….

    …when ya figure it out let me know…

    ah want to catch ya on FB with all ya bad grammar…but ya stuck on BU..


  • Poor Wsru i do not do facebook.I do not have the free time like you to be on every social media platform.We will wait for your lies here on BU to expose you.Therefore before you ppst here make sure you have the facts.


  • @ Khaleel Kothdiwala May 27, 2020 7:28 PM
    “I am very perplexed however that someone who professes such intelligence as you do, cannot grasp that “political legitimacy” which has to do with the de facto political reality exists separate and distinct the de jure legal position. Please explain to me what is so difficult to understand about that Millsy.”

    And who sets those “rules” to determine any MP’s political legitimacy?

    A legitimately partisan hack like you?

    What political de facto rule(s) did the ‘red’ bishop break to make him so ‘illegitimate’ only in your political baby eyes which have not yet seen a political star pitch, to expatiate in a good ole form of Bajan satirical analogy?

    The honourable member was elected under your parliamentary democracy system using the Westminster model of governance to ‘Represent the [ALL] people of SMW via the ‘first-past-the-pole’ arrangement; not only the people who voted for him.

    That’s the source and continuing basis of his political legitimacy as demonstrated in his ‘right’ to distribute the proceeds from the SLCF to ALL of those constituents in material need and not only those who voted for him or lay claim to have voted for him.

    Was Owen Arthur also ‘politically illegitimate’ when he resigned from membership of the political party which had lost its ‘Red’ soul under the leadership of an accused despot?

    Was he politically illegitimate to leave the Opposition benches and sit as an Independent MP representing the people of the St. Peter constituency?

    Here is what the unintelligent simpleton “your dear sweetie lover Millsy” sees as ‘Political illegitimacy’ in the most de facto of de jure of terms:

    An MP loses his or HER political legitimacy in the eyes of the people when he or SHE is elected on a platform of blatant lies and deceit still stored in a red bag of chicanery.

    You do not make promises to people to honour the memory of their dead children by doing the complete opposite.

    The red Bishop, now turned ‘green’ with shame, is therefore guilty by aiding and abetting in crime, both political and moral.


  • “We will wait for your lies here on BU to expose you.Therefore before you ppst here make sure you have the facts..”

    When ya coming be sure to tread very carefully….landmines ahead…you are too lightweight a fowl to be blown up….nevertheless, ya done know how easy it is to make fowls EXTINCT.


  • “An MP loses his or HER political legitimacy in the eyes of the people when he or SHE is elected on a platform of blatant lies and deceit still stored in a red bag of chicanery.

    You do not make promises to people to honour the memory of their dead children by doing the complete opposite.”

    Oh no…it’s all about the liars on BU….not the low class liars in the parliament….lying to the populi for decades….KEEPING them and 2 generations of their children and grandchildren forever DEPENDENT on handouts and tourism for 60 YEARS….while they TIEF ALL taxpayer’s and PENSIONER’S MONEY take ENDLESS BRIBES, boast every opportunity they get what millionaires they and their minority parasites are …..and are proud to highlight their own people in the media AS BEGGARS…

    The majority population have been DEPENDENT for 60 YEARS….,the last 40 is because of the black face thieves in the parliament and their corruption…..,they are DIRECTLY responsible for what is happening now in real time…but no, let’s go on BBC and BOAST how far we have come into poverty in the last 100s years, like no one knows what’s really going on…yep, that’s quite some progress and achievement……we know they are so proud the multi-millionaires of parliament.

    But the one thing they will NOT get away with is using the plague as any excuse….you know why….because many islands who have not had the level of loans, grants and cash flow generated by the people in Barbados in the last 40 years…..though under stress as everyone else and need assistance too….are still not sinking AS RAPIDLY as Barbados into POVERTY…

    So it is a mystery what they are trying to FOWLSPLAIN anything AWAY.


  • Dont stop now sheman Lorenza…keep bringing it…,ah love a challenge..


  • Miller…if they were paying attention and going on OTHER social media platforms, they would know that ALL of government financials ARE NOW OUT THERE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE AND ANALYZE….

    ….but no, it’s all about BU liars…..not that they can say or do anything about it ….as i said 2 days ago…this is all way ABOVE the limited intellect, limited knowledge fowl’s HEADS…,,and if ah catch them out there with their ignorant selves, they will see what for…


  • So where did all the fowls go, don’t tell me, the same fowl(s) who said that they don’t have all the time i do to be on every social media platform are now all over social media looking for the government financials that got posted…wuhloss…lol

    BU Liar…. 1



  • Miller…ah waiting for them to finish powpow…


  • @ Millsy May 28, 2020 5:37 AM

    Now seeing this piffle. You clearly can’t see the distinction, not so much because you are incapable of doing so, I think you have at least the intelligence of a six year old so you could understand that, but as usual you reject the facts to suit whatever end has been chosen for today out of the agenda of the DtM brigade.

    I am happy that you admit your reasons for believing Mottley has lost her political legitimacy as being that of a simpleton. That is a start at least. Of course to say those reasons are simple is charitable. In truth and in fact they are delusional, as expected from an empty vessel of animus.

    And therefore I will draw a line under this discussion by saying that political legitimacy measured in real political terms will be established at the next election. When Mottley and her team is returned to parliament well in excess of a two thirds majority and your pal Piece’s PdP accumulates 100 votes between them.


  • @ Khaleel Kothdiwala May 28, 2020 12:29 PM

    Before you draw the line, here is one last shot across your bow before you are sunk by a torpedo guided by the animus from the ghost Abijah.

    Isn’t the red bishop’s political illegitimacy, according to you, derived from his reneging on his promises made to the electorate on a platform under a Red umbrella?

    Didn’t you argue- and most persuasively so- that the red Bishop’s ‘crossing the floor’ of the Parliamentary Rubicon was a downright betrayal of the red proposals, policies and promises made to the electorate which automatically qualified him as politically illegitimate and not fit to be a ‘politically proper’ member of that augustly honourable chamber, and by extension, his ‘green’ party?

    But you must remember this, although guilty by association, the red bishop unlike the red queen on the black and white board of the electoral chess game did not make any party and personal commitments to Abijah’s mum to seek Justice for her family.

    Now go and evade that shot as is your wont to do when the Truth comes to visit to judge who is politically illegitimate from who is a downright bastard of a liar and competent decever.

    “People with good intentions make promises. People with good character keep them.”

    “O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do? Great, it is in contempt to Allah that you say what you do not do.”


  • Millie

    I would be more than happy to continue this discussion with you after Election Day 2022/23, if you can be found after the sting of that humiliation.


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