Is Little Barbados Leading the Charge to Disrupt Global Financing?

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The Government of Barbados Forms a Coalition of Multilateral Banks to Develop Resilient Infrastructure and to Drive New Social and Nature Capital Investments, Building on Its Resilience and Sustainability Facility at the IMF

June 23, 2023

Washington, DC: The Government of Barbados announced at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in Paris an integrated package of innovative initiatives to accelerate its transition to net zero, boost resilience, enfranchise workers, and draw in private sector investment while prudently managing public debt levels. These initiatives build on the ongoing climate policy reforms, supported by the Resilience and Sustainability Facility with the International Monetary Fund, which are expected to play a catalytic role in mobilizing private and public sector financing for climate projects.

This package of initiatives reflects unprecedented cooperation and a new “system approach” between the Government, its Resilience and Sustainability Facility (RSF) at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Barbados’ long-standing financing partners; Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), World Bank Group (WBG), Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (CAF), European Investment Bank (EIB), and Green Climate Fund (GCF). 

Barbados is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and it needs to invest heavily to protect its citizens from hurricanes, flooding and droughts, and to preserve its natural capital. It is committed to achieving sustainable public debt levels, meaning that the government has limited borrowing capacity for public investments. To meet these challenges, it has identified four complementary approaches together with its financing partners.

A New Blue Green Bank

In a first of its kind, the Government of Barbados has decided to use US$10 million from the fiscal space created by the RSF as capital for a new Blue Green Bank.

This capital will support five times that lending amount. It will pave the way for other partners, including GCF, CAF and IDB, to support the Blue Green Bank through technical support or capitalization, with GCF proposing to its Board in July to become a co-founding partner in the bank.

Once established, The Blue Green Bank will help finance over US$250 million of green investments in affordable homes, hurricane-resilient roofs, the electrification of public and private transport, and other Paris-aligned investments.

More Resilient Infrastructure Through New Low-Cost, Long-Term Loan Instruments from Development Finance Institutions

Low-cost and long-term financing instruments from the EIB, CAF, IDB, GCF and RSF will support Government investment in resilient water and waste treatment infrastructure, flood and coastal protection and support its efforts to transform state owned enterprises and enfranchise workers.

The EIB has made available US$18 million of grants from the European Union (EU) to support climate-resilient water, sanitation, and clean ocean projects across the Caribbean to back a US$165 million loan facility.

The GCF will offer up to US$1.5 million in grants per project for end-to-end project preparations, innovation, and transformational impact, and to prepare investment proposals for further GCF funding.

Better and More Affordable PPPs

Barbados’ multilateral financing partners will strengthen project preparation support to attract private investment in Private Public Partnerships (PPP) to build more resilient infrastructure. The IDB will support and help develop the Government’s capacity and expertise in PPPs.

The World Bank Group’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency has made available investment guarantees to help reduce the cost of private sector financing.

The World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation will support Barbados in developing the first large-scale onshore wind project in the country and enhance the resilience of the grid.

Developing New Non-Debt Investments in Nature and Social Capital

The Government of Barbados is working with its development partners to build on the success of the 2022 Blue Bond with IDB and The Nature Conservancy, which released approximately US$50 million of new financial resources for marine conservation. Particular focus is on a new generation of instruments to support investments in nature and social capital.

Together, these initiatives will help Barbados meet its resilience objectives and protect its citizens, whilst helping transform the economy and protect its pristine natural environment.


  • Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados commented, “Alongside new capital, innovative instruments, partnerships and new ways of working together are critical if we are to overcome the challenges posed by climate, pandemics and debt. These new, integrated, initiatives announced today are embodiment of what can come out of new cooperative ways of working together.”
  • Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, said, “We welcome Barbados’ initiatives to catalyze private climate finance, and the related push to bring together multiple partners in pursuit of a common goal. The Fund is fully committed to supporting our members’ efforts to meet their climate goals—including through the Resilience and Sustainability Facility – and we look forward to our continued partnership with Barbados as the government takes steps to green the economy.”

  • Ilan Goldfajn, President, Inter-American Development Bank Group, said, “The IDB has long been one of Barbados’ closest and most committed development partners. We are delighted to take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with the IMF and other partners to build on our successful recent blue bond issuance, and promising experiences across the region with project preparation and structuring to help catalyze new and larger volumes of private financing for resilient climate smart investment. These and other innovative financing and support mechanisms will be crucial to help Barbados meet the challenges of a rapidly changing climate.

  • Sergio Díaz-Granados, Executive President of CAF asserted that as a home-grown development bank owned by the countries Latin America and the Caribbean, CAF understands the myriad challenges faced by small islands, like Barbados, as a result of the effects of climate change.“CAF is committed to doing its part in channelling increased resources and is very pleased to join forces with other development partners to mobilize dedicated financing that will help to strengthen the resilience of our member countries.”

  • Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank, commented that, “As the EU Climate Bank, alongside our Team Europe partners, the EIB is constantly workingWe have no time to increase the impact of its climate lending and lose to support for vulnerable countries like Barbados. that are already facing the devastating consequences of climate change. Following the call to action of Prime Minister Mia MottleyAmor Mottley’s call to action, we are delivering swift and targeted support. We will start offering extended loan tenors to lower and middle-income countries, and are seeking to provide natural disaster risk clauses in our loans to ensure the most vulnerable communities can recover and rebuild following a crisis.”. As the EU Climate Bank, alongside our Team Europe partners, the EIB is constantly working to increase the impact of its climate lending and support for vulnerable countries like Barbados.”

  • Henry Gonzalez, Executive Director ad interim of the Green Climate Fund stated, “The Blue Green Bank will transform the financing landscape in Barbados and catalyse new finance for sustainable climate investments. GCF has provided technical and financial support in developing the concept, and our Board will consider making a substantial investment in the new Bank at its meeting next month.”
  • Makhtar Diop, IFC Managing Director, said, “Barbados is redoubling efforts to bolster its climate resilience and become a low-carbon leader. IFC will continue to work closely with the country and collaborate with other multilateral institutions to accelerate the flow of private capital in support of Barbados’ ambitions.”
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  1. IMF Executive Board Completes the First Reviews under the Extended Fund Facility and the Resilience and Sustainability Facility with Barbados

    June 22, 2023

    The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund completed today the first reviews of Barbados’ Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and Resilience and Sustainability Facility (RSF) arrangements, making available SDR 14.175 million (about US$19 million) under each facility, respectively.
    After successfully weathering a series of shocks in recent years, the Barbadian economy has recovered strongly driven by a rebound in tourism and related activities and continues expanding in 2023.
    The authorities are making good progress in implementing their updated Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan and their ambitious climate policy agenda.

    Washington, DC : The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) completed the first reviews of the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and the Resilience and Sustainability Facility (RSF) arrangements. The completion of the reviews allows the authorities to draw the equivalent of SDR14.175 million (about US$19 million) under the EFF and SDR 14.175 million (about US$19 million) under the RSF.

    Barbados is implementing an ambitious homegrown economic reform and climate policy agenda, aimed at strengthening fiscal sustainability, advancing structural reforms, unlocking the economy’s growth potential, increasing resilience to climate change, and greening the economy. These policies are supported by the EFF and RSF arrangements, which were approved on December 7, 2022, in an amount equivalent to SDR 85.05 million (about US$114 million) or 90 percent of quota, and SDR 141.75 million (about US$190 million) or 150 percent of quota, respectively (see Press Release No. 22/417 ).

    After successfully weathering a series of shocks in recent years, the Barbadian economy has recovered, with eight consecutive quarters of growth, and continues expanding in 2023 underpinned by an ongoing rebound in tourism and related activities. The fiscal balance has significantly improved, and public debt has been placed on a downward path, reaching 122.5 percent of GDP as of end-fiscal year 2022/23 (119.6 percent excluding IMF loans provided for balance of payments support). In addition, international reserves have risen to US$1.6 billion as of end-March 2023, covering over 7 months of imports. The authorities are advancing the structural reform agenda, having completed several structural benchmarks. Efforts to adapt to climate change and support the transition to a greener economy are also progressing. The authorities have implemented important reforms under the RSF arrangement and renewables are gradually increasing their share in the energy matrix.

    Following the Executive Board’s discussion, Ms. Gita Gopinath, First Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair of the Board, issued the following statement:

    “Barbados is making good progress in implementing its homegrown Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) program and ambitious climate policy agenda, supported by the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and the Resilience and Sustainability Facility (RSF) arrangements. Following a series of shocks in recent years, the Barbadian economy has recovered strongly amid a rebound in tourism. While inflation has increased with the rise in global food and fuel prices, it is projected to moderate in the coming months.

    “Fiscal performance has significantly improved, public debt is on a downward trajectory, and reserves have risen. The focus on reducing debt through higher primary surpluses, while maintaining adequate social and capital expenditure is appropriate. Important progress is being made on the structural reform agenda, including to strengthen the duty and tax exemptions framework, enhance tax compliance and risk management, and unlock the economy’s growth potential. Continued progress on state-owned enterprise and pension reforms is important. The newly created Fiscal and Growth Councils are critical to help monitor the implementation of the authorities’ fiscal strategy and support the growth agenda.

    “The authorities are focused on enhancing the monetary policy toolkit and taking steps to safeguard financial stability. It will be necessary to develop liquidity management instruments and take steps to strengthen the AML/CFT framework.

    “The authorities are advancing their ambitious climate policy agenda to increase resilience to climate change and green the economy. Ongoing efforts to incorporate climate policy goals in the fiscal process, including by discussing climate change risks in the budget and enhancing public procurement, are welcome. The planned new policy reforms to develop guidelines to implement sustainable/green public procurement and introduce climate/green budget tagging will further support the incorporation of climate priorities in the budget process. The climate policy reforms are expected to help create an enabling environment that mobilizes private sector investment in climate-related projects.”
    IMF Communications Department

    PRESS OFFICER: Jose Luis De Haro

    Phone: +1 202 623-7100Email:


    • PM urges leaders to ‘pick up pace’
      Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley yesterday sent out a clarion call to some of the world’s leaders to pick up the pace, urging them to “do the right thing, do it in time and for the right reasons”.
      She said her hope is that they can leave Paris, France, secure in their determination to not only protect the planet, protect biodiversity and people, but also recognise that if they did not act today at scale, and with pace, they might not be able to save more people.
      The strong call came yesterday during her address at the opening ceremony of the Summit For A New Global Financing Pact where close to 50 world leaders and representatives of various countries, as well as major financial institutions, were present.
      Mottley, who was praised by counterparts across various countries in their remarks as one of the forces behind this fight, also stressed the need for transformation and not reform.
      “Don’t leave Paris without understanding there must be transformation, not reform. I ask of us to ensure that those who are heads of government and heads of state recognise that the world cannot continue with an old imperial order that does not see countries, that does not feel countries, does not hear countries and worse, does not see, feel or hear people. Recognise that we cannot come to Paris and let our directors go back to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the World Bank and it be business as usual. They do not act in their own interest, they act on behalf of our sovereign states.
      “That is why we speak not only to the need for money, but we speak to the need for the reform of the governance system because when these institutions were founded, our countries did not exist.
      “We speak for a complete transformation of securing the sources of capital as unpopular as it may be to voice it. We don’t ask for the bankruptcy of private companies but we ask everyone to share the burden so that we can share the bounty,” she said to a packed audience that included Senior Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kerrie Symmonds; Director of Finance The Most Honourable Ian Carrington; and Chris Sinckler, alternate executive director, Canada, Ireland and the Caribbean, World Bank Group.
      Mottley also noted that simply holding governments accountable had run its course, saying it was time to focus too on multinational corporations.
      During her tenminute speech to leaders that included presidents of many African nations such as Kenya, Ghana and Niger, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gueterres, President of France Emmanuel Macron, Director General of the World Health Organisation Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva and president of the World Bank Ajay Banga, she said “there had been movement”.
      Debt payments
      “Nine months ago no one was speaking about natural disaster clauses. Now we have people wanting to recognise the wisdom of it because countries do need to pause debt payments if they are going to house and feed people who are victims of a climate crisis,” she said.
      However, she said what was needed was not simply the act of marking a card for progress.
      “What is required of us now is absolute transformation and not reform of our institutions. That transformation is required because while the world knew since the 1890s that we were facing the warming of the climate, we chose not to heed the advice of scientists, and that which could have been done in more than a century is now being reduced to be done in less than a decade.
      The Prime Minister told leaders that as she addressed them, Barbados as well as St Vincent and the Grenadines and others in the region were under a tropical storm warning.
      “Yesterday I had to decide whether to stay (in Paris) or to go. I chose to stay because it is important that we move to action,” she said, noting that following Tropical Storm Bret, which was expected to pass to the north of Barbados last night, there was another system.
      “This is our new reality,” she said.
      Mottley thanked her French counterpart for the Summit, disclosing that she privately referred to it as the “How Dare You Summit”.
      “How dare you upset the order? How dare you step out of your crease to summon us to this moment that will determine whether we will have the capacity and the will to bring peace and scope to the problem?”

      Source: Nation

    • Same tired analysis and review from our region.

      Positive RBC economic outlook
      Analyst says room stock push will pay dividends
      Low unemployment, efforts to keep inflation to manageable levels and efforts to refresh the tourism sector, are among the indicators that have given the Royal Bank of Canada confidence in the economic outlook of Barbados for this year.
      This is the analysis of Dr Ranita Seecharan, group economist for RBC Caribbean Banking, who said that most countries in the Caribbean are expected this year to be fully recovered from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In some cases many are expected to surpass pre-pandemic economic performances.
      Seecheran, who was virtually addressing RBC Caribbean Economic Briefing, provided analysis for the Caribbean territories that the bank services, which includes Barbados. She pointed out that Barbados’ growth, while hinging on tourism arrivals, with a push to increase the room stock, will pay dividends.
      “The expansion continues to be driven by tourism activity and private sector investments, while the Government’s ongoing public investment project should provide further emphasis. The Government is facilitating economic activity and expanding of the hotel stock of rooms is key to more airlift into Barbados.
      “Construction activity is very evident across Barbados and will ramp up this year, with over $1 billion to be spent by the private sector on various construction projects, according to the Budget. Cruise travel has been improving and is on par with 2019 levels in February and March of this year,” Seecheran said.
      She pointed out that the positive trends in the Barbados job market also augurs well for investor confidence.
      Jobless rate down
      “The unemployment rate during the fourth quarter 2022 fell to 7.2 per cent, the lowest level observed since the third quarter 2007. The construction, wholesale, retail trade and tourism sectors recorded consecutive quarterly increases in the number of persons employed throughout 2022. The gains in employment in these key sectors coupled with a decline in the number of persons searching for jobs for more than a year, suggests a renewed buoyancy in the labour market,” she said.
      Seecheran noted that the debt to GDP ratio fell to 119 per cent by the end of March, reflected improved fiscal performance on a solid economic recovery. She also said that the
      overall strength of economic activity and improved labour market conditions helped households to service their debt obligations, reducing non-performing loans relative to the first quarter of last year.
      The economist credited the two instalments of the Food Prices Compact as well as the recent wage increase granted to public workers, as among the effective mitigation strategies of inflation.
      “The Government, together with members of the private sector and labour, signed an extended Social Compact. This short-term measure aimed at buffering the inflationary impact on a range of wholesale items. Consumers have been benefiting from reduced markups applied on certain categories of household items by those producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers and bakeries that are signatory to the Compact,” Seecheran said.
      She added: “The inflation rate has been fluctuating at manageable levels, reaching 6.4 per cent in March of this year. Also, in March of this year, the Government and trade unions reached a deal that saw public sector workers get a one-off payment of $1 500, followed by a six per cent salary increase over the next two years.”

      Source: Nation

  2. “Little Barbados” is so indebted and hopelessly subserviant to the IMF and its albino centric associates such as WHO, PAHO, and the overall UNBF (United Nations Bulling Front), that PM Mottley would REALLY be great if she could sing ANY tune that runs counter to theirs.

    “Little Barbados” therefore, just like any house servant from our famous Slave Code experience, is being used to promote the message, image, and the objectives of the albino-centric ‘masters’ who see themselves as Earth’s rightful rulers.

    When PM Mottley runs around calling for ‘Global leadership’, how many Bajan’s support such a vision? …but we ALL know whose objective it articulates.

    When the Gay agenda becomes top priority of government rather that investigating what happened to the Chinese Steal houses … How Many Bajans are on board? …but we ALL know whose priority is on normalizing bulling.

    When our children are being prepared to accept gender manipulations that leads to depopulation, how many Bajans agree? …. But we ALL know the usual suspects who fear the future population ratios – if left to Mother Nature.

    Again, Barbados is seeking to punch above its own weight class, but what Koffi Annan was ACTUALLY saying to us back then was “Wunna better know wunna place, and stay in wunna shiite lane hear, …or wunna gwine get hurt REAL bad”

    • @Bush Tea

      What is the real deal with the Chinese steel houses? We are in another hurricane season.

    • What is the real deal with the Chinese steel houses?
      You are more likely to have Doogud’s email address than a stinking bushman….
      He knows every shiite, so he surely has the answers.
      Besides – he loves to talk, so it should be a simple matter to educate us all.

    • @Bush Tea

      The blogmaster asked Duguid via Facebook about the deal, to say he was evasive would be an understatement.

    • ….to say he was evasive would be an understatement.
      Ha Ha ha
      Buh looka Bushie’s crosses doh nuh!!!

      Yuh Lie boss!!! A politician RELUCTANT to talk??!!!

      He didn’t cuss you in ‘maternalistic’ terms nuh..??!! ha ha ha

      So you found the VERY source to be evasive …and you decide to ask Bushie..???

      Boss, you define the Bajan meaning of ‘gallows bait’.

    • @Bush Tea

      Follow up.

      Heard talk show host Barry Wilkinson made a point that this government has been good with its communications with the public. This is a perspective that should have attracted comment. When we talk about good communication, a reasonable definition must be EFFECTIVE communication.

  3. Bush Tea says it all, TURD WORLD always looking for savior(s) to promote their Socialistic LIME Society.

  4. I always knew Kofi Anan was sending us a message. But pretenders took it out of context and misused it to fool the most gullible idiots…

  5. No! Little Barbados is not leading the charge to disrupt Global Financing. She might be a conduit. BUT It takes more than talk. It takes big gawd damn BALLS, Strategic Missiles, Hypersonic Weapons both spiritual and physical to disrupt this monstrosity of a beast aka Global Financing where only a ‘few’ are allowed to draw down on the blood of the enslaved workers….and who possesses such tools?


    Russia and China are disrupting the Rothschild, BRF et al. (That’s why Macron is begging for a seat at the BRICS’ table in SA. He’s been dispatched by his master, Rothschild).

    As long as Africa, Barbados and smaller states are in bed with the IMF, World Bank and their other subsidiaries there will be no substantially, beneficial, non-debted change in this world. All you’ll produce from such a union are bastards.

    Russia and China have given AFRICA the balls to stand up to these brutes today. So there’s a monumental shift in the air away from this beast.
    Africa has all the resources humanity needs. Europe has nothing. Just watch them reform or die.

    Forget about net zero and carbon offset bullshit which is nothing but bankers’ scam to prevent the ‘under-developed’ {that they’ve strangled} from developing.

    Climate change is natural. It is a part of the Grand Cosmic Cycle and its being used as a ruse to hold onto Global power. When climate change fails in steps the ‘UFOs/Aliens.’ We’ve been HAD and we’ve been TOOK by these
    monsters and their time is up.
    A Cosmic change is in the air!

  6. The only description you are getting for the local wannabes, rush to the front pretenders…from sources off island is…

    “Evil.. Beware!!!”

    In warning the people on the island, i told them the people are on their own if they dont wake up. They have had many, many years of warnings, everyone is now brekking fuh duhself…have no time to waste on stragglers, slaveminded.

    I am staying in my hole going forward.

  7. $10 million becomes $50 million in lending. Utter nonsense, what about the operating costs of this bank, how will it pay the salaries of the lazy sons and daughters of the Caribbean elite who will no doubt be chosen to run this scam.

    Who do they think is going to borrow from this bank, other Caribbean governments? Why would I as the leader of say Antigua put myself in debt to the most indebted country in the Caribbean.

    “green investments in affordable homes, hurricane-resilient roofs” what is this, who wrote this, Avinash?

  8. Hopi, Bushie

    Your precise deposition of these matters indicates that the BS being spouted by idiots who believe that begging White people for money instead of seeking to mek a living in a radically transforming global set of arrangements is the way to go.

    The first such opportunity in 2500 years, we estimate.

    This is what happens when a prime minister, Mia Mottley, the beloved darling of the wokeists in Washington financial circles is convinced and is being promoted to sell the idea that there is a free lunch somewhere.

    We have long called for that essential phallic symbological device to do what it does best in the places most desired, in large numbers.

    • Cant help themselves. Begging, borrowing dependents, determined that others should fund their slavehood. Clearly getting ready to brag and boast. Laughing stock.

  9. @Pacha…How you doing?

    “If you do what you’ve always done, you will only get what you’ve always gotten.” Loans/Grants. Grants/Loans. Hasn’t the East India Trading Company been replaced by the IMF & WB? Haven’t they always traded in the Blood, Bodies and Souls of Black People? Why does Mia still wish to do business with them?

    Hasn’t Barbados already built climate, resilient structures which have weathered many a storm? I’m sure the Africans can teach the world how to build debt-free air-conditioned housing. They’ve built them forever.

    Other than sargassum surrounding the island, how has ‘climate change’ affected the island? Is crop production down? Is there an increase in diseases (not man-made)?. More than likely we could probably view that sargassum as manna.

    Why partner with these thieves who’ve always ripped us off?

    Plant some more trees. Re-forest the land. Maintain structural integrity. Cut the Ministers’ salaries and hire Structural Inspectors to ensure that all structures (new and old) are built in accordance with ‘climate resilience protocols’ which are already in effect on the island.

    Leave these gangsters and their schemes alone. We are only making mountains out of molehills.

    • Yeah, but they
      can’t access loans via prior methods, so take their failings and shove it back in their face.
      When de lady en letting it go, mek she feel guilty. An old trick. Then doan keep whatever promise you made to get Sesame open.
      Yah think Mia is some sweetheart. A boss wickess.

  10. Barbados is broke,
    so social compassionate sustainable banking is the way to go.
    Barbados is leading the charge as a client of borrowed funds for social environment governance projects

  11. Pacha, Bushman, just saw a clip on 789 Moving Forward Whatsapp Group. The things pretenders insert themselves in for attention and to run game is weird…anyhoo the French were having none of it..

    The best word i can think weird.

  12. @David, this is totally off your topic… But what the Wagner is going on with your Russian friends???

    We should all recall that a group of mercenaries called Blackwater made themselves and their commanders rich and famous in wars badly initiated by a certain US president and then the boss commander rode that fame to become a powerful adviser to another President … who – it can be said – has crashed but stands steadfast amidst his ruins.

    Is this powerful Wagner mercenary group from the East now taking that model to historically more profound levels by attempting to bring down their presidential benefactor or is this the ultimate double-bluff game theory modelling. In sum, What the hell is happening in Russia !!!

    Surely Putin will crush this annoying commander and elevate another toady to lead his private special ops teams!

    Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    Back to your financial programming !

      New World Bank boss determined to help vulnerable states
      Countries which suffer in the aftermath of a natural disaster now have a new debt pause option they can exercise.
      The announcement was made by new World Bank president Ajay Banga, when he took to the stage of the Power Our Planet: Live In Paris concert in France on Thursday evening, with Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley at his side.
      The news was met with thunderous applause from the thousands who gathered for the concert.
      “What that does is it gives leaders like Mia (Mottley) a break from repaying their debts so they can focus on recovery. They shouldn’t need to worry about paying the bills. They should feel the hand of the World Bank on their back, not in their face, and that was made possible because of you, because of your voice, because of what you say, because of how you live your life. We have much to do.
      “I am determined to help but I need your help to make it happen. You actually are the bank’s stakeholders. You are the shareholders. This is actually your bank and I want to make it the best bank it can be for the challenges that we have ahead,” Banga said.
      Both leaders were in Paris attending the two-day Summit of The New Global Financing Pact which started Thursday.
      Banga, who has only been on the job for 19 days, said in that short space of time, he felt the pressure, but also the expectations, recognising there was a lot of work to be done.
      Mottley said she was happy to be sharing the stage with Banga, who needed to have broad shoulders for this moment.
      She noted that while he was only on the job for a short time, leaders were counting on him to make the difference.
      Banga also spoke of shared concerns and referred to issues facing countries, including the war in Ukraine, lack of access to good schools, decent health care and quality roads that lock entire communities into a cycle of poverty.
      “We have severe droughts in one part of the world and flooding in another. We have wildfires and intense hurricanes. As we speak by the way, her (Mottley) island is under threat of a tropical storm warning. She is here with us because she thinks this is a critical and important message. Islands like that, [with] intense hurricanes, they will destroy and wreak havoc on our most vulnerable communities. All these are intertwined challenges and the urgency of this moment basically requires an immediate response. Time is of the essence. We cannot wait.
      “I believe that development delayed is development denied and that is not okay.This moment demands that what I have a chance to do, is to adopt a new vision and a new mission with the World Bank. In my view that vision is very
      simple – create a world free of poverty, on a liveable planet,” he said.
      Banga, the 14th president of the World Bank, said to make that vision a reality, a new playbook was needed as well as new ideas. He said the involvement of the private sector was needed, adding that focus must also be on what is right and not what is convenient.
      “We have to reimagine our approach to crisis, preparedness, response and recovery,” he said, noting that was what Mottley was championing.
      During her brief speech, the Barbadian leader said she was happy to report movement on climate action since the launch of the Bridgetown Initiative.
      She noted while named after Barbados’ capital, it was an inclusive process and was “about all of us”.
      Mottley said it was critical that everyone acted today in order to save the planet tomorrow.
      “I see so many young people – you are the ones who will make that progress. We will only get where we need to go if you are prepared to step up to the plate and if the countries in the world can step up the scale and the speed of what we have to do.”
      The Prime Minister said world leaders who gathered in Paris, thanks to President Emmanuel Macron, left strengthened by the fact that if they take action, there will be change.
      “Today we say to the world leaders and to global financial institutions and to the private sector, come together and let us put the funds necessary to help the world’s most vulnerable countries adapt, transition and withstand this climate crisis. Only then will we make sure we leave behind a liveable world for our children. Action cannot be taken some time in the future. It needs to be taken today” she added.

      Source: Nation

    • Guterres: System in crisis
      The international financial system is in crisis.
      That was the message sent by Secretary General of the United Nations (UN) Antonio Guterres as he addressed the first day of the Summit For The New Global Financing Pact in Paris, France, on Thursday.
      He told leaders from across the world that halfway to the 2030 deadline, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were drifting further away by the day.
      Guterres said even the most fundamental goals on hunger and poverty had gone into reverse after decades of progress.
      He said this year alone, more than 750 million people did not have enough to eat, adding that tens of millions more were teetering on the verge of extreme poverty. He added the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine had compounded the problem.
      Printing of money
      While wealthy countries could print money to revive their economies, the secretary general said developing countries could not and were grappling with exorbitant borrowing costs, up to eight times higher than those of developed countries.
      He said many leaders faced an agonising choice to either servicing the debt or meeting the needs of their populations.
      Guterres said that today, 52 countries were in default or dangerously close to it, including the majority of least developed countries.
      He stressed it was clear the international financial architecture had failed in its mission to provide a global safety net for developing countries.
      The UN chief noted, too, that international financial institutions were now too small and limited to fulfil their mandate and serve everyone, especially the most vulnerable countries.
      “For example, the World Bank’s paid-in capital as a percentage of global GDP (gross domestic product) is now less than a fifth of what it was in 1960 – even though the challenges are far greater. Even worse, the global financial system perpetuates and even exacerbates inequalities. In 2021, and we applaud this decision, the International Monetary Fund allocated over US$650 billion in Special Drawing Rights.
      “European Union countries, including my own, received $160 billion; African countries, US$34 million. In other words, European citizens received on average nearly 13 times more than African citizens. This was all done by the rules. But let us acknowledge: these rules have become profoundly immoral,” he lamented.
      Guterres told the leaders and other officials gathered that nearly 80 years later, the global financial architecture was outdated, dysfunctional and unjust, and was no longer capable of meeting the needs of the 21st century world.
      No serious solution
      “There will be no serious solution to this crisis without serious reforms. I have called for a new Bretton Woods moment – a moment for governments to come together, re-examine and reconfigure the global financial architecture for the 21st century. And earlier this month, as part of our preparations
      for the Summit Of The Future, I put forward a policy brief – a detailed blueprint for a redesigned global financial architecture capable of serving as a safety net for all countries.”
      He revealed that he proposed an SDG stimulus of US$500 billion per year for investments in sustainable development and climate action.
      “They can establish a really effective and time-effective debt relief mechanism that supports payment suspensions, longer lending terms and lower rates, including for middle income countries with particular vulnerabilities, namely, in relation to climate,” he added.
      He said that, for example, leaders could expand contingency financing to countries in need by rechannelling, on a broader scale, unused Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) and by using other innovative mechanisms to increase global liquidity.
      “The African Development Bank initiative to re-channel SDRs to multilateral development banks could multiply their impact by five. This example should be expanded. Global leaders can put in place a mechanism to issue SDRs automatically in times of crisis and distribute them according to need.”
      He also suggested they could put a price on carbon and end fossil fuel subsidies, and repurpose them towards more sustainable and productive uses.
      Guterres said these steps would help to beat poverty and hunger, uplift developing and emerging economies, and support investments in health, education and climate action.
      He said while aware of the challenges being faced, if leaders work together, they could make this a moment of hope.

      Source. Nation

    • Barbados’ prime minister arrives in China for official visit
      Updated 15:59, 24-Jun-2023

      Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley arrived in Beijing on Saturday afternoon for a four-day official visit to China.

      She will also attend the 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions, also known as the Summer Davos Forum, in Tianjin.

      (Cover: Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley arrives in Beijing, China, June 24, 2023. /CGTN)

    • @Dee Word

      In any people system there will be ‘mutiny on the bounty’ sometimes, haven’t we witnessed right wingers attacking the Capitol not too long ago in a country some regard as one of the bastions of democracy? It is a characteristic of a manmade system.

  13. Story Come to Bump
    Revelation Time Blackman Time
    I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.
    Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

  14. One must wonder, why they so love to insert themselves in things that dont concern them….only to face major embarrassment…..sticking to their employee script seems to never be the agenda…they also have their own harebrained idiocy up front and center.

  15. Leave our PM alone

    She is busy introducing a PHD class to leaders of third world countries teaching advanced country level begging techniques on How to Beg for Rounding Error Budget Scrap Money from the First and Second World Countries.

    • Good one…lol

      If nothing else, stumbling around in the dark is evoking nothing but punishing laughter for the faux pas of believing they were speaking to bajan slaves in France. I was wondering why they looked like they had bitten deeply into a very acidic and bitter lemon, until i saw the other clip…

    • We have to be careful not to misrepresent what the MOTTLEY led initiative is attempting to achieve.

      “World leaders meeting in Paris on Thursday could give poorer countries access to hundreds of billions of dollars to tackle climate change.”

      She can do this as well as all the other things a leader of an open economy is suppose to do in these times.

    • She can do this as well as all the other things a leader of an open economy is suppose to do in these times.
      What EXACTLY do you not understand by the concept of selling one’s soul to the Devil?

      No one EVER suggested that this was a difficult task to achieve….

    • @Bush Tea

      All regional countries and dare we say developing countries have accumulated huge debts over the years. You can blame whoever but the problem is real and needs a significant intervention to first arrest the problem. Then we have to hope we would have learned a lesson. In the meantime who suffers?

    • “All regional countries and dare we say developing countries have accumulated huge debts over the years….”
      A perfect summary of our current dilemma.

      So you are fully convinced that the answer now, is to borrow even more heavily, so that we can somehow reverse this situation…??!!

      Do you REALLY fail to see that Mottley’s approach is identical to that of the previous idiots who got us into this hole in the first place? …except that she has perfected the art of begging to look more like the Salvation Army than like Ninja man….

      When you find yourself in a deep hole, It may be a good idea to stop digging….

    • @Bush Tea

      Is this what the Bridgetown Initiative and other proposals are about? An individual or company that is insolvent what must happen to improve the situation?

  16. Oh we see well enuff what the attempt is…very hard to miss if ya can see anything at all…..and dont think people who actually have intelligence and commonsense are not paying rapt attention.

    Different intelligence level, much, much different mindsets..

  17. Half trillion dollars can definitely pull tiny islets like Barbados out of poverty…the Afrikan descended population…SPECIFICALLY…the upside would …all trsnsactions being monitored consistently due to the various TRIBES OF THIEVES…so billions dont disappear offshore.

    …there is a Decades old track record . With MANY billions still UNACCOUNTED for…no one was arrested or went to prison but billions are gone.

    “What they’re saying: “The world wants the IMF to do this again,” says the Center for Economic and Policy Research’s Mark Weisbrot. “It’s only the U.S. Treasury Department that is holding it up.”

  18. 2 Trillion Dollars = $2,000,000,000,000

    The case for and against printing two trillion dollars before the world economy collapses

    The case for:
    We ain’t got no money
    I’m sending out my warning

    The case against:
    Baby Baby
    Why are you acting so funny?
    We ain’t got no money

    No Money, No Honey
    Vs Honey No Money


  19. Bushman…am watching the selective memories. Pretending the corruption that robbed the people and island BILLIONS over decades, pauperizing, marginalizing and disempowering the majority population to do so, dont exist. Ya done know they dont care what happens to the people…..only interested in boadting and bragging rights…

    They also know…because minority crooks are ALWAYS given first preference in such large amounts of money……TO SKIM, SCAM and TIEF. ..that is ALL WILL HAPPEN.

    Check out the hypocrisy…but am here to remind them…

    Saw a comment mentioning Afrikan leader’s who were present…take on the embarrassing display…in France.

    The French ought to keep cases of rotten eggs on hand for next time there is such provocation.

  20. Side note…
    I heard that a contributor is on his way to Russia to help keep Putin out of de chef pot.

    New Russian dish: Pot-in

  21. My name is Joe. I am from Pie Corner.

    After all uh deez trips and press conferences wuh do I get. I ain’t get nutting yet

    I hoap she giving we wuh gifts she gettin from dese countries and not hoarding them fuh she self

    I help pay fuh she frequent flyah miles. I wanna some of dem miles back as I wanna fly too.

    How can a purson do so little but make it appair she did do so much. One of them Ms in she name must be for magician… Now yuh see she, now touh don’t.

    Thank God for de blogmaster or would have taut she doing nutting. I wunder wuh de D in he name stand fuh.. I know deck stands for kiss-up

  22. LOL @David, well if you are going to be that blasé about a VERY significant and possible massive fracture in world affairs then more power to you.

    Of course “In any people system there will be ‘mutiny on the bounty’” but the ‘riots’ of Jan 6 in Washington CANNOT in any sense be compared to this attack on the Kremlin and Putin. Let’s get real!!!

    But anyhow no need to get blamed for attempting to intellectualize this affair 😎 so suffice to say I hope that Putin resolves this quickly and effectively.

    Situations such as this are ripe for wild accusations of western influence and attempts to subvert his power leading to even more dangerous warring and closer to the precipice of existence.

    I may not agree with Vlad Putin’s actions but as we have seen so many times with strongman regimes: it’s better to maintain the local balances despite external misgivings than to create a power vacuum which invariably leads to much death and mayhem.

    Russia is a foreboding nuclear power and any successful coup or even an assassination of Putin is DANGEROUS … massively so! Just as such in the US (of #45) would be.

    Looka I gone to put up my shutters; well what lil bit I can anyhow! Stay comfortable in your “but this is man made life, so what should we expect” perspectives.

    Just as we just dodged another hurricane; let’s hope the world dodges this Vlad tempest too.

  23. Sometimes dpD gets it. Surprise he washable to connect this to Jan 6.

    I see this as Putin’s January 6, and it illustrates how these powerful governments are just hanging by a thread. Who would have thought Putin would have been in this position? The KGB may yet bail him out.

    • @Theo …🤣🤦‍♂️

      A powerful SPECIAL OPS force fully armed and aggravated (and frustrated) from the deaths and activities of an ONGOING war directly and specifically initiate action to enter the Russian capital AGAINST the current sitting President and you EQUATE that to a group of Proud Boys et al and regular citizens causing much mayhem and disturbances by thrashing offices and TALKING about killing the Vice President etc ! WOW.

      The US President himself was the instigator of that nonsense but he had absolutely NO powerful military forces supporting him… NONE.

      The entire array of the powerful US security forces were ready to pounce to repel any serious folly … Jan 6 was a major defect surely but to compare what’s now in Kremlin to that is quite risible!

      Current circumstances in Russia are very volatile … Yes those in US were scared back then but the situation was NOT anywhere as explosive as this one …

      Russian soldiers – for and against – are in the streets, guys.

      But enjoy, your peaceful analysis. SMH!!!

  24. One last thing @David. At the time I didn’t grasp the significance of Putin’s move of more nuclear armaments to Belarus … just as one simply discounted the many ‘deaths’ of leading oligarchs and the other perplexing chess moves made in Russia.

    Poof … now it’s clear that Putin’s remained on top of his game and was prepared for any eventuality such as this… he cleared his deck with dastardly effectiveness!

    This could be some serious **** … so no more on these perplexing ‘rapturous’ possibilities!

  25. Dont know how or why anyone would think the island can move forward without the missing billions being addressed…hopefully pretenders and their supporters are not giddily believing that no one should be held accountable..or that sumbody else tief it….others will keep it all in the spotlight…but wait…would love to know who they are trying to lure to trust…them????

    Then there is THIS:

    “Kenneth Rijock’s Financial Crime Blog

    Saturday, June 24, 2023

    The diversion and rampant misappropriation of large tracts of prime real estate by a large number of corrupt attorneys, acting in concert, has deprived a substantial number of Bajans (Barbadians) of their family heritage. Overpopulation of attorneys in the large island nation, and their knowledge that neither the bar association nor the corrupt courts system will rein in their illegal activities, has resulted in huge pieces of real estate being stolen from its rightful owners, during estate proceedings, through fraud and forgery, and through a number of illegal procedures through which the attorneys exploit and cheat generally uneducated local citizens out properties their ancestors acquired centuries ago.

    The extent of the systematic fraud is so large that it cannot be ascertained; it reaches to the highest levels of the country’s Supreme Court, and even to the Office of the Prime Minister. Many government officials, formerly attorneys in private practice themselves, engaged in such illegal conduct on their way up the political ladder, and therefore, not only are the corrupt attorneys guilty, but several senior government officials as well. Local media in Barbados, under the influence of powerful lawyers and businessmen, are afraid to expose these crimes, due to well-placed fear of being murdered for the truth. We have covered this subject in depth in recent years, and are now returning to it to educate any hotel or commercial enterprise considering purchasing real estate there, so that they are aware of fatal title problems that rule out any acquisition as unacceptable risk.

    Fortunately, the situation appears to have reached the point where activists amongst the many victims are gathering up others who are similarly situated, and who have lost real property through attorney and/or corrupt government misconduct, to take action in jurisdictions where corruption is trumped by the Rule of Law; stay tuned.”

  26. Here is where we respectfully ask them and their dizzy supporters…

    HOW is having access to MORE BILLIONS in the same CORRUPT SYSTEM…with the same corrupt sidekicks obviously now salivating long drools at the thought of all those billions to tief …..will make any of them LESS CORRUPT…

    The answer should be quite illuminating.

  27. Prizgozhin is to Putin what Brutus was to Caesar. He’s most likely working with the desperate West who will do anything to topple a Righteous Leader. Today’s he’s a walking dead man who most likely will try to hightail it to the West or to Israhell, if Kadyrov does not get a hold of him first. Now Mali has to be very prudent when dealing with this group.

    I’m sure Iran has been on the phone with Putin just waiting for the Green Light.

    Putin and Russia are literally standing between us and the criminals. If Russia falls its over but Napoleon could not bring down the Soviet Union and neither will mealy-mouth Prizgozhin bring down Russia.

    • IMF backing Barbados’ climate push
      Barbados is pushing its integrated package of initiatives to accelerate the transition to net zero, boost resilience, enfranchise workers and draw in private sector investment while prudently managing public debt levels.
      They were promoted at the two-day Summit For A New Global Financing Pact which ended in Paris, France, on Friday.
      A Barbados Government Information Service release said the initiatives “build on the ongoing climate policy reforms, supported by the Resilience and Sustainability Facility (RSF) with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which are expected to play a catalytic role in mobilising private and public sector financing for climate projects”.
      Barbados has identified four complementary approaches together with its financing partners:
      • A new Blue Green Bank.
      Government will use US$10 million from the fiscal space created by the RSF as capital for the bank. It will help finance over US$250 million of green investments in affordable homes, hurricaneresilient roofs, the electrification of public and private transport and other Paris-aligned investments.
      • More resilient infrastructure through new low-cost, long-term loan instruments from development finance institutions.
      For example, the European Investment Bank has made available US$18 million of grants from the European Union to support climate-resilient water, sanitation, and clean ocean projects across the Caribbean to back a US$165 million loan facility.
      • Better and more affordable private-public partnerships.
      • Developing new non-debt investments in nature and social capital.
      Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley stated: “Alongside new capital, innovative instruments, partnerships and new ways of working together are critical if we are to overcome the challenges posed by
      climate, pandemics and debt. These new, integrated, initiatives announced . . . are embodiment of what can come out of new cooperative ways of working together.”
      IMF managing director Kristalina Georgieva said: “We welcome Barbados’ initiatives to catalyse private climate finance, and the related push to bring together multiple partners in pursuit of a common goal. The Fund is fully committed to supporting our members’ efforts to meet their climate goals – including through the Resilience and Sustainability Facility – and we look forward to our continued partnership with Barbados as the Government takes steps to green the economy.”
      Ilan Goldfajn, president of the Inter-American Development Bank Group, said the IDB had long been one of Barbados’ closest and most committed development partners.
      “We are delighted to take advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with the IMF and other partners to build on our successful recent blue bond issuance, and promising experiences across the region with project preparation and structuring to help catalyse new and larger volumes of private financing for resilient climate smart investment.
      These and other innovative financing and support mechanisms will be crucial to help Barbados meet the challenges of a rapidly changing climate.”

  28. Pacha..i saw Rizla Islam calling politicians…

    …poli- ticks = many bloodsuckers

    how appropriate for parasitic bloodsuckers.

    What’s annoying and must be monitored are those who enable these fake mis-leaders in their corruption and want everyone else to fall in line….they are very dangerous to any positive changes coming forth because they accept and encourage these crimes against people and country because of their adoration for wicked idols..who will never be anything but corrupt. …it’s long understood that enablers are a danger to everyone….since they conveniently never remember the vile crimes their idols commit.

  29. Am hearing about a rebellion in Russia…but understand none of what happened.

    Where is Pacha to educate us on events.

  30. In 1962 General Degaule faced a similar mutiny.

    Circa 1930s the USA faced a similar corporate coup against FDR where the plotters assumed that Smedley Butler was on their side.

    More substantively, we have been long commenting on Telegram and other Russian channels that the authorities in Moscow had allowed Prigozhin too much latitude in making more and more irrational, provably unthruthful, statements publicly in criticism of the military hierarchy.

    For example, he blamed Surgovikin, the SMO’s lead commander and defence minister Shoigu for what he said was an insufficiency of artillery shells. At a time when the Russians were firing 60,000 shells per day to Ukraine”s 5 or 6 thousand.

    With the passage of time and the political directorate refusing to bring Prigozhin to heel, it was just a matter of time before this criminal with billions of rubles allowed perceived power, success on the battlefield, claimed totally by his private military companies, to invite irrationality.

    The truth is that it was impossible for Wager PMC to achieve victory in the former Bukhmut without the support of the Russian military covering its flanks, providing air support, providing material, intelligence, etc.

    Progozhin does not know, has never learnt, the differences between a team sport and an individual event.

    Under Russian law PMCs have no legal basis. Indeed, this mutiny happened at the very juncture when the government of the Russian Federation had determined that all persons operating under PMCs must sign contracts by July 01. Contracts which would make them to operate like any other military personnel. For Wager was formed around 2014 explicitly to help defend the people of Donbass.

    Of course, in the West the most well known PMC is Blackwater, so named then, there have since been many other names. The French has the Foreign Legion. The British has a similar outfit which operated within a legal greyzone.

    And yes, Russia’s foreign ministry will be making many calls to its partners in up to a dozen countries with assurances that all is well or will be.

    For this to made real this tempest in a teapot must be crushed forthwith. Putin today called for national unity and for Wager contractees to disobey illegal orders.

    Wager has maybe 30,000 guns for hire. The Russian military is over one million in arms. Wager has no airforce, no control of satellite communications, are unable to instigate a popular Rebellion, and on and on.

    That Progozhin has uttered the lies of the West seems to suggest that he was an actor seeking to bring about the very circumstances Western officials and their lackeys here on BU have always seen as their only hope in this fight for the survival of fascism, hegemony, White supremacy, financial colonialism, etc

    We estimate that within a few days, and Putin has given them some time to reconsider their crimes of treason, that there will either be a mass surrender or the application of extreme measures to end this irrationality.

    We expect Prigozhin, if apprehended alive, to forfeit all his interests, to be convicted of treason and to end up as a mere footnote on the pages of a history written by the victors of this global confrontation against the racist, fascist, wokeist Western countries.

    What a complete jackass is Progozhin, a loud mouthed braggart seeking to steal the spotlight from the regular Russian military which, in Wager’s absence, has been destroying more than 1000 Ukrainian soldiers per day and rendering the failure of the last military hope of a NATO supplied, counter offensive, on the battlefield.

    What an asshole has he been! And as typical of Putin this continued reluctance to act in ways we’ve previously urged gives his enemies room to play hopeless games.

  31. Wars are complicated, obviously this one forgot which side he was working with…and who is his enemy…christ…frightening….appears he was allowed to leave for Belarus….his only option.

  32. Waru

    Wagner PMC was formed around 2014 to help the Russians being murdered in the Donbass region of Ukraine by their government because Russian law does not permit the official military to conduct such operations.

    • Still on grey list
      Financial Action Task Force decision in October
      By Shawn Cumberbatch
      Barbados is closer to being removed from the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) money laundering-related grey list.
      Government will, however, have to wait until October to find out if FATF assessors are satisfied that the country has completed the requirements of its now expired action plan.
      When the latest plenary of the global anti-money laundering watchdog ended on Friday in Paris, France, Barbados was still on the grey list, which the FATF called jurisdictions under increased monitoring.
      Based on the latest report on Barbados, it has made progress since the last plenary in February.
      At that time, the FATF urged Barbados to “continue to work on implementing its action plan to address its strategic deficiencies, including by ensuring that accurate and up-to-date beneficial ownership information is available on a timely basis”.
      The only item on the to-do list in the report issued on Friday is for the authorities to demonstrate “that the levels of suspicious activity reporting by certain reporting entities are in line with risks”.
      The report stated: “Since February 2020, when Barbados made a high-level political commitment to work with the FATF and [Caribbean Financial Action Task Force] to strengthen the effectiveness of its antimoney laundering/combating the financing of terrorism financing regime, Barbados has taken steps towards improving its anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism regime.”
      It said this included Barbados “demonstrating that accurate and up-todate beneficial ownership information is available on a timely basis, and by pursuing repatriation and sharing of confiscated assets with other countries.
      Action plan
      “Barbados should continue to work on implementing its action plan to address its strategic deficiencies by demonstrating that the levels of suspicious activity reporting by certain reporting entities are in line with risks,” the FATF recommended.
      “The FATF expresses concern that Barbados failed to complete its action plan, which fully expired in
      April 2022. The FATF strongly urges Barbados to swiftly demonstrate significant progress in completing its action plan by October 2023 or the FATF will consider the next steps if there is insufficient progress.”
      The Central Bank of Barbados, which says it continues to coordinate progress reports, and also leads all discussions with the FATF on this matter, gave an update while reporting on its operations for 2022.
      “Efforts to remove Barbados from the Financial Action Task Force’s list of jurisdictions under increased monitoring continued as the bank engaged other national anti-money laundering/counter terrorist financing stakeholders to ensure a collaborative approach to addressing the remaining actions to be taken,” the monetary authority stated.
      “As a member of the National Supervisors Committee, the bank collaborated with other regulatory agencies on a number of issues, including changes to the FATF methodology on beneficial ownership.
      “In addition, the bank, together with the Financial Intelligence Unit, continued to ensure that licensees understood their reporting obligations as it relates to the identification of suspicious activities and targeted financial sanctions,” it added.
      The Central Bank also said that as part of its ongoing supervision of licensees and their measures to counter money laundering, terrorist financing and proliferation financing, it continued its risk-based supervision of licensees.
      This included “the continuous assessment of qualitative and quantitative information from licensed financial institutions to assist in updating the inherent and residual money laundering/ terrorist financing risk of licensees”.

      Source: Nation

  33. Little Little Barbados is pawns in the game

    Why do they war?

    War Agendas and Banking
    Since 2001 UK and US specialised in extra legal wars as per PNAC and in 2008 US allies got a spanking in the in banking due to toxic debt instruments

    War Agendas and Technology
    The first use of armed UAVs was in 2001, in which an MQ-1 Predator was used to carry anti-tank missiles into Afghanistan, controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency.
    The US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand created Echelon as part of an Anglo-Saxon club, set up by secret treaty in 1947. The five countries divided up the world to share the product of global eavesdropping.
    During the cold war, Echelon’s attentions were focused on military and diplomatic communications. But increasingly sophisticated computers mean Echelon can monitor industrial targets and private individuals.

    Now filthy nasty US UK and caca bum chums are shitting their panties that other nations have now got the Hi Tek

    TikTok, and its Chinese counterpart Douyin, is a short-form video hosting service owned by ByteDance. It hosts user-submitted videos, which can range in duration from 3 seconds to 10 minutes.
    Short Lessons are a threat to western racist propaganda

  34. Come along yeah and dig my song
    Too much wagonist
    Too much antagonist
    Wolves and leopards are trying to kill
    The sheep and the shepherd, yes
    Wolves and leopards are trying to kill
    The sheep and the shepherd, yeah
    Too much informers
    Too much talebearers
    Too much informers
    Too much talebearers
    Time to separate the sheep from the wolves
    We’re at the crossroads
    And this is the time of decision

    Coming from the East with my musical release I don’t want no war I man deal with peace

    A Warrior no tarrier

  35. Saw a clip last night, didnt watch it but saw the face of one of the African leadership at the Paris cockup…that look told me everything they experienced at the embarrassment…..glad they saw it first hand. Now they know and dont have to be told anything else…

  36. Grey list or not…Barbados will need much monitoring going forward once the same corrupt governments and minority private sector money hungry instigators and thieves remain part of the fiscal and social equation.. there is no taming this level of corruption…it’s been out of control for many decades and must be permanently stamped out.

    There is no getting around or away from that…and I speak with authority.

  37. We see Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela amongst others are congratulating Russia and successfully avoiding a civil war as designed by its enemies.

    Such a statement will never be issued from Bridgetown. Indeed, Barbados is more likely to be involved in American made regime change plots than congratulation those who put them down.

    We cite Guyana, Grenada and Haiti.

    Even as the mindguards here and elsewhere cannot conceal their wishes for such by determining our attentions should be focused on trite, things that matter not.

    At the end of the day NOTHING purporting to be of local interest could be understood absent the wider environments in which they occur.

    At other times small, open, descriptions assert themselves as for convenience.

    This backward mindset does not even what to interrogate happenings within the USA, the place from which their political-economic raison dete derives.

    How then could second hand ideas, pretending to be informative mek complete sense.

    This is a case argued for a long time inspite of the determinations of 11 plus boys. Such backward, insular, irrational , pleadings shall never influence this writer, not even given more than a glance.

  38. Crime is escalating. That is what happens when corrupt governments maliciously impoverished an entire population for decades……because they are .too lazy, greedy and TIEFING to allow progressive societal building and upliftment…too selfhating and covetous to allow the population the latitude to create generational wealth and grow….so robbery and tiefing trickled down into the society from the parliament and became a way of life….criminal politicians set that stage. They can NEVER DENY THAT…and of course their dummies for supporters/voters enable and accept this social demotion.

  39. Getting booed on the worldstage is a hell of a feat…videos are being made on that accomplishment.

  40. I am convinced that I must be the only person who does not understand what is happening on the world stage.

    Let me change that, I suspect there is one more fellow who is even more clueless than I am.

    Now that this threat to the power structure has fizzled to nothing, perhaps dpD can grasp why some saw this as being similar to Sep 6.

    For obvious reasons we would not expect a “citizens’ march” on Putin. To expect that level of duplication is to display a gross understanding of politics at various national levels. A word to the wise.


    I was expecting to see a ‘Russia-phile’ dangling in the wind. Adjusting his position as the chef put in Putin in de pot. This did not materialize.

    We will wait on further developments and give Mr Russia a temporary pass.

  41. Pacha and those who read Kush Quarterly Magazine…the Editorial was meant to deflect any and all wickedness coming from vile misleaders so they do not get away with twisting my Afrikan and Western story into their slaveminded sickness…which they tried initially before being KNOCKED DOWN…

    My story is told from the perspective and ancient status of all ancestors involved…way about the heads and thought processes of low class politicians.

  42. @David, I am interested as others on what has happened in Russia, however, it’s very amusing to read views by some bloggers and doubly amusing to anticipate those of others: specifically @Theo is amusing for his rather incomprehensible comparisons of a “citizens’ march” on Putin and of course @Pacha with his expected analytical thrust of “American made regime change plots”.

    Clearly the brothers are entitled to their views and ideological positions but even in the absence (mine) of well sourced inside info their singular assertions are flimsy.

    1. Any “citizens’ march” on Putin would have evidenced a groundswell of activity and unrest across the nation with Prigozhin’s as the spear point. Comparative to Jan 6, there was widespread discontent driven by #45 and his allies with the fake electoral college voters challenge but theirs was a paltry and ineffective spear point of Proud Boys/other militia.

    Prigozhin’s mighty armaments, on the other hand, did not have that comparative Navalny type (Russia imprisoned politician) support, based on what I have seen so far, and most definitely the Jan 6ers did not have any comparative military firepower as his. Thus, this comparative political “citizens’ march” is amusing.

    Now, that said the two activities are similiar in the fact that both were OBVIOUSLY doomed to failure.

    I surely do not grasp Prigzohin’s end game as he could never has expected to overthrow Putin …. UNLESS some person or persons failed to act their part in this mind-boggling putsch, and the cadre of general/oligarchs ready to relieve Vladimir of his rotating autocracy backed-down!!

    2. I also do not grasp the allegation of an “American made regime change” aligned as is suggested on its face to the Wagner commander. How would that work? Why now? Where would US/allies establish any valid power in a divided and badly fractured Russia? When would they rein in Belarus and the other antagonistic satellites?

    Any western sponsored coup attempt in Russia would be CATASTROPHIC and …. as others have noted it would cede to China all rights for very aggressive acts as they would clearly see their nation as also so threatened.

    So in simple terms, by all means let’s try to wrap our minds around very difficult to understand world affairs but by all means lets reason with some modicum of comprehension and commonsense, not so!

    I gone.

    • @Dee Word

      Analysts/onlookers will opine what they will but who can say with certainty why the mutineer stood down. What cannot be refuted is the perception that Putin took a black eye.

    • Actually @David, the question I would is why they ‘stood up’ rather than “stood down”!

      There is no harm when you stand down in many instances of life … this is NOT one of them.

      With Putin’s track record this oligarch is completely a ‘dead man’ regardless of what inside details he may able to expose.

      This crazed behavior is very difficult to understand.

    • @Dee Word

      Isn’t it the few he felt betrayed by Russia’s military because he felt his men were being offered up cheaply to opposition forces? Do you disagree?

    • Putin has an eighty percentile popular rating in Russia, consistently, for years. As determined by Western polls.

      We go as far to say that he has singlehandedly saved Russia.

      He arguable the greatest Russian leader of all times. Including Catherine the Great!

      These events can only be characterized as a black eye by idiots. People who know nothing but Western propaganda about the Russian peoples.

      Then there are arguments against our contention that this sounds like a Western sponsored coup. Smells like, quacks like one. Walks like one. So maybe it’s a coup.

      Fools repeatedly underestimate the proclivities of their most loved West to overthrow governments.

      When in very recent times there have been several plots in the Eurasian region. Uzbekistan and Pakistan included.

      When Wagner’s former head, a man with no military experience, credentials, etc, comes out and makes the same arguments against Russia as Zelenski and his curators in the West during a mutiny, again this writer shall not wait for anybody to think for us.

      We state again that this is most likely a Western plot. The West which has sought such from the beginning. That is what sanctions was all about. And now Scott Ritter agrees with us.

      In fact, we see the secret services of the British all over this.

    • @David, I am not currently positioned for prolixing so the hand of brevity it will be.

      That argument that he was “betrayed by Russia’s military” is perplexing because that would mean he was betrayed by his benefactor Putin and thus Prigozhin would have known explicitly that he was DONE!

      So launching this doomed insurrection would have to be merely a public spectacle to broadly signal 1) internal disquiet to the western public and 2) give himself public ‘leverage’!

      His men are Russians also so to argue as he did that their fellow Russian generals would sacrifice some of their best and experienced fighters is to obviously suggest SERIOUS concerns of internal dissent, not so!

      And to your Rusisan expert :

      It’s amusing how you can so easily identify a duck when it’s related to ATTACKS on Mother Russia but call everyone else quacks when they waddle into Putin’s duck pond.

      1.Scores of Russian oligarchs dying in the most obscure and amazing ways: 2. the mighty Russian military drawn into an almost 2 year ‘special operation’; 3. A president with such high approval ratings yet needing to fear Navalny and imprison him as a political opponent.

      All that smells, walks and quacks too like a good big Duck of autocracy, fear and suppression but nah .. it’s western propaganda.

      And of course the pretext that the west were always the pay masters of one of Putin’s very trusted henchmen to whom he freely gave millions of Russian rubles from the plentiful coffers of the Russian people makes PERFECT sense.

      One can only wonder what wondrous secrets he has already sold to the west!😉😎

      Any bets on how long before his new dacha in Belarus is ‘droned’ into oblivion or he accidently drowns in a duck pond!

      Amusing if nothing else.

    • @Dee Word

      His group is made up of ex convicts and otherwise exiled citizens? Isn’t he also an ex convict and former seller of hotdogs? We place so much importance on some matters indeed.

  43. Apple and oranges.
    Why does some make an effort to do an apple and oranges comparison? Why not admit they are two fruits and go from there.

    Some groups will run rampant in the USA but I doubt you will see an armed military column marching on Washington. I am quite certain that one or more arms of the US military would quickly neutralize that threat.

    Restating the above. You will not see the mirror image of what happened in Russia happening in the US.

    It should not be that difficult to see the similarity of the situations. It is not a gigantic leap. Perhaps, I give him too much credit.

  44. I am quite certain the angel of death already has the death date of the mutineer.

    Silly me knew that when I was in Barbados my frequency of comments and commenting style had to be different from when I am in the US.

    This mutineer dared to challenge Putin and then he backed down. Do you think I can sell him a trip to the Titanic on my submersible? Do you think I need to explain the risk? Can he be that slow?

  45. Breaking news… I received a report with the thoughts of Macron whilst he was on the same stage as Mia.

    My friend, the CIA analyst, is vetting the report and will let me know if to release the report.

    Unlike others, I will not pollute the lounge with imaginary ‘news’.

    T – trustworthy
    H – honest
    E – excellent
    O – Original

  46. “Macron demissionner”

    French is too sweet…

  47. Pacha…a couple stories on this clip…check out the 2nd one where Chad arrested french soldiers operating without any permission on the Sudanese border.

    More thefts for Afrika but only if they allow it. Africa was warned to stay on guard and always watch the traitors representing these thieves.

  48. Maybe the pretend sagacious could tell us how Putin has an eye black but Biden never does when he falls all over the place.

    Not stinking Mia Mottley either who also fell for a WhatApp scam recently. Who walks around the world beggaring the country and being the laughing stock of moneyed people.

    • Wee can take our ancestral knowledge anywhere and build ..where it will be most appreciated… we are the legacy Empires’ lineage.

  49. Traitors are usually dealt with harshly. However Progozhin and his men are allowed to retreat to Belarus where there’s about another 25K Russian troops awaiting instruction. Maybe this is good propaganda for the West to salivate on while Wagner and those Russian troops join forces and attack Ukraine in the North. Pieces are constantly moving but very strategic if true!

    • That is an excellent hypothesis… Wagner are MERCENARIES after all … and their loyalty lies with who pays them best to do what they do best!

      From where I sit the NATO folks better figure out this bluff, double bluff, false flag stuff post haste …


    • Why must NATO figure anything out? Here is a situation where nuclear buttons are located on both sides of the border, what is the problem?

    • @David, you are a funny guy I see.

      The problem is understanding WHO controls those buttons.

      But your comedy was the hotdogs seller remark!

      A lot of minced-meat making goes into creating hotdogs 😎 … so one should be careful around sellers of such things, not so!

      They can offer you lots of ‘baloney’ in your hotdogs too!

  50. Nick name ….”the earthworm…..a laughable story behind that..

    .once Afrika knows it collectively has to watch its back….too many old traitors representing historical thieves.. as their new slave masters.

  51. Some are getting a lesson on why you do not take sides in other people’s war unless you know all the facts…via due diligence…or in my case ask Pacha or those more knowledgable so you are better placed to make informed analysis….ya certainly dont try to insert yaself.

  52. It’s easy to be an ‘expert”. For you ass wipes never know shit!

    Navalny has less than two percent rating in these same Western polls. Few people in Russia know of this Western stooge Navalny, or like him. The Communist Party has the second largest number of seats in the Duma and is vastly more popular.

    We never hear you ilk deifying them. Are they no vastly closer to political power capture than the Western fringe character Navalny.

    You maybe better off talking this dated shiite to idiots of like mind.

    The mighty Russian Federation is only drawn into a near 18 months conflict, as even the most juvenile of observers know, because Putin gave them explicit orders that Ukraine was not to be destroyed like Iraq for three primary reasons. One, they are brother Slavs. Two, he was looking to a post conflict scenario where friendly ties could be reestablished. Three, unlike some, he recognized from the beginning that a negotiated settlement was the endgame with Ukranian being a nuetral state, other SMO objectives.

    Since the coolaid is that Russia is weak, why don’t your cowards in the West directly enter the war. This should be a “no-brainer”, a “slam dunk” for an alliance which cannot even defeat Afghans on horse back after 20 years. Has not won a real war since 1898

    Navalny broke Russian law by accepting funding and other help from foreign countries and their regime change outfits like National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and others. In fact, we have them on tape plotting such. If anybody did in America what Navalny did in Russia, jail would also be unavoidable. The double standards of White people and their Black ass apologists of your type.

    Your problems are clear. You have no ability to see past what the presstitutes in Western media tell you. You, your new found buddy and the neo-conservatives in the West, operate as if Russia today is the same as the USSR. You hate all things Russian because the Anglo-Saxons tell you to. Your kind would like another Yelsin, as president of Russia, who in his drunken stupor allowed the West to rob Russia blind and create the same oligarchs the West has just sanctioned, stealing all their assets in the most undemocratic ways known to man. And now you come here claiming recent deaths are attributed to Putin. When it is Putin who told them plain and simply, “you can keep your money but you will never be involved into government”.

    The West created these oligarchs. It was Putin who for decades has been begging your sanctimonious Western governments to have these odious assets returned. But instead the West found a cause to steal the money of the very oligarchs acting as highway robbers. What honor is there in this? Have you people any?

    For all these reasons and more our original determination stand and cannot be assuaged by any raasoul body.

    The big mushroom-headed deckie has to be delivered to their pedantic, pragmatic-nationalist, fascist, wokeist, “democratic” pooooookey! This is the end worthy of death and Vladimir Putin has the means.

    Ntr please let it be!

    • What does “ntr” mean in your world: No Truth Required! SMH!!!

      Your fanaticism and extremist mien is in full display… and invariably persons of your deep dyed ilk project to others would act and think the same …

      I have no desire that Mother Russia be invaded or destroyed as that’s insane absurdity. Why want such for a nation so rich in historical relevance and as importantly so deeply relevant to modern affairs.

      Your thesis is built on hate and as evidenced by your ‘Putin can do no wrong’ absurdities has very distant connection to reality and truth.

      Carry on smartly … eventually reality will intrude.

  53. And while the racists and their slaves try to recover from what was most hoped for, the great Russian Federation has eliminated nearly 1000 fascists in the socalled counter-offensive in the last 24 hours alone.

    A counter-offensive where the Western fascist enemy cannot even breach the area in front of the first line of defence. They have not even gotten to those first line fortifications. Weeeee are swating them like flies with artillery. And there are four lines of defence.

    Watch for the counter to their counter offensive! Watch out!

  54. Corrupt politicians too love the world stage. This one got a serious beating on video, then it was shared everywhere…a hell of a beating to watch….people are sick and.tired of these pretensive liars…at least the frauds now have unpleasant memories from the Paris cockup.

    “Senegalese ministers who travelled to Paris France being beaten by Senegalese because of bad governance, Africans why are our leaders are so heartless and wicked? It’s time to wake up Africans. Every country in Africa has to wake up.”

  55. Pedantically speaking no truth is required in politics nowadays and the issue is how post-truth politics exploits lies in same way as white boy war propaganda psyops and ass wipes do know shit

  56. Bushman…they really know how to set tongues wagging….they nearly upstaged my publication..

    For pRosterity the editor of Mush has spoken. The 20,000 circulation, by Western count, is intact.

  57. Pacha….The grassroots people on the ground in Barbados, the REAL SCHOLARS are in tune to REALITY…….they see that it is what it is and they know what it is..Nfr.. ..

    no one cares about the others. …they look real good as and where they are….standing in the shadows.

  58. This dude put out a video yesterday. Pay attention to what he said about negros mimicking oppressers.

    …i know him and he reads Kush does Uncle Phil from Afrikan Diaspora News Channel…so does Pan Afrikan Daily TV……so does….i can go on all day..

    ..for those who think they can insert themselves…that battle was lost 2 years now…

  59. It’s amazing how one asshole could be talking about Putin getting a “black eye” with certainty.

    Indeed, Putin comes out, in Russian eyes, as a genius! What black eye?

    And yet another ruminatiing about Russian affairs with a western prpaganda infused brain space. Navalny and other propaganda tropes.

    Ray McGovern was for all his career a CIA agent and then the daily briefer to the POTUS. He is a Russian specialist who speaks the language fully and knows Russia intimately. Fully bilingual!

    He’s arguing a number of points all of which are precisely this “Russian expert’s” views as seen above within the last few days.

    In addition, he’s contending that The Gang of Eight comprising the senior leaders of the US Senate and the HoR were briefed last week Thursday’s on this CIA backed plot within the Russian Federation, using Prigozhin as Trojan Horse.

    It virtually impossible for any serious plot of this sort to happen anywhere on Earth or Mars unless American intelligence and their handmadens in London preforming the best industry they’ve had – regime chance. As feckless as this try was.

    Nobody briefs the Gang of Eight unless for national security matters. So fools who continue to watch MSNBC. CNN and Fox, themselves mouthpieces for the very intelligence community, and expect to come here and talk fuckeries about “black eye” are just that, diots. The same for those who would continue to talk shiite about Navalny, Russiagate, dead oligarchs, and the like.

    Next time it might be better to shut the fuck up and delay giving proof of the idiocy thusly asserted.

    Enter, Ray McGovern!

    • After years and years ya would think people know and understand what’s really happening, but they so love to insert themselves in things that dont call to them, so no surprise they are always behind in terms of valuable knowledge. For the last 2 years, all my important information go into my books and magazines, so thankfully only who are deserving will see and read…and it gets to the very best people and places across continents…so those who count and matter the most, in turn, get to send it to all the appropriate people/places..

      if some of these who have no clue believe somebody need them, or it is their business who reads, they are very wrong…we have to be very careful who sees what these days, no more sharing of crucial data everywhere served it’s purpose and now must end..

      …..only the general and unimportant…Pacha….

      cant waste anything on empty heads going forward.

    • If what you or Mr Ray McGovern is saying has even a scintilla of truth then the US and CIA are freaking morons to attempt such BS just to show that Putin has lost ‘some’ control.

      My commonsense dismisses this as Russia fanatics spin orchestrated by former agents who are being paid to spin.

      I don’t ‘marionette’ the narratives from WH, CNN or MSNBC … I do hope u can say the same re the Kremlin.

      One must read carefully and judge events based on that fundamental Bajan commonsense.

      Prigozhin is clearly playing a game; for what purpose and for whom is the million ruble question.

      And the fact that Lushanka, the Putin BFF, is the peace broker makes this game even more ludicrous …

      But then again it was ludricous to believe that Putin would actually start this war; further ludicrous to even believe that 20 months later the narrative would be that Ukraine has not been obliterated because of humane reasons… although apts buildings and other non military buildings like hospitals have been bombed!

      So maybe the US could have continued this ludicrous madness with this back-handed slap at mother Russia…

      So you and McGovern have convinced me.

      As the comic says: What maroons, they would be.

  60. Correct me if I am wrong

    1) Do you see Prigozhin action as a betrayal? I do.

    2) Do you see Putin retaliating in the future?

    3) You must agree that this course of action puts Putin in a different light. His cloak of invulnerability has been removed.
    4) This fight between ‘bros’ weakens any explanation of the fight with Ukraine..

  61. Listen to Ray McGovern.

    People betray other people and systems all the time.

    The way the issue was resolved using the president of Belarus and given the relationships between all three actors should tell you the trope about Putin is a killer, even of his friend Prigozhin, should supercede your simplistic Western infused propaganda trope.

    There’s no need for retaliation. Wagner, titularly led by Prigozhin, has killed 75000 Nazis in Bakhmut alone. He’s popular amongst the Russian people. Indeed, the Russian people generally agree with Progozhin’s main argument that Russia should stop playing nice and crush the Ukrainian state and end the war.

    Please. Again you come from a place which has no understanding about war. Events never precede in a linear fashion. There are always ups and downs. Successes and failures. This is not the first failure in this war by Russia or Putin as the West relishes to replace a real country for. The Russian people steeped in their cultural history understand this. They do not get a Western education which Socrates saw as only worthy for pigs – pig food.

    Don’t understand number four. But must goooooooo!

    • “should tell you the trope about Putin is a killer, even of his friend Prigozhin”

      You can’t be serious.

      Go back to the beginning when Putin was vying to be top dog against the other big dog deputy under Pres Yeltsin … the adversary was retired to a dacha as this Wagner boss will be right! 😉

      Oh wait he and Vlad were not BFFs like Vlad is with Prigozhin.


      Vlad as a killer is a trope 😅 .. this former KGB boss man does not sanction wet works with extreme prejudice !

      And polonium – a highly dangerous radioactive poison – just so happens to be the cause of death of former Russian agents spilling to the west… to name just one, HAD TO SANCTIONED AT HIGHEST LEVEL, incident!

      Wow … you are truly a superb aide … Stay Kool. 😎😅

    • You are a liar. Putin refused the job and had to be prevailed upon by Yelsin.

      And anybody around during that period knew that while everybody was taking bribes Putin was nearly the sole unbought government official.

      Because he knew everybody was robbing the state he told Yelsin over and over again he did not want the job. But Yelsin insisted that the reasons why Putin did not want the job were the very reasons why he had to take it, Yelsin said to him.

      There was no jockeying by Putin and anybody else. Yuh fucking, unread, liar. A liar whose head is full of Western propaganda tropes.

      You idiot, again you repeat well known Western lies. Putin was never a spy. He was a mere lawyer within the KGB. Are they not government lawyers within the CIA to advise those agencies.

      On polonium, again you accept unproven claims by Western intelligence agencies to destroy Putin and create confusions in Russia. Is Russia the only country in the world which produces polonium? Where is the proof of Russian’s or Putin’s culpability?

      Beside an intelligence operation by the West there are no proofs of any of these spurious claims. Just like Russiagate! Bare fucking lies by the same people. Lies you believe in spite of them being debunked.

      Do Biden and the US not blow up Nord Stream, an act of war, an act of international terrorism? Did they not commit and number of crimes from slavery to Jim Crow, to crimes against humanity, the highest crime of all.

      Is Biden and his son not thieves whose money laundering started this war in Ukraine?

      And on and on

    • I truly respect such intense fanaticism. Absolutely awesome.

      But do tell me when did a learned, well read man as your-self determine that 1) ad hominems have EVER been a valid rebuttal. Do they not show your frayed petticoat!😅

      2) Additionally do also tell me how this reluctant champion of the people progressed from honest protector of the realm to become the Czar of the largest group of monied oligarchs since the halcyon days of the earlier Czars!

      Do tell how did Mr Do Only Right manage that!!!

      3.And explain to me which other nation would provide nuclear poison to RUSSIAN agents to kill RUSSIAN citizens in England and across Europe… SMH!

      All hail Vlad…

      And for de record, what de badword does an alleged corrupt US President, his son and his family have to do with Putin’s ‘infelicities’!

      Are you fah real! LOL.

      Carry on Russianingly!

      Oh and despite evidence of social media shenanigans by Russian actors: convictions of players who were involved with Russian electoral malfesors; direct input on a Republican platform narrative of Russian talking points and clear details from the Mueller report you and others so glibly state that ‘Russiagate’ is a hoax. LOL.

      There is a clear distinction between the debunked MI5 agent’s “oppo research” like the golden showers and what has UNEQUIVOCALLY been adjudicated.

      Get REAL.

      I gone.

  62. Believe it or not but soldiers don’t like fighting in war. During World War II, over 70% of soldiers did not fire their rifles, even under immediate threat, and most of those who fired aimed above the enemy’s head.
    It is not normal to kill without hesitation or remorse and many soldiers suffer PTS

  63. This writer must be the only voice originally calling for a radical transformation of everything here.

    Insisting that tinkering had no place in our times.

    Mottley now, acting like the proverbial sheep dog, imbued with invective, here seems to believe that the very people and institutions which are fighting a war to hold on to globa power, will by her articles of faith and religious fervor, willingly deliver the radical transformation which they coterminiously seek to prevent on the battlefield of Ukraine and warmongering in the South China Sea.

    Including an IMF which betrays its own policies to lend money to Ukraine, a country at war.

    Give us s break.

    Like OSA, such speeches will eventually end up in Oistins wrapping fish, in a country misdirected by the emotional excesses of a Mottley, who is overly committed to a psuedo-sophisticated form of begging the devil to not be like satan.

  64. Dont know who they thought was going to allow them with their cant live or function without a slave master sickness, cant do without their traitor trait on full display, to run loose on our continent…knowing about their thievery, disloyalty, and treachery.

    …and dont let the most important people in Afrika have access to that info to consistently watch and monitor them and protect themselves from these gangs of crooks….we can never allow that injustice and level of betrayal to get a foothold…FIRE BURN THEM for their evil criminal ways…and the repulsive little rats who support them..

    I make no apology….the warnings will continue..

  65. “This writer must be the only voice originally calling for a radical transformation of everything here.

    Insisting that tinkering had no place in our times.”

    Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
    Speak your truth out loud
    Whatever it may be
    Speak it out strong
    they may silence you
    but they cannot silence the truth
    Crucifixion ain’t no fiction, so-called chosen frozen
    Apology made to whoever it pleases
    Still they got me like Jesus
    (my voice was diluted by the petty powers that be due to the bitching)

    Shit is deep
    That’s when I stepped back some to contemplate what few know
    Sat down, wrestled with my thoughts like a sumo
    Ain’t no one player that could beat this lunacy
    Ain’t no hustler on the street could do a whole community
    This is how deep shit can get

    Oh City Of Zion + Zion Dub (Dub Plate)

  66. Dont know what made the little hangerson….the much less than intelligent, ever believe they could stop me..

    .weee saw just how desperate they got near the end of their years of ignorant displays…epic fail.

    Now they know, they stopped nothing, and never stood a chance. ..may as well sit down and humble..who did i warn recently about that, they didnt listen and got a worldstage booing…..pure gold..

    Cant wait to hear Bushman’s take on that world class, first world cockup.

  67. Now, Barbados should watch out for new policies from the PM regarding new ‘green housing’ in alignment with WEF and whoever gives her a Grant/Loan. If you are poor you will be subjected to some cheap, mouldy housing/materials most likely built in China and they won’t stand a chance against natural/man-made disasters. Beware of new taxes as well.

  68. The blogmaster is falling down on the task. I would like to know his criteria for posting articles /opinions from local papers.

    I am now searching for an article by KK that was in a local paper. Was it not worthy of being post here?

    @555.. be on standby as I will comment on it when found. Get out your favorite phrase.

  69. Why is Barbados the only country in the world still talking about covid and vaccines…running fear and fraud..

    .ah guess when ya are a borrowing begging dependent…ya run with the narrative and script given…or…no money.

  70. Remember when those on the island were calling themselves tsars or czars or whatever nonsense was rolling around in their heads at the time and were warned they had no clue from where the word derived…well here it is..

    “Putin is in fact much more the heir of that autocratic era than of the republican Rome into which Caesar was born. He is a post-Soviet tsar, or czar, a word itself derived from “Caesar”.

  71. Yes, if i not only experienced, as everyone witnessed, and watched for many, many years how dangerous, conniving and cunning and more and more UNINFORMED the Slave mind has become to EVERYONE, just like their political idols……wuh these would have to be dumb enuff not to think thst EVERYONE else has also noticed….and dont want that ever increasing danger near them..

    ..but dont mind me…am enjoying the performances…more for me to write about…and share everywhere.

  72. This is how the French, a freeminded people operate, you dont go to their country and talk down to them like you are speaking to Barbados’ silly emptyheaded slaveminded…who enable political crimes against themselves and wont know how to begin to fight for their rights, only know how to fight and tear down each other..

    Parisiens would set you on fire….this was overnight…they set the place ablaze. They take their freedom seriously and dont kowtow to or enable corrupt politicians at any time…of course Haitians would take it to another level and personally burn and chop.

    “PARIS, June 28 (Reuters) –

    Protesters armed with fireworks clashed with riot police in a Paris suburb overnight after a 17- year-old man was shot dead by police during a traffic stop and prosecutors opened a homicide investigation.

    Thirty-one people were arrested in the clashes in which 40 cars were burned, mostly in Nanterre, the Paris suburb where the victim was from, interior minister Gerald Darmanin said on Wednesday.

    Video footage showed at least one building on fire and burnt-out barricades on the road. Fireworks were aimed at police, who fired tear gas at the crowd.”

  73. I watched Boss lady in St George. She is very good. Impressive.

    It takes courage to sit at a table and let people send questions her way.
    I wish I was there.

    Boss lady, are your trips paid for by foreign entities?

    Boss lady, what is the total cost of these trips for the people of St George.

    Boss lady, how many miles have you traveled from St George after taking office?

    Boss lady will you share your frequent flyer miles with the people of St George.

    Boss lady, besides the bank branch in St George, where else have you stashed the money you received?

    Boss lady is there any truth that we will soon have a Beijing House in St George?

  74. Did you see the title of this post. Every time I read the title it sticks in my craw.

    Here we are not only punching above our weight, we are leading the charge.

    Reality check:
    Ten years from now all of those fancy speeches will be seen as nothing more than a fancy begging spree.

    Gimme the begging bowl and watch mi.

    Good news.
    By that time our guy will be out there driving the begging train.

  75. Yellen now going to China.

    Lorenzo and enuff, Mia like she got de US leadership following she. Dat woman is powerful.

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