Mia’s Blunders

In recent weeks two events created embarrassment for the Mia Mottley led government. First it was the still born Little Island Big Barbados BTMI matter followed by the snub after she demanded the smutty Trojan Riddim video be removed from the YouTube streaming service.

Three years after achieving an unprecedented victory in the 2018 general election and riding the crest of high popularity, several blunders and unwieldy execution of projects have been the bane of the BLP administration in recent months. Notwithstanding severe economic challenges, a raging COVID 19 pandemic and a brief encounter with ash fall, the general public has become increasingly impatient with a government that has over promised and yet to deliver on several promises: Freedom of Information legislation, enhanced governance to effectively treat with perennial concerns of the Auditor General and related matters, timely delivery of justice from the courts, NIS  fix, reform education, arrest crime, rooting out corruption in public life by holding transgressors accountable to name a few.

One suspects despite the blunders the government still has its head at the front of the 2023 political race given the unpreparedness of the main opposition party. That said a week is a long time in politics. However, the black eye the Mia Mottley government has received as a result of the clawback on the ‘Little Island Big Barbados’ issue, capped by the snub delivered by the Trojan Riddim artistes must be worrying. Why pull the plug on the Brand driver initiative after it was paid for? How will a committee of locals determine a brand driver for the visitor? Why demand local artistes remove the video from Youtube if Mottley more than most should have been acutely aware of the uncompromising loyalty enjoyed by said artistes with the underground audience?

Brand drivers are a set of adjectives that describe your organization and are used as a way to influence your branding in the marketplace. … The marketplace, your customers, and others outside of your organization are the ones who actually determine what your branding is.

Brand Drivers

More worrying for the blogmaster is the confirmation of a crisis of public morality in the country. Public morality is considered to be the moral and ethical standards a people try to maintain in the society; embodied in our laws, how the police force enforces the law and the peer to peer influence by citizens. The cohesion required for a well ordered society is the ability for all segments, Alpha, Millennials, Baby Boomers et al to ensure mutual concerns overlap on the ‘ven diagram’. What we have in Barbados are disparate groups unable to create a path to defining acceptable social values 

Note to Prime Minister Mia Mottley, the country needs leadership.

The attributes of true leadership are honesty and integrity, authenticity, responsibility, the will to inspire and act, passionate communication skills, the drive to innovate and create, to name a few.

However, I believe the real stuff leaders are made of is when they live their values out loud. That’s where leadership has its roots. That’s when a leader becomes inspiring. That’s when leadership is real.

The Stuff Leaders are Made of

167 thoughts on “Mia’s Blunders

  1. There is a WORLD of difference between AC and myself!

    These people she suddenly cares about meant NOTHING to her before May 25th, 2018.

    There are others like her who are yardfowls for the other party. They are also called out. Today is AC’s turn.

    I am not one of them. Proof is that I have been called both a BLP yardfowl AND a DLP yardfowl.

    What makes AC vile is her motive. These suffering people are only weapons which she will pick up and use against the BLP and happily put down again if and when the DLP regains power.

    What you, THEO, often lack is an appreciation for context. Highlighting problems that were left unsolved under the DLP while presenting the DLP as the solution to the problem is disgusting.

    All this does is deflect focus away from the real problem – the whole damn political system.

    I suspect though that this particular waterproblem will be resolved before 2023.

    Low hanging fruit will be picked. The people will be so thankful to get water that Mia will be in their prayers every night.

    And poor AC will have five more yesrs work on BU!

  2. For one under past govt the water issues was a daily political foot ball on BU
    The articles were constant harsh and unforgettable
    The blp supporters led by the now PM made sure that past govt had there fair share of insults and castigation
    Mottley took this unfortunate situation as a cause for political opportunities
    She and her supporters made all kinds of accusations against govt with words to the effect govt uncaring
    Now present govt is caught in the same situation those who use the same ammunition against present govt are lauded as hypocrite
    Well I couldn’t care much about what others think
    If the 👠 fits let them all wear it
    This govt came into office with a promise of better
    The water issues Mia highlighted as one of past govt failures
    People believed that Mia had all the answers to the water problem
    Just like past govt had to deal with all the cussing and accusations from the mouth of the blp supporters joined by now ministers and the leader
    This govt cannot and should not get an easy pass on the water problem
    A problem which Mia described while being in opposition as being acceptable
    Cuss me all wunna want the hypocrisy on this issue made way across the table five years ago and it started with the blp supporters and the PM
    Words matter

  3. @Donna,
    “So that video does not prove that life cannot be good in Barbados. It means that it is not good for some”

    Where did I say that life cannot be good in Barbados? My note was about a video on a woman who was clearly suffering. And … Yes, people in her position will not be coming to BU saying that all is good..

    AC is no different than other bloggers. She criticizes the failings of the BLP, others criticizes the failing of the DLP.

    Three statements.
    (1) Funny or not here I come
    (2) I ‘iz’ as Bajans as any other Bajan. The US will have to defend/speak for itself. I can and will comment on Barbados.
    (3). It is not all about you, don’t make it so.

  4. And William Skinner, unfortunately, will be left crying about the duopoly and how Bajans hold parties to celebrate the return of garbage trucks, buses AND water.

    Political sleight-of-hand!

    But one never misses the water until the well runs dry.

    The magician makes the object reappear to loud applause!

    The Magical Mystery SHOW!

  5. Last night govt launch a media youth
    campaign against violence
    Violence has been an ongoing issue
    Govt has an attorney general who is clueless and now has to carry the label of being the worst
    Word on the ground is stating that the financial aspect of the launching of the show cost were over one hundred thousand dollar or more
    There seems also to an issue brewing as to the person who produced the show and named association which will raise eyebrows

  6. Comment

    Again context seems to escape your grasp. And I was awaiting your next little dig. You did not disappoint.

    And yes, you were taking a dig at myself and a few others. YOU are the one who made it about US.

    Wiliiam has dropped it and YOU have picked it up.

    Life is good for some and not for others WORLDWIDE!

    It behooves those of us who have been fortunate to make it better for those who have not.

    HOWEVER….we must not let our emotions get in the way of reason.

    The job will never be done and dusted ANYWHERE!

  7. It is debatable who started the hypocrisy. One thing for sure is that it started before 2008.

    It is great to call out hypocrisy as long as you first acknowledge your own and do better.

    Otherwise you are a part of the problem and not the solution.

  8. The BILLIONS OF DOLLARS STOLEN BY TWO CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS OVER THE DECADES…could have FIXED that water problem, some parishes have suffered for water for OVER A DECADE, some can’t remember how long since they have had the lack of water issues…IT’S BEEN THAT LONG.

    no use MAKING EXCUSES for two repulsively corrupt governments, that is ensuring that the corruption never ends when those who are not suffering for water are finding excuses…while the governments thief and GIVE AWAY billions of dollars of the people’s money.

    .people are being DEPRIVED OF WATER while hotels water golf courses, how does that even make sense…grass does not need water, ;people do.

  9. Not making excuses at all!

    It is disgusting that people should be suffering for water for so long! Administrations of BOTH PARTIES are culpable.

    And yes, corruption is the main cause of our problems.

    Corruption drains an economy! Mistakes can be fixed. Incompetance can be corrected. But corruption gets in the wsy of both!

    • The BWA is mainly bad management; lack of strategic planning, cronyism and then we have the AG reports.

  10. Context! Context! Out of context!
    Please show me where I referenced the US in my original note.

    ***Here ends any/ all exchanges **

    Have a great Day
    Have a great day Barbados

  11. Oh dear me! I see you REALLY do not understand context.

    I shall not attempt to teach an old dog new tricks. I have not time nor patience.

    But don’t think you will not be called out for your passive aggressive digs.

  12. @David, is it really quite so cut and dried to say : “The BWA is mainly bad management; lack of strategic planning, cronyism and then we have the AG reports.”

    I suspect there was “bad management” at various levels, at various times but frankly would it have been that different from the standard ups and downs of incompetence in ANY govt entity anywhere!

    THAT is NOT a ‘whataboutism’.

    My point is that an objective look at BWA would show there were dedicated, very knowledgable leaders advised by well trained technocrats over the years as well as some of the foregoing incompetence mixed it.

    Thus it seems harsh to suggest that overall they were not aiming to be as strategic as possible … afterall, they STUDIED carefully our water tables, sources and exploding usage patterns; it was they who advised on the need for the desal plant, for example, and other methodologies to address our expected water woes.

    Couple that with the real issues of piping infrastructure aging, undetected leakages and such and the problems are not as easily tractable as we make it appear.

    As a consumer of that necessity called water I recall (as I am sure you do) the heady discussions by Rev Hatch (activist commentator/moderator) on the need for water tanks at every Bajan (fancy and standard) home … improved awareness of water management,.. and all that derived from those repeated debates…. that was over 35 years ago.

    That sir is a ‘lot of water’ of time flowing under the bridge … lots have happened since then strategically that is good … and yes of course so to a lot of absurd incompetence and corruption.

    But the point is that taken as a whole we cant be too dismissive of the competent planning and work done even as we accept and recognize the folly… it may be obvious but still needs saying.

    I gone.

    • @Dee Word

      You deny a good strategic plan includes an execution plan? The blogmaster is interested in results.

  13. And here I was thinking that YOU had already buzzed!


    Good to see you not pretending to be above being bothered by somebody else’s comment on your comment

    Please, don’t make it all about you!


  14. One stinky water tank to service a community comprised of adults and children



    WHO put the one sickly water tank there?

  15. John2June 13, 2021 10:47 AM

    One stinky water tank to service a community comprised of adults and children



    WHO put the one sickly water tank there?


    Not me !
    But who has the control to make any changes or adjustments presently

  16. On water.
    In his book, CO Williams talked about building Apes Hill golf course, and the one biggest hurdle being finding the water.
    After evaluating many alternatives, they found a person in Canada who had done studies of the situation back in the 80s. And was told there was a source which was huge. And it just so happened to be on land he owned. From memory it was either Dunscombe or Farmers. I was loaned the book and read it over a weekend some months ago.
    Given the massive drop off in visitors, I am disheartened to know supply remains an issue.

  17. They take water from the wells THEY STOLE….and water grass…..none of the wells in Apes Hill belong to crooked cow….

    that’s why there is a water issue on the island, both governments are so DIRTY…that despite the people NOT GETTING ANY WATER for over a decade..but hotel lawns and golf courses are WELL WATERED…they still force the WATERLESS PEOPLE to pay water bills and THREATEN them if they don’t…

    everyone saw what Abrams attempted to do to the people of St. John on national TV regarding the water they WILLFULLY deprive them of…in any other country were he that DISRESPECTFUL to those who pay his salary, they would be picking him up off the floor…..

  18. Fixing St John and then St Lucy and then Boscobelle is not the solution, With such an approach, access to clean drinking water will continue to be a political football. A national plan needs to be created and a national fix needs to be found.

  19. Of course it irritated the hell out of me that when I say A about Barbados thatyou would then refer to the USA.. Later on I would see comments similar to my own uttered by a patriotic Bajan.

    I am as Bajan as anyone here.

    I have seen some nasty exchanges done here. Once I would be an instigator or a willing participant of such an exchange, but I have moved beyond that and am trying my darned best to stay that way.

  20. @ Donna

    Successive BLP and DLP administrations have been UNABLE to solve the ‘water woes’ communities in St. Joseph and St. Andrew have been experiencing ‘from as far back as’ 1951.

    In 2016, when the BLP operatives were highlighting the people of those same communities venting their frustrations about the SAME water issues, in a manner SIMILAR to WHAT she is currently doing today, this is what angela cox had to say:

    ac September 14, 2016 8:16 PM

    What is hypocrtical is that all those who are screaming and making noise and not living in ST. Joseph have yet to organize a water drive to help lessen the pain of the St.Joseph people while govt continue to resolve the technical and mechanical work which will provide a longterm solution.

    ac September 14, 2016 8:55 PM

    i find it most offensive that the blp operatives would be the ones making the loudest noise when in their fourteen year reign they did not even have the heart to lay a pipe but is using this occasion to stand on a political pipe line to holler and squeal like dirty rats running up and down a sewer line.
    This kind of hypocrisy does not go unnoticed and it would not serve the blp and their operatives or give them any political brownie points.The ongoing deluge of name calling and calls for resignation is as useless to the blp as the rusty pipes they left leaking underground for the st joseph people to retrieve water for their home.
    this kind of unsavory politics has a short life span for those who seek to receive their fifteen minutes of fame on the pain and suffering of others.

    ac September 14, 2016 9:36 PM

    It is something sickening and saddening when a crisis at home that affects the lives of people can be turned into a political foot ball, and that is what the blp and their operatives has decided in their reaction to the water crisis that has affected the St, Joseph people yet their speak of humanity but where is the blp operatives humanity when they engaged in the most despicable and deplorable political theatrics of giving opinions that have nothing whatsoever to helping the people of St. Joseph get a drink of water.

    What in heavens name have politics come to when the opposition political party blp ceased a water crisis and try to use it as advantageous political mileage with no respect or caring for those in need Shameless bunch they are.

    It’s a clear case of supporting then, what she now decries.

    “What a ting.” “You go girl.”

  21. Donna June 13, 2021 4:50 AM

    “These people she suddenly cares about meant NOTHING to her before May 25th, 2018.”

    “What makes AC vile is her motive. These suffering people are only weapons which she will pick up and use against the BLP and happily put down again if and when the DLP regains power.”

    “Highlighting problems that were left unsolved under the DLP while presenting the DLP as the solution to the problem is disgusting.”

    SPOT ON!

  22. This water situation could cost lives and not only will they blame the victims, but they would cover it up and LIE…

  23. Moral of the story
    AC was defending what she is now attacking.
    I am certain that others are now defending or silent about what they once attacked.

  24. Moral of the story

    Attempting to give AC a pass simply because you maybe a member of her ‘fan club’ or she’s ‘saying’ something you want to ‘hear’ or ‘say’ yourself, while preferring to remain silent and cheer from the sidelines……. is equally hypocritical.

    Please note, the word ‘you’ is used to refer to any person in general.

    @ David

    I haven’t read the Sunday Sun as yet.

  25. And you know what all my comments said during past govt handling of the water problems were met with hell stone and brimstone fire by the same blp operatives who know are calling me a hypocrite because I dare hold present govt feet to fire with reminders that Mia and the blp chastisement of past govt on the water issue was deemed uncaring and unacceptable
    As the old people say
    What is good for the goose is dam well good for the gander
    Deal with that

  26. I also remember calling for community involvement back then and was met with arrogance and insults
    Huh what a thing doah
    Those who cast stones are asking for themselves to be shielded from being stoned upon
    Give me a break

  27. My concern was with the people
    The knives were sharpened attack after attack was level

    acSeptember 19, 2016 8:43 AM

    David ammm ok. In any event the level of community outreach has recently reached its highest level. The fact being that social media and other media outlets namely Vob has been very immerised in politicizing the water crisis rather than being forcefully proactive in delivering a message to the public borne on a humanatarian level.just think if such calls to action was address by media on a humantarian cause for the people of St. Joseph over the long period the end result would have been less stressful and more beneficial for the people of St.Joseph
    Now you want to tell me how much community work was being done by one organisation kudos to their efforts and sacrifice.however it is evident that there activism required more community support ..support lacking due in fact to the dismal response of some in social media and other media outlets taking upon themsleves to wage a political war instead of a humanitarian battle


    So why now the shoe 👠 is tightly fitted on present govt feet
    there less than acceptable efforts should be overlook

    Xxx such arrogance and intimidation only fools would fall for

  28. To play ‘political tit for tat’ on such a serious issue, because the ‘other side’ did it, means you must engage in a similar activity as well, only serves to politicize the plight of the people in those communities who are suffering as a result ‘water woes.’

    If you were truly interested in those people, then, you would’ve confined those concerns to the inability or refusal of successive BLP & DLP administrations to solve the problem.

    Instead, when the problem was highlighted under the previous administration the people’s concerns became secondary to the image of the DLP.
    Now the problem is being highlighted under the current administration, the people have now become the primary concern.

    As was correctly mentioned, the BLP failed to address the issue during their 14 year tenure. However, against the background of former PM Thompson increasing water rates by 60% on July 1, 2009, to facilitate the an increase in the effectiveness and efficiency of water services to the public, for it to remain an issue in 2021, is an indictment on BOTH administrations.

  29. Yes, “such arrogance and intimidation only fools would fall for,” because, contrary to what you are seemingly implying by misrepresenting the truth……….

    ………. efforts by individuals, businesses, NGOs and special interest groups to assist communities experiencing ‘water woes’ have CONTINUED to this day.

  30. I am certain that others are now defending or silent about what they once attacked.


    Name one person that is defending?

    Mari is so political “disgustibg” that she even attacked the tank that the dlp /BWA put In place

  31. Artax,

    Pull up, selector! I knew you could do it!

    Anyone who defends ac so fiercely needs to take another look at what they are doing.

    AC and Co. provide the power that turns the political not so merry-go-round we are on.

    And no matter how much we call out her red birds of a feather, there is someone who pretends not to see.

    Keeps on with his whataboutism while seeking to chastise me for whataboutism.

    But I know you remember that there is a contingent who constantly ridicule us for daring to think that we live a good life in Barbados. There is one who does not come out and ridicule but drops some snide remarks that can sometimes go unnoticed, like Lawson’s comedic racism. One minute he plans to return and the next not. One minute he’d rather be here than there and the next he’d rather be there than here. But ALWAYS he tries to differentiate between our situation and that of America, ” WE always work it out in the end” and “WE always have hope.” But we, it seems, are hopeless.

    I see no point in believing that we are hopeless. Hopelessness leads to despair. Despair leads to apathy. Apathy leads to no action. No action leads to no change.

    Hopelessness then, is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

    The whole damn democracy of America is in danger of imploding but, “Donna, do not discourage your son from coming to America! A good life is possible in America .”

    In serious danger of total and violent autocracy with lunatic governors in more than half of the states, lunatic legislatures at state and federal level and a madman in the White House and yet he sees more trouble here than there. But the other G7 leaders see the danger and are worried that the madman may return.

    Still, I remain hopeful for America as I remain hopeful for Barbados.

    I know you picked up on the reference to “these people would not be coming to BU [like us] to say life is good in Barbados” just as you always pick up on Lawson’s racism.

    It is in this CONTEXT that I mentioned America the not so beautiful.

    So…there is method to my mad whataboutism!

    Don’t know what good purpose is served by his!

  32. John2June 13, 2021 2:04 PM

    I am certain that others are now defending or silent about what they once attacked.


    Name one person that is defending?
    You with your silly snide attacks

    Mari is so political “disgustibg” that she even attacked the tank that the dlp /BWA put In place


    I attacked a policy that lend itself to positioning one tank in a hard to access area to accommodate the whole community
    A problem which should have been met with satisfactory correction by present govt

  33. acSeptember 18, 2016 9:33 AM

    @ anonymus Gazer

    Most of my line of reasoning is factual and logical Unfortunately a problem of this magnitude would not be given an exemption from the politics of the day although when placed on a logistic scale of rationality being pulled against a period of time for the replacement of the mainlines and the necessity .. one cannot be so ignorant of such a fact that no matter which govt having to deal with the problem of over due repairs would not have to be faced with the problem of water shortage during the period which time repairs were being done
    However my problem with govt is that the govt knowing that the water shortage was going to be long and extended because of extensive repairs should have had a humanitarian plan in hand ready which could included citizen activism advocating a wanting need to help when and where necessary if called upon … all of which is an extension to good governance
    By the same token the opposition cannot expect any passing grading for their outrageous response to the water crisis solely placed and energizer by the politics of the day

  34. DonnaJune 13, 2021 2:43 PM



    Even reason to call out govt ineptness and incompetence
    Facts are facts truths hurt and enablers stupsee

  35. @ David June 13, 2021 6:43 AM

    The BWA is mainly bad management; lack of strategic planning, cronyism and then we have the AG reports. (Unquote).

    You have just ‘cooked-up’ the perfect recipe to turn into a dish on the menu to be called the IMF-planned privatization of the BWA.

    A serving which should have been dished out since 2014 when there was still loads of money sitting in local insurance pension funds, banks and credit unions looking for a safe investment pot of crystal clear gold.

    With Barbados’s forex earnings at its very low those who can pay the forex piper will be calling the tune and shots of the future ownership of the BWA as in the case of the sale of the BNB and the liquidation of the NIS strategic investment in the old BL&P.

    What can the recently-appointed Water Committee proposed to the Cabinet that is not already known by the ruling administration and certainly contained in the many manifestos of both political parties?

    The inevitable privatization of the BWA is just a matter of timing of the coming snap general election unless some ‘sitting’ red cow kicks down the water bucket, earlier than expected.

  36. @ac
    Keep up your good effort. You are not the only ‘hypocrite’ here. We definitely have more than two.

    I will say what I have to say. If others read more into it that what I say that is their problem.

  37. Um look like de old gazerts could give but can’t tek.

    Dat means there are more than three hypocrites here, because de OG does find a lot of fault with Enuff and Lorenzo fuh doing the same thing he does praise Angela Cox fuh doing.

    Uh wonder if he is one of them sophisticated propagandist and skilled brain washed apostles of the duopoly dat the revolutionary black power-man does talk about.

  38. Not going to let the bold faced blp hypocrites get away with their talking points of the past ten years
    Talking points borne with lasting and undignified words to create hate and division amongst the masses
    Days does run till night catches up this is such an hour and a time
    A person reap what they sow hence now is the time for reaping
    Time longer than twine now time has arrived and with it has laid bare the hypocrisy which was sown in the past ten years by the blp renegades whose own mouthing have return with brutal anguish to shoot them in the mouths
    Ac has the right and every right to remind them
    Who the 👞 fit let them wear it

  39. Monthly one reads IMF statement
    Govt meets their targets
    Meanwhile households are suffering
    People crying out for govt help to receive their severance pay
    Bridgetown a rat ness and drug hole
    The island being catspraddled by high taxes and fees galore
    All kind of social and economic ailments taking control
    And the blp brigade sits in silence
    Now tell the truth who are the hypocrites here
    Ten years ago the mouths of the blp minions could stop talking about the economic woes of the country
    Today and every day since Mia became PM and president in waiting their mouths are glued shut while the poverty levels rise because of gkvt policies which has kick the people in their arses and PR propaganda bellows the people to hold strain

  40. Do they remember the Alexander issue
    Do they remember the Barrack issue
    Do they remember the Hyatt issues
    Do they remember the Souhwest sewage issue
    Do they remember the Water issue
    Do they remember the unemployment issue
    Yes the blp operatives the ones now calling me a hypocrite and the ones who sat on the sidelines booed cheered marched and instigate all kinds of wordings that did not help but was placed on a plate of political opportunity to win elections
    Oh how easily they forget but now stands vanguard and vocal to call people out as hypocrite who dared criticize present govt on policies of giveaways to the wealthy
    Wuhloss me belly
    Wanna need to go and hide wanna ugly faces

  41. Oh how easily they forget but now stands vanguard and vocal to call people out as hypocrite who dared criticize present govt on policies of giveaways to the wealthy
    Wuhloss me bel


    For this post they called You Out only fir your shifting on the lack of water situation

    Give You enuff toppe and You always hang urself. Like the one stingy tank. For a whole community. ……………..
    Failing to renember its the DLP is who set up the standtanks all over the water scarce areas
    And also – one tank is better than no tank if u not getting running water .

  42. Some people would conspire to keep us on the not so merry-go-round!

    If I were inclined to be generous I would say, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

    Maybe William Skinner could explain to them that we do not wish to be pitting red, yellow and blue cocks and hens of confused gender against each other in the ring and gambling to win a few dollars from our equally needy brothers and sisters.

  43. We need someone who is above the fray as the messenger.

    Angela Cox has dirty hands. Her message is therefore tainted.

    Nobody likes receiving dirty paper no matter what message is written on it!

  44. Several years back, when I sought to explain the political system to my then young children, I was stopped immediately, with the observation, ” but daddy they are BOTH LABOUR parties”?
    From thereon, they sought to find distinguishing differences. And had great difficulty.
    Hence it should be no surprise, that any strong Party supporter in Barbados, is by definition, a hypocrite.
    @ac has always been a strong supporter of the masses, the poor and without privilege. Her challenge, is if the policy/words come from a D source, she can find rationale why, and maybe not today but long term, benefit accrues to the masses. If they come from a B, they fail on all counts.
    As she provided us with a slew of Bajanisms. another Auntie used to say, is “laugh and cry live in the same house”. Love and hate are first cousins.
    So @ac is a strong D, so be it. Trying to find differences where they are few is tough. And much of what she points out, is just that. What others once criticized is deja-vu all over again.

  45. @ all
    All this back and forth is bear BLPDLP BS however you look at it. The evidence is clear , trying to separate the party faithful on BU is a waste of time. The Bees did not care about the people when the DEES were in power and now the DEES don’t care about the people now the BEES are in power.
    They both care about one thing and that is winning elections.
    No amount of argument can deny this simple fact.
    Pot calling kettle black. Any reasonable person only have to read previous submissions to BU before elections. There was talk about corruption and Barbados was going under . That was the BEES.
    Today there is talk about corruption and Barbados is going under. It’s now the DEES.
    Same old same old BS.
    We ALL reap what we sow. Simple as that.
    Damn BLPDLP brainwashed apostles. They don’t give a frigging thing about Barbados.

  46. @ NorthernObserver,

    If you are a white Bajan you could have added ” they both does tek direction from we.

  47. So lik ric had featured guest on Sunday School
    The Mighty Grynner
    Shirley Stewart
    The Mighty Gabby
    The show was a blast
    Some of wunna old farts that always create mischief need to get a frigging life
    Good fuh lil Rick

  48. One stinky tank. Government should have known this and should put this kind of policy In place …………

    And it turned Out to be bursted mains

  49. Another day without Corona infections on our wonderful island.

    Once the quarantine station is empty, opposition and doctors who criticize the AZ vaccine sould practice for their permanent internment there.

    God save our rightful government and our Supreme Ruler!

  50. IMF Executive Board concludes the fifth review under the IMF’s Extended Arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility for Barbados

    June 16, 2021

    The Executive Board of the IMF concluded the fifth review of the IMF’s extended arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Barbados. The completion of the review allows the authorities to draw SDR 17 million (about US$24 million).
    Despite the challenges posed on the economy by the pandemic, Barbados continues its strong implementation of the comprehensive Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan aimed at restoring fiscal and debt sustainability and increasing reserves and growth.

    Washington, DC: The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the fifth review of the IMF’s extended arrangement under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Barbados. The completion of the review allows the authorities to draw the equivalent of SDR 17 million (about US$24 million), bringing total disbursements to the equivalent of SDR 288 million (about US$415 million).

    The four-year extended arrangement under the EFF was approved on October 1, 2018 (see Press Release No. 18/370 ) and is for an amount equivalent of SDR 322 million (about US$464 million).

    Barbados continues its strong implementation of the comprehensive Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan aimed at restoring fiscal and debt sustainability and increasing reserves and growth. The prolonged global coronavirus pandemic poses a major challenge for the economy, which is heavily dependent on tourism.

    Following the Executive Board discussion, Mr. Tao Zhang, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair said:

    “Barbados continues to make strong progress in implementing its homegrown Economic Recovery and Transformation plan, despite major challenges from the ongoing global pandemic . The authorities remain strongly committed to program implementation.

    “The lower primary balance target, financed by additional support from international financial institutions, is appropriate to accommodate worse-than-anticipated revenue losses and support spending on public health and social protection. The delay in achieving the 60 percent of GDP debt anchor by two years would avoid jeopardizing economic growth and social cohesion. To help safeguard debt sustainability, sustaining ambitious primary surpluses over the medium and long term would be required.

    “The authorities are committed to medium-term fiscal consolidation, supported by reform of state-owned enterprises (SOEs). Lower transfers to state-owned enterprises (SOEs) will create fiscal space for investment in physical and human capital, complemented by stronger SOE oversight, revenue enhancement, cost reduction, and mergers and divestments. Pension reform and the introduction of a fiscal rule will also support medium-term fiscal sustainability.

    “The approved amended central bank law will limit its financing of the government and strengthen the central bank’s mandate, autonomy, and decision-making. The removal of Barbados from the EU list of non-corporative jurisdictions for tax purposes is welcome. Full implementation of the FATF action plan would allow Barbados to exit its grey list.

    “A strong recovery after the global pandemic will depend on accelerating structural reforms to improve the business climate and facilitate green and digital transformation. Strengthening resilience to natural disasters and climate change is key to achieving long-term sustainable economic growth.”
    IMF Communications Department

    PRESS OFFICER: Randa Elnagar

  51. People suffering not interested in what the IMF says unless their is an intervention coming from the IMF that beckons govt to release the tight grip of taxes and fees off the peoples neck

  52. Tron and the IMF grant our government a triple-A rating. Time for our Supreme Leader to party the weekend away!

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