After Mia, who?

The late Errol Walton Barrow died in 1987, 36 years later the political party he founded, one of two main parties that have dominated the political landscape- the Democratic Labour Party (DLP), continues the struggle to ‘find’ itself. On the other side of the political fence the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) is led by the personage of Mia Mottley whose style has endeared her to the local and international community.

There is the suggestion Prime Minister Mia Mottley will elect not to offer herself as a candidate in the next general election. Political pundits again suggest that were this to occur the BLP will likely find itself in a similar state to compare to the DLP. From where the blogmaster is perched there is no obvious successor to Mottley. Some say Santia Bradshaw is being groomed, others are of the mind leaders emerge, a lazy premise if the blogmaster were to opine.

Who is the BLP leader in waiting?

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  1. After Mia what?
    What will remain of our beautiful country?
    Old issues unsolved; new issues invented …
    And the BLP sinners going at it on a full-time schedule

    • Why can’t we support Mia the best way we know how and give her the confidence to run the country the best way she knows how. We can all make suggestions and comments to the Prime Minister and trust that she will respect our views. Constant bickering and criticism would not create a better working country. Look what the government did to the country. Criticism may seem find but solutions are what the country needs. I honestly hope that we can put grievances aside and be supportive in a way to help the country forward and not backwards.

  2. This central question has bedeviled us from time immemorial. Leaders – are they born or are they made?

    In academia such an assignment is a mere though experiment aimed at exercising a paper chase.

    In political theatre, it’s an entirely different matter.

    One, we’re not sure that Mottley will remit as promised given the culture she has built around her. A cultural of the maximalist dictator.

    Two, that Mottley is alleged to be the local “dangorgun” and the darling of empire are both unnecessary and insufficient bases for determining whether “good” leaders are made or born.

    Three, the political cultural of Barbados is littered with personalities which were as overarching, dictatorial, as Mottley and when removed, by death or otherwise, others seen as minions emerged. There was life after death!

    Four, it would be extremely difficult, and maybe ill-advised, in spite of the two 30-loves and the characteristics posited above, to rate Mottley on some specious performance scale given the Covid19 misleadership, her wilful blindness about the future world political architecture, the absence of leadership at a time of enduring crises as Mottley almost exclusively is anchored on more and more borrowing and begging.

    And on and on!

    The misleadership on the Covid19 debacle, for example, and her inability to apologize, correct such stances, represent a belligerence uncharacteristic of what leadership is thought to mean.

    Five, the mere appearance of a perceived gulf between Mottley and the rest, within or without, is located in the personality cultism which surrounds her, political emotionalism.

    Like Barrow and the two Adames and maybe Arthur the best judgements are best made within an environment where a dispassionate assessment is possible. Should Mottley prove unable or unwilling to keep her promise about terms limitation or overrule the enormous pressures which will certainly be brought to bear by the sheeple, it maybe some time yet before the proper evaluation can be approached.

  3. New leadership for the new age will emerge. The less baggage they bring from the past ,the better for Barbados. Too much baggage, including past by date narratives were brought from a past that have little relevance for today.

    • @Vincent

      We live in hope. Are you happy fit for purpose leadership has emerged elsewhere in the political arena?

  4. @David, is this the newest ‘golden chatter’ being spun from the political mill!😎

    Seems to me the BLP have quite forceful personalities in their ranks (like D Marshall to name one) who have the gravitas, sharp elbows, financial underpinnings and shrewdness born of experience to successfully lead the party and nation.

    It would be quite intriguing theater for Mottley to step off her perch at this absolute zenith of her life’s arc as it would surely give credence to the gossip that she covets (and is destined to receive) another more ostentatious high profile post as a history making coda to her career.

    Love her or hate her she is now unquestionably the most astute political operative/leader of our nation as she ‘trumps’ all the boss-men who preceded her: ALL roads definitely lead to her beyond anything Commisioner Duffus offered re the Dipper; she imposes herself and demands fealty beyond the over-the-top limits evidenced by Tom and she comprehensively bested Owen – the man many may consider our most formidable leader.

    She prepared herself for these accolades from early days so perhaps fits the inept model of the ‘born’ leader but so too have others shown leadership precociousness … I have little doubt that one or two of them can harness their talents and intellect to lead their party forward when or if she demits office for greater glory.

    • Haha 😇… and what’s wrong with de brother!

      Remember 2 things… 1) I am of an ‘old’ vintage so I’ll look more favorably at similar vintage characters; and 2) more importantly … didn’t the same Mottley ascend after many years in the ranks in top leadership posts (and hurdling the internal pitfalls)!

      Of course others will step up but don’t dismiss ole heads so quickly.


    • @Dee Word

      To elaborate- do we have a quality culture that breeds ‘fit for purpose’ actors to emerge? Down with the cliché leaders emerge!

    • @David, I don’t follow your script re: “do we have a quality culture that breeds ‘fit for purpose’ actors to emerge? Down with the cliché leaders emerge!”

      Dont you grasp how amazingly CLICHÉD it is to assert “Down with the cliché leaders emerge”! 🤦🏾‍♂️😎

      What’s a ‘cliché leader’ brother!

      Is that not the guy or girl who shows great promise at high school or UE ‘leading’ peers in social clubs, activists protest or as a representative on issues?

      Or isn’t it the guy or gal who has connections at that early stage because of the power dynamics of their family unit!

      Or maybe it’s the guy or gal who by dint of achievement bests their peers to reach the top.

      Come on brother, this endless prattle about born/made leaders is a totall non-argument … all leaders show that nous to move forward from their early interactions (in one way or other); as they mature it can blossom and they couple natural tendencies with theories of leadership to ascend to the top … because they are ambitious; circumstances propel them forward or maybe they don’t do any of that!

      It’s very freaking simple.

      So YES we have and ALWAYS have had a “quality culture that breeds ‘fit for purpose’ actors” … when I was a lad it was a strong Family Unit, 4H, Scouts, Cadets, Guides, Key Club, sporting teams etc etc … today’s leaders come from there still and the many more groups now around … leaders don’t just drop from the sky!

      Anyhow, enough for this day. I gone.

    • True Hants…She won’t.

      But that is because she will have broken the feet of all other competitors in the race by treating them like shaving cream, and shifting them to areas of clear incompetence, so that there will be only ONE competitor left in the race.

      Why ‘run’ then, when you can stroll…?
      The moot therefore misses the TRUE point of the idiocy being played out in brassbados.

      What we have is a dictatorship being created by the promotion of mediocrity in an effort to create the impression that a ‘slightly above average’ speaker, is some kind of God-send – EVEN WHEN EVERY SHIITE THAT SHE HAS EVER DONE HAS BEEN A TOTAL MESS.

      Even the blogmaster has fallen for the story that we are somehow ‘lucky’ to have such a dictator, and one that the world (IMF/WHO/Foreign owners of local assets, etc) admire.

      “Whom the gods will destroy, they FIRST make mad”… as shiite…

    • @Bush Tea

      The flaw in your argument is that MOTTLEY heads a parliamentary group whose members are free to voice displeasure. If they are unhappy and chose to remain silent, who to blame?

    • “The flaw in your argument…”
      You are a ‘gallows bait’….
      As you well know..
      They choose to remain silent so that they can keep their ‘minister’ pick….
      They also choose to remain silent because this may be preferable to their only OTHER option -which is to recite statements about ‘how great Mia is’…

      …besides, Bushie never said that they were ‘unhappy’.
      …mostly incompetent – but not specially unhappy.

  5. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether we will not be better served by a pure capitalist political party comprised of business persons. As a socialist; my close friends say communist, coming to this conclusion, has not been easy. It’s obvious that there is no longer any serious public discourse prevalent and moving in this direction of pure capitalism , may be become the better option.
    I am deliberately refusing to describe what we now have. And it makes no sense asking me to do so.

  6. PM MIA 99%

    All other potential leaders with 70 % of PM MIA’s apparent abilities is all that is needed to replace her.

    buh doan mine me. I here vex because I lookin out my window at snow instead of sand. lol

  7. ‘After Mia’ in not a key issue for Barbados.
    First thing…
    De dog already dead.

    … and too besides, anyone why actually BELIEVES that Mia will not run again next election – probably still ALSO think that Covid19 was a legit global pandemic, and that the World Bank and other Bill Gates surrogates worked to protect the global community – ESPECIALLY the Black ones.

    Back when Froon was planting the Demonic Alter on the Garrison – (with the Pitchfork prominently highlighted,) Bushie told wunna that Mia would have the honor of piloting the Bajan Titanic to the ocean floor…

    The ONLY thing that has changed is that the damn ship has now begun to tilt precipitously …. but the brass bowls on board are mostly concerned about who gets to be the ‘next Captain’….

    But not stinking Bushie…
    De bushman just waiting for the right moment to when the boss-man’s lifeboat rolling….

    • How long have you been waiting Bush Tea?
      Not long Boss….

      But Bushie is having so much fun, that another 80 years or so would be no problem…
      Talk bout sweet…!!!

      Anyway, this race is not for the swift ..or the impatient –
      It is all about enduring (enjoying) to the finish line.

      The Bushman suspects that this is why the whacker get tek way. Bushie was having a bit TOO much fun…. LOL

  8. When socalled leaders are themselves misled.

    Maybe Owen Arthur too, with Haiti, memory seems to recall.

    But it was Tom Adams who was led into the American “war” in Grenada, as regional cheerleader.

    Thankfully Barrow had the good sense to permit transit for Cuban soldiers going to Angola to fight Apartheid. Certainly an act anathema to American imperial designs.

    Has a Bajan PM been the genuine cheerleader for empire’s war in Ukraine as is Barbados under Mottley. Such support tied to funding and the bankrupt woke-ist religion, of course!

    Only today, on the cover of the NY Times, is a case now being made, quoting CIA un-named sources, essentially that some group of Ukrainians were responsible for the Nord Stream Pipeline, act of war against Germany and the Russian Federation. An act of state sponsored terrorism, or both, as reported by Seymour Hearst.

    What is happening here is that the criminal leader of Mia Mottley has an election season to engage, even as senility betrays him. Thus, Democratic Party, Deep State forces, like was the case with Russiagate, and many other propaganda projects, are seeking to wash Mottley’s leader in the blood of the lamb by telling childish lies when all sentient beings know the truth.

    Indeed, Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, himself, Anthony Blinken and others have either already publicly pleaded guilty, made public statements of guilt, made explicit statements of intent and had motive, means and opportunity. The ham sandwich is indicted.

    The case against Biden crime family. And Joe Biden himself, acting as interlocketer and his son as front man, about serious criminalities involving the Ukrainian company Beresma and interfering with judicial processes there.

    How do you measure someone who purports to be a leader. Someone who in turn acts merely as a factotum for another or others. Someone, who with glee, brandishes credentials similar to those of an undercover agent for American imperialism?

    Is it possible for serious leadership to be itself led into the most grave consequences which are possible? What about this attempt to evangelize the ignorant about the existence of an absent leadership culture when the very subject is herself as blindly a follower as those following Mottley?

  9. Yesuah Christos!

    The propaganda plot thickens. As Mottley’s leader met with little soldier Scholz in Washington recently it’s noe clear what those meetings were about.

    As a German newspaper is now giving the same propaganda story as the NY Times.

    Only fools will be led by these assholes. And only assholes-assholes will be led by assholes.

    What leadership?

  10. I believe that Pachamama expressed cynicism and some doubt concerning our governments considerable appetite towards borrowing.

    At the start of Mia’s reign, I coined the phrase: “another day; another loan!”.

    The link below may answer the great man’s question. Some on BU may question Mia’s character, her lack of detail when it comes to implementing policies, or her brazen accumulation of power. But no one on can criticise Mia for her ability to communicate, her skill at networking with important individuals and her innate talent at finding cheap money to sponsor the numerous projects in our cash strapped country. Perhaps, we can put her on Nelson’s plinth.

    By the way, whatever happened to Tron?

  11. I cannot understand the magnitude of praise given to Mia.
    How are her accomplishment measured? By the quality of her work or by the volume of her microphone?

    Have our circumstances improved or are we now in year 13 of the lost 15 years.

    Has the quality of life improved for the poor in Barbados?

    Are our children protected or do we see a deterioration. Of their rights as stranger have usurped the place of their parents?

    Come, come, tell me your yardstick.

    Meanwhile, some see Barbados as just a stepping stone for her; they believe the whole world is waiting on this new Messiah.

    It is a sad state when some believe their own lies.

  12. @ TheOGazerts,

    Even President Macron wants to squeeze Mia’s palm!

    Are you a reader of William Shakespeare plays:

    Cassius speaks to Brutus

    “Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
    Like a Colossus, and we petty men
    Walk under his huge legs and peep about
    To find ourselves dishonorable graves.
    Men at some time are masters of their fates.
    The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
    But in ourselves, that we are underlings.
    “Brutus” and “Caesar”—what should be in that “Caesar”?
    Why should that name be sounded more than yours?
    Write them together, yours is as fair a name;
    Sound them, it doth become the mouth as well;
    Weigh them, it is as heavy; conjure with ’em,
    “Brutus” will start a spirit as soon as “Caesar.”
    Now, in the names of all the gods at once,
    Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed
    That he is grown so great? Age, thou art shamed!
    Rome, thou hast lost the breed of noble bloods!
    When could they say, till now, that talked of Rome,
    That her wide walks encompassed but one man?
    Now is it Rome indeed, and room enough
    When there is in it but only one man.
    O, you and I have heard our fathers say
    There was a Brutus once that would have brooked
    Th’ eternal devil to keep his state in Rome
    As easily as a king.”

  13. A leader should have a clear agenda

    Grantley Adams – Economic reform and justice
    Errol Barrow – Independence and changing our mindset
    Tom Adams – Economic diversification
    Erskine Sandiford – meh
    Owen Arthur – Expansion of the welfare state
    David Thompson/Freundel Stuart – meh
    Mia Mottley – Social justice (climate change, gender stuff) and mendicancy

    Yearwood has no agenda, neither did Verla.

    Of the BLP lot, they have subjugated themselves to Mia, their agenda is Mia (well with the exception of Kurt, he loves himself some single mothers).

    There was a small rabid group during the DLP years calling for Bizzy to run, but they were all melanin challenged (or pretended to be) so no one took them seriously. They will mount another attempt, not with Bizzy but another.

  14. @Hants
    Conspicuous by their absence is the parliamentary representative for the constituency that includes Joes river, the residents have to draft Gabby but “smiley” is MIA

  15. This is petty…
    Does GoRoB get Mia’s frequent flier miles?
    Would you elievethatwith proper rules and regulations, those miles would GoRoB.

  16. The real tragedy of Barbados remains the general population indifference to everything around them. I have often argued that Bajans are only passionate about eating too much bad food, feting, religion and education. I’m afraid that Gabby and his supporters have come to the table too late.

    Any foreigner who comes to Barbados to generate some form of economic activity within our country will always receive the green light to progress their project. Irrespective, if this may have a negative impact on the local population.

    Our government has become obsolete. It does not have the levers to facilitate or influence development and growth of the Barbados economy.

  17. William Skinner

    Permit us to disagree.

    The failures, as many as they are, of unbridled financial capitalism are essentially failures of the business classes, particularly large businessmen who have deployed their resources to control, bend to their will, all facits of our existence. The political- managerial class, the leaders of which, are the primary sellouts. This is one of the inherent flaws of capitalism as noted by Marx and others.

    It’s the central problem we currently face. Whether it’s the global competition between the West and China or an emerging bloc so led. Whether It’s the fact that in the USA real wages have not keep pace with inflation for 40 years. Or the connundrum that China, formally a communist country, for over 30 years years has consistently outpaced the growth rates in the capitalist West by wide margins.

    And, the West, which saw this coming, tried a colour Revolution in China, circa 1989, Tiannamen Square and continues to talk war as a counter-measure, though in more reckless ways. All to supplant western-minded Chinese capitalists to Institute the decadence of Western capitalism.

    Capitalism was never able to confront a system where the needs of people genuinely came first. In China or Russia if there were a dead Cow Williams or a living Kiffin Simpson who was seeking to monopolize whole industrial sectors, like capitalism always moves towards, and establish a corporate dictatorship, which some here have no problems with, active measures will be rightly taken to promote real democracy by mandating wider ownership.

    We see no measureable differences, philosophically, between Mia Mottley, Yearwood, Bradshaw and the local oligarchs businessmen except for their percieved bank balances. And can not be persuaded that having business elites or businessmen within the political process, and we seek not to protect the political managers because dey appear Black, is any different than the outsourcing of such a chore to the likes of Mottley. Bradshaw and Yearwood, as has long been the case.

    But this issue is far wider, gravest. At the deepest level it marks the end of White domination, on all fronts. We’ll be fortunate to escape the use of nuclear weapons. For White people and their slaves will never relinguish global power because they are asked nicely.

  18. @ Pacha
    No disagreement with your position. The reality is what we have here is neither fish nor fowl. How do remove the blinkers from the peoples eyes. In real terms we still have a plantation economy. As you correctly states the drivers may be a different skin color but the objective is the same.

  19. Pacha…something has to give.

    Weee cannot continue as is..

    Belarus President Lukashenko signs law enforcing death penalty for officials who commit treason.”

  20. Is anypne paying attention…..thoughts..

    “March 9 (Reuters) – The S&P 500 bank index (.SPXBK) tumbled nearly 6% on Thursday in its biggest one-day drop in over two years as investors fled the industry following SVB Financial Group’s (SIVB.O) share sale announcement and crypto bank Silvergate’s decision to wind down operations.

    Shares of SVB, whose operating segments include Silicon Valley Bank, slumped over 50% in their deepest one-day drop on record after the company announced a $1.75 billion share sale late on Wednesday. SVB is battling cash burn due to declining deposits from startups struggling with a venture capital funding drought.”

  21. Pacha…William,TLSN..i certainly hope people have learned something based on my circumstances and have started doing their due diligence into their personal history to find what is being hidden from them. They can’t say they did not know, I shared that part of the info freely..

  22. Johnny!
    What lies! You have previously claimed that National Socialism was a function of the left. Merely because of the misuse of what was a popular term at the time.

    Similar things are happening. For example, many leading countries are claiming to be democratic when in truth and in fact they are fascists. The UN even called Barbados a crypto-racist society. Racism as a central plank of fascism.

    To burnish such falsity they may even have periodic elections, not dissimilar to how the Hitlerites borrowed the most progressive term of the time. Indeed, your White supremacist Hitler used these very elections as merely a means to an end.

    Today the country which most vociferously pretends democracy is itself, by its history, its laws, it’s politics, every facit of its being the most FASCIST country the world has every had – the United States of America.

    Right in front your very eyes that fountainhead of fascism is supporting the Nazis in Ukraine in a racist war against the RF. You have given no explanation of the philosophical contradictions therein.

    But yet you harken to tropes about socialism when this living manifestation of inbred fascism of your White people is displayed in front the eyes of the world currently.

    And we may go on and on.

    Please spare the infinite references to the house nigger Sowell. To us he is less than an ass wipe. This Afrikan is not easily persuaded by a White man in Black face!

  23. @Hants
    The games people play.
    Defeat sold as a victory.
    As the wall was not destroyed, do not act surprise when the remainder of the wall is constructed in haste one dark night.
    1. Police called and say they can’t do nothing as the matter is in court.
    2.Judge talks tough but says matter nus run its course through the system
    3. Slow justice system delays the matter until 2035.
    4. Public get use to blocked access and the matter does.

    Owner, lawyer and judge pats themselves on back as they successfully fooled and fooled the public. Natives realize it is not rain, it was a golden shower.

    • 1. Police called and say they can’t do anything as the matter is in court.
      2.Judge talks tough but says matter must run its course through the system
      3. Slow justice system delays the matter until 2035.
      4. Public accepts blocked access and the matter dies.

  24. Pacha…the christians are killing each other..lone gunman opened fire in a Jehovah’s Witness Hall in Germany, he was reportedly a member …killing and injuring a bunch of people.

    At this time, best to stay out of their way, the christians, i keep my distance every time, all they need to flip out is a trigger…as the mindwashed and indoctrinated.

  25. Will bet my last buck that their bible tells them nothing about that one.

  26. Waru
    Well, these people, from the Western and Eastern socalled traditions have been killing Afrikans for a long time. They “guns” are becoming well-determined.

    However, such skirmishes bear no relationship to the “big fire” so badly required.

  27. But does it really matter who cums after Mottley when the historical arc is considered?

    Who came before whom?

    Is this whole thing not, as a function of history, dissolving into a nothingness. A sameness of a sameness?

    Mottley represents no high water mark.

  28. For one, if voting could change anything, it would be illegal!

    Is this not the nullity which has made us largely to, in total, remain within a steady state for hundreds of years?

    More precisely, is this general acceptance of a useless system not that which makes every socalled leader a failure, from birth?

    Don’t we have a preponderance of Mottleys all over the world displaying their snake oil?

    And if Mottley, as seen by the highly misguided as some exception or exceptional leader, how come she ain’t dead like Mauramar Khdafi or so few who challenged what is?

    And are all who have ever been, will cum, not a function of the helpless, hopeless, masses seeking an elusive deliverance from increasing privations?

  29. Heard President Xi, no darling of the West, public stating his intention to continue his work “under the supervision of the people” as is law and praxis.

    Has rassssoul Mia Mottley ever been under the supervision of the people?

  30. There are no end of traitors in black face who would exploit the knowledge they have of you to terrorize, abuse, harm, damage, injure, harass, and use many attempts to bring down socially and murder you for self gain…all for the opportunity to be top Slave….the traitor niga…

    We have a very bad situation on our hands….always had it in the last 100 years and most of us, never knew.

    The only thing i had going for me is the instinct to stay alive.

    Pacha…am trying to tell them their lack of knowledge of history and self places them in very grave danger from the parliament niga…they better find out who they are pronto before that knowledge is weaponized….and used to…

  31. Has rassssoul Mia Mottley ever been under the supervision of the people?

    Never ever yet in she rassssoul life, but this blogmaster always trying to have us believe otherwise.

    Thankfully we have people around like Theo, Skinner, Pacha and the original Bush Tea still willing to set the record straight on Mia.

    Best and brightest my ass.

    • @Raw Bakes

      Here is the fact, Barbados like many democracies operate a two party system. In the case of Barbados we have seen with the demise of Barrow how a weak political party (DLP) has negatively affected how we govern. Whether we like it or not Mottley has endeared herself to the people at home and beyond. IF she decides to move on from the role of PM (which would shatter the dictator argument) where is the opportunity for the public to encourage change given the structure that is part of a deep rooted political system?

      It is a more worthwhile conversation to have instead of taking potshots at a blogmaster whose only wrong is to give members an opportunity to share their views.

      You may have the last word.

    • @David, there is quite a bit that can be unpacked from your 11:14 post…😎🤦‍♂️

      Bundling two points together (to make a quick summary) I would suggest to you that “IF she decides to move on from the role of PM” that it would NOT “shatter the dictator argument” … rather in fact it could more forcibly reinforce it … if one accepts your other remark that ” the demise of Barrow” gave us a glimpse of “how … weak [a] political party (DLP) [was]”!

      There are much more astute political gurus here (like @Vincent, William, BushGriot and the Pacha dude to name four top of mind) who can speak to the concept you hinted at above … but I believe history has shown us that the truly powerful political leader who steps off the throne when still in an ascendency is the one who can ‘dictate’ a successor and remain behind the scenes to bolster their mentee’s long term success.

      If this lady steps off now then WHO steps in and their future growth will determine exactly how much of an all powerful ‘Mugabe’ she is!

      On other point above, one can only laugh uproariously at the comment: “Heard President Xi, no darling of the West, public stating his intention to continue his work “under the supervision of the people” as is law and praxis.”

      Again, I am not an expert student of Chinese politics but the tad bit I know related to the carefully choreographed Party Congress (not annually or every 2 years, mind you) completely makes a joke of the sentiment that Xi or Mao before him or any of the other Supreme Leaders were so wonderfully under the ‘supervision of the people’!

      Indeed, and yes quite less so than Mottley is or that Barrow ever was actually!

      Their system is complex (via their various regional representations etc and up to the Politburo) but quite amazingly simple when one understands the intrigue and subterfuge!

      Ah well … that’s politics!

    • @Dee Word


      There is a reason whether Tom, Barrow et al the term ‘first among equals’ has full weight.

    • @Dee Word

      To elaborate in brief, tell us what the leadership of present day Russia and China have in common with the leadership in so-called democracies in our region for 2 marks.

      Take your time.

  32. @Raw Bakes
    You may have the last word.

    You may be mistaken. I thought I established myself as a strong supporter of MM, surpassing even Tron and Lorenzo.

    Didn’t I?


    • Thanks for giving me the last word. It is nice to know that in these hard times, people are still willing to give away what little they have.

      Anyway, colour me flabbergasted.
      Here I was thinking that Tron was similarly not impressed with the expertise and skills of Mia’s PR department.

      With fans and friends like wunna, an “every skin teet ain’t a laff” sticker should be on every politician’s drinks cabinet.


  33. Life Is Changing
    Life Is Changing Again
    Life Keeps Changing Again
    Life Keeps Changing (Instrumental Long Mix)

  34. Mia is retiring at the top of her game as the undisputed heavyweight champion of Bajan politics with zero zilch nada defeats

  35. Merely moving on can never “shatter” any label about Barbados as a dictatorship.

    Under all the leaders this was so. Even when numbers of both sides were near equal is was a dictatorship masquerading as something else.

    The Greeks and the Romans saw dictatorship as an institution. A culture deeply rooted within the very fabric of their uncivilizatiion.

    Those who posit this specious argument will now have to line up their childish pleadings and tell the blog based on the origins of dictatorship how that act about moving on deals with the history of strong man elected dictatorship in Barbados, as an established system, the political culture.

    How would it stop another Mottley or Barrrow or Arthur personality from emerging and being another dictator like Mottley? Especially when her masters in the empire have always preferred dictatorships in their colonies.

    For years several people here and indeed the political science literature was replete with critiques about this fiction of a multiparty democracy. And in almost every case it is shown to be a duopoly.

    All a duopoly is is the pretence that political purality exist. When in truth and in fact nearly all the duopoly systems in the world, maybe on Mars toooooo, are captives of the economic elites. The most political parties so located can do is to beguile foolish people with the marketing, personality cultism, emotionalism, that there are differences or distinctions were none exist. When in truth and in fact none exist beyond the surface.

    Indeed, the people of Barbados are uniquely located within the political culture of the world. From memory, Barbados may be the only place in the entire universe where an elected dictator has won all the seats in the parliament twice in a row. That number could be increased as well. The people themselves, by their very actions of electing Mottley twice with 100 percent of the parliament, have proven and agreed with the dictatorship characterisation, as true, beyond doubt.

    But elected dictatorship is merely a half way house. This regime in Barbados, like its masters in Washington, and based on the classical definition of fascism, may be more precisely so described. The classical definition of fascism is the merger of the power of political and economic elites. We suggest that Barbados meets the requirements of such a definition.

    Prove it ain’t so!!!!!!

    Lastly, the primary defender of the dictator Mottley should tell the blog what other expresions do the people of Barbados can exhibit, in the running of their affairs, on a daily basis. Let’s forget about voting once every 5 years and running down behind politicians like assholes.

  36. Lastly, we’ll wager that like any benevalent dictator, Mottley will be “prevailed” upon to run again.

    All the injection of doubt will do is to create such conditions. That post like this thread is doing.

    And this Blog will then be backing the factuous arguments why she must run again. They will be an assorment of arguments about unfinished business, beating Barrow’s and Arthur’s record and on and on.

    Wait and see. Sayeth the political soothsayer!

  37. “The Greeks and the Romans saw dictatorship as an institution. A culture deeply rooted within the very fabric of their uncivilizatiion.”

    They keep parroting massas servants and minions with no clue the meaning of words they repeat…and should look up under greek context and translation the words:




    And stop making unknowledgable asses of themselves…they keep returning an evil criminal roman vatican slave system to power AGAINST THEMSELVES and want to blame everyone else for the fallout from their idiocy….just because they are clueless to the roles greek and roman crimes have played in their very existence for longer than they can imagine..

    Tiring Pacha…

  38. Only the DEATH of Mia Mottley can stop another run.

    Permit us to tell a tale about the death of a politician.

    No pun intended!

    It was David Thompson who went to see a friend and colleague of this writer at the height of the political power of Owen Arthur.

    That friend, a jovial chap, asked Thompson what he was trying to do as leader of the opposition against Arthur.

    Thompson replied “become prime minister neh”.

    Our friend, looking for levity in every moment replied – “yeh planning to kill Arthur?” 😅😅😅😅😅😅

    Such is the nature of elected dictatorship in Barbados.

  39. Pacha…if they look up those words will finally realize they are:

    cracy = ruled by
    demo = demons

    vatican roman and greek demons, their systems, philosophies abd outright lies…are what still rules their lives and they keep on regurgitating and repeating these self destroying crimes.

    I warned them about those English words..

  40. The honourable Minister of Obfuscation and Distraction, aka blogmaster, has a penchant for flying kites for his preferred people. Nothing wrong with that, but he also pretends that he’s performing a public service.

    Like Custer selling guns to Crazy Horse, it is what it is. Nevertheless, manners and respect.

    After Mia any number can play. Has she not demonstrated that all one needs is a good PR department and a bevy of consultants?

  41. Waru
    We have decades where maybe 170 world nations are running around talking shiiite about democracy.

    And in nearly every case, decade after decade, politicians go and politicians come, but none of the serious problems faced are ever addressed, solved.

    Then these assholes will talk about holding politicians to account. A job which is impossible for people without resources, time and structure to do.

    So the people who come and beg for votes in the election season must now be run down to get a road fixed. This is the shiiite of holding politicians to account. What about the guillotine?

  42. And have the nerve to talk foolishness about democracy as their leading democracy is conducting a war in Europe on the side of known Nazis.

    Anybody, who believes these people, including Mottley, is an asshole idiot.

    Dear Ntr, let your big fire come!

  43. the Bu is partial to the B to the L to the P and not impartial
    since it’s inception circa 2008 support for the D to the L to the P
    shifted from a super-majority in 2008 to a majority in 2013
    to extra-parliamentary in 2018 and 2022

    One could say that MIA and BLP owe it all to Bu

    Ronnie Yearwood is banking on sex appeal and good looks more than brains for the DLP to make a comeback

    We Back

  44. For the record!!

    @ Dribbler
    “Again, I am not an expert student of Chinese politics but the tad bit I know related to the carefully choreographed Party Congress (not annually or every 2 years, mind you) completely makes a joke of the sentiment that Xi or Mao before him or any of the other Supreme Leaders were so wonderfully under the ‘supervision of the people’!”
    You are correct – at least about NOT being an expert student of Chinese politics.

    If there was EVER a country in ALL history, that has SUCCESSFULLY utilized the albino-centric capitalist philosophy for the benefit of ALL of its peoples – MODERN DAY China wins hands down.

    In the last 30 years alone. they….

    -Moved hundreds of MILLIONS from starvation levels to middle class

    -Moved from third world status to Global trade, sport, cultural, science, and political dominance

    -China is now perhaps the World’s premier CREDITOR nation

    -etc etc

    …and they did all this WITHOUT the systemic rape and EXPLOITATION of Black brass bowls’ slave labour and resources.
    …AND without heavy handed military bullying forays across the damn World.

    Shiite Dribbles,
    if THAT is not serving the PEOPLE (as can be best conceptualized in your materialistic albino-centric world…)
    PRAY tell Bushie is….

    Sorry, but…
    You have been TOTALLY brainwashed by the ‘albino Stockholm Syndrome skippa…’
    Don’t believe the satanic hype…. (You probably thought that Gaddafi was evil incarnate too don’t you…?)

    • @BushGriot, come on brother please don’t sell me ‘red herrings’ when I asked about salmon …

      I never said that the Chinese leadership was not “serving” it’s citizens’ needs well … no siree!

      The comment I laughed at was that the leaders were “under the supervision” of their citizens. Your excellent summary says absolutely nothing to affirm that.

      @David, yes : “Really”!

      Brother, leadership is fundamentally very, very simple and the form of government – which you obviously KNOW- does nothing to affect that when it comes right down to the FUNDAMENTAL characteristics of a dominant leader ….

      All of them (Putin, Xi, Barrow, Tom and his father, Mia, Manley, Seaga, de Gaulle, Hitler etc) are essentially A-type personalities that combined intellect (academically and /or street smarts) and a forceful, ambitious, competitive, high desire for outstanding achievement despite all obstacles attitude along with a ruthless, suffer-no-fools-adversarial approach to life.

      I am not going to get into discourse of type of leaders nor styles as that’s an endless waste of time when debating their political levels of success; suffice to say that as you know very well ALL stand-out political leaders regardless of ideology are built of and from a very similar mould!

    • But Dribbler…
      On what basis are you suggesting that the excellent results FOR THE PEOPLE Of CHINA have been the result of unprecedented goodwill, honesty and patriotism by the leaders, RATHER than on them being under supervision by citizens – as they claim?
      Given general human characteristics, Bushie finds it easier to go with the latter.

      Have you any idea of the dire consequences of such leaders doing shiite…?

    • @David, as long as I am not bamboozled into foolhardyly removing that slip and thus badly exposing myself a la Sharon Stone in ‘Basic Instinct’ then long may it show!🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

      And Senor BushGriot, ‘doing shite’ is relative to period, circumstances and oft times too the people in control.

      According to you all Covid lockdowns, masking etc was pure cow dung … yet the supremes in China led by Xi mounted the most draconian covid lockdowns of any nation!

      And what was their consequential payback … well Xi was just re-coronated as Supreme Leader for another 5 years !

      What was it again thatI you were saying about citizen powered ‘supervision’ ‘!

      Peace all.

    • And btw, @BushG, Kaddafi was clearly good for his people and – for the most part – the region (just as Saddam was).

      That, however, does not make either of them fire-proof when they put their hands onto the scorching cauldron.

      Continued wisdom and a lil commonsense humility likely would have ensured that both of them lived to be old men still in power.

      You showed your chops earlier with the sweet quote about ‘madness’ preceeding destruction being a ‘gift’ from the Most High … Both those giants clearly accepted that bothersome gift…. Not to say others in the west didn’t also but they got crushed; the western potentates didn’t!

      At day’s end that’s all that really MATTERS

  45. Demo in latin = demon.

    These love to pretend they know what’s going on and parroting bare shite…i told them to pick up a foreign language or 2 but dem iz english experts, dont need it..

    “And in nearly every case, decade after decade, politicians go and politicians come, but none of the serious problems faced are ever addressed, solved.”

    Looks good on paper and makes for nice soundbites to the fools who love talk only….and no action or implementation.

    “What about le guillotine”

    Now that i have full knowledge of the conniving hate and criminal jealousy along with their dirty dealings my family and I were subjected to for the last 100 years, for one reason only, we did not know and now trying to turn it into a scandal and rumor mongering show becaise try as they might THEY LOST.. i did not die…wuh i would pull that lever myself..

  46. Demo comes from Greek word demos people. Thus, words with the word root demo- either refers to people or to population. Let’s have a look at the word democracy, which is a form of government, where people elect their rulers.

    The Greek root word crat means “rule,” and the English suffix -cracy means “rule by.”

    “Chicago-style politics” is a phrase which has been used to refer to the city of Chicago, regarding its hard-hitting sometimes corrupt politics.

  47. Kiki…fyi

    These have no clue the power of the words they use..

    “Etymology 1
    From Old Portuguese demo (“demon; devil”), from Latin daemon (“demon”), from Ancient Greek δαίμων (daímōn, “god, goddess, divine power”).”

    The traitors within the Black family are our most deadliest and dangerous enemies…it’s a good thing with all their papermill law degrees and shite qualifications, they are as dumb as rocks…no commonsense.

  48. There are two different theories in the Bu house

    and sound intuition and gut instinct is key for verification of a fact check

    as democracy originated in Greece
    the Greek word would be the correct term

    “demonic Latin theory” must be a red herring (hareng rouge)
    (a poisson rouge is a goldfish)

    I think you better let it go
    it looks like another little TKO

    perhaps Pachamama could be the adjudicator for an official decision

  49. Talk about “democracy,

    And the masters in Washington can’t get enough.

    A colour revolution instigated by Washington in Georgia, the country on Russia”s border.

    In the USA they have the foreign agents registration act. The Georgian parliament passed a law making registration of all NGOs getting more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad, for mandatorily register. And for three nights now, all hell brek loose.

    The thing is that most of Europe, the USA and any other self respecting country has such laws. But the leading socalled democracy, currently as weak as a spider’s web, want to open another war front on Russia, in desperation. Getting another bunch of assholes to shed blood for them.

    That socalled leading democracy, to which Mottley is an ardent supplicant, wants to fight Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, all at once. As if they faking it until they make it. The truth is that in conventional war they cannot beat anyone of them. Collectively, its a no- brainer!

    But in the case of Georgia, which is no friend to Russia, one simply has to make the unfounded argument that Russia supports such a law to have throngs of Russia-phobes destroy downtown Tbilisi.

  50. Pacha already spoke about the
    Etymology ..the root of the word..yall are speaking English words and have no idea how they are rooted..

    Latin, greek and portugues all three, have the word rooted in demonic connivance, the greek and latin were known to share these crimes amongst each other…they were tag teams in those regions where they kick started colonies, raiding, robbing, pillaging, kidnapping, enslaving and sequestering populations millennia ago and they practiced witchcraft and numerous other demonic rituals.

    .i repeat, none of us have perfect ancestors….the roman catholic vatican, just like the greek and portugyes are criminal frauds..

    People dont read…

    The Storm Before the Storm – Mike Duncan

    Not a book i would want to read twice…but for the author.

  51. You are wrong.. but that is your prerogative..
    your judgement seems off
    an author / publisher needs more credibility

  52. Waru
    La Cononia

    Maybe both of you are right. Separated by time. Maybe the Greeks got it from the Portuguese or Phoenicians or elsewhere. Will have to check later.

  53. “Maybe the Greeks got it from the Portuguese or Phoenicians or elsewhere.”

    I am dead right
    which would make the Wu dead wrong
    The term appeared in the 5th century BC in Greek city-states to mean “rule of the people”, in contrast to aristocracy

    there is more to life than hitting your head against a brick wall

    • Mottley, Macron in talks on working together
      Greater access to credit, manageable debt repayment structures and an equitable transition to a low-carbon world are some of the matters on the agenda of Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and President of France Emmanuel Macron.
      Those talking points were highlighted after the two met in Paris yesterday.
      “The president and Prime Minister discussed the first promising proposed solution which builds on solutions both initiated by France and advanced by the G20 in recent years, and the ambitious and innovative proposals of the Bridgetown Initiative, led by Barbados,” stated a press release from the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday.
      “The aim is to address urgent liquidity needs through the greater sharing of IMF (International Monetary Fund) Special Drawing Rights, enlarged access to rapid credit facilities, more sustainable debt treatment, generation
      of the investment needed for greater economic and social resilience, and the just transition to a low-carbon world.”
      It added: “The two leaders strongly support a substantial increase in lending by the World Bank and other multilateral development banks, a far greater direction of private capital to developing countries, through new instruments, and debt sustainability rules that better fit the global realities of the 21st century.”
      Mottley’s visit to Paris follows COP 27 last November and the historic visit of France’s Minister of State for Development and International Partnerships, Franchophonie Chrysoula Zacharopoulou to Barbados in February.
      Zacharopoulou became the first French minister to visit Bridgetown on official business.
      Macron and Mottley also discussed the preparation
      of the Summit For A New Global Financial Pact, planned for June 22 and 23 in Paris and which seeks to lay the foundations of a more responsive, just and inclusive international financial system. (TG)

      Source: Nation

    • Now what the HELL can we possibly want from the French?

      Are these the SAME people who are responsible for the situation in Haiti with their nasty economic policy there?

      Is this the SAME France that has decimated their African Colonies with the worse POSSIBLE economic chains – guaranteed to keep them poor forever?

      Is this the country that led and championed the dastardly destruction of Libya – killing the last TRUE African champion in the process?

      Bushie longs for the coming ‘day of French reparations’, when that wicked albino country meets its due rewards… since World Wars 1 and 2 only touched slightly on those debts.

      Is the French vote in the selection of a UN position REALLY worth our selling our basic principles like this…?

      Shiite man!!!!

    • @Bush Tea

      What should we want with fraternizing with the English who enslaved us or the USA a racist and bigoted place? What is your point? Of the developed world who should we try to build strategic relationships?

    • @ David
      What should we want with fraternizing with the English who enslaved us or the USA a racist and bigoted place?
      That was Bushie’s original question! – or do you not get the bushman’s drift about albino-centric culture?

  54. Pacha…based on research by the author, not me, they changed systems and everything the same way, reboot, everyone contributed. But the constant was the construct, enslavement, rituals, control WAR…..the whole roman, greek, and everyone else show…..they are tribes that went extinct during those times…horrible events….over a 2 millennia period pre this era. ..enslavent was the inthing then as it is now….

    Loads of participating partners….we must reach far back to move forward.

  55. Kiki…so what happened to the first 4 centuries before that?…you think the same people and lawmakers from the 1st century were still alive in the 5th….ya hear the words ARE ANCIENT….

    To the back of the class….

  56. A brick wall
    The Greeks developed no alphabet of their own. It was the Phoenicians from whom their borrowed the alphabet. And the Phoenicians got theirs from Ancient Egypt or Kemet.

    Without an alphabet no learning as we know it could happen. And if they are borrowing an alphabet, second hand, is it not possible that with linguistic, intellectual and writing, coming with the tradition might have been governance systems as well. For these were developed by the developers of the alphabet thousands of years before.

    How could it be possible for a people without an alphabet not all other social development indicators could, out of all whole clothe, develop governance systems without borrowing?

    Have to check its history beyond the Greeks.

  57. 5BC comes before the 1st century
    You said you was an intellectual but I dispute that unless you are pretending to be dumb

  58. You are arguing with yourself…i dont do symbols etc so dont look for the BC and BCE and other people’s made up junk…it all got changed every few hundred years anyway, so why am i obsessing on anything subject to change..

    Pacha…well worth the research. I dont have the energy for prolonged dialogue these days, time management.

  59. Nothing comes out of vacuums and is based on events before
    Sri Lanka was known as the Land of the Demons

  60. “…i dont do symbols etc so dont look for the BC and BCE and other people’s made up junk…”

    you have the logic of a woman

  61. Doctors take an oath to a Greek called Hippocrates.

    This is just a single example. But we can say the same thing for all the sciences.

    Nobody knows about the real father of medicine, Imhotep.

    And we have the evidence, the techno-complexes to support these arguments.

    We have evidence of Socrates saying that Greek education was “pig food”. How could such a system create excellence in any field. The Greeks boasted about being schooled in Kemet.

    Connect the dots.

    Generally, it will be difficult to accept any established narrative as true about the Greeks.

    The evidence tends to show that all their socials systems, their gods, the sciences, and everything else foundational was borrowed.

  62. “The evidence tends to show that all their socials systems, their gods, the sciences, and everything else foundational was borrowed.”

    what you are saying may be true or is true as Greek culture was preceded by Middle / Eastern culture which was preceded by African culture

    things are stolen adapted adopted and modified

    but the alleged “Demon” root of the word Democracy does not strike true
    and that idea needs to be nipped in the bud as it is misconceived misinformation spread on the Bu by the Wu

    There is no real democracy is another separate argument too

  63. Kiki..i did nof create the epytimology of the rooted words demo or cracy….

    You messed up because you did not know and still want to argue wrong and strong, these people had to make things up as they went aling as new arrivals on our earth, they had to borrow languages and systems to create their own abd tweak until they got it right……they reversed engineered centuries…rolled back from 100 AD an example….to 1 AD or BC, or BCE or whatever you are obsessed with and started centuries all over again.. if you had read the book you would have some idea, but just relying on what you believe and not what really is, you lost that onesided argument….beat yaself

  64. “The Greeks boasted about being schooled in Kemet.”

    They were all schooled in Kemet, the arabs now pretending they are hot shit too, they had nothing that masterful.

    Btw Pacha…will publish a paper month end by some dudes in the Kongo giving their opinions on Kemetism and the bible…another perspective.

  65. Great Sporting Moments In Dub
    Mia managed to do a quick in-out in Bajan politics without being accused of corruption, if she was more radical she would have been assassinated like Saddam and Gaddafi, if Barbados was more powerful economically they would have been targeted as a threat by the West like Russia and China.
    The ball is still up in the air for the Reparations from the White Demon Devils.
    This thing called Democracy is just a show for the people


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  66. John…yall got real problems..
    Patrick King engaged international human rights body as the guinea pig and got a reply.

    His report..just saw the video.

    No constitution…because 1966 UK order was revoked..

    Well we already know the government is ILLEGITIMATE…every day of the week, month, year, decade and century.

    ….and apparently according to Patrick so are the court processes, and all the lawyers, magistrates and judges practicing law without a constitution in place, nonexistence of a republic constitution…

    Am staying well away from that BLOWBACK..nah want no shit pon me

  67. Waru, Kiki, this writer just can’t be definitive because currently we’re not in a position to see beyond what the popular narrative, which is posited, says.

    And you may indeed be absolutely right. For when cultures are copied, the copiers are always able to make innovations, contributions.

    Nonetheless, our history of looking into such questions does not side with the established narrative, we’re afraid. Then again, the past is not always an indication of the future. We must be open minded to all possibilities.

  68. Much more research needed Pacha to compliment what we can already see……because there are gaps between the pre-sacking/plundering of Carthage, and North Africa before THEIR (romans) first century…when their warring and carrying on..started to heat up before they fully establish (consels) ..spelling might be wrong….and parliaments.

    ..i personally believe that holds the key….the missing pieces…

    Doan mine Kiki bout AD, BC, BCE nonsense…he is probably genetically remembering the roman rituals he liked…lol

  69. I was pointing out that Demons in Democracy could be used as a literary tool but is not a deep reality or truth

    I was serious when I suggested The Wu should write a fictional book with her usual hyperbole and vivid imagination as it would be tough

  70. I am in the middle of my second book of reality, had to put it down till later in the year. Have no time for fiction right now, it takes lots of effort…maybe later….after a long break..but i have eight other titles already sitting there.

    Other projects demand attention…will soon post the ..coming soon.. for the 2nd book….you will like the cover and name, it fits what is happening on the island to perfection..seems like their actions are specifically geared toward writing the book singlehandedly…without much mental effort or other input from me….

    .probably wont get to finish it until sometime late this year to publish next year.

  71. David bu after Ms Mottley any number can play as there is no one on either side wjo like Ms Mottley is head and shoulders over any one else.However as far as the bees are concerned i would look at Mr Symmonds or Mr Marshall. As for the dees i suspect if Mr Inniss returns and is embraced by the party faithful then he could take ovrr as leader of the dems as Mr Yearwood in my view is full of hot air anf no substance.Mr Yearwood would then jave to look for a constituency willing to back him like Ms Depeiza had yo before him .She was in Chrit Church Wedt and then ended up in St Lucy both unsucessfully.The same fate awits Mr Yearwood in my view.
    Off topic heard Moderstor Mr Wilkindon getting hot under the collar because awhatsapper called all of these dems who are allowed by these anti government moderators to speak as long as they lile unchsllenge by the said moderators including Mr Wilkinson who knows they are dem operatives.All of these moderators are bias against this government and hence there is no balance.I miss Mr Johnson Mr Wickham and Elombe.Starcom needs to address this situation on brasstacks urgently.Tired hearing Mr P, Rawle, Straker,s, Alvin, Mr Bascombe, Ms Decided every day.I gone.

    • Mia Amor Mottley

      Barbados Prime Minister, the Honorable Mia Amor Mottley to Deliver Major Address on Reparations

      Don Rojas, Director of Communications and International Relations for the Institute of the Black World 21st Century (IBW) received confirmation today that the Honorable Mia Amor Mottley has confirmed to attend State of the Black World Conference V as a Special Guest to deliver a Keynote Address on reparations.  She will join His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana in addressing the Conference which is organized around the theme: Global Africans Rising, Empowerment Reparations and Healing.

      Prime Minister Mottley has emerged as a major figure in the Caribbean advocating for stronger ties with the African Union and a global emphasis on reparatory justice with Africa playing a more active role. She has called for a global summit on reparations in collaboration with the CARICOM Reparations Commission, the African Union, National African American Reparations Commission and reparations commissions from various regions of the Global Black Diaspora.

      “We are honored and delighted that Prime Minister Mia Mottley has accepted our invitation to play a major role in State of the Black World Conference V,” Dr. Ron Daniels, President of IBW stated. “She has shown an eagerness to work with President Addo of Ghana in expanding and strengthening the global reparations movement. Once Vice-President Francia Marquez from Colombia confirms, we will have a formidable trio of leaders embracing the cause of reparatory justice as the ‘human rights issue of the 21st Century’ as proclaimed by Professor Hilary Beckles.”

      Mia Mottley will be presented the IBW Legacy Award at the Global Women’s Leadership Summit at the Conference for her historic role as the first woman Prime Minister of Barbados. Firsts are no stranger to this woman of distinction as noted in her bio. “Mia Amor Mottley has lived a public life of firsts – first female leader of the Barbados Labour Party and the Opposition; first female Attorney General, a post she held for five years; and youngest ever Queen’s Counsel in Barbados. On 25 May 2018, Mottley became the eighth Prime Minister of Barbados and the first woman to hold the post.”

  72. Revelation 9:11
    11 And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.

    ◄ Revelation 6:16 ►
    They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb!

    20 March 2003 “shock and awe” bombing campaign
    We approach 20th Anniversary of the Post-Truth Era War with Iraq

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    Shock and awe
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    Twenty-first century
    No chivalry involved
    No Bushido

    Oh, the code of the West
    Long gone
    Never been
    Where does it lie?
    You came, you came
    Through the west
    Annihilated a people
    And you come to us
    But we are older than you
    You come you wanna
    You wanna come and
    rob the cradle
    Of civilization
    And you read yet you read
    You read Genesis
    You read of the tree
    You read of the tree
    Beget by god
    That raised its branches into the sky
    Every branch of knowledge
    Of the cradle of civilization

    City of stars
    City of scholarship
    City of ideas
    City of light
    City of ashes
    That the great Caliph
    Walked through
    His naked feet formed a circle
    And they built a city
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    And they invented
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    Suffer not
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    Suffer not
    But extend your hand

  73. @John
    A side note
    One can find many phrases that are unforgettable
    Forward ever, backward never
    We shall overcome
    Never again
    The sky is falling
    Do or die
    Big works come through me

    The most recent one and one that really sticks out is your hero crying like a “b*tch”.. “They are coming to get me. They are coming to get me on Tuesday”

    He will dirty his pants tonight.

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