Barbados Secures Another $100 Million

The borrowing continues with the general Barbados population non the wiser about the economic strategy – Blogmaster

World Bank Approves US$100 Million for Barbados’ Green and Resilient Recovery 


Published: Wednesday, January 11, 2023 

ESG Climate change Clean Energy Transition Financing Multilaterals 

World Bank release

Bridgetown, Barbados, January 11, 2023 — The World Bank approved yesterday $100 million in financing to support Barbados’ low carbon economic development and resilience to climate change.

I cannot underscore enough the necessity of support, such as this, to middle income small island developing states,” said The Honorable Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados.  “This loan allows Barbados to advance its efforts to achieve climate resilience, including continuing our shift to clean energy. This ultimately allows us to better shield Barbadians from the worst excesses of the climate crisis while creating opportunities for green and blue jobs and investment as we adapt to our new reality.”

The Barbados Green and Resilient Development Policy Loan has two main pillars.   The first focuses on green and blue resilient development, which includes a new law on water reuse, the adoption of a climate change and agriculture policy and the establishment on an Environment Sustainability Fund, all of which are critical since Barbados is a water-scarce country. This pilar also supports the reduction of marine pollution, and management of natural resources, in the context of climate vulnerability.

See full text – PRESS RELEASE

58 thoughts on “Barbados Secures Another $100 Million

  1. Also noted y’day is the WB first bond issue of’23, the $3B(euro) 10yr bond yielding +/- 3% was oversubscribed.
    This is key, as this is where the WB obtains the money it lends.

  2. @ David,

    I listening to Brasstacks, Anderson Cherry telling a story about how government is supporting the big companies and unfairing black contractors.

  3. David, what about merit. What about setting aside contracts for SMEs. What about equality, or is that just a word.

    • @Dame Bajans

      The suggestion you make is one successive governments have made but it seems to be lodged in the breach. It always is a case of those with resources being able to curry favour. Support to SMEs require an unswerving support from politicians knowing it will not be a financial benefit.

  4. Ong Namo
    (means, “I bow to the Divine wisdom of All That Is)
    Guru Dev Namo
    (means “I bow to the Divine teacher within.”)

    While the world stumbles to the precipice of nuclear annihilation slaves continue to run around the deck, not deckie, of the Titanic is search of gruel.

    Scott Ritter has just given a disposition of current circumstances. Of course, his is diametrically opposed to the wokeist, liberal-authoritarian, fascist, media propaganda narrative spun by the blob and this misguided blog!


  6. The sport is only just beginning. The Bank of Canada yesterday declared it’s first loss in it’s history. Losses are expected ‘indefinitely’. The USFed has had several, which they accumulate in a ‘deferred acct’. Only means losses must be repaid before any surplus is sent to the Govt. The ECB ‘hinted’ (code for guaranteed) they would post a loss. Like Canada, they don’t yet ‘defer’, so it’s recorded as negative equity. Meanwhile the Brits awoke to the news, BoE intervention after the mini budget fiasco, netted £3.8B, but it would still lose £19B last year, and into the foreseeable future. It usually turns a small surplus.
    The “politics” of these losses are apt to create a few fireworks in ’23. They add debt most of their owner Govts never incur.

  7. Money is not all
    Money Funny

    2023 will be a good year

    Join us for this powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Bless Yourself using the Mantra “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” ( I bow to the subtle Divine teacher within).

    “It is the first human right and duty to bless the Self and to bless all.” Yogi Bhajan.

  8. Dub
    Who said ’23 wasn’t going to be Good? Every day is one less we have, enjoy them all.
    Money is funny, both peculiar and hilarious. Observing the creative ways others elect to deal with it, is a pastime.

  9. It’s alright for you you got large or beaucoup or too much money
    they call it sleep money (…zzz…$$$..)
    when you sleep you make more money and dream about money
    and when you wake up first thing you do is check your holding valuation

    p.s. Southern observer reminds me of the Confederacy in the US Civil War

  10. (zzz…$$$..)..
    Here is a mantra to receive blessings from above for abundance to gain obscene wealth like Sheik Your Money

  11. Dub
    Do you really think the first, or second or third thing I do is check on money?
    Fyi, when I’m physically in the North, I post as NO. When in the South it is SO.
    Let it remind you of whatever you choose. Whatever makes you feel good, is cool with me 😉

  12. Rich people never think they are rich enough
    and they see people who are richer than them
    not the people who are poorer than them

    They want to be Rihanna Rich

    All I want is more
    I got my mind on my money
    and my money on my mind

    Rihanna & Cardi B – Money On My Mind

  13. “While the world stumbles to the precipice of nuclear annihilation slaves continue to run around the deck, not deckie, of the Titanic is search of gruel.”

    All we can do is watch them. They are well past the point of no return.

    You will note that only certain people are working digilently to save themselves and those around them.. The others are on their usual, sit and wait on corrupt politicians while they in turn are sitting and waiting on the massa they are suing….although everything has gone to hell…in something much larger than a hand basket…so who is leading whom.

    “Of course, his is diametrically opposed to the wokeist, liberal-authoritarian, fascist, media propaganda narrative spun by the blob and this misguided blog!”

    beginning to think these lost the thread many years further back than i thought, will never fully understand any of it anyway and no one got the time to turn back and explain. No looking back. My plate is capacity full for the next year.

  14. @ Southern Observer
    “It really makes one question the “independence” of central MONETARY Authorities.”
    Are you suggesting that there was EVER a meaningful degree of such independence?
    Do you understand that EVIL persons have sat down and meticulously studied how to manipulate the hoards of clueless sheeple for their own materialistic ends?
    Did you think it a coincidence that 1% of the world’s population owns practically every shiite that exists?
    Bushie ALWAYS saw these authorities as instruments of EVIL camouflaged as ‘do-gooders’.
    All you need to do is to inspect their RESULTS to see their true intent.

    You can also COMPARE their pissy results with those of such ‘rebels’ as Saddam of Iraq and Gaddafi of Libya – whose populations enjoyed such levels of economic equity and transparency that they HAD to be completely destroyed.

    Our world currently BELONGS to this evil mafia, and people who question their brassbowlery become the ‘enemy’, and, like Gaddafi and Saddam will be ‘eliminated’.
    …so you had better straighten up and get back to the North – and stop your ‘questioning..’

    • Nation EDITORIAL

      Tell us total debt to China

      Citizens must feel assured that our country will not struggle to repay loans
      CHINA IS ONE of the world’s largest single creditor nations and Barbados has gained significantly from this lender of choice over many years.
      Even before China’s Belt And Road Initiative, its policy framework for developing countries, Barbados has been a financial beneficiary in the almost 46 years of diplomatic relations with Beijing.
      While this country is thankful for the funding over those years, Barbadians need to know the exact level of indebtedness to China and the potential implications especially if we defaulted.
      Citizens must feel assured that our country will not struggle to repay debts to China and therefore not be pressured to support that nation’s policies in international fora or ignore its less-thandesirable human rights record, including that in Hong Kong.
      Geopolitical division
      The need to know the status
      of our borrowings from China must not be rooted in the geopolitical division between western nations and Beijing. In all instances, Barbados must go in and come out on the best terms of any borrowing arrangements. Our citizens must keep a careful watch on the country’s growing level of international indebtedness, given the need to avoid falling into any debt trap.
      Therefore, it is important for the Government to state the precise amount of money owed to the Chinese and when repayments of the various loans to them are due and should end.
      The level of indebtedness to China must include not only government-togovernment loans, but any funding to state-owned corporations, joint ventures or other arrangements that may not be highlighted in available debt statistics. We need to know our obligations to that nation against our annual economic output.
      In almost every major capital works project involving the Chinese in this country under the administrations of both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party, there has been an influx of workers from that nation.
      That approach needs to be thoroughly analysed to determine how Barbados gains from such arrangements.
      Special conditions
      Our Government must also outline whether there are any special conditions attached to the loans before the matter becomes not only a hot-button political issue, but engenders public outrage. If there are non-disclosure clauses that prohibit the loan agreements from being made public, this should be stated. Of course, that would counter Barbados’ spirit of full transparency with such arrangements.
      It is also important for the Government to indicate whether the loans from China are at adjustable interest rates and what this means in a time of high inflation and the need to repay in US dollars. An explanation should also state whether we are likely to benefit from debt burden relief under the Common Framework, a plan by the G20 nations.
      As China gets ready to observe the New Year 2023 from January 22, the Year Of The Rabbit, we must take note of the economic slowdown it is experiencing.
      Communist China is in many respects like a capitalist hawk. It does not offer loans simply for altruistic reasons.

  15. “Our world currently BELONGS to this evil mafia, ”

    Rethink that…the white world belongs to them, our Afrikan world don’t, never did, never will… and if Afrikans cannot fathom anything other than a white world because of subservience, compliance, laziness in their comfort zones, refusal to think independently of lying corrupt colonial politicians and cowardice…they belong to them also…but millions of us dont.

    Blame the wicked Slave politicians for keeping you completely disassociated from your ancestry for their masters. Ensuring you lack crucial knowledge.

    Last i heard 2 days ago, the players hired 5,000 tropps to protect them for their next meet. So, confidence that they got 8 billion fulltime Slaves may be wavering.

    Of course the Black man will cower in fear and watch his people slaughtered and even balls up only to justify it…not so other groups. They understand survival and PROTECTING THEIR PEOPLE….so the players clearly have a real problem, not smooth sailing as they projected.

  16. “Rethink that…the white world belongs to them, our Afrikan world don’t, never did, never will… ”

    Slavery ended 1865 and Colonialism in Africa started in in the 1880s
    The European Colonial Empires and structures have been challenged ever since even well after decolonisation
    [There’s a fool Bu ‘tician stating forgiveness for the Devil’s works should be granted]
    When Mussolini tried to invade Ethiopia it pushed World War I
    When Africa was taken, Germany invaded Poland and pushed World War II

  17. Bushman…me thinks this is the best invention from the west to date..there is hope. Forget keeping tiefing human lawyers around..once the AI develop attributes of human crooks…poor water in their wiring…instant death. And rejig the other AIs left for those types of glitches.

    Robot Lawyer To Hear First Case

    If you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of crime without the boredom and rampant alcoholism of lawyers, we present to you the world’s first robot lawyer.

    Created by DoNotPay, the AI can give legal advice via smartphone as it listens along to opposing lawyers’ arguments. It can also file legal documentation with the court on a defendant’s behalf. The AI will argue its first case in February.

    ‘It’s all about language, and that’s what lawyers charge hundreds or thousands of dollars an hour to do,’ its creator said. ‘A lot of lawyers are just charging way too much money to copy and paste documents and I think they will definitely be replaced, and they should be replaced.’ Perhaps we should keep a few human lawyers around, though, just in case the robots turn to crime.

  18. I do look forward to the deleting of politicians and their bottomfeeding sidekicks political scientists, whatever the hell that is…

    The beauty of creating things especially evil, it can always be deleted by the creators…..and when you did not create it but are the weaponized tool…you can be so easily deleted, no questions or answers necessary. Ase!!! Ase!!! Ra!!!

    Who would have thunk lawyers are now staring at extinction….next.

  19. “… political scientists, whatever the hell that is…”

    Political science is the scientific study of politics. It is a social science dealing with systems of governance and power, and the analysis of political activities, political thought, political behavior, and associated constitutions and laws.

    You’re welcome..

  20. Yet they cant get shit right and have no viable solutions because colonial politics is not their creation, everything is messy and getting messier daily. Others, not them, make up the fraud rules as they go along, the political tools aka the chess pieces are only allowed to follow, be public nuisances, thieves, liars and misleaders … while massa makes the real decisions that benefits massa only.

    I doubt any self-respecting, forward thinking massa worth their salt up for that anymore, it has run it’s course. New creations on the horizon to unleash. While the Slaves wait for others to determine their destiny and assert new controls in their lives. Shame and Disgrace.

    Next up for extinction…permanent deletion.

  21. The prophets are working overtime. They are all over the continent waking the people up.

    Pacha, William , TLSN etc….if these dont get it now, they never will.

    Happy i dont have anymore free time to waste. Dont have to deal with any of it anymore.

  22. People want to know why Barbados local media did not cover the Save Our Children Dec 10, 2022 event in Independence Square, i told them they had even better cover, it went global, across continents on AOP site this weekend. My website was jampacked. The accolades are many.

    And it’s not done yet, will hit the Webflow site sometime this week. generating even more coverage.

  23. I saw the photos (as instructed).
    It’s a shame you didn’t capture the girls dancing choreography on video as the Nikon Z7 II has that function

  24. Who told you i didnt capture them on video. That Z7 feature is fantastic. Am swamped and totally exhausted, it’s nowhere as easy as it looks.. Still working to upgrade Webflow to 2023. Web designer will do so this week. Still have to get french translation in.

    Still have to edit video.

    From BT
    Lane said the perception that crime is high is largely due to media reports, though he made clear that was not asking the media to “hide anything.”

    From BT
    He pointed to another island, with a lower population that recorded a higher murder rate than Barbados in 2022 and suggested that the media there was more responsible in its reporting.

    He continued: “Their media down there tend to understand tourism is important so they got lead stories like ‘Big regatta next week’ in the front of them thing [news]. In Barbados when they reporting ‘Two dead last night’.”

    Looks like Corey Lane will explain away or minimize crime in Barbados. Hopefully, he doesn’t use Jamaica as his baseline.

  26. Good to see you William. Thanks.

    Hiel HitSchwab, Lord god Rothschild and the Gang got a meet today..

    The pretenders who love living and immersing themselves in other people’s fantasies and fairytales…dont want to think independently, only interested in waiting on any massa to decide their destiny, and corrupt politicians to implement their socio-economic demise…will definitely get it one way or the next.

  27. The negative soul messages in our warehouse of information are form ours and our ancestors mistakes from all lifetimes,
    mistakes that have created negativity and sit within us.
    We are a warehouse of information both positive and some negative, so when we clear the negative soul messages, information directly benefits our health, our happiness and every aspect of our lives, it removes suffering

  28. @ African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved.

    I noticed that yourself and Pachamama recently sent a couple of very interesting links. One was based on Russia and its “special operation” in Ukraine and the other, the role of Christianity in the continent of Africa.

    Please allow me to introduce another much needed link to BU. Sadly, BU appears to be suffering from famine and drought in equal measures to Barbados notorious low grade “media” houses.

    TFL Global News appears to be an Indian Hindu nationalist publication? Never-the-less, its views are strident, provocative, with a hint of radicalism which appears to go amiss in our media houses and with some of the many BU apologists who continue to annoy, frustrate and to close down debate on this platform.

    Regards to Theo and Mr Skinner. Much respect to David whose hands appear tied.

    • Is this the best some of you can do, insert negative and derogatory comments about the blog. If BU is not meeting whatever standard you and others have go and comment elsewhere.

  29. TLSN…thanks for the link, always a pleasure. If you havent already,
    check out the Photos Menu and Afrikan Advertising Menu pages on AOP and get something for sore eyes.

    The media calling themselves traditional or whatever, have been successfully left behind because it’s clear they are neither sovereign nor independent… very unfortunate…..

    even more so the Slaves who thought they could break me, broke themselves…despite many warnings. Dont know how either of them will do now but they will have to find the solutions themselves…for the problems they created.

    I have noted the TFL news group and their outside the conventional box reporting. That gives them a leg up…since people have grown tired of the onesided reporting and shutting down of followups. Which proves that local media, like international media are all terminally compromised and people have actively shifted away to the many alternative news outlets now available everywhere who are not willing to compromise their ethics, morals, integrity or reputation to prop up an inevitably collapsing system and the criminals therein..

  30. @ TLSN
    “ Regards to Theo and Mr Skinner. Much respect to David whose hands appear tied.”

    Thanks. Regards to you and Theo as well.

  31. I don’t buy into fantasy words of old folks over 50 on Bu claiming to be radicals and name calling others in their imaginary cliques.

  32. Lawd…trouble in Antigua. All ya hearing is prison, boyfriends with a 2 for 1 special, loss of election, execution. All the good stuff awaiting parliament traitors it seems.

    First news a journalist woke me up with this morning. And they want to know how Barbados’ PM so quiet. I had to confess, i int in that big up clique bosie. The massa Slaves are in a class all their own.

    I so love my simple, uncomplicated life.

  33. @ David

    I prefer to seek legitimate information, rather than believing silly, childish gossip is ‘breaking news.’

    Gaston Browne’s Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party won yesterday’s general elections.

    His party was reported to have won 9 of the 17 seats in the parliament, while the main opposition United Progressive Party won 6 seats……Barbuda People’s movement and independent candidate Asot Michael both won 1 seat.

    Browne will be sworn in as PM today, which has been declared a public holiday.

    • @Artax

      Brown was correct in his assessment of the result, like in Barbados it was the Opposition to win given the challenges SIDs had to contend in the last 3 years. What does it say?

  34. So on jan 18th am laying in my bed, a journalist sent me a clip of a social media fight between Gaston Browne and Fred Corbin….all types of things were said, the above i alluded to and more. Today Barbados’ public nuisances weighed in the news on the fight like someone want to hear from the boring colonial Slaveminded of Barbados..

    ..wuh i never hear Fred set up the people of Dominica for vote rigging or thief their money yet or treat them like a colony. So dah body got a problems including the other idiot trying to lure the island’s people into a sense of FALSE SECURITY…wuh wunna name dpinv in my ancestry doa…

    …there are accusations of who is CIA operative and who is mercenary or something close….and the fight continues…lol…nuff theatre…nuff more gossip to come.

  35. This is how dangerous everything has gotten wordwide….btw.

    You will no longer be able to maliciously insert yourself in other people’s comments to create mischief and strife. You can get buried when you have no clue what the topic is about. It’s best and safer to watch things play out.

    Mischief-making has now turned deadly in 2023.

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