Speed Dials and Privileges

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In Barbados speed dialing is usually reserved for your closest friends, your bestest buddy. That person who can get you out of jail or the mud if you need to. It is with passing interest therefore that a reputed “businessman” who was previously charged for trafficking of drugs from an area associated with certain activity was able within seconds to call a leading Minister and Member of Parliament (not his member) when confronted by the Police for what they believed was wrongdoing on Good Friday.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still concerned about the original sin of possibly breaching Covid Protocols on a clearly stated lockdown weekend. I’m also still concerned that this same flagrant breach of protocols occurred last year in the same area by the same persons. I’m similarly concerned that the Police were interrupted in their duty with a speed dial to an aunt. And we should all be concerned about the rumblings and rumours of shadows and benefactors, whether they be from white, black or red seas.

But, the absolute concern is that this “businessman” was so bold enough, so confident and so certain enough of the eventual outcome of his speed dial that he could call an aunt on speakerphone to have the Police retreat and rescind their interpretation of the activities playing out before them. All this in the earshot and view of many many persons.

What is even more farcical is the “official” response from a secretary of the press within 24 hours to spin what happened and raise even more doubts in any right-thinking Barbadian’s mind.

How many other allegations, incidents, rumours and social media posts about aunts and uncles have gone viral without responses or spin? Why is this one so important Roy? Is there fire behind the smoke??

So yes folks, privilege and access here is clear. The reason for it however is not clear (well, at least not to the average bloke). One must now wonder how many “businesspeople” in the BCCI, BPSA, BEC, SBA, shops, villages and even Social Partnership have such a powerful number on speed dial AND are bold and confident enough to use it when confronted by the Police executing their duties.

How many other calls have been made during Covid, or before Covid, or before May 2018 or during the lost decade or even during 1994-2008 that we may never hear about?

I wonder if Hamenauth Sarendranauth had the privilege of a speed dial which would take days and not weekes, if he could have avoided court, prison and now death before being sentenced.

I wonder how many other politicians, ON BOTH SIDES, are comfortable taking speed dials on loudspeaker that lead them to acting CONTRARY to the procedure of the day to the detriment and embarrassment of law-abiding public servants simply trying to do their jobs.

The old girl always said that whenever you see one flying ant by the light bulb there are usually a lot more and to expect some rain over time. In other words, shut de windows.

One thing is for sure. In this 166 square miles privileged speed dials to uncles and aunties who care and who “got this” may not be as rare as we think.

Nay I say. Instead, it should be clear to any observer that despite the talk, the cliches, the speeches and the promises this incident truly shows that This Is Who We Are.

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  1. WURA-War-on-UApril 10, 2021 7:07 PM “One director got three years, another eighteen months.”…yall love to give them a free pass

    You are so caught up in your vendetta that you cannot see the wood for the trees. The point is that justice dispensed should be equitable. That they have chosen to put this sort of weight on Inniss, compared to others who have done multiple times more damage (Enron as just one example) and others who have also crossed legal lines (Stone..witness tampering and lying to Congress) leads to an obvious conclusion, that something else is at play.

    The irony is that what they may be after, is what you would relish to see, but you are so caught up otherwise that you cannot.

    • @Crusoe

      It does not make sense debating this matter using an absolute position. The sentence is what the prosecution is asking for because of the international plot attached to this story one is tempted to guess.

  2. DavidApril 11, 2021 2:58 AM

    Is my position absolute or is it trying to take all relevant matters into consideration? On the international element, we could drag more into it, the authorities there have given more of a ‘free pass’ to shysters and criminals from other countries.

    Look at Pakistan, every Tom Dick and Harry knew that they were harbouring Bin Laden. The authorities there even arrested the doctor who gave up his location.

    But the US gave and continues to give that country significant aid. Sure, the political arm may not be the judicial arm, but when we start speaking of international arrangements, let us not pick and choose policy? Policy and judicial treatment should be consistent.

    A few dollars that Inniss apparently took is nothing compared to the international criminals that certain countries bend over backwards to facilitate.

    Of course, wrong is wrong and he should be justly penalised. But THAT is an absolute position. Taking all matters and corresponding breaches of legal activity into consideration, is a balanced position.

    I am not holding a candle for him, I am merely asking, ‘what gives’? When I see something unusual, it raises suspicions.

    The point is that you are taking it at face value, pardon me for being cynical, but I do not take much at face value anymore. People lie, they manipulate, they rabbit irrelevant corporate slogans, but really, mean none of it.

    In my opinion, there is more to this story. That is what makes a good investigative journalist, smelling an issue and digging.

    I am no journalist, I am only a lil fella from Brumley, but even I can smell a rat.

  3. DavidApril 11, 2021 5:23 AM @Crusoe The geopolitical consideration is different for Pakistan.

    Does that really rebut or address my concerns?

  4. Crusoe,

    It is quite obvious that there is more in the mortar than the pestle.

    Donville is a small fish in a small pond! I would love to think they are concerned about the damage government corruption does to us on the 2×3 but I doubt they care about us really.

    So, why are they “wasting” their time and resources on sprats?

    What are they really up to?

  5. @Crusoe April 11, 2021 5:21 AM
    “A few dollars that Inniss apparently took is nothing compared to the international criminals that certain countries bend over backwards to facilitate.”

    Maybe, and just maybe, the US judicial authorities are taking into consideration the fact that the same Don of Pornville was on the FBI’s watch list for some time now.

    Surely one can remember when there were subpoenas or the likes issued by the same justice system in respect of the same Don and his businesses dealings associated with the international pornography racket.

    Even one of the red political heavies made it an electioneering controversy way back in 2013 by circulating an ‘Exposé’ on the same Don’s involvement in the hosting of websites not suitable for viewing by “decent” Christian-minded Bajans.

    Only goes to show there could be some current validity to that old saying that where there is smoke there could be fire.

    Maybe this is the Don’s turn to face the music and jump through that ring of American fire to prove his honest intentions to be a ‘changed’ business man.

    The confession of one sins (antecedents), like the thief on the allegorical cross, can sometimes be the first step on the pathway to redemption.

    ‘The love of too much money could lead too fast to deep-seated root of evil’.

  6. Innes extradited yet ? Tasker extradited yet ?

    Those who pay bribes and those who accept bribes….same difference.

    • @Hants

      Tasker is currently fighting the extradition request with his lawyer Andrew Pilgrim. Innes is in Canada so tell us.

  7. @ Miller April 10, 2021 7:42 PM

    I asked a simple question to which you responded with, “Your ‘reaction’ would be watertight if there was NOT a ‘Statutory’ corporation or entity involved in the entire affair.”

    This is clear indication you purposely interpreted my QUESTION to be a definitive statement, and in your usual verbose style, responded according to that interpretation.

    However, you have not answered the question. So, I’ll repeat it.

    Please explain how a “very senior public servant” could make a complaint to the police of a matter involving a private company that was the source of bribe?

  8. @ Artax April 11, 2021 12:19 PM

    You have already been told. Because a Crown-owned corporation and its minister were involved in the disbursement of funds to which taxpayers have contributed.

    And that alleged financial infelicity was drawn to the attention of the same public servant who was a chief accounting officer of a related government ministry.

    Plain and simple.

    Why not ask Hants for a ‘simpler’ clarification or even your friends ac or HA?

    The verbose question to you is what would you have done if you were that senior public servant? Turn a blind eye to the information presented?

  9. @ Miller April 11, 2021 1:01 PM

    RE: “You have already been told. Because a Crown-owned corporation and its minister were involved in the disbursement of funds to which taxpayers have contributed. And that alleged financial infelicity was drawn to the attention of the same public servant who was a chief accounting officer of a related government ministry.”

    The above convoluted narrative encompasses all manner of digressions. It does not make any sense to me. Just a collection of words.

    RE: “Why not ask Hants for a ‘simpler’ clarification or even your friends ac or HA?”

    Nonsense. Why the silly, irrelevant reference to ac or HA as my “friends?”

    RE: “The verbose question to you is what would you have done if you were that senior public servant? Turn a blind eye to the information presented?”

    I cannot answer that question because, as I stated, your initial comment does not make any sense. Perhaps it requires further explanation.

  10. @ Artax April 11, 2021 1:28 PM

    It seems you are becoming ‘afflicted’ with the same condition of which you have been accusing ac et al.

    We are not in a court of law (in Barbados); to borrow a rather apt reference from TLSN.

    Let’s agree that proof of the guilt of the people involved has been demonstrated in a court of law outside of Barbados with reliable evidence provided by another “Millar”.

    Now the decent people of Barbados should thank heavens for that show of justice by the Americans.

    One thieving monkey down!

    Just a few more to go ‘from’ your banana republic as recently reinforced by the Alpha male Ross A.

    I gone! And done wid dat too!

  11. Miller April 11, 2021 3:17 PM #: “I gone! And done wid dat too!”

    Goodness Gracious! Thank you so much!

  12. Oh dear! “Your banana republic!”

    I hear London is the Russian money -laundering hub! Putin’s Place!

    See now why we have to tell you lot about where you are living?

    Man, nearly all nations are banana republics! The 2×3 is not the exception but the rule.

    It was just January 6 that the “world’s greatest democracy” got exposed as such once and for all.

    And up in Jolly Ole England Jeffrey Epstein’s buddy, Prince Andrew roams free.


  13. Oh dear! Just found out that the louse has been showing his face and speaking again!

    Permission must have been granted by the queen. Her favourite child, they said.


  14. @ Donna April 11, 2021 4:52 PM

    If Barbados is not a ‘ripening’ banana republic why not prove it by demanding your supreme leader live up to her promise by delivering the red bag of evidence to the relevant investigative and prosecuting authorities as required by the Constitution?

    We are sure she will have the backing of the Auditor General.

    What is the hold up? The need for a complainant?

    Stop comparing yourself to others. You will never make the grade of being ‘better’.

  15. If the UK is not a banana republic, get His royal lowness to co-operate with investigations as promised.

    You guys keep missing the point. The whole damn world is corrupt, including Barbados. You keep behaving as though where you live is not. There is nothing especially different about Barbados. I don’t know why you feel compelled to try to convince us that there is.

    What do you guys get from that? I do not understand it!

  16. “You are so caught up in your vendetta that you cannot see the wood for the trees. The point is that justice dispensed should be equitable.”

    am still waiting for the minority THIEVES in Barbados to get locked up for stealing:

    1 BILLION DOLLARS in VAT and driving the population into poverty.

    Hundreds of MILLIONS of DOLLARS from the PENSION FUND…..and building pretty swimming pools and a clubhouse at Apes Hill which are all in the process of being blown down to build offices….pools already dug up…pensioner’s money down the drain, they did not get one cent from that theft, Justin Robinson should have to answer for that, him and the crooked ministers who approved it……Black population suffering because they GOT ROBBED AGAIN…

    BILLIONS OF DOLLARS missing from the economy, it was put at 5 BILLION DOLLARS…..all should be prosecuted….

    so you keep harping on about Roger Stone and this one and that one, which is totally irrelevant to the fraud perpetrated on the population in Barbados for over 40 YEARS….and accusing me of a vendetta…..when I reach vendetta stage you will know….

    it’s the racist and thieves in Barbados want locking up with the sellout negros from the parliament and judiciary…..for robbing the country and bringing hardships on the population…of course you will find that is harsh on them….as you think Donville is somehow not getting justice….no wonder Barbados has fallen apart and if the Black population is smart, they will shift themselves out of the path and let it all implode….and see who crawls out from the rubble..

  17. @Crusoe
    Recall the US DOJ had this case GIVEN to them, by ICBL’s former majority parent BF&M. Under the FCPA, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the DOJ has been ‘more aggressive’ in recent years. Whether the potential punishment fits the crime, is open for discussion. They have meted out some similarly harsh sentences. The question becomes what is the difference between laundering $35,000 and $500,000 or more.
    What is clearer, is the sanctioning of what transpired by Barbadian authorities. This confirms what many already knew, bribery is perfectly acceptable, and occurs most days, in order to obtain desired outcomes. In some other jurisdictions, multiple charges would have been laid, and the Prosecution would then accept a guilty plea to one of the lesser charges, drop the rest, resulting in a minimal sentence, preferably a fine plus probation.

  18. Nonprogressive Caribbean leaders only hellbent on keeping the Bb\lack populaiton in poverty so tha others can benefit and think they will always get away with it, small time clowns…

    “Malawi is to be commended for embracing hemp as an alternative to its main export crop, tobacco. This is a positive strategy that will benefit small-scale farmers and form the basis of a new export industry based on a myriad of hemp products.”

  19. @ Donna April 12, 2021 12:53 AM
    “If the UK is not a banana republic, get His royal lowness to co-operate with investigations as promised.”

    You have drawn a red herring across the trail as an escape route to avoid reality that Barbados, despite once dubbed little England, can never come close to the justice system in the UK.

    Barbados has lost its former status of a well-governed jurisdiction. Just take a close look at its judicial and administrative systems for ample proof of its continuation deterioration.

    Was any member of the ‘Royal’ family accused of stealing British taxpayers’ money?

    Your allegation is based on a private individual making claims of a sexually inappropriate nature about a member of the royal family just like how they do in America about other celebrities like Harvey Weinsten and Bill Cosby; and even Trump.

    However, allegations of corruption and the misappropriation of taxpayers’ monies made and repeated in a number of public spaces are quite a different kettle of fish.

    It is your current PM (not the ordinary BU blogger) who made claims of corruption against the previous administration with a bag of evidence to substantiate such claims as David Thompson did against the Owen Arthur administration.

    Are you implying that the electorate was deceived into voting for a bag of lies and fabricated stories just to win an election?

    Why should a petty thief face jail for stealing a cheap pair of nail clippers or even a can of corned beef and a packet of biscuits while political bigwigs and their friends are not brought to justice to face the music for the abuse of taxpayers’ money as outlined in the many Auditor General’s reports.

    In the UK people, once exposed and found guilty, go to jail for such serious criminal acts and stripped of their material gains and social standing; as one of your crooks is about to find out in the USA.

  20. NorthernObserver April 12, 2021 11:33 AM #: “Recall the US DOJ had this case GIVEN to them, by ICBL’s former majority parent BF&M.”

    @ NorthernObserver.

    There yuh go. Thank you.

    Firstly, at the time of the ‘ bribe transaction,’ ICBL was NOT a state-owned statutory or quasi government corporation. It was a PRIVATE entity OWNED by BF&M.
    Any payments Inniss received from ICBL, would have been disbursed by the company …….. and not BIDC, which, at the time, was under his ministerial portfolio, or the Treasury.

    Secondly, obviously, what transpired between Inniss and ICBL was a ‘private matter.’ What would’ve probably been recorded in the BIDC Board minutes was, either the Board made the decision or acting on instructions from the Minister, BIDC awarded or renewed the insurance contractual agreement with ICBL.

    Therefore, all the ‘mumbo jumbo’ talk about “Crowned-owned corporation and alleged financial infelicity being drawn to the attention of a public servant,” and “a Crown-owned corporation and its minister were involved in the disbursement of funds to which taxpayers have contributed,” under the circumstances, is nonsense.

    Then, ‘to cover-up’ the folly with, “we are not in a court of law,” whether in Barbados or else where, is even more ludicrous.

    If find it is ‘monumentous task’ for some BU contributors to admit when they’re wrong and move on.

  21. Miller…amazing that when it’s the Black population being robbed through bribery and corruption and wicked racist thieves enabled and condoned by vicious sellout ministers…….by the billions of dollars to keep them in generational poverty, lacking opportunities and having to BREAK the Law to survive….the likes of Crusoe etc have no problem with that and DON’T WANT TO SEE THE PEOPLE GET JUSTICE…but if it was the same crooks being robbed by the Black population you will hear him telling us how much decades they should get in prison down to the last minute….and got the nerve to talk utter shite about people in the US who ACTUALLY GOT ARRESTED AND CONVICTED for their crimes…

    …the savage tiefing minorities and corrupt government ministers don’t even get arrested let alone charged in Barbados…

    shameless enablers and condoners…who also thought it would last forever……but yall wicked shite has FINALLY EXPIRED…

  22. Then why don’t you just stay there and enjoy heavenly bliss in the kingdom of the wonderful white folks?

    And it is only recently that you were paying for MP’s dogfood and hotel porn! Corruption galore for years and years until a stubborn journalist kept on writing. The House of Lords was robbing your ass daily. The Commoners below the same.


    Choke on this red herring – is stealing money more serious than statutory rape?

    The point is that there are untouchbles in Barbados and there are untouchables in the UK.

    If you contend otherwise then I have some bananas to send for you.

    Because you could only be monkeying around pretending to see no evil and hear no evil in your chosen concrete jungle of albinos.

  23. Then there are the elderly AND THEIR BENEFICIARIES…who have been ROBBED OF THEIR ESTATES and any future their offspring had…but that is quite ok with the enablers…makes us wonder how much of a cut they get for themselves that they don’t even CARE that many of the elderly went to their GRAVES WITHOUT their properties and even BANK ACCOUNTS THAT WERE STOLEN by all the above…..and if their beneficiaries tried to recover any OF THE ESTATE THAT’S RIGHTFULLY THEIRS they ARE THREATENED WITH ARREST AND DEATH…

    but none of that the ENABLERS have a problem with…as long as it’s Black people feeling the brunt of that thievery and human rights abuse, it’s ok with them…yall need putting in shackles and chains….enablers are just as bad or even worse than the criminals who commit these evil crimes…

  24. Glad to see some showing their true colors for the world see;

    enablers of bribery/corruption…..against the population

    DECADES of human rights violations against the Black majority

    thefts of land, properties and bank accounts from the elderly and their beneficiaries

    setting up people to rob them their properties and bank accounts

    refusal to complete civil cases in the supreme court

    keeping the Black population in social and financial bondage for racist minorities to rob them generationally

    and that is what yall want to keep going in Black lives for another 40 years….none of you can be trusted

    and yall feel proud of that, many of you should be in jail….but i prefer shackles and chains

    ignorance kills people

  25. @ Donna April 12, 2021 1:55 PM
    “Choke on this red herring – is stealing money more serious than statutory rape?”

    No. But there are both very serious criminal offences.

    So which “ untouchable” person in the UK, ‘Royal’ or commoner, you can ‘finger’ of being accused of “statutory rape” by the country’s PM and no action has taken by the law enforcement agencies without the Media having a field day and calling for heads to roll?

    Does that concrete jungle of albinos include the ‘kind’ white folks who raised you as a child?

    Does it include your former mother country of albinos who gave birth to your born-again’ Anglicanism?

    Why are you dismissing the major role played by the black Bajan Diaspora in the UK by way of the large remittances made towards the development and sustenance of the Bajan economy?

    Why bite the hand(s) that feed you?
    Don’t the same concrete jungle of albino Brits make up the major market share of the Bajan tourism product; the mainstay or bedrock of the country’s economy?

    Without the Brits arrival (mainly “albinos”) on BA and VA from England’s green and pleasant land Barbados, in the prescient words of the Mighty Chalkdust, “is heading for starvation since you cannot eat sea water and sand”.

    We will not even mention, without referencing the ‘Red Book’ who are the biggest overseas clients in the Bajan upscale real estate market.

    Now let that ‘rapsheet’ of reality sink into your Bajan ‘re-conditioned’ brain.

  26. I even neglected to mention:

    refusal to complete civil cases in the supreme court

    especially in personal injury cases where claimants ARE WARNED that if they continue to PURSUE their cases, they can be SET UP AND KILLED by the dirty ass lawyers and corrupt insurance companies that believe they OWN THE SUPREME COURT and the JUDGES…..

    don’t know what the fcuk is wrong with you colonial bred as*holes…

    especially those with their sellout niga syndrome

    their stink niga syndrome

    that is when ya will have to worry about me and a VENDETTA ….Crusoe

    not everyone will sit quietly and allow themselves or their families to be killed by a bunch of evil dirty minded nigas who believe that Black people should not have what is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS….without serious RETALIATION…

  27. especially in personal injury cases where claimants ARE WARNED that if they continue to PURSUE their cases, they can be SET UP AND KILLED by the dirtyass lawyers and corrupt insurance companies that believe they OWN THE SUPREME COURT and the JUDGES…..and they can only BELIEVE THAT…when they are BRIBING corrupt GOVERNMENT MINISTERS…

  28. So it’s quite OBVIOUS WHY ICBL SOLD AND RAN from the island…they knew that all of this would EVENTUALLY COME OUT PUBLICLY…

    and don’t be coming back telling me no stupid backward shit about “well ya know the men (MEANING CORRUPT GOVERNMENT MINISTERS) gotta make their money too…meaning…TAKING BRIBES on top of a salary they get from taxpayers…and all the little SIDE SCAMS THEY RUN against the people whom they BEGGED FOR VOTES……i have heard that many times over the years and it CANNOT BE DENIED….

    yall are some of the most STUPID people that a woman could have ever given birth to and most should have been ABORTED…

  29. Miller…this should be the discussion…the NASTY NEGATIVES black colonial governments love to COPY and PRACTICE on the Black populaiton and WAYS TO END IT and RETURN all the land and estates they STOLE….if those 2 half-ass DBLP governments don’t think they owe the descendants of the enslaved REPARATIONS…for all the thefts and human rights abuses they and the evil minorities DEVISED to rob and disempower the Black majority…..they ARE SO WRONG…goddamn low class thieves..


    “LA County Works to Return Manhattan Beach Property to Descendants of Black Couple White Supremacy Stole it From
    Zack Linly
    Saturday 4:30PM
    Illustration for article titled LA County Works to Return Manhattan Beach Property to Descendants of Black Couple White Supremacy Stole it From
    Photo: Lucky-photographer (Shutterstock)
    When we talk about systemic racism in America, one aspect tends to get left out of the discussion: Black people are disproportionately poor because, historically, we’ve been blocked from achieving generational wealth. From the Tulsa race riots to Detroit’s Black Bottom, U.S. history is full of stories that involve white people sabotaging Black wealth and thriving Black communities. And yet, the subject of reparations remains a controversial issue tied exclusively to American slavery.

    In Manhattan Beach, Calif., descendants of a Black couple who owned land that was basically stolen from them by white supremacists who didn’t believe Black people should own land might be receiving the property taken from their ancestors in order to right a historic wrong that occurred a century ago.

    The Associated Press reports that Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors member Janice Hahn is working to return two parcels of land in Manhattan Beach to the descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce, who built California’s first resort for Black people in 1912, at a time when beaches were segregated and white people would rather see negroes dead than to see them thrive in their own communities.

    They built a lodge, café, dance hall and dressing tents with bathing suits for rent. Initially it was known as Bruce’s Lodge.

    “Bruce’s Beach became a place where Black families traveled from far and wide to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure of a day at the beach,” Hahn said.

    It did not last long.

    The Bruces and their customers were harassed by white neighbors and the Ku Klux Klan attempted to burn it down. The Manhattan Beach City Council finally used eminent domain to take the land away from the Bruces in the 1920s, purportedly for use as a park.

    “The Bruces had their California dream stolen from them,” Hahn said. “And this was an injustice inflicted not just upon Willa and Charles Bruce but generations of their descendants who almost certainly would have been millionaires if they had been able to keep this property and their successful business.”

    Oscars 2021: Don Cheadle, Angela Bassett, Regina King, Halle Berry Among Award Presenters
    “[Black people] had to walk a half-mile in either direction before they could get into the water,” said Duane Shepard, who CBS News described as “a family historian for the Bruces.”

    “There was a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. They started harassing my family around 1920,” he continued. “They burned a cross. They threw burning mattresses under the porch of one of the buildings.”

    The land that used to be “Bruce’s Lodge” went from being a place where Black people could go and exist in peace, to becoming vacant land that went unused for years before it was “transferred to the state of California in 1948 and in 1995 it was transferred to Los Angeles County for beach operations and maintenance,” AP reports.

    The transfer to LA County came with restrictions that prohibit the sale or transfer of the property to anyone else, and now a change in state law is necessary in order for the property to go to the Bruce’s descendants.


    In fact, according to Manhattan Beach Mayor Suzanne Hadley, any form of reparations to the family at all would violate the law.

    “That would be considered to be an illegal gift of public funds,” Hadley told CBS. She also said the city council authorized spending $350,000 to commemorate the Bruce’s. Hadley said the council also voted to condemn the racism that pushed the Bruce family out—which is already a weird thing to have to vote on—but it voted not to offer an official apology. (Wow.)


    “It’s awful. It’s wrong,” Hadley said. “We’re not that community now. I wouldn’t live here if we were a racist community. And my friends and neighbors would not live here as well.”

    But isn’t that just white America for you? America can say “I’m sorry” in every way possible except by actually repairing the damage that was done or granting restitution to families that were ultimately affected.


    Also, it appears that they’re still racist AF in Manhattan Beach.

    From CBS:

    Last month, a group calling itself “Concerned Citizens of Manhattan Beach” took out an ad in a local paper, claiming some “are trying to create a racist problem where there is none.”

    For some 20 years, Malissia Clinton has raised her kids in Manhattan Beach and said that she would consider the city a racist community.

    “So we are less than 1% African American. That defines racism to me,” Clinton said.

    Back in 2015, she said someone threw a burning tire at her family’s front door early one morning. Everyone escaped unhurt, but the trauma remains.

    “What it reminded me is that things haven’t changed that much. The terror is still real. People who look like me are terrorized. We aren’t entitled to the comfort of security,” Clinton said.

    Her neighbors rallied around her, so the family stayed. But Clinton wonders what the city would look like today if Bruce’s Beach had not been shut down.

    “This community might be teeming with Black folks if we had not destroyed that family. It changed the trajectory, not only of their lives and their offspring but of this community,” she said.


    So, according to AP, state Sen. Steven Bradford said that on Monday, he will introduce Senate Bill 796, which would exempt the Bruce’s land from the restrictions that are preventing it from being transferred to their descendants.

    “After so many years we will right this injustice,” he said during a news conference.”

  30. “barbadosunderground.net › 2018/08/27 › icbl-receives
    Aug 27, 2018 · The Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited (ICBL) received a declination with disgorgement from the DOJ Thursday for FCPA offenses related to bribing a Barbadian official. Under the terms of the declination pursuant to the DOJ’s Corporate Enforcement Policy, ICBL paid the DOJ about $93,900 in disgorged profits.”

  31. I know whether deliberately or not people miss things. The video about the ambush of the soldier clearly states that Black men are being labeled as racists, pinning white racism on them. This blog only last week dealt a lot with Mia pinning discriminatory practices on the Black police in Barbados when she knows it’s the wicked little white indian and syrian minorites practice racism and discrimination and all manner of conniving corruption on the Black majority. Begging Black people for votes then copying negatives to further disempower them must be rejected. Don’t know what she was thinking but this is not the year, decade or century. DBLP allowed the practice of black on black discrimination and SELF-HATE to flourish for decades….any discriminatory practices can be attributed to both unthinking governments stuck on colonial slave titles, traditions, anti-black and anti-Africanness. Let’s see if she fixes this or get exposed for allowing it to continue.

  32. They not only infiltrated…they TOOK OVER THE roughly 1 million strong police force in the country, weeding them out will be no small feat…the force has over 17,000 agencies and all are infested with that cancer..

    this was of 2017:

    “There are more than 0.91 million police officers in the United States. American Police …”

  33. BTW….has Ram Merchandani been arrested yet for setting up illegal water connections and TIEFING tens of millions of gallons of the people’s water, depriving numerous neighborhoods ACROSS THE ISLAND for decades….of life giving water…has an investigation been launched into WHICH LOWLIFE at BWA took bribes to allow that level of crime against the country by Ram…some crimes have no statute of limitations…

    similarly, has the water THIEF who worked at BWA and took a HUGE BRIBE to give free water to Jamestown Park, in St. James for about 10 YEARS….been investigated and EXTRADITED back to Barbados for that theft….

    yall NEVER wanted to build dams because there ARE NO BRIBES IN THAT……i heard Canada offered 40 million dollars, but yall TIEF somebody land and had no clear title deeds so that went through the window…

    hint, hint, yall are to BLAME …DBLP…. for the island’s water woes…

  34. Besides….ya should not have to beg for millions from Canada or anywhere else to build dams….not when 5-6 BILLION DOLLARS is missing from the economy in the last 25 years…..do the math and see how many DAMS THE STOLEN MONEY COULD HAVE BUILT…the whole island could have been surrounded by water dams….with money to spare…

  35. What wobble more like a death spiral
    Huge debt
    Health care system under tremendous streets
    A volcano makes it presence and there is only one public hospital to attend to the most vulnerable
    Schools that were in disrepair are even worsened by the ash
    Depression levels are on a all time high
    Leadership across the board is missing

  36. Although they think otherwise, crooks and thieves die too…


    “NEW YORK (AP) — Bernie Madoff, the financier who pleaded guilty to orchestrating the largest Ponzi scheme in history, died early Wednesday in federal prison, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.

    Madoff died at the Federal Medical Center in Butner, North Carolina, apparently from natural causes, the person said. The person was not authorized to speak publicly and spoke to the AP on the condition of anonymity.”

  37. when these killers can’t get away with lying on their victims, they claim accident….this is now causing unrest


    The former Minnesota police officer who shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop last weekend will face criminal charges, according to a report.

    “Kim Potter, a 26-year veteran of the Brooklyn Center Police Department and former union president, resigned Tuesday after the fatal shooting and will now face undetermined criminal charges, KSTP-TV reported Tuesday. Potter had previously been put on leave.”

  38. I have not missed those videos. Saw them days ago.

    The handsome medic is going to push things along quite a bit with his upcoming lawsuitHe was brilliant! There was absolutely nothing these racist cops could fault him for whilst their ugly out of shape asses became increasingly unhinged at the sight of the absolute beauty and grace of the highly intelligent brotha.

    And shiny new vehicle to boot!

    How dare he!

    This video puts to rest all the bullshit that people like John Knox spew about compliance and keeping one’s record clean!

    This was no George Floyd scenario.

    This demonstration by the magnificent medic over whom the white woman will be swooning, is flawless.

    As Al Sharpton used to say every week on his show-


  39. All that criminal racist privilege and TIEFING FROM BLACK/AFRICAN PEOPLE…..led by parliament sellouts will come to an end…let me hear any no good lowcrawling minority practicing racism or TIEFING again and yall will see..


  40. The young guy Dante apparently was given the vehicle a few weeks before by his mother. His registration was overdue. However the DMV has been extremely overwhelmed due to COVID closures. This was known to the police. He also had air fresheners dangling in the wrong place.

    He had an outstanding warrant for missing a court date of which he had not been notified. His alleged offence was carrying a gun without a permit. “Many states don’t even require a permit, ” said former Senator Clare McCaskil. Probably many red states.

    But John Knox will prosecute the case anyway, I’m sure!

    There are many pictures and videos of the young man, including one from the day before in which he is laughingly enjoying quality time on the swings with his beautiful baby!

    No gangsta! Just a frightened mama’s boy who panicked and tried to get to the mama he telephoned the second the police stopped him. No doubt he thought she could fix it.

  41. Miller,

    Was not Prince Andrew accused of having sex via Jeffrey Eptein with an underage girl? Did he not say he never met her? Has she not got in her possession a photograph that proves otherwise? Did he not promise to co-operate in any investigation pertaining to the Jeffrey Eptein affair? Did he not maintain a friendship with Eptein, even staying at his house after the convicted paedophile was released from jail? Does that not cause alarm bells to sound off regarding his innocence in the matter of sex with multiple minors?

    Monkey sees no evil and hears no evil in the concrete jungle!

    P.S. I am not involved in tourism and do not have control over it. And what exactly does that or the remittances from overseas Bajans have to do with the matter we are presently discussing?

    That is a boat load of red herrings you are attempting to bring!

    Your country’s wealth was built on Barbados’ back! Now you bragging about how advanced they are compared to Barbados???

    🎶”Mixed up moods and attitudes!”🎵


  42. Keep drugs out of politics?
    by Rev Guy Hewitt

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing. Edmund Burke Those who would call themselves good citizens and patriots must do everything in their power to eradicate the influence of drugs from our politics and democracy. It is not too late.
    At Harrison College, my chemistry master (Frank ‘Fanny’ Fields) engaged us in the study of chemistry by adding potassium to water unleashing a ‘vigorous reaction’ that captivated our impressionable young minds. While I did not pursue chemistry, the lesson was not lost on me: some things are not ordained to mix. That includes politics and drugs.

    I similarly recall a quote from ‘The Godfather’ in its depiction of the business of organised crime. In the bestselling novel and Oscar-winning movie, Don Vito Corleone opined, “It’s true I have a lot of friends in politics, but they wouldn’t be so friendly if they knew my business was drugs instead of gambling, which they consider a harmless vice. But drugs, that’s a dirty business.”
    While the recent debate surrounding the Deacons Farm multitudinous feeding has been spun as support for the black working class or as a perpetuation of the practices by previous administrations, both are specious arguments. The bottom line is that drugs is a dirty business and its agents are merchants of death and societal destruction.

    However, I am far from naïve: this is not new, even to Barbados. No other case spawned more controversy and accusations in Barbados than the 1978 murder of 29-year-old Victor ‘Pele’ Parris. Despite two costly enquiries, replete with rumours of drug dealing and complicity by police officers and politicians in illegal activities, no arrests were ever made. The Mighty Gabby’s calypso surmised the alleged cover-up…Who kill Pele, nobody won’t say.”

    Neither is this a Third-World phenomenon. We recall the Iran-Contra affair of selling arms to Iran to fund the Contras in Nicaragua during the 1980s civil war and the related allegations that government agencies may have been involved in the Contras cocaine trafficking operations. But because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. Some argue that drugs is a modern variation of gambling or bootlegging. To others it is the consequence of the law of supply and demand: if there is a demand, it will be supplied; if the demand is strong and widespread it will be supplied, no matter what. But that still doesn’t make it right. People use drugs for different reasons. For some it is as a way of expressing personal liberty. Others see it as a way to pursue pleasure. Still others embrace it as a way to escape suffering, solitude and isolation. Sometimes a lack of values and convictions providing clear points of reference for personal life choices, especially among our youth, means they are easy prey for drug dealers. Therein lies the problem, no one can solve problems by running away from them.

    Many youth, particularly males are lured to drugs by the prospect of fast money; for too many, it may be the only perceived way to break away from poverty or prolonged unemployment. In some communities, the revenues generated by these activities maintain an ‘underground economy.’ In the 1998 General Election in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Los Angeles Times reported that then opposition leader, Dr Ralph Gonsalves, made a direct appeal to those engaged in marijuana production with his reggae campaign song: “Those in the hills! You have a friend in me! Rastafari!”

    It should be appreciated that the emergence of St. Vincent as one of the region’s largest marijuana producers was a consequence of adverse global trade policies. When the US government won a World Trade Organization decision eliminating the vital European preferential trade deals that maintained the Caribbean banana industry, much to the chagrin of the US and DEA many farmers turned to marijuana out of necessity. St. Vincent followed swiftly behind Jamaica in establishing a commercial cannabis industry through the legal medical marijuana market and the decriminalisation of use.

    But let us not try to reconcile the irreconcilable; we need to accept that politics and drugs shouldn’t mix. Through the ages in keeping with Ephesians 5:18, Christians have been at the forefront of battling against the epidemic of intoxication and the personal tragedy of alcoholism and drug abuse. Now persons of faith need to take a stand against the weakening of public morals and the legitimising of deviant behaviours. We must get drugs out of our politics.

    The most immediate and obvious consequences of drug trafficking on democracy is its promotion of violence. Drug traffickers and dealers kill, often with impunity. While this is often targeted and localised, it can easily escalate. Drugs can also pervert public administration as public officials can be enticed by promises of quick and easy money. Drugs can create ‘no-go’ areas when corruption and/or coercion undermines the basic respect for the rule of law.

    The recent images of Deacons Farm youth jeering at the police was a tragedy not only for law enforcement and the local community but also for democracy as a whole.
    Political campaigns are fought on two general fronts: an ‘air war’ – consisting of public events, mass meetings, advertising and media engagement to persuade voters, and a ‘ground game’ – canvassing and mobilisation of voters. Often it is in the latter that elections are won or lost and this is when the influence of drugs dealers is often most prevalent.
    The reliance on clientelism persuasion and other inducements to get out the vote facilitates a growing influence of nefarious actors in the democratic process. Jamaica is a case study on the deleterious effect of drugs in politics.

    In a nonfictional version of the Godfather’s Don Corleone, donmanship (so-called ‘dons’) has been a crucial political and economic factor in Kingston, Jamaica. Donmanship is the anointing of a leader of a garrison constituency (urban housing area) ably supported by an organised, coercive, community control system.
    The political career of Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding ended prematurely over his opposing the extradition of drug lord Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke to the US. It was asserted that Golding could not have maintained his parliamentary seat in West Kingston without the support of Coke, the former don of Tivoli Gardens, a vote-rich stronghold for the Jamaica Labour Party. Many of the Jamaica’s most notorious gangsters have been based in west Kingston, including Dudus’s father, Lester Lloyd Coke, popularly known as ‘Jim Brown.’

    Jim Brown, the founder of the Shower Posse gang, which his son Dudus inherited, ruled Tivoli Gardens throughout the 1980s with support from then representative and Prime Minister Edward Seaga. When Brown was arrested in 1992 for extradition to the US he incredulously, while in police custody, burned to death in a cement jail cell devoid of any flammable materials. Many suspected his knowledge of the ties between politics and its criminal underbelly triggered his murder.

    It is accepted that both political parties had deep-rooted associations with various dons, although the People’s National Party has managed to divert focus from their original garrison constituencies.
    While a deplorable situation, it would be hypocritical to suggest that residents, whether in Deacons Farm, Tivoli Gardens or elsewhere, are any more wrong for looking to these dons for support than those in the mainstream who look to their bosses, pastors, charities or politicians for assistance. If society is doing nothing to improve their circumstance or provide a way forward then what right do they have to judge?
    It’s easy to criticise: to blame those who should know better, or demand persons get an education and employment, or choose a path of righteousness over evil.
    But what opportunities are provided to them to achieve this in their current circumstances? If, given the options a person faces, the path of survival is an evil rather than the good one you can anticipate that’s the one they’ll likely take. To ask people to simply say ‘no’ is unrealistic.

    If we are to ensure political stability and social progress, we need to begin a new process of national reconstruction, one that builds from the bottom up.
    Beyond education reform to improve competence in mathematics, English and science, we need to infuse civic learning to impart acceptable societal values and behaviours in the next generation.
    Also urgently needed is more market demand-driven training programs to provide opportunities for employment, particularly for the growing cohort of low-skilled young males. Of necessity is the need for economic diversification.

    To create the necessary enabling environment for this to emerge, a new cadre of politicians is needed; ones who put country before party and neighbour before self. It must be the case of political aspirants asking not “what your country can do for you, [but] what you can do for your country.” To support them and such transformation, we also need a fit-forpurpose public administration, transparently recruited with proven competencies in leadership and management capable of transforming people and instructions to advance social and economic prosperity.
    This is no small feat! It’s very much all hands on deck. But for those who truly love this fair land there is the need to accept that doing nothing is no longer an option. May God give us the strength and courage that we need.
    Guy Hewitt is committed to nation building. He currently resides in Florida.


  43. None of the blp yardfowls including David would dare make comment on that article
    The most disgusting and alarming in the minds of most thinking barbadians is why a Head of govt would give their personnel phone number to a person of illegal character
    With good reasoning of the mind such a picture is worth a thousand words
    Meanwhile Guy Hewitt draws a picture that describes Mia close connections as dangerous as the ash from the volcano
    Not Good

  44. I now see that it was posted previously.
    My summary
    All over the place with no continuity.
    A series of unconnected stories. flight of ideas
    very little beef

  45. My summary
    Wrong is wrong
    Doesn’t matter where..how .
    or when it started
    Flash yuh mind back to the days of slavery and see how the negative ramifications brought (about )still affects many societies
    But then again fools travelled where angels dare not tread

  46. I too thought it was disjointed. All over the place with no connective tissue.

    Perhaps it should have been written as a series so that the beef could have been added.

    But I did get his main point.

  47. The questions I asked regarding Ross and his current status were answered a while back.

    This is definitely not a good look for the PM.

    Playing with fire, Barbados will soon burn!

  48. Let Bajans continue pretending to be overly ignorant, when their asses get sold online at some slave auction, they won’t even know…let’s hope they sell ALL the yardfowls/Slaves first, not a fella will miss them.

  49. https://barbadostoday.bb/2021/04/14/uwi-expert-predicts-further-setback-as-businesses-close/

    “Leading university academic is predicting a setback to any potential economic growth for Barbados, if the ashfall from the La Soufriere Volcano in St Vincent and the Grenadines keeps businesses closed for another two weeks.

    Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Dr Don Marshall is further warning that the next few days will therefore be crucial for the country as it undertakes a government-sanctioned national cleanup of the ash with water that is in scarce supply.

    Dr Marshall said while those businesses which are permitted to open to sell cleaning items will do a brisk trade, other sections of the economy will drag on.”

  50. Is it not ironic…they were up and down the place complaining about Covid and wanted special dispensation on top of all the illegal shit they already get and a little volcano ash will end up taking them all out…..ah wonder who they will complain to now…

  51. “The bottom line is that drugs is a dirty business and its agents are merchants of death and societal destruction.”

    Does he know that the MINORITY BUSINESS COMMUNITY that claim to be successful business people …has ALWAYS been INFESTED WITH DRUG TRAFFICKERS and GUNRUNNERS in Barbados and that DBLP has ALWAYS KNOWN….DRUGS and POLITICS has ALWAYS driven the SECOND ECONOMY….i know a lot of hypocrites love to pretend it’s not so…..BUT IT IS…..and that is the bottomline.

  52. He should also know that is what DRIVES the election campaign RACKETEERING and CORRUPTION, the people VOTE and the minority business people control the sellout, corrupt politicians…it’s not rocket science….it’s been happening for DECADES….but only when it’s highlighted that some dudes from the deliberately DEPRESSED, REPRESSED, OPPRESSED and PAUPERIZED ghettos seem to be involved ya will hear the weeping and knashing of teeth, but when crooked minorities have done it for decades….not a whisper…

  53. “Also urgently needed is more market demand-driven training programs to provide opportunities for employment, particularly for the growing cohort of low-skilled young males. Of necessity is the need for economic diversification.”

    same racketeering minorities steal EVERY OPPORTUNITY and all the MILLIONS of dollars that could fund programs educational and otherwise to generate opportunites for the vulnerable young people in the depressed areas…..voluntarily AIDED and ABETTED by parliament sellouts….then young Black men and women are set up for the prison pipeline…because they are POINTEDLY NEGLECTED by nuisance governments with pedigree…and have very little to no FORM OF SURVIVAL…with the slave salary system kept FIRMLY IN PLACE by go-nowhere governments and their minority sidekicks, they cant deny it because personally, i know of those born in the diaspora and because of duality, experienced the slave system setup in Barbados, fortunately for them, they have choices and not TRAPPED on the island like most young Black people.

    dependency tourism is all the lack of vision leaders are capable of seeing, how many YEARS they were told to diversify, never did, dependency tourism is filled with vice for the visionless, eg prostitution/human trafficking, pedophilia, money laundering, just to name a few….the needs of young prople don’t even enter the equation…just like the needs of senior citizens are STOLEN…along with their properties, land, massive estates and the FUTURES OF THEIR BENEFICIARIES decades into the future…the UNBORN are also ROBBED…even before they GET HERE..

    more importantly, the racist gang of minorities who believe they own and control the Black/African population, like they do politicians…need to be PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM BLACK LIVES..just like the destructive LAWYERS…just like the self-serving, uncaring, selfish, greedy, publicity and attention seeking desperate politicians who believe everything is about them and yardfowl accumulation, more votes and a next election win and nothing else exists….with their 18th century mentalities….the people and island are in a very bad place….only fixable by REMOVING the ongoing human obstacles, obstructionists, saboteurs, and the multi-restrictive, CONFINING ZONES in Black/African lives.

    unless somebody(ies) put in the work, nothing will change and more articles will get written..

    the state of visual horror that the national stadium has become along with all the other infrastructual degradation, too numberous to list…tells its OWN TALE.

  54. For the colonial title wearing negros in the parliament…these human rights laws also APPLIES to the Black/African population and has since 1948…apparently the lawyer infested legislature seem not to know, so here is a reminder.


  55. The Fowl Slaves are always in the know….maybe they can confirm.

    “TO: The Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, Q.C., M.P.
    Prime Minister
    Government of Barbados
    Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Investment
    Minister of National Security and the Civil Service
    Emergency Injunction Immediately halting all “COVID VACCINATIONS” [GENETIC
    BIOWARFARE] in your Jurisdiction as Genocide and Crimes against Humanity”

  56. Looks like the cat got the yardfowls/Slave’s tongues, they usually love to JUMP OUT and pronounce everyone is a liar, so what happened this time that they are MUTE?…they had nearly 24 hours.

  57. Why is there ALWAYS some dispute surrounding DBLP government projects, luckily the TAXPAYERS don’t have to PAY tens of millions of dollars to settle this one, IDB was the one got sued….normally whatever FLAWED contract lawyer infested governments sign, it’s the taxpayers ALWAYS PAYING FOR THEIR deliberate cockups….they ALWAYS engage with white and other companies to ultimately SUE THE PEOPLE…

    “The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has won a United States (US) legal battle involving Barbados Government projects.

    In December, American Noah J. Rosenkrantz, Canadian Christopher Thibedeau, and TTEK Inc., a Barbados-registered business of Coryston, Marine Gardens, Hastings, Christ Church, lodged a civil action against the IDB in the United States Federal court in Washington DC.

    The plaintiffs told the court that the IDB had failed to follow due process in moving to sanction them for alleged contract violations.

    However, in a decision issued on April 5, Chief Judge Beryl A. Howell of the US Federal Court in Washington DC ruled in favour of the IDB on the basis that it had international immunity. (SC).”

  58. TTEK inc. was founded by Christopher Thibedeau. He and his accomplices, including Dan Rochon (TTEK Inc.’s Chief Projects Officer (CPO)) and Salvador Duart, cheated Barbados from 10 years of modernization and development and, yes, Barbadian taxpayer dollars. Think about how much time was wasted by Barbadian government workers and Barbadian citizens. The Electronic Singe Window, a system that was supposed to improve Barbados’ trade facilitation, involved every government agency, including the port, and anyone who imports and exports to/from Barbados. On paper, they wasted $6 million USD for a failed system that’s no longer in use; however, it involved the time of many Barbadian stakeholders for the “years” it took to develop.

    In addition to the court case, here’s another reference from the Barbados Advocate to TTEK Inc.’s connection with the ESW: https://www.barbadosadvocate.com/news/move-improve-trade-processes

  59. I estimate that taxpayers will have paid over $10 million BBD when the new ESW project is complete (https://commerce.gov.bb/doing-business-barbados-moves-closer-to-single-electronic-window/), assuming that it’s not delayed or another wasted effort.

    In October 2010, after documented evidence of a relationship between Christopher Thibedeau and Salvador Duart, both sanctioned individuals, had been identified, the GoB, in conjunction with the IDB funded the Barbados Competitiveness Programme (BCP). GoB gave $4 million BBD to the project. In addition to evidence that $50,000 BBD to $100,000 BBD of GoB funds was provided to support the first ESW project, it can be estimated that over $1 million BBD worth of labor and materials also came from the taxpayer on the lower end. 30 to 40 Barbadian government agencies were involved on a multi-year project to digitize their documents and business processes, and integrate their systems with the ESW. Some of the agencies that integrated its system with the ESW were Customs & Excise Department, Revenue Authority and Port Authority. Also, the government had established the ESW.GOV.BB domain for the ESW system and high-ranking officials were involved (https://www.barbadosadvocate.com/news/benefits-abound-electronic-single-window-says-minister).

    The first ESW system went live in February 2017 (https://ttekglobal.com/news/2017/2/17/barbados-electronic-single-window-launchedand-yes-its-the-best-esw-on-the-planet-right-now) but I assume it got terminated when the BCP office was abruptly dissolved in or around 2018.

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