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  1. That dialogue has been out and about since yesterday. Nothing that directly impacts the public by paid SERVANTS is private.

    Stop putting paid employees on pedestals. Alll it does is make them even more corrupt and their heads and egos swollen to 4 times its normal size.

  2. “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no-one is watching.” – John Wooden.

    1) Funny that a few would ask that the conversation be removed. If it made-up then it should be removed. If it is true, then it should stay.
    I know that it must hurt to see that your Gods are fragile with feet made of clay. PM or not, that is who she is.

    2) Take away the big microphone, the big speakers, fancy lighting, bedsheet and big cameras and use a cellphone and that is what you get?

    3) Top 100 what?

  3. Mia has become a known entity – internationally. She has ruffled a few feathers: the EU, the UK and good “ole” Uncle Sam. Even those countries whom she may believe are her natural bed fellows can not be trusted.

    When it comes to information technology savoir-faire, we in Barbados are naïve. What measures were taken by our leaders to ensure that Barbadians’ data was safe when our I.D. card system was updated?

    I would hope that our politicians have a strong IT team which is cognisant of the dangers of the IT world. We live in a sophisticated world. Incidents such as this merely highlights that, to date, Barbados has always been blissfully unaware of the power of the IT sector.

    I agree with Molinonou’s sentiments.


  4. I strongly disagree with Molinonou.

    We in the Caribbean like to put people on a pedestal as soon as they are elected. Joe/Jane Average become a braniac and a person of integrity. Obvious and known flaws are ignored and forgotten and look at how e cry when the false and fragile people that we worship fall.

    Some only want the fancy speeches. I got bad news for them… Life, just like reality, is a mean bitch. Live with it.

  5. “What measures were taken by our leaders to ensure that Barbadians’ data was safe when our I.D. card system was updated?

    I would hope that our politicians have a strong IT team which is cognisant of the dangers of the IT world.”

    You mean the same ones who threw all our IDs and personal information in cyberspace where it remains…i could care less what is done to them for their traitor ways….now pretending they are suing massa while still voluntarily and giddily carrying out every one of massa’s anti Afrikan policies. They are massa’s property and we should not get involved.

    TLSN..btw..check out reparation news out of California…while it was not a slavery state…they are legislating to pay reparations to Afrikan descents…5 million to each descent per guidelines, for their centuries of anti-African policies along socio-racial economic lines and the racism, oppression exploitation and horrors experienced by Afrikans who are indigenous to California and the US and the Americas. As someone stated, just wait and seen how many frauds will line up claiming to be Afrikans like they did when claiming to be native americans…like they did in Australia after the rapists mixed up the indigenous bloodlines with their own.

  6. “We in the Caribbean like to put people on a pedestal as soon as they are elected. Joe/Jane Average become a braniac and a person of integrity. Obvious and known flaws are ignored and forgotten and look at how e cry when the false and fragile people that we worship fall.”

    Exactly, a bunch of liars thieves and allround crooks…coming to beg people for votes and once elected start pretending it’s the white system elected them, they can only see minorities to pick up taxpayers money Vat and Pension fund..to give away to their fellow thieves…no accountability no integrity, no ethics, no morals……while the fowls and Slaves admire that.

    ..and am going to put shite like that on a pedestal when they gotta return in 5 years time to beg me for votes again so they can be corrupt and pretend…

    oh hell no…that’s for the weak fowls and Slaves..

    .when did this level of ignorance and idiocy become acceptable and normal.

  7. TLSN ..also check out the NIDS Bill coming out of Jamaica, someone sent me info on that ugly fraud that should not surprise us. I guess Jamaica is the test case.

    …these colonial politicians who cannot be trusted at any time are taking out loans to run this massa plot against the people that their grands and great grands into the future will have to repay. It’s massa’s plot and that is who should pay for it while the people reject it.

    Colonial politicians are poisonous to Afrikan lives.

  8. Chinese New Year 2023
    Sunday, 22 January
    The Year of the Rabbit represents peaceful and patient energy. The water element suggests tapping into inner wisdom and trusting instincts. Together, the Water Rabbit indicates focusing on relationships, diplomacy, and building bridges in professional and personal relationships.

  9. So TLSN….hope you see the in your face criminal play…it’s said Jamaica, given their precarious dollar, borrowed billions to implement other people’s fraud policies against their people and the people must repay the loans….even worse, if the people refuse to get involved in these clear crimes against themselves, after 3 years they can be arrested. I always disliked colonial politicians…they have proven themselves to be bred traitors…and wear their “useful idiots” label well as designed…

    Now we have to ask, how much did Barbados borrow.

    Ya could never get me defending not one of those stinking traitors. They are a shame and disgrace to our Afrikan ancestry and extremely dangerous to Afrikans and Afrika, as they were warned.

    So i dont care whose phone got hacked, as far as am concerned they are so dangerous and evil and like to distract when they are committing their antiblack crimes that they would do it themselves…in their sleight of hand game playing..and if they didnt…they deserve a hell of a lot more than that. That was nothing. Wait until Karma is ready.

  10. Pacha did warn about this at least 2 weeks ago and if people were paying attention they would have seen what is approaching right away.

    If people dont keep their eyes open…..they will very soon realize that no one will be giving out anymore warnings or details.

  11. What is this?
    A backroom chat about who is representing former deputy speaker Neil Rowe when he is due in court on Jan 30th. Who is paying who, and the political consequences of selecting certain defence lawyers.

    • @Frank

      We have two issues of interest?

      1. How come the leak? What is the objective?

      2. Is it unreasonable for a political leader to be concerned with political fallout given the situation with Rowe a sitting MP charged with rape?

    • 1. One leak deserves another.
      Isn’t some foreign entity being hired to investigate leak #1?

      2. Yes. Yet, what is the real interest? What is the bar for running again.

    • @Frank

      Unfortunately for want of a better description, this is another insight into how decision making is done here there and everywhere by the political directorate and by extension those with deep pockets who control from the shadows. It defines politics everywhere. #machiavelli #theprince

    • @David, First up: greetings to on the 2023 year. You are your usual ‘sharp as a tack’ self when you ask: “How come the leak? What is the objective?”!

      Unless this is a fortuitous HACK then it’s either a technical blunder where the person doing the recording erroneously released it to someone else, or a STUPID insider power play!

      Based on the simplicity of chatter (and brevity) I would opt for #one as there is little benefit for the latter unless this is the first drip-drop of a Biden style ‘classified docs’ matter !!

      I was quite amused by the comments which make this very simple and straight-forward 70+ min discussion on the possible legal representation for a sitting MP by his party leader and senior advisor (was that Dr. Jerome) as something sinister!

      How on earth, for example (@BushTea Griot), does this lil back-room chat by de boss lady that the BLP would never pay a DLP lawyer to represent Rowe make this an indictment on our legal system… I mean, are you suggesting that in choosing a possible lawyer she is surreptitiously also selecting a judge to hear and manage the case! Now, now… that’s not possible …. is it!😒

      Anyhow, @David back to your awesome analysis: Why now… of all the backroom chatter items ‘leakable’ from our dear PM … why was this very innocuous vid piece put out there.

      You are right: there is SOMETHING afoot here brother!

      Oh BTW in my SMH mode @Heather: 1. Why would Neil Rowe’s political allies not want a “desired outcome” in his favour … What’s wrong with that ??? … 2. Why is it unacceptable that “the ruling party is willing to paying his legal fees depending on the lawyer chosen”?? Wouldn’t BLP folks hire BLP lawyers!!! … 3. And in what legal, ethical or Bajan rational universe is their “evidence” from this vid for a CCJ appeal. !!! That’s madness. If there are ANY grounds of conflict or whatever then such can be hashed-out in the FIRST trial, not so!

  12. Happy New Year All, this is more than political backroom chatter. Neil Rowe was charged with rape. What happened here can be construed as political interference in the outcome of a criminal matter that is before the courts. Based on the conversation, it is implied that the desired outcome should be in the favour of Neil Rowe. It can be inferred that the ruling party is willing to paying his legal fees depending on the lawyer chosen. Based on this video and the conversation if the complaining party looses the case, she should make good of this as evidence to take the case as far as the CCJ as the basis of the conversation seems to be to ensure that Neil Rowe is a candidate for the BLP at the next General Election.

  13. “Happy New Year All, ”

    Good to see you Heather. Hope your site is coming along well. I am currently doing some upgrades to my WordPress and Webflow sites slowly. You can visit and check out the Advertising and Photo menus, that’s as far as I have gotten. Waiting for my coder to return to work next month to get more done. It’s a real journey, but worth every penny.

  14. Can the Brotherhood of Masons in Court System be corrupt as AF
    say it ain’t so

    “The leak” was by an undercover snitch who now has a contract on his / her head by Barbados finest gangsters and politicians network and he / she is a dead man / woman walking

    “Gangsta, Gangsta! That’s what they’re yellin’ It’s not about a salary, it’s all about reality”

  15. Bushman…do you remember the widow lady taxi driver who was assaulted by sex predator tourist James out of UK.

    Remember the magistrate was doing her job in making sure this freak paid for that assault…..

    ..do you remember the magistrate was forced to stand down so the white criminal can walk away freely from assaulting a middleaged Afrikan woman…

    Karma with Retribution still to come.

    I wont even bother get into that other recent judicial interference, conflict of interest and lack of ethics that are of grave concern to people off and on island..it spoke so clearly for itself.

  16. @ David,
    I have checked today’s Nation, Advocate and BT. No mention has been made of Mia’s phone being hacked. This should come as no surprise. Mia’s capacity to employ the F*.* word with menace would frighten any hardened journalist. I was surprised that an alumni from the London School of Economics would employ the language of gangster east coast rappers.

  17. @ African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved.

    Are these the loans you talk of? Each new loan is greeted and reported by our politicians and the media house as if it were manna from heaven. The reality for Barbadian citizens is quite the opposite. Some of the monies will line the pockets of our politicians, whilst the rest will be directed into the coffers of the business community on some fake project(s). When the country defaults on her loans than the big boys will have their picks of the spoil.

    Did you hear the news that the government would like to move Oistins’ land marked public buildings: the Post Office, Magistrates’ court and the Police Station; to make way for yet another tourist hub with more hotels being built. Have you heard anything so foolish?

    If there is any consolation we can all agree that every Caribbean island is following the same model. My parents made the right decision all those decades ago to take the chance on leaving the island. It was not easy for them or their off-spring. At lease they were able to escape the asylum.


  18. “At lease they were able to escape the asylum.”

    That’s exactly what it is, people left behind were stuck with the inmates in charge. That’s what happens when you pick up the whole kit and caboodle of a colonial Slave system and hand it over to the worst possible Slaves, the traitor bloodlines, because you were hightailing it out of the Caribbean with your stolen loot from stolen labor and enslavement of Afrikan people…this is the end result. This is the fallout.

  19. “At lease they were able to escape the asylum.”

    where did they go to
    Babywrong Babylon
    (the belly of the beast)
    or back to Mama Afrika

    Get your Daily D.O.S.E.
    For a natural high
    Exercise your body
    Get out of your head

  20. @ TLSN & Waru

    “Did you hear the news that the government would like to move Oistins’ land marked public buildings: the Post Office, Magistrates’ court and the Police Station; to make way for yet another tourist hub with more hotels being built. Have you heard anything so foolish?”
    YES Plenty!
    For example, They are currently digging up and repaving one of the better roads in the country, while 90% of the other roads are potholes that are interspersed asphalt.

    Bushie is challenging anyone (including the blogmaster,) to offer any rational explanation for the level of idiocy that currently dominate the leadership of this madhouse call Brassbadus …. that fits better than our being subjected to a serious CURSE.

    A curse is a SPIRITUAL affliction that robs its victims of basic common sense and of basic comprehension and reasoning. NO MATTER HOW MANY shiite degrees they have from whatever Newniversity.

    -It fails to see that ‘borrowing’ is effectively selling your children into bondage… just so that you can ‘eat a food’, …or drive a Benz.

    -It fails to grasp the basic rules of Mother Nature, so women want to be men and de ‘men’ are like shiite women..

    -Strangers arrive at your door and take control of all your valuables, while you beg for handouts, and beg them not to markup too high..

    Most notably, the cursed brass bowls are only concerned with keeping other brass bowls as dumb and mendicant as they have chosen to be…

    It is actually quite pathetic…. and there can be only one end.

    • @Bush Tea

      The blogmaster is aware of the stretch of road from Newton to Six Roads? The only explanation- although not the most rational- is that it was an all in one consideration I.e. fix the stretch, it will degrade at same pace and therefore remediate for full stretch later. Another explanation, the Seales request it, PIP.

  21. @ Bush Tea,

    How do you define a “better road” when talking about Barbados roads? LOL! Does one still require a 4×4 to navigate a “better road” on your public roads in Bimshire?

    Very interesting debate on Democracy Now.org

  22. Wuhloss…Bushman…ya remember the recent social media dust up between Gaston Browne of Antigua and Fred Corbin….wuh dah caused a load of documents to fall off a truck…they called Fred’s bluff and boy did he deliver…lol

    evabody who is anybody now got a copy and going through it with a fine tooth comb, especailly the part where 4 BILLION DOLLARS was supposed to leave Nairobi by airline.

    Gotta be diligent enuff when reading these types of EXPLOSIVE DOCUMENTS for expediency…….murdahhhh!!

  23. Bushman…not much left to be said in this particular saga…it’s indeed ugly….people go to prison and get killed for a lot less than what these crooks got up to.

    They too love to rub shoulders with white world crooks….that is what makes them believe that they and their colonial shite titles mean something…..they fit right in.

    Saw a news story where Browne is claiming that he is suing…after claiming it was a lie with no evidence and no one can produce any……problem is…his name is all over the documents…so who he gine sue other than fellow crooks who put it there…wuh dem int crazy….crooked…but not crazy..

    .and the Africa connection. Whole nother story…everything just gets worse from there.

    ..let’s see if Darwin’s awardee still want to insert deyself in that international mess…thinking it’s something about me.


    Well..am glad someone has finally figured it out. I said i was not getting too involved with those 100 year thefts of land, estates and bank accounts. People even got mad at me for refusing to go one step further into that mess…now they know.

    All coming out in the wash.

  25. n the interest of accuracy, the matter of fraud at SSL is part of an ongoing investigation. It is premature to buy in to uninformed comments.













  26. SSL branded ‘problem institution’ by FSC five years ago
    Flagged for culture of non-compliance and mismanagement

    Stocks & Securities Limited (SSL) was flagged in 2017 by staff of the Financial Services Commission (FSC) for a “culture of non-compliance and mismanagement of client funds”, a systemic concern that may alarm investors as the company now grapples with billion-dollar fraud.

    The opinion is contained in an explosive eight-page report prepared by the FSC in February 2017 ahead of a meeting with SSL representatives who were trying to convince the regulators not to suspend its licence.

    “A suspension of the company’s dealer licence, even for a day, would inevitably lead to a total destruction of the company and destabilisation of the financial [sector],” SSL reportedly noted in the document obtained by The Gleaner




    Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips has been heading a PNP court since November 2015 that questioned Holness’ financing of his home, indicating that it might not stand up to scrutiny.

    But Holness has sought to dismiss much of the speculation in a statement that chronicled the building process, his sources of funding, and how he became director of ADMAT, the St Lucia-registered company that purchased the land on which his mansion is built.

    The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader said the company was formed after he became education minister in 2007, and a need to structure his “personal affairs”.

    “Consequent on that advice, I incorporated an international business company in St Lucia. This course of action is common practice, particularly for estate-planning purposes. The name of the company, ADMAT, is a combination of the names of my two sons Adam and Matthew. I am the sole director of the company and the company has three shareholders, being my sons, and myself,” the statement read.

    Holness, who has also faced disclosure calls from the Trevor Munroe-led National Integrity Action, said ADMAT was registered in 2008 and declared to the Integrity Commission, a creature of the Jamaican Parliament to which all members must make declarations of incomes, assets and liabilities.

    “Everything I own is physically in Jamaica,” Holness said before going on to outline how funds were sourced for land purchase and subsequent construction of the house. “In late 2010, I started negotiations to purchase a piece of land to construct my family home. In January 2011, I made the first of four payments on the land. Payments were completed in August 2011. The title was transferred in July 2011.”

    Holness is denying making the notation “signed while on a visit to Jamaica” on the document. That’s a claim Phillips levelled and questioned at a PNP rally in Manchester on Sunday. Even if that notation was indeed made, attorney-at-law Patrick Bailey says it would not be “unusual” as Jamaica’s Titles Office gives different variations on how this can be captured, including the use of the words “witnessed in Jamaica” or “witnessed while on a visit to Jamaica”.

    Meanwhile, Holness has acknowledged that he is now indebted by the purchase of the house and land. He explained that he used money from accounts held at the Jamaica Money Market Brokers and Stocks & Securities to finance the purchase of the Beverly Hills property, as well as loans throughout the construction phase.


  28. Baje…a former employee of SSLmade a statement after stealing over 4 million US of client’s money…90 million Jamaican dollars….and listed every client in the database she stole from….for years…..lots of info circulating about those crooks. Info on the PM and exactly how the property was funded and this and that is also out there……crooks all. I wont invest a dime with any Caribbean entity. Too many other and better options out there.

    Everything is coming to a head….the era of reveal.

  29. Happy new yesr to all.Took a long sabatical from BU to return to see the same people trying to make a big desl over nothing as usual.On another note these dem moderators causing many people to turn off from the brasstacks programme.It starts with Mr Ellis on Mondays and thursdays followed by Dr Hinds, Ms Jemmott and Mr Wilkinson who encourages thes dems like Mr P, Rawle, Ms Decidef, Alvin, Mr Bascombe and others to repeat themselves everyday.It reminds me of talk ya talk with Ms Holder and the others between 2008 and 2018.They allow callers to make all kind of wild statements without calling for the evidemce to support what they are saying.It comes over as if they the moderators have decide that they are the official opposition.The problem with that is no one appointed them.In my opinion this is the worst set of moderators in the history of brasstacks.

  30. What the hell???? Right now the main asylum is in the bloody UK where your ass is! People in the UK hollering hard as shite and you still want to behave like you escape tuh heaven???

    Brexit backfiring, NHS in shambles. A head of lettuce outlasting prime ministers, disastous fiscal and monetary policies tanking the economy, Met police in shambles, full of bloody rapists and abusers and cover ups. But….

    Sorry! The main asylum would be the US. UK not far behind, though.

    The whole world is bloody mad, not just Barbados! But as for me, I am so happy that my mother took me away from fool’s “heaven” to fool’s paradise!

    No heating bill! No cooling bill!

    No bloody white man in my face!

  31. Bushman…hope a copy of those documents fall into your lap eventually…it is a must read.

    People need to get a good look at what actually transpires behind the scenes while they suck up to and put corrupt, scheming conniving lying colonial politicians on pedestals…and even after knowing that, repeatedly vote these frauds in to commit the same crimes on repeat.

    Browne squeaked by with a one seat win. The people of Antigua are livid. His 4 years will be hell on earth for him….careful what ya wish for…lol

    Living like clueless zombies generationally must be tiring…wont hold my breath that the brainless will ever get it.

    Ah wonder what “#vindicated” got to say, his 2 cents of takataka worth should be heard, now sumbody opened the fowl run door and loosed the fowls on the blog again to post the same useless undereducated shite….that no one missed…

  32. Indeed, madness walks everywhere.

    I have always been fearful of having any money in the Caribbean. Not because I have any, but because I do not want my few pennies to disappear. Having reached this age, with little desire to work and probably little chance of employment, recovery would be next to impossible.

    Now, this fear is also present for financial organizations in the US.

    We see youngsters being promoted as “wizards” and a few week later we learn that they are running a scam and billions of dollars are gone. We see sound and established organization being fined because of dubious and repeated dishonest practices. Now, even in the age of Google, politicians are lying about their origin, financial status, education, work experience and are still getting elected.

    Nothing make sense any more. You cannot believe anyone or anything. “there is no truth; there is only perception”.

    Side note:
    I am missing “The A guy” and “The A girl”… In this mad world, it would not surprise me to hear of “The A team”.

  33. @WW&C
    Livid my RH. This is just the political pendulum swinging back, as voters appreciate Brown is just as useless as those who came before. One seat in a 2 party system is a majority. The only issue is one crossing member and there is a stalemate.
    I see the TB pun strike.

  34. “Nothing make sense any more. You cannot believe anyone or anything. “there is no truth; there is only.”

    If ya think it’s bad now wait until everything unreels and hits the fan full frontal…then ya will see who is what.

    The conscious minded and Afrikan centred understand they have to move extremely far away from the orbits of colonial politicians, the white world helpers….slaves with fake titles…

    …that’s the only hope of survival for Africans.

    Heard transport board gone on strike…no school.

    Angela must be laughing.

  35. @SO
    Not a squeak about the Bolt fiasco?
    Have you tied your Barbados resources to a slat under your bed.
    Your thoughts on having money managed in the Caribbean would be welcome.

    • Theo
      35 years ago I was involved in a shake up that rocked Bay St in Canada, a teefing broker. 15 yrs ago I was one of a few who initiated action against CIBC for mgmt fees in their mutual funds.
      The moral is, get monthly statements and check them. Question anything you don’t understand.
      Mr.Bolt plunks down all this money, and doesn’t check. One day he wakes up and it’s gone?
      Sadly this shit happens, but nobody was watching. It rarely happens in one fell swoop. The employees learn what they can get away with.
      The management at many of these brokerages is woefully inadequate.

    • What if Bolt dealt with a broker or financial advisor who placed his money where? It is noteworthy two former CEOs have expressed ignorance about Bolt being an investor at SSL.

    • Why should CEOs know the individual clients?
      Whether an outside advisor to Bolt placed the funds with SSL or Bolt dealt directly with SSL, the insinuation thus far is the $$$ disappeared at SSLs end, not an intermediary.
      And given the sum, one might expect it was invested in more than one equity, mutual fund, ETF etc. For it to all vanish, means more than a single investment category collapsed. This usually points to teefing.
      Many moons ago, a fellow called Molony stole $10+M from CIBC. An inveterate gambler (they made a movie Owning Mahony) he stole to gamble. The client he was using to back his fictitious loans was Sherry Brydson. She was unknown then, as she is today, despite being named Canada’s wealthiest person.
      Like her, Bolt’s money could have been in a corporation. Lightening Investments itself is meaningless?

  36. “This is just the political pendulum swinging back, as voters appreciate Brown is just as useless as those who came before.”

    As it’s now swinging across the region….Southern…the people are finally up.

    The jig is also up….who want to be the good little slaves admired by massa who now have no further use fuh dem…dats on dem. They better find the crucial information they need asap…or not.

  37. Nothing make sense any more. You cannot believe anyone or anything. “there is no truth; there is only perception”.

    Wrong ❌
    I Am Truth
    Truth is my identity

    Truth is universal
    Truth is out there
    Truth lives forever
    Truth can never die
    If you want to be like me too
    you should chant this mantra

    {but don’t worry yourself ..
    just busting your chops
    {doing a “The 0” on TheO}}

  38. Top Tip for the Day
    If you always speak truth
    you will learn to automatically recognise lies by instinct and gut feel
    Truth has a vibration and you know when something is indisputable truth

  39. “#vindicated” please fowlsplain..
    .this is an easy one. The others are not but ya int gine catch me posting that..the stench is already high enuff…and i need my energy for more positive things.

    “The Conspiracy to transport the $4 Billion was enshrined around a Politically Motivated PR Event of introducing a National Airline – Antigua Airways – to the people of Antigua and Barbuda with a further fraudulently conceived and marketed plan to attract innocent African Nationals to the Caribbean under the guise of supporting the recently signed – Africa / Caribbean Investment initiative put in place by the Prime Minister of Barbados.”

  40. “Unfortunately perpetrating fraud is a human condition. It happens everyday whether in the Caribbean, USA or the UK. Some here would make out that it is a unique occurrence in the Caribbean.”

    There have been cases of (multi-millionaire) football players being robbed by bank workers in UK.
    I’m not sure what Caribbean Financial IT systems are like, but fraud could well be committed by a team of crooks authorizing fake transactions for money or cash holdings or account statements etc.
    No one checks customer balances in banks and onus is on customers to check it themselves.

    • @Bush Tea

      You read the following?

      Roadworks stand
      Govt officials defend highway repairs over other roads
      GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS are defending the move to repair a section of the ABC Highway before other roads that the public see as priorities.
      They say a scientific and hierarchical approach is being used to determine which roads are dealt with first, and that the decisions are not political.
      This was revealed during a wide-ranging press conference held at the Barbados Water Authority headquarters in the Pine, St Michael, yesterday involving Minister of Transport, Works and Water Resources Santia Bradshaw, her Permanent Secretary Mark Cummins, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) Cheryl Bennett-Inniss, Deputy CTO Philip Tudor, senior technical officer Richard Austin, and project manager Dave Scantlebury.
      Late last year, some motorists, especially on social media, questioned why the road from the Clyde Walcott Roundabout to the Norman Niles Roundabout on the ABC Highway was being milled and paved, while other roads across the length and breadth of Barbados were in far worse condition.
      However, Bennett-Inniss said the highway, as the most frequently used in the country, will continue to be a top priority.
      “There are other highways that are up there as well – the Mighty Grynner Highway, Charles Duncan
      O’neal Highway. . . . However, [ABC] is our premium highway. It sees the most traffic [in comparison to] any of our roads on any day.
      “Every road in Barbados is important to us because it gives you access to your homes, schools, work and recreational places, but with the limited funds that we have, you have to put them in order of priority and that is based on how they are used and by how many people. That gives you a better understanding of the value of the road,” she explained.
      Rehab work
      Scantlebury said the rehab work on the ABC Highway cost between $2 million and $2.5 million, and Bennett-Inniss stressed that had they taken any longer, it would cost more and the deterioration could have become worse.
      “I can close my eyes and tell you the ABC Highway will always be at the top of our list to get attention when it is needed,” she said.
      “So for those that think it was unnecessary to do what we are doing today, it was four or five years in the making to get it done, and if we did not act now, the cost of doing it would be three to four times more.”
      She added: “When you observe it with your naked eye, you may not see what was happening, but when we started doing that work, we realised there were things happening underneath the surface that definitely spoke to getting it done.”
      Bradshaw said previous road repairs may have been based on who was the Member of Parliament for the constituency, but not now.
      “I think it’s fair to say that there was a time when decision-making regarding roads may not have been done using technology, but rather it was based on who represented a particular area,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.
      Scantlebury said a road software package, HDM-4, was used to help them prioritise road repairs, based on economic criteria.
      When asked how many other critical roads were on their radar, Tudor identified about 135.
      He said 60 will be dealt with under the US$50 million CAF Development Bank of Latin America project while the other 75 (and 12 bridges) will be part of the $230 million Chinese-funded COMPLANT project under way in the Scotland District.
      Tudor said that around April/May, they are hoping to start work along Highway 7 – from the Independence Arch in Bridgetown to the bottom of Rendezvous Hill, Christ Church], followed by the resumption of Highway 1, from Sea View Road to St Alban’s, St James.

      Source: Nation

    • Jamaica calling in FBI
      KINGSTON – The Jamaica government yesterday announced that the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will assist local authorities in the investigation of the alleged multimillion-dollar fraud at investment firm, Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).
      “No stone will be left unturned,” Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke told a
      news conference as he delivered a special policy address on regulation of the financial sector in response to the scandal that has rocked the nation.
      Last week, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said no effort will be spared in uncovering the full extent of the fraud at the SSL, whose clients included including eight-time Olympic champion Usain Bolt. (CMC)

  41. The souls of her buildings and the eyes of her bridges
    See the cracks in the trestles and electrical grids
    Connected by the alleys and the dirt country roads

    And the highways that I ride from the coast to the coast
    Collections and policies like ragdogs follow me
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    Am I still the one for you?

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    You′re the only one for me.

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  43. David
    It could be the King of Spain, if the money is within say St.Leo Holdings LLC, who knows the beneficial owner?
    An employee notes a stash of dormant money and begins the fraud. Many are quite elaborate, they move the money around to determine who is watching.

  44. Bushman…those documents on the 4 billion dollar heist, Antigua connection, are now everywhere. Including on the continent of Africa…with details.

    If you have not seen it yet…you soon will. Check out the Whatsapp.. 789 Walk for Freedom for location.

  45. Having his money going on walkabout could free Usain from the burden of him wealth and put him towards a more spiritual path in life.

    In the statement, Jean-Ann Panton lists almost 40 clients who were fleeced and details her reasons for stealing the funds.
    Giving her reasons for the fraud, she explained that around 2010, her father was diagnosed with cancer and she was “primarily responsible for her parent’s care and finances”.

  46. ‘Having his money going on walkabout could free Usain from the burden of him wealth and put him towards a more spiritual path in life.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    If you need freeing up, I am here

  47. One of the problem with the SSL story is that there is no clarity on the amount of money that was taken. There was a confession but no mention of Usain Bolt’s funds. The various totals mentioned in the newspaper are less than what was taken from Bolt.

    Should those with money and having accounts in Barbados (or any other island) be concerned? Keep in mind that the similar or more sophisticated thievery is going on in the US.

  48. Should those with money and having accounts in Barbados (or any other island) be concerned? Keep in mind that the similar or more sophisticated thievery is going on in the US.


    1000 PERCENT.


    • Individuals saving in any institution any where should always manage risk. We see financial institutions failing anywhere.

    • Touché @David. This story has much interest because 1) A Super Star personality is involved and 2) It’s Jamaica…

      Not minimizing the issue surely but unfortunately stories of financial hanky-panky are as wide-spread and happen as often as … well multiple shootings in the US. One almost becomes numb from story to repetitive story.

      Sooo… to your point as the Romans determined eons ago and is a STAPLE in business matters: ‘caveat emptor’!

      Oh, nowadays a related piece of Latin wisdom should also be popular and clear: ‘caveat lector’ – let the reader beware!

  49. My only regret i have right now is that i could not drop some fowls, imps, pimps and Slaves in this Antigua brouhaha too…the whole cast of ignorant…they love corruption and the deceitful conniving corrupt…they deserve to stand on the burning bridge and guh down, guh down with it.

    But tek time barney…all the corrupt know is corruption…so opportunity will always knock.

  50. What happened to Mr Bolt is sad for sure. The truth is though he is not the first or the last that will fall victim to such and the reason is lack of transparency with trades and the inabilty to confirm claimed assets held by these entities.

    It is extremely difficult to substantiate trades when they are made, or to confirm where the claimed return has come from with these institutions. Yes they are audited, but the auditors go on what is presented to them. Look at how many decades Madox was able to operate before he was caught! So if in the USA this occurs what do you think will occur in the Caribbean where oversight is weaker? Also whose job is it to make sure our investments are safe? Is it the investors or the state?

    The problem here is way bigger and more complex than we want to accept. It will not go away tomorrow either, so all we can do is diversify our investment base and not put all our eggs in one basket.

    That leaves one to ask what really is a safe investment today?

  51. The moral is, get monthly statements and check them. Question anything you don’t understand.
    Mr.Bolt plunks down all this money, and doesn’t check. One day he wakes up and it’s gone?






    • BAjE
      You are 100% correct. I am low on data, and did not watch nor read much of the information available.
      A fresh theft should be easy to find? For they were checking.
      Personally I’m not investing a RH cent in any of the islands. But teefing occurs all ovah.

    • @John A

      Some believe that non compliance by a company means it is corrupt. What does is say about the regulators? No investment is guaranteed. Those with money must manage the risks based on the analysis of what is known/published. The old people had a saying- don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. We feel for Bolt and the others but the risk of managing is a universal one.

    • One Last Point
      Last week social media was abuzz with a video that went viral involving Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. For some, what they heard was not pleasing to the ear.
      For the record, we did approach Mottley and The Most Honourable Jerome Walcott and they both said they would not be commenting “at this time”. Another reporter, also asked President of the Democratic Labour Party Dr Ronnie Yearwood for a comment and he, too, declined.

      Source: Nation

    • What is the Director of the Exchange trying to say?

      Investors check in
      Bajans pay close attention to their portfolios after Jamaica scandal
      by COLVILLE MOUNSEY colvillemounsey@nationnews.com
      BARBADIANS HAVE BEEN clamouring to check on their investment portfolios following the recent scandal with Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) in Jamaica.
      This was disclosed by president of the General Insurance Association of Barbados, Randy Graham, who made it clear there had been no ripple effect thus far on the local investment and financial sector.
      At the same time, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ryan Straughn told the MIDWEEK NATION that regulatory frameworks that govern financial service providers in Barbados were sufficient to safeguard against major fraud. However, he cautioned that no system was foolproof.
      Graham, who is also a director on the Barbados Stock Exchange, said the reaction by Barbadians did not come as a surprise, adding he was hopeful that this level of interest would not wane.
      “When these things hit close to home it does raise concern. So what we have found is that persons that were not asking questions in the past are now doing so out of an abundance of caution to ensure that their investments are safe and properly governed. You will get public interest increasing to ensure that everyone is protected
      and that is a good thing but we have not seen any other negative impact from the situation,” Graham said.
      Financial literacy
      Graham said as more details came to the fore in relation to the US$12 million fraud allegedly perpetrated against sprint legend Usain Bolt, it emphasised the need for greater financial and investment literacy among Barbadians.
      “I think Barbados has a very good regulatory structure. The corporate governance structure in the regulation and in the majority of entities is more than adequate and properly monitored. So I think we are in good shape in terms of the regulatory structure. Coincidentally, the Financial Services Commission just released an update to the corporate governance guidelines in Barbados, which strengthens the review even further. The vast majority of the companies here are also very well structured,” Graham said.
      He added: “Having said that, there are just so many possibilities of things that can happen that it is incumbent on the investor to keep on top of things, you can’t afford to be static. If you do have your funds invested, make sure you pay attention, attend the meetings, ask questions, don’t automatically assume that all is well. We have to create better access to information about investments because we don’t want people to stop investing but rather know how they work.”
      When asked if there was a need to tighten regulations in light of the development,
      which resulted in the FBI being called in, Straughn explained that the regulatory systems in Barbados allowed for significant transparency. He pointed out that companies domiciled in Barbados and were managing the investment portfolio of Barbadians, were required to provide quarterly reports to the public. He also noted that investment companies here were also required to periodically provide an inside look at their performance and expectations for the future.
      “The regulatory environment is there for persons who are involved in investment to disclose actions that executives have taken in relation to the company. You have investor calls that companies usually undertake as well as other things that happen institutionally. We also have public reporting, ensuring proper management through that regulatory process… Companies who are taking investment from Barbadians and are resident here, must publicly report on quarterly basis through their audits and they must have investor calls periodically,” said Straughn.
      However, like Graham, the minister noted that the regulatory system was not an omnipresent force and therefore the onus was on investors to regularly monitor their accounts.
      “Entities have a specific reporting timeline and then you have auditors who come in and play a role in terms of reporting. However, unless the regulator is inside of the companies every minute of every day, it is hard to say that such a thing could not happen. Between reporting cycles and audit cycles, things can happen,” he warned.

      Source: Nation





  53. “That leaves one to ask what really is a safe investment today?”

    Steve Martin provides some sound advice for investing in stock market. (If you don’t have money you won’t get the panties).

    There are many youtube ads on how to get rich schemes scams

  54. “The anger and unease we all feel have been magnified by the long duration – 13 years – over which the fraud was allegedly perpetrated, and the fact that the (suspects) seemed to have deliberately and heartlessly targeted elderly persons, as well as our much loved and respected national icon … Usain Bolt,” Clarke said.

  55. “regulatory frameworks that govern financial service providers in Barbados were sufficient to safeguard against major fraud.”


    Regulation is provided by the industry in other words it is self-regulating and banks are only checked by themselves.

    Regulatory Law is outward looking, and checking Clients for Money Laundering as per US diktat it is not inward looking checking bank workers for fraud.

    Quoting Dennis Brown’s Don’t Want to Be a General lyrics
    “Top Rankings they all get spanking on the banking”

  56. It is “rich” when a GoB Minister in the Finance ministry no less, tells Barbadians about Financial Reporting. The same Minister who told us years back now, about reporting in GoB entities which had not occured under a previous administration, would be made current. And barely a piddle since then. Caves of Barbados and multiple schools.
    Wheel and come again.

  57. “Personally I’m not investing a RH cent in any of the islands. But teefing occurs all ovah.”

    If you get robbed in Barbados…the thieves are in Barbados…ditto Jamaica. ..ya cant claim ya got robbed for 100 years by US or anyone else when it’s Barbados still robbing ya…..ditto any other crack head island laden with thieves, from the government at the top of the heap coming down.

    I notice that in the alleged minister rape case brouhaha where they claim the statement was released from the police station and now want to bring in investigators for that…when for DECADES international investigation wanted to help them with the myriad unsolved crimes, murders and thefts but they were never interested.

    Always strenouly resisted.

    No one should invest a dime on these recklessly dishonest, corrupt islands. They have shown who and what they are for decades. Only fools will pay no attention.

    TLSN…the point of no return has finally arrived.

  58. See what i mean, the 100 years of wicked corruption and thefts are itemized with evidence..but let’s cover it up, pretend it dont exist, and lure more victims to the island..who int coming cause wunna so famous…so keep waiting in vain.

    …man wunna still doan know how notorious wunna is…trapped in pretense.

    And now even more so on the continent…the burning bridge that will burn for years and years to come..

  59. Wait bosie…i posted too quick….wuh was just brought to my attention is that sombody’s covetous criminal dream of a bigly UN post has started to turn to ASHES…already set on fire to burn to a crisp….lawd….am sure the details will be out and about by month end.

    See the problem some got is they believe people have time to waste on and play with them…wrong…game over….WE ALREADY WON….

    That is mission accomplished in spades.

  60. TLSN you were right on that SSL theft of clients money affair in Jamaica. I saw some side notes where..lots of elderly got robbed.

    How many young and middleaged people would have 10, 20 and 25 million dollars or more to rob over a 5 or 7 year period without noticing it…especially when the cover up with false statements masked those thefts as outlined by the female thief…am sure at least 40 thieves had to be operating in that time frame that no one noticed anything..

    • Trouble in the red camp?
      It wasn’t one of her eloquent international speeches but this queen was just as passionate and strident in some recent utterings that unwittingly went public.
      Accident or otherwise, loyal subjects and others got a glimpse of the boss lady behind closed doors when a private convo made its way on to a very public stage. For those who ever wished to be a fly on the wall during private moments, this was exactly the type of situation.
      Those prowling social media were aghast when up popped into their feed the well-known speaker and one of her loyal lieutenants deep into a titillating back-andforth on the continuing scandal within the hive.
      Robust language
      This time the madam’s delivery was not as diplomatic but her message in between the robust language was quite clear: employ anyone from within the enemy’s camp and there would be no place for you during the big event due in 2027.
      The boss lady wanted to know, if the man at the centre of the scandal wanted a legal eagle, why he did not look within the hive before venturing into enemy territory to solicit such representation. How would it look that a rival has to come to the rescue of someone from the hive?
      Truth is, Cou Cou understands that when your back is against the wall, you will look for the best to help you share some lashes, but that does not always obtain in politics as the madam has demonstrated here. But what about the other well-known law man in the hive? That is a thorny issue as apparently the boss isn’t fully convinced that he is not “. . . the man” according to what was said in that widely circulated recording.
      The boss lady put it plainly when she asked the medicine man whether the next step would be for her to endorse the rival over her people.
      No way is that going to happen. In fact, the boss of the red camp insists that she will not be paying any financial support that would indirectly go into the opposing blue team’s coffers.
      Away from the video, hive dwellers are concerned that the man who has a row with authorities has gone straight to the rival of one of his colleagues from the east and it might put her at a disadvantage in the next big outing. Word is that the man at the centre of the situation is adamant that he wants who he wants to defend him and if it is someone from the opposing team, then that is what it will have to be.
      This is not the first time that he has remained defiant in the face of an edict from the boss lady. When he first found himself caught up in the
      scandal, Ma’am told everyone within the hearing of her voice that another would take his place in the big house until the matter was settled.
      Yet, for months he has been turning up to perform the role, leaving many colleagues and onlookers flabbergasted by his actions. He has tread where angels fear to with the boss lady and continues to survive much to the amazement of many.
      It is left to be seen what will happen if he follows through with this latest act.
      But what about the blue team’s position? Those members have been scattered since being hit hard twice within the last five years and fighting hard to regroup. So, the man whose services are being sought by the red team member is apparently operating independently of his blue team as he has been doing since the ousting.
      Some believe this lover of the spotlight will go ahead and take up the challenge for the red team man, regardless of how his people feel, since he is not one to miss out on a press opportunity.

      Source: Nation

  61. And…the ways things are unfolding the slaves and fowls will not get to sit on their lazy Slave asses waiting for renowned thieves to rob the continent and everyone else so the crumbs can trickle down from the corrupt colonial table to feed their idiocy and pretense that the white world gave it to them….perish the thought.

    That party is long over…born in debt, live in debt, die in debt…generationally. That was the bed made by yall and those ya worship.

    Am just the messenger.

    Pacha….keep eyes locked on the continent…nuff ah gwaan.

  62. “Trouble in the red camp?”

    @ david
    why is Bajan news derivative and slow
    with smart ass thoughts one week late
    it appears they read Bu for their ideas
    seems like Déjà vu and plagiarising to me
    personal experience taught me that
    people in under developed nations have under developed brains




  64. I do not like what happened to Yugge Farrel and believe that it was an abuse of a young girl by the political elite.

    I am aware that there are some here who dislike Ralph Gonsalves. I can hear them saying “you have to feel it to see it”.

    Even with his abuse of Yugge. I am now neutral on him. Why?

    I believe his stance on issues related to US places him head and shoulders above any other politician in the Caribbean. It is obvious that this man will not be on any “US” person of the year or “Most Influential” person. He is no US lackey.


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