Message to Mama Mia

For the first time in his life the blogmaster is overwhelmed by a feeling of melancholy after following the opening salvo of the January 19, 2022 general election campaign. A general election called eighteen months before it is constitutionally due because Prime Minister Mia Mottley in her infinite wisdom wants a mandate from the electorate to validate important decisions she says have to be made given the perilous state of the local economy. Many if not all Barbadians agree the current state of the economy is perilous, not all agree the early ringing of the bell was necessary given the unprecedented mandate the BLP received in 2018. Time will soon tell if Barbadians agree with Mottley in our first past the post system.

In the electioneering of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s the blogmaster felt excited at the prospect of hopping from meeting to meeting listening to BLP and DLP platforms add Eric Fly and a few independents to balance things out. While the messages from the various platforms were filled with the usual comedic relief, there was enough grist to inform healthy debate between loyal party supporters and independents. 

Last night the blogmaster wasted precious time to view the opening platforms of the two campaigns and a saying growing in popularity on BU – Nothing to See Here (NTSH) was fresh in the mind. The apologists will remind everyone that it is early days yet, however, the blogmaster subscribes to the view that usually one does not get a second chance to make a good first impression. Predictably overused narratives populated the speeches by the candidates last night. The tired messages contradicted the urgency of the call for early elections by the prime minister BUT the blogmaster maybe jumping the gun on the early pronouncement.

What the blogmaster and some others are hoping to hear is a creative strategy/vision supported with ground tactics to steer Barbados from the economic rocks we are headed. Barbadians have been living high on the hog up until about 20 years ago given the nature of the global economy- easy forex inflows from tourism and high powered money to the West Coast with the international business sector supporting the economic model that has served us well up until now. North south capital flow is drying up given the complexity of moving money across borders post 911 and deepening, polarizing geopolitics. The exotic destination of the Caribbean is now competing with UAE, Mediterranean, Central America other non traditional markets. The rise of WTO rules has meant protective tariff had to be removed with large countries in the market maintaining an advantage.

The message to Mia is simple. Let us forget the extreme politics this time around and position the national needs first. Yes you are admired as a political leader who strides the globe like a colossus. Yes you are head and shoulder above the next on the local scene. Yes you have done a lot to remind locals and other afar of the forgotten Barbados brand. Yes you are an improvement on Stuart who apparently didn’t have use for an internet connection. What the people need however is to believe that there is a leadership with the ability to find a pathway that leads from the present path to nowhere. We need to efficiently execute our plans because we have no more margin for error.


  • That rain cloud appears to me to be further south, in the area of Guyana and/or maybe Trinidad.


  • @SS
    My apologies for the mathematical error.
    Historically, no more “snap”, just at an unexpected point in mandate?
    And that is nuff preparation for the “C” party vote?
    Advance polling? A wonderful thing, thins the crowds on E-Day.


  • Getting bad up north


  • @ De Massah??

    I beg your pardon, didn’t realize I retained Neurological Expertises.

    300 + years of Plantation ain’t sufficient. You’re a darling for punishment.


  • @NorthernObserver January 4, 2022 10:08 PM
    “just at an unexpected point in mandate?”
    My response: Yes
    “And that is nuff preparation for the “C” party vote?”
    My response. Retired. I have nothing to do and all day in which to do it, lol! And “C=Conscience”
    “Advance polling? A wonderful thing, thins the crowds on E-Day.
    My response: I agree. It is a pity that we have not extended advanced voting to others except as at present for police, EBC workers etc. It would not have taken a ton of hard work to do so.
    But as it is 40% of people decide not to vote anyhow, so what can I say?


  • What is most fascinating is the pathetic excuses we continue to make for those who know better. We have people lording over us who are very successful in their own lives but persist in treating us like pig shit and we get up every frigging morning fooling ourselves that they don’t know any better and even more ridiculously , fooling ourselves that they are really interested in what we say and are going to take our advice. The country is being messed up and we acting surprised and alarmed.
    But, I forgot the whole world is messed up , so why the hell should we worry.
    Pure BS.


  • From afar, it seems extended advance polling would be warmly welcomed?
    Stay safe.
    Your extensive measures would get the approval of ‘my boss’. I am careful, but not to your recommended level.


  • @Fractured BLP

    Tell us why Michael Lashley and David Estwick didn’t speak at the Checker Hall meeting last night although carded?


  • David BU @ 4:21 A.M

    I know at that time in the morning you are usually consiming something ‘ hot’ that may impair you powers of recall !

    The Cbecker Hall , St. Lucy meeting is TONIGHT !

    The date for that meeting is Wednesday January 5, 2022 in the P.M !


  • Thanks, trying to keep track of many things. You need to raise your level of branding.


  • Listened to some of what PM said last night
    Here messages were not convincing
    Here words sounded empty and lack confidence this time around
    Unlike the last election where she used Stuart and Sinckler to unleash her verbal tongue lashing about all the economic woes of the country
    Last night while on the campagain trail her message was unable to meet that level of confidence and inspiration as she did in the previous election maybe because her plans for the people had fell very short of her own expectations in three years
    Hence her report card had low grade ratings in similar forms as the last administration and there was nothing by which she could have offered to the people last night to exudes confidence going into this election


  • “Thanks, trying to keep track of many things. You need to raise your level of branding.”

    Spy Vs Spy

    If “BU = BLP”

    Perhaps DLP should be more mindful of what information and misinformation is revealed here


  • David
    “Tell us why Michael Lashley and David Estwick didn’t speak at the Checker Hall meeting last night although carded?”

    Fractured BLP
    “The Cbecker Hall , St. Lucy meeting is TONIGHT ! The date for that meeting is Wednesday January 5, 2022 in the P.M !”

    Technically speaking David is correct. He could even stress that not only did they not speak, no one attended the meeting last night. So far over the line,that we are getting alternative facts.


  • How does one make such a statement on the absence of facts/information. The statement would seem to suggest thAt some spoke and some did not.

    Is he privy to information that he released a day (too) early? What will happen now that we had this premature release?

    Is he trying to sabotage Verla candidacy by highlighting a possible fissure in the DLP ranks?

    One minute above the fray, the next minute instigating. Split personality or several bloggers? You decide.


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  • AC your link is not as good as this one for the visual impact


  • Last night while on the campagain trail her message was unable to meet that level of confidence and inspiration as she did in the previous election maybe because her plans


    Did Mari just say this about mia?

    What a ting doah


  • Night will run till day catch it, in Jesus name.


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