The Mottley Shuffle

ˌCabinet reˈshuffle noun  –  a change in the members of the British Cabinetdecided by the prime minister, in which some members are given different jobs, some members lose their jobs, and new members are brought in.


The Mottley cabinet reshuffle has generated tanta debate in the country. This is not surprising given her decision to appoint a 26 strong Cabinet supported by a bevy of parliamentary secretaries and consultants said to be the largest anywhere in the world per thousand of population.

Civic minded citizens appreciate the importance of a vibrant opposition within the parliamentary setup AND The Third Estate. Unfortunately the culture of local parliamentary politics has not morphed to a level of maturity to witness routine voting that challenges the front bench. Members of parliament – like puppets on a string – happily discharge parliamentary duties by parroting the positions of the front benchers. How refreshing it would be in the current configuration of the Lower House to have backbenchers voting and contributing based on conscience. Wishful thinking from the blogmaster because Prime Minister Mottley removed that possibility by selecting 26 ministers that she recently reduced to 24.

What informs the decision by a prime minister to reshuffle a cabinet is left to speculation. All the opinions expressed as to Mottley’s motive for the changes to her cabinet remain just that, opinions. That is unless she sees good reason to disclose her reasons to the public and how would we know she is not being politically diplomatic given the nature of the blood sport?

At a glance the reshuffle leaves the blogmaster to speculate about a few things supported by a little research.

Prime Minister Mottley for the moment regards Ministers Jerome Walcott, Dale Marshall, Santia Bradshaw and Jeffery Bostic, Cynthia Forde and possibly Ronald Toppin as the nucleus of her Cabinet. It is important as leader for stability be maintained in the Cabinet room and by extension the government.

The reshuffle was possibly to accommodate Lisa Cummins and Ian Gooding-Edghill who demonstrated competence and high work effort. The inclusion of the two is meant to infuse Cabinet with greater energy to match that of prime minister Mottley at a challenging period of the countries existence. There is the speculation Cummins is also being given the opportunity to raise her national profile with an eye to 2023.

The government has not yet implemented Integrity in Public Life (Bill) although the law was passed recently. It has to be operationalized. The devil is always in the detail (execution). By shuffling ministers around it serves to upset relationships, destabilized fledgling power structures that may have taken root after two years. Until the integrity in public life apparatus is implemented the prime minister has the option given the large MP pool to use the reshuffle option in the toolbox to suppress corrupt behaviour.

In June when the large cabinet was selected the prime minister would have based her decision for the most part on potential. After two years she is in a position to match potential with performance. It is an opportunity for Prime Minster Mottley to FIRE a couple ministers under the cloak of a reshuffle. If Trevor Prescod wants to make a fuss about a prime minister exercising the prerogative to relieve him of his ministry the blogmaster sees the upside, a more active bank bench which is integral to adversarial politics in the system we try to practicee. Some of us maybe encouraged to tune in to debates in the Lower House.

Those ministers who escaped the reshuffle should not feel they operate in a safe zone. Mottley is aware her large cabinet will be a platform issue in the upcoming general election. She will have to do another assessment before she rings the bell to determine if she can defend the position that she needed a large Cabinet to get a difficult job done. If the answer is no, she will jettison a few more.

The 64k question for the BU intelligentsia- which bucket does Prescod, Payne, Hinkson or Moe fit? Bear in mind it is speculative because with the exception of a couple BU commenters, we do not live in the head of Mia Mottley.

178 thoughts on “The Mottley Shuffle

  1. @NO
    An (ex)politician said in my presence that a member of a political party offered him money to ensure that his opponent didn’t win the election, trouble was that his opponent and the person who offered the money were of the same Party. I won’t call names because it would be cat piss and pepper bout here and in fairness to the (ex) politician he expected that the conversation would stay in the room.

  2. @ac
    Your 180 on debt is fascinating. All the years your team was borrowing to the max, whether homegrown or not, you didn’t seem very concerned, you even supported it explaining it was about the “social economy”. Suddenly you seem to get it. Better late than never?

  3. @Sarge
    Have you ever stopped to wonder how Patrick Brown got the axe, then most charges were dropped, and he had to settle for Mayor of Brampton? Inside jobs are plentiful in politics. A Steel Donkey could have become Premier once he ran as the Conservative leader. Timing is everything.

  4. @ Northern Observer

    There is a reason why Don Blackman left town. I leave it to Comrade Prescod to make his next step. The bigger picture here is the face that race money politics and power in our island state is not as simple as people think. We are sweeping all kinds of things under the carpet or hoping that they will just disappear.

    • If Prescod has been so unfaired and he only knew this after his firing let him point fingers and leave the empty talk at the door.

  5. @WS
    None of it is simple. Nuff nuff people have left Bim’s shores. For nuff nuff reasons. Yet nothing will change if all is swept under a rug. I have a hard time believing that removing a bunch of trees from a white man’s property, led to his fall from grace. Even seeking to determine ownership is well within a Ministerial mandate. Why the reference to stealing? I agree with you a “next step” is appropriate.

  6. Talk is ok but the reality is that a black prime Minister just fired a black member of parliament, who is saying emphatically that she did it to please powerful whites and according him {Quote}

    Skinner, I know yuh say I crude and talk shyte bout my writing style and all kinds uh things so. But Prescod ain’t the only black member of parliament that get fired. Payne, Hinkson and Neil Rowe black too. I ain’t hearing you representing them.

    But it only concern you because you does call Prescod comrade and he part of the so called Pan African movement. What got me with hypocrites like you is that when Prescod was a minister, HE WAS SILENT, now he out he talking bout white shadows and wunnuh so now talking bout how he get unfaired.

    Prescod got to be part of government to represent black people or advance a cause? Wuh look, Saffrey doing a real good job representing the homeless and much more than what Prescod ever do….. and he ain’t no politician. So what make Prescod so special?

    What you should do is impress me by telling me what Prescod ever do to advance black consciousness, WHAT IS HIS TRACK RECORD IN BARBADOS, other than walking up by Bussa every emancipation day bank holiday and wearing a dashiki shirt or African garb…. and talking shyte when he under pressure.

    Yuh see me, I does like to keep it real.

  7. @ Robert
    First , the very first time you referred to me you described as a poochlicer.I never started anything with you or anybody on this blog. You can’t expect to go around being nasty without provocation. Let’s keep discussion at a certain level. Young citizens read BU.
    Now, I don’t know if you know Trevor Prescod but I have known him for donkey years, working for causes in
    the black community. Comrade Prescod was making contributions to black causes long before he entered parliament.
    I have no reason to doubt his word. Our PM, like all others, has the right to fire or hire whomever she pleases.
    I happen to identify with similar causes to Comrade Prescod and I would therefore be interested in his situation. We have been in the struggle from very young men.
    So that’s my interest. It’s not hypocritical. He said he was fired because of white shadows. He said there are also Uncle Toms in his party and Parliament.
    I don’t know Comrade Prescod to be a liar. I wish him well and hope he does not allow this political lynching to stop him from keeping in the struggle.
    You ask for an example of his work. I refer you to the Israel Lovell Foundation. I also refer you to educational programs in his community. I refer you to finding employment for members of his community when he worked in private enterprise. Long before he entered politics.

  8. i thought you were white or half white lol. (Quote}

    @ Greene

    Man look, yuh could see, according to William Skinner, my crude writing style that I ignorant as shyte. And not only that, I dark black is shyte.

    But to be honest, I don’t like white people, because I done know, from how they does behave, they don’t like me. And what funny bout it too is that black people don’t like me either. Because I dark, my own black people does want to insult me by calling me “dark man.” But sometimes I does get a little pass because I got curly hair. You done know how it would be being dark black and got knotty hair? Yuh gine get real heat galore.

    I gine tell you something Greene, black people are the most prejudice people in the world. We does find fault if a fellow too black, if he hair knotty, if he lips big, if he live in a wood house, wuh part he went school, wuh type a car he driving, if he got a collar and tie job.

    A time I went to PTA meeting at my daughter school and they was going to elect a new executive. A woman in a Chefette uniform offered herself for a position. An insurance salesman got all the skirt suit, collar and tie people that he feel got big jobs together and at the next meeting all of them was voted in on the executive. The Chefette girl din stand a chance.

    And let me tell yuh, if a black man got a red woman wid a big bottom, he is a hero. I does hear black men saying they ain’t want no black woman, them prefer red or clear skin women so they could get pretty skin children. And vice versa for black women.

    I got a friend that real, real dark, but she is VERY beautiful. Her own colour does call her golly wog. You see what I mean?

    Black people don’t like their own colour and they are not comfortable with themselves. Black women does bleach their skin, wear wigs or weave, wear blue, green or light brown contact lenses to look as close to white people as possible. In the 1960s black men uses to conk their hair and while black women uses to press theirs. All of wunnuh oldsters did like Percy Sledge and Nat King Cole………… and them men hair did conk to look just like white people hair.

    And Greene, I want you to check something to see if I telling lies. Check out the commercials on TV and you gine see that all the people does be clear skin with features similar to white people. You will never see a black, black man or woman with thick lips and knotty hair in uh ad pun TV. Prove me wrong. Manufacturers don’t want dark people advertising their products, but yuh know we gine and buy them.

    Wuh Greene, you could see for yourself that the body that does shout the loudest bout black consciousness, black lives matter, black power or even black shoe polish, admit they married a white man.

  9. that sounds like a white man pretending to be black. lol.

    me and you dont see eye to eye on politics but you can tell a story. lol

  10. @ Robert August 6, 2020 5:26 PM
    Black people don’t like their own colour and they are not comfortable with themselves. Black women does bleach their skin, wear wigs or weave, wear blue, green or light brown contact lenses to look as close to white people as possible. In the 1960s black men uses to conk their hair and while black women uses to press theirs. All of wunnuh oldsters did like Percy Sledge and Nat King Cole………… and them men hair did conk to look just like white people hair.

    I am ‘enthralled’ by this contribution.

    But you just can’t make such serious statements without identifying probable sociological factors which could have caused such a dismal state of affairs for the “black people”.

    The white man is much smarter than you might care give him credit. For he has, effectively, done a demolition job on the psyche of the black race by ‘teaching’ them ‘religiously’ well how to hate themselves.

    As has been argued on previous occasions, black people, first, must learn to love themselves by seeing one another as diamonds wrapped in Sun-kissed ebony skins.

    The future of the black race lies in the head and hands of the black woman!

  11. Robert,

    My maternal grandfather was smooth and dark with curly hair too. I thought he was handsome but not because of the hair. My father and his father also had soft hair but were not light skinned, especially my father. So I know what you mean. The girls loved them.

    My grandmother had long curly hair although she too was dark. Sometimes the white blood only shows up in the hair.


    You ain’t tell nuh lie. Black people still trying to be white. It is changing though.

    We may yet reach!

  12. And yup! I noticed the ads long time. They ain’t changing!

    White man did a number on black man psyche! A lot of us hate ourselves so much we self destruct.

    As I have said more than once, it will take something like a twelve step AA programme to rehabilitate the black man’s psyche.

  13. Miller,

    Some of us coloured in Jesus long time. The blue-eyed boy did not fit the map in my school atlas.

    Maybe that is why Christianity worked for me. Don’t know how I came to disregard the sexist stuff too.

  14. Prescod should thank the PM. She has given him that which she herself cannot do.

    In order to further the economy, she cannot fight business, she cannot insist on rights and conditions for workers.

    She has made him free to do so. Therefore, if he wishes to really serve the people, he is now in a prime spot to do so. Out of the Cabinet and free to challenge issues that would compromise workers rights in a time of great economic strain.

    Plus, surely due to his long service, he is entitled to Parliamentary pension? Is that when he leaves Cabinet or only when he fully leaves Parliament?

    If this article from 2014 is to be read as accurate, he is entitled to $10,000 per month, give or take. That is a lot of change for being able to run free.

    Yes, he should thank the PM.

  15. @Theo

    unless you know Robert, be cautious about what people write about themselves on a blog. Non semper ea sunt quae videntur

  16. @ Crusoe August 7, 2020 1:41 AM

    Presscott is an ungrateful racist who spreads conspiracy theories and lives at the taxpayer’s expense. He has been unproductive all his life, never started a business, but always begged the taxpayer for money. He really confirms all the prejudices against politicians. The typical beggar syndrome.

    It’s good that our leader finally sent him to hell.

  17. Where the hell is piece?
    Comrade and leader, I am beginning to worry about you ….
    I may have to do a shuffle and move you out of that leadership position.
    Can Mottley be shuffled? 🙂

  18. “Wuh Greene, you could see for yourself that the body that does shout the loudest bout black consciousness, black lives matter, black power or even black shoe polish, admit they married a white man”

    that is going to keep on hurting you until ya die a miserable and lonely death…just like the racism and apartheid you claimed to have experienced at the high school, i think ya said HC…cause ya will never be able to see what’s right in front of you….

    ya children and grandchildren might have much better luck…if they get rid of any low grade mentality ya may have passed on to them..

  19. that is going to keep on hurting you until ya die a miserable and lonely death…just like the racism and apartheid you claimed to have experienced at the high school, i think ya said HC…cause ya will never be able to see what’s right in front of you…. {Quote}

    Hurting me??? Wuh, mistress, I ain’t no homosexual, so I don’t care if you marry a yellow, red, black or white man. Wuh HURTING YOU is the fact that I EXPOSE yuh HYPOCRISY. You does talk heavy, but yuh weighing light is shyte.

    But yuh see how much of a LIAR YOU ARE?

    First thing first, YOU SAID YOU DON’T READ THE FOOLISHNESS I POST, yet you does RESPOND.

    Second thing, I NEVER said nothing bout experiencing racism and apartheid at HIGH SCHOOL or that I went to HC.

  20. So you want to tell me what to read and when to read it…when am bored i check out what gossipy bitch boys post, today is a relaxation day and am free for entertainment until you bore me…….. ya were crying in a post just a day or two ago about the segregation practiced when ya were in high school, unless ya lying, it hurt and burnt you that some students separated themselves from Black students….told yall short memories will always be ya down fall little boy…

    …..i know teenage boys that are more man than you mentally.

    how does it make you feel that you are so much less than a man and can’t do any better… hoo hoo…

  21. You know teenage boys that are more man than me mentally, but EVERY TIME I say something you REPLYING instead of scrolling past and ignoring me?

    Now, how does that make YOU FEEL that you are so much LESS than a WOMAN and can’t do no better….. hahahahahaha. Gosh, that goes to show that you are a LITTLE GIRL.

    But I gine tell yuh again, YOU ARE A LIAR. I NEVER said nothing bout segregation practiced when I was in high school. You just can’t stop telling lies.

  22. You can only wish to be a whole woman like me and not the half a man that ya keep projecting ….am just showing you that this a platform to make a difference in your country that has major human rights and other issues, issues that i have been highlighting on here and on other platforms for 8 LONG YEARS….what have you done about any of it, show me, i dare you…….but in ya piece a man state, ya think ya can handle a real woman..what have you done to reverse the damage created by ya stupid leaders in Barbados…i will tell ya…absolutely nothing…

    do you know what i have already done for the morning, outside of bullshitting around with you to kill time….ya intellect can never reach that far to envision…..i assure you.

  23. WURA,

    I was the one who spoke of life at Q.C. I did not experience it as suffering because it was simply the white Bajans congregating together. I experienced no apparent racism from staff. Q.C was great fun mostly. I never felt deprived or oppressed or inferior in ANY way.

    You must place the comments in their context which was in response to a sympathetic comment from Greene opining that Bajan whites were mostly not racist in his experience.

    Robert simply said the races were also all segregated at Barbados Community College and that it bothered him when certain blacks felt the need to break into the white group. He saw that as the manifestation of an inferiority complex. Both he and I didn’t give a damn about the stupid whites who felt the need to be separate.

  24. And I dare you to tell BU what you do other than copy and pasting other people comments from all over social media to make we believe they are yours. Whenever somebody ask what you to have to show for the 8 years you always talking bout, yuh does RETREAT.

    You really feel that coming on every day BU from real early in the morning talking the same shyte bout black faces in parliament and minority thieves over and over again is doing something? If people talking bout cricket, cooking, gine to the sea, you does got to find some way to bring in talk bout black faces in parliament and minority thieves stealing from the treasury and pension fund. EVERY SINGLE DAY.


  25. Robert simply said the races were also all segregated at Barbados Community College and that it bothered him when certain blacks felt the need to break into the white group. He saw that as the manifestation of an inferiority complex. Both he and I didn’t give a damn about the stupid whites who felt the need to be separate. {Quote}

    @ Donna

    That woman can’t stop telling lies even if yuh beg she.

    YOU ARE CORRECT. That is exactly what i said and meant.

    Thank you.

  26. “Robert simply said the races were also all segregated at Barbados Community College and that it bothered him when certain blacks felt the need to break into the white group. He saw that as the manifestation of an inferiority complex.”

    it totally explains why he is such an as*hole…and am sure BCC is not the only place on the island he had that experience… is even WORSE TODAY….and it “bothered” him so much that he still can’t get over it…and should seek help…he displays the same inferiority complex right here on BU…still talking shite about curly hair and this and that in his other posts…when the bottom line is that both governments allowed the racism, apartheid and classism to flourish and STILL DO in THIS 21st century…am sure he experienced the same thing in whatever high school he attended too, ya get the same shite at the private schools in a Black majority country….and it has helped to destroy the social fabric not to mention the African spirit…there is a lot of mental damage, it’s hard to miss, i have heard other groups talk about mental damage to the Black majority…which was actually DELIBERATELY inserted into the society..

    Robert needs to get over himself, seek psychological help and start to contribute something worthwhile for a change….if he has a chance in hell of reversing that damage in this era…

  27. Problem for Robert the little gossipy boy…..for the 8 years i spent here and on other platforms..i can actually show where it has made a difference, but when ya blinded by inferiority, even if the results are shown to you, ya will never see them…he chose the wrong project…me….he needs to .find something better to do with his time or his grandchildren and future generations will experience the same mind bending damage, if they do not get off the island, that he can’t seem to get over… and end up just as mentally damaged as he is…

  28. And for the record, initially i came on BU and i told the whole Blog why i was on here…it was to expose the corruption and certain other things that are very clear human rights violations and criminal abuses.perpetrated against the Black majority for decades, at the time i was not sure how deep it went nor all who were involved…….it actually had nothing to do with black and white at the time, until as the years pass it was noted how and why the racism etc came to be so concretized in the society and the part that a tiny minority of filthy bajan whites and other minorities played……and who the culprits who enable and condoned such caused much of it ..i also had certain experiences where i was sure that it’s the black face governments caused the island to be in that sorry racial state with their Robert-like stupidity..

    and i further explained that i knew WHERE everyone that i was targeting LIVED …which at the time cause a huge uproar on BU….these days i even know who their cats and dogs are dating……because that is how i operate, i have to know where to find you and yours….

    i have never deviated from any of it and don’t plan to…

    so if Robert hate white people for whatever reason…..and hate his own black people too because……which is self-hate…that is his stupid problem, nothing to do with me and i could care less….all of that would come from a damaged mind….normally when you find people acting like that…they are the first ones to sell you out….i don’t walk around hating anyone, it is not part of my personality…but i will tell ya ass off regardless of color persuasion or status, ask anyone about me on FB…..or on BU for that matter….people are people, it’s just the colonial social construct that is destructive..

  29. No WURA. Again you must place his comments in context. He was not boasting about his curly hair. He was stating a fact – that it still makes a difference in Barbados. I spoke of it too. It is a way that the brainwashing manifests itself today. Robert is lamenting the fact that many of us are still trying to be as white as possible by clinging to the fact of obvious European ancestry no matter how far removed.

    You and he are of the same opinion.

    Another manifestation of a sense of inferiority has also been the desire to marry a white person. That was and still is among the mentally enslaved the ultimate sign of having “arrived”.

    I am not suggesting that this is so in your case. I am simply explaining the rationale behind his attacks in that regard.

  30. You are such an idiot. When did I say whites and indians socializing together BOTHERED me?

    I said that black people wanting to join them bothered me.

    And another thing, tell which school is apartheid? As far as I know, they ain’t got no school in Barbados that got sections for whites only and blacks only. Unless you think that whites associating together is apartheid, which makes you a bigger fool.

    You talk bout black consciousness and destroying the African spirit in one breath and in a next breath yuh married a WHITE MAN.

    Explain that hypocrisy to yuh grandchildren and future generations.

  31. @WURA-War-on-U August 8, 2020 10:51 AM “…these days i even know who their cats and dogs are dating…”

    Ya killin’ me den.


  32. Donna..i did not say he was boasting about curly hair, he had a problem with those who glamorize such…it will serve him well to mind his own damn business…..i have a problem with those who wear fake hair..but i don’t go around attacking people because of it…because i came to realize it is all part of a social engineering construct, he would do better to join with us in trying to dismantle the nasty thing the UK left behind and which black face governments cultivated and developed…..instead of continuously whining like a little bitch..

    who people marry is no one’s business…it certainly is not Robert’s…and if you look at it another way…it may be the person i may have married feels inferior and need a superior being to be close to, someone with a fully developed mind……..of course that will go over Robert’s little head, because he still knows not that he knows not…

    Robert is not telling anyone anything they do not already know nor has not been rehashed on here a thousand times…and if he keeps it up, my attacks will become even MORE BRUTAL..he will see a side he never even knew existed in this realm..

    he needs to man up…and help destroy the stinking racist slave society that Barbados was developed into….that’s the problem right there…nothing else….still chasing after a racist tourist trap of dependency…but that is ok with the likes of him i don’t hear him complaining about any of that, but wants to be up in a woman’s bedroom business and don’t even know if it’s true or not…

  33. Cuddear …..the island is 14W X 21L…surrounded by water…it’s easy to know who is connected to whom and i like to know cause these scummy bitches like to threaten and i like to retaliate.

    Donna…see what happens when ya focused on the wrong things…anyone can lead ya anywhere and ya look like quite the ass being led around…

  34. So that is the type of shitey intellect that BCC is producing these days..or for a very long time anyway, heard there has been endless problems there …an ex-grad is jumping on an anonymous blog, with no proof of who is who because it’s anonymous….lol…but swearing he knows the people posting and their private business because he loves the gossip……and trying to prove a nonexistent point…lol

    all i can tell Robert is he can meet the real me on FB…i dare him, warning though, am much worse out there….ask Zuck…

  35. @ Donna

    That lying bitch said that nobody give a f**k bout what I write and she don’t read my posts, yet not only she still replying to whatever I say, she MISREPRESENTING it too. That make sense to you? Is that somebody that got a superior intellect or the behaviour of a CHILD?

    As I said before, nuhbody ain’t ask she to bring her bedroom business to BU. It is she is who post that she married a white man, maybe to tell we that she “arrived.” It is her who put her business in the public domain. So, anybody could talk bout it.

    Look, WURA don’t know know nothing bout a fellow and all that talk bout knowing people pets is bare shyte talk and exposes her childishness. She don’t know me from the man on the moon, but telling me if I threaten her, she gine retaliate.

    She REPLYING AND FRETTING AT EVERYTHING I SAY. So you could see for yourself WHO IT IS, as she said, that is continuously whining like a little bitch.

  36. an ex-grad is jumping on an anonymous blog, with no proof of who is who because it’s anonymous….lol…but swearing he knows the people posting and their private business because he loves the gossip {Quote}

    I gine show wunnuh how foolish that goat is, then I done.

    and i further explained that i knew WHERE everyone that i was targeting LIVED …which at the time cause a huge uproar on BU….these days i even know who their cats and dogs are dating……because that is how i operate, i have to know where to find you and yours…{Quote}

    So the blog anonymous for everybody else, EXCEPT her. She swearing she know where everybody on an anonymous blog live. Hahahahaha

    But I DARE that delusional idiot, let’s meet on facebook. SINCE SHE CHALLENGED ME, I DARE HER TO POST HER FACEBOOK NAME.

  37. @Sargeant

    not only that. Hinkson’s mother is a Guyanese. she taught me at Cawmere. Fantastic English Lit teacher, along with Miss Gebosingh (spelling) and Mr Broodhagen. so Hinkson should enjoy that trip back home, so to speak

  38. So you know for a fact whom am married to and cannot figure out my FB name, it is no secret, wuh i posted my name on here already, go dig up all the old posts and find it…ya looking for real work remember…bet ya i have you banned from FB within two seconds, after demolishing ya ignorant low crawling niggerish ass…..ya think you can threaten me…

  39. Donna…this is what systemic racism does in a society…and it has been embedded in ALL SOCIETIES from the 1700s…so just imagine all the psychological damage that we are only just recognizing, and instead of these small time shite governments in Barbados and the Caribbean rid that curse out of their islands, they cultivated and grew it, hence all the mental damage we are seeing today…..i won’t even blame UK for this anymore…it’s ya wicked negros in the parliament keeping it alive.

    “Jack Daise
    Jutly Slg29pf onastagod s11r:rrreri4i2h cASiofMmud ·
    Let me tell you a story about racism. The first actual afro-latino valedictorian of Harvard Law School, Pedro Albizu Campos graduated in 1921. He graduated while simultaneously studying Literature, philosophy, Chemical Engineering, and Military Science. He was fluent in six modern and two classical languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Latin, and ancient Greek.

    Pedro was denied the valedictorian distinction by a professor who delayed his final grade to keep him from having the highest grade point average in the 1921 class. They wanted to avoid the “embarrassment” of having a black Puerto Rican be the valedictorian of one of the most prestigious law schools in the country.

    Pedro Albizu Campos turned down a Supreme Court clerkship, multiple prestigious firm offers, and plum government appointments to go back to Puerto Rico and practice poverty law. Instead of making himself wealthy, he worked for folks and often receive payment in the form of chickens from poor farmers. He then began to lead the nascent independence movement of Puerto Rico. For this, he was targeted by Hoover’s FBI and eventually thrown in prison for leading the independence movement. At the time, it was illegal to fly the Puerto Rican flag.

    Pedro Albizu Campos suffered for years in prison and was subject to horrific torture and human experiments. They experimented on him using radiation. This was at a time where the U.S. military deliberately exposed Puerto Rican men to mustard gas to see how it affected them. He later suffered a stroke after a decade in prison and was pardoned and released only to die months later in 1965.

    This is only a very brief retelling of this story. Racism is baked into the DNA of the United States government and how it’s treated Puerto Rican people. Having a law degrees from an Ivy League school doesn’t protect you when you go against the system. I recommend you read the book The War Against All Puerto Ricans to get a better picture of his life.’

  40. Ban me from FB, wuh pun facebook all now. So get muh ban.

    ignorant low crawling niggerish ass?? Dem is the type of things you white husband does tell you?? That is racial and verbal abuse.

    Ohhhhh, I now understand. If you did uses to work, you wun be pun social media so regular from early in the morning to late in the night. That means yuh doan got time to cook the white man food and attend to yuh household duties. So that is why he does buse in yuh belly warmer behind and tell yuh bout yuh low crawling niggerish ass. Serving white people cruel den. Yuh en even got nuh shame.

    I now see why you does be so BITTER AND ANGRY ALL THE TIME.

    Wait, uh see yuh still read my post and fretting yuh self, so much so that you replying to one post, two and three times.

  41. @ Greene

    Barbadians and Guyanese have historically have a very close relationship. But there is a small dividing line. Not all Guyanese are the same.
    By the way, were you taught by Karl Broodhagen? He must have been getting on a bit. I liked him as a boxing coach.

  42. @Hal,
    he was teaching whilst i was still there. taught me Art but had stopped teaching boxing. was a good man. he even drew a picture of me and sold it at crop over and such like events.

    he retired soon after and when i returned to Bim i would see him with George Lamming in town and on one occasion i sat and talked to them over lunch at Cave Shepherd. great gentlemen.

  43. @ Greene

    He was a great man. I was not an art or sculpture person, but loved boxing. In those days we had an annual boxing tournament against Harrison College. Tim Callender was very good for us and Victor Jemmott for the opposition. Broodhagen had two sons also at the school. Virgil and a younger brother.

  44. Donna….my entertainment time was over…i only tolerate fools as long as i can use them to get my message across…..and they do not even know when it’s happening…..the slave mind is the most easy thing to manipulate and i have had good practice on BU……am now on to more constructive things for the balance of the day…my message was received….and the slave failed…..i win again.

  45. @Greene

    Easily the most talented student of his generation. A wasted talent. Also a good gymnast as a youth.

  46. As long as this one here is not pretending to recognize racism against black people in Trinidad, only because election is around the corner.

    “PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad – Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley has called on the main opposition United National Congress (UNC) to immediately withdraw a political advertisement showing that a black person being handed a bunch of bananas after complaining about the performance of the government.

    “I know what the yellow bananas mean. It is monkeys they give bananas. All over the world footballers walk off the field when they start to make monkey chants, but in the UNC advertisement, black people hungry in Trinidad and Tobago and you feed the monkeys bananas,” Rowley told supporters of his ruling People’s National Movement (PNM) on Thursday night.

    “You could go to hell with that. We are better than that in Trinidad and Tobago. If the PNM has one legacy that we are going to defend to the death is that we have encouraged inter-racial solidarity in this country and we will not allow Kamla Persad Bissessar and her minnows to threaten it. I demand that those ads be removed,” Rowley said.”

  47. Wuh this should cause another shuffle… one has time for alyu slave society shit….that’s the only engine they intend to drive a country on….a big FAIL…

    “For 54 years the government of Barbados has consisted of African descended/Black people. In 2020, it seems their is a need to call in the Ghost Busters, to eradicate the old parliament building, “where at one time no Black man or woman dare set foot in”, of the White Shadows. White Shadows who like their beloved Nelson, have never and will never willingly relinquish the race, class and economic privilege that colonialism the business of slavery bequeathed to them. The criminal past the of White in the justice system, and the heavy handedness of punishments by Black Law Enforcement, on Black people is supported by Black Leadership. It is under Black Leadership that Barbados became almost totally dependent on “TOURISM”. The creation of a service industry, that is owned by majority White people, and consists of majority Black Labour and Black Exploitation (Sex and Drugs Tourism), was done under the watchful eyes of Black Leadership. Under the guidance of Black Leadership in 2020 Black young men are killing each other at alarming rates, while White youth surf, relax and enjoy the beauty of the island. I am sure that the masses of Black people in Barbados will agree with my little synopsis of Black Leadership, and the just society it has maintained to the advantage of another.”

  48. @ WURA-War-on-U August 8, 2020 7:44 PM

    As usual you mix up things.

    The tourism industry is owned by foreigners, not locals. The masses are impoverished since they are risk-averse and prefer to relax in the public service.

    p.s. All black Barbadians I know in private buziness working 60 hours/week got rich. So it is not about white and black but about the attitude.

  49. Tron…shut ya dumbass..ya on and on and usual trying to keep a slave society intact, it’s not about how much money black people are making in a slave society…yall are so mindwash, ya are decades behind..

    Donna…this has always been my concern, the repulsive dirty hair that Black women dont even know under what circumstances they were processed but paying hundreds of dollars to wear so they can be accepted in a slave the destruction of themselves…

  50. Oh Shiiiirt!

    Mottley appoints ex-Cabinet minister to new job
    Former Cabinet minister Trevor Prescod has been appointed Special Adviser and Special Envoy on Reparations and Economic Enfranchisement.
    His appointment takes effect from Tuesday.
    Prescod, the former Minister of Environment and National Beautification, was one of the casualties of Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s Cabinet reshuffle on July 22.
    In revealing the appointment yesterday, Mottley said: “I am happy to announce that I have met with Trevor Prescod and as a result Cabinet agreed on Thursday to his appointment as my Special Adviser and Special Envoy for Reparations and Economic Enfranchisement.”
    Barbados has lead responsibility for reparations, and Mottley chairs the Prime Ministerial Sub Committee on Reparations in CARICOM.
    She said Prescod would also fill the position of the Chair of the National Reparations Task Force and work with CARICOM Ambassador David Comissiong “so that we may make progress on the Ten-Point Plan settled by Heads of Government of CARICOM”.
    “I believe that the work that must be done to contextualise reparations is absolutely critical at this time. I recognise that for the first time in the last 20 years that we have been working on reparations and the elimination of racism and xenophobia, there is now significantly more interest and attention globally in removing not just the vestiges of discrimination but a determination to create opportunities for marginalised individuals and groups.
    “I have confidence that Trevor Prescod has the passion and ability to help us make significant progress towards closing the circle of enfranchisement
    locally and helping us to reach groups and individuals who have traditionally been left on the sidelines and outside of the grasp of opportunities. We need a framework of affirmative action to assist these Barbadian individuals and groups.”
    Commenting on the appointment, Prescod said: “The Prime Minister and I met and we resolved any misunderstandings that there may have been. I respect the right of the Prime Minister to act as she determines necessary in accordance with the mandate we received and the furtherance of our goals. And, she has always understood my passion. The BLP remains the only viable option for the working class people of Barbados.
    “Meaningful change came under Tom Adams with the [Tenantries] Freehold Purchase Act and I am convinced that other significant benefits will come under the leadership of Mia Mottley. That is why I am honoured and feel privileged to serve in this capacity to spearhead efforts for social and economic enfranchisement of Barbados. This is what I came to politics for.” (CM)

    Source: Nation News

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