Prime Minister Mia Mottley Named in Top 100 Most Influential People of 2022

Congratulations to Prime Minister Mia Mottley for being recognized by TIMES Magazine as one of The 100 Influential People of 2022. Based on reports the rationale for recommending Mottley for the award was penned by  Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, director-general of the World Trade Organization.

The hope is that Mottley will be able to leverage her burgeoning global brand to improve regional and domestic economies. In recent times Barbadians have not had many high points to celebrate, the recognition of one of our own is a step in the right direction and should assist in bolstering bajan pride which took a hit in recent years.


535 thoughts on “Prime Minister Mia Mottley Named in Top 100 Most Influential People of 2022

  1. I have great hope for the younger generations…they are more in tune with reality, if interacting with them and my grands is anything to go by…… proud of them, but they are never to be sucked into the status quo of not knowing, of self-reduction and sadistic politics…by contrived methods.

    We are responsible for opening their eyes to these phenomena…and deceit…. by wicked adults..who go to extremes to deceive their own..and leave them trapped in a tainted condition…

  2. Yet some here insist in creating a story of stepsisters brothers and cousin of barbadians residing in foreign land
    Bajans by birth nevertheless are being verbally executed by mouthings of their own living on home turf because asking for govt to provide other ways and manner for them to execute their voting rights
    How meanspirited how selfish and what triggers such narcissistic behaviors in them
    Only God knows
    Such things as age restrictions medical health and in some circumstances availability of funds to travel is not giving any consideration
    Just simply applying a test which in their minds results in one size fits all
    Such a wicked mentality and a thought process to hold and to have to exclude your own brothers and sisters from voting
    Yes selfish attitudes would be the downfall of this 2×4
    Carry on smartly one day coming soon those who see all things in black and white would find out the hard way

  3. Artax i believe by now you would have realised Gazzerts is the blog clown.He believes he is funny but i beg to differ..He is a bandwsgon hopper firstly with Piece now with AC..He knows AC almost always twist the truth for her dem political purposes but still cheers her on in it.This tells me he is dishonest for he knows better.Imagine he is predicting when Enuff , John 2 or myself will appear on here but not his allies Waru, Skinner or AC who are on here everyday.Why? Is it because they are on the same side politically? I gone..

  4. political pimps and fowls can only think in terms of dirty politics…..incapable of thinking in straight, rational lines…poor things, no wonder they can’t get above or beyond the fowl and pimp stage…

  5. Lorenzo in going have a nice day and in meanwhile stop bellyaching about who support who
    Wunna have a 30-0 win and behaving like wunna lost

  6. Dr.RONNIE Obama Yearwood president of the Dlp recently visited the UK taking time out to meet and greet bajans residing in that country
    While the topic of voting rights was amongst the list
    He also included other worthwhile interest that would be helpful to pulling Barbados out of having a massive debt profile one which is being created by present govt having no end in sight
    The few projects which present govt have taken charge like parks and gardens cannot supply a foundation of fiscal strength for the country rather than taxpayers money would be part and parcel for maintenance and upkeep to keep those projects alive
    Be that as it may the bajans living outside needs to be given much importance in handling of the country affairs
    Therefore all of them needs better access to the voting process for which they are entitled

  7. @ Lorenzo

    I disagree with you that TheOGazerts is the “is the blog clown,” especially when one considers he often posts excellent contributions, and seems to be an honest guy.

    But, I’ve noticed you ignored the ‘racist clown’ who disguises his racist diatribe as jokes, perhaps believing we can’t recognize them. He’s definitely “not funny.”

    Or, how about the ‘know-it-all clown’ who contributes to EVERY thread, with modified versions of the same contributions?

  8. Magnificent a.k.a Magno – Yu Heard Formula: C₂₁H₃₀O₂ IUPAC ID: (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl- 3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro- 6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol on said:

    “political pimps and fowls can only think in terms of dirty politics…..incapable of thinking in straight, rational lines”

    the phrase “political pimps and fowls” is used by you on the regular
    but these are the same people who rise to the top of the pile of shit
    they are the same as ghetto gangsters surviving with a life of crime

  9. They could try putting toothpaste back into the tube, BUT….no one has EVER been successful..

    when ya OUT YASELF as having NO CREDIBILITY…that is nothing easy to recover from, especially when YOU DID IT ALL ON YA OWN….without any help……lawd…

  10. That was my GOTCHA MOMENT…..and what a biggie it is…

    both Piece and Trotman (RIP) know well enuff what they were talking about…

    .but yall gotta live with your deceit, not me….my hands and heart are BOTH PURE AND CLEAN..

  11. Wuh Christ, if I lef’ de barren rock and went to de “lan’ uh milk an’ honey” an’ still cyan afford uh plane fare, I would wonder wuh I lef’ heh fuh?

    I stan’ heh an’ I could afford tuh come up by you!

  12. Ask blogmaster….am sure he will be more than happy to share what others have long known..

  13. Cox: Barbados should extend its IMF deal
    By Tony Best
    Abeneficial partnership that has worked well for Barbados and should be extended.
    That’s how Winston Cox, a former Governor of Barbados’ Central Bank, assesses his birthplace’s financial rescue plan with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which is due to end in September.
    Coming on the heels of a recent indication from Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, that her administration would soon be discussing whether “we will have a successor programme” to the four-year pact, Cox, an independentminded Caribbean and European trained senior economist, told the
    Sunday Sun from his Quebec home that the IMF Extended Fund Facility turned out to be a significant “success” story, so much so, that it should be renewed.
    “The partnership with the IMF has been a very beneficial one for Barbados and why would you want, for some set of ideological reason abandon a partnership that has been beneficial and productive for you?
    That’s the stated principle I would use to approach the situation” as the Government ponders its next move of working with the fund, he said. “In my experience the international capital markets have changed so dramatically that they are hardly welcoming small countries” like Barbados and its Caribbean neighbours anymore. “That’s why small states are being forced to rely more and more on the international financial institutions like the IMF, the World Bank and in the case of Barbados the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).”
    Improve financial image
    Cox, who at different times sat on the executive boards of the bank and the IDB and was an advisor to successive Barbados leaders, said that thanks to the success of the country’s home-grown Barbados Economic Recovery Transformational programme deal implemented with the IMF’s help, the island-nation’s financial image, had brightened so much so, that while its Wall Street credit rating had been downgraded 23 times between 2008 and 2017 by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, the view of the country had blossomed significantly.
    “If you can cite a profitable and productive partnership with the IMF why not enable it to continue to work for you,” he asked rhetorically. “Certainly, Barbados should consider continued cooperation with the IMF because that approach seems to me the country’s best hope which the Government has for continuing (better) economic conditions of Barbados.”
    Cox complained about some analysts and economists who continue to try to make the IMF a “bogey man”, meaning a scary financial institution but he was quick to say that such a picture was never “proven” in Barbados’ case even when it had turned to the fund for financial help on at least three occasions since it became independent in 1966.
    Fund helpful
    On every occasion the world’s newest republic negotiated an IMF deal, the results were good for the country and were
    beneficial to Barbados. For one thing, it helped “us when it came to imposing fiscal financial discipline on the country. For another, it boosted the policy framework in which we have had to operate,” said Cox, for years a senior economic adviser to successive Prime Ministers and ministers of finance. Just as important, Cox said that the “imprimatur of the fund has certainly been helpful” in unlocking Barbados’ access to the funds of other ‘financial institutions,’ thus helping to stop any consistent downward spiral of the island-nation’s credit rating.
    As if they were not enough, said Cox, successfully completed fund deals had demonstrated to the world that Barbados could “reach agreements with the fund and other internationally institutions and “deliver” on its commitments.
    The benefits didn’t end there, Cox stated.
    He was quick to insist that a successful IMF deal like the one which was about to expire “certainly sends an important message” to the international capital markets. It was one of the country’s ability to negotiate deals and implement them in a successful manner.
    “Although the nature of the markets has changed, the outcome of the Barbados-IMF agreement sends a message of credibility and competence which is very important,” Cox insisted. “My bottom line is that the IMF programme and its successful execution have added to Barbados’ image, something that was important to the country and its Government. That’s an image which it wishes to protect in the international community.
    “If that means negotiating a continued programme with the fund, then that is the route Barbados should take,” urged Cox.
    But there was a note of caution: Barbados’ “discussions with the fund may show there is no need for a programme. But he was quick to say that he didn’t’ know that was the case because Barbados continued to face considerable economic challenges, given the downsides in the international economy” – rising inflation, supply chain nightmare, the fallout from COVID-19 pandemic and the ravages traced to Russia’s war in the Ukraine.
    “The pandemic, the health crisis is not yet over, the Ukraine war is heating up creating its own set of economic difficulties which while not immediately targeting Barbados will eventually hit the country because of its global impact,” he said. “I would err on the side of caution by continuing discussions with the IMF for its support. Fund backing is both financial and psychological that sends a message of competence” about Barbados.

    Source: Nation

  14. You must have faith in your party leader
    By Ezra Alleyne So many major political events of local and global interest have mushroomed this past week that a book could be written.
    The shooting deaths of school children in the US reflect major structural weaknesses in the Washington system of governance. In London and Bridgetown we do not have rival political power of elected upper houses.
    When the political complexion of the US Senate differs from that of the lower house, gridlock against change ensues.
    Gun control laws fall victim to that fragmented power structure, not to mention the immense lobbying power of the National Rifle Association. Changing the law in Britain and Barbados is not the Himalayan challenge that it is in the United States.
    US presidents have been sarcastically described as castrated kings, while prime ministers are likened to uncrowned monarchs or as beneficiaries of an elective dictatorship.
    Our system is the better one if (as former Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Deputy Prime Minister Sir James Cameron Tudor once said) we know how to work it.
    Mention of Sir James reminds me: On Friday, three articles in another section of the press grabbed me while I was at my doctor’s clinic. Like James Bond’s martinis, I was shaken but not stirred.
    In the first article called The Silence Of The Lambs, one Roderick Harris sharply addressed and criticised Dr Ronnie Yearwood, the new DLP president.
    Hear him: “Mr President, a speech filled with cliches, catchphrases and rhetoric will not work. The people already get enough of that from the country’s leader. You continually say: “Come under the tent”, “The sun will shine on us all”, “There is no fresh guard or old guard but one guard” and so on . . . Question, Why is that “one guard” not guarding the people at this perilous time? He continued: “Dr Yearwood has taken the reins of the party yet by his absence, he appears to be lagging, lacking aggression and the will to go for the political jugular of the Government.”
    Some would say it is early days yet, but I beg to defer. There was a buzz and an interest in the events of May 2 when he was elected. So far, he has failed at capitalising on that keen interest.
    This was strong stuff and I must tell you this article took my mind off any blood tests, injections or any
    procedures I was to face. But worse was to come.
    I turned the page and saw this other story: “Barbados will have a new political party by September. The New Democratic Progress (NDP).”
    Declaring its motto as Development And Democracy
    with the philosophy of “friends of all, satellites of none”, the party says it intends to build a political institution to continue the work of the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow.
    What did they mean by a political institution to carry on the work of the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow? Wasn’t that the role of the DLP? Is this a party to replace the DLP? And why call it the NDP? Was a message being sent? Had I been stuck then, the nurses could not get a drop of blood from my body.
    No smoke without fire . . . and I moved on.
    But while all this smoke was rising, the third story told me that Yearwood was in Leicester, England, meeting and greeting. This news was interesting; it caused me to reflect on the other two stories.
    Now I might not have chosen to travel to England at this time but then I am not the DLP president and his travel plans are none of my business. To travel was Yearwood’s judgement . . . and the DLP must allow its leaders to exercise their own judgement. Or is there more in the mortar than the pestle? I think there is . . .
    Finally, this would have been the most unsettling time to be holding a general election. The world is in economic turmoil, and uncertainty abounds. COVID is receding but not fast enough. Meanwhile, we struggle with the after-wash of COVID-19 and the monkeypox. So Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley’s judgement to hold the election in January and not to delay it was spot on.
    As Clement Atlee, former British prime minister, said, you must have faith in the judgement of your leader. If you do not have that faith, then that person is not fit to be your leader.
    Tell that to the DLP.
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  15. @AC May 29, 2022 6:27 AM: I did “Let that sink in” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh lordie what a load of cow dung! …. If, NOT when “Dr.RONNIE Obama [or any other] becomes PM of Barbados” … the following guarantees are assured:

    1)After a long nine and likely 14+ years in the wilderness he and his MPS will DEFINITELY be ” the most vulnerable” and will SURELY pompously take their “seat at the economic table.” 😎👍

    2)“The bloated oversized govt of indulgence handed to the people by Mia would” continue unabated. PM Yearwood will NOT REDUCE the size of the salaries of cabinet.

    3)“Fiscal responsibly would become the order of everyday goverance” as long as it means that the mantra as seen so cravenly by the last DLP admin is prominent: ‘you had your time, now we will get OURS!’

    4)Under every DLP or BLP government “The committees of committees and producers of nothingness [were always …] the voices of ordinary bajans” and that would be enlarged and continue in its glorious traditions!😎

    5)Under what would have been the most recent DLP administration since this proposed new PM no “money [was] saved from the extinguishing of advisors and political hogs eating from govt trough”. And none would be saved then!

    6)It is known that current admins DO NOT readily rebate tax increases from previous admins (in our small societies) so it is utterly unbelievable to believe that any new DLP admin would EVER roll back that revenue. Never!

    7)By 2037 any new DLP admin will be quite beaten up and challenged but they will NOT READILY “welcomed with opened arms as true patriots [ex-pats] who are willing able and deserving to execute their Constitutional rights to vote”. That ship of traditionalists ‘father of independence’ stalwarts are fast going on and would have gone mostly of by then … thus expat voting will have a quite different ‘wow’ factor. The jury is out on the benefits to the DLP or BLP for that matter !

    So all in all a very, very hilarious amount of yardfowl scratch grain!

  16. Noticably absent from EA piece is the mentioned of the honor Time magazine gave to Mia. This castrated pit-bull is so focused on diminishing Ronnie Obama that he forgot to big-up his idol.

    They will tell us of 61-0, remind us of
    Ronnie’s Obama’s impotence and call him a night watchman. This should make Ronnie Obama proud for ‘No one kicks a dead dog’. They can hear his footsteps, even in their sleep.

    TheO’s rating: EA reached the word limit required for the weekly check.

  17. “This castrated pit-bull is so focused on diminishing Ronnie Obama that he forgot to big-up his idol.”

    difficult to walk and chew gum at the same time…lol..

    especially when it’s made very clear…that the lowest dregs of society, are also elevated to the same distinction..

    ..but only the very few can honestly say they are exceptionally and positively INFLUENTIAL…

  18. DpD,

    Murdaaah! I had scrolled past that roll uh jobby. Thanks so much for taking me back to it. It was my first real laugh for the day.

    Murdaaaaah! Somebody lock up Angela Cox! She trying to kill me!

  19. David,

    That problem at River was around for at least fifteen years. I remember when the damming started. I myself heard the complaints. I saw farmers who had leased land from the BADMC go out of business. I heard the promises of a fix. But……

    Springhall Land Lease Project also had problems. Irrigation water had to be severely rationed in the dry season.

    Go. Weir, go!

  20. And to you Ezra Alleyne with all yuh political pontificating and finger pointing at Dr
    Ronnie Obama Yearwood who only has been the dlp presidency three and half weeks ago
    To u I ask what has Mia done in four years of goverance that can be called of worth helping the people get relief from burdensome taxes
    My advice to u return to your broom closet and when u find the answer u can respond
    Meanwhile Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood has a plate full of repair and damage to seek many resolutions some done extensively by the govt who have not shy away from creating more debt without having or finding the fiscal responsibility to pay for the debt
    Three and half weeks and you grab hold of your political pitch fork to.stab the kind gentleman in the neck
    Meanwhile the PM gallivants on international stages as a woman of influence
    Think about that

  21. It surprises me that a man who has shown the high level of intelligence missed the beautiful poetry of MAC (Maya Angelou Cox) at 6:27 a.m.

    Whilst a connoisseur can appreciate the difference between two wines, the untrained town might miss the subtle difference.

    The appreciation of a fine wine cannot be taught overnight and so I will resist trying increase his appreciation of the poetry of MAC.

    Hundreds have informed me that like the Mighty in Mighty Gabby, MAC is the Mighty Angelou Cox.

  22. When I throw a ball i go for all four stumps
    Reason why the blp foot soldiers stay on guard capturing my every words
    To which I respond ” couldn’t care less’
    In the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther king
    Let freedom rings and that freedom applies and belongs to the hardworking brothers and sisters of Bajan soil.who live in distant lands
    My pray that Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood would fight on their behalf correcting an injustice done too many years and counting
    Recently local news highlighted an elderly person from a foreign land elderly in the sense the individual had reached an age in the eighties but was overjoyed to become a citizen of Barbados such a right which gave the individual a freedom to vote
    Meanwhile born and bred bajans living over seas have to beg for such right
    What wickedness what superficial antagonistic behaviour
    Some one should be locked up for tinkering with the highest law of the land

  23. Wow, I thought ‘four stumps’ was a mistake. But now it see that is your intention to obliterate your opponents.

    Such cruelty, finality and brutality. I should beg for them, but it is with much sadness and reluctance that I say “You go girl”. Clean the board.

    Until later …. All… Be good.
    555… be better
    Later folks

  24. This white english journalist puts to shame the many foolberts on BU who waste so much of their time defending the indefendable. The British did a number on our ancestors. This becomes more apparent by the day when you look at the dumb, petty mentality of some commentators on BU.

    Pachamama and Bush Tea must regret returning to this blog..

  25. This becomes more apparent by the day when you look at the dumb, petty mentality of some commentators on BU.

    INCLUDING YOU……. yuh foolish bitch.

  26. TLSN…you know things are going from bad to EVEN WORSE when a school attempted to cover up the rape of a 5-year-old child, the degradation is REAL and irreversible…

  27. @AC I too “In the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther king” … had a dream. I had a dream that one day citizens would stop being fools for power and so greedy for the largesse from government consultancy and jobs that they would desist from the hypocrisy of partisan politics.

    I had a dream that when party DLP was in power for any of the over 25 years of governance they would have implemented overseas voting or modified the constitution to fully separate our nation as a republic from the British.

    I had a dream that true vision would come from the remark ‘never to seek justice from the courts in White Park’ and that under that first Black Chief Justice the DLP would have updated our court system to expedite cases and bring justice to everyday Bajans,

    I had a dream we would NOT suffer ridiculous daily mouthings of criticism when NOTHING better was done to improve the same issues being criticized when leadership in hand.

    I had a dream that one day our nation would go forward as one when D and B and all alike would foster a holistic approach to success,

    Well, I feel depressed that I will never get to that place with you but I live in hope that we will be able to get over this Mt Hillaby of petty nonsense and repel these boots of discords on our streets and one day sing that our fair land has reached a place of beautiful symphony. I have that dream!

    @David this yardfowl AC has the MOST ABSURD hypocritical BS on your site. Can’t this person understand that his diatribes do MORE to damage his party than anything Mia does …. because they REMIND everyone of how effectively INEPT he and they were in the last five + years.

    @AC …. Why didn’t YOUR party implement overseas voting thereby “correcting an injustice done too many years and counting”?

    Steeupse! … foolbert, start typing about what you guys did RIGHT. What you have noted above tells us what the badword YOU jackasses did WRONG.

  28. My interest stems from Constitutional rights Hence I can relate to words of Martin Luther King a man whose dream was not self centered but was inclusive
    A dreamer though he was did not set him goals and ambitions around a world design to fit into his confines of acceptability but rather purse goals driven by humanitarian causes
    DR. Ronnie Obama set a stage upon which all can barbadians should be accepted as citizens far away and beyond our borders
    The right to vote for overseas bajans seems to have caused some much anguish even to a point where knives are being sharpened and name calling is the better option rather than taking a stand for what is right

  29. What a tragedy. This is what happens in a society when it attempts to cover up everything. Such a society becomes opened to predators who are given free reign to harass and commit horrors on the unprotected majority black population.

    Keep pushing your message and please continue to upset these Bastards.

  30. @TLSN May 29, 2022 3:31 PM “… look at the dumb, petty mentality of some commentators on BU.”

    What you call dumb petty mentality is nothing compared to the evil of the British people among whom you dwell so happily.

    A sibling moved to the UK in 1955 and left in 1967 because of the intolerable racism.
    A sibling moved to the UK in 1960 and left in 1970 because of the intolerable racism.
    A boyfriend moved to the UK in 1975 and left in 1981 because of the nasty racism.
    An aunt and an uncle [my mother’s siblings] moved to the UK in the 1960’s and left after very few years because of the nasty racism.
    Two men from our gap moved there in the 1960’s and left soon after.
    The sibling who remained moved elsewhere for 15 years because she said there was no way she was selling her excellent nursing skills to the British for a cheap rate. Let them find somebody else to look after their sick.
    Little Susie moved there in 2005 and was amazed that the British students in her post-graduate class thought so well of themselves and did not recognize the systemic racism in the UK. The dumb petty people though of themselves as wonderful people. The idiots in the university administration put Susie to lodge across the road from people who had a large British National Party hanging across my window. I told them that that would not work for us not as long as they are taking her money, mine and the Barbados governments. She was moved that day. Susie had also been admitted to a post-graduate program an New York University and a few other equally good schools. You can’t take my money and insult me by putting me to lodge across the street from flagrant racists.

    None of my relatives and friends needed a white journalist to tell us that the UK is a nasty racist place, and that the racism like all racism is DELIBERATE.

    We are well aware of the nasty racism in the UK. If UK officialdom thinks that we are unaware, and that they can keep their hidden from us,they are the dumb ones.

  31. Back at yuh, Dullard! Is somebody forcing them to stay?????? It is a choice they have made.

    TLSN’s comment was therefore a stupid comment.


  32. Cuhdear Bajan,

    And my mother went there in the early sixties, studied nursing or “practised on the white folk so she would know how to take care of her people” and flew the coop by the early seventies, back to Barbados, where she served “her people” well.

    The Guardian did not have to tell my mother about racism in England either.

  33. @TLSN May 29, 2022 6:04 PM “What a tragedy. This is what happens in a society when it attempts to cover up everything. Such a society becomes opened to predators.”

    Just like Sir James Wilson Vincent Savile (Jimmy Savile). You remember him TLSN?

  34. @AC your words are hollow, meaningless and absurd!

    Your party held the reins of power with what the yanks call a super majority for various periods …

    It is tantamount to being STUPID to NOW make the statement that you are “taking a stand for what is right” re overseas voting!

    Where has this new found born again conviction come from.

    Like a few here like @Donna, @Simple and others not so specifically identifying their preferences I can say that I too grew up aligned (and eventually voted) DLP … an act that went against a parent’s clear conviction to the other side.

    David’s corruption soured me and then Stuart’s and your crew left me mamyguyed with their streets of literal BS and YOU completely turn me off more with your inane nonsense …

    There is nothing that you do here that would endear ANYONE to vote DLP … don’t you get THAT.

    For the sake of a once proud and rather progressively minded party get another scribe to post here do … if you love your party you would cease running off more people !

  35. @dpd
    Ghee whizz what arrogance
    Ghee whizz what arrogance
    Another famous quote for you to think about
    Friends of all satellite 🛰️ of none when it come to individuals Constitutional rights
    I have the freedom to say and think without u telling or given me your two bit advice
    Let that sink in
    A person character is measured by their thoughts and your thoughts are ugly
    What does my taking a stand for rights have to do with Stuart govt
    Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood is right and I steadfastly stands with and agrees with his position and there is nothing u can do except froth at the mouth and whine like a baby boo ha ha
    Also let that sink in

  36. Magnificent a.k.a Magno – Yu Heard Formula: C₂₁H₃₀O₂ IUPAC ID: (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl- 3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro- 6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol on said:

    Cuhdear Bajan: “What you call dumb petty mentality is nothing compared to the evil of the British people among whom you dwell so happily.”

    That is spot on and they are truly bang out of order as a % racists from older to younger generation range from 75-25% as overt racists, but every white has their inner racist which is easily triggered such as when they become parents, competing in work, promotions to management, communicating, politics and all other areas of interactions and ideologies.

    But, ignoring whites, places like London are multicultural where non-whites form bonds and friendships, which is better than mono-cultures such as Barbados where people are as ignorant as displayed by thoughts, words and actions of the usual low life scum suspects on Bu debating and reasoning like morons.

    It’s all about the spirit, Jah know.

    Entebbe Rasta Chanters, London Sound System Roll Call

  37. Hegel Dialect (UNKLE Reconstruction)

    Dialectic or dialectics, also known as the dialectical method, is a discourse between two or more people holding different points of view about a subject but wishing to establish the truth through reasoned argumentation. Dialectic resembles debate, but the concept excludes subjective elements such as emotional appeal and the modern pejorative sense of rhetoric. Dialectic may thus be contrasted with both the eristic, which refers to argument that aims to successfully dispute another’s argument (rather than searching for truth), and the didactic method, wherein one side of the conversation teaches the other. Dialectic is alternatively known as minor logic, as opposed to major logic or critique.

  38. 7 Known Truths
    For a people to oppress a people
    This is people to people
    If you want to oppress a people there are three things that you take from them
    You take their history, you take their language
    And you take their psychological factor
    Their psychological factors are what we call their VIPs
    The values, the interests and the principles of the people
    Take those from them
    Take their history, take their language
    Take their values, interests and principles
    And then superimpose your history, take your language
    Your values, interests and principles on them
    And no matter what conclusion they come to
    In the challenge they face
    They will always act in the interest of the oppressor
    That took their history, their language
    And their values, interests and principles

  39. TLSN…people from coast to coast are reeling at the criminals at the school who tried to cover up the rape of a 5 year old child, the enablers……the pedophile animal was bad enuff…..but these beasts who are supposed to protect children from such types….are the ones collecting a salary and doing nothing..

    .this is a trend on the island, trickle down effect from parliament…cover up everything, no m atter how minor or SERIOUSLY DEVASTATING…….until there is no cover left..

    .they will have to run into their hidey holes soon when everything COMES OUT AT THE SAME TIME…despite all the covering up..

    .frauds and pretenders…all we be outted..

  40. frauds and pretenders…all WILL be outted….their pretend and cover up game time is up and over…

  41. Another quote from Dr. Martin Luther King that got me thinking placing me on a path with greater purpose

    There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe nor political not popular but one must take it because conscience tells one it is right
    On those words i take a stand for all Constitutional rights for people whether others agree on not
    This present govt has bodily gone to extreme having extreme measures directed by a political will demonstrating actions abhorrent to people’s freedom as directed by the Constitution
    With all determination to do as they dam pleases
    A democracy not standing eerily close to collapse having a Parliament with only one voice unto itself
    Then they blame the people
    Let that sink in

  42. Correction

    A democracy now standing eerily close to collapse having a Parliament with only one voice unto itself

  43. Going to make one silly comment and then be serious all day.

    I decided not to convert to this new religion as it looks as if 3 of the 4 prospective new brides will never agree.

    Have a great day Barbados.

  44. This is a very good read ….
    #BTColumn – Avoid an energy ponzi scheme

    Not as long as it looks as the article was pasted twice. Would have love to see the BAPE attempt to provide an alternative solution to that of Spain

    From BT
    “This identical situation happened in Spain between 2007 and 2022. When their energy ‘Ponzi scheme’ collapsed, government imposed a ‘Sun Tax’ on every solar panel installed. This tax had to be so draconian, that many investors simply removed their systems just to avoid the tax. Many went bankrupt.”

  45. @ Cuhdear BajanMay 29, 2022 6:08 PM

    I agree with your comment below:
    “None of my relatives and friends needed a white journalist to tell us that the UK is a nasty racist place, and that the racism like all racism is DELIBERATE.”

    I noted your relish in getting your point over. In your rush to judgement you appear oblivious to the terrible short comings of the country of your birth; and how it has never progressed in its treatment of black folks since the conception of the Atlantic slave trade.

    Your reaction to British racism is predictable. We all know that the British establishment is a nasty racist institute which will probably never reform. However, outside of the establishment there exists an adversarial opponent which will never surrender in the fight for justice. Can the same be said of Barbados? A notorious backward country in so many ways. I will not not even discuss Barbados law. Barbados remains a country which mistreats and has no respect for its majority black population. A country stuck in the past – comparable to a South Africa, circa the apartheid era.

    Waru, mentioned that there has been a cover up of a young girl who was tragically raped in Barbados. This and so many other stories emanating from this backwater island is proof to me that your country is in need of a proven white British journalist (or the man from ” the Ivy”) to inform you of what is happening in your wretched country. I do not see a queue of outstanding black journalists reporting on the major stories which the Barbados public needs to know. But should this come as a surprise? We all know how things work in Barbados. The culture of fear lingers throughout the island.

    May I suggest you abstain from using the UK as an example of the mistreatment of black people when the problem faced by your own people is infinitely worse. Hang up your emotional hat on a peg and try to engage some logic and critical thinking before rushing out to vent your views. That approach is lazy and is not representative of the devastated Negro landscape which is strewn throughout the island. Let’s put an end to this foolish back and forth. Let’s try to make Barbados a mecca for the Barbados diaspora and resident Bajans. Only you and those living on the island can usher in the fundamental changes required to make this dream possible. Are you and them motivated sufficiently to bring about the necessary change?

  46. A five year old was taken from a school in Barbados and sexually abused
    Police lookin for the man
    Now it begs the question what kind of security at the school
    Does the school have a security system where names of family members are given permission access to children to be taken off school grounds
    How did the deviant got hold of the child
    Details in the nationews

  47. I can go for decades without noticing any of that racism you speak . I cannot say that I have ever been bothered by any white person. I have not been denied entry into any place I wanted to go. I have no desire to mix with them and so I need no invitation to their homes. There is, for me, voluntary apartheid.

    There is racism here but I cannot say it has ever bothered me.

    My mother felt the racism in England and spoke of it. Here? Never bothered her at all since she returned.

    Nobody here ever spat in her face.

    In fact, she never had cause to even mention racism in Barbados.

    Ours is different. We can live in peace without harassment.

  48. “Your reaction to British racism is predictable. We all know that the British establishment is a nasty racist institute which will probably never reform. However, outside of the establishment there exists an adversarial opponent which will never surrender in the fight for justice.”

    which part of UK do you dwell
    I asked you before but you acted like a typical Bajan
    you seem backward in racial harmony imho
    agreeing with Waru and Idi Amin etc

  49. @TLSN May 30, 2022 5:41 PM “I noted your relish…”

    I take no relish/no delight/no pleasure in describing evil wherever it occurs.

    Re: WARU: So if there was a cover-up how does WARU know? WARU is “reporting” on an incident which had already been reported by all media houses. And had already been reported to the boy’s sister, his mother, his grandmother, the principal, the health clinic, the police, and the Ministry of Education.

    How does that constitute a cover-up or a secret?

  50. @TLSN May 30, 2022 5:41 PM “Hang up your emotional hat on a peg and try to engage some logic and critical thinking before rushing out to vent your views.”

    You are the emotional/irrational one, I did not vent. I stated facts. You are on an emotional rant.

  51. This nuisanceTLSN sounds a lot like Waru.Perhaps they are the same person blogging under two different names.Their style is the same and both talk a bundle of shite everyday.A complete turn off.Both need an extended break from Bu as they pretend to have breaking news which most of the time is already known to most bajans .This is in addition to a lot of shite conspiracy theories and racist clap trap.Give it a rest.To David Bu are these two the same person? I gone

  52. My mother felt the racism in England and spoke of it. Here? Never bothered her at all since she returned.

    Nobody here ever spat in her face.

    In fact, she never had cause to even mention racism in Barbados.

    Ours is different. We can live in peace without harassment.







  53. Glad the Barbados mainstream media is being taken to TASK and EXPOSED for all their attempts at cover up over the decades…….there is NO JUSTIFICATION….

    parasites, thieves and the corrupt….paying for advertising is not a reason to sell your integrity and ignore the public’s interest when they are the ones keeping your doors open through readership…

  54. wuhloss…the little fowl slave Lorenza is having a conniption….wuh i see wunna gettin expose all across the region/Americas, the Afrikan continent and on the European peninsula, and it’s going just fine, things i don’t see on BU am seeing there……SO…… one needs BU to EXPOSE ALL OF YOU….

    TLSN…UK will always be racist, the culture runs TOO DEEP…

    Barbados will ALWAYS BE RACIST….it’s a SLAVE ISLAND DRENCHED IN BLACK SELF-HATRED, as designed………starting in the cursed parliament and coming down ..

  55. I read read the ‘rijock’ story and the address of Barbados National Bank was mentioned therein, which caused me to question if the OCM director’s list is current.

    If the following list is indeed current, then, perhaps those persons listed thereon are the ones who should be contacted.

    Board of Directors:

    Mr. Faarees Hosein – Chairman

    Mrs. Dawn Thomas – Group Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Grenville Phillips

    Mr. Michael Carballo

    Mr. Peter G. Symmonds

    Mr. Gregory Thomson

    Mrs. Rene Kowlessar

    Mr. Douglas Wilson

  56. I and all my family and friends and acquaintances have lived here without harassment forever. In all of fifty years, I have heard no complaints from them. Isolated incidents will occur but are not the general rule.

    I do not care to play golf or try to associate with Bajan “whites”. I do not crave their company. They practise their apartheid and I guess I practise mine.

  57. LOL
    Now If he had a half-decent lawyer, he would have pled guilty LONG ago, and the other crooked lawyers would have pitched in and paid off the client, (using OTHER client fees of course 🙂 ) and kept the whole thing quiet…. in keeping with the scheme.

    But no… he feel entitled to the man’s funds as long as he ‘promise to pay interest’… !!!
    Now his goose has been hijacked…
    Wonder who is next…?

  58. Everyone is thrilled to finally see them lining up at the alter of sacrifice…..until they REACH the last one…..HUNDREDS more to go…some will go 8 and 10 times, they RoB(bed) SO MANY PEOPLE OVER DECADES…

    their victims are NUMEROUS…and those who are still alive are coming out of the woodwork WITH ALL THEIR EVIDENCE….every country is represented…….🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  59. Give Jack his jacket
    Give Mia her scarf
    How many lawyers were found guilty before 2018.
    Look like in the last four years we had a tsunami (3 or 4)

  60. Hold on tight to ya chair Theo….this is the sacrificial stage…

    but did you notice when the victims are helpless and crying, there is no end to the comments and fake expert know it all advice, most of which blames the victims, putting even more pressure on them…………but when the criminals are getting their just rewards…..everyone goes immediately SILENT, not a peep from a fowl or fraud….

    by their deeds we know them…

    only the few with clean minds and pure hearts dare to display their delight…

  61. Earlier in the night I was thinking back to years ago, could be as much as nine, where to mention these crimes against people on the island and elsewhere, opened you up to a barrage of verbal abuse, from dangerous fowls, the ignorant, or the just plain evil in mind on BU. I had my fair share…….

    …they much preferred to laugh at the victims, call them liars, and happily wallow in the continuation of their misery. than to give even one piece of advice or information on how to fight these criminals, who are now being brought down to the level they so richly deserve..

  62. Always a scam to rip off the people… much did they charge the Cliff for hosting their version of a star studded, maskless Covid party at the HEIGHT OF THE PANDEMIC..

  63. but when the criminals are getting their just rewards…..everyone goes immediately SILENT, not a peep from a fowl or fraud….

    by their deeds we know them…

    only the few with clean minds and pure hearts dare to display their delight…


    Are you calling out ur buddies like WS., TLSN , pasha etc?

  64. As the newly elected President of the Democratic Labour Party, today is a deeply personal day for myself and the Party as it marks the 35th anniversary of the passing of our founder and leader, and hero Errol Barrow. Some still have personal stories of him, but I can only reflect on his lasting contribution to Barbados, the Caribbean and the world, and to the lives of Barbadians in creating a better society.

    Often when people reflect on Barrow, they do so using the mirror image speech which marked a high water mark for the Democratic Labour Party and Barrow as he romped home to a magnificent victory in 1986, while redefining political oratory and setting the philosophy for the country he and importantly the Democratic Labour Party was trying to create. A philosophy of economic independence and individual empowerment.

    Sadly he was to die in 1987 leaving Barbados the poorer for his passing. A fact we all acknowledge because his independence project has felt incomplete since then and even now. There is so much more work to do.

    Barrow’s Mirror image speech is one of the most powerful political speeches from a politician in Barbados (and I would add the world). Barbados was on the cusp of its 21st birthday and Barrow appeared to be having an introspective moment; about the country, his life (he would die the following year), the independence project and what was required to get beyond the 21 years. In many ways, we are still grappling with the “mirror image” and struggle with national “self”.

    As we remember Barrow and his contribution to Barbados, let us be called to look at the mirror image of ourselves and rededicate ourselves to country and to our communities.

    Dr. Ronnie Yearwood
    The Democratic Labour Party
    01, June 2022

  65. AC Dr Yearwood ain, t no Mr Barrow.Let us be crystal clearMr Barrow was a hero of sorts to me growing up for his effective leadership and policies.In my view Dr Yearwood is an opportunist.He will not get any further than Ms Depeiza.On another note i thought the wsy certain persons on here was behaving our PM would have been in serious trouble by now.What happen Waru, Tsln, AC or Baje this conspiracy theory blow up in your faces as usual.Poor souls keep trying one day you might actually be sucessful.I gone.

  66. But look at this thing the name Dr. Ronnie Obama Yearwood got the blp foot soldiers all in a tizzy
    Dr. Yearwood only been president of the Dlp for three weeks and the knives hatchets hammer nails and saws are falling out the blp closet
    Can’t wait to see what happens in the following weeks when he presents his cabinet
    There just might be another ashfall 😂😂😂😂

  67. our PM would have been in serious trouble by now.What happen Waru, Tsln, AC or Baje this conspiracy theory blow up in your faces as usual.Poor souls keep trying one day you might actually be sucessful.I gone.





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