Mottley Cabinet is Bloated

One of the more interesting decisions made in 2018 by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) government led by Mia Mottley was to appoint the largest ever Cabinet in our history. Her justification for the ‘relatively large’ Cabinet was because of the overwhelming mandate received from the electorate. From 2018 until the present – with a cosmetic tweak in 2022 – the Cabinet has remained large.

Enough time has elapsed to fairly judge if a large Cabinet adds value to how the country has been governed since 2018. It has been a government led by the larger than life and seemingly indefatigable Prime Minister Mottley. Her style of delivery and oratory skill has endeared her to the international community. It is worth a reminder she inherited an economy with a GDP north of 150 with junk status credit rating. There was a feeling of renewed hope in the nation post 2018 general election.

Out of the gate the Mottley government committed the country to a debt restructure on domestic and local holdings which right sided the debt to GDP indicator BUT immediately shot the confidence of local and foreign investors. The lack of confidence to invest persists four years later. To be expected economists are divided on whether it was the right strategy, these decisions are never easy we must admit. 

In Mottley’s defense she will postulate that the COVID 19 pandemic, Hurricane Elsa and La Soufriere volcano ash fall combined to derail government’s rebuild effort and in fact caused the economy to significantly contract. To reasonable onlookers she has a good defense. However hungry mouths well not be as sympathetic. The debate will continue about the BLP’s performance since 2018 until the next bell is rung.

Political pundits are already surveying a barren political landscape for alternative voting options. The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) under rookie leader Dr. Ronnie Yearwood is in the early stage of a rebuild and the many political parties that presented at the polls in 2018 and 2022 have done the usual vanishing act of which Houdini would have been proud. 

What is the blogmaster trying to say in too many words?

Prime Minister Mottley has taken the reins of government at a challenging time in our history there can be no doubt. This is precisely why decisions taken by Mottley must be fit for purpose for the extraordinary times to guide a 166 square mile open economy island through the economic tempest and other challenges. There is no good reason the country should have to suffer a bloated Cabinet not to mention a bevy of financial consultants in 2022. Mottley must stop pandering to political inclinations and instead send clear signals to the population she and her government are prepared to make the sacrifice and walk with the people at a difficult time in our history. 

What the blogmaster fears most is – when the next general election is called the electorate may have no choice to abstain or vote anyone posing as an opposition, a default position. The level of apathy and cynicism in the country is already low. Whither our democratic system?


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  • So PMMIA ambidextrous lol


  • @Hants

    Large and in charge.

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  • DavidJuly 18, 2022 1:52 PM


    Large and in charge.

    Maybe she ought to take some of that largesse she used sleight of hands. to delivered to big belly consultants and big business
    Charge forward and send some where it most needed amongst the poor and vulnerable
    Plus a committe for every dam thing not nailed down and nothing to show
    Wait wuh happen to the republic committee
    Somebody needs to awaken them out of their slumber


  • NorthernObserver

    “Dr. Yearwood a qualified lawyer owning and in possession of the LEC”
    Lol…sometimes I wonder
    Only two Barbadians, both lawyers, have led the DLP to “Lose Every Constituency”. You would think you would find a new line, new leader…instead of one, no LEC, which didn’t work out well.
    The pendulum will swing back one day.
    Whether it is Ronnie, or the next leader.


  • Keep talking about Ronnie
    He is not in charge of the country
    Crime wrecking the good name of Barbados
    Extreme poverty on its way up
    Just a reminder folks of who is in charge of managing the affairs of Barbados
    Mia Mottley


  • OsA voice shouting loud from the gravec

    Government’s Summer Nutrition programme is being called a top-down directive made without proper consultation.
    While the spirit of the programme is commendable, where children will be guaranteed a nutritious meal over the summer, critics said the implementation left much to be desired.“These workers are committed to feeding the nation’s children but there is a sense of disrespect.
    This was a top-down approach seemingly being forced upon them,” he said, adding the details of the programme had not been finalised. (CA)“Nobody is going to be against any welfare-type support for children but the workers are still unclear about the logistics. The process of consultation was inadequate.Part of the issue involves the School Meals Department preparing the meals with deputy general secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Wayne Walrond, saying the workers felt disrespected.


  • A pop down school.program heralded by the rock star PM Mia Mottley as the best thing since slice bread
    Imagine the total disrespect for the teachers
    Imagine preparing months in advance for school vacation and notices are rolled out dictatorship style by govt to manage and derail the plans
    What a ting doah
    Mia cares


  • After riling up the cabal I now peep back at this thread to see this:

    “We can all agree that ac leans slightly to one side..”

    We? Theogas sir, you’re one of few if not the only one on/off BU that can agree AC leans SLIGHTLY to one side. Leaning is only required when you start at the midpoint (neutral). and AC herself does not hide that she’s not even near that starting point. You were quick to label folks agents of the BLP but AC leans SLIGHTLY to one side? You are plain dishonest and shamelessly so.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • DLP-ites moaning on social media has not got them anywhere.
    They should try another attack tack.


  • Take warning Barbadians.

    Government Goes To Parliament To Restrict Barbadians’ Ability To Object To Granting of Licenses To Electricity Suppliers

    The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) is warning Barbadians that a proposed Amendment to the Electric Light and Power Act set to be debated on Tuesday, July 19 will remove some of their rights to object to the award of electricity licences for big power systems and to make representation to the minister about the terms and conditions contained in electricity licences.

    “Last Friday, 15 July 2022 while many Barbadians were preparing for Crop-Over events at the weekend, or simply getting on with their lives, the Government of Barbados gave notice of a Bill in Parliament to amend the Electric Light and Power Act, which is to be moved in Parliament on 19 July, 2022.

    The Amendment will severely limit the right of all Barbadian voters, consumers and businesses from objecting to, or expressing their concerns about, any application for a licence to supply electricity in Barbados, whether it is Barbados Light and Power or any other company that wants to generate electricity in Barbados,”
    President Dr. Ronnie Yearwood declared today in a statement.

    He quoted an extract of the current Electric Light and Power Act that gives the opportunity for “All interested parties ” to make representation to the Minister. That is being removed and replaced with an instruction that any “interested party” will first have to justify why they are interested in objecting (Section 5).

    “Isn’t being a consumer good enough anymore to raise your concern over the suppliers of electricity that will ultimately affect the cost of your electricity? This will adversely affect all of us. Also, a Committee has to determine if a person has merit to be an interested party. But there is no review process for the decision of the Committee if a person who wants to be an interested party is turned down by the Committee. Can Government publish the list of names of persons on this Committee to notify Barbadians of its composition?” Dr. Yearwood queried.

    Dr. Yearwood stated:
    “The most unjust and unpalatable part of the Amendment is Section 6 which says: ‘For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Section entitles an interested party to have access to the application of any applicant for a licence.’
    “How can an interested party make representation about a licence application without any information about the application, the applicant and the activity to be licensed? This provision makes a nonsense of a process that is intended to add rigour and transparency to our Goverment’s licensing of large electricity generation systems over 1 Megawatt.”

    The Attorney-at-Law explained that the opportunity for any Barbadian to intervene in an electricity licence application was in place since 2015. He added that it was intended to be a formal consultation on whether an applicant should be granted a licence.

    “The proposed amendment by this Barbados Labour Party Government runs counter to the accepted legal principles for consultation.
    The electricity producers in this category can have an impact on the supply of power to Barbados’ consumers and businesses, and on the security of supply. The Ministry of Energy says that the electricity sector is worth $4 billion annually.
    There is no justification for this naked attempt to rob Barbadians of what is intended to be a meaningful intervention process. Who is being served by this Amendment? Certainly not Barbadian electricity users, Dr. Yearwood said.

    “The Barbados Labour Party Government commitment on paper to transparency, civic responsibility and civic engagement is not met by this Amendment.
    “Minister Symmonds is responsible for protecting the interests of consumers in Barbados, but stood in our Parliament a couple of weeks ago and scolded Barbadians for standing up to Barbados Light and Power calling it “a form of foolishness” and warning “those who have ears to hear,” the Party leader stated.

    He said that for three years the Ministry has been promising new legislation to open up the electricity sector so that all Barbadians can benefit from it. “Three years and all that they can come up with is a law that would prevent ordinary Barbadians from having a say in how that sector is developed and from understanding exactly who we are allowing to provide precious electricity to us!”

    The University Lecturer warned that the Amendment by Minister Symmonds sets a dangerous precedent of excluding Barbadians from seeing what is being done in their names and of excluding citizens from Government’s business.

    “Which area of government activity is next? Stopping us from objecting to Town Planning giving permission for major projects?
    Stopping intervenors from objecting to rate increases before the Fair Trading Commission (FTC)? After all the same Minister is responsible for the FTC and Barbados Light and Power. What’s to stop him from drafting a law that says that intervenors in rate cases cannot see the application for increases?”

    He reminded that “ In Parliament on 13 August 2019, the then Minister of Energy Wilfred Abrahams promised that Barbadians would get to comment on draft electricity licences; instead we get an attempt to block us from any involvement in electricity licensing in Barbados.
    “Barbadians are dealing with a cost-of-living crisis and the Government’s hot and sweaty approach to it. This is inclusive of the mere $17.50 off monthly light bills which can be in the hundreds, even with energy saving devices installed in homes, which is simply not good enough.”

    Dr. Yearwood concluded by asking: “Minister Symmonds and the Government of Barbados, what is in the electricity licences that you are hiding from the people of Barbados?”


  • @ac
    Where do you get the energy from?
    Such stamina; such determination to right obvious wrongs. You are like an arrow of Robin Hood aimed at a target.
    You are seldom distracted as you keep the main issues in focus.

    I think of you like a little train that could’; a train that carries freight well above its weight category.

    There is this movie the highlander which uses the phrase “There can only be one”. As I see you fight off the bullies of BU all by yourself I can only think.. One determined fighter is all that is needed. You go girl.

    Keep our eyes on the prize.


  • Dr . Yearwood definitely punching above his weight
    You go
    Dr. Yearwood
    Great leaders knows when to hold them
    Govt bound and determine to put a lid on transparency


  • Of course he has them in a quandary. Like you he is focused on their jugular. Like a skilled pianist Ronnie Obama is touching every note. Your poetry and his artistry will drive them insane

    From BT
    Dr Yearwood said the reason for the selection of the four areas identified is because they are the key areas of concerns currently to locals.

    “If you survey the landscape of Barbados you would recognise that these are the four pressing issues, the economy and cost of living, education, educational reform and issues of social inclusion because people feel excluded and they feel challenged by the cost of living and the issues that they are facing,” he said, adding that juvenile justice reform and health are critical sectors of concern as well.


  • I need to change my friends
    How many unique candidates did the BLP run in the last two elections. A friend wants to know if Mia has more help than Ali Baba.

    A friend asking about a Monkey Pox Vaccine scam.

    Now playing
    Mama Mia and her 30 Midgets


  • It must be a Bajan trait to lay on the praise double and triple heavy when it suits your own bias

    check out Bu posters
    to name a few who are sycophants to the max


  • Get it right if that is where you are going , the 30 includes Mia.


  • So that left the sleeping giant and his 0 midgets
    The night watchman and he 0 midgets

    Next up – Obama and his 0 midgets ?

    What acting doah

    U go boy 👦


  • Now I understand
    why you cannot see
    the beauty of ac poetry.
    You would rhyme
    Forty with twenty-nine
    I suspect Lorenzo is also a midget
    Even smaller than his politics

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  • Gazzerts ac is a jackass and so are you.Why you think Carson Cadogan and all the others desert her.Keep supporting her in shite.All noth of you and Dr Yearwood going tpo achieve is another whipping at 5he nect elections whenever they are called.You heard it here first as not many living in Barbados buying what you two selling.Pick sense from nonsense.I gone.

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  • @J2
    Her many fans shout 40-0
    But 5 years gone and nothing to show
    Excepts for tricks and plenty of scams
    All pointing back to the one called MAM

    Let’s start to enumerate her many tricks
    First is the scheme of a Republic
    Followed by an early election
    Cart before horse – no constitution
    Then to correct the sin of omission
    Hastily appointing a Commission

    Instead of learning from her mistakes
    Appointing favorites to the Senate
    Fans applaud nomination of an infant
    Expecting a robust debate from a sychopant
    (Think that last line gonna get me in trouble)

    The fans now realized that 90-0
    Is no better than 0-0
    Eve one bite of the apple lead to destruction
    Mia’s 3 bites ends in total corruption

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  • About this “schools meals during vacation” thing, if i did living in de village wid “Sousy” for a neighbour; there is no way dat I would be sending my little Suzy and Johnny down by nuh school fuh nuh school meals. No way I say. None whatsoever. Like my mother used to tell me when I was child, “nuhbody can’t know yuh hungry unless yuh open yuh mout and tell dem”
    Imagine I send them to collect the little bittle and Sousy peep through she window and she them, wuh you think gine happen? Yes. The whole uh Buhbadus gine know dat I aint got nothing in here to eat.
    How I gine be able to walk de road and turn up me nose at the peasants?
    How dah gine look?

    Now if there was a camp or some other activity going on at the school, sure; they would be first in line but just to go down there to get something to eat? No thanks, we good.

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  • Reality Check Reality Time
    People are naive to believe leaders can boost local economies when global economies shrink or nations can maintain same profits when businesses and industries are struggling with Covid. Narratives about poor being poor need solutions not singing the blues lyrics. Low life opposition need a foothold and will make the most of hard times but are not able to fix things either.


  • @Walter

    You have a style where you try to give all callers a run. It is because of this need to label people by the politics they are perceived to have that all moderators will have to endure. It is par for the course. The blogmaster knows it.


  • Unit Dub Second Cut
    Under Heavy Manners
    Censorship is arbitrary
    Freedom of Speech (1st Amendment) will need to be introduced into the Barbados Constitution

    In that little Village where I once lived
    Most of those people are branded underprivileged
    They are always to receive but they never want to give
    In that Village where I once lived

    Now those Big Folks are talking corrupted bribes
    While those youths come looking for petty lives
    Now it seems they don’t want me to strive anymore
    That’s why they want to wreck my life

    Village of the Underprivileged · Gregory Isaacs The Winner – The Roots of Gregory Isaacs 1974-1978


  • My Crop.over calypso song

    We say pride and industry
    But something gone wrong
    Yuh hear
    The talk on the street
    Sufferation they say
    De government say
    Community spirit not bout hey
    We gonna roll out de soup.kitchens like back in dey day
    Bout hey
    Peeps open up wunna eyes
    De days of slavery ain’t done
    Peeps roll up.wunna sleeves
    Don’t let govt juck.out yuh eye
    The land belong We
    We were taught about pride and industry
    60 – 0 like a wrecking ball
    Knocking down all hey


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Theo….permission to use that one in my Proverbs & Poems menu with a disclaimer,…Thanks…


  • Calypso Calypso Peter Metro
    Lyrics that rhyme with O
    words that start with A
    And speaking Spanish


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    You notice there is ALWAYS boasting on BU about the “large” AND CORRUPT…so how will anything ever change….when you admire and UPHOLD…instead of HOLDING
    them ACCOUNTABLE…apparently yall int ready to take any of this seriously…

    being played like a violin and enjoy it….easily impressed BY SHIT…

    the historical judas bloodlines are SELLING OUT THE PEOPLE to utility companies……apparently that is not even registering in the groupie minds…..


  • “…instead of HOLDING
    them ACCOUNTABLE…”

    There is no Evidence of Corruption with Mia
    Case Dismissed


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    It’s safer to say you never saw any evidence of corruption….cause you never had access….

    .trust me, it’s OVERFLOWING…and still they refuse to do right by the people….that tells us everything…


  • TheO

    No no no. With all the foul up bleeep and scandals there is a lot more being done in the ground now than under the 0s. If you were a frequent visitor during the last 15-20 yrs u would tell the difference

    Don’t let me go back to the sewage, buses , garbage. Etc.

    If you dont want to take my word then you can go back a few week to John A complaining that they spending like they still in 2019. How he know they spending unless he seeing it? Under the 0s there were taxes, not one scandal and very little spending ( especially on infrastructure?

    Don’t start me up now. I know you dlpites have problems with numbers


  • @AOC
    I saw two big typos…but you are welcome … sycophant Eve’s

    I’ll be visiting in October.
    When you see me get silent in October, you should know I am there quiet as a mouse.


  • The 60-0.wrecking ball on the move


  • The fire keeps burning
    Natives no longer accepting bs
    Voices heard across social media platforms are making their feelings known and heard

    Every evening about 200 able bodied men, lined up for food in independence square or out by CB, as I said Mia had emasculated the men of 🇧🇧, governance is for all, not a few, mostly young males are going to jail, mostly young males are being killed, and bajans are in denial to what is before them, many males are unemployed, 🇧🇧 cabinet has been emasculated, look at John king and duguid, shells of themselves, and the others are zombies, no real value, eat sleep 💩💩💩, repeat, no use to 🇧🇧, Mia stole their souls, the women only talk pretty, but makes no sense, fk up after fk up, look at Carol Roberts, used to be bright, just fronting, marsh caddle, now like a puppet, Santia bradshaw, another bright spark, head blank, does Mia think we are blind, now she going after your toddlers, I guarantee, when they reach 21, more criminals, destinies will be stolen, just empty vessels, terrorising 🇧🇧, nothing is for free, stop looking for hand outs, God will provide, he always does, a leader empowers their ppl, not turn them into beggars, following her g/f foot steps, at least he help the poor, she is creating poverty,


  • “Voices heard across social media platforms are making their feelings known and heard”

    Social Media is for Crises Merchants like DLP looking to cash in on anything that should be taken with golf ball size rocks of salt some of the finest ganja and strongest bajan rum in the black market. The bullshit is on social media and shared by dishonest partisan Lazy thinkers..


  • Here is some more lazy thinking to chew on
    10 million spent to improve QEH left people crying

    When I look at QEH,A&E and see what MAM, say cost $10 million, I feel like crying



    Comments include as citizens voice their disapproval


  • @enuff
    The true difference between B & D is so small that (for partisans) a slight lean in one direction places you firmly in the middle of pne of the camps.

    Hope that helps.


  • @ TheOGazerts,

    How many of your relatives are politicians, current or former ?


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