Nothing to See Here (NTSH)

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First the strategy was smoke and mirrors, then it was detract and deflect now it is “nothing to see here” (NTSH)

The Prime Minister announces a willingness to pay $48 for vaccines which cost $12. NTSH

A permanent secretary signs off on a $10 million dollar agreement without their own Minister’s knowledge. NTSH

The biggest Cabinet of ministers and Ministers of State most of which we hardly hear or see, along with consultants, committees and advisers left, right, center and underneath. NTSH

20 months of Covid, millions spent, a depressed economy, extra salaries and largesse for a few but no budget or expense reporting to inform us. NTSH

Marches up and down about sewage tax and NSRL, but, cost of living is now the highest in decades with purchasing power at its lowest. NTSH

An entire law created to get TWO Deputy Commissioners of Police, yet finding ONE who was NOT a Deputy was akin to pulling teeth. NTSH

Houses imported from China, contractors left in the dark, only a “promised few” will be able to install and erect them. NTSH

A Republic is being forced down throats at break neck speed but yet we promote the gospel of consulting and engaging stakeholders. NTSH

Four sitting MPs retire, two sitting MPs castigate their boss in parliament and gag orders seem to be the order of the day. NTSH

A Minister and a Chief says online learning is going well. A million Frenchmen know otherwise. NTSH

On Moe minister takes 8 months off with full pay and no repercussions. NTSH

In December we said tourists must come, in January we said one death is too much, in October it’s we have to live with it. NTSH

Visitor protocols changed overnight without consultation. BAMP in the dark. 300+ cases and deaths continue daily. NTSH

The best candidate to market a Barbadian product is actually a German-Canadian. NTSH

Once upon a time MAM proclaimed MM as horrible, corrupt and deserving of jail. My how things change. NTSH

A candidate is publicly chosen and endorsed, then the branch is told you now have to decide if it is O-Kay. NTSH

We should all get a dollar when a Minister lies to our faces and says “I am not aware of that, I will have to look into it, I don’t know what you are talking about.” NTSH

Oh and before I forget….the decades old Kingsland Estates matter is adjudicated with half billion dollars going to the plaintiff while implicating local “power players” in fraud, deceit and corruption over many many years. But hey! Clearly, there’s nothing to see here.

Anyhow, don’t think about it too long folks. Pretend you didn’t read this because after all…no matter how bad it gets, how many lies are told, how many mistakes are made, and how much we are made to look like fools…THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

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  1. .they have information that can help the Black population and REFUSE to SAY a word, much prefer to see their people suffering, in financial and emotional distress, trauma and injury…

  2. Miller…with all the stupid talk….i dare any one of them to post that they NEVER LIED IN THEIR LIVES….been waiting for weeks to see one of the BELLLOWING LIARS post that….but even they know that is carrying BULLSHIT TOO FAR…

  3. And to make ya even more REPULSIVE yall would sit and watch ya people be robbed and murdered and DON’T SAY A WORD….with ya fake asses, so when you want to point fingers take a good long hard look at ya OWN STINK SELVES…

    i fought a hell of a battle with yall fraud system for 11 years….so know well how ya think…

  4. but got the nerve to call other people liar and fraud…yall aint got no shame…too SELF-HATING…….ya need a cleansing in mind and spirit….ya lost…and wandering around in PURE DARKNESS….just like those ya worship and follow….satan’s spawn..

  5. Progress, at last! We have an admission, of sorts!

    Now you have me racking my brain and pulling up the few lies I have told over the course of more than fifty years of life.

    I cannot account for any lie I told as a toddler but the first one that I can remember telling was when I was six years old and it involved the overspending of six cents. I told my mother I had lost it. She advised me to never try lying again because I was simply no good at it. Couldn’t look her in the eye, you see. I realised it was too uncomfortable for me to lie and not worth the effort.

    The next lie I told was at the age of eighteen to a prospective employer. I had mixed up the dates for the interview and had to reschedule. My father told me to make up some excuse. I don’t think I pulled that one off either.

    The next lie was at the age of twenty-nine. Told my boyfriend a lie because I thought he deserved it. That one I pulled off because I felt justified in doing it at the time AND it was over the phone. However, a few days later, I felt uncomfortable and fessed up. He agreed that he deserved it and behaved as though it never happened.

    The next lie I told was some time in my thirties. My cousin and workmate was pregnant and so was my sister-in-law. Every day my cousin would ask me how my sister-in-law was doing until eventually my niece was born and died four hours later.

    I knew how my cousin would react if I told her the baby had died. I knew she would start worrying about her own baby. So every day for several weeks she would ask me for my niece and I would smile and tell her how wonderfully she was doing.

    It was only after she came back from her maternity leave that I revealed the truth to her. She thanked me profusely.

    That one I obviously pulled off because I felt no guilt in doing so.

    I believe there were a couple of other instances in my life where I did not volunteer the truth but did not actually tell a lie. And if ever I was confronted with the truth I did not deny it.

    But I can guarantee you that I have NEVER “borne false witness” against anyone or caused trouble for anyone with a lie.

    And just as I am a good actress but a poor liar, I am also only able to pretend onstage.

    BU is not a stage.

    If what I have revealed here makes you feel justified in what you do, then carry on not so smartly!

  6. All the crazy election talk has had an effect.
    Voted today. It was more complicated than previously even with the increasing use of technology. Before it was mostly paper, but now information was being entered in the computer.

    Wait, you voted over there and want to vote over here as well? YES. It is not my fault that you cannot vote over here.

  7. I used to be a champion liar
    when I was youth
    I would open my mouth
    and speak off the top of my head
    just freestyling spontaneously
    but went cold turkey
    and kicked the habit
    biggest problem with lying
    is remembering all your lies
    over time people contradict themselves

    Michael Buffer – Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!!!

    Meanwhile the BU WWE ladies wrestling fight saga rivalry continues
    Everyone is buying WURA-War-on-U or Donna Tea Shirts

  8. That is what you took from the above?


    You find what I wrote to be material for your next book??? What will its title be? Psychosis – The Girl who Cannot Lie. A study of a mind uncomfortable with lying.


    You need help. Seriously. Anybody who cannot see that also needs help.

    You can ease up on the threats. You do not frighten me. Damaged Goods Donna already gave you what you and many stupid others would see as ammunition.

    Whereas I see nothing to hide. Never have.

    It is attitudes such as yours that cause people not to seek the help they need for depression Many of them end up dangling from a rope.

    Not me doah doah!

    🎵I made it through the rain🎶 like Barry Manilow.


  9. People who always instantly accuse other people of being liars in disputes
    are the biggest liars

    it is not an argument it is an emotional stand

  10. 555,

    I thought that since she admitted to being a liar, we were making some progress.

    Alas! I was wrong. Toxicity Woman spews again!

    I have had enough. I don’t drink or smoke weed and since Charley Watts died I have not been able to listen to my music. Too sad.

    There is only so much toxicity I can take.

    Changing channels…..

  11. have been so progressively and positively busy these days, creatives tend to get caught up, forgot to pass by and 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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