Jamaica JOINS the USA to Snub Caricom, Again

The blogmaster has been observing the blowback to the visit by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Jamaica where a few countries in the region were invited to participate. Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s triggered the exchanges when she announced what any sensible person in the region should support.

I am conscious that if this country does not stand for something, then it will fall for anything,” she said. “As chairman of Caricom, it is impossible for me to agree that my foreign minister should attend a meeting with anyone to which members of Caricom are not invited.

Prime Minister of Barbados – Mia Mottley

Prime Minister Holness of Jamaica gave a flowery and empty explanation in response to Prime Minister Mottley and other countries in the region that took exception to the snub by Jamaica and the USA to CARICOM. Jamaica has the right as a sovereign nation to pursue bilateral initiatives with another country – why did Holness feel compelled to state an obvious point? The issue Mr. Prime Minister Holness is that Jamaica is a member of CARICOM. What is CARICOM you may ask? Here is a snippet to serve as a reminder:

…CARICOM rests on four main pillars: economic integration; foreign policy coordination;human and social development; and security.  These pillars  underpin  the  stated objectives of our  Community –

  •  to improve standards of living and work;
  •  the full employment of labor and other factors of production;
  •  accelerated, coordinated and sustained economic development and convergence;
  •  expansion of trade and economic relations with Third States;
  •  enhanced levels of international competitiveness;
  •  organization for increased production and productivity;
  • achievement of a greater measure of economic leverage;
  • effectiveness of Member States in dealing with Third States, groups of States and entities of any description;and
  • the enhanced coordination of Member States’ foreign and foreign economic policies and enhanced functional cooperation…


The post meeting briefing was littered with references to CARICOM which confirm matters pertaining to the regional movement were discussed. This supports Mottley’s position that Caricom should have been FORMALLY accorded an invitation and at ‘minimum’ Mottley as Chair represent members in the spirit of enhancing coordination of Member States’ foreign and foreign economic policies and enhanced functional cooperation

The quote from the St. Kitts and Nevis representative Foreign Affairs Minister Mark Brantley sums up the current state of Caricom for the blogmaster:-

I think we would have been foolish to pass up on that opportunity. The US has been a good friend to the region, and I think it is a relationship that matters,” he said, while acknowledging that St Kitts and Nevis was not at the table for earlier talks between US President Donald Trump and a select regional group in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, centred on trade and security.

The Gleaner

A reminder this is the second time the USA snubbed Caricom.




  • Rg you have demonstrated in your comment that bajan stlye of crabs in the barrel is alive and well
    So what so wrong with a person boasting about their success in life
    If u choose not to do so it is your right
    Same right given to those who choose to hoist there’s
    It seems u have too many bees living in your bonnet
    Time to call an exterminator
    U can have the last word


  • We can rely on some of you that even if you are given leeway to digress in discussion your sense of being reasonable is non existent. You lot just go on and on on every blog about the same BS. It makes one wonder.


  • RG

    I don’t hear rich people bragging about how much money they have, or academics keep reminding us how bright they are. I don’t hear people who have good jobs bragging that they do.

    Anytime people have to CONSTANTLY brag about themselves, it usually means they are not satisfied with themselves, not comfortable with who they are. They are not only trying to impress others, they are actually trying to CONVINCE themselves they are the person they were hoping to become.

    In other words, I long realize you are a FRAUD, an under achiever, a failure, a classic example of someone punching above his weight. A man PLAYING HEAVY, but WEIGHING LIGHT. You have champagne taste and mauby pockets.


    @Robert Lucas
    @Peter Thompson
    @Walter Blackman
    @Dr, GP
    @Grenville Philips 11

    In most instances I have read their school backgrounds, qualifications, work experience, knowledge, and expertise shared several times on BU from their own keyboards.

    Your silly efforts of maligning others are not working, as you will always seek to discredit others who don’t fall in line with your way of thinking.

    However, it is pretty clear you have a small-minded mentality and still operating brain-wise on the level of a 3-year-old.


  • Well now at least we know the names.

    “Rebecca Theodore Bernard Hurtault . If you don’t, the people of the Caribbean will. Anything to give to get Skerrit, Gonsalves, Keith Mitchell, Gaston Browne and Mia Mottley as far away from Caribbean leadership as we possibly can.”


  • fortyacresandamule

    Where should I start. Caricom countries are seen as a nuisance to the USA foreign policy when it comes to Venezuela and China. Petrocaribe and Chinese investments have been a positive for the region. What similar gesture or investment has america done in the region? Nada! The only thing we in the region have ”benefited” from is the illegal small arms trafficking coming out of the USA and the consequential increase in the homicidal rate.

    With a president who is unstable and child-like in his behavior, one has to proceed with caution. Handing out sanctions like candies have become the new mantra of the regime in Washington.


  • fortyacresandamule

    Jamaica would have a lot to use from a USA sanction. The USA just last year, have described cuba medical service export program has human trafficking. A target of sanction. Go figure.


  • fortyacresandamule

    correction: Jamaica would have a lot to lose.


  • @ Baje

    This is too easy. You’re too easily riled up.

    The people you mentioned don’t go on and on and on about themselves, on EVERY TOPIC, the way YOU do. If that’s maligning people, who cares.

    But, I’m NOT SURPRISED you took the time to respond AT LENGTH.

    I thought a MATURE person would have IGNORED a small minded mentality person who you say is still operating brain-wise on the level of a 3-year-old.

    Birds of a feather???????


  • fortyacresandamule

    How many caribbean countries could endure a USA sanction? With our love for the neon lights and the craving for the good life…we wouldn’t last for a month. The people would riot. The cuban people have over fifty years of social conditioning to tame those insatiable materialistic desires, wants, and impulses.


  • @fortyacres

    We are a people addicted to consumption behaviour, things. It informs almost all the decisions we make.


  • fortyacresandamule

    @Exactly. The overwhelming majority among us on have this insatiable appetite for the so-called good life, whose materialistic comfort, is not our creation, but rather, the ingenuity of foreigners such that, they wouldn’t sacrifice nothing not to have it. Even if it means sacrificing their own mothers in the process is fair game.


  • Why does the dirty judiciary in Barbados always have to victimize the victims.


    “Almost a decade after accusing two cops of sexually assaulting her while she was detained at a police station in Bridgetown, Barbados, a Jamaican woman has grown “frustrated and tired” as she has yet be given an opportunity to tell her story in a court of law.

    The incident occurred in February 2010, but came to regional attention in April 2011, less than a month after another Jamaican, Shanique Myrie, arrived in Barbados and was subjected to demeaning cavity searches by a female immigration officer. By 2014, Myrie had taken the matter to the Caribbean Court of Justice and was awarded damages for breaches of her rights.

    But, on Friday, the woman involved in the earlier incident said, despite serving a sentence for a crime she admitted she committed in naivety, it has taken her 10 years to see a either a criminal or civil trial date set for the cops in the Eastern Caribbean country’s courts.

    “I am very frustrated and tired. I admit that what I did was wrong, but what those police did to me was even more wrong. I need my day in court to face those who abused me and made me feel like less than a human being. [For them] to be held accountable. Why is it taking so long?” the woman, who was 27 at the time of her alleged assault, said as she spoke with The Sunday Gleaner.”


  • Caricom (and Jamaica) can either go along with USA or go away from USA

    either way you get screwed and spat out in bubbles

    you may as well do what you want

    be true to yourself


  • fortyacresandamule

    Jamaica’s leadership have never taken regional integration serious. They see their prosperity tied to the north. Just a curious observation, With the exception of UWI, Mona all CARICOM regional bodies are located outside Jamaica. Why is that? while for some strange reason over 90% of caricom regional bodies are domiciled in Barbados. The largest English speaking country in CARICOM would have lobbied to have more regional bodies domiciled on its shores if it was serious about regional integration.

    Guyana in a few years time will be the big dog in town. The caribbean Qatar. All roads will lead to Guyana. So how liitle Qatar is very influential wordwide.They even managed to buy the FIFA world cup. Guyana will wheel has much influence regionally.


  • fortyacresandamule

    The only country today that the USA can’t hurt that much economically or militaily is North Korea. Why ? Besides from having nuclear arsenals, North cut has no interconnection with the global financial system and the WTO system.The western world have been pushing for free trade and globalization for their ONE WORLD ORDER agenda. As countries become entwined in this ecosystem of interdependency they basically lose their sovereignty over time. When the USA say JUMP! you ask how HIGH. Hal Austin take on the collapse of the nation state, is along these lines of observation.

    Therefore to free yourself from USA hegemony, you first need to procure nuclear weapons and then decouple yourself from the international financial and free trading system. Crytocurrency and blockchain technology is a good alternative for the future.


  • All these stupid Caribbean leaders ever do is continue to expose their very vulnerable black populations to some very dangerous and evil people. They can never see a better or safer way.



  • @40acres
    nuhbuddy wanted to live in Jca….so the HO’s were elsewhere….since nowhere is safe any longer, it is more ‘spread around’ these days.


  • I actually see this writer’s point…..jumped out too hot and sweaty. Making most believe that there was definitely something else at play,

    “Holness hit it! Mottley missed it!

    In my first column for the new year I referenced a couple of issues that, for me, brought hope for possible real change for Jamaica. We are still in January with a few more signs for hope from a few more situations. The hot topic that has caused controversy for some is the visit of the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The primary point of controversy is the head of Caricom and prime minister of Barbados, Mia Mottley’s charging that the meeting was an attempt by the USA to divide the region seeing all countries had not been invited. It is reported that she defends her position on a remark made decades ago by Barbados’ first prime minister, Errol Barrow, that: “We shall be friends of all and satellites of none.” Mottley added, “This region must always check itself to ensure that we do not become the pawns of others… pawns on a chessboard for others to be able to benefit from.”

    Whereas I subscribe to her right to her opinion, I object to a perceived inference that Holness, and any other State represented at the meeting, are pawns. She further asserts that her stance is on a point of principle. This suggests that the others have none. Prime Minister Mottley missed it on this one.

    One can only stand on principle when one has facts and not assumptions. A cardinal rule for good human relationships is not to judge motive where intent is not stated. Same holds for good diplomatic relations. Unless the Barbados prime minister knows what we don’t, her position could be more divisive than attending and stating her objection to guide the future if the assumptions are found to be correct. As chairman of the region better wisdom would be to attend and rebuke where necessary. But if she found her assumptions were wrong, use the opportunity to properly advocate for the best interest of the people of the region.”


  • The licks still flowing like peas on Mia backside since she opened her mouth and accused the USA of dividing Caricom
    Today one editorial gave Mia advice to the effect of telling her to pursue facts before opening her mouth


  • As a diplomat Mia is not too bright as a rubble rouser she gets top honours
    Her words have offended many in the Caricom
    The few handful of leaders who tagged along with her has kept silent
    Not one stepping up to defend her words
    Meanwhile editorial after editorial have seized the opportunity to whip lashed her mouthings as nonsense


  • fortyacresandamule

    Historically the USA, like most hegemonic states in history, have always used the divide and conquer principle in their foreign diplomacy strategy. Their foreign policy view all nations south of the USA mainland an extention of their back yard. And therefore are seen has a threat to the mainland, if countries in the region are allies with america’s enemies. Talk about hubris and paranoia.

    China largest single investment in the caribbean is the US$ 2.5 billion Bah Mar hotel in the Bahamas. China have invested billions in jamaica’s economy ( toll road, sugar, housing, construction) What have the USA done? countries need investment and jobs and that is what matters fundamentally. The Trump white house is living in an alternative reality. A kind of upside down parallel universe.

    Pompeo’s crticism about environmental damage and chinese investment especially, coming from an administration who withdrew from the Paris agreement and a president who believes climate change is some conspiracy theory is just nuts.


  • PM of Jamaica Holness did not make it to the HoGs meeting in Barbados. No surprises here.



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