Mottley, Macron and neoliberal globalization

The following was submitted by Tee White from the Caribbean Empowerment blog.

Prime Minister Mia Mottley, Macron and neoliberal globalisation

By Tee White

Prime Minister Mia Mottley (l) and President Emmanuel Macron (r)

Barbadian Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, has emerged on the international scene as one of the most visible supporters of the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact, which recently concluded in Paris. The summit, which was hosted by French president Emmanuel Macron, took place from 22-23 June under the twin themes of building a new consensus for a more inclusive international financial system and advancing towards achieving the United Nations Agenda 2030 sustainable development goals.

These goals, set in 2015, were a continuation of the UN’s Millennium Goals, adopted in 2000. Both sets of goals are presented as measures to end global poverty. However, in contrast to the high sounding UN aspirations and conferences, a large part of the world’s population remain trapped in both poverty and inequality. 

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101 thoughts on “Mottley, Macron and neoliberal globalization

  1. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    T-White you have a very nice blog. Congratulations.

    Would love to comment, but i stay out of geopolitics..all forms…am sure Pacha etc will do this thread justice..

  2. All comments on the net are captured for analysis like a google search.

    All wars have multiple agendas such as spying on people, weaponisation of technologies, profits, global politics, getting a foothold in remote regions.

    Gaining a Foothold in power influence business
    Is Mia being used by the West as a stepping stone to Africa.
    She is open minded about dealing with China and the rise of the East.
    She seems to stand for Social Justice.

    Neoliberalism is contemporarily used to refer to market-oriented reform policies such as “eliminating price controls, deregulating capital markets, lowering trade barriers” and reducing, especially through privatization and austerity, state influence in the economy.

    Nature Boy Re:Generation

  3. African Development

    Africa and the BRICS: a Win-Win Partnership?
    The BRICS are now Africa’s largest trading partners.

    Legacy of colonialism in Africa has divided and ear-marked the resource rich Continent into British and French territories.

    China is a significant source of investment for African development.

    Russia seems to be popular with as a strategic ally in Africa in places like South Africa and Burkina Faso. The latest coup in Burkina Faso saw young people waving Russian flags in the streets of the capital, Ouagadougou (2022).

    The Western propaganda machine is cock blocking these relationships.

    Brazilian Love Song

    • Say what you will about Mia, she is speaking out. Mottley: Caricom integration incomplete
      THE CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY has been a humanising influence on the rest of the world, Barbados Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley said yesterday.
      Speaking to reporters, Mottley said CARICOM had been capable of bringing about “appreciative development for hundreds of thousands of our people”.
      “Even though we have challenges ahead of us . . . the dream [of integration] is still very much alive. But at least we know we are going in the right direction,” she said.
      Former Commonwealth Secretary General and author of the Time For Action report on CARICOM integration, Sir Shridath Ramphal, who was at Chaguaramas 50 years ago when the Treaty of Chaguaramas was signed, said 50 years later the region was still hoping for oneness “or do we write hoping for one ones. We are already one . . . . One people . . . . But our CARICOM unity is incomplete. We have,
      let us admit it, we have allowed our separateness too much space. We have missed out too often on the time for action. There have been too many pauses, too much accord in principle but not enough resolve in action. Still at 50 years, our Chaguaramas dream of integration remains a dream,” he said.
      He said CARICOM was “very worthily helping the world to survive. But we are faltering among ourselves. You are not underlings, nor were those who sat there for the last 50 years,” he said. He said the hope is in ourselves and men at some time are masters of their fates.
      “Let that time come for CARICOM. Let the real of Chaguaramas be fulfilled. Let your visit today to the shrine of integration signify an intent for progressive action,” he said.
      (Trinidad Express)

      Source: Nation

    • IMF continues to give Barbados a pass mark.


      Barbados: First Reviews Under the Extended Fund Facility and Under the Resilience and Sustainability Facility, Requests for Modification of Performance Criteria and Reform Measures, and Rephasing of Access Under the Resilience and Sustainability Facility-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Barbados

      Publication Date:

      July 5, 2023

      Electronic Access:

      Free Download.


      After successfully weathering a series of shocks in recent years, the Barbadian economy is recovering strongly driven by a rebound in tourism and related activities. Public debt was brought back onto a downward trajectory and international reserves have risen to over 7 months of imports. The authorities are making good progress in implementing their updated Economic Recovery and Transformation (BERT) plan and their ambitious climate policy agenda. Following the completion of the 2018-22 Extended Fund Facility (EFF), a successor 36-month EFF arrangement along with a Resilience and Sustainability Facility (RSF) were approved in December 2022. The authorities are strongly committed to strengthen fiscal sustainability, advance structural reforms, and increase resilience to climate change and natural disasters.

    • Bank to have third deputy governor
      GOVERNMENT IS ENHANCING governance at the Central Bank of Barbados through provision of the appointment of a third deputy governor in an amendment to the 2020 Central Bank Act.
      While introducing the Central Bank (Amendment) Bill 2023 in the House of Assembly yesterday, Minister in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs Ryan Straughn described it as a measure to restore public confidence in the operation of the bank.
      The third deputy Central Bank governor will give support to the responsibilities of the governor and his two existing deputies.
      Straughn also drew attention to an amendment to increase the membership of the Central Bank board from five to six.
      He took advantage of yesterday’s debate to offer “public thanks and gratitude” to former Governor Cleviston Haynes for leading the bank through what he described as “a very, very critical time” in Barbados’ history prior to the Barbados Labour Party administration taking office.
      Substantive deputy
      “It could not have been
      easy, given what we are amending here to introduce, given that when he (Haynes) was substantively a deputy governor at the bank, that he was excluded from the operations of the bank in a way that you would appreciate, from an institutional perspective, really is not healthy.
      “Mr Haynes led the bank with grace and honour through a very turbulent time and it is important that as we seek to reassure Barbadians that as a Government, we have been committed to rebuilding the institutional strength that hitherto contributed positively to the development of Barbados,” Straughn said.
      He added that through the work being done at the bank, Government aimed to reassure the public that the Central Bank “is actually acting in the interest of the country as opposed to colluding with respect to the practice of fiscal indiscipline . . . .”
      One of the amendments stipulates that deputy governors should have the right to attend board meetings as ex-officio members without the right to vote, as part of ensuring that there is transparency and openness with respect to the operation of the bank. (GC)

      Source: Nation

  4. Perhaps I should have read Tee’s blog for the full article first
    regardless some of my musings above concur with his/hers

  5. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Oh i can discourse on caricom’s REFUSAL to integrate….they are all crabs in a barrel…lording it over little begging borrowng dependent fiefdoms just because they were GIVEN control over the people…they are worthless, no use to those they tricked into voting for them, that’s the bottomline ..

    ..Empire, not backward powerless them…and their small island bottomfeeding…will have to sort that out…the corrupt and powerful foolish parlisment bums, never will..

    Right now they are grabbing at footholds to commit BIGGER anti-human crimes…they .know their dummy Slaves in their dependent state cant see and wont stop them…but everyone else SEES THEM as clear as day…and will…

    Fine one to talk after sitting as caricom chair for 6 months and setting up strawberry slavery for the young people in Barbados and the trap them in UK and EU…..videos still available…wicked.

  6. MAM is on target more often than she isn’t. She is playing the likes of Macron well.
    Shoving their rhetoric back at them.
    Macron has a whole set of issues he would dearly like to pawn off to others. If MAM helps him, while helping herself, all the power to her.

    • @Frank

      Exactly, she is deflecting their speak back at them. A simple and effective tactic. How can they attack their positions on record?

  7. I know that I say a lot, but I am fully aware of my impotence/lack of power.
    Hopefully Mia has her own metrics and knows the limit of her power. The acclaims of hangers-on and party faithful are not a useful measure of anything.

  8. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Slaveminds always agree with each other….always headed in the WRONG direction..

  9. I se that some are proclaiming the death of Ronnie O. They even have their desired candidates. My one comment to the DLP faithful is this..

    If BLP supporters/party faithul/pundits pick your leader for you then that will gaurantee a next five years in the wilderness for the DLP.

    The questions to ask are these:
    Who is speaking?
    Who are they speaking for?
    Does it strength
    Does this unify the party or further divides it?
    Does it strengthen any of the players or renders them all weak?
    Does this assault benefits Mia?
    Is there and real/content or new matter in this political assault?

    Yes, my friends, read the articles but read them carefully. Then try to examine what motivates the article don’t fall for the Messianic Mia Messaging Machine (MMM). Mia’s Push of Political Propaganda to the Population (MPPPP) must be resisted.
    The Letters for today
    MMMM – Mia’s Messianic Messaging Machine (MMM)
    MPPPP- Mia’s Push of Political Propaganda to the Population
    The message for today — If it starts with Mia, it is bad for you

  10. When ya have to talk ya GUTS OUT everywhere to convince and fool people ya have power when that is NOT how real power derives.. no one is fooled…

    ….ya cant complain when only the foolish, unknowkedgeable, misinformed, directionless Slaves believe ya, when they dont even count…they are just as lost..

    Saw a very well written comment last night describing all these frauds to a T….and imploring the people to GET RID OF THEM cause they will never want to leave willingly, though the mass majority do not want them…the intelligent people are wide awake.

  11. Excuse me! Excuse me!
    I got a questun.
    How dis blak belly sheep thing gun wirk?

    I been studyin it for days and cannot come up with a ansur. De Only thing I see happening is dese sheep getting frequent flyer miles … almost as much as Mia.

    Could somebody tell me de plan. We send dem Guyana, den Guyana send dem back, den what?

    But Guyana bigger than we.. in a year or two we still got just 2 sheep and Guyana got 2 million. I doan get de plan.

    Next thing I gun see is the leaders of two Republic together. Xi an Mi… I hear she gun drop de a from Mia
    Help. Pleez

  12. Two announcements
    Do you remember the kid show “Where on earth is Carmen San Diego?”

    (1) We believe that the term Leader is more honorific and accurate and will now use it.

    (2) We have found it necessary to post a “where on earth is our Leader Mi? Our efforts to track this official has not met with success.

    (3) At 280,000 frequent flyer miles, Leader Mi has been to moon and back. Welcome home Leader Mi.

  13. Did you notice that I asked for hep and received an insult from the blogmaster. I also got an insult from our fearless leader office.

    Note from fearless Leader Office.
    “We know you are an idiot.. 280K miles is a one way trip to the moon”

    I need your help in choosing an appropriate response
    Me to leader Mi’s Office (help me choose one)
    (1) “Are you still there? If yes, don’t hurry back”
    (2)Why didn’t you stay there? How did you get back here
    (3) 280,00 miles in the same direction should get you back here

    Is it possible that the blogmaster is in Leadewr Mi’s office sending out insults (even to his greatest fan). Seems as if he traded in
    “Put Barbados first”
    “Put Leader Mi first”.

    Gotta go. Need to do something for someone that I fear much more than Leader Mi. Did I tell you we did 33 years a few days ago.

  14. Not Mottley directly

    But the West, Macron and the blatantly fascists White people therein who for decades pretended to be democratic, anti-fascist, when in truth and in fact White people have always been fascist as a dominant central tendency.

    Of course, the Black apologists, the pragmatic-nationalists, the racists here and others will be quick to cite the “exceptions” which prove the rule.

    That is for such lackeys. We deal woth general social tendencies, histories, etc.

    This is now of supreme importance. For as neoliberalism fails on the steppes of the Ukraine the West is supporting their defeated fascists to attack the largest nuclear power plant in Asia/Europe and set off what would be a dirty or nuclear BOMB, a false flag operation, and then blame it on Russia. The conditions for such have been prepared amongst the whore houses for media in the West.

    Unfortunately, the RF plays us no mind with our year’s long call for the application of that much needed remedy to these albinos. Putin keeps fecking around and around before he drives the big deckie in these devils, a priori!

    The Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant’s explosion is a desperate attempt by the West to save empire. But it shall fail.

    But as long as some island economic whore, Mottley, can try to pick the pocket of empire, even as it goes to hell. It’s just another day in paradise.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      TLSN….maybe it’s time those addicted to the world stage give up their Prime Servant job and focus on the worldstage ONLY ….then they will have more time to run hither and yon and wont have to worry about properly managing a country….a job they were ELECTED to do and NEGLECTED from Day 1..

      …they obviously cant multitask…none of the pretenders in the parliament ever could….

      What use is any of them……i would want back my money paid to them in salary….which NONE EARNED…they have misrepresented what they could do and turned the island into the junkyard in their addled heads..

      Pacha…you may be on to something….destroy the island DELIBERATELY and then make a bid to weasel billions from their employer…

  15. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…TLSN…situation is now dire, people are crying out…too many suicides, too many murders, too much UNEMPLOYMENT and NO HOPE for the younger generations….too much MENTAL ILLNESS…

    ….just saw an image, refused to watch the video of an elderly lady walking down the street, someone said Martindale’s Rd…stark naked, nonchalantly strolling along.

    ..the island is A FAILURE, no one cares, no one is paying attention…poverty levels are EXTREMELY HIGH and likely attributing to the uptick in SUICIDES..

    3 suicides in one week…

    …parliament FRAUDS are drawing big salaries and REFUSE to take care of the Afrikan population…neglectimg children women and men….only looking to self promote….and coveting billions and trillions that DONT BELONG TO THEM….too busy on the worldstage and not focusing on the people who elected them as PRIME SERVANTS…as a 32 year old just said…how did they get so damn IGNORANT…

    Let them keep up the world stage act…they need REMOVING…too useless..

    Another spectacle…how is it that the those with the least intelligence, always on social media giving people lip and attacking but have NO CLUE what is really going on in the REAL world and trying to make it up….using their smalminded uneducated shit…..another embarrassment.

  16. Waru


    Neoliberalism and financialization, to which Mottley and this government are firmly tethered, can only continue to circulate the same dated, failed, bullshit.

    People? What people? Mere window dressing, we are afraid!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Situation is real bad, and looking more and more like it was engineered…

      … they too want money to showoff with and tief….money that is not and never will be theirs…..

      …and the same Afrikan population will still get nothing or benefit in any way…

  17. One here has previously compared Mottley with Putin as leaders on the same plane.

    Certainly, these are like chalk and cheese. Putin being the cheese, of course.

    This is where a financialized respectability gets you. To the uttering of such “punching above your weight” BS.

    These dog and pony shows with which Mottley has littered the world have no meaning beyond begging for a daily bread.

    While Putin is staying in Russia and almost singlehandedly rebuilding the the world free of the minstrels like Mottley and the foolishness she espouses.

    For when she is gone we’ll be no better off than we’ve been now the man who had us presuming to be punching in a different weight class was a reality, left us in the poor house with debt.

    While Vladimir Putin has already eclipsed all previous Russian leaders – ever, as measured by most metrics.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved on said:

      That was a direct insult to Putin or any progressive forward thinking, intelligent, real leader with long term vision of development in mind that benefits the majority..

  18. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Dont understand why they believe begging, borrowing and depending places them a cut about the rest…..the rest of what…..they can only be comparing themselves to historical failures…

    .none of them from the 1920s coming forward, barring the very few whom they either exiled or sent to early graves so they can rush to the front like crabs, have ever done anything breathtaking or exceptional…..they are only capable of the filthy legacies passed down and eagerly adopted as templates for the corrupt.

    Puppets and minions are just that…nothing spectacular..particularly when they insert their twisted agendas.

  19. Its amazing how the zionists could enter Jenin refugee camp. Injure 100s kill dozens. And hardly any coverage by the presstitutes.

    But Israel has carte blanche to do anything to the Palestinians. They are fascists covered by the fascist Western states.

    Even as Mottley has a photo op. We’ll bet that not one of these “important” world leaders would have been reminded of the illegalities of Israel, as under the Geneva Conventions.

    But some blood is more valuable than others. The blood of the Nazis in Ukraine, Western proxies, is far more valuable than that of Palestinian children being genocided on their own land. Under the misbelief that a real estate agent for a god gave those who constructive such false narratives the lands of the Palestinians people.

    We promise, recompense is coming! The Zionists shall be uprooted and left without branch or limb. We promise!

  20. Knowledge – Population
    They claim seh they hold I
    (What a day when I jump for victory)
    Yes, in higher cultural glory
    (That’s when I will be free)
    And I’m a telling you, from this carry beyond
    (Don’t mention Babylon)
    No, ’cause it will break meditation
    (From doing right to the wrong)

    An’ I’m a say, some will bounce like ball
    (Others will rise and fall)
    An’ I’m a say that they rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)
    An’ I know they rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)
    I say, they rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)


    They build their heavens here
    (And still they live in fear)
    And let me tell you now, they build their heavens here
    (And still they live in fear)
    And I know they go to their bed at nights
    (They’re wishing for day to light)
    An’ I say, they wake up in the morning
    (They’ll get breakfast in bed)
    And I know they don’t care a damn, no they don’t
    (If the hungry be fed)

    That’s why I’m saying that
    They rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)
    Yeah, they rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)

    I know, they build their heavens here
    (And still they live in fear)
    An’ I’mma telling you, now who don’t want come stay
    (All I know I’m gonna pray)
    I say, who don’t want come stay
    (All I know I’m gonna pray)

    I’m gonna leave this place
    (It full of shameful faces)
    I say, they go to their bed at nights
    (They’re wishing for day to light)
    Come forth and they go to their bed at night
    (They’re wishing for day to light)
    An’ I know, they wake up in the morning
    (They’ll get breakfast in bed)
    An’ I say they don’t care a damn, no they don’t
    (If the hungry be fed)

    That’s why I say
    They rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)
    I know, they rising for a fall
    (The population knows it all)

  21. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved.. on said:

    The frauds were still made very famous across continents….try reversing that….that’s the talk on everyone’s lips….go complain to Empire..

  22. Interesting titbit coming out of the just ended CARICOM conference. Chairman Skerritt announced that all categories of persons will be allowed to travel complete with contingent rights pending the clearing of legal hurdles. One of the challenges discussed in this forum over the years has been the inability to find cost effective travel solutions. It makes no sense freeing up travel and travel cost remains prohibitive. This is obviously a work in progress.

  23. Geopolitics vs. Politics
    Mia would tell you that there is no difference between Geopolitics and Politics
    They are two songs on the same riddim

  24. Musical chairs being played on the deck of theRepublic Ship Brassbados.
    Wunna continue to have fun…

  25. Well I went and read de blak belly sheep thing. Then I listened to a guy from Guyana.
    I ent too brite, but it looks like Guyana gonna tek your sheep and sell you a few pounds of meat. Dem gun teef wunna sheep.

    Dis will be wuss than sending cocoa to Europe and getting bak expensive chocolate. Yuh see the cocoa still remain in de tird wirld, but wid dis Guyana ting, all we sheep gone. Who thought lil Bo Peep was a prophesy?

    Leader Mi has lost our sheep,
    Guyana is where to find them;
    Leave them alone, let them come home,
    Dragging 10,000 Guyanese business men behind them.

  26. How is the black belly sheep deal any different to any other PARRO selling his family’s furniture to a casual passerby in order to buy a snack box?
    PARROs are PARROs … whether they are call ‘gearbox’ or ‘brassbados’.
    The common denominator is the inability to maintain themselves – far less their family…. and thus having to depend on the goodwill of others, and on the largesse of strangers.

    Suffering is the inevitable end for ALL PARROs…..

  27. “How is the black belly sheep deal any different to any other PARRO selling his family’s furniture to a casual passerby in order to buy a snack box?”

    Sheep multiply

    • Sheep multiply
      ….as do ‘furniture’ (assets) such as BNB, Sagicor, Sol, Bartel ….and every other shiite left in the house by Barrow and Adams.

      Brass bowls are now roaming the world begging for loans to FUND the multiplication of these now foreign owned furniture pieces…

    • @ Bush Tea

      We are here now. Those in seat have to do what to pay the bills given debt to gdp number? What we have seen is how the pandemic exposed years long economic policies for the region. You agree this is not a Barbados problem?

  28. Bushman…what can we say…with the slaves waiting for others to get robbed so they can laugh and feed off the crumbs…trying to cover up so VICTIMS can be taken by surprise…..the corrosion, decay and degradation of people and island is FINAL..

    They will regret it…

    Am not into slaves, cant stand them, but would round their useless eater,/breather asses up…they
    are enablers and criminal thieves just like their idol.

  29. Bushie

    Begging is right!

    However, somebody will soon argue that that is an industry.

    And that the DLP could not even beg🤣

    Simply amazing. That at the most proficious time in at least 500 years.

    At a time when industrial capitalism goes up against financial capitalism

    When both systems are at daggers-drawn.

    The best a socalled well-educated populace could do is to beg its bread.

    If this is not the time to find a way to earn an honorable living in this world, then when?

    At some point the national of Barbados will be wiped out by the actions of the new financial architecture. But not even that will make sense because we’ll be right here again. Circa 1994?

  30. Time Magazine is arguing ‘Historic Global Movement Gains Power in Barbados’

    ‘Reparations are Coming’.

    Not how all these Western countries so brek!!!!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Now they realized they spent the last 3 decades screwing up SO BADLY…they are pretending to lead global movement…

      …thieves liars and frauds, pretenders and impostors cant mislead me anywhere…only Slaves as usual would fall for that idiocy.

      …i made my position very clear everywhere given my ancestry……and not about to reduce myself to that extremely low level now…or at any time in the future…a step down…

  31. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright(c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    “Bajans suffering from mental illness need help.:

    From thy sat their foolish self on ITV London and said for the world and every slave master within shouting distance to hear that “Bajans are slaveminded”
    I told them you do not broadcast that unless you are willing to arrange phychiatric and psychological help for the ENTIRE population who have needed that assistance for the last hundred years of CRIMES AGAINST THEMSELVES, perpetrated by BLACK FACES…..which followed CENTURIES of terrible crimes…but not them..too busy slave master shopping….

    .the worldstage beckoned since then so they can embarrass themselves instead of taking care of the people who VOTED for them and PAY their hefty salaries..

    Even i needed some small assistance with certain reveals in the last 4 years…but since wannabes dont think Black people can feel anything…this is the cascading effect from that neglect.

    It will get much worse because the issues were NEVER addressed.

    “But not even that will make sense because we’ll be right here again. Circa 1994?”

    That’s the year they need to return to…the year they maliciously inserted themselves in Empire…because they know why…apparently all they cultivated was the art of begging…although that environment has much much more to offer….and begging borrowing and dependency is not one…if you carry certain levels of intelligence…

    • I get to realise you aint even born in Barbados. That is why you feel you have the right to come on BU and talk shyte bout Bajans.

    • Rihanna maybe born bout hey but she ain’t live hey.

      But uh can’t get dem who did to refuse the beggings from her once.

      All the foreigners who own everything and exert real power over dem, who born bout hey, don’t got nuh problems either.

      Wuh bout Ms Ram. She born bout hey.

      The Bajan is, and will always be, a slave.

  32. ITV Breakfast TV
    Roots and Reality
    Me no know..
    Perhaps the Mia ‘Monster’ was chatting to the Brits about Truth and Rights or perhaps she was chatting about some Bu posters who suffer from madness with gladness

  33. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright(c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha… it not REVEALING….that after i developed a THC formula to help me with my injuries and terrible pain…….while these beasts dragged me through the corrupt supreme court. …for 11 years, most other people even longer and still cant get their cases finished…..trying not to pay….they found out about my formula and started CHASING IT DOWN…like wicked minded crabs are known to do…

    After the case, and even before…i offered to help them with all the sicknesses that can be controlled…to help unburden the healthcare system, and ease the suffering… overwhelming amount..i saw for myself and even got involved in some severe cases…..but they wanted to TIEF MY FORMULA, parade it around like it’s theirs, same thing they did to PLT with the work from home gift to the PEOPLE on the island, taking credit for what they are intellectually INCAPABLE of creating. sure they would have run to Empire showing off it’s theirs and never tell them WHO created it, like the skunks they are known to be…and refused my help…cant tief it, dont want it, prefer the people to suffer…. with their stinking selves..

    …had i known then, these were the same envious CRABS trying to destroy me all those decades, i never would have offered…they can’t get any help from me in anything ever again…outside of their present exposure. ..for their evil ways..

    Were i some slaves who have no clue what’s going on in the real world….and looking for small minded talk..trying to insert themselves, as usual. ….i would stay in my slave hole.

  34. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    “Wuh bout Ms Ram. She born bout hey.

    The Bajan is, and will always be, a slave.”

    Sad they still convince themselves that centred people want to be part of their slave trap.that they are so proud about…… everyone sees clearly why minorities treat them like slaves…oppress and exploit them…their mindsets are magnets for replays..

    Even heard one dude discuss that in detail already…

    Look at their reactions to each other..they wont dare be that disrespectful to those who rob them daily with help from their idol……and we can guarantee the cycle will continue because that’s all their misleaders want..

    Shame and disgrace…a recipe for continued slavehood..and once you resist and want no part of it, you become the target of these branded idiots.

  35. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…and wont you know it…everyone should learn how to process it so they can make their own..

    “THC: The World’s Oldest Malaria Treatment?

    Traditional communities have used cannabis to manage malarial fevers for thousands of years, but how does its chemical structure inhibit parasite growth?”

  36. Dont know how much more embarrassment the people of Barbados can take before they act, but we will see the thresh hold soon.

  37. Yolande Grant -African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    People are marveling at how some blacks in Barbados who dont seem too right in the head, had/have the same experiences as other Caribbeans generationally, but want to segregate themselves as though they are somehow better….or different..

    ..same can be said about how they mistreat Barbadians who immigrate and return…as though they are strangers and not fellow Bajans…a clear s8gn of severe mental illness..

    An even clearer indication of real education withheld…..another embarrassing scenario..

  38. France, now embroiled by anti-racist demonstrations has always been the most racist place on earth.

    But for Mottley a good place to lay out the begging bowl.

    Has it not occurred to her that France, built on slavery, colonialism and the continued exploitation of Black countries, is unwilling to give up these criminal acts.

    This is what wokeism makes her bend to. The failure to accept the realities of procreation means that any other falsely constructed, even criminal notion, as is France, becomes an abnormal normalcy.

    At some time we’ll tell a tale what happened as this writer while running from one terminal to another at Charles Degaul Airport.

  39. @ Pacha
    If we had ANY pride as a Black Country, we would, as a matter of National policy, have NOTHING to do with France.
    Any review of their racial history, and in particular, their ongoing actions against Haiti, should place that country in a ‘hands off’ category for ALL black leaders.
    Macron probably sees some benefit in being associated with a black leader now because the growing black immigrant population in France has become a monster on their racists backs, and he needs some PR to moderate the vile image that his country has earned.

    Why MAM would sink to such depths after championing the African cause is interesting, and it brings her genuineness into question …in the bushman’s humble opinion.

    Reparations are a MUST…. as the reggae prophets have said….

    …and France will be UP FRONT when repayments (in pain and suffering – into the third and forth generation of demons) starts…

    • @Bush Tea

      We don’t deal with Fance, don’t deal with England the ‘Mother Cuntry’, don’t deal with the USA the mother of all hegemonist, we don’t deal with China ??. Who do we deal with then?

  40. Yes Bushie

    What makes things worse is that only today the French have changed the name of a high school named after Angela Davis.

    Davis, two years ago, stated the truth that France is systemically racist.

    And it was this very Mia Mottley and her crew who brought Davis to Barbados some years ago as a trophy of respectability then.

    The school will be renamed for Rosa Parks. The true nature of what racism is. To engage in all kinds of obfuscation.

    This montage locates Mottley as a mere play thing for empire. A play thing willing to whore and engage in any act required by empire.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright )c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha….after understanding their vile evil reasons for inserting themselves in Empire…no one forced them…they set themselves up for that..

      …remember all the crimes they committed against the Afrikan descended for the last hundred years right up until 2023………using Empire as COVER….welllll!!!!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      After all they have done, they are more than DESERVING….knowing what i now know, i refuse to pin this one on Empire….they did what they did voluntarily. Out of disdain, disrespect and no care for those who look like them….out of pure spite and wickedness. I have no use for such bottomfeeding types…no one who is sensible would.

      And for those who love to insert themselves to run interference…try stopping the information in my Kush Quarterly Editorial from being shared all over the world…from what am seeing, it’s unstoppable. They dont need to but still asking my permission to share EVERYWHERE…this will not be one of Barbados’ stinking secrets…this will go around the globe many, many times, this year, next year, the next and the next…..and reach places they can only dream of….that is the power of what was created to expose monsters and beasts…selfhating, covetous criminals who would do anything to STEAL WHAT IS NOT THEIRS…

  41. This reader would like to know what is meant by ‘deal with ‘. Surely, more detail can be provided to dispel the ‘one-sided’ cap in hand routine.

  42. @ David
    Only those with mental chains can see value in ‘dealing with’ those who not only expressed disdain for you and your ilk for 500 years, but who even now, take every possible opportunity to stab your back – while grinning in your face.

    You can continue to ‘deal’ with these demons while they take control of all your assets – just like they did in the old plantation days…

    While they isolate our banks…
    While they blacklist our donkeys…
    While they block our every effort at productive enterprise – from sugar and rum, to the offshore business.

    As Bob said, unless we can free our OWN minds, we can NEVER be free. We have become our OWN slavemasters….

    The ultimate Stockholm syndrome…

    • @Bush Tea

      Your philosophical position is understood. Where it becomes fuzzy is how can a SID like Barbados unplug from the global community given accumulated decisions that have led to current state.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      “We have become our OWN slavemasters….”

      Finally someone gets it…always bothered me why they slip so easily between slave and slave master roles…when they see someone Afrikan like them, they pretend superiority…but once any other riffraff group appears…they immediately turn Slave, begging, bowing, scraping……then i had that AHA moment and figured it out…

      They allowed fraudulent parliament rats to bend, mold and turn their already weak decayed minds into their biggest enemies…now they are too confused to untangle..

      Pacha…ya done know i was very vocal about that other VERY ugly scenario.

  43. Boss,
    Even an INDIVIDUAL, or a family, can ‘unplug’ from the brassbowlery that represents our current dilemma – far less a whole country.

    It is all in the MIND…. and the genesis is spiritual.
    The challenge is for us to break those mental chains that convince us that we are ‘bound’ to the albino-centric way….

    Our NATURAL inclination is actually diametrically opposite.
    Which is why we do so BADLY as “brass bowl albino centric wannabes”


    • @Bush Tea

      Wanted to hold you to discrete steps in a roadmap how to disrupt current flow but you seem reluctant. No pressure.

  44. Maybe we could start by recognizing that these are precisely the circumstances being fought over in the world currently, not doubling down on being a good slave, as is Mottley, and like Barbados has always been.

    • Didnt get them very far…end result = world stage FLOP.

  45. Waru

    Your insights are especially incisive.

    But that in this age where historical wrongs offer us the best chances of divine victory.

    That a so-called master right here could harken to a modern form of slavery which sees a PM traveling the world begging a country’s bread is equivalent to such a person demanding that people should be mandatorily vaccinated.

    What else could this be, at base, than slavery. A slavery where would-be leading slaves reject the demands of freedom and insist on remaining plantation bound.

    Weeeee say they worthy of death!

    • What pissed me off they are carrying their wicked long winded talkmeister shite talk to Afrika..

      ….Told Afrika straight up they are inviting curse and blight on the continent hosting that utter nonsense…they know the WHOLE story…they know it’s ALL FRAUD TALK…stop enabling it…or i will start believing they are colluding …and ya done know sometimes am not too gentle…..if they really want to do something…that is not it.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      A very long and involved death lasting as long as they carried out their crimes against others…

      Imagine in this 21st century Barbados is still running a fraudulent Slave narrative on the people on the island and diaspora region while KNOWING OUR Afrikan and European identities…

      Dont know how their foolish followers and supporters could accept that level of PURE EVIL coming from begging borrowing dependent politicians who have to beg them for votes to remain in a colonial parliament.

      It’s all very REPULSIVE ..and highlights how dangerous and untrustworthy the slave mind is when they are more than happy to accept this dehumanizing reduction of themselves and families so some jackass politician can promote themselves at their expense….it’s horrible and people are STUNNED that it’s allowed because of the idiocy of political popularity contests, the slaves would prefer be slaves so they can show adoration to nobodies…

  46. §
    I’m slaving everyday for my living
    I’m slaving so hard
    I’m working everyday in the coal mine
    I’m working so hard
    My wife and my kids are crying
    Crying so bad.
    My wife and my kids are crying
    They look so sad
    A man can get no money
    Can life be so funny?
    What’s wrong with my plans? Oh yeah
    Look like the sun don’t shine for me
    Well I trust the sun will shine for me
    Lord knows! Yeah, yeh!

  47. The Great Oba T’Shaka is on YouTube live, trying to reconnect Afrikan peoples to self, spirit.

    This is not ‘nostalgia’. This is about reality of self, spirit.

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Pacha ..i attended the Save the Children event… was crowded….Dr. Johnson gave an informative speech….ah even got a kiss…make fool Enuff jealous he did not get one too…lol

    El presidente de Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, recibió este sábado a la primera ministra de Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley, de visita oficial en el país suramericano para ampliar los vínculos políticos, la cooperación bilateral y la hermandad entre ambas naciones.

    Primera ministra de Barbados se reúne con vicepresidenta de Venezuela

    Tras arribar al Palacio de Miraflores, la jefa de Gobierno barbadense saludó al jefe de Estado venezolano y a la primera combatiente y diputada a la Asamblea Nacional, Cilia Flores.

    Luego de escucharse los himnos de ambas naciones, Amor Mottley pasó revista a la agrupación de ceremonia militar que le rindió los honores correspondientes a su alta investidura y el Presidente venezolano saludó a los integrantes de la delegación que acompaña a la premier barbadense.

    From France to Venezuela. Maybe there’s need for a private jet, given accompanying delegation and schedule.

    Maybe, missing from the readout are matters critical. Like Muduro, America’s arch foe, sitting on an ocean of oil, his proposed role in BRICS, The BRICS Bank, the BRICS reserve currency, PetroCaribe, Haiti and the like.

    On balance, we would not assign any shift in the strict adherence to Washington Consensus thinking.

    Maybe more begging tooooooo!

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      Boring beggars…

      No creativity, nothing spectacular or unique..

      ..ah heard if ya have 2 million US, you can get local residence…..more greedy lowlifes looking to suck on taxpayers, believing they are entitled..pushing the population further and further down the socio economic ladder…although they are already at rock bottom…a real hot topic tonight Pacha…the company was great…but the subject matter….hmmmm

      Barbados is a hot topic on people’s lips and it’s not flattering….but am so happy fuh dem..

    • Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

      It’s come to light…..was bound to….wee already knew…but now 100% confirmation…not one of politician, their followers or supporters can ever be trusted…. EVER…

      Better to know now..

      All my instincts were correct and on point…the Afrikan should not at any time be under the control of western house negros….or whatever wannabe name they call themselves these days…that’s strictly for slave minds to remain permanently trapped in………despicable dont begin to describe…Pacha..

    • @TLSN

      The story confirms how this region is seen through the eyes of the rich and famous. It is a playground.

    • In the 70s there was good trade between the two countries, language exchange opportunities, technical support, tourism etc.

      Direct Venezuela flights to resume
      GOVERNMENT HAS SIGNED several bilateral agreements with Venezuela, which will see the South American country providing a major boost to this country’s tourism, food security, and education.
      This was disclosed by Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Kerrie Symmonds, who told the DAILY NATION that among the more significant of the agreements was the restart of direct flights between Venezuela and Barbados. Additionally, 5 000 hectares will be made available to Barbadians in Venezuela, an offer that amounts to half of the arable land in Barbados. Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley and Symmonds made the visit to Caracas over the weekend to shore up these arrangements which have been in the making for some time.
      Noting the challenges that exist between Venezuela and United States, the move opens up to Barbados a market of about 30 million people that are in large measure cut off from the north Atlantic.
      “The air service agreement has now been renewed and this means that we will have the opportunity for direct flights between the two countries. We used to have it many years ago and it dropped off. Conviasa Airline will now fly to Barbados and those flight should begin some time during the third quarter of this year. The reason why we have strategically sought to link ourselves with Conviasa is because Venezuela is right next door to us, they are a market of approximately 30 million people,” said Symmonds who has returned to Barbados.
      He added: “This is a country where there are people who are able to travel, can afford to do so and are seeking recreational and sporting opportunities.
      They are seeking partnerships, cultural relationships and obviously along with travel comes business and trade. So we think it is important to rebuild that bridge as many years ago Barbadians used to flock to Venezuela, equally seeking recreational opportunities and commerce.”
      The minister pointed out that with climate security weighing heavily on everyone’s minds, agricultural cooperation, such as the one just forged with Venezuela, are key to the Barbados’ efforts.
      He said that similar to land offer in Guyana, Barbadians will have the opportunity to establish farms in Venezuela. He explained that an advanced team will flesh out the finer details including the identification of suitable lands.
      Other sources
      “I need to not remind anyone that for the first five months of the year we had record levels of drought. So we feel that it is important to have some climate security and food security. In situations of drought, it obviously puts pressure on our agricultural sector. In situations where you may have a hurricane, it puts tremendous pressure
      on us because we then are not able to offer our people home-grown products. This is why we are concerned about the need for us to have a plan A, plan B and a Plan C. We think it is important that we bring other sources of supply into the loop,” Symmonds explained.
      As it relates to education, Symmonds stated that Barbados and Venezuela have agreed upon a teacher exchange programme.
      He said that this development will be a major asset in the country’s push to have Spanish as a second language by 2030.
      “I was party to the signing of the agreement that allows us to substantially up the level of Spanish teaching that we are doing. We want to ensure that we have teachers available for all of the primary schools available in Barbados, both public and private. This is to ensure that we can aggressively assault this challenge that we have long talked about but have done too little about and that is to make sure that we are a bilingual community,” he said.


  49. Pacha…am now responsible for engaging in a ton of reflecting, but in so doing the reality is very clear, lines distinctly drawn..and well defined that it is extremely frustrating and highly embarrassing for these enemies of African people in darkened colonial face, who placed themselves in such an awkward position, that they now CAN’T have or even own the last laugh…when ya think it’s over and time to move on, it keeps getting worse, for them, due to the bed they made decades ago.

    How did they manuevre themselves into such a reputation altering position…over what is and never was their business, concern or in any way belong to them. ..weee know why, but will they ever learn…i doubt it.

    Waiting to see, because i heard recently about some Times article supposed to be published about reparations. It would be interesting to read for the analysis value…to see what other go niwhere nonsense they are up to this tine…at least it’s minus one in their dasdardly plans..

  50. The Times article is out and just as ugly as we would imagine…made doubly so by the fact that it outlines the wretched social criminal order of Afrikan reduction is still alive and well today, still in practice…

    And weee know, perpetrated and enabled by black misleadership….and their minority sidekicks.

    An excerpt:

    Source: NY Times

    “Drax was among the first Barbados colonizers to switch from other crops and grow cane with the stolen labor of Africans and their descendants exclusively, Parker tells me. Within a few years of Drax’s start in the early 1640s, he and other planters had produced so much sugar that a period on the island known as the Sugar Revolution had begun. “Barbados gets there first at a time when the price of sugar was still really, really high,” Parker explains. Other islands would follow.

    The enormous profits inspired the world’s first slave codes, legislated in Barbados in 1661. The laws delineated rights and restrictions on the lives of Black and white people, and helped establish beliefs about who deserved what that are still in circulation today, Kevin Farmer, deputy director of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society, tells me. The profits were so substantial that Barbados planters ranked among the investors in the British East India Company. In the 18th century, one of James Drax’s descendants helped to write the literal book—Instructions for the Management of Negros, sometimes referred to as The Instructions—on how business, in the Barbados plantocracy’s view, should be done.”

  51. As am not known for mincing words or hiding behind anyone to do what must be done. This is part of a note sent to the continent earlier.

    Because of the timeliness of this New York Times article and the fact Afrika is supporting the reparations initiative led by Barbados. It is also the right time for Afrika to inform the gang of slave master wannabes in parliaments that they should also clean up their act of keeping the Afrikan population under colonial subjugation, oppression, suppression, disempowerment, thefts and generational exploitation of Afrikan people across the region, and particularly in racist countries like Guyana.

    All for the profiteering aspects that are enjoyed by themselves and the islands’ criminal minorities and pretend bourgeoisie. These politicians, most of whom are lawyers, cannot be advocating for reparations but keeping the same slave system of Afrikan reduction intact. Both it and all of them have to go…as it’s counterproductive to Aftican recovery.

    Caribbean corrupt politicians cannot have it both ways and I say that in light of certain other reveals, as am well qualified.

  52. Henry Drax was a Quaker!!

    He left a bequest for a Free School in his will c.1680. Combermere claims its origins from this school, HC from Thomas Harrison c. 1744, also a Quaker and Lodge from Christopher Codrington c. 1710. Foundation is built on land bequeathed for this purpose by Williams at Balls Plantation in the 1670’s.

    A Free School was a school which Free children, mainly boys, attended.

    The Codringtons and Draxs were related by marriage. Henry Drax was Christopher Codrington’s cousin.

    In the case of Thomas Wardall who owned Andrews, c. 1682 he freed all of his slaves who attained the age of 34 who were born after his acquisition of the entirety of Andrews Plantation.

    There was one stipulation.

    In order to gain their freedom the slaves had to be baptised into the Christian faith. No parish records exist for St. Joseph in the 1600’s and much of the 1700’s so naturally there is no record.

    Matthew 22:14
    “For many are called, but few are chosen.”

    There was little profit in sugar. It is a fact that sugar production in Barbados between 1680 and 1817 stayed stagnant while the slave population doubled.

    It stayed stagnant because the milling capacity was limited by the source of energy, wind. The countries with water power from rivers were the main sources of sugar, not pint sized Barbados.

    The Dutch in first Brazil then Suriname then the French in St. Domingue were the main sugar producers.

    The profits were in international trade in which the market had no limit to growth. Quakers excelled in business.

    Lloyds of London had its origins in a London coffee house where merchants, many of them Quakers, went to seek insurance for their vessels.

    Lloyds Bank formed subsequently was Quaker in origin.

    Quakers ultimately were responsible for ending slavery in less than two centuries. It had existed for millennia.

    Amazed to see the Times get this history so wrong and so bamboozle its readers.,_organizations_and_charities

  53. By the way, the New York Times supported Adolph Hitler and hid up the holocaust and wrote glowingly of Stalin when he was killing millions of his own countrymen in the Ukraine.

    It’s correspondent, Walter Durante, got a Pulitzer for covering it all up.

    Don’t pay any mind to it!!

    A leopard can’t change its spots.

  54. John…we were told/warned about this Times article coming out night before…the Draxes were evil criminals, thieves, nobodies believing they have respectablity…no one needs their meals system which more than likely included DRUGGING Afrikan descended people into submission…

    The island needs CLEARING OUT…of the present stench of thieves, wannabe slave masters and vile corrupt criminals…..there should be nothing resembling any form of reparations until that is done….easy to do because of the small size and even smaller grouping..

  55. Pacha…wee could do with your analysis…on this.

    Havent heard William recently but am sure he and TLSN would have opinions.

    Bushman takes a little longer but no less impressive.

  56. John… you do understand it’s the same government and Caribbean reparations committee using NYT to get their agenda out..

    …they could have used FT or any other media worldwide, but they chose the Times while not understanding that no one takes their 100 most influential people crap seriously…now ya know why they used them…lol

  57. what a sell out and money grubbing person…they need riots in the streets like France by the real bajans..

  58. what reparations for the Irish slaves and more important the Arawak”s that the English stole Barbados from??????????

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