Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Feel free to comment on the image. In case you do not recognize the gentleman on the left, he is former Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler.

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  1. I presume that all four countries pedal some form of “Citizenship By Investment” scheme. I call it fast money. The chickens will come home to roost for these small backward Caribbean islands now that they have opened the doors to the drug’s lords. They were warned from way back that such schemes would bring trouble to their countries and citizens. Let Fahie be a warning to our Barbadian leaders: Uncle Sam is watching.

  2. Madame Salemite
    You hear David, some don’t know the difference between debt, deficit and GDP. Yuh know who he referring to?🤣🤣🤣

  3. “We note that there has been major interest in the Fahie case in both St. Kitts and Antigua. Both countries offer Citizenship by Investment (CBI) passport programmes; both have a history of facilitating money laundering; both are led by professional politicians who have been accused of massive corruption; both have the same behind-the scenes advisor in common, the Lebanese attorney Anthony Astaphan; no wonder there is fear and loathing in official circles in both Roseau and Saint John’s; everyone there is wondering which of them have become Persons of Interest.”

    TLSN..you will be right…..

    fowl enuff…you and idiot 2 SWORE the debt was paid….rescheduling…and PAID are two different things..

    again…you owe a billion dollar debt…BUT YOU HAVE AT LEAST A 5-6 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT…as defined by an expert just a year or two ago….i don’t need blogmaster to tell me the difference between anything…yall are the ones don’t know the difference between PAID and RESCHEDULING;;;;;for later payments…

  4. It has been RERE..not RiRi. REscheduling, REprofiling, REnegotiating, REfinancing, REstructuring…


    let me break it down to something you can recognize…

    1 BILLION DOLLARS in VAT stolen from the people and WRITTEN OFF

    at least another 1/2 MILLION DOLLARS that the crooks of all flavors refused to pay in taxes….also WRITTEN OFF

    according to the expert …another 5 BILLION DOLLARS…gone in tax crimes…..THAT IS WHAT CAUSED THE DEFICIT..

    when yall pay off the BILLION DOLLARS ya OWE in FULL…let me know, of course none of us might be here…and it will BE YOUR FAMILY PAYING IT OFF for another 100 years, i don’t owe shit to IMF ask them…

  6. “REstructuring…”

    don’t know how the fowl is not familiar with that word…it’s so POPULAR IN THE CORPORATE WORLD…

    but somehow am the one that don’t know that they are NOT CAPABLE of repaying that loan in the short term..

  7. David

    Spot on. – on Government + restructuring

    The Others seems to be stuck on the personal loans brainwave

  8. at least ya LEARNED what CREATING a deficit means, something you did not know before you only know it as good old fashioned TIEFING and CORRUPTION………..ah learned that in the corporate world…lol

  9. Salamite.

    You said. Not repaying ANY loanS

    Stop pretend now that u was Tallinn about ONE loan / THE debt

  10. biggest achievement in the life of a fowl to brag about a passed test…….BUT STILL CAN’T PAY OFF ANY DEBTS or close the dificit…stuepppppss…lol…or do anything about the STEEP RISE IN PRICES..


    Jeep shifting

  11. again…you owe a billion dollar debt…BUT YOU HAVE AT LEAST A 5-6 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT…as defined by an expert just a year or two ago….i don’t need blogmaster to tell me the difference between anything…yall are the ones don’t know the difference between PAID and RESCHEDULING;;;;;for later payments…

    Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Produce the article / video/ name of expert or event

  12. You jumping on everbody Coat tail

    Busige, Theo and now David

    It ever occurred to you that u can resturture 4 yrs ago but today (4 yrs after) you paid off some of those debts ?

  13. My senario would be dept consolidation ( more Than one loan). Not REFINANCE whih is usual one loan like a mortgage or car note.

    Again – the intent was about paying off some debt not……THE debt.

    You are one silly dude.

    Do you understand that from the perspective of the debtor, the balance sheet will reflect the size obligation regardless of who the counterparty is?

    You are using imprecise language and conflating issues in a weak effort to defend your pay masters.

    You need to read more.

  14. I stopped answering a lot of BU idiots…not worth it….most times they have no clue what they are talking about….even credit card debt can be restructured and consolidated to one payment…

    ..they learn a few new words and immediately pretend to be experts….i live for the day that they close that deficit…this is not the first time i mentioned it, they had no clue what i meant back then, and even less now…lol

  15. Did Sinckler suffer from the separation?
    By Ezra Alleyne

    The past fortnight has provided much food for thought. Chris Sinckler is at the World Bank, and the Prime Minister of St Kitts and his cabinet colleagues were at war. They wanted him removed. They failed.
    The St Kitts Prime Minister successfully requested a dissolution of Parliament in a power play which highlights an aspect of prime ministerial power about which our own Tom Adams was not happy as he said in 1983.
    Shades of Erskine Sandiford’s no-confidence motion are recalled.
    In a May 3, 2022 interview with Antoinette Connell, Sinckler said that he didn’t know any job that was harder than being Minister of Finance when one was not simultaneously Prime Minister.
    Is it fair to assume that Sinckler suffered from the separation of the office of Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance? I cannot think of any other local Minister of Finance whose authority was more often questioned.
    A random check through past newspapers reveals that on Monday, March 8, 2015, the Nation carried a headline stating that Estwick complains to PM over Sinckler directive.
    Monies borrowed
    The complaint, which was in a letter dated February 27, 2015, related to a directive for repayment by [David] Estwick’s ministry to the Ministry of Finance of monies borrowed when the BAMC (Barbados Agricultural Management Company) ran out of money. The loan was between about $2 and $3 million and was repayable out of an ANSA Merchant Bank loan to BAMC.
    Sinckler declined comment but an unnamed official of the Ministry of Finance pointed out that not to have recaptured the loan funds out of the Ansa McAl $75 million loan to BAMC would have led to enquiries from the Auditor General.
    On Monday, June 5, 2017, the NATION headline blared FLAWED with a slash line reading Inniss blaming Budget process, not Sinckler.
    We read that outspoken Minister Donville Inniss says his recent making of critical remarks about the Budget was not a case of taking a swipe at his colleagues but at the budgetary process. Really?
    But hear this: the very next paragraph says, “Inniss made the statement yesterday days after telling the House of Assembly that he could not give 100 per cent support to the measures announced by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler last Tuesday.” Imagine that Inniss told the House he could not give it 100 per cent support. I move on.
    Breaking ranks
    On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, under the headline
    Listen Or Else, the story told us that “The Freundel Cabinet has been put on notice – ignore an alternative path from colleague Dr David Estwick to deal with public sector layoffs and risk him breaking ranks! Resignation?
    Political strategist Reudon Eversley was quoted as saying that Estwick’s statements on the need for a different economic path were a “ringing indictment on the economic policies of Chris Sinckler”. Was Eversley right? Your say.
    Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur declared that “Estwick’s position was problematic for the Stuart administration . . . . If a minister of the Cabinet says he has no confidence in the policy, what is the rest of the society left to do?”
    In December 2014, Minister Inniss is quoted in another Antoinette Connell article as saying that the decision to have a ministerial statement and not a budget at that time.. .was a decision not of Chris Sinckler only but of the entire Cabinet. Really? How is this consistent with the duty of the Minister of Finance?
    We can now ask a few questions. Should Prime Ministers retain the Ministry of Finance? Was it mere coincidence that economic stresses occurred when the Ministry of Finance was separated from the Prime Minister?
    Was Owen Arthur right when he said that in 2017 Sinckler’s head was in the right place but he was under pressure?
    Did we not learn any lessons from the split in the Ministry of Finance from the Prime Ministers in the Errol Barrow/ Richie Haynes and Erskine Sandiford administrations of 1986 to 1989?
    Could Barbados have been spared a lot of the economic turmoil in the 2010-2018 period if the lessons of the 1986 to 1989 period had been learnt?
    On the other hand, St Kitts Prime Minister Timothy Harris learnt from the Sandiford experience. Without waiting for any confidence motion to be debated, he requested a dissolution of Parliament and His Excellency the Governor General granted it.
    Now thereby hangs a serious constitutional practice, about which we may talk next week. Prime Ministers are uncrowned monarchs, with the kind of power that Ministers of Finance need, but do not always have. I gone.

    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

    Source: Nation

  16. Poor Ezra, he repeats a litany of criticism that was directed at Sinckler by his Democratic colleagues but somehow not a word about the criticism that was directed at him by the Shadow Minister of Finance from the Opposition who happened to be Mia Mottley. I guess Ezra is afraid to highlight Mia’s hypocrisy re Sinckler, Ezra is not only a yardfowl,he has been bought and paid for

  17. Wuh look at life….we don’t even have to answer the BU illiterati political fowls and hens anymore, unless we lookin fuh a laugh…murdahhhh! after one time is two…yep, the money laundering and Proceeds of Crime legislation is real…even i got a copy of it…

    as i told fowls, ya are ON YA WAY TO EXTINCTION….but before that, a prison cell is in ya future…


    “The systemic corruption that has poisoned Barbados, and resulted in the loss of their ancient real estate holdings by many of its citizens, has made justice, and recovery of their rightful lands, impossible for the victims. Current and former governmental leaders, many of whom have engaged in land fraud and grand larceny, hold all the cards; they frankly control the courts and the law enforcement agencies. You cannot receive relief in Barbados; there is no justice to be had there. This may sound cynical, but it is the truth.

    To make matters worse, if victims, through legal action, seek redress, they encounter death threats, a campaign of harassment and insults on social media, and humiliation and targeting for asserting their lawful rights. No wonder many have lost faith in their country, and given up fighting a corrupt system; some have become expats, fearing to ever return to their beloved nation, where they were born.

    The solution, in our humble opinion, lies abroad. Many of the corrupt officials and their associates have taken their ill-gotten gains, made from sales of real estate they have stolen, or fraudulently acquired, and secreted or invested them overseas, to keep them from being seized by victims, through court orders at a possible future date, or forfeited for any purpose by a future Government of Barbados. These thieves also wish to have a place to flee to, when they have either completed their service, retired, or simply relocated far from the jurisdiction of courts in Barbados, and wish to keep the Proceeds of Crime.”

  18. William, TLSN…they won’t hear that they are on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY…enabling and endorsing CRIMES against the Black Afrikan populi for their cut….lock them up…spreading lies and misinformation has FINALLY CAUGHT UP…

    ah heard one of the main money launderers claim to have Alzheimers/dementia or PRETENDING TO..

  19. What a beautiful day, hope everyone is enjoying as i am…

  20. DULLard

    U are making a mountain of a molehill with ur accounting of my little scenario

    Since you introduce REFINANCING to the conversation here is a little scenario to explain that

    If you owe 5 persons $100 each and a car note of $500 / m If u refinance ur car note to pay $400/m then in two months u can repay SOME of ur debtS and in about 5 months u can pay off ALl of ur DEBTS except the Car note
    ( this is assuming no interest was being added to the debtS)

  21. @ John John

    Barbados is borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. What is that called?

    Your “little scenario” is nonsense and not germane to the real issue.

    • A pragmatist like the blogmaster will inquire from Dullard what does a government do in 2018 with debt to gdp north of 160%, significant loan repayments falling due, international credit rating at junk status etc?

      We are conflating issues. The blogmaster agrees that the remedial action taken by MOTTLEY government to reschedule debt in order to access concessionary and policy based financing is nothing to shout about, it is why we elected them- to do right on behalf of the people they serve.

      Both governments have added fuel to the unsustainable economic and social models that have brought us to this point.

      We need to stop!

  22. what does a government do in 2018 with debt to gdp north of 160%, significant loans repayments falling due, international credit rating at junk status etc?
    Do what you have to….
    BUT don’t say to brass bowl political yard fowls that you “paid off the debt”. They ACTUALLY believe you…
    Indeed, what SHOULD be said is exactly what Owen said some time back…. OUR ASSES are headed for the grass unless we start EARNING our keep…

    Of course he then promptly kept on wasting money…. (’cause NONE of them know how to do otherwise)

  23. Can’t wait for the fowls to get picked up HERE and THERE for their money laundering endeavors…..don’t think it’s not known…yall covered a VERY WIDE GEOGRAPHICAL AREA…….

    “BUT don’t say to brass bowl political yard fowls that you “paid off the debt”. They ACTUALLY believe you…”

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 even worse, telling that BLATANT LIE to the media…who now?? not now, since the REPARATIONS LIE, have to WATCH everything fed to them by politicians and yardfowls…

  24. an wen de hurricane come……

    Disaster aid and concurrent debt forgiveness could be a political strategy.

  25. DULLard

    Sorry I mashed ur corns when I pointed out the difference/ meaning to refinance
    Ur pride seem to be dented

    The whole of Barbados know that Mia borrowed a lot and that THE debt will not be repaid in our lifetime – future governments will have to borrow to service our debt

    @ David

    I am not sure but I suspect that of the 95% of debt repaid was referring mostly to the local debt inherited. The contractors that wasn’t paid , income tax returned etc

    • @John2

      The blogmaster’s comment is general. There has to be a short term plan to respond to immediate debt obligations which should not be confused with a bigger publicconcern regarding a plan to develop a more sustainable earning model linked to productivity and earning forex. There is the need also to address public awareness to growing a relevant consumer behaviour aligned to what is practical for a little country.

  26. Big Sinck played a crucial role in enslaving the masses as financial slaves of the North.

    For this he should really be rewarded. The rule of the businessmen will last forever on our island!

  27. The problem for them and their fowls is they all still believe they are invincible and untouchable with their temporary immunity…..but, there is always a but, am 100% sure they did not tell their fowls certain things that they should know….and not about to any time soon…

    …well, i certainly will not eider, cause me and dem int no frens tankfully…..that is one group of public nuisances need to find out things….THE HARDEST WAY POSSIBLE…it would do them the world of good…

  28. “Mottley mentioned the possibility of a roadshow in September to start to tell our story to the capital markets pointing out “whether we go back into an IMF Programme or not, we believe that our story, which is a credible story, has to be told, in order to be able to…get our way back to investment grade which we hoped would have been much further along had we not had the intervention of the pandemic and the climate crisis”.
    A lil advice….capital markets like hard facts and proven results.

    • @NO

      You would think Avi knows of what you speak? He is on the consulting team isn’t he?

  29. Mottley think that investors in the international markets are wooded by sound bites and political rhetoric
    What she ought to do is use her citizens education as a financial benefit which can produce products which are beneficial to worlds economy having a roadshow wherby the citizens can go to other countries and be educated whilst learning the tricks of the trade
    All this education going to waste is an indication of the way govts think of their people

  30. @ NorthernObserver May 16, 2022 4:18 PM

    The international investors will shower us with gold. That’s how creditworthy we are! Please note the ambiguity of my words … LOL.

    Small caveat: Provided we pay 20 per cent interest per year and deposit 50000 natives to serve as a kind of personnel security. LOL.

  31. For decades these taximen and others were WARNED to stop the tourism dependency, stop waiting on tourists, you have the power within you to take control of your own destiny…you are being set up by shite politicians who have no ancestral powers….they did not listen, now look…maybe now they will stop listening to parliament LIARS and FRAUDS…

    permanent dependency is not living…

    “However, Minister of Tourism Senator Lisa Cummins is suggesting they pivot or find other ways to survive as some circumstances were out of their control.

    During a press conference at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) last Friday, Cummins recalled that with the absence of the Carnival Fascination which was withdrawn from service in July 2020, and Royal Caribbean International’s focus on other destinations during the summer, there was not much they could do to get more ships to dock in the region during the upcoming months.

    “Their consumers typically during the summer want to go to places that they can’t go in the winter. In the summer, they want to go to places like Alaska and the Mediterranean and when it gets cold in those places, they come to the Caribbean. (TG)”

  32. @David
    You mean ‘my man Avi’…lol.
    Just another sound bite.
    I have baited a few times on the pending IMF decision to no avail.
    Several comments suggest there will be no renewal. That will please the SOE’s.

    • @NO

      We have not demonstrated we have the discipline to maintain fiscal programs to avoid a spike in debt to gdp and all the other decisions that made one of the top tier indebted countries, although we are still thereabouts.

  33. @David
    The good news? There is little room to borrow more.
    The balancing act continues. Not an easy job.

  34. @ WURA
    The truth about the port operations and who really controls how it’s operated is not being told.
    All the ministers of tourism and those who claim to manage the port cannot speak the truth; successive governments will not speak the truth and the lies continue.
    We are being told many untruths about this entire taxi service fiasco.
    In the meantime one of the oldest family businesses calling all the shots without saying a single word.
    It’s the old connections who control the cruise industry.
    All the ministers and boards are nothing but paling cocks both Bees and Dees.
    The great plan for B’town is being revealed before our very eyes and we will still be “hewers of wood and water”
    We will have degrees and may end up being maids and handy men,
    A word to the wise. Peace.

  35. TLSN…the usual CORRUPT greedy, tiefing racist CABAL…

    but isn’t it really nice to FINALLY have a blog that genuinely addresses the corruption giving victims concrete and permanent solutions…we have to show appreciation…it was very long in coming..

    “Let’s assume that you are a citizen of a country where corruption is widespread, and your family has been the victim of a corrupt government and power structure that has illegally taken possession of real estate that has been in your hands for generations. All your efforts to obtain justice have failed, because the power of these corrupt officials, and their associates, extends to your local police and prosecutors.

    If you are precluded from obtaining justice in your own country, and are considering assisting American law enforcement, by delivering evidence in your possession that implicates the corrupt individuals who defrauded your family, stole your real estate, and moved their criminal proceeds, at least in part, into the United States, in money laundering, your quest for documents and information should also include details of what is called Uncharged Criminal Conduct.”

    don’t forget to tune in on Sat..

    i saw a link with Part 2 coming , will post it in a bit..

  36. TLSN…the usual CORRUPT greedy, tiefing racist CABAL…controlling the house negros, that is what happens when you hand over a slave system to descendants of the ENSLAVED with no proper education except to continue the evil..

  37. https://rijock.blogspot.com/2022/05/court-rules-donville-inniss-cannot.html

    Well what do you know, Donville’s request for bond is a no-go…told them by the time the appeal is called and completed, it would be time served…….best to stay put, enjoy the ride and watch the Barbados roadshow, who knows, by the time he is leaving his cell permanently, his compadres maybe waltzing in…so he may as well keep it warm..

    ah take it the fowls, imps and pimps are taking an on – air break……regrouping are we? ya better come betta nex time…..debt paid off indeed…lol…plus there are a few other surprises waiting for yall, if i told ya it won’t be a surprise now will it..

  38. Anybody who doubts the mercenary minds of our brothers and sisters in and out of parliament Bees and Dees , should read Barbados Today editorial.
    How can these political/ lawyer brothers and sisters do nothing to protect their own people is total disregard of the poor Black people who gave them free education.
    The enemy within. ( Garvey)

  39. look who is talking about doing research…..the debt was paid brigade….lol

    one word for all ah dem William….TikTock…

  40. Salemite
    People don’t have time to waste with an uninformed scammer who is confused about deficit, debt and tenses. The biggest problem on BU is that lies, speculation and the salacious is celebrated while facts frowned upon. Hence you can declare the PM, Straughn et al liars without a shred of evidence; though evidence to the contrary abounds in the public sphere. But Mam because you do not know that you do not know what you’re talking about, this is expected. So you can’t fathom that outstanding payment for goods and services, vat, income tax etc. constitute debt. If you were correct, the IMF would not be signing off. The recent CB Report says: “Government’s inflows of foreign exchange from the taxes paid by the corporate sector was sufficient to cover external debt service. ” Wuh dah means? 🤣🤣
    By your now changed argument i.e. the debt has not been paid off as opposed to the initial “not paying their debt”, Barbados is no different to any other country since they all have not paid of but are also paying their debt. Many Bajans are doing likewise, myself included paying off debt. Mam, stick to ctrl+c and ctrl+v.🤣🤣🤣

  41. 🤣🤣🤣 ah glad enuff you are the only one who can understand any of it….yet the DEBT is STILL NOT PAID IN FULL…and ya STILL GOT A DEFICIT….tek dat…

  42. @ WURA
    Foolish talk . Why you worry with @ Enuff.
    The country in debt up to its eyes. The truth is that all of this fuss means nothing. The IMF from the beginning said the whole program would not see the needed results until 2033. Since COVID, it has been revised to 2035.
    We have a one legged economy. The economy has not been restructured. We have nothing new excepting the Home Stamp, and that is the sole property of Peter Lawrence Thompson (@ PLT)
    Ignore @Enuff he is intellectually dishonest.Barren of any known thought process.

  43. IMF brainstorming
    Govt taking two months to decide on next step
    THE GOVERNMENT and its economic advisers will be in “deep consultation” for the next two months as it decides on the next financial partnership with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley told the country yesterday.
    Mottley was a special guest speaker on Starcom Network’s call-in radio programme Down To Brass Tacks, where she revealed her administration’s cautious moves less than a week after IMF officials in Barbados gave the Government a thumbs-up for meeting all targets of its home-grown Barbados Economic Recovery Transformation programme.
    “We have to decide what to do before we go back to the IMF. We will be in deep consultation for the next six to eight weeks to refine exactly where we are going. The mission has to report to the IMF board, and they will do that in June, before the last disbursement under this programme is made.
    “We can decide then whether to forget about the IMF and do nothing, go to them for the kind of programme we just had, or we go and ask for a standby programme in the event that we need money,” she said.
    Mottley said Barbados still wanted to be in a position to have access to the cheapest funds on the global market.
    “If not, we will use up more and more money spending on interest that we could use spending on Bajans,” she said.
    The Prime Minister also spoke about where the country currently stood in the midst of a fourth surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rising cost of living, possible wage increases, and how the business sector was being affected by supply chain issues coming out of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.
    She said cost of living increases were now a global phenomenon due to the supply chain issues, but came about more so in this part of the world because islands like Barbados are forced to import most
    of what they eat.
    “What were problems last year due to the pandemic have been further deepened, and all of this has transpired to increase the cost of living. We now have to determine how best to help each other, how best to shield each other. That’s what we tried to do in the Budget. We are going to have to continue to be alert as to the implications in different sections of the society and the economy.”
    The Prime Minister added that Government was acutely aware that heading into the summer period after this third and final school term ends, there would be no School Meals Programme in place, and many children would become vulnerable. She said her administration intended to review how it could help disadvantaged parents in that regard.
    She said Barbadian families, in the meantime, should start to feel empowered and get involved in their own food security, growing certain things at home to help reduce the cost of grocery shopping in an environment with limited disposable income.
    “The Government will continue to monitor prices and the impact it is having on people,” Mottley promised.
    “I know it’s rough, but we still know how to get a few things to grow. We have to find a way of working out how we can reduce spending.”
    The Prime Minister said the COVID-19 pandemic continued to bring challenges which her Cabinet and the Ministry of Health had to deal with on a day-to-day, week-to-week and month-tomonth basis, especially with the emergence of the Omicron sub-variant of the virus, but she was glad that around 70 per cent of the population had been vaccinated. She did, however, advise more Barbadians to get a third shot and be boosted.
    “Kids are back in school, but not as fully as we would like, but we are creeping to walk and to eventually run. The mood now is one of cautious optimism,” she said.

    Source: Nation

  44. Skinnuh you live in Amerika, America’s debt is north of $30T. The government borrowed $6T to deal with the pandemic. You got a cheque in the mail like 3-degree? Some here live in Canada, a country that borrowed $235B during covid, increasing its debt to over $1.2T. The UK cabalites’ government increased the country’s debt to £2.4T having borrowed £469B to fight covid. Germany borrowed about €400B
    Sweden and Norway the equivalent of US$44B each. Now explain how all these developed and diversified economies had to borrow but Barbados, with its main sector completely shut down by covid, could survive without doing so? Why Dominica, Grenada, Trinidad, Antigua etc all borrowed?. Even Singapore (with a 131% debt to GDP)? 🤡 🤡

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