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Warning to Caricom Leaders – Downside to Citizen By Investment (CBI) Sale

Several Caribbean islands have gone the route of CBI to shore up government revenues. However, as the video alludes, there is a downside to selling ones birthright for pieces of silver. Whether the report is true or NOT there is the negative publicity which does untold harm. The Barbados passport occupies a rung high on the global passport power ranking.

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Trump Then Boris

It never fails to amuse the blogmaster when following international news- as his his wont[- to wonder how two buffoons were able to attain the heights of political office in their respective lands. Perhaps somethings are not meant to be understood and should be dismissed as the improbable made possible.

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Smallest Nations Lead the Way to World’s Largest Ocean Preserve

August 5, 2019 – For Immediate Release ( While most countries turn a blind eye to the unprecedented global crisis of the loss of Arctic ice, small island nations are leading the way to protect it through supporting MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. MAPS transforms the entire Arctic Ocean into the world’s largest preservation area, stopping all activities harmful

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson Promises to BREXIT!

1518:15 Boris Johnson to chair first cabinet on Thursday That finishes our coverage of Boris Johnson’s first day as prime minister. It came with the biggest ever clear out of cabinet without a change of party in power. BBC political editor Laura Kuensberg said it was “not a reshuffle it’s a new government”.  Tomorrow, Mr Johnson chairs his first cabinet

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Protect the Arctic Ocean to Help Prevent Impending Global Disaster

For Immediate Release from The largest ecological and humanitarian crisis in history is at our doorstep. According to Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, hundreds of millions face impoverishment, widespread displacement and hunger, with the most severe impact in poor countries and regions that have contributed the least to the crisis. The sheer

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