Is a Global Food Shortage Coming?

Submitted by Melissa Martin, Ph.D. – author, columnist, educator living in the USA

Rumblings around the globe are predicting a food shortage, but can the citizens believe the power-driven politicians and the lying leaders? Even leaders of sovereign nations are known to manipulate and spew falsehoods. Why? Because they can – especially when the mainstream media is in their back pocket and their front pocket.  

Is it more a matter of supply chain issues, inflation and the cost of food products, ongoing effects from the coronavirus pandemic, or the recent war between Russia and the Ukraine?  

It depends on what the controlling globalists want you to believe. It depends on what the leaders of the Great Reset (aka New World Order) pass on to mainstream media for headlines. Don’t bother reading USA Today, the New York Times, or the Washington Post. Don’t bother watching CNN or MSNBC. And the owner of FOX limits information.  

Watch the documentary “Monopoly, Who Owns the World?” by Tim Gielen and find out what companies own what mainstream media news outlets: television, newspapers, magazines, websites. Find out what companies own the food factories. Peruse the shareholders – Blackrock and Vanguard are major players.  

“President Biden on Thursday warned of global food shortages as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine — predicting that the war would upend global wheat supplies,” according to a March 24, 2022 article in the New York Post. But President of the U.S. Biden is onboard with the New World Order as he recently stated. 

The World Food Programme (WFP) is the world’s largest humanitarian organization. The WFP is governed by the WFP Executive Board, which consists of 36 Member States and provides intergovernmental support, direction and supervision of WFP’s activities.  

The United Nations signed a contract with Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum. So, the UN is onboard with the New World Order. “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy,” says Schwab. Bill Gates is pushing humans to eat plant-based diets, synthetic meats, and bugs. Trusting the members of the New World Order is like allowing a weasel into the henhouse.  

Read the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It rings with utopian bliss. The UN rhetoric reads like a savior that is coming to save the planet and humanity. But a false savior has to first create a false problem – so they can ride in to save the day with a false solution.  

In other words, the United Nations will ask/request/demand that all citizens of all nations give up all money, property, and possessions for the sake of feeding humanity. It’s called global communism. Say farewell to freedom, democracy, and liberty. While the elites at the top of the pyramid wine and dine – the servants at the bottom obey orders. 

“14 ways to PREPARE for food shortages around the world,” is a 2022 article by Glenn Beck.  


Citizens, as you stock up on canned food and staples, buy some extra to share with your neighbors – if and when, a food shortage arrives. 

201 thoughts on “Is a Global Food Shortage Coming?

  1. Bushie

    My friend. Walk it back now. Or are you so imbued with magical thinking for that to be possible?

    This writer has always been honest with you. Our decades old refusal to read these so-called prophesies is the same now as before.

    Our life’s search of truisms has never and will never so lead. As you have long known truths should be embraced regardless from whence they derive. But a book proven to be of fiction cannot be such a source.

  2. Bushie
    Energy and food are the same oneness.

    What you call an intricate trading system is but a very recent phenomenon. But humans have been here for millions of years and survived with it. This in and of itself cannot be existential in the same way the absence of horses and buggies weren’t.

    Sustainability? That is not your interest. You are now as always anchored in seeing prophetic lies made flesh.

    We were unaware that such prophesies could be made on a ‘conservative’ basis. Should it not be such s prophesy or not?

    Bushie, again we implore you, walk back that ridiculous misguidance.

  3. “Even those with lots of $$$$$ will suffer the inevitable consequences…. far less those who will drop out of the ‘auctions’ early due to lack of credit worthiness (like Sri Lanka and Brassbadus)
    it only takes a matter of a few months (of global terror) for the consequences of NATURE to be felt.”

    I look forward to the greedy with all their stolen millions and billions dishonestly earned through oppression thievery , human rights violations etc and have nothing to spend it on. Those are the criminals afraid to suffer die and leave it all behind..

    …Pacha don’t know if you heard about the conference in London yesterday, Things are moving.

  4. “I look forward to the greedy with all their stolen millions and billions dishonestly earned through oppression thievery , human rights violations etc and have nothing to spend it on. Those are the criminals afraid to suffer die and leave it all behind..”

    Unfortunately, those without money will also have nothing to spend it on. Misery is like rain, it falls on the rich as well as the poor.

  5. Ultimate Book of Non-Truths End Game
    US villains feign heroism, but are truly evil.
    In Russia they have super soldiers but America has super heroes like Captain America the first Avenger who is really one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most deadly assassins.

  6. @ Pacha
    Walk good friend.
    Feel free to ignore Bushie’s rant.
    The bushman is not in the business of ‘winning souls’ …or any such calling.

    Luciano’s mission has been to ‘teach the youth about root and culture’,
    Bushie’s has been to expose brassbowlery. and to identify special talents such as yours.

    Patience is a great virtue.
    Bushie is OK with reviewing the question nearer to Xmas…. 🙂

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    Hard Times is not the End of the World it is just one more chapter in the poor man story which will never end in glory
    it leads to another dance story

    Never Leave The Roots, Luciano, Never Leave The Roots Dub, Scientist

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  9. “Unfortunately, those without money will also have nothing to spend it on. Misery is like rain, it falls on the rich as well as the poor.”

    The poor are used to their 400 year old induced suffering and can survive anything, the greedy will experience instant misery and swiftlybapproaching death….they cannot survive what they dole any form

    No. Tell us about it!”

    Afrikan leaders were summoned to a meeting Thursday, prompted protestors telling the usual suspects to stop setting up the continent for generational debt and tiefing… economic hitmen style and give back what they stole and leave descents alone…. .., oh to be a fly on the wall…but we can guess the topics..,

    When last you been to Panama, there is, as i type, a Pan Afrikan conference there….Afrikan people flew in from everywhere including this region, It’s quite the show.

  10. The tourists will definitely bring in some monkey pox for the tourism pimps…

    Many large countries in the west are infected but blaming it on Afrika when none of the cases are related to each other…

    .everyone is again banned from coming near me, like earlier in the virus..

    The vaccine bullies will soon jump out again….let them go take their small pox shots….they should take ten each…and take an additional 2 or 3 jabs for me, that would be my share….lol


    Putin continues to ruthlessly drive a big deckie up NATO’s crotch.

    Notwithstanding, we’re not uncertain that the pedantic, pedantic, pedantic asshole here is still calling propaganda truth, and proven true assessments propaganda..

    We wish Putin will brek and cum and leggo same nuclear weapons up their rasssssoul.

  12. This war has serious ripple effects. Which are likely to spread indeginitely.

    “Germany, Italy Agree to Pay for Russian Gas in Rubles – Media

    The two countries have allowed national companies to open ruble accounts with Russia’s Gazprombank to comply with the new natural gas payment scheme. (Reuters)

    The move comes after Poland, Bulgaria and recently Finland refused to accept Russia’s new payment mechanism, resulting in flows of gas being halted.”

  13. Which are likely to spread INDEFINITELY.

    been hearing about war since 4 years old, still don’t like it….only the war machinery gets wealthy, everyone else suffers and dies…

  14. It was intuitive Ukraine should have made a peace treaty agreement with Russia, instead of listening to West stirring shit up egging them to fight a war that they will lose.

  15. 555

    Ukraine, as urged by the West, backed away from Minsk1 and Minsk2. UN backed international agreements duly signed since around 2015 and 2019 respectively.

    Even 6 weeks ago they were encouraged by the leading countries in NATO to continue fighting after negotiations and preliminary concessions were made.

    Now a very much larger part of their country will be ceased forever, as a function of war. The Russians don’t trust them and this is the only way to ensure Russia’s security. There shall be a Russian land bridge from east to south to west. A rump state landlocked and unviable by any measure.

  16. Pacha….it’s very easy to get the BU big talkers and puppets to run away…one little blog on who in the parliament is on the money laundering and corruption radar for pickup next and evuhbody run away………….

  17. Johnson the White trash Clown Cunt hole always was / is a racist Winston Churchill wannabe warmonger.

  18. 555

    But why would the Ukrainians follow a block which cannot even defeat the Taliban, a medieval horde on horseback?

    That is the real question.

    Even as it is clear that NATO left Afghanistan preparatory for this war in Ukraine.

  19. The first time I ever read a serious newspaper article was during the Soviet-Afghan war 1979-89, USA launched covert ops supporting Mujahedin and created Al Qaeda and Taliban. CIA was also involved with Iran-Contra 1985 and supporting resistance fighters in Nicaragua 1981. Seems like same shit continues and goes round in cycles like the Russo-Ukrainian war 2014.

  20. Same old shit continued..
    Lockerbie PA103 was really about Iran-Contra drug smuggling, 2 CIA ops were about to blow whistle and CIA blew it up.
    I was working for them and part of the team that called dead peoples relatives for info for identification of bodies.
    Check out Trail of Octopus book and Court Trials, which US Government blew out.

  21. First baby formula shipment from Europe to arrive in Indiana this weekend on military aircraft
    Nation May 21, 2022 1:12 PM EDT
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The first flights of infant formula from Europe, authorized by President Joe Biden to relieve a deepening U.S. shortage, will arrive in Indiana aboard military aircraft this weekend, the White House announced Friday

  22. David
    Because, as argued before, White people will never give up power in our world and have deployed nuclear weapons before and will again to so maintain. This is the dominionist mentality of Christianity.. Maybe bringing hell to their cities and risking a nuclear holocaust, as a preemptive measure, will bring them to heel. Certainly, this idea is not beyond the pale. For the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have long had us within seconds of zero hour.

    Of course, there are many more important questions to be asked? These include why have you David allowed countries to build more and more deadly weapons? Why have you absolved White people from the great sin of using such weapons in the past? Why have you chosen to live on your knees instead of carrying the fight to these White devils.

    • @Pacha

      Showing glee at a nuke strike by Putin is no different to right wing nut jobs who make the same cry about doing same to N Korea.

  23. A really excellent You Tube video @ May 21, 2022 3:41 PM discussing the “special operation” in Ukraine. The presenter was balanced in his appraisal of what was happening in Ukraine. This war could have been avoided from the outset. Ukraine will have to cede large chunks of her land. However, with a number of non Nato countries likely to apply for Nato membership it may be case of Russia winning the “special operation” but losing the chess game. Russia economy is being battered by sanctions and will have to look for alternative markets. The Western nations will fast forward their strategies to be less dependant on fossil fuels.

    We in the south should not commit to tying ourselves to either party. However we should be grateful to the Russians as they represent a strong opposition to the hegemony of the west. Mother Russia did not invade Africa and put to work African people on the dreaded plantations.

    @ Comrades,
    A very interesting opinion piece in yesterday’s Aljazeera.

  24. TLSN

    Yes! Very interesting, For some here, a minority, have been making this central point.

    But the majoritarian view still is that Western racist systems are forever to be paramount.

    Thanks, interesting indeed.

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    White Spies White Boy Governments say Black Power mindset movements are threats like Developing Countries
    #BlackLivesMatter Global Network builds power to bring justice, healing, and freedom to Black people across the globe.

  26. David
    Has North Korea or Russia ever used nuclear weapons?

    Has Russia not offered to dis-invent all nuclear weapons and was refused?

    TLSN just referred to an article which may help you to find your right mind.

  27. David

    Is America, is the UK, or France, or Israel, members of the NPT?

    The White Western World must be destroyed!

  28. @ David
    Pacha is not normal.

    You ask (with incredulity) about his willingness to see the use of the ultimate weapons of mass destruction in the face of apparently unstoppable evil. But if you think carefully about it, his is the ultimate commitment to truth and justice.
    Is it the Chinese that say that the brave die once, while the coward dies a thousand times?

    The Bible puts it a bit differently.
    In order to TRULY live, we MUST be prepared to die in the name of what is RIGHT.

    As revolutionary as Pacha is trying to sound, his instincts are completely righteous.

    Same shiite applies at the Brassbadus level. Too many are afraid to stand up boldly for what is RIGHT. Apart from Caswell and a handful of outliers, most of us have resigned ourselves to the thousand deaths.
    We read the obituaries every damn day right here on BU.

    • @Bush Tea

      Forgive a lowly blogmaster but there is a lag in our perspectives or perhaps they may never meet.

  29. What ‘lag’ is that Boss?
    Yours is an emotional attachment to the status quo.
    Bushie’s is a clear focus on universal truth and justice.

    There is no ‘lag’, these are diametrical opposites.

    YOU need to explain how YOU rationalize the wicked ‘albino-centric’ status quo with ANY semblance of rightness, truth and justice.

    • @Bush Tea

      You better than most understand how one race has been socialized to believer themselves superior. It is a manmade construct. Others have to by your definition of determining true self forged by this life’s crucible that we are better.

  30. “You saying the world that is a white world must implode?”
    There is enough for man’s need
    but not enough for man’s greed
    human race is not a race
    mankind is an explosion
    followed by an implosion
    whites think race mixing is wrong when it is right
    Blacks are not Apes who eat Watermelons
    One love
    One heart
    Let’s get together and feel all right
    Hear the children crying
    Capitalism is a Son of a Bitch Bastard
    Motherfucking Motherfucking Motherfucker

  31. Since we are being brutally honest today, Bushie will explain the dilemma…
    (You need to understand that this is the EXACT question that has to be resolved by the CREATOR… ie what to do with these brass bowl clowns who have turned their backs on all that is RIGHTEOUS.)

    So this ‘Creator’ initiates the project called ‘Life on Earth’ and puts humans in charge of the whole shebang. This ‘human’ happens to have been made with dirt and to have been set up in Africa (since no heating or AC would be invented yet)
    In short, The creator makes a Black African man and puts him in charge….

    What is the FIRST brass bowl thing that ‘Sambo’ does..?
    He ask for a woman…. (proving that self-destructiveness has been par for the course from the very start… LOL)

    AND what is the FIRST thing this woman does?
    ..she finds the ONLY damn rule that has been set by the Creator, and gets the Brass bowl man to break it….

    Every shiite has gone downhill from there.
    Various genetic permutations have led to a wide variety of human traits, until an ‘albino’ class evolved with such aggressive and materialistic traits that they overwhelmed all the others – PARTICULARLY the original designated ‘humans’.
    More recently. after 400 years of systematic attempts to de-humanize this race by DELIBERATELY eliminating any traits of leadership, pride, self-belief, and CERTAINLY OF ROYALTY, ….we are here in 2022.

    Question for David…
    Are you surprised that we are now left with a collection of empty Brass Bowls?
    Do you expect ANY serious capability of the REMNANTS of the original ‘masters of this earth’ to see beyond the albino-centricity that they have adopted, and to RETURN to the roots of their true greatness? (listen to Dribbler on ANY topic and reflect on that question)
    Our Ass is Grass.
    The BIG BOSS CREATOR has no choice but to pull stumps…
    In the BOSS’S OWN words….
    “Except those days be shortened… those brass bowls will destroy every shiite that I asked them to manage ….” (Bushie’ interpretation,,,)

    • @Bush Tea

      Your hypothesis is based on one of the most referred to allegories in the Bible?

  32. Cool Meditation
    Jesus was a revolutionary who brought down Roman empire with Buddhist yogic Ahimsa non-violence channelling the Spirit of God aka the Universe aka the Creator. If you believe in Jesus you believe in reincarnation and karma and must be a Buddhist.

  33. LOL @ David
    Perhaps the Bible, multiple OTHER works, the associated allegories, AND Bushies ‘hypothesis are all based on the SPIRITUAL REALITY that eludes ordinary brass bowls.
    Even TRULY intelligent ‘independent’ thinkers are now coming to align with the OBVIOUS reality of our present situation.
    Fret not…
    Patience is a great virtue. YOU too, will soon come to realization….

  34. “Mother Russia did not invade Africa and put to work African people on the dreaded plantations.”

    historically we have to resign ourselves to this fact, they helped in breaking down to a degree the nasty evil that is apartheid in South Afrika or we will be haunted by a higher level of this criminal dutch enterprise still as opposed to the mini demons we still fight….none of this can be ignored no matter what reservations we have and must be honest with ourselves…that is why i pay no attention to shite posts from the uninformed pretend experts…

    we must weigh everything accurately, all pros and cons.

    We have reached a critical juncture.

  35. “Why have you chosen to live on your knees instead of carrying the fight to these White devils.”

    Balls are in short supply, i have an extra pair….and for those who care to visit, they can find a few, more than 3….nailed to my front door…

    Black men lost their balls centuries ago, they are mainly now balless wimpish queens…a disgrace to our ancestral ANCIENT PHAROAHS and Gods of OUR EARTH, the original humans.

  36. “Why have you chosen to live on your knees instead of carrying the fight to these White devils.”

    “Black men lost their balls centuries ago”

    This point reference that you refer to is only applicable to the Bajan Men and Woman
    Jamaicans are Dreader than Dread Heavier than Lead Tougher than Tough Rougher than Rough
    Bajans are subservient subordinated pussies who know their place in the human race it is no disgrace

    African Race (Original Jamaican Mix)

    Know Jah Today (Original Jamaican Mix)

  37. I fear that they are both evil. We seem to have a difference of opinion on which is the lesser evil.

    I am no ethnologist and will appreciate being corrected, but in the same way that we can lump the diverse peoples of Africa into one group we may also be able to lump many of the diverse peoples of Russia under one umbrella.

    I seem to recall some here condemned the racist behavior of Ukrainians when the war first started. Do not mistake lack of an opportunity for doing evil as being saintly.

    Do you think that the small number of Africans in Germany escaped Hitler’s attention. Some Black people in Germany and German-occupied territories were isolated; an unknown number were sterilized, incarcerated, or murdered. We do not hear of them for two reasons (1) you and I focus on the suffering of others and not our own and (2) the numbers were relative small compared with the lighter skinned people killed by Hitler. We know Hitler would have to kill 1o million of us for the world to mention it. I digress.

    I happen to share many of the views of Pacha, but we end up on different squares. It should be understood that I am not saying that he is wrong, but I submit that these matters are more complicated than how they are being treated. I concede the man is a thinker and presents original thinking.

  38. “Black men lost their balls centuries ago, they are mainly now balless wimpish queens…a disgrace to our ancestral ANCIENT PHAROAHS and Gods of OUR EARTH, the original humans.”

    I have also seen us referred to as “crab in a barrel”.

    A next divergence of opinion.

  39. Vibes! Vibes! Vibes!
    One Layer of Bajan Mind is a Lower Level of Vibration
    You peoples need to shed the Bajan Skin you are in

  40. It seems to me that though Bushie, GP and Pacha may have a difference of opinion they all land on the same square?

    One group sees great cataclysmic changes coming out of the heavens, the other sees them coming from nuclear bombs raining down on us…

    Of course my opinion may he wrong, listening

  41. What ‘lag’ is that Boss?
    Yours is an emotional attachment to the status quo.
    Bushie’s is a clear focus on universal truth and justice.

    There is no ‘lag’, these are diametrical opposites.


    Off the back foot and over midwicket for six.

    At first I thought David BU was just playing to the gallery to generate comments. But then I realised that he/she/they are genuinely ignorant of many, many issues.

    • @Dullard

      You are aware the high regard the blogmaster has for you. The ability to address amorphous issues using absolute language. Way to go!

  42. K.R.S. O.N.E.

    Search and you will find
    Use Google if needs must

    Was Pyramids built by Aliens?
    Pseudoarchaeology and the Racism Behind Ancient Aliens

    Was Jesus an Alien?
    What would life beyond Earth mean for Christians

  43. “I seem to recall some here condemned the racist behavior of Ukrainians when the war first started. Do not mistake lack of an opportunity for doing evil as being saintly.”

    and because of the latest design, we are tasked to weigh everything with precision… that later on our descents are not stuck in shackles and chains…while being told it’s gold and diamond accessories mined from our ancestral lands while they remain trapped in the diaspora AGAIN.,,….and once again indoctrinated to believe it’s .good for their health and wellbeing for another 100 GENERATIONS OR MORE..

    Afrikan awaken people are very mindful of ending up on the wrong side of this….from all sides…especially when all the cousins KISS AND MAKEUP..

  44. @ 555
    If you want to know what is special about Jamaicans … just ask. 🙂

    @ TheO
    There is the GENERAL macro perspective, and then there is the detailed micro view….

    While the ‘albino-centric mentality’ is a generally ‘first world’ philosophy, there are some Blacks and ’third world’ people who excels in its exemplification.
    There are also some Whites and other ‘first world’ persons who exemplify community-centric thinking and behavior.

    It is complicated. But so is life…

    • @Bush Tea

      What is the socioeconomic state of Jamaica? Why do so many of them has as a priority to emigrate?

  45. If you want to know what is special about Jamaicans … just ask. 🙂

    Burning Collie Daily
    Spliffically Heartically Medically Collie Collie
    The Coolie Man brought the Collie Ganja Seed to Caribbean and Americas
    and freed the minds of the enslaved
    Cannabis in India has been known to be used at least as early as 2000 BCE

  46. Now for some light humor
    If 666 is the mark of the beast, what does 555 stand for?
    Answer: pimple on an elephant’s butt.😃

  47. I like that one. Was on my mind since yesterday, but I have restricted myself to just one-a-day. Working on tomorrow’d
    Don’t get confused.. I like 555 and his response…
    Did 🐇/🐰go away?
    And it looks as if Lawson is now among the elderly…. his jokes deteriorated.

  48. what does 555 stand for?

    Yawn.. you are more mind numbing than AC

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  49. Wisdom Healing
    It does not matter what you may think or believe in
    nor anyone else
    nor does your views about politics and wars
    shit happens regardless

  50. They love to tell so many lies and always on Afrika…i did hear early that gay groups are infected, so before the vaccine bullies start up, GAY promiscuity is a spreader of this disease.

    “EU Country Becomes First to Order Monkey Pox Quarantine.

    Belgiums’s Risk Assessment Group has announced a 21-day quarantine for patients with monkeypox after three people in the country were diagnosed with the virus.

    Another case of monkeypox was diagnosed Sunday, virologist Marc Van Ranst revealed on social media.

    He noted that, like previous cases, the indiviual in question was connected to the international gay fetish festival Darklands, which was held in Antwerp.”

  51. Poland and US forced are poised to enter western Ukraine. Lyvov and other cities.

    Russia is likely to not oppose this. Looks luke a backdoor deal has been made. We trust our instincts are wrong.

    As NATO is now set to micturate all over Ukraine to serve their own interests we wonder what that miscreant Zalensky will say as his country is dismembered left, right and centre. As the Nazis are sold out.

    More importantly, as European economies have been destroyed to bring them firmly back into the orbit of US hegemony as a desired function of this war from the beginning.

  52. A friend of mine said this is a Botsy Pox….

    .ah guess Bushman will have to warn his bosom buddy Petra Wicky….cause no vaccines are available until 2023…although already paid for….what a turn of events….

  53. Don’t Fight Evil
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    Their new MO is to be racist warmongering abusers of laws while pretending they aren’t

  54. Capitalism is the driver and tool used for Racism Warmongering Abuses of Law
    Supporters of Capitalism are supporters of Racism Warmongering Abuses of Law
    Problem > Reaction > Solution for White Supremacy Racism Capitalism Abuses of Law Remedy is Human Rights and #BlackLivesMatter for Truth Justice Healing and Freedom to Black people across the globe.

  55. West versus East Distinction
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    Correct Speech in Cultivation

  56. Clarification of deeper level shit for those who can keep up with deep
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  57. can anyone explain to me the thought process of going in to the bush and eating something that may be on its last legs. Unlike Waru I believe it when the scientists saying eating a bat with copd or a monkey with extreme acne or even a something you found dead on the forest floor might not be good for you. Ban bush meat not bush

  58. Sorry to be a spoilt sport so late in the game.

    1) War aid to Ukraine has surpassed $600,000,000,000 in 4 months.

    2) Experts posit $45,000,000,000 is needed to fight world hunger yearly.

    3) All vegetables imported into Barbados need to be tested for harmful chemical residue.

    4) Expect, the death rate to increase due to social decay and increased hardship financially.

    All we can do is plan, plan, plan and when all else fail, act, for planning needs to be acted upon.

  59. “Greetings from His Imperial Majesty king Haile Selassie JR of Ethiopia 🇪🇹, Her Royal Highness Queen Diambi of Congo, Dr Marcus Garvey JR, Grand Ms Jessica, Grand Daughter of Mandela…
    #Panamacity, Carribean 2022”

    Pacha…check out some of the attendees..

  60. The Fact that you have to ask the question the answer is YES , It already started and that was part of the COV19 plan from the start to kill off as many black people as possible

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