Prime Minister Boris Johnson Promises to BREXIT!

Boris Johnson to chair first cabinet on Thursday

That finishes our coverage of Boris Johnson’s first day as prime minister.
It came with the biggest ever clear out of cabinet without a change of party in power.
BBC political editor Laura Kuensberg said it was “not a reshuffle it’s a new government”.
 Tomorrow, Mr Johnson chairs his first cabinet meeting and faces the House of Commons. And of course we’ll bring you full coverage of that across the BBC.



  • A fantastic victory for a Caribbean woman, Gina Miller. We should be celebrating. Parliament is sovereign, not the Executive. Victory, victory, victory.
    Now to get rid of the Brexit nonsense. Withdraw Article 50. BORIS MUST GO. He is a liability. This is constitutional law at its best.


  • What lessons does the UK Supreme Court decision have for law-making in Barbados? The Supreme Court has confirmed that the core role of parliament is to scrutinise the Executive. Can a 29/1 parliament in which there are 26 ministers (including those in the senate) hold the Barbados Executive to account?


  • (Quote):
    “A fantastic victory for a Caribbean woman, Gina Miller. (Unquote).

    But Gina (Mrs Miller) is Guyanese-born of East Indian descent. Is that OK with you?

    You might be surprised to know that the former Guyanese-born DPP Charles Leacock was a member of her extended Singh family.


  • It’s too good to be true..In one week a political tsunami has struck

    Boris Johnson the American born Turkish Islamist,the liar and bluffer extraordinaire has been humiliated for the whole world to see…and Great Britain has once again shown why it is great,warts and all.If he had to approach King Charles with that lie,he’d be shown the door of Buckingham Palace along with a few choice French words interpreted to mean Fob off you twerp.Queen Lizzie getting on and going soft with all this Brexit nonsense that is destroying her once United Kingdom.

    Donald Trumpf the American born of German patrimony,liar and bluffer,crook and bully extraordinaire has been humiliated by that U.K. Supreme Court defeat of his altar boy Boris.Now he cannot corrupt British businesses nor the British taxpayer’s National Health Service.

    Benyamin Netanyahu,the Palestinian born descendant of Georgian origin,who is not a bona fide Semite and who is about to be hauled before the Israeli courts on corruption and other criminal acts,along with his dizzonest wife,has once again been humiliated at the polls.


  • Vote to delay Brexit vote passed. 12 days to get it done!


  • MPs back Brexit deal delay

    9 minutes ago

    Boris Johnson has said he will press on “undaunted” with his Brexit strategy despite losing a vital vote in the House of Commons.

    He has vowed to introduce legislation needed to implement his agreement in Parliament next week.

    But he will be compelled later to ask the EU for an extension beyond 31 October after MPs backed a motion designed to rule out a no-deal exit.

    It was very close – the government lost by just 16 votes, by 322 by 306.

    The motion, which was tabled by Independent MP Sir Oliver Letwin, “withholds approval” for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal until legislation implementing it has been passed.

    It was due to be followed by a vote on the main government motion – whether or not to back the deal. The motion – amended because of the previous vote – was approved without MPs going into the division lobbies.

    A vote on a cross-party amendment on preventing a no-deal referendum and holding a second referendum was also dropped.


  • Brits who voted Leave in the EU referendum are more likely to describe themselves as “racially prejudiced” than those who voted Remain, according to new research.
    A survey of 2,220 people found that 34% of Leave voters admitted holding racist attitudes compared to 18% of Remain voters.
    The study, conducted by the National Centre for Social Research, found 26% of Britons still described themselves as “very” or “a little” prejudiced towards people of other races.
    The study has been conducted annually since 1983 and the number of people saying they are racially prejudiced has never fallen below a quarter.
    The figure peaked at 39% in 1987 and hit a second peak of 37% in 2011, the report Racial Prejudice In Britain Today said.
    Also published in the report was new data from the European Social Survey conducted in 2014 revealing that 18% of Britons agreed that “some races or ethnic groups are born less intelligent”.
    A total of 44% of the 3,000 Britons involved in the European Social Survey said that some ethnic groups were naturally harder working.
    Men were more likely than women to say they were racially prejudiced, at 29% compared to 23%.
    The population was also divided along party lines, with 33% of Conservative party supporters admitting racial prejudice compared to 18% of Labour supporters.
    Nancy Kelley, deputy chief executive at the National Centre for Social Research, said: “These numbers provide clear evidence that a significant minority of people in Britain feel prejudiced towards people of other races.
    “The findings seem to buck the trend of growing tolerance we have seen in the British Social Attitudes survey.
    “Prejudice on this scale is something we as a society should be concerned about, not least as there is a significant body of evidence that even subtle racial prejudices contribute to racial inequality in areas such as education, employment and in the criminal justice system.”
    Dr Omar Khan, director of racial equality think tank Runnymede, said: “We have been far too complacent about a rising wave of tolerance leading to a less prejudiced society.
    “We need new ways of talking about race to tackle the stereotypes and fears of difference that give rise to unfairness.
    “But even more importantly, we need policies that tackle racial inequality and enable greater social interaction between people from different backgrounds.” (Quote)


  • Britain is now officially a nation of headless chickens. How a once great nation has fallen.


  • Where are all the BU Brexit fans now? Boris is now bogged down in an argument about eugenics, with an assistant with a foreign name claiming that black people are intellectually inferior. But Boris is already on record as saying similar.
    When I said on BU that Brexit was nothing to do with EU control, but was about immigration, black immigration, people doubted me. Watch how it is now coming to the surface.


  • Boris’ racist aide has resigned in order to save the prime minister’s blushes.


  • Fantastic intervention by Sir Lindsay Hoyle, speaker of the House of Commons, about the clash between the Executive and parliament. This is what a parliamentary democracy is all about.
    All those who talk about the Westminster model should get hold of Hansard. The Speaker accused the Boris Johnson government of treating parliament with contempt by forcing through secondary legislation without parliamentary scrutiny.
    Who does that remind you of? I say again, any claim that the House of Assembly operates on the Westminster model is a bad joke.


  • The father of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is applying for French citizenship now that Britain has severed ties with the European Union.
    Stanley Johnson told France’s RTL radio he had always seen himself as French as his mother was born in France.
    The 80-year-old former Conservative Member of the European Parliament voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum.
    His son Boris spearheaded the Leave campaign and later took the UK out of the EU as prime minister….(Quote)


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