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As the jury takes the murder case against Derek Chauvin for taking the life of George Floyd it has been disclosed that the kraken Chauvin was a highly-trained martial artist.

It’s amazing how both the prosecution and the defense attorneys, as officers of the court, seemed to have conspired to avoid letting the jury, and the public, know about the existence of this highly important factoid, the murder weapon. Such information should have been at the heart of a first degree murder charge, against Chauvin. But it never once came up!

Neither was the jury nor the public told that Derek Chauvin had as many as nineteen (19) complaints against him, in his police file. Yet the American injustice system is held up as a ‘paragon of virtue’, fit for wall to wall coverage on all networks.

These are the central problems with modern judicial systems. These are the structures which insist that the protection of official corruption itself is paramount.

How else can an injustice system maintain itself if it starts to convict police officers as the main protectors of that same wicked system if it starts putting on trial policemen for first degree murder like should have been the case in the death of George Floyd?

The lodge, that is a law courts, demands that both prosecutors and defense attorneys pledge allegiance to the court and not to the client or the people, with regard to public prosecutors.

Both sides managed to speak endlessly about 9 minutes and 29 seconds and other mundane issues but this central piece of information was never once told to the jury.

This occurs in a case where we were treated to any number of police officers paraded by the State of Wisconsin, including the Police Commissioner himself.

And as if to speak in code, or under the direction of unknown third parties, every prosecution or police witness made inert statements about the restraint (martial arts hold) which Chauvin used on George Floyd.

The commissioner himself said words to the effect that Chauvin’s restraint technique was not part of police training, so did several other policemen/women. The obvious question should have been, then where did it come from? But we were not to know this, certainly not the jury.

As a martial artist Chauvin ought to have known or certainly would have known that the restraint technique applied to George Floyd’s neck was certain to kill him. This qualifies as intent. This was a central requirement for first degree murder charges. Are these the workings of a Black man called Keith Ellison, the state attorney general?

Indeed, it is well known that as a martial artist one’s being is considered a deadly weapon. Either as policemen or martial artist or both the chokehold represents murder in the first degree with intentionality and as such should not escape the death penalty, if found guilty.

Given these circumstances, we are now to ask a number of wider questions. Those questions are pregnant with meanings and fall within the inalterable decay of the American judicial system and empire itself.

We need to ask, why was there such an unusual haste to pay-off the family of George Floyd with about 27 million pieces of silver just a few days before the trial started?

Was this smoking gun evidence, just coming to light, part of the financial settlement or blood money as negotiated by the family lawyers?

Was it agreed beforehand that this show trial, we’ve witnessed for the last three weeks, should be no more than that?

What were the roles of the ambulance-chasing family attorneys like Benjamin Crump, family members, people such as Al Sharpton – the sidekick of Crump, media prostitutes on the networks, public officials and others in covering up the magnitude of this modern day lynching of the late George Floyd?

When all the systems around us are so corrupted or corruptible the patina of justice only serves to galvanize and propagandize global opinion around an unjust trial for the blood of a sacrificial lamb led to the slaughter in the maw of empire.

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  1. A real bad situation seeing that India rolled out vaccines at the international level…….

    wish some on the island would understand that just because ya took the vaccine does not mean ya should walk around without masks, it’s stupidity at so many levels…

    “SOURCE: Reuters – The situation in India, where COVID-19 cases have surged, is “beyond heartbreaking”, and the World Health Organization is sending extra staff and supplies there to help fight the pandemic, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday”

  2. Except that this murder was committed in full view of the world.

    Where would you find twelve jurors who knew nothing of the circumstances surrounding this case and the enormity of the outcome?

    Sequestered or not. They knew about what happened in the streets last year and what was likely to happen in the event of an acquittal.

    And who the hell is Maxine Waters. Does she carry that much sway??

    Besides which, many high profile cases feature protesters outside the courthouse

    If they want America to burn, they can set the savage free.

  3. A review of all deaths involving police action handled by Dr. Fowler, the defence expert witness when he was coroner in Maryland is currently underway. This after 400 doctors demanded such a review on the basis of his testimony given at the Chauvin trial in which he gave a baseless opinion regarding carbon monoxide poisioning playing part in George Floyd’s death. The carbon monoxide levels were later shown to be within normal range.

    In short, the man was opining without physical evidence. Totally unprofessional. Obvious bias!

  4. I notice that Lawson was unable to come back to me with what he found re police shootings of unarmed black men. I, however, have two more names for him – Andrew Browne and Isaiah Browne (unrelated).

    The latter has so far cheated death by surviving seven shots propelled into him as a result of a cordless phone in the hand. He had used the same phone to call the police to settle a family dispute he was seeking to walk away from. He was shot outside of the house. So…. he smartly walked away from a dispute, called the law enforcers to protect him and was shot seven times for his law abiding efforts.

    So much for Lawson’s stats!

  5. Oh well, cousin Boris and his mouth again, the eugenics bosom buddy Cummins is spilling the beans in retaliation, all of this adds up to danger for Black people WORLDWIDE….as usual…

    “London – Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday denied a newspaper report that he had said he would rather bodies piled “high in their thousands” than order a third coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown.”

    Colorado arrest: Woman with dementia mocked by US police

    US police officers are seen mocking a 73-year-old woman with dementia as they watch video of her shoulder going “pop” during her forcible arrest, according to footage released by her lawyer.

    Karen Garner was detained on 26 June last year after she walked out of a Walmart store in the state of Colorado without paying for $13 (£9) of items.

    Her elbow was fractured and shoulder dislocated, says her lawyer.

    An investigation has been launched into the Loveland Police Department arrest.

    In the footage released on Monday from the booking area of the police station on the day of the arrest, officers are seen fist-bumping one another as they review body camera video of the incident.

    Video from inside Ms Garner’s nearby holding cell shows the frail-looking grandmother slumped handcuffed to a bench while the officers joke about the incident, says her lawyer.

  7. outright assassination of Black people in the south and other states…..they murder you for nothing or anything at all…..did someone say someone envied them, must have been on another thread….

    Andrew Brown Jr. died from a “kill shot to the back of the head” fired by a North Carolina sheriff’s deputy as the Black man tried to escape a barrage of gunfire, lawyer Ben Crump said Tuesday.

    “Citing a private autopsy commissioned by Brown’s family, Crump said deputies hit Brown with five different bullets as he gripped his steering wheel with both hands outside his residence in Elizabeth City during the service of an arrest warrant in a drug case.”

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