Submitted by Pachamama

For decades we in the Caribbean, misguidedly so, have been living under a false presumption that our here and dear homeland was ‘a zone of peace’. We well remember those homilies as oft repeated by generations of the political elites, as if mantra, but not at all well-based in truism. These thinly-veiled falsities have been laid bare by the existential realities of our time. Enter, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela!

As Wilpert has argued, the Pink-Tide governments currently facing serial reversals in the wider region always had Venezuela as their epicenter. Thus, the internal logic employed by Washington was not to be limited to the rollbacks in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador and Guatemala for Venezuela was always the main target. Of course, Cuba and Nicaragua remain firmly within the bullseye of empire as well. Mexico under its new left-leaning president will soon, more openly, also attract empire’s ire. Under this global financial hegemony no deviations to the established orthodoxy shall be permitted, they posture.

Imperialism has gone through at least three (3) distinct phases. Classical imperialism meant you outright stole other peoples’ things at the point of a sword. Colonial imperialism has meant that one was committed to bearing the costs of administrative control, or management on the ground directing the theft of resources, thereby reducing the net margin of surpluses extracted. The colonial extraction of surpluses by financial imperialism is the purest and most efficient formation thus removing up to 95% of surplus production from the ‘host’ directly to the German bankers or ‘parasites’, as in the recent case of Greece.

In the case of the militarized financial colonialism, which seeks to re-impose itself on the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the adversary is seeking to create conditions on the ground aimed at the renewal of historical patterns of extraction by pressuring the country with a contrived humanitarian crisis. By paying off its national debt and kicking out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Hugo Chavez denied the money-changers the rentier economy most efficient in extracting surpluses. This is a long-planned artificial crisis to which they are presenting the faux but ready-made solution, of course!

The United States has, for many years now, deployed dollar supremacy to create artificial scarcities in Venezuela, primarily through financial manipulation and employing other petroleum producers to sink the price of crude. Such a scenario unduly pressurizes the population; suggest that the military should be disloyal and commit treason; aims to set up a rival government in Venezuela; is portentous for a civil war; locates the Caribbean well within a final war scenarios. But America should try to avoid a hot war for it has lost every conflict, except Grenada, in more than one hundred (100) years. However, civil confusion, fictitious claims to governmental authority and disaster capitalism are also in America’s immediate interests, like in Syria and contrary to popular claims. Claims just as propagandistic as those about ‘zones of peace’ anywhere.

The USA has set up financial companies in Colombia to invite holders of US dollars to remove them from the country (Venezuela), mainly the wealthy Venezuelans left behind. They have set up financial services companies in Miami whose sole role are to act to drive down the parity for the bolivar, creating inflation of more than a million percent in a year. Then they blame Chavez and Maduro for ‘mismanagement’ and they own the media to often repeat their memes, lies. They have insisted, for years, that Venezuela was not to borrow in US dollars from anywhere. They have demanded that American companies operating in Venezuela were to repatriate their reserves of US dollars. And more!

More recently we have seen the weaponization of international finance taken to a new and worrying level. It’s worrying for Russia, China, Turkey and others. The United States has contravened the well-established understanding of international law what sovereign statism means when removing the legal protections the government of Venezuela has had viz a viz its US dollar reserve holdings in American banks and its holdings of bullion in London institutions. We are witnessing a global colonial conspiracy with obvious extraterritorial implications. It is or should be intolerable to all world nations. The grapes of globalization, you say!

What connects the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the dirty looks of American empire is the three (3) letter word which has been, since its discovery, been the bane of all countries of the South. What’s worse, is that imperial (American) control of oil, we say control not necessarily ownership, not that Trump and those currently in the White House care much about the differentiation any more, for they are gangsters. But crude oil is the single strategic mineral, which has, since 1971, could have acted to impose a perceived value on a fiat American ‘currency’ through ‘forced-demand’ market conditions as imposed by empire. Without which, the paper-tiger of an American empire falls, tomorrow morning!

These are the orders of magnitude the present illegal and aggressive ‘humanitarian’ war against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela represents for the Caribbean, the wider region and the very existence of live on our Mother, Earth. These scenarios make nonsense of quaint notions about ‘zones of peace’ anywhere. For Russia, China, Iran and others will not be forever dominated by American fiat currency control mechanisms, for resistance must come, sooner or later. And if Venezuela is to be the battle ground no pretenses about the Caribbean as a ‘zone of peace’ can contain these configurations of forces.

We are endeavouring to ignore the bellicose mouthings of Trump and company. Beyond that, all the other international indicators suggest the end of imperium. All the forces within the United States of America, itself, also point to an unescapable collapse, and very soon too. War with Venezuela, as urged by the Deep State or permanent American government and particularly the bankers running the Federal Reserve, remains the last flicker of hope for maintaining or extending American global hegemony. For they have failed to control Russian oil, Iranian crude, Central Asian resources, so Venezuela seems a necessary but insufficient target. They should expect millions of freedom fighters from Venezuela and elsewhere to deliver a righteous resistance, in several neighbouring countries as well. Venezuela represent another miscalculation for the internal and external constellations are working against the continuation of American hegemony and are well-disposed to denying empire any lifeline.

The very existence of America has always been about global hegemony. We simply have to look to see where its nearly 1000 military bases are located. We’ll discover that they are primarily situated near oil fields, to protect oil shipping lanes and other strategic minerals. The oil majors have always acted as instruments for imperial power starting with Iran (1953) as British Petroleum, as successor, acted with the CIA and British Intelligence (MI6) to remove Mohammad Mosadegh, a duly elected leader, who nationalized Iranian oil. By these, the oil majors, on whose behalf the United States military has always been praetorian guard. Of course, they enlist their partners in crime to assist in the policing of the world’s resources. France’s hegemonic relationships with its former colonies still represent the most perverse contradiction from the country which continues to claim to have given us ‘liberty’.

Why the increased recklessness at this time? Well, major countries are coming to realize that the fiat dollar has been used to threaten them, wage wars against them, impose sanctions against them, subjected them to intractable poverty, been extractive of real wealth owned by them, subjected them to more and more irrational American demands, the rising list of demands never seems ends. Strengths also present weaknesses and the growing weakness of empire also presents the Achilles Heel as a point of attack. So we have a number of countries establishing systems which seek to bypass the US dollar as global reserve currency and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIF) system used for its transfer.

Venezuela, just last years and in its own defense, decided to price its oil in the yuan, or petro-yuan, the currency of China. This military response by Trump and his gang in the White House is not dissimilar to what happened to Maumar Khadafy when he decided to sell Iraqi oil solely in the gold dinar. Meaning, buyers had to hold gold to buy Libyan crude oil. No such competition is ever to be given to the Devil’s dollar. The same fate met Saddam Hussien of Iraq, who deciding to price Iraqi crude similarly. They are many other countries facing this colonial reprisal. We will do well to remember that our region has never been a stranger to American backed wars, subversions and intrigues.

Contrary to the predictions of Trump we expect the American empire to collapse long before his wish for ‘socialism’, as an organizing principle, to have a chance in the heart of imperium. The truth is that America has many aspects of what he calls, derisively, as ‘socialism’. Indeed, Trump himself is a product of statist or corporate socialism through the privatization of surpluses and the socialization of debt, his many unpaid debt from several bankruptcies.

As we approach the weekend we now see the British billionaire, Richard Branson, bringing a threatening humanitarian live aide type concerts to Venezuela’s borders. This is the threatening behavior of the humanitarian war hawks and Venezuela should have a prepared counter-measure for any kinds of forces threatening it. Branson, an acolyte of Obama must also be an agent for empire. Venezuela, a country is not starving as they would wish us to believe. Why can’t this man Branson, who got his billions through the thief of public assets, not encourage the aggressive countries for which he acts as agent, to deliver the resources of the Bolivarian Republic, instead?

Everything here proves that it was a ‘mistake’ for Hugo Chavez to expect to launch a real structural revolution to liberate the masses of the Venezuelan peoples while at the same time leaving the capitalist structures in place. These capitalists have always been the agent of slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and now financial imperialism. They are the ones who, like the Americans, always believed that all the resources of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela were theirs and theirs alone, even as they served their White masters from abroad.


  • @ John,

    Years ago I was offered a job by the Bermuda government. I did not take up the offer. Does that mean I once worked for the Bermuda government? Of course not. You were offered an Exhibition but did not take up the offer. So it lapsed. You are not legally or common sensically an Exhibitioner. Not even according to Bajan logic.
    I am interested in someone achieving a scholarship at age 18 and being described for the rest of his life as a scholar. But congratulations in any case.

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  • Back to Weymouth Campus and still current after all these years of bellowing those immortal words:

    Foes in plenty we shall meet,
    Hearts courageous,scorn defeat,
    So we press with eager feet,
    Up and on,Up and on!

    ….In the school hall,much to the consternation of the Major, the ‘big’ boys like Harold Crichlow,Brandford Taitt,Earl Newton,Keith Sandiford,Wesley Hall,Milly White,David Pragnall and others replaced the word Foes with the word Fools,and in line 3 they added an ‘s’ to ‘feet’ to emphasize certain knowledge that the Acts by Marshall and the Ablative Absolute will always be the guiding light to wisdom.

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  • The US is on record of threatening to sanction all judges of the ICC if they as much as sit in judgement of any US citizen,yet VP Pence is seeking that same court’s indulgence in declaring that Venezuela should be sanctioned by the ICC for refusing their aid.What comedy from a once proud America.Now America is feeling isolated as allies desert them when they talk military


  • Although Appreciating and Commending the Accolades of Harrisonian’s on BU it is Noted that a Few while Acquiring Data and Knowledge Did not apply it to Gain Understanding and some may even credit themselves giving no leeway to the Spirit of Inspiration…However in John and Dr.Georgie Porgie case fall within the Realms of the few who do acknowledge their belief and Trust in the Direction of the Almighty and are not ashamed to say so…They are so many so called Learned people like PTL who rely purely on academics which by itself stands alone.

    John, “In 1975 I won a scholarship, in fact all four of us did.
    I never set out to win an exhibition or scholarship, just do my best.”

    Most people want to talk about their Data, Information and University people will speak of Knowledge.

    Remember, Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, understanding is not wisdom”.

    That said APPLIED Information leads to Knowledge…
    APPLIED Knowledge Leads to Understanding…
    APPLIED Understanding Leads to Wisdom.

    Wisdom being the Greatest of All…

    Principles are Rooted in Understanding and Wisdom. Once you have Understanding and Wisdom everything becomes Clear and that only comes through the Inspiration of the Almighty!!


  • Besides his Word The Way of Enlightenment… All that we may Encounter along Life’s Journey Remember the Greatest of All…His Spirit or Light within and Listen to His Gentle Whispering that influences our Conscience to choose the right!!


  • The best White brain that HC produced during the 1970’s was Christopher Richardson.

    He was not only book smart but was also a Magiver. A rare combination in Bim


  • At this time the team of @uninoticias expelled from Venezuela left the hotel in Caracas heading to the airport. We are being accompanied by staff of the embassies of Mexico and the United States. @Jorgeramosnews @Danielcoronell

    This is the video that Jorge Ramos showed to Maduro, and for which he was upset, he finished the interview abruptly, kept him detained several hours and stole the recording equipment.


  • Humanitarian Aid is burned by the national guard bolivaria on the Bridge Francisco de Paula Santander, strong riots.

    One of the volunteers who were in one of the burnt gandullas tells how gnp cheated them by telling them they could pass and then, shot them.

    One of the volunteers who were in one of the burnt gandullas tells how gnp cheated them by telling them they could pass and then, shot them.

    Bullies with Guns against an Unarmed youngsters.


  • Violating The Colombian sovereignty minions of the national guard of Venezuela shoots tear bombs towards the Colombian side

    Now it’s crime to wear a Venezuela cap? The Solidarity of the people avoids another abuse. This happened in front of the military circle of maracay.

    Sounds like the Trump Make America Great Again Cap…It’s a Symbol of Freedom and they oppose it!!


  • Try it another way.

    Let’s say you have some medical condition, lets say 20/20 vision.

    Until you are examined you will not know you have 20/20 vision and no one else will know either.

    When you are examined and the doctor tells you that you have 20/20 vision you get to know what it is and you can tell people that you have 20/20 vision.

    You had 20/20 vision before you were examined.

    You had it at the examination.

    You continue to have the condition after the exam.

    The exam just made it official for you and who you choose to tell to know!!

    Good or bad, you own the medical condition.

    GP and I were scholars before the exams.

    We are scholars after the exam.

    We still are scholars!!

    The exam didn’t make us scholars, it just confirmed our particular condition for us and everyone to know!!.

    In 1974, I was an exhibitioner or if you like to exhibition standard before the exam.

    I am to exhibition standard after the exam.

    Therefore I am both a scholar and exhibitioner.

    Any scholar by default satisfies the requirement of being an exhibitioner.

    The difference is that 20/20 vision will in most cases deteriorate.

    Scholars and exhibitioners continue to learn and grow and just get better and better with age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • David

    Thanks for drawing the above article to our attention. The Russians have been smelling around there for a while now and we tend to believe that there have their ducks in a row to attempt to kill the beast.

    When we consider what is happening in Afghanistan, Syria, the wider Great Game of Central Asia, Crimea and elsewhere it may very well be time to throw the knockout blow.

    If this Venezuelan putsch fails we see game, set and match.


  • @Pacha

    Do not ignore the incumbent is preparing for a second term and Florida is held up as a swing state.


  • The tension is rising between Pakistan and India. This is for commenters interested in non navel gazing news. One plane shot down, pilot in custody.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    David ….LOL…when sewerage flowing on your streets and onto your once pristine sea shores and cost of living and breathing going up daily due to new taxes and pon top of all dat criminal drug players shooting up de place, one really could care less about ANOTHER war in the Kashmir mountains!

    If these two nations are going to start a nuclear ‘Armageddon’ over desolate swaths of disputed land then we bout here really can’t stop that destiny so frankly we might as well watch we navels and bawl at that, the Vietnam summit, the Cohen Washington shennanigans and Venezuela and all de rest …cause we good and we ‘Gathering for 2020’ too!😎

    As de man doth say, ‘ah lie, we got dis!’

    BTW…you know anybody offering an AirBnb longstay, well stocked nuclear bunker…just in case the we Gathering sweet talk or more imminent 4th July parade mumbo jumbo promises get disrupt just so !

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  • David

    You are right to care about the Indian/Pakistani rising conflict. Some commentators have long cited that as an inflection point which could trigger a global war. And is Barbados not an indispensable part of our world?

    Certainly, it is far from impossible to grapple with local bread and butter issues and the geopolitical at the same time. And why should it be? Is there sometime which genetically predisposes the Bajan mind to be one-dimensional? In any event all these issues are connected.

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  • Addressing the UN,Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza says the humanitarian aid of food and medicines also included nails and barbed wire.Photos were made available to the UN committee.


  • Barbados suffered greatly from the two major war of the last century. And neither one was triggered by event near to us.

    The first was caused by the assignation of Prince Ferdinand. A long plot of the then British palace.

    The second by an event occurring in the first – the withdrawal of banking support from Germany

    Our soft power strategy is to be always anti-war!

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  • @Pacha

    Some here fail to recognize that conflict in the ME has the potential to disruptive oil and food distribution, price of commodities etc. Not to forget tourist travel. We do not live in a fish bowl.


  • @ John,
    I do not want to deny you your intelligence, but the exam was a grade of eligibility for an Exhibition. It qualified you to be the recipient of an Exhibition. The second part of the process was an offer, which you had to accept to validate the offer. This is true even if all examinees who reached the standard were offered Exhibitions. And that would be economic nonsense. We know you did not accept the offer, so you are not an Exhibitioner.
    I will give a couple examples: if a young man or woman did a law degree but did not do the bar exams, then s/he is not a qualified lawyer. This is true even if s/he went on to do post-graduate work in law, ie knew more theoretically about areas of law than practising lawyers.
    My second example, and with respect you may be a bit young to remember this, before Barrow introduced his ‘free’ education policy, young men and women won scholarships to our First and Second grade schools at age 11. They were only scholars for as long as they remained at school. After leaving school, for whatever reason, they lost the status. Are you saying there was one rule at age 11 and another at age 18?.


  • “Think Grenada 1983”
    So correct; and that is what makes the statement from the former Caribbean Prime Ministers ludicrous and disingenuous. The current ones just seem to be spewing the usual political hogwash in relation to these sensitive issues which have caught them off guard and of which they seem to have little knowledge.

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  • They were only scholars for as long as they remained at school.


    What is scholarship?

    Isn’t it learning.

    How would an exam give a person learning?

    The person has to have the learning to take the exam!!

    In the case you cite, they were scholars whether or not they remained at school!!

    What lapsed if they left school was the support from the taxpayers for their attendance.

    Similarly, a Barbados Scholar is a Barbados Scholar whether they take the exam or not!!

    Their scholarship/learning is theirs regardless of any exam.

    All that the exam does is to qualify them to receive support from the taxpayer and officially recognises the Barbados Scholar.

    Back to the 20/20 example.

    A person with 20/20 vision has it whether they are certified or not!!

    The certification permits them to qualify for jobs which require 20/20 vision but there will be dozens of others who also have 20/20 vision who never bothered to get certified.


    If you want to be a police officer in the US you require 20/20 vision ….. and obviously, certification by an examination!!

    If you don’t want to be a police officer but have 20/20 vision, then there is no need to get certified.


  • Hal Austin
    February 27, 2019 11:00 AM

    @ John,
    I do not want to deny you your intelligence


    That’s the point.

    You can’t deny me my intelligence any more than I can deny you yours!!

    My scholarship and your scholarship likewise.

    My learning and your learning likewise!!

    The only difference between us is that I happened to take exams in 1974 that certified my scholarship/learning to exhibition level.

    You may or may not have.

    That is a simple unchangeable fact.

    By me not taking up the offer all that happened was the taxpayers saved a few dollars.

    That did not alter the fact that my scholarship/learning was certified to exhibition level!!

    My certification remained!!

    Just like I can pick up my first degree and show anyone I am certified by the university I attended.


  • @ John,

    A Scholar is a person who pursues formal study, and scholarship is the process of pursuing that study. @John, I am glad you are an engineer and not a philosopher. A scholar (for scholar read fellow) only remains a scholar as long as s/he is formally engaged n pursuit of that knowledge. Once the formal engagement ends (e the Fellowship) then the title falls. Of course there are honorary titles such as doctorates and professorships.
    An 11 yr old who passes a scholarship does not remain a scholar for the rest of his/her life. S/he may reman intelligent, but not a scholar. Once they leave the institution that offered the scholarship, or that they attended under the benefits of the scholarship, they are no longer a scholar. The benefits are the key to the Awards.
    The scholarship (ie the title and benefits) lapse at the end of the course, or if it is cut short for whatever reason. @}John you are simply wrong. Of course, the individual may want to boast of being a scholar for the rest of her/his life, but that is the nature of the beast.
    To be a Barbados Scholar you MUST take the approving exam, you just cannot wish it from cloud nine. Passing the exam is not enough. It is the first step. The state, or funder, would set out the parameters to be a scholar, which may include the pass level and the number of scholarships for that year. The criteria, therefore, may be based on top students in the exam; if there are other criteria, then those bars must also be met.
    I know in Barbados we like to give 18/19 year olds the title of Barbados Scholar for life; it is romantic nonsense. I hope it entails more than just pure maths at A level. What about the kids who won scholarships to Harrison College, Lodge, Foundation, etc prior to Barrow’s ‘free’ education policy? At Combermere part of being a scholarship winner was free lunches every school day. To little boys that was even more important than free books and uniforms. They had bragging rights. I am sure some scholars on this blog will join in.
    What about a graduate who gains a First Class honours degree, or a postgraduate distinction, or a PhD, are they still scholars? We are all scholars now, since it is obvious a graduate studies at a higher level than A levels. In the UK, at least in post-graduate work, distinctions are awarded by the study board, not just the performance in the exams or thesis.
    @John, I do not want to take anything away from you, but you are a former Barbados Scholar, but never an Exhibitioner. By your inaction you rejected that offer.


  • Can somebody sensible like GP or Hants explain where Hal Austin and John are going with their BS


  • A Scholar is a person who pursues formal study, and scholarship is the process of pursuing that study


    So what is a student?

    Scholarship is learning!!

    A scholar is also a student, just that he/she has more learning than the average student.

    So a student may not be a scholar.

    No sweat, it takes all kinds!!!

    Gabriel, you are obviously a student if you don’t have the scholarship to understand!!!

    So do what students … and scholars do … read mark and inwardly digest!!

    If you still can’t understand, ask nicely and I will explain!!

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  • Gabriel February 27, 2019 8:33 PM

    Can somebody sensible like GP or Hants explain where Hal Austin and John are going with their BS




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  • Can someone please remind me of the position of Barbados and CARICOM on the legitimacy of the Venezuelan presidency? Are we still neutral?




    Traveling with Hugo Chavez, I soon understood the threat of Venezuela. At a farming co-operative in Lara state, people waited patiently and with good humour in the heat. Jugs of water and melon juice were passed around. A guitar was played; a woman, Katarina, stood and sang with a husky contralto.

    “What did her words say?” I asked.

    “That we are proud,” was the reply.

    The applause for her merged with the arrival of Chavez. Under one arm he carried a satchel bursting with books. He wore his big red shirt and greeted people by name, stopping to listen. What struck me was his capacity to listen.

    But now he read. For almost two hours he read into the microphone from the stack of books beside him: Orwell, Dickens, Tolstoy, Zola, Hemingway, Chomsky, Neruda: a page here, a line or two there. People clapped and whistled as he moved from author to author.

    Then farmers took the microphone and told him what they knew, and what they needed; one ancient face, carved it seemed from a nearby banyan, made a long, critical speech on the subject of irrigation; Chavez took notes.

    Wine is grown here, a dark Syrah type grape. “John, John, come up here,” said El Presidente, having watched me fall asleep in the heat and the depths of Oliver Twist.

    “He likes red wine,” Chavez told the cheering, whistling audience, and presented me with a bottle of “vino de la gente”. My few words in bad Spanish brought whistles and laughter.


  • Not all racists are nasty people. Some of them appear quite nice. That does not mean their thinking is not racist.


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    New York Times, Sunday 10, March, 2019

    Footage Contradicts U.S. Claim That Maduro Burned Aid Convoy. The U.S. blames Maduro, but a new video casts doubt Unpublished footage obtained by The Times and previously released tapes allowed for a reconstruction of the incident. It suggests that a Molotov cocktail thrown by an antigovernment protester was the most likely trigger for the blaze. The New York Times’ exclusive video contradicts a U.S. claim about Nicolás Maduro’s regime and shows how this unverified information spread across Twitter and television.


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