Barbados watch out, another global financial crisis on the horizon

Another global financial crisis seems set to engulf the world with the collapse of banks in the United States and Europe, two of the major financial markets in the world. Attempts by regulators and big banks to intervene by bail ins and other means have failed to calm unease in the markets. Banking and other financial stocks have seen declines which reflects a lack of confidence by investors.

Too many Barbadians are going about day to day business oblivious to the building of dark clouds on the horizon. There is the saying when the USA economy catches a cold Barbados will become sick. The graph about is forecasting a scenario which does not augur well for Barbados. The Barbados economy is precariously positioned, another global financial crisis will catspraddle all effort made since the 2007 financial crisis to right the local economy.

In Deo Speramus!

127 thoughts on “Barbados watch out, another global financial crisis on the horizon

  1. TLSN….It may be too little, too late.

    Hard to roll back centuries of damage..would be interesting to see them trying, no one wants same old.

  2. Very interesting things are happening, just saw a clip where Dutch farmers broke out a truck load of manure and sprayed it all over riot police, from one end to the next, who had nowhere to run and had to stand at attention and TAKE IT…lol

    • Sounds more like poor regulation to Bushie.
      The French can always be relied on to come up with some stupid shiite.

      If the rules allow the shareholders to take that evasive route and thereby to avoid taxes ….how is it money laundering?

      Normal common sense would have foreseen that loophole and required a MINIMUM period of transfer AND enough transfer fees to close that loophole.

      All they are doing is putting even more pressure on an already doomed financial sector…

      ..Just like the local regulatory brass bowls at the FSC when they jumped all over a credit union for a late report…. and then had to come back saying how sound the institution is..

      “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”

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