2020 US Presidential Election

If the late great Gladston Holder were alive he would take the opportunity to remind us that it does not matter who is elected to the White House, it the wealthiest families in the USA where the power is located- the Vanderbilts, Rockefellers et al. That said many will agree party colours aside, Trump’s legacy will be remembered as being one of the most bigoted and divisive.

Let it be no secret this blogmaster cannot wait to see the back of the man. He has disgraced the office of president of the USA and by extension the human race.

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  1. JohnJanuary 6, 2021 4:26 PM

    ANTIFA and BLM in hiding!!


    Probably come out tonight!!

  2. “There’s a BLACK BLACK BLACK Senator in Georgia?!!!!” Trump Grand Wizard of Ku Klux Klan Hollers Ot Loud
    This is unpresidented and he should be lynched from the sycamore tree and his balls and penis chopped off and bar-be-queued and brought on a plate to me forthwith with some fired onions and a bap and some ketchup
    JID Jazz Is Dead
    A Redor Do Samba


  3. JohnJanuary 6, 2021 4:26 PM
    ANTIFA and BLM in hiding!!

    I am sure you would like to get off, seeing a few black people being lynched tonight. You are a real backwoods racist POS!

  4. WASHINGTON — The U.S. Capitol descended into chaos Wednesday as hundreds of pro-Trump protesters swarmed the building, forcing police to evacuate parts of the complex as some demonstrators appeared to break through barricades on the building’s steps.

    The frenzied scene forced Congress to delay a ceremonial event affirming that President-elect Joe Biden won the November election and evacuate parts pf the building.

    Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding over the joint session, could be seen rushing out of the Senate chamber amid the sounds of protesters who surrounded the Capitol.

    The dramatic situation came after Trump, who has refused to accept the results of the election, spoke to a large crowd in front of the White House. He angriled vowed that he would never concede to Biden and baselessly asserted that the election results were fraudulent.

    “We will never give up, we will never concede. You don’t concede when there’s theft involved,” Trump said to a crowd of supporters, some of whom chanted “USA!” or waved anti-Biden banners.. He later falsely claimed Biden would be an “illegitimate” president.

    Trump has put pressure on Vice President Pence claiming he can intervene in the count. In his lengthy and digressive remarks, Trump called on Pence to “do the right thing,” even though Pence’s ceremonial role does not provide him with the power to intervene in the counting of votes. Pence sent a letter to Congress ahead of the ceremony stating he would not be doing what Trump has hoped.


  5. Guns drawn and bombs planted. The “Kraken” is unleashed. One white beast tries to replace the American flag with a Trump flag.

    That settles it! This is a cult!

    You pile of filth, John Knox! THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS!

  6. Bound to have happened.

    Phantoms and zombies vs real live people.

    The claims of election fraud should have been acted upon ages ago.

  7. When I see a Pussy
    I grab it … and no…
    you can’t have it back you silly rabbit

    Cat Jump

    The roof !
    The roof !
    The roof is in fire !
    We don’t need no water !
    Let the motherfucker burn !

  8. At least one person shot. Policeman being chased and calling for help.

    I can’t say I am sorry these beasts have shown once and for all who they are.

    Let it all play out!

  9. If those were black people, they would have been tear gassed and then shot. White sub-literate trash just like the orange baboon.

  10. Last comment
    Colossal failure
    One term
    Loss the presidency
    Lost both houses

  11. @ david king

    this thread should be shut down forthwith
    a new one could be set up with images of Amerikkka burning
    Pachamama could paint couple of words in broad brush strokes
    for reasons of integrity and to maintain peace and law and order it would be best if John and GP are banished from BU for supporting terrorists and racists

  12. Babylon’s Burning
    The Ruts DC
    Babylon’s burning, you’ll burn the street
    You burn your houses, with anxiety
    With anxiety, Babylon’s burning, Babylon’s burning
    With anxiety, Babylon’s burning, Babylon’s burning
    Babylon’s burning, you burn the street
    You burn the ghetto, with anxiety
    With anxiety, Babylon’s burning, Babylon’s burning
    With anxiety, Babylon’s burning, Babylon’s burning
    Babylon’s burning baby, can’t you see?
    Babylon is burning with anxiety
    You’ll burn at work, you’ll burn at play,
    Smouldering and smouldering, with ignorance and hate
    With anxiety etc
    Babylon’s burning, Baylon’s burning
    Babylon is burning
    Babylon’s burning, Babylon’s burning
    Babylon is burning

  13. 2 to 6 Supermix
    I and I know that all the youths shall witness the day that Babylon shall fall
    Dreadzone Remix

    Fundamental Remix

  14. LAW AND ORDER!!!!!

    But only for black people, they thought!

    Ram the bastards!

  15. @Donna, you have made a most astute comment re “Obvious[ly a] security fail…”.

    When I heard that the capital was breached I silently said WHAT (expunged)…. how was that ALLOWED to happen despite ALL the preparation and planning.

    Somebody wanted a few injured or incapacitated congressfolk!

    What happens when others go to clean up ‘the thurd’ in aisle 16.. !

    There is no comfort here … until the Republican leadership seek to bring charges against this man in the WH …

    Yes @Sargeant the chickens or cows or sins or whatever have come home but we all knew it was inevitable… so what now!

    And yes @Theo one term, lost both houses, impeached and STILL doing the same damn pyrotechnics and lying he did from day one …

    So where in heaveans name does the Republican party, the US and world go from here!

    ‘Amazing scenes were witnessed here today when a narcissistic bully brought the US to anarchy “


  16. The solution is real simple.

    Spend the next 10 days with the 15 member panel investigating voter fraud in the disputed States.

    Cruz’s solution.

    Then act decisively on the results, whatever they may be.

    Two months have been wasted by an ineffective judiciary avoiding the issue.

  17. It is the judiciary that has created this mess.

    They should have dealt with the concerns of real people and not wasted time considering the wishes and desires of phantoms and zombies.

    1/6/2020 AD
    Washington DC (which is not a state stupid)
    Trump sparked the match that started the fire burning in the Capitol DC
    and now wants unholy fire to spread in all the shitty cities of iniquities across US of A
    to keep the Police on their toes like ho’s in the US Coup that grows and grows

    Now let us pray

    Our Trump Who art in hell, cursed be Thy name; Thy kingdom did not come; Thy will shall not be done on earth as it is in hell. Give us this day our daily blood and juicy wet pussy; and give us our trespasses as we give those who trespass against us; and lead us into temptation, and deliver us to everlasting evil.

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