Regional Response Required to Extradition Requests for Caribbean Nationals

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim

Honourable Blogmaster:

Re the narrow extradition issue, raised by some bloggers, will you not kindly use your good offices to prevail upon P.M Mottley, Her A.G, and the Barbados Ambassador to CARICOM, that there is need for a comprehensive regional response to all demands to extradite Caribbean nationals?

This issue ought to be seriously debated and resolved by the next CARICOM Heads of Government Meeting. In fact, CARICOM’s model law initiative should already have had among its drafts – if this has not already been done – a draft stipulating that “Notwithstanding any treaty, law, diplomatic request for extradition, to the contrary, no Caribbean national shall be extradited etc, etc, etc”. (I fully understand that this may take another 10 years minimum, as with the CARICOM Administrative Tribunal inaugurated last year, some ten years or more after I first raised the issue).

You may also have to seek some derogation from existing treaty obligations as you seek to exercise your sovereignty in this area.

The Caribbean national, I believe, should as a general rule be tried in his home state, or somewhere else in the Caribbean, especially if there is a genuine fear that he or she cannot receive a fair trial in his/her particular, local jurisdiction, or where there is a substantial threat that the criminal defendant(s) might seek to further torpedo the local justice system.

WE SHOULD NOT OUTSOURCE OUR CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS TO THE USA or any other state. To do so is unnecessarily shabby, insulting and demeaning.

Also, what exactly lies behind the US decision to prosecute Inniss for the crimes he was charged with (amounting to a mere US $36,000). The jurisdiction in federal, civil court cases, I believe, is US $75,000.

Election results should never constitute a Thieves’ Charter allowing for crimes of opportunity for any stooge or stoolie. But, so long as Caribbean politicians continue empty palaver about “good governance”, while doing their usual sheit, what can we expect?

12 thoughts on “Regional Response Required to Extradition Requests for Caribbean Nationals

  1. If the country of OWNERSHIP does not provide justice then other jurisdictions will take control, ie BLACKLISTING for money laundering, the issue of the author.
    Justice left to slide leads to BARBADOS FAILED STATE STATUS.

  2. @ Wily:

    The question remains: what is to be done (even in an imperfect world)?

    Should we simply accept your designation of Barbados as “a failed state”, continue business as usual or simply roll over?

  3. Perhaps a CARICOM Commission of Wise Men and Women might timely investigate. I imagine that extradition might be of possible interest to states such as Jamaica, Trinidad., Guyana would/should support, if the necessary political will exists.

    • @Caleb

      Regional governments will never agree to deal with extradition as a single entity. The islands in the North and Central Caribbean have deep ties with the USA. You may recall when Trump invited a few leaders and excluded others based on perceived interest. Look at how some recognize Taiwan others China…

  4. Al Capone’s Guns Don’t Argue

    Al Capone got got for tax fraud not gangsterism

    Gangsta Gangsta
    It’s not about a salary it’s all about reality

    • It maybe the only hope seen through the eye of a pragmatist but politicians are influenced by other motives?

  5. Fraud is good it encourages big spending projects and greases the wheels of public and private sector. It is the same money that goes round and round the economy and dirty money is still money that just needs to laundered so it’s cleaned in the wash with a couple of spin cycles so it can be spent on bling. Everyone is doing it. That is why rich people back politicians who understand the ways of the world. That is why politics is so divisive it’s all about monies. If you haven’t got money you won’t get the panties.
    We are all prostitutes for money.

    If you can’t be good be careful is best advice when breaking laws and decide to colt the game.
    Don’t play bad card or will become notorious and infamous as your legacy and you family will inherit nothing when you get busted and you may lose you big house and big car and collateral wealth if you get got and catch a case and go down.

  6. Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, is another high profile US request for extradition. She has been detained in Vancouver for 2 years.

    • @Northern Observer

      Like you have been searching for evidence that Canada received an extradition request for Ingrid Innes without success.

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