Venezuela – The Caribbean Emerges At The Centre Of Our Worlds

Submitted by Pachamama

It took a Don-Don to trump all other minor Dons, a Rubio that is little Marco, a Bolton who was always a Johnny and a real criminal called Elliott to engineer what could be the inflection point or (A)bram/s to launch the Caribbean into the geo-political stratosphere as elements of the racist power structure in Washington side with their kindred spirits in Caracas.

What we are witnessing is a real global criminal conspiracy, in broad daylight, to steal the largest oil resources in the world, by far – 300 billion barrels. It happens to be under the feet of the peoples of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Therein lies the most bothersome question for imperialism, for capitalism. The question for the Americans has always been – how do we get ‘our’ oil from under other peoples’ feet?

Those on BU who would want to contend that the USA has become a leading exporter of crude in recent years consistently miss the point. The point is strategic not tactical. It is about control of the tap and denial of access to others. The point was always about connecting real resources to paper currency. These are how the peoples of the world are really robbed! These are the critical questions. Not the puerile BS constantly propagated on the networks. Even the Johnny, that is Bolton, is making crystal clear for the idiots. This is to be a war of conquest. The Conquistadores are still in place, both in Caracas and Washington.

Maybe the point that the Chinese have recently invested 50 billion dollars in a joint venture with the government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its President Nicolas Maduro represented, to the Americans, ‘a clear and present national security threat’ pushing the Americans to up the ante – illegal sanctions as war by other means. Economic warfare, if you will.

That reading of events is one which is quite common for Uncle Sam and his progenitors. In these circumstances, the threat of war had to take centre-stage because all other attempts to remove the legitimate government of Venezuela, over 20 years, including assassinations, had limited affect. Notwithstanding, the great Hugo Chavez had contended that he was given a ‘cancer serum’ and so were several other leftist-leaning leaders of Central and South American countries over recent years, he continued. But who amongst us will see the Americans as the murderers that they have always been!

In addition, the ‘Yankees’ are fearful that a growing and wider alliance between non-dollar trading countries, spawning the rise of the potentially-deadly ‘petro-yuan’, as the currency of choice, will hasten the end of American imperium. And they are quite right! Of course, Venezuela, and the wider Caribbean, has had a long and sordid history of American interventionism, the doctrine of former president Monroe still rules these lands.

This is the classical story of how militarism is deployed in the service of corporations, oil companies and big money-men like Donald John Trump. Trump, who has no qualms about ‘taking other people oil’ at the point of a gun, in true American presidential gangster-style, especially if that gun could be cloaked in all manner of pseudo-legalisms, as have been long practiced by every American president and administration, including bulling-Obama. This is a merely game for this overgrown child (Trump). A game, he will most certainly lose, if he has the guts to try, for Pachamama has ordained it!

So we are made to endure the illegal meetings at the United Nations. Other illegal meetings were held of the Organization of American States (OAS) as part of this criminal conspiracy. All aimed at giving a patina of legitimacy to an illegal destabilization and possible invasion of a sovereign state and rendering a death blow to the Geneva Conventions. An invasion not unlike what was conducted in Syria, in Libya, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Panama, to name a few.

Of course, the ‘Don of all Dons’ is seeking a large payday on demitting office. We would estimate Trump could expect north of 15 billion dollars personally, after leaving office, impeachment or not, should this master caper, be successful.

Anglo-Caribbeans should note that neither Canada nor Britain has shown any hesitation in inviting war to our sacred region. Theresa May, ‘the hunchback of London’ and her foreign secretary, as a matter of course, dutifully and as pre-planned, gave the Americans the public nod to embark on this racist, Christian, crusade in our region. Theresa May’s husband is a notorious arms dealer, selling weapons to kill children in Yemen. Why not the Caribbean? Is he being promised piece of the war materiel action?

You would have thought that we had good relationships with Canada. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, as the boy scared of the big bad wolf south of him, could not be the son of a man who four (4) former Caribbean prime ministers were once committed to, as he sought to shift the hemispheric, geo-political, equation, fundamentally. This determination should make us re-consider things that too many of us take for granted. We still have titularly Black people talking shiiite about their Scottish blood, etc. We have to stop expecting that the ‘mother country’ or historical trading partners are to be bound to understandings that some special dispensations are to be given us.

At the OAS meeting it was inspiring to see that some small Caribbean states had the gumption to vote against the imperialists, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Ralph Gonzales, is especially worthy of note. There was a similar number also abstaining, leading to the massive defeat of the America construction of an artificial ‘casus belli’, not dissimilar to the lies around the Invasion of Iraq (2003).

You could rely on the mendicancy of the Mottley regime in Barbados to abstain. But even that could get them in trouble with Trump. A no-vote would have been a monumental surprise. Notwithstanding, it would be too much to expect the likes of David Comissiong, ‘the moral compass for decency’ as venerated in Bridgetown, by some, to be resigning anytime soon. This path to war by Trump should cause Comissiong to rethink his empty rhetoric about regional unity etc. For it has always been highly misconceived!

We doubt it! You see, American policymakers are so drunken by imperial hubris, so intoxicated by a faux exceptionalism, that is seems impossible for any significant faction of elite forces to prevent another Iraq, another Afghanistan, any imperial excesses at all. Not at a time when everybody in America wants to get fabulously rich, and real quick. But maybe, the fate of the USA has been written in the stars. How could it be otherwise possible to elect a modern-day Nero, a modern-day Caligula, advance a neo-Nazi global state where wealth is highly consolidated and not expect the dominance of the madness as foretold, being a lived reality!

Those here on BU, misguided and supportive of the musings of the ‘humanitarian’ interventionists in Washington should remember Libya or Puerto Rico after two hurricanes, one after the other. Is this the same Trump presenting that he now cares about Venezuelans? Should there not be a wall to prevent these kinds of people from ‘shithole’ countries coming to America? Or maybe, the honorary Whites of Venezuela and those living in Miami, prepared, as they are, to sell out their country to neo-Nazis are truly exceptional idiots.

Yesterday Colombia was saying that its territory will not be used in any aggression against the Bolivarian Republic. Today, the Americans are announcing that their troops are deployed in Colombia. But Russia has a battalion (up to 800) stationed in Venezuela and they come with the whole arsenal of the defenses of the Russian Federation. And Venezuela has other friends in the world. These include the peoples of Cuba and those of Haiti. Internally, many supporters of the revolution are willing to die for this just cause. They also have contacts with several popular forces which have resoundingly defeated the Yankees, many times over. Did a president of the United States not ordered the leader of Syria to leave office in a manner not dissimilar to the present idiot? And is Assad not still in office, and dominantly so? So too will be Maduro many moons after Trump resides in the dustbin of history! We remain less certain about the American neo-Nazi state.
Donald John Trump is a coward! His band of armchair generals has but a solitary military success in over a hundred years – poor Grenada. They have been beaten or failed to meet their targets in every military adventure. These include WW1, WW2, Vietnam, Korea and all others. Recently the Iranians, the Syrians, the Russians, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban have either defeated America and/or its proxies, in hot and/or cold confrontations, sometimes more than once, within a short period of time. The truth is that nobody is afraid of America. In military matters when once a belligerent has lost the spectre of invincibility, it can never be regained. The Zionist state is a perfect example. Such is the American imperium as it seeks its long-awaited death in the swaps of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Long live the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela as inspired by Hugo Chavez Frias, long live!


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

    pieceuhderockyeahright February 5, 20193:40 AM@ “It is all about Simple Simon and the fact that EVERY SINGLE MURDER AND SHOOTING IN BARBADOS FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS IS BY US NEGROES.”

    This is not true.

    Of course the majority of the crime is by black people, but aren’t there 209,109 black people in Barbados out of a total population of 226,193 people in Barbados. Aren’t most of the old dead people in the Sunday obits black too, [do you think that there is a nefarious conspiracy to kill old black people too?] aren’t most of the babies who will be born today black too, aren’t most of the Barbados scholarship winners not black too? Aren’t most of the people who sit the 11+ not black too?

    So what do you expect in a black majority country except that most of the criminals and most of the convicts will be black. That is normal.

    In Norway most of the criminals and most of the convicts are white, nd most of the crimeis white on white crime.

    I am NOT in favourof cime. Nobody is except the criminals themselves.

    But to tell lies about black people being ignorant, naive, superstitious and bewitched, nah ya can’t get that pass me.

    ignorant, naive, superstitious and bewitched people occur in all populations, all religions, all races, all genders. But in each case such people are in the minority. [maybe not all genders since in every country of the world the ignorant, naive, superstitious and bewitched people who end up in prisons and mental hospitals are very sadly largely MALE. About 90% MALE.

    Physician heal thyself.


  • What is the Barbados/Caricom position on the legitimacy of the presidency of Maduro?


  • I guess Freedom Crier is a white supremacist as well. She finds NO FAULT WHATSOEVER WITH WHAT HE POSTS. I wonder if she realises that the man does not believe in her God. I guess that being a Trump supporter ranks higher than being a God believer.

    And that says it ALL, Miss Looney Tunes.


  • The Left Love to accuse others…I suppose When Freedom had to set you Donna straight for the Green Light you gave on Abortion that is depleting the Negro Race…. was Freedom a white Supremacist then Donna???

    They are more Black Babies killed by Abortion in America than are Born and that okay according to you Donna!!!

    This is the Ideology you Support….

    Stop Accusing others that is the Adversary Tool… Stop being so Envious you will Limit your Freedom…The End Result is Damnation if you continue on in the Direction you are headed.



    I thought you told 45 to give me the silent treatment. Can’t take your own advice?


  • Sometimes it is necessary to Speak when Evil Raises its head…Sorry for your Bitter Soul!!

    Evil Always Comes in Pretty Packages or we would not Buy it!!


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife
    CARICOM agrees on Venezuela solution

    CARICOM, along with the governments of Mexico and Uruguay have agreed that the most appropriate way to address the complex situation that prevails in Venezuela is through dialogue for a negotiation, from a position of respect for International Law and Human Rights.

    “The historical stance of our countries is and will always be to privilege diplomacy over other alternatives, as it is the only way to achieve sustainable, legitimate and effective peace and stability.

    “Therefore, we propose the Montevideo Mechanism, based on our legitimate interest and willingness to assist the Venezuelan people and the actors involved find a solution to their differences. This initiative is offered to the Venezuelan actors as a peaceful and democratic alternative that privileges dialogue and peace, with the aim to create all necessary conditions for an inclusive, comprehensive and lasting solution,” according to a Press statement released this evening.

    This Mechanism, it added, is aimed at avoiding conflict and violence and is guided by the principles of non-intervention, legal equality of the States, peaceful solution of the controversies, respect for human rights and self-determination.

    A four-phased process was proposed including a dialogue phase, creating conditions for direct contacts among those involved, a negotiation phase, a commitments phase and an implementation phase.

    “The subscribers of this statement agree that the complexity of the circumstances should not be a reason to dismiss the diplomatic channels for dispute settlement, and reiterate our decision to help restore the tranquility of the Venezuelan people, through dialogue and peace, reducing tensions between political forces and avoid the threat or use of force,” states the release.

    It adds: “This Mechanism is our proposal to guarantee a peaceful and democratic solution that prevents an escalation of violence. In the event that the parties decide to communicate, we would invite Rebeca Grynspan, former Vice-President of Costa Rica and current Ibero-American Secretary General, Enrique Iglesias and Bernardo Sepúlveda, ex Foreign Ministers of Uruguay and Mexico, and Sir David Simmons, former Chief Justice of Barbados, as a high representative of CARICOM, personalities of recognised international experience and moral quality, to accompany this Mechanism”


  • SirSimpleSimonPresidentForLife

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