Impeached – Donald Trump TRUMPED

President Donald Trump has suffered the ignominy of being the third President of the United States to be impeached by the House of Congress. The vote was along party lines – when the matter is kicked to the Republican controlled Senate the Articles of the Resolution to impeach is anticipated to be rejected.

What cannot be refuted is that Donald J Trump is now recorded in history as the third president of the United States to be impeached.

Donald Trump you are fired!



  • What month were the exams held?


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hal
    @ Robert

    From your reports of your examinations for entrance to public secondary schools we can conclude that they were diverse. My dad was advised not to apply for the vestry scholarship . I took the entrance exam at The Lodge and I passed. I had no interview.


  • @ Hal
    GP is correct. Prior to 1962,entrants to Lodge, Harrison College and Queens College had to take exams set by those schools. In addition at some of them there was a follow up interview, I am told. I did not have a follow up interview.
    I believe that the same obtained for the then described second grade schools. Hal I believe you had to take an entrance exam for Combermere.(Quote)

    I had a choice of four schools and did not take four exams.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ John the exams were held in the third term. I had enough time between the publication of my name in the Newspaper in June to cover the Latin syllabus of Prep A. I therefore hit the ground running by mid- September.


  • Vincent Codrington

    @ Hal

    Your exam was different. You took a primary to second grade exhibition/scholarship examination which was tenable at any second grade school as you outlined. To get into a first grade school you would have had to take the first grade scholarship/ exhibition examination which would have enabled you to go to The Lodge or Harrison.Those are competitive exams. I was under the impression the debate was about entrance examinations.


  • “No goal, no attempt no impeachment!!”
    You are lost in the woods. POTUS has been IMPEACHED. The next step, is a trial in the upper house presided over by the Chief Justice where guilty requires a 2/3 majority. Should POTUS be found guilty, which he will not, he would be required to immediately leave office.
    Impeachment is the lower house determining IF they are grounds for a trial, and the charges to be tried.
    That lower house process is finished, and the result was POTUS was impeached.
    Nah big ting.

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  • Last year de ole man “saw” a tsunami in the first 3 months of the year.

    It inundated the west coast and I said nothing because it was too incredible a “vision” for me.

    De ole man felt that voicing it was to “give life” to it but not voicing it AND PEOPLE NOT ACTIVELY PREPARING FOR ONE, is to “contribute to death”.

    You all note that de ole man CARES not being called Tin Foil, or whatever name of the day heheheheh but, might I suggest that, AS PART OF THE PLANNING FOR THE COUNTRY in 2020, in addition to the Good Times Gathering 2020 stupidity, that the Mugabe Regime proactively pursues a more serious disaster preparedness and management practice THAT GOES BEYOND THE USUAL “FOOD AND BATTERIES” silliness that attends hurricane season?

    The recent Electricity crisis shows that the single Spring Garden electricity generation facility being inoperative IS NOT A TENABLE OPTION for the country!

    Might de ole man suggest that the Future Centre (Mr Kammie Holder) and other bonafide Environmental Entities spearhead a UNEP project whuch, among other things, secures an Alternative Energy and miniature Solar Power unit manufacturing plant to meet any short to medium term disaster?

    Look, at least, if my treasonous ass is wrong about this Nostradamus-like prediction, the worse that preparing for it would mean is that

    (a).there is a local plant producing Alternative Energy solutions
    (b).there are jobs
    (c).people can purchase units locally with the view to “come off the grid”
    (d).fuel imports. and Forex expenditure for same, should drop.

    Remember that de ole man IS EXPECTED TO BE MAD, so I gots an excuse but “a broken clock is right twice a day” AND THE COUNTRY BARBADOS, in the IMF grips and a low lying Light and Power Generation Facility in Brighton, CANNOT AFFORD THAT I AM NOT WRONG.

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  • Resolved, That Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, is impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors and that the following articles of impeachment be exhibited to the United States Senate:


    There are two resolutions that need to be given effect.

    If the winger doesn’t centre the ball, the whole thing collapses and the ball is run out of play.


  • @ John December 27, 2019 7:54 AM
    “If the winger doesn’t centre the ball, the whole thing collapses and the ball is run out of play.”

    What we should be asking of you is what you would recommend Trump to do- that is, play the ball as the commander-in-chief in America’s role in the war against terrorism- in respect of those eleven ‘Christians’ who were brutally slaughtered on Xmas day in northern Nigeria by Islamic killers.

    After all, your man Trump is a self-professed blue-eyed Christian boy and must show some kind of ’empathy’ for his fellow Xtians who were brutally slaughtered to put Saul to shame.

    Should he send in a few ‘black’ crack shooters to deal with this group of cold-blooded Jihadists in keeping with the spirit of a Moses a Peter or even a Paul or should he look the other way, like the Jews, because those ‘Christians’ murdered in cold ‘Islamic’ blood of Jesus were simply African blacks and not white Americans or Israelis?


  • All Trump has to do is continue to shout at the inept winger describing his or rather her ineptitude and let him or her run the ball out of play.

    The crowd will go wild appreciating his humor.

    His goalie collects, the ball is passed up the field by his team and he scores!!

    Once the Dems lose possession, the Republicans can score big or rather bigly!!

    When he won the election it was claimed the Republican party was divided and would collapse.

    In fact it has become stronger under his leadership.

    It is the Democrat party that is really divided and in the process of collapsing!!

    Here is some reasoning.


  • If the idiotic persist in to oust T rump ,there be a civil war. As I have said previously only idiotic would try to negate the nation-state and religion.. As Patrick Emanuel and Beryl Macbrinie said in 1970 :- to arms to arms. Long live the revolution. I wae there when history was being made. To arms to arms.


  • @Dr.Lucas

    If Trump has to vacate office it will be the decision by a Republican controlled Senate. As it stands now, history has recorded that the 45th President was impeached.

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  • @ David
    So what? he will win the next election. The Republicans can try to oust him, but he will win. You should put your rabid anti-Trump sentiment on hold.. As Patrick Emanuel said all those years ago : to arms to arms.


  • @Dr. Lucas

    You based this prediction based on what? Is it evidence based? Based on a feeling to which you are entitled of course.

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  • @ David
    Based on track record and the fact that last time around, every one said he would lose. You should try watching, the epoch times, Tom Fitton and judicial watch, black listed news. org, Victor Davis Hanson. You need to widen your perspective.


  • @Dr.Lucas

    You know what they say, a week, a day is a long time in politics.

    Whatever happens we are in for interesting times.


  • David
    December 27, 2019 12:13 PM

    @Dr. Lucas
    You based this prediction based on what? Is it evidence based? Based on a feeling to which you are entitled of course.


    Here’s why the impeachment proceedings were started and exist!


  • So long as they exist, we know the Democrats know he will be reelected!!


  • … and then there are the rallies where poll size is much much much larger and easy to believe.

    People don’t sit and wait for days for entry in freezing temperatures unless they believe it is really worth it and if they do then you know there are many many others who support Trump.


  • @David

    Why do you bother? Pelosi can count so can McConnell, I don’t know why these Trump supporters continue to get their shorts in a knot about impeachment when they just celebrated the Mara Lago’s man birthday 2 days ago. Although Pelosi said that “he would impeach himself” she was reluctant to pull the trigger but his actions vis a vis Ukraine were so egregious that she didn’t have a choice.

    There is a reason why the transcripts of many of those conversations are stored in a computer system accessible to a limited number of WH employees, however he said and continues to say “it was a perfect phone call” and you know he wouldn’t lie.


  • Polls vs Rallies prior to the election.


  • @GP December 24, 2019 7:40 PM “IF RAMSEY WAS STUDYING infants in their first year of life in the late 50s and early 60s. WOULD NOT LADS AND LASSES WHO ENTERED HC & QC IN THE LATE 5O’S & EARLY 60’S.” HAVE BEEN MALNOURISHED?”

    The lads and lasses who entered HC and QC in the late 50’s and early 60’s were the fortunate few who were not malnourished, even though malnutrition was widespread in Barbados at that time, and had been widespread in Barbados for hundreds of years.

    @GP December 24, 2019 7:40 PM “DID THE MALNOURISHMENT BEGIN WITH RAMSEY’S STUDIES IN infants in their first year of life in the late 50s and early 60s?”

    No the malnutrition did not begin in the late 50’s and early 60’s, and you know that too, you trouble maker.


  • @John quoting 1940’s Dr. Humby “You talk, talk, and talk, and you spend thousands dressing your children beautifully on Sundays; but for heaven’s sake, first things must come first . . . . This primitive inhumanity must be stopped and nothing will stop me shouting at you from the roof tops until it is stopped. Are you hypocrites or just ostriches?”

    Dr Humby was stupid enough to blame the poverty stricken parents of the malnourished children for the children’s condition. The malnutrition of the children had nothing to do with the parent’s spend of thousands on beautiful Sunday clothing. In 1940’s Barbados poor black Bajans did not have thousands to spend on anything. The children’s condition had more to do with poor wages, and the consequent poor educational status of the parents, and the poor nutrition of the children. That is why rightfully Humby had to go back to England, not for ‘speaking the truth’ but for telling lies on the unfortunate parents of the hungry children.

    Remember the English doctor who said that half of us would be dead of HIV/AIDS by the year 2000, because we were so wutless?

    He had to go too.

    We still here.


  • @Hal Austin December 26, 2019 4:02 PM “@ Robert. So the interviews took place only at the so-called First Grade schools (or more precisely, Harrison College).”

    I have many, many siblings born over a 23 year period to the same parents and raised in the same home, they are mostly they older, some few younger so somebody in my home was always taking some exam or another. I remember an older sibling taking an entrance exam at the Alexandra School in the early 60’s and there was an interview as well, conducted by a teacher from England. My sibling had never heard an English person’s speech before so she passed the exam, but “failed” the interview and so was not admitted. A few years later sibling moved to England as a young adult and had no difficulty in understanding English English or making herself understood in Bajan English. Has done exceedingly well in a health profession and real estate.

    An exam is but one day in the life of…


  • Before 1962 many parents especially if they had a lot of children, and lved in the country sent their children to sit an exam at the school nearest to their home, so tht the children could walk to secondary school, or pay a small amount for busfare, busfares were in stages then, short journeys cost a little, and long journeys cost a lot.

    At one point my parents had 7 children in school at the same time, so they had to write the economics text book on how to feed, shelter, clothe, and educate a great number all at the same time.


  • @Hal Austin December 24, 2019 5:41 PM “legislate that only boys from certain backgrounds, ie Harrison College should marry girls from Queen’s College.”

    Maybe we shouldn’t do that.

    I am hearing reports that the children of the Silicon Valley parents, the “geek” parents tend to marry other nearby “geek” parents and the offspring are presenting with a rising rate of autism and other communications disorders.

    Just like some of the BU intelligentsia.
    Geographic Distribution of Autism in California: A Retrospective Birth Cohort


  • @Simple Simon



  • @ John December 27, 2019 4:16 PM
    “… and then there are the rallies where poll size is much much much larger and easy to believe.
    People don’t sit and wait for days for entry in freezing temperatures unless they believe it is really worth it and if they do then you know there are many many others who support Trump..”

    Didn’t many of similar hue and ‘philosophical orientation take part in the Hitler-inspired rallies organized by the Nazi party in the Germany of the late 1930’s?

    Can you identify the differences in order to condemn the similarities for your own ‘Christian’ sake?

    Wasn’t Hitler’s rallying call also one of blind patriotism of making the “Deutschland great again”?

    And like you, many of those taking in the sound of the modern day Trump-like propaganda are simply nothing but naïve puppets responding to the master’s tune of megalomaniac adoration.

    Trump doesn’t give diddly squat about you fanatics and your expectations; just his massive ego big enough to put both Wall Street and Hollywood to shame.

    The man has made a huge gamble and won his lottery of fame. You and his fans are nothing but the pawns used like chips as nothing but means to an ego-filling end.

    It’s just a matter of time to see if ‘his-story’ will be enough to earn a page or just a simple uninspiring tale of a footnote in the annals of Time to it all.


  • Autism seems to be a disorder of higher intelligence.

    In fact autism and genius may go together!!


  • Trump has always said he is a stable genius.


  • Boys seem to have a higher chance of being autistic than do girls!!

    .. almost 4 times as likely according to the study.


  • John I always say that I am a genius too.


  • You also say you are silly!!


  • … sometimes simple!!




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  • Wasn’t Hitler’s rallying call also one of blind patriotism of making the “Deutschland great again”?


    This clip is good if you want your question answered!!


  • You get it?

    Simple, isn’t it?


  • Trump is spiritually dead. America is a made of people from many nations and is hostile prejudiced and money and power orientated.
    Right wing have propaganda under their control. In a land of haves and have nots the haves usually win but sometimes the have nots prevail.


  • This is from October 2016, before Trump won the election!!


  • The politics of the 45th Potus can be summarised by the Central Park 5 where his ignorant prejudice was responsible for putting five young men in jail for a crime they did not commit.
    He appealed to stereotypical racism which struck a chord with many in America


  • Here is a complete idiot!!

    This is the joker Trump’s phone call was supposed to have impaired.

    What a complete jackass.


  • America for a Black Person is different than the America for a White Person
    Reparations are due
    and Black Lives Matter

    We all know where honkies like John Boy Walton stand on some such issues


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  • This is nice too!!


  • The Trumps Bannons Johnsons Farages are repugnant humans playing in Team Racist and it is time to beat then and all their stinking supporters


  • Sorry – wrong version – this is the alternate take


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