Curriculum vitae Isidoros Karderinis was born in Athens in 1967. He is a novelist, poet and columnist. He has studied economics and has completed postgraduate studies in the tourism economy. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and sites worldwide. His poems have been translated into English, French and Spanish and published in poetry anthologies, in literary magazines and literary sections of newspapers. He has published seven poetry books and three novels. His books have been published in USA, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. Email: Facebook: Karderinis Isidoros Twitter: isidoros Karderinis
Submitted by Karderinis Isidoros

Brazil, Russia, India and China originally formed the bloc in 2009 after a series of meetings and understandings. The first BRIC Summit was held in Yekaterinburg, Russia on June 16 of the same year, where the heads of states in question agreed to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between them.

The following year, in Brasilia, Brazil in April 2010, the second Summit was held, where the leaders of these countries emphasized the necessity of a multidimensional global intergovernmental system.

Then, at their third meeting in New York in September 2010, the BRICs agreed on the entry of South Africa. South Africa managed to join after a strong effort as a result of its active foreign policy, this coalition of states changing it from “BRIC” to “BRICS”.

At the Fourth Summit in March 2012 in New Delhi, India, a first announcement was made of the establishment of a New Development Bank (NDB), which was formalized at their Fifth Summit in Durban, South Africa in 2013, with the clear intention of independence of BRICS by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the US and the European Union. The agreement for its establishment, after resolving disputes over organizational issues, was finally reached in 2014, during the sixth BRICS meeting in Fortaleza, Brazil.

The BRICS countries comprise 40% of the world’s population, which amounts to over 3.1 billion people. BRICS co-exists countries with different degrees of development and different strategies.

Brazil is the largest country in South America, both in population (about 213 million) and in area, since it occupies 1/3 of South America by itself. It is also the fourth richest country in the Americas in terms of GDP. However, it does not have the appropriate infrastructure (inadequate road and rail network, inadequate port infrastructure, etc.) and in combination with extreme economic inequality (1 in 4 citizens lives in absolute poverty) do not allow it to emerge as a economic superpower. According to the World Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum, Brazil ranked 108th among 137 economies in 2017 in terms of the general quality of its infrastructure. Corruption scandals are also present in the country. Brazil deals with regional issues.

Russia, which is the world’s largest transcontinental country of global influence and a large economy, also possesses the largest nuclear arsenal on the planet and enormous military power, which it has used in Syria and now in Ukraine. Russia provides the best standard of living for its residents, compared to the rest of the BRICS countries, with 3.5% of GDP spent on education and 3.1% on public health. The number of residents living below the poverty line amounts to just 0.2% of its population. The Russian economy suffers, however, from the critical problem of corruption-which exists in all countries to a greater or lesser degree-as well as from the significant lack of banking infrastructure, due to insufficiently developed financial markets, difficulty in obtaining loans and limited investment options.

India is an emerging world power with an ever-growing economy. It is currently the fifth largest economy in the world based on its GDP, while its territory is home to the second largest population in the world, after that of China, reaching close to 1.4 billion people. The country’s GDP growth has been among the highest in the world over the past decade, achieving an annual growth of between 6-7%. However, India has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world, while facing huge social problems at home due to poverty. India has the lowest percentages of GDP spent on education and health among the BRICS, at 2.7% and 1.2% respectively. India is regionally oriented.

China, which is home to 1.4 billion people, is expanding rapidly with economic penetration in Asia, Latin America, Africa and other regions of the world. It is the economic giant of the East with an annual growth rate of 6.6%, thus threatening the economic primacy of the USA. China has been the world’s leading exporter since 2014. At the same time, China, although it is the second largest economy in the world, remains a middle-income country as its per capita income is still only about a quarter of that of countries with high income and about 375 million Chinese live below the poverty line of $5.50 a day. Finally, corruption appears at particularly high rates.

South Africa, due to its geographical position at the southern tip of the continent, which gives it access to two oceans, is a hub country. South Africa is China’s largest trading partner in Africa. At the same time, hundreds of Chinese companies, both state-owned and private, are currently active in the country. South Africa’s economy is the second largest on the African continent behind Nigeria’s. It has natural wealth in gold, silver and coal but also one of the highest rates of inequality in the world. The richest 10% of the population owns about 71% of the net wealth, while the bottom 60% owns 7% of the net wealth. It is a country with particular political weight in Africa as the only African member state of the G20 group, which, however, needs a reform effort for its further economic development.

The BRICS are therefore the opposing camp of the West, whether this is expressed politically, by the US-Anglo-Saxon countries-European Union alliance, or militarily, with NATO, or economically, with the international economic organizations of American origin, such as the IMF, the World Bank or the World Trade Organization. The bloc’s strategic direction is close cooperation to effectively and successfully counter the US-dominated international financial architecture.

After fifteen years, during which many questioned the viability of the scheme, the existing global balances lead to the enlargement of the bloc. Many countries have expressed their desire to become members of BRICS, such as Argentina, Egypt, Venezuela, Mexico, Iran, Vietnam, Bangladesh and others.

In closing, I would like to emphasize that the agenda of the BRICS, which have succeeded in consolidating their position on the global political and economic scene, leads to the reduction of the dominance of the USA and the Western world in general and to the establishment of a new multipolar reality.

Curriculum vitae

Isidoros Karderinis was born in Athens in 1967. He is a novelist, poet and columnist. He studied economics and completed postgraduate studies in tourism economics. His articles have been published in newspapers, magazines and websites around the world. His poems have been translated into English, French and Spanish and published in poetic anthologies, literary magazines and literary newspaper columns. He has published eight books of poetry and three novels in Greece. His books have been translated and published in the United States, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.


  1. Wow!!! Twooooo sensible articles in as many days.

    Are we in danger of rightly locating local narratives within their proper contexts?

    Or will we revert to the tired wanderings as is customary?

    The mouthings of rabble.

    Only time will tell! But time itself is longer than twine😝

    Substantive comment to follow.

  2. Live Animals – LIVE! Sign in Live Animals – LIVE! 1:14 / 24:38 Did Slavery Affect Your Family? Africans vs African Americans | Middle Ground on said:

    Here is another discussion to generate thought

  3. “Substantive comment to follow.”

    Education on the BRICS expansion definitely welcomed. I can never find the time to do proper research…got even less time now, gotta prepare for publishing…

  4. Pacha…it’s all been brought to a boil. Fake egypt is a roman colony…a fraudulent gang of bandits

    I have never been so happy to finish a book….the roman colonial vatican is an over 2 thousand year old crime scene, a poisonous, festering curse and carbuncle on the world’s backside . The wretched of our earth.

  5. Divide to Rule is the Western MO
    Unity of people who are a different colour or race religion and creed is their worst nightmare

  6. Pacha, William TLSN etc….i see UWI and the Caribbean reparations committee are hosting a meet, a few Afrikan
    Queendoms and Kingdoms are involved.

  7. William….the Spirit of Franz Fanon lives on.

    “Martinique, more African than French?
    Omar Lucien Koffi
    2 weeks ago

    With a history linked to Africa, Martinique does not forget its roots. The French island has just adopted a flag claimed by the Pan-African movements.

    Since February 2, 2023, Martinique has had a flag and an anthem. Indeed, the territorial community of Martinique (CTM) has adopted the flag claimed by the separatists, red, black and green. Colors directly linked to pan-African movements.

    The link between this overseas region and Africa recalls the painful history of the African slave trade, which began on the island of Martinique in 1635. Formerly called “Madinina”, the island will take the name of Martinique in the 1670s, when many black African slaves were deported there.”

  8. Corruption scandals are also present in the country…Brazil
    The Russian economy suffers, however, from the critical problem of corruption.
    Corruption appears at particularly high rates…China
    Not said directly….but corruption in most of the Western countries is at a similarly high level.

    Corruption is the common thread which binds all.

  9. Martinique, more African than French?

    I have no answer, but I can tell you that my MIL went to Martinique for surgery. and what surprised her was that very few of the locals she attempted to speak with (including the nurses) knew English.

    I happened to visit France some time in the past and was surprise the ‘everyone’ spoke English.

    I suspect they may be more French than the French. What a thing, you little Englishman.

  10. Speaking of corruption. DLP are warning people not to collect the no security features digital cards. It’s noted that the parliament dwellers are very silent on this latest cockup. …they should blame it on their dummy fowls and supporters…

    We need to understand the BRICS agenda better and its role in a multipolar world..

    .the old world is now lost in translation. Even trying to explain it is an exercise in futility since weeeee are only now aware of thousand year old events that explains so much more…of what we knew not what we didnt know before.

    writers will spend many decades and centuries untangling the old colonial world.

  11. But Theo…is it not telling that though Martiniquans dont speak enslaver english, found themselves trapped in enslaver french…they are the ones EXTRICATING themselves from roman colonial enslavement first…

    They spent the last 2 years asserting their Afrikanness even though they had to burn corrupt criminal minority businesses to the ground to achieve their Afrikan rights…… sure most have already done what i have done for years….learn Afrikan languages… enslaver english is not all it’s cracked up to be though it has its uses if you understand it, outside of being able to speak it…

  12. Niel Harper – the popular and well known digital trust executive will be on the Marcia Weekes Show, think it’s tomorrow, am sure as an expert he will better explain the CONS of a digital ID with no security features..

    To further expand on being able to hear and communicate in enslaver english as taught…is completely different to UNDERSTANDING English to analyze and properly decipher. many times clowns on here told me am mad, or the most recent clown telling me ” she always talking scunt”…well that’s the downside to not understanding english outside of the basic spoken form…and another 400 years will not change that…it’s not your mother tongue..unless you know the critical aspects of it…ya will never understand it.. ..outside of the basic standardization…no matter how much ya pretend to be experts…

  13. Oh dear! Still intent on creating our own snob class are we?

    No different from those they decry!

    Who would want to follow such as these??????

  14. Instead of the have and the have nots, instead the know and the know nots!


    And the “rabble”.

    Who will listen to them?

    Guaranteed to CLOSE ears and minds!

  15. Karderinis unfortunately provided a recitation of sophmoric facts but failed to provide any deeper insights beyond those readily available.

    In doing so the extent to which BRICS represents a radical departure from the Western dominated model of development totally escaped him.

    For example, the elevation of BRICS was measured by metrics largely given us by the West. Metrics engineered by the West to serve the West. If BRICS represents a different development model. Therefore comparisons with Western bechmarks will only serve Western interests, and are both unfair and misguided.

    We continue. China is already the largest economy in the world as measured by purchasing power parity (PPP). This factoid alone is pregnant with meanings but was not even mentioned by Karderinis.

    In the case of NATO’s war on the Russian Federation and the saber rattling on China in relationship to Taiwan, industrial production of America’s percieved adversaries, in relationship to war materiale, food production, access to raw materials, etc locate an inordinately high level of power with the Chinese and the Russians. There are no simply economic metrics to measure this. However, it represents state power nonetheless.

    Going deeper, we’d mentioned that Russia’s industrial production manufacturers more than 60,000 misiles per day. Whereas NATO countries have struggled to provide Ukraine with 6,000 misiles. In this clash between industrial capitalism and financial capitalism – industrial capitalism wins every time.

    Secondly, what are the Western economic models to capture the value when BRICS countries trade in their own currencies. And if it can be agreed that Western countries derive huge benefits from having their national currencies act, internationally, as a store of value. Then, there must be a present value which occrues when BRICS countries ditch the dollar, the euro, the yen. And alternatively, a decline in value for the dollar, dollar dominated assets, etc. However, none of this was considered by Karderinis. Karderinis knows not how to subtract. As typical of Western economics and those who use it as a point of departure.

    And we may go on……

    Given these circumstances, we are afraid that a failing grade must be rendered😂

  16. A black American male attempts to decipher the words a loony white Grand Jury female foreperson.

    Just for laughs!!

    This could not be made up.

  17. But besides all that, I am still waiting for the “great military strategy” of Russian retreat, retreat, retreat to win the war already!



  18. Pacha…I take it most BRICS players are resource wealthy….has what it takes to back up any basket of currencies with more than just hot air and more paper.

    On another note, what do they expect when they put some toxic drag queen to teach and traumatize the mind of 11 year olds…they are just begging for some parent to trip out and go all nuclear on them…

    “Isle of Man Suspends Sex Education Classes After Drag Queen Tells 11 Year-Olds There Are 73 Genders
    BY TOBY YOUNG 27 FEBRUARY 2023 6:05 PM

    Sex education has been suspended in Isle of Man schools after a drag queen allegedly told 11-year-olds that there are 73 genders. The Telegraph’s Louisa Clarence-Smith has more.”

  19. She’s definitely a loony but she’s not the only one. America is nuts! It boggles the mind that they have been allowed to rule the world.

    And the British are no better.

  20. Yola speaks like someone who has just discovered a truth
    which others where aware of decades ago

    Proud Americans and Proud Brits were Proud Racists
    but had to tone down their narratives
    so Liberals now call the Right Racists
    and get offended when Rest of the World call Whites Racists

  21. @ WARU
    There is nothing more dangerous than miseducation. It’s only a matter of time before we all accept the reality, that nothing built on designed falsehoods can stand.
    Soon, there will be great interest in the works of Fanon and many others.

  22. Yes William…the colonial educated idiocy has long run its has become an embarrassment…even for devisers….who knew about the expiration date on shelf life.

    ..the masters, prophets…REAL PROPHETS, lyrical geniuses, writers creatives etc, all the censored and banned publications will have to be dusted off and reintroduced…revived……books like Fanons’ is holy grail …a guide….. they will be the ones needed going forward, for those who read, to roll back all the damage and make sure future and current generations are placed on the right track…it’s getting there, soon come…the data is very encouraging..

    ..ya can only live a lie but for so long….before reality puts in an appearance…

    was just reading an article about Froon’s recent speech on another thread..and can only shake my head…it’s reaching the stage where like you Pacha and a few others…. i will have no choice but to read and comment on very few things, ignore most, it’s getting there. That too is running it’s course.

    I find myself gravitating toward reading the masters only. When am not buried in work.

  23. North Africa Post

    Leaving Africa in China’s hands is “big mistake” – Rome

    North Africa Post February 21, 2023 11:49 am

    Antonio Tajani, Italy’s top diplomat, on Sunday slammed China’s influence in Africa arguing that leaving the continent in the hands of China is a mistake.

    “Taking an interest in Africa is crucial for the future. Leaving Africa in the hands of China is a big mistake for everyone here,” Tajani said at the Munich Security conference.

    For the Italian top diplomat Europe must increase its presence in Africa adding that the unity of Europe is crucial for bonds within NATO and with African countries, Anadolu news agency reports.

    Tajani also told the gathering that collaboration with the U.S is also crucial for Europe.

    “Italy stands with Europe, the United States and NATO”, he added.

  24. Pacha…seeing as i stay as far away as i can from colonial politics, and always have…i never would have known this…

    “Until recently, a couple of years ago, the external conditions that we needed for development were determined not by us but by the Western minority,” said Lavrov.”

  25. Thanks TLSN…they are being given an escape hatch to continue their depravities in peace…only the extremely ignorant and highly perverted would seek to enable such….particularly against vulnerable children, but we already know there is a generational deficit in morals…so the sheep will go along to get along with no ability to see past their noses…

    The place is already an escalating toxic mess… least the judge had the good sense to see through intent..

  26. People, what are we doing here?

    Each day we come on the blog to comment or argue with each other, sometimes both. We see the state of this island and throw out opinions hard and fast, but what are you doing to see change in this place?

    This is one of the most frustratingly hard places to live and do business. Bad attitudes, poor work ethics, superior/inferior complexes all concentrated in a small place. Entitled transactional mindsets with blow hard visionless leaders so ego driven you get nothing done if you upset them.

    What are we willing to do to save this place?

    One of the main problems we have is the inability to see how we can work together. Becoming emotional, offended or bruised while pointlessly arguing solves nothing. Energies could be better spent working together, otherwise the colonial experiment delivered on its promise to never have harmony in those of African decent.

    I come on this blog and I’m often disappointed when frustration and point scoring is the order of the day. Can we not use this space in a way to find solutions as a collective and come up with plans for change? Take the negative energy and turn it into something positive, changing the way we engage with each other.

    Politicians and yard fowls should fear this space, knowing its where people come together to hold their feet to the fire and by our actions demand change.

    We can all comment on this blog, but its your actions outside this space that makes all the difference.

    Wishing you all a very good day.

  27. Waru
    It’s amazing how people who previous eschewed the centrality of war in Western culture could now be asking shiite about the certitude of when a war will end, totally ignorant about the history of war.

    That others, who never had any interest in Afrika. People, who were always only titularly Black, but culturally White, even as Blackness is asserted as a convenience, would now purport to lecture Afrikans.

    This stinking Bajan, is infamous for the rejoinder, “I is Bajan” still, in spite of a risen wider circle of awareness.

    Even others, who pretend Afrocentricity but are clearly guided by White interests, morays, etc. Not unlike people like Gregory Meeks and Hakeen Jeffers in the USA. Niggers who, like the above, pride themselves on closeness to the albinos and crumbs, intellectually or otherwise, from their slave master’s table.

    Such slaves, acting as dogs of war, will openly support fascists in Washington and Kiev. Or the White supremacist dogma about wokeism and
    liberal-authoritarism as directed.

    In the case Jeffers, permit us to express a profound sadness. Would you believe that he could be the nephew of the Great Leonard Jeffers. The elder being a stalwart in the greatest Afrikan intellectual reconnaissance since Kemet. And his wife, Rosalind Jeffries, who was even more powerfully so.

    Both low and high, the local and international nigger, is still a nigger and shall ever beeeeeee! Only the big mushroom headed deckie can cure this evil! And so let it be!

  28. “In the case Jeffers, permit us to express a profound sadness. Would you believe that he could be the nephew of the Great Leonard Jeffers.The elder being a stalwart in the greatest Afrikan intellectual reconnaissance since Kemet. And his wife, Rosalind Jeffries, who was even more powerfully so.”

    Prof. Jefferies now recovering from illness…wife is also a powerhouse…heard one or 2 of her speeches, sound and balanced, filled with knowledge…

    .i recently heard the young man spoken about by another Elder…and the lofty heights he reached…there was great pride and hope in his future achievements….hope they are not disappointed

    The nigga mind is extremely….ugly..and they want to catch attitide when ya tell them the only relationship building they know or want to is that of massa-slave as socialized……just had an earlier converation..2 of them…on that very topic..

    But we know, and also know who and what to avoid.

  29. On the subject of war, since i can vividly remember from 3-4 years old…bbc news always on the topic of war in the golan heights, suez canal, damascus…lebanon, a steady diet that never left my head…even i know war is a process of horror….well-timed for certain periods..

    And The Storm Before the Storm – Mike Duncan reinforces that when he researched criminal wars from back in their 1st century…way over 2 thousand years of warring….that is a culture designed to make changes for devisers….while everything otherwise remains the same..

  30. Oh jesus christos!

    We got big trouble in Nigeria.

    Two leading parties are calling for elections annulment.

    Once the American Republican Institute and the Democratic Institute have an interests, shenanigans are certain to follow.

    Waru, we warned that was the case last week with Blinken and Greenfield and other American officials illegally inferred with adds, money etc.

    Expect the “devil” and his Black slaves to leave no stone unturned to continue their wickedness on earth.

    May the mushrooms enveloped all!

  31. David,

    Yes, human behaviour is on display everywhere, but we need to focus our energy and move beyond differences. We can all do better.

    • @Lisa

      Those who work to add value should continue to focus on the issues that move the needle. We can only be responsible for ourselves.

  32. “Expect the “devil” and his Black slaves to leave no stone unturned to continue their wickedness on earth.”

    Dont know what it will take…but weee now have to look out for us…and OURS…will never put them before me and mine….no more time forTHEM..

    Wasn’t following, but this is what they are saying with irregularities…guess Buhari may be out…when you resmin stuck in roman colonial slave politics…expect no less..

    “Eighteen candidates are running for president but only three are seen as having a realistic chance. They are Bola Tinubu from the governing All Progressives Congress party (APC), Atiku Abubakar of the main opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Peter Obi of the smaller Labour Party (LP).”

  33. @David
    “BRICS examining alternative currency”
    They have the yuan?
    The basket of currencies approach will be yuan dominated, just as the USD dominates many other baskets.
    The New Development Bank, has the same 55% limit on minimum ownership by BRICS founders, as the IMF has by the USA and Euro nations.
    Make no mistake, the PRC is the dominant member.

  34. @ Lisa,
    I endorse your views. There is a sad reality that we have on BU some individuals who revel in thuggish behaviour. In the UK, we have people who attend football matches just to have a mass brawl with opposition supporters. These thugs delight in dictating what can and what cannot be discussed on BU. They view every discussion as an opportunity to use their hammer to drive in a nail through a piece of timber.

    Lisa it’s pointless engaging such individuals.

    • TLSN, yuh deceitful foolish bitch, look at every blog and especially the tail end and yuh gine see that Waru does talk bout she self and everything else other than wuh de blog bout and gine be cussing people.

      I don’t know why you don’t keep off BU wid yuh womanish self dropping a lot uh foolish remarks.

  35. Pacha…dont know why some deluded themselves that anyone was wasting time to save them….we are long past that. They should have paid attention when it was actually happening for YEARS..but nah, too busy up in mine and evabody else’s business.

    People woke up years now, have already mobilized, and are organizing in real time in various ways.

    .while these think someone still got the time or would want to convince them of anything….

  36. Lisa…some of us always knew their was a mission, and focused only on that, others had time to be public nuisances and contributed nothing to the cause…

    They dont even know what transpired in the last 11 years or what was accomplished becsuse they were focused on the irrelevant…now that things have moved forward in the distance where they definitely can’t catch up and wont see anything..they are still stuck in the same old…apparently exactly where they belong…

    Were i them, i would review the state the world was in when they were parading across the blog with nonsense…..and the state it’s in today…..maybe they will learn something, maybe..but weeee are done putting ourselves out there…got better places to be more uplifting things to do, for these new beginning…..

  37. Those who make these specious arguments include some who see sanctions on Cuba as no big deal. Have never appriciated the generalize damage their baccra people have wrought on the Chinese, the Russians but mostly Afrikans.

    Maybe those clowns might adumbrate from their large reservoir of psuedo intelligence where has the Chinese or Russians enslaved populations for hundreds of years. And to this very day!

    Where have the Russians or Chinese colonialized peoples. And have continued such a colonialism to the point of its financialisation.

    Where have they deployed racism as the central tenet of imperialism. The centre of politics, economy, social, technology, environment, law?

    Those assholes who innately hate the Chinese, hate the Russians or any other group which has already ruled the world are by definition racist, whether they accept it or not.

    These are the same raasssssoul people who have never held a trenchant, sustained, critique of their stinking White people who continue to live off the blood. sweat and tears of the poor.

    Theirs is an irrational equalization which stares into the face of their sometimes hopefulness for betterment. But given a juncture to remake the world they harken unto their White slave masters.

    An equalization of everything which makes an asshole the same as a sweet poooookey. A Buller the same as a child bearing Mother.

    Oh please Ntr, weeeee beg, let the giant mushrooms take fight!

  38. Pacha. . These hate themselves, therefore can love no one else…we are always warned about self-hate and the irreversible damage it does….

    Look at dem…blatantly lying while knowing the digital cards lack security features. .if ya cahn explain away the cockup effectively…just openly LIE…no biggie, the slaves will see nothing wrong with that….and will defend and even attack those who speak out against the dangerous deadly lies…they all got their work cut out for them…

    …weeee have no use for them, as i tell people who ask why i dont engage roman colonial politicians…dont recognize them..

    .”President of the Democratic Labour Party, Dr. Ronnie Yearwood, rejects Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s accusation of fear mongering.

    He insists that the public’s concerns about the new trident card are serious and need to be addressed by government.”

  39. From Niel Harper’s page: I tried my best not to make any errors in the retype..

    These inefficient nobodies are not to have control over myself or my family at any time, for any reason…that is nonnegotiable…

    Pacha., William,TLSN…i spend a lot on cyber security, you have to in this world of savvy hackers…..this is frigging government…billions disappearing here and there…but none spent on privacy/security…however getting in public and telling deadly dangerous lies….the funky fowls and retarded supporters can read and respond. I know for a fact they screwed up the EZPay, people grumbled for some years..

    “You know why this behavior from government officials angers me do? You know why am not letting up the pressure? It’s because they have repeatedly violated their oath and duty of loyalty/care to the citizens of Barbados.

    1) I sat on their Cyber Security Working Group (CSWG) from 2019 to 2021, along with cyber security leaders who have worked for CIBC, RBC Royal Bank, NASA, eBay, Nike, and we advised them. They IGNORED all our advice, so myself and others resigned.

    2) On the CSWG, we advised them of privacy and security issues with BIMSafe COVID-19 tracking app. They IGNORED us and it was compromised.

    3) We advised them of privacy and security isdues with EZPay± They IGNORED us and continue to expose sensitive data of Barbadians.

    4) We advised them that the One Year Welcome Stamp website was insecure. They IGNORED us and it was hacked.

    5) More than 30 government online services have been hacked in the last 5 years ( e.g., Barbados Police Service, Supreme Court, Office of the Attorney General, Immigration Department, National Insurance Scheme, Ministry of Information snd Smart Technology, and many others.) They continue to IGNORE the advice of experts.

  40. Ya reap what ya sow!!!

    Right William…

    ..and since ya tolerance levels for embarrassment after embarrassment seems quite high…more to come….

  41. Waiting for BUs lie police to call out these dangerous LIES and the LIARS that are destroying the people and island..

    ..tek yuh time…it’s nuff to digest in one go….for the slow..

  42. Pacha..ya done know when all else fails…am a look on the bright side kind of gal….at least the pretenders are in the spotlight they so crave and all belong……permanently…

    It’s a good time to be around to witness their next movements of trying to maintain and support a slave system at each other’s expense…

    ….their sheep/fowls/slaves are now all even more irrelevant.

  43. Crucial information about digitization is available. Streamed on youtube, Caribvision, FB, and a platform on the continent..via the Marcia Weekes show.

    *their next movements of trying to maintain and support a slave system at each other’s expense….not just any old one but the unbelievably over 2,000 year old incredibly evil roman slave system.

    • @David, are u shilling for FT sending us to a pay wall site???😎

      Anyhow even in absence of reading the article I’ll suggest that the writer is being rather ‘alarmist’ … surely Indian manufacturers can adapt/scale over time to pick up a sizeable % of business that leaves China!

      It will not and obviously canot be a sudden change to decouple (US etc) from Chinese industry but based on years of concern and the prevailing attitudes re security (particularly) and the issues from the Wuhan leak there is a purposeful intent to move out of China and back to US (Europe etc) and also to Mexico, other Asian sites and of course India.

      Thus it’s not simply about India trying to digest the massive influx of new opportunities but rather about the Modi folks continuing the revamp of their industrialization sensibly even as they deal with their still bothersome massive social problems.

      Just saying!

  44. Waru

    Tim Ives from Haiti Liberte has just confirmed that the Caricom delegation to Haiti led by Holness was there precisely as suspected. To present a velvet glove concealing the iron fist of empire. For not the first time that Caricom has played this hideous role.

    Wow! What a way to double down at a time when the earth is shifting and the Global South is turning against the Collective West. Added to this, after Celac with Brazil and Argentina talking about trading in national currencies, Caricom seems to be blissfully disinterested in jettisoning the greenback. What slaves!

  45. @ Pacha
    Even Warren Buffett and Janet Yellen are sounding public alarms about the viability of the US dollar by as soon as June 2023.
    Yet the sleeping jokers bout here are wasting valuable time with shite like digital ID cards – that HAVE to be near to the BOTTOM of ANY priority list for Barbados.
    Bushie could only DEAD with laugh – (despite the frightening consequences looming for a lotta brass….) at the Ossie Moore like antics of our highly educated leaders.

    Has ANYONE really check the LUNACY of the current exercise in Parliament where the POLITICIANS who we ALL know get together and micromanage EVERY SHIITE, now sit the puppet Public Servants in the well of Parliament and ask a bunch of stupid questions – clearly designed for mutual ego (or other) stimulation…

    What a cursed place…!!!

    Lord …. Thy Kingdom come… PLEASE!!!

  46. Donna

    Remember when Trump and Fox News hosts were referring to the other news networks as “fake news?”

    We’ve now heard that, under oath during Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion defamation suit against Fox News and it’s parent company Fox Corporation, the Network’s controlling owner, Rupert Murdoch, admitted some Fox News commentators’, including Jeanine Pirro, Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Sean Hannity, ENDORSED FALSE CLAIMS made by Donald Trump and his allies that the 2020 presidential election was stolen…… and he didn’t intervene to stop them.

    Ironic, isn’t it?

  47. Bushie

    Saw Justin Robinson in the news today talking about non debt funding. He really means the selling off or the encumbering of the marine resources, carbon credits and the like.

    We would have thought that the emerging BRICS system of trading and using the Barbados dollar for settling international balances would have attracted his attentions but it seems all hands are on deck to prop up empire and for Barbados to continue to be a lender to the USA which it does by holding reserves in US denominated government paper. As crazy as this may seem.

    John Maynard Keyes, who they should know, at a similar historical juncture had posited that international trade balances should be balanced by adjusting the value of goods and services exported from the Global South to match that of the good and services imported from the North, amongst other things. This is our real problem.

    That Robinson chooses to ignore the real problem created by financial capitalism and instead opts for a deeper financial slavery to the Collective West and its grossly unfair economic and monetary systems makes him no different than the rest.

    For this non debt funding is just another way for the colonialism, as the commons are captured by private Western commercial entities which will then be telling us about the limits they will impose on Bajans. Bajan fisher folk, for example. Where are those who make pious claims about democracy and republicanism? There is no free lunch! Sooner or later the country will need to free itself from the mandates of The Conservancy, the non debt funder Robinson talking bout. What then?

    Only your Bossman could save us, now, then. Yuh right as shiiite!

  48. Only your Bossman could save us, now, then. Yuh right as shiiite!
    Got THAT right Pacha..

    Dr Robinson? – is he not representative of that dead white elephant located on a cave hill?

    Was he not a key player in Central Bank policy, NIS strategy, and a general government advisor – now for over a decade…? With what results?

    How would we now expect sensible advice from THAT source…?

    We ALWAYS promote failure…. so people like Petra Wicker and himself have become our ‘go-to advisors….. WTH!!

    Bushie sees it as ‘national suicide by brass bowlery’… perhaps involuntary, but definitely idiotic none the less…

    Brass Bowls will be brass bowls….

  49. “That Robinson chooses to ignore the real problem created by financial capitalism and instead opts for a deeper financial slavery to the Collective West and its grossly unfair economic and monetary systems makes him no different than the rest.”

    What else would you expect from a weakling who sold out people’s pensions to the dead crook cow..a all such types are…

    All voluntary Bushman….how come it’s only certain people are such nuisances….

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